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Harmonizing Frequency Reset


Creation is undergoing a Divine Frequency reset that is harmonizing all of the Cosmos. The Perfection of the Sacred Mother’s Love has awakened within in the soul’s awareness, creating a new and transformative depth of Oneness and harmony between Divine Love and the soul’s will. Through this Oneness, Divine Love and Truth’s Will now govern time.

When the soul is aware of the presence of Divine Love within its Being, projections of the thought-system’s relative truth begin to fade away, causing linear time’s disruptive vibrations to be transposed into the perfection of Divine Love’s vibrations. In this energetic shift, the images that reflected these lower vibrations fall away and the soul’s dream fades into reflections of Truth’s Perfection, the Real. In this, the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Divine Love’s Perfection engages Creation’s overall vibration in an eternal upward ascent. The heart of the soul and the heart of the earth arise as one within the Sacred Heart, eternally lifted into the Perfection of Truth’s Will.

The three meditations included in the link below will greatly facilitate your Frequency Reset, which will harmonize your entire sphere of space-time. Through these meditations, as you mindfully reflect on them in oneness with your feeling world, truth-filled understanding will be revealed in the Light of your contemplation, so that it may be transmuted into your outer appearance world. It is a powerful creative act that will bring Life to your inner visions, harmonizing, shifting and reseting your entire state of being. It’s Divine Love’s Perfection moving through your soul and into the world of outer appearances.

Harmonizing Frequency Reset Meditation

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

36 thoughts on “Harmonizing Frequency Reset

  1. Hi Rachel do you remember me??🥺🥺🥺🥺💙

  2. I’m going to move over to the forum a bit early. There is no one over there, and that’s why I want to post there. But before I go, one last post in this place.

    Love is here because the victory is assured. Love never fails. If you believe that, then there’s no need to worry about another’s belief. Let God do the inner work. But there are some who God wants to use – and I’m not talking about me! I am saying I think God wants to use you in a mighty way to help bring in the kingdom. And you just don’t realize it yet. Why do I see it first in you? I don’t know, maybe its just another gift I received from Loni. But its YOUR LIGHT I’m point to, not mine. Now if you don’t believe I see the Light in you, I certainly accept that. But it doesn’t change the very truthful fact that I still see it. lol

    Love doesn’t deceive. You see, in God’s kingdom Love is the like the air in which we live. The love is all around us, like the air we breathe without thinking, and we do not seek to “give love”. That would be like someone saying my friend, you need oxygen to live, so please, allow me to breathe into you. No! We seek how we might grow in our understanding of how to LIVE IN LOVE. It’s not like “learning”, to your spirit it feels like “growing”. There is no deception in me because I say seek Love’s Understanding from the God YOU love. I make no intrusion upon your belief, but only point to a light I see in you.

    With all my heart, I ask that you would go to God and seek to understand the meaning of these things: Absolute Truth, spherical time, emergence of Divine Will, Divine Harmony, Life’s ever-present abundance, Source Creator and oneness. Rachel’s blog has plenty of divine revelation in each of these areas. Use the search engine. These are seven sacred truths that only Divine Love can reveal, and in their understanding is the power to LIVE IN LOVE. In the kingdom, we spend all of our time contemplating the oneness of God’s perfection, seeking understanding from Truth’s Living Voice. Seeking is the way of Life in Love, which is why I ask you to seek Love’s understanding, it is the very meaning of eternal life.

    I’m am sorry that some see evil spirits and condemnation. To see in this way is a freewill choice, against which even God’s words have no power. Seek to SEE LOVE in all people and all things, and if your heart is so inclined, especially the animals, the meek, for these will inherit the earth. When you seek for Love in this way, you will see Light everywhere.

  3. I have now removed the words we have written in past from public view. For someone to find any level of understanding from any of the things we have previously said, becomes very, very difficult. Those words were intended only for those who wrote them. Soon we will go to a new place, where we will start a new conversation.

  4. This is so great. We are all going to laugh about this one day! Promise. Anyway, you three, ANTIHACKER, MISHAI and Sonny are my boys (or girl, maybe Loni) – and always will be. We are moving to a new place – but its not ready yet. And you will be there eventually!

    In the mean time here is a gift for you! Get a NEW spiral note book and begin writing to God about anything that comes to mind during your quiet times. Its VERY helpful right now! And if you don’t want to – I get that. But, if you do it with sincerity, which includes using a brand new notebook, you’ll get the gift talking about! 🙂

    Fun is coming.

    • Oh Loni, i know you’ll keep doing what your doing because the understanding you’ve gained is incredible. I think you probably already do something like this. And I know you do A LOT of “spiritual” work too!! Thanks for that!

