Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Time’s Sacred Voice


Below is a meditation that mindfully, energetically and physically connects you to your utmost power as a living gate, your ability to alter time for the highest good for all.

Be still… and simply be. Take a moment to remember your true, living foundation.

Settle your body, mind and soul into the flow of your immutable I Am Presence, which is the movement of Truth’s Will and Divine Love uniting timeless perfection with time in your individualized soul’s awareness. In this River of Life, you are no longer tossed and turned in tumultuous waves of human free-will, but you’ve risen above, into a peaceful current of power that free will can’t disrupt. As an open gate, you’ve stepped into the endless stream of Life in the creative power of Truth’s Will, a power of the gods. In this, you sit radiant, clothed with Truth’s timeless attributes that are unaltered by time, instead they alter all in time.

Remember, your awareness is one with time. Because the movement of LIFE is your individualized soul’s ever-expanding awareness, you manifest the construct of time, more specifically spherical time. As a living awareness, your ever-increasing awareness is the movement of time, which connects to all and therefore impacts all.

As you inwardly experience this truth through this meditation, your voice becomes the sacred voice of time.

You are the voice of time, directing its flow, and when your awareness becomes one with Divine Love, you are time’s sacred voice filling reality with words of LIFE from the source of LIFE, giving Truth’s Perfection expression. This power to alter time lives in your “I Am” name, which is the door to the power of the Creator. When Divine Love infuses your self awareness, all in time come under its perfect orchestration, bringing about the highest Good for ALL. Through your I Am Presence, Truth’s Perfect Power flows through you, awakening reality to the Living Light, thereby altering the reflection of all in time.

Guided by Divine Love’s perfection, your soul’s awareness is a gate to the ever-increasing perfection in the understanding of the spherical self, expressed as spherical time.

I Am a Living Gate between timeless perfection and spherical time.

In this stillness of the present moment, let the attributes of your true name, “I Am Loving Awareness” infuse time, becoming one with your individualized sphere of time. You are a living gate to the Most High, which is Truth’s timeless perfection. The life-giving Spirit of the Mighty I Am Presence is your inheritance. Remember, as you give all to all, you receive all from all.

Because your awareness is one with time and the Truth in your awareness is the sacred voice of Time, your words infuse Truth’s Perfection into time. In this meditation, say these I Am’s AS time’s sacred voice. In doing so, your soul’s awareness of Divine Love infuses time’s present moment with its immeasurable power, uniting all in divine harmony. Through all who compose the awareness of Truth’s Living Gate to Divine Love, creation is healed, renewed and rejuvenated by Truth’s Perfection in time.

I Am time.

I Am the growing awareness of Truth’s LIFE.

I Am the perfect and continuous flow of Truth’s Will.

I Am moments of Perfection strung together.

I Am an ever-expanding sphere of Living Light.

I Am Divine Love’s expression.

Take a moment to be grateful….

In the awareness that you are time’s sacred voice, mindfully contemplate the I Am phrases below.

The first attribute reflects Truth’s Timeless Attribute of which you are, the second attribute represents what time gives to all through you, and the third attribute reflects what all experience in time because you are a living gate between timelessness and time.

Hold each phrase within your awareness. Let the living waters flowing through these words branch outward, renewing your body, energy and mind.

I Am divine justice, I give perfect judgment in Truth and Divine Love to all, thus all live in my regenerative power

I Am abundance, I give generously to all, thus all live in my prosperity

I Am holy, I give invulnerability to all, thus all live in my incorruptibility

I Am peace, I give comfort to all, thus all live in my tranquility

I Am joy, I give happiness to all, thus all live in my blissful contentment

I Am honor, I give honor to all, thus all live in my honor

I Am infinite Intelligence, I give divine wisdom to all, thus all live in my divine orchestration

I Am perfect power, I give divine strength to all, thus all live in my divine emergence

I Am love, I give lovingkindness to all, thus all live in my perfect adoration

I Am glory, I give gratitude to all, thus all live in my immeasurable worth

I Am harmony, I give divine acceptance to all, thus all live in my immortal beauty

