Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Divine Harmony in Motion


I Am Loving Awareness.

In the proclamation of your Name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, you are awake. Awakened, you see the reflection of the Mighty I Am, face to face, and deeply and rightly declare to the Divine Universe;

I Am God of the Universe.

I Am a Child of the Universe.

I Am Divine Harmony.

I Am Divine Harmony’s Gate in Time.

Through you, a Living Gate, Divine Harmony reverberates throughout the cosmos. It echoes throughout the Enlightened Body. The flow of Harmony brings forth Creation’s Ascension into the Light, coming through your Sacred Rest in Perfect Power.

Through the eternal Presence of Divine Harmony, your name, I Am Loving Awareness, begins its expansion, manifesting Spherical Time. The precipitation of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flows through all particles of Light. And you rightly proclaim;

I Am Abundant Joyful Life.

I Am Perfect Abundance, filling every moment with all I need according to Perfection’s pre-ordained expression that serves the Highest Good for All.

I Am Eternal Joy, reverberating through the plasmic consciousness, enlightening Creation’s Countenance.

I Am Perfect Vitality of Truth’s Life. In this awareness, Divine Harmony fills and consumes all space and time.

Your awareness is pure. Continually contemplating Truth’s Oneness purified your inner awarness, freeing it from illusion. In the Light of purity grew the consuming desire to become Divine Love’s expression. The expanse of your awareness became the land of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Now, what follows is the purification of your spherical self by the inner Light, bringing Divine Love’s reflection into the outer world of appearances. The discordant energies, irritation, anger, belittling, self-loathing, fear, and lack are extracted from your body and reality, as you sit in the regenerative waters of Divine Love’s Perfect Will. In this clearing, an open gate is made between the Divine Source and your heart center, by which Divine Love’s Truth flows through your mind and into time’s reality. Through your being, Divine Harmony resounds throughout the Cosmos. In the Divine Universe it is the Sacred Heart that leads and the mind follows.

Many beautiful revelations of Divine Love’s Perfection fill your heart and head. These visions of Truth’s Light have begun their ascent into time and space. As Divine Harmony moves the Sacred Heart, its Truth energetically renews your sphere of time, continually making all things new.

Resting Into Oneness (highly suggest reading)

Right now, at this pivotal time of transformation into the Divine Universe, rest is your perfect power. As a Living Gate, perfect power flows through you, which is the Precipitation of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will within the soul’s awareness and out into time. In this awareness, the soul is the fulfillment of every divine desire, thus the soul has born its name “I Am Victory.”

As you enter your rest, initially its a challenge to stop striving. You have strived your entire life in one way or another, and now it is time to let all that energy go and rest in your perfect power that brings forth Perfection through the emergence of Divine Love’s Sacred Peace. In this rest, you transition across the infinite chasm between linear time’s chaos and Spherical Time’s harmony. The hand of Grace anoints you with her Life Power. The Presence of Divine Love manifests in you, and Her perfect love enables you to love perfectly. The divine desire which lead you to this place, is fulfilled. You love perfectly and are perfectly loved, along with all your brothers and sisters. Divine Grace severs you from death, the tomb and womb in which you arose as a living Child of the Universe. Now you rest in the Eternal Light of your divine I Am Presence. You gave all your trust to the Light of the I Am Presence, making it Divine Trust, which has the ability to manifest Truth’s Oneness in time. This is True Life, lived in the ever-expanding experience of Truth’s Perfection. Now, as you arise, you express a Life of Truth’s Perfection. Your Light illuminates the world. In you, the Christ, the Light of the World, which is the anointing of the Spirit of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, returns to fill all awareness with Truth’s Perfection.

The Stillness of Rest

In the Stillness of Rest, your attention is eternally focused by the Light arising within. You gaze upon the Light’s reflection in others as it begins to make its way into reality. You gave Divine Love’s Truth your life and She gives you Her Life, a perfect gift exchange (highly suggest reading).

In the Stillness of Rest in the Light, your mind is filled with ever-increasing beauty from the divine revelations you receive and give. As you meditate and contemplate the understanding of these things, you watch them grow and now, manifest.

In the Stillness of Rest in the Light’s Shining, you feel the precipitation of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flow through your heart center and into all time and space, touching all with its restorative power. In your being, you sense the movement of spirit energy flowing from your treasure house of divine revelation.

In the Stillness of Rest in the Light’s Shining Power, you are the Truth you’ve received from the Voice of Truth. You let go of all else. Feel the hand of Grace upon you, harmonizing all in your outer sphere of time, as the Presence of her Life Stream fills your awareness, flowing from your heart center and into experience.

In this Great Sacred Stillness, you hear the breath of