    • If I wrote, read, mediated or prayed anymore….There is only 24/7! 🙂 There is hardly a waking moment that my mind is not thinking on the ways of the Lord. Even when I am doing other things, it is but an interruption of “my life.” Even in my business, I ran it as though it was Christ who was sitting across from me for I really do believe…as we do unto the least of these, we do it unto the Lord. This is in keeping with…being one with the Lord…It is my hope and prayer that those who desire a complete absolution from the carnal mind will receive it on “this side” of the natural grave. This is the mark of a first fruit. All callings and orders are of God, as it is the same spirit in all orders…but to be given the gift of giving without any thought of receiving any “glory” from man in return, is the gift of all gifts. And we needn’t be concerned, for every order will be filled, and if our heart is in the right place, it really doesn’t matter if it is us or long as His will, will be done…Will. 🙂 I don’t see anything for us to complain about…and if we do….we have yet to see the love of our everything. When all that we see is light, we then have come into our “day of the lord.”

      • Like I said, if you don’t want to, I get that. But the seekers are doing it.

        You are like Paul, very caught up in his own understanding. Because of that, you can not perceive when Truth comes to you.

        But you will! 💚☀️

  5. What I am saying is that what you suggest, I am already doing. 🙂 I will have to respectfully disagree with you on your perception of what truth is. As I have lived my life I have had one goal and that is to understand one thing. It is not how to gain salvation, I, as you, already have salvation. And since we cannot enter into the heavenly realm and state of being without being perfected in God’s love, I’m not concerned about becoming as He is, in spirit and in truth. I also see this consummation of all things in all people. So I’m not concerned about anyone going to an eternal punishment, for I believe in God’s forgiveness and mercy for “all” until we all come into the character of our Father. This statement is my understanding of what God has given to me “so far” of His knowledge and understanding “about” how we “allowed fit into His plan. What I do understand “perfectly” is..that if I (or anyone) knew all things in a knowledgeable way and had all of the gifts that our Father could give one and yet had not achieved the ultimate goal of the “like” love for my fellow man regardless of who they are or what they think that they know, I have nothing. If achieving God’s very nature and likeness is not why we are here what greater understanding can you see that one can have? If to have a vision to stand in one another’s presence with an unconditional love for “all” regardless of anyone’s past sins, having forgiven all of all offenses (past, present or future), and come to love our worst of enemies as ourselves, is lacking understanding of “the way” I personally do not know of a greater understanding to have. I will say that we all should take pause and to think of where we are right now in our journey and to look back and see where we were and where we are in our present journey. Seeing the gains that our Father has made in us from where we “were” we have confidence in that what He started, He will finish, not only in ourselves but also in “all” others. I have no doubt that God will finish in every last one of us what He determined for us before this world was even created. We were with Him, are with Him and will continue to remain with Him throughout eternity.

    Will, when truth comes to a person, it comes in a steady stream of revealing as the example given in the recording of the disciples lives. Peter’s life was recorded just for this purpose where God took a rough and crude fisherman, ready to physically confront those who opposed him, and even denied Christ to His face and yet none of His actions were held against him for Peter was to teach us that wherever God begins each of us in our walk with Him, he will so finish it. Paul was a similar character, very much caught up in the law and very little no understanding of any of the “ways” of Christ. A man steeped in the religious traditions of men that had no life in them, a man with murder in His heart for those who were not of his beliefs, being against the true church…and yet God took the “least of these” and made of these same ones, a perfect likeness of Himself. To understand that all sin can be forgiven for any one person even for one such as Paul, is a true gift of understanding to have. And for one to understand of how that one could not be further from the truth such as Paul was, and then to be taken from His own carnal understanding to having the mind of Christ…is a good understanding to have.

    Will, you are inferring that your understanding is superior to that of others. Yes, I am very strong in my convictions and there is nothing in any of my writings that permits myself or anyone else from passing judgement on another in the place of their journey. In time God will achieve His purpose in each of us…and we do not stand or fall to one another. All of my “understanding “ and what I believe, I have summarized herein.

    We each have “our own” understanding as God brings us from “glory to glory.

    So I respectfully ask you, what understanding would I better have than the one that I share with you? Tell me, what is the truth and understanding that you are in possession of and perceive…that would help us all to understand better in how to love one another as ourselves? I do not believe in challenging any in their way of understanding, I believe that we should all share what we have with one another and leave it to them to pick and choose what they accept or reject. I understand that a person’s mind is opened (or kept closed) by God and I have nothing to do with that particular process. The awakening comes from our Father, not as the foolish that thinks otherwise. I love those all just the same, those who see and those who do not see the love of God in all things.

    There is a different message and a stronger message in the high calling in Christ Jesus…and I write to these.

  6. It seems you are offended by the gift I offered you. Perhaps you believe I am not in a position to offer such a gift, and that’s ok, I understand. But I am glad I offered. I wish you peace as you go off to proclaim a stronger message than my own. By your choice, the gift is removed and given to another.

    All come to Divine Love’s Light – but some come with gifts to give. I am the giver of good and perfect gifts.