I Am Life, I give perfecting life-energy to all, thus all live in my vitality

I Am Light, I give the utmost goodness to all, thus all live in my Absolute Truth

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “Time’s Sacred Voice

  1. another thought keeps coming to consiousness this last couple weeks.
    two major words in this thought is FATHER and TIME..

    what religions call father, through the HOLY SPIRIT(time), is called TIME. when you talk about FATHER, in the original context, you are refering to FATHER TIME(again,t ime is alive).

    now, on the lower vibration, which is the vibration of mater(the world), we call this MOTHER(mother earth(low vibration), and father time(LIFE OF TIME ITSELF IN WHICH IS THE SACRED SELF).

    in the understanding of our own identity within both(yin/yan aka cross), we recoginze our own heart which BINDS father and mother together(VIBRATIONS OF HEAVEN ON EARTH:sphearacle self).

    by understanding(pure knowledge), you(we)(through arc of the covenant), become both(knowledge is a word aka EVENT) time and matter.

    Heaven is the spheracle thinking, while on earth. you can only experience heaven now(which takes every person on earth).

    NOW, there is a problem the world is showing.
    a select few is pulling the strings for everyone(to much power and control is in the hands of a select few: which goes against KING).
    they are willing to KILL others for self power(while keeping us at bay).

    a king is not one person controling everyone, instead KING refers the the SOULS(energetic field of EVERYONE) which is a part of ALL OF US.

    the world is SHOWING the destructive path that we are all in as a select few is using wars to keep themselves in power(suppressing our own strenghts).

    to fix this, we have to give strenght back to the KING(which is every person on earth as ONE BODY).

    imagine bob as an eye, and sara as a finger, and joe as a foot, and so on and so on. the ONE BODY aka KING is everyone combined.
    we have to GIVE equal strenght to ALL in order to suppress a select few which abuse to much power and control(infiltrating our own LAW for self gain which hurts everyone else).
    we can see it right in front of us, yet we feel powerless(because it is what we give value to(finding faults in others).

    we have to trust FATHER TIME in the world(trust in ourselves and others as equals), and we must SACRAFISE(not give power to some, and take away from others) our own government laws and religion laws which became a reflection of the LACK OF KING.

    lets take the ukrain russia as a perfect example.
    ukrain is missing an opportunity(which will eventually affect us all).
    in order to save ukraine, ukrain itself must see LIGHT IN RUSSIA(all people are equal).
    if they see light in all, and fight for eachother(even the people agains them), then the russians will lay down their arms and join ukraine in a way where ALL PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT as they will become a stenght against the ones with to much power(their own leaders)

    we have to let go of the JUDGEMENTS we place on the differences of others, in order to SAVE OURSELVES(as the war may spread).
    we cannot wait till we get hit before we fight for the weak.

    we have to set aside(sacrafise) our confort zone, as our own confort zone will bring missles onto our own HOMEs.

    ukrain leader must LEAD by seeing ALL EQUAL… the russians do not want to fight ukrain, but they become puppets(showing us our hearts to ourselves) as even the deepest parts of our own BEING need attention..

    what ends up happening wil be determined by the KING(see all as equal aka soul) within us all(through ALL SOULS(all names)(spheracle)

  2. Very insightful reflections … the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will (Mother/Father) flow through time, which is the soul’s awareness, giving time Truth’s LIFE that brings about the utmost goodness, peace and good will to ALL, creating the experience of spherical time.

    Linear time is the Father of Lies … convincing the sleeping soul of everything it is not, binding it in separation, fear, and decay where all things lead to death. The understanding of our true I AM name and how we Create in Oneness is our Victory over this lower vibratory action.

    Spherical Time has begun, because once a soul, in a tri-fold oneness, is aware of it, it is birthed into creation consuming all and bringing the Spirit of the true Father to all, which initially appears as the light, love, and power of Truth’s Divine Justice, which is also called transformative grace. Therefore, as spherical time is birthed into linear time through the soul’s awareness, it purifies ALL, bringing forth the soul’s ever-increasing perfection, peace and immutable divine attributes…. and in this Light of Life we can trust all in time as Divine Love and Truth’s Will governs every moment for the utmost good of ALL.

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