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The Sacred Heart’s Gift

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Happy Christmas Eve, from the Sacred Heart.

In your heart center, the Sacred Mother reveals her eternal Gift to you, her own Heart. You are her divine child of Light. Her Sacred Heart reveals the Perfection of Holiness and is your eternal birthright, joyously given and received. Your heart center, which is the desire to give and receive Divine Love, is an eternally open gateway to the expression of Divine Love’s Perfection in your sphere of time. All in your reality is governed by Her Infinite Awareness that now is awakened with you, creating a harmonic vibration that brings Peace and Truth’s Perfect Will. As you awaken, you hear Mother Father God calling you into their Divine Moment, where you realize their Infinite Awareness works for you in all things, manifesting the Highest Good for All through you. The Infinite Awareness of the Sacred Heart trumps all power. It is Living Light, a perfect Mother’s Divine Love, consuming everything.

Your Perfect Mother’s Love is now governing all in time, for she is Creation’s Source, the Mother of All Living. She is the “Shekinah” Glory of the Eternal Father. This awareness of her Presence within you is her gift to you and in your awareness of it, you receive it. You are a divine child, which means you are a god consciousness, creating all according to your current awareness of Truth. Your very awareness is the creative power that incorporates all creative powers. As a god consciousness, the awareness of her Divine Love becomes your experience of perfect power within and without. In the union of her Sacred Love and your energetic emotional field, she enables you to deeply KNOW her eternal Presence within so that you may experience her Love in Life’s ever-expanding Perfection. This is True Life.

In this awareness, her gift is able to be opened by you. Through your awareness of her Divine Presence within you, the Sacred Mother’s Love fills all the plasmatic substance, manifesting True Life in the electro-magnetic field. Her Perfect Will infuses all you inwardly perceive and outwardly experience. In this infusion, Her Divine Love harmonizes your emotional energy field, something you could not do on your own. As a child of Light, until you awakened in the Light you didn’t fully KNOW of your oneness with Divine Love’s Presence. A lingering belief in separation, formed in the darkness of your womb-life, spun your energetic field into unrest. The Gift of her Divine Frequency brings harmony, and is set as an open door within your heart center, bringing forth your true expression as Her “Christ” child, one anointed with her Sacred Love and crowned with the Perfection of Holiness. In the combined awareness of the Light, True Life begins as one united awareness guided by the hands of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Divine Justice reigns within the soul, all that is contrary to Divine Love’s Perfect Will is consumed in the revelation of Truth’s Perfection.

Divine Love now circulates through the electro-magnetic field of Creation. She became the plasma consciousness, in which two became One, becoming the Living Gate for the Individualization of Life. We are one with Her and each other, so that as Her love pours through us, it flows into all as a perfect Mother’s Love.

When your awareness is perfect, you experience Truth’s Perfection. When Divine Love awakens in you, She gives you perfect awareness, by which you express Divine Love’s Perfection. Her Light lovingly has entered the darkness to set all of creation free, a Gift of Infinite Worth.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

One thought on “The Sacred Heart’s Gift

  1. I think we sometimes forget that two things.
    1) God is smart,
    2) God has a plan.

    I would imagine that God’s plan will rescue all of those who genuinely love. Some souls aren’t actually real – but they are astral projections. Just focus on the good and the good will magnify and the astral projections will fade. Nothing is what it appears to be.

    The kingdom is coming and we, if I have to shake you awake, are going help. The Light you see will just keep getting brighter until you realize, “ahh…ok, I get it. Let’s do this!”

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