  7. Will, I have the gift of life, just as you, given to us of our Father. No more, no less. I tend to see God’s perfection in all people, I do not see the mortal being when I see God’s other children, I see the immortal spirit in others that will never die. We are spirit and we are life eternal. My body is not who I am, the eternal spirit given me before this world was is who I am. As well as you, Joe, Loni, Rachel and all others.
    I’m at a little loss for words for I do not see nor do I understand the gift you are giving. Will, in order to be a “son” or a “gate” one cannot have any man between them and the Father. It must be a relationship directly between our Father and to those He has given the keys to the kingdom.

    Are you saying that others must come through you to receive God? I’m not understanding this new power that you are claiming to have over others. It would help us if you would explain this to us.

  8. There is no stronger message than the love of God than that He has for us all…and it is not of any private interpretation meaning that God’s love comes to us directly from Him…and not from any another. We can share our message in a spirit of oneness but have we not left the spirit of oneness when one wants to have control over another’s speech? I see us all eventually coming together as one in spirit and between here and there, there will be a lot of change coming. I see it as only on an upward trajectory “in our understanding” for what many think of what we “shall be” off in the future, we already are. It’s a matter of perspective in whether we are speaking from a mortal perspective or of an immortal one.

    Will, sharing our understanding with one another should not be a competition on who has a greater knowledge or even if one has wonderful gifts to give. I have no desire to compete with anyone for to love another we should not think a person’s value is in their intellect or by their knowledge but simply in their love for one another. Whether one has a low or a high IQ is not a qualifier for the love of God in any person. We can have all have a gift to give…but if we have not the gift of love one “to” another…we have not yet received the understanding of all understandings.

    • What do you want, Sonny?

      Have you come to call me loveless, again? Or a clanging symbol? Or one who desires power over others? Or one stands in the way of God? Have you come to call me prideful or boastful?

      You have already said these things repeatedly – and I have no interest in discussing your illusions.

  9. it takes EVERY PERSON ON EARTH to stand together before father(spirit/spheracle).
    it takes us as ONE BODY with MOTHER HEART(reflection of the father).

    it takes eachother see see FATHER and MOTHER in ALL.
    HONOR THY MOTHER AND FATHER isnt about mom and dad, its about honoring the
    SPIRIT IN EVERYONE, and honor the FLESH in which is the WORLD(that we are all elements of).

    what we see in ot hers represent the spirit in all. that means t hat what you see in me, and how i see you, represents the spirit in me.

    each AGAINST that each person shows, represents some aspect of ourselfs, as when we TRUST in eachother, then we have proven our trust to the father(as we all stand together as ONE BODY).

  10. father = spirit(spheracle langauge from within ourselves.(high vibrations)
    mother = FLESH/CLAY/MATTER(low vibrations)

    both mother and father take up the same space, as even your own individual body is called a TEMPLE(for the spirit).

    all vibrations take up the same space, as to trust in father, means you have trust in ALL MEN(not as men, but as ETERNAL BROTHERS(living in the spirit))

  11. Sonny, I am going to drag you, kicking and screaming, to Life. lol

    Now you can be mad at me – but I see you as the Light you are in Truth. I realize I see you higher than you see yourself. But, you see in the kingdom that’s a false humility. Meaning, I see you like this only because you see others lower than you. True humility is to see your Self as God – Perfectly Loving through the purity of emptiness.

    So, if you want to talk about yourself, we can do that. But right now, you are not qualified to talk about me. This means that I am alive and you are dreaming. You can not see me when you are dreaming.

    My friend, you need to humble yourself and that will do wonders. You are like Paul, who had a geninue love love for god built WITHOUT understanding. And like Paul, your love for god is real, Sonny. And guess what, in the kingdom, YOUR love will grow more beautiful in you for all eternity. I already see this Love in you – and testify to it. And so it is.

    My “feelings”, which compose my emotional response to the words you write, are negatively affected (hurt) because your words are full of pride, rather than Life. I do not have pride, yet my words are strong. Pride makes their strength look like pride to you. It is only because of pride, that you see others wrongly. That’s all, it like a garment that you can take off, and throw down. How? By desiring to let God fill you according to the perfection HIS Divine Love dictates, not yours. This desire comes from the center of you heart, your most holy place.

    Now the gift I was to give you was my desire that God would give you more rapid understanding of Divine Love as you poured out your thoughts to her/him in writing. I wanted you to write a letter to God, because then you would discover, as you read it back, that God had actually written a love letter to you. That was the gift I wanted to give you, Sonny. It is my way of loving. And yes, I can give you that gift. Just as anyone else can – and as Loni has already done.

    • The experience of growing in the awareness of Truth is guess what? Fun. That’s right, fun. Big fun! Just say “NO” to seriousness!

      Growing in truth is kinda like the feeling of doing something you really enjoy and do well because it comes naturally to you, and then seeing how what you do impacts the world in beautiful ways. Think about it, when you grow in truth, you beautify the entirety of your world. How fun is that! lol

      There is no seriousness needed in the Kingdom, which is why we can enter as children, knowing nothing! Divine Will governs us all PERFECTLY in the kingdom, so we can to relax, have fun and grow up in our awareness of Divine Love’s perfection. When you awaken you can not tell that Divine Will is governing you because it feels like your old familiar free will – except you’ll start to desire different things. That’s all – other than that its just YOU BEING YOU – and loving perfectly without thinking about it.

      This I why I say we will all laugh about this – when we three, in the friendship we formed along the way that leads to Life, recognize the reality of what is actually happening. So once we all wake up and are able to start trading our understanding with each other – the Light will start spreading. Nothing in the past matters anymore – because even those called in this final march toward midnight, if they too humble themselves and seek Divine Love’s Truth, will receive the reward of the hundredfold – which is to simply be among those awakened before the fire was lit and were able to participate in the fun of the spreading it to all. But once fire’s Living Light has spread and the transition is over, the fire will become one and all will radiate Living Light. But to be awake during the transition, helping others to awake, is a really great blessing known only to the one who received it.

      The kingdom comes very quietly. Peace spreads without fanfare, by the genuine joy of the giver and in the absolute power of Truth!

      Oh – I’d like to keep you all updated with the current time on the Truth Clock. We are heading to midnight (lol, of course!), it’s currently 3PM and it will be 4PM on February 4th. I would like to give you each a gift on at that time, and every upcoming hour as we approach midnight. 🙂 Sonny, these gifts are for all, but especially created for you.

      • Will, I have read carefully what you have written and some things I agree with and some I do not. You compare me to Paul as have little understanding which we know that he did in the beginning, woefully so. Yet, what I love about the story of Paul is that God took the “ chief among sinners” and brought him from the wretch that he claimed to be to a son of God in the full stature of the Christ. Call me what you will, for I do not claim to be above any…as I put all of my fellow man before myself. This is not putting my self down because I too, am a child of God and this would not be seeking oneness. Will, there is no pride in what I say because I had rather, that is in my flesh not say anything, but as you I been given what I been given to date. I also see in you a defensive nature in that when I am speaking to all universally, you pick out something that I say, comment on it and when I respond to it, it becomes personal to you. It is not lest me assure you. Almost without fail. Yet I see you doing your best as I see Loni doing his best, etc., etc. There is no condemnation for any in my words, and if it appears so, it is because I speak about the good and the evil that we are all one into. It is my hope to tell everyone that there is no condemnation from God and Christ to…and for anyone. Not one bit. So we must understand that by pointing out the carnal discrepancy in the carnal mind, we are not condemning anyone, we are simply separating the flesh from the spirit. And really we should never have a moment of condemnation for even condemnation itself for what is “out there” in the world has nothing to do with the love of Christ within. Our love and disposition cannot change with the circumstances outside of ourselves, whether it be from those who throw their misunderstood comments toward us it is irrelevant what they do as long as we know. I have a fairly decent understanding of both the will of God and the will of men….and I know that I will overcome it all, as will you. There really is not much conversation be had about all being made whole for that is a given. Nothing to really discuss on that subject. The New Testament is not a law in the traditional sense, it is a book of Revelations along with the last book. It simply is a book revealing the love of Christ that will be manifested in every person. I really don’t think you know me as well as you think you do but this is for another time and discussion. Since we have came to many misunderstandings and disagreements here of late, I am addressing it thoughtfully and fully in what I see that you misunderstand. I think that perhaps we can then understand “more fully” the difference in what we think that we know and what we actually do. And then…we must understand it is not in the knowing of thing but in the being of a thing. You know Will I also thought about dragging you kicking and screaming across the finish line myself, and you know what, if we both are pulling and pushing , in the right direction, this is a win, win. When we get to that finish line I would be happy to push you across first….

        My “book” is coming! Not really but I would like to “try” to put things in some logical sense. It will be my best and if it’s not good enough, I pray God to keep on keeping on. I have full confidence, not in myself, but in my Lord that where I am to be, I will be…I don’t know who will be holding the door open for the other…but does it really matter. Really?

      • I appreciate the kind words.

  12. sonny, i respect u, i respect thoughtware, i respect rachael, i respect joe, and brandi, and mishai. but i know what everyone seeks. and that is what i give. even when others(incudling yourself) fall back onto your religions, i still see that HOPE in you(as that is how i show hope in god), and you show hope in me.

    again, the world is showing us what we need to see(but cant see because of our beliefs.
    the concept of belief has been hijacked by religions(chrstinanity included).
    all i offer is the ORIGINAL CONTEXT in which i know you RESPECT ME(even through disagreements).

    the purpose of my writtings is to give you that of which you seek. which comes from the same father that some may not see in me, but its not an actual father(its a LANGUAGE).

    mother(earth) and father(spirit: takes up same space as earth). is part of WHOM WE ALL ARE(the logic).
    to see father in all, and to see mother in all, is to ALIGN(CROSS) with the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE(in is part of YOUR WHOLE LIFE).

    i have to speak how others interper, and i know this knowledge i share is for EVERYONE(as i been in each of your shoes, and know what your going to think and do).

    when i see something that i reject, i ask my consiousness what the world is trying to show me, and i learn from those rejections(as i know it comes from MY(our) own heart as i have to face myself through the world.

    there is a LOGIC, but its SLIGHTLY ABOVE OUR OWN.
    religions give you a limiting way of seeing the world, and in a way where you cant ESCAPE your religion(where BAD BELIEFS) come from.

    again, the FATHER AND MOTHER is part of WHOM WE ALL ARE(Living in ALL VIBRATIONS:of time).

    the names are LAWS OF TIME(the LOGIC of life).
    when christians try to SHAPE what logic is and condemns it for their IDOL, it HURTS ALL OF LIFE.
    but its this life in which everyone SEEKS(even as they reject through their beliefs)

    it is a bad idea to BELIEVE in ONLY ONE BELIEF(because that is what religions did to everyone)
    but to LIVE IN ALL BELIEFS is how the HEART works outside of time(the divine is SELF(through father and mother)(through father(spirit) and MOTHER(earth)(I AM)

    • Loni Your speaking my language. And it’s not a language of religion. I “accept” everyone just as they are. Whatever one believes is not who we really are, we are much more than a belief and our differences. . Love is above “all” things. Love is a language that words cannot explain. I know that you know what I mean spirit to spirit. It’s a language without words. We will know it when we become it. Thank you…for your kind words.

      • i totally understand and thank you for that TRUST(in OUR words)….

        that trust(heaven on earth), is what the world needs now more than ever.
        when we trust eachother(see love in them), we allow god to flow through all things(highest vibrations: heaven)..

    • And it is beyond respect for respect is just an ingredient of a much larger existence. We cannot let a doctrine, a knowledge or a religion define us. These are temporary exterior things that will all fade into nothingness when what they only represent comes into our reality. We are to love all people, “religious” people, atheist, agnostic and even those who love us the least… without exception. If God and Christ are above all things, so must we be the same. To see them as they are we must be just as they are. When we look out over the earth we must see everyone as being redeemed. All present disagreements are a future past tense situation. We do not see any as they are in their present imperfections but who they (we) all shall be when we all each of us are perfected in our Father’s likeness and image. That’s how I see all people. It’s difficult trying to explain that what we believe in the present has little to do with our outcome. We will all be made whole, in whatever order we land in. What most do not understand is, it is the same perfect love that makes up all people in all orders, no matter in what level and “realm” that we walk in, so it is the same spirit that will be when God’s kingdom is complete. It’s the consummation of all things that is important, and what we have to endure while we are here is just part of it. When we see that this creation with all of it’s “good and evil,” is just part of the perfect plan…there is really nothing to complain about….at all. Words seem so inadequate to convey the vision we see. This is why I often say we have to become the vision to really understand it. It just “Is.”

    • Loni, Thank you for these words of life. 🙂

    • As I think about this brief encounter, I began to realize that the problem that many people encountered when Loni took his life was that they were speechless. His friends had no effective language to articulate the pain, lostness, and indeed anger that they felt toward the situation and in many ways toward God. They had become monolingual in their faith lives, sure and confident in the language of happiness and hope, but completely lost when it came to the language of suffering, brokenness, disappointment, and in particular, a biblical understanding of joy.

      This lack of language led them to turn to medicine and biology and mind science for intellectual and spiritual relief. They turned to them as theodicies not just because they alleviated fears about Loni’s eternal destiny but because they spoke in a language with which they were familiar. Medicine and biology represented a safe place and the mind represented a safe place to hide from a God who they believed was angry with them, because they had no language to remember him by, or to speak to him, with. Within their theological tradition, they couldn’t find the right kind of language to articulate their feelings and fears. The language of medicine and biology filled the gap for Loni and all the mentalists who had no way to express their need for God because they ‘had no language’ to find him. They truly were “lost in their minds”, from reality. While many reached out to love them, they had no feeling of love in their spirit because they had pre formed a religion of bigotry. They literally worshipped a bigotry toward God, and His infinite love and wisdom. Many came into their lives to communicate the ultimate connection with his grace, but were met with the language of hedonism, and bigotry.

      God, in his ultimate wisdom allowed them to play these games, knowing that one day they would try to blame Him, for their language issues and self judgements.

      Blaming Him for the state of their own bigotry, He continued to love without measure, but had no responsibility for their pitiful idolatry.

      • FIrst, i see no faults in myself. ya gotta quit relying on your religion, and listen to YOUR OWN HEART.

        i reflect every detail of some aspect of yourself JOE. what you see in me(and in everyone), represents what you need to see in yourself(through your own limiting language).

        i refuse to give light to FAULTs and ENEMYs within myself, as i know I AM GOD(annointed),

        mentalist is a label given for the intent to DEGRADE MY OWN BEING(in which i represent YOU).
        you have to let go of the LANGUAGE OF MAN(always seeing faults in others), and see the GOD in them in which is in EVERYONE(trust eachother, have hope in eachother, have faith in eachother(see the ONE TRUE GOD(heaven on earth(ABSOLUTE)).

        How you see the WORLD, shows you every detail of your own heart(what do you see in the WORLD).
        then ask yourself if your heart is PURE…

      • Being a mentalist is what you have done to degrade your whole being, where you have created the idea of a language of man you have created the very barriers that your mind is using to create your own confusion. In your language you have invented the idea that other people are your problem. This then expands into the idea that you must try and locate who the people are that are going to praise you, and see you as faultless, in which case you find few, isolating yourself into a place where you must accuse others of being religous in order to prove to yourself that you are acceptable and better than others. But in order to maintain this universe you must constantly explain how people are to view you and yet no one is under that illusion, they see you as you are, and not as you think you are.
        No one can love you in any way when you are creating boxes of illusion.
        The first sign of intelligence and breakthrough will be when you begin to understand other people’s language and truly hear them, rather than insisting, that they hear you.
        Your whole religion is based on an inferiority complex.
        This complex of inferiorities as compared to superiorities creates a scaffolding for you to run up and down in order for your mind to calculate who is an enemy. Then you say that all enemies are of religion.
        The truth is, there is no enemy there. You are the enemy.
        When you are then, able to see eye to eye without these demarcations, and distinctions, you will be whole, whether you are religous or not, because you will have entered the kingdom of God, not a kingdom of religion.
        Your own definitions have isolated you from man.
        But no one is fighting you. These are mythologies that you are fighting, and whoever the people are that are sent to love you they love you in God, for others will not.
        And no one can ever see you as you want to be seen, they will tell you what they see that they love.
        Your assignment is only to love yourself as God made you, not as other’s see you.
        That is the truth that Jesus came to give.

    • You say:

      “again, the world is showing us what we need to see (but cant see because of our beliefs.
      the concept of belief has been hijacked by religions(chrstinanity included).
      all i offer is the ORIGINAL CONTEXT in which i know you RESPECT ME(even through disagreements).” End quote

      There is no religion in the realm of “the spirit” where all awakened souls dwell. I use the word “religion” to depict a child of God…that God loves no less than any other. To have a religious outlook is saying that we do not see another as one having a ”better than” condition. When we see ourselves and others as God sees us in one of the three realms or “stages” in this life, we see all others as on a journey through this life just as we see ourselves. No more, no less. When we “enter in” to the understanding of knowing what oneness is, it no longer matters what I believe vs what you believe. This is because we see one another in the “future perfect tense” of the spirit because we “are” an eternal spirit, for we were, are, and will forever be immortal from our beginning. And our beginning started eons before this world was ever created and before any “ability” to sin was created and before any sin “was committed.” This was decided before the world was. As difficult as it is for ones to speak understandably to one another from the three different realms, those who have eyes to see, do not see any error that was not meant to be. “All” things have their good purpose. Good circumstances as well as bad circumstances. When we are given eyes to see, we see perfection even in every imperfection. This is because in every circumstance and experience God has a lesson for us to learn, a good lesson and that is to become as He is. . Not just for me…but for “YOU” also whoever “You” are. We learn what not to do as well as what to do in every experience…so when man quits being so divisive in understanding, it is then that we are given eyes to see a much higher glory. Glory is God’s complete character…and it is not divisive nor does it take offense. “Love” can’t. What we must mainly learn (to be a first fruit) is to separate ourselves from seeking the glory that is not ours to have. When carnal men seek the glory that only belongs to God, this is what is called the “pride of life.” Man, the carnal man just cannot see this, it is the main thing that keeps love from maturing one from the foolish to the wise. Not many will pass into this understanding (of the the very elect) because God’s glory and man’s pride of life can be summed up as one who steals that in which belongs to another and is so proud of gloating in their stolen waters, in not even knowing that they have. This is simply because the ego in man as “religious” as he may be, cannot move into the realm of the first fruits because he is more proud of himself than in humbly showing “all” the way. . The first fruit realm is not a place, it is a way, it is not a position, it is a “disposition.” It is not a proud “place” to be, it is a humble “spirit” to accept as God gives. The highest calling is where one arrives at by giving their all. There is no “good feelings” of look at what “I” can do, admire me.” Love cares nothing of being recognized, it just wants equally what God will give to another, no more no less. Just a oneness. It is then that we will see you as me and me as you. A “mutual” admiration for the love of God that is equally in all of us. We who are in Christ Jesus have no desire to be admired at all. It is our duty to love and to obey our Father. No, we are not see evil in another, we are to see the love of God in another with the evil being redeemed and removed from them. One must be able to see the carnal spirit of man from the spirit of God, and not deny it, for it is only “if” we acknowledge our faults will they be removed from us. We are not sinners in reality for in reality we are spiritual beings having a natural experience in order that we may be placed in our order and calling when we are judged by our deeds. This is not looking for evil, it is in “recognizing” what we are to give up in sacrificing on the altar of His fire, where He will consume out of us all that is not of Him. We are to grow to the place where we can rightly divide the word within “ourselves” so that we can see what is the tree of life and what is of the tree of condemnation or put another way, the tree of “knowledge” of good and evil. This is not a religion or a religious belief this is life. Those who are in Christ Jesus do not see a knowledge of evil for these who eat of the tree of life…see no evil. These are universal truths and we must not fear nor shrink back from what others may think…for if we give all we have in love, we can do no harm. Truth cannot offend truth just as love cannot offend love…if someone condemns another in the name of love, they judge themselves. Matthew 7:1. If one becomes offended and resentful in another when one is speaking the truth or even when another speaks in error, the offense only registers where there is a lack of understanding. Love takes the offense and keeps on loving and forgiving in spite of the insensibility of the offender for the “offender” may just have what we all need to hear. If we were perfect there would be no need for any dialogue or sharing, and so the only dialogue that any should have is not to be divisive but to get the error out of the way that Christ may establish Himself in us. Do we think that our Father and Christ ,His son, gets offended every time that they enlighten us? No, and if we are to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, we will love others just as the Father and the Son loves us…even though they may not agree with all we say. Their love and therefore ours, should be above “any” offense. This is not a language that many can understand mainly because of the pride of life, or the taking of God’s glory as their own. Again, do we think that God becomes offended because of our differences in perspectives? Let us be mature as He is mature. Those who would come into this way, this understanding must learn how to make the sacrifice of their own pride of life, laying it all on the altar which is Christ and have Our Father to consume all that is within that is not of our Father…leaving only that which is in the likeness of our Father. When the last sacrifice is made which will be the death of death…it is then we will all stand as one. This is not a belief nor is it a religion. This is life eternal.

  13. 29Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge. 30If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace. 31For ye may all prophesy (speak to edify) one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted. 32And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. 33For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

    We do not have to believe anything another has to say but it seems that God is asking us to let each other speak, right or wrong, with a love and respect for those that we may disagree with. There may be a mix of truth and error in what each of us have to say, and we may each pick and choose something different from another. We are to love those who are in truth the same as though who are coming to the truth. In time….

    Love covers “all” differences, mistakes and failures….until our perfection comes.

    • Sonny, we know that no one can claim to be of God when they have denied the Father and the Son. Let God encourage you today to come back to walk within the confines of the word of God. When one takes a handful of grain, it must be processed and beaten into a powder before it becomes edible. God would encourage you to come back to the Word of God as it is the bread of life and has no need to be re written. God is reaching out to many to come into the Kingdom and they will err if we are not fully cognizant of the Word as written in the letter, so is the Father and the Son.
      Now to this extent I believe God is certainly calling you home to find a relationship with the Son of God as is taught in the Word and by the Apostles and will be exemplified by His Spirit to comfort you.
      One must desist in attempting to re write the sayings of the Word, in any fashion, that detours from the original manuscript. This also entails one’s relationship with the Lord, for He will but honor the Word of God and not some created univisersal principles.
      If you have been led astray by universalists, God can do nothing but ask for you to be as respectful as possible for what the Apostles have represented, and the Gospel itself has taught.
      Maybe this is the time for a winnowing of false principles and a returning to Scripture and the teachings of Jesus as I know God is always calling one to come home and join a flock that can either emberse or re emberse whether a message is from Him by the Spirit.
      God can only endosed a teaching that loves the Word of God, as it is written to the world and this is not a universalist message or dialogue that God is hoping to embue you with, but the very Holiness of God that is taught by the living Son.
      If this message touches your heart His arms are always wide open and embracing of you for your original calling is important as well.

  14. There is the Father and there is the son. To deny the Father and or the Son is to not walk in their “ways.” These have a lot more to do with the beatitudes in how we treat our fellow man than in what we know. 1 Corinthians 13.) Having misunderstandings in what we believe and how we believe is to be expected with the thousands of different religions and beliefs in this world. Yet, there is only the one spirit of our Father. Are we to argue and debate all of the thousands of different mindsets in the world? Or are we to state our beliefs and understandings and let others decide if it is a help or not? Christ spoke to the 5000 and to the masses at different times. The people “went away” either believing or disbelieving for it was up to the Father to reveal Himself to any of them who heard the words…for if He does not draw a person to the truth, they will remain without understanding until He does open their mind. I speak in a similar way, I’m not trying to convince another to believe like I do in order for me to accept them or not. I accept them before I even know them because I understand that they do not stand or fall to me nor to what I believe. I have my understand as do others and to me when we cross that line of disrespect and civility we are crossing into territory that is not ours to tread. Differences of understanding can be given or received in different ways as we all experience. When some have differences of opinions what is that to another? We should feel free to express that in which we believe and it is hard sometimes to not get caught in the back and forth of trying to explain exactly what we mean. Then it can get personal and misconstrued, and taken out of context. Yet we have to push forward and get through the misunderstandings if possible. Our intent has to be without condemnation for our message has to always have the element of elevating our Father in it. It’s not always taken that way as Christ and many of the disciples suffered tremendously for nor wavering from the truth.

    I see where many think that having a knowledge of the scriptures without the spirit interpreting them is having understanding. However I understand and see that the scriptures are written in three languages (levels) if you will, hidden from the reasoning of the carnal mind. The law, genealogy, dates and times as good as they are to understand are very much secondary to the higher teachings of the scriptures. I have grown through much of the natural and the symbolic levels of the scriptures and now that I understand much more about the parables, allegories, mysteries and especially the symbols, the “book” is no longer a book of natural events, times and places. It is a book of revelation of the Christ “within” us. For the scriptures to mean anything of importance they must promote the nature of the Christ within us, else we do not understand the purpose of the scriptures. I see where most are in their understanding of the scriptures by their wording and definitions and I accept it with no argument. We are at different places in our understanding however we should be able to let the other explain whatever it is that they believe without putting them into a box or in a category of our choosing. I really don’t care what another believes when I speak, I speak what I understand until God shows me better as He should anyone else. I hear everyone, but there are things that I disagree with, however I will never try to change your mind, this is between you and the Father.

    However I will not hesitate to share with you what I believe, and when I do I have absolutely no expectation of you agreeing with me. Whether you do or do not, it changes nothing as far as my disposition toward you and if it does, I am the one with the problem. I respect others and whatever another wants to believe, however I don’t necessarily respect another’s choice of judgement and perspective. I see a plenty of the errors in the world and of the people in it but it is not for me to become upset nor to challenge them on anything. I do make an effort to explain myself in detail sometimes and give my reasons for the way that I believe …but it’s not meant to be an argument nor a debate even though it is often taken that way. When people love their knowledge and understanding more than the people this is where the pride of life interrupts an otherwise good relationship. My studies are all based on relationships and when I use a parable or a symbol to explain myself you will always see the virtues of the relationship in it. This is hard to easily convey because where one is along on our mutual journey, it is according to the perspective we see as individuals. There is a universal message in the scriptures that some of us call oneness, and this oneness is the likeness and character that we will obtain when God completes each one of us in our own particular order and calling. There is a different understanding for different orders as Christ explained to the disciples….what is for one at the moment is not for another. However when our Father completes His work in each one of us, no matter our calling, it is the same spirit which completes us.

    We may have a different perspective and that’s ok. When our Father completes each one of us in our calling we all will be found in His likeness and character. We may have a different calling and order but we will be of the same likeness of the spirit. I will always be happy to give anyone my perspective on things, which we should, but to put another in a lesser light for being different, this is not the way to…or of Christ. We are to come to the place where we see the truth and then do everything possible to help each and every person on this globe to come to Christ. While Jesus was the man, Christ was His anointing. There is Christ, the anointed as we each will receive our own christening or anointing or Christ likeness. There is no downside in any of God’s plan or for His ways. It is for us to go from a negative attitude to a positive one…where we do not see the tree of good and evil as being created as a mistake but seeing a creation from a perfect Father with a perfect plan. There is absolutely not one mistake made in this creation of God’s. As in Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time and a purpose for everything under the sun, including both the good and the evil that our Father created (Isaiah 45:7). Because we do not yet understand all things, it is simply because our Father is not finished with us yet. When He is finished with the one as well as the ninety nine it will then be all complete. Understanding the scriptures in the highest spiritual sense is not rewriting them, it is just being elevated to understanding them. The revelation of all things is to see the love of God in all things. When we awaken to the truth that already is….we will then become the truth of our Father. As will all.

    • So, you are saying, point blank, You are not Saved and have no hope of Eternal Salvation. That you do not follow Jesus but rather you ruminate about His teachings and allow evil spirits to teach what He has already taught. This means you are not a Christian, with Salvation, but a Theosophist.
      You follow point blank your own Theology, without the Spirit of God.
      The Spirit of God follows the Bible as it is written, not surmized.
      These sayings of yours, and understanding, are YOUR inventions, and are not of God.
      The Spirit of God teaches everyone the same thing, not different things.
      That being said, why is it important?
      Because your eternal destiny is at stake.
      You need a Saviour, His name is Jesus.
      Go ahead and tell people you are a Theosophist and teach your own teachings, not God’s.
      You are your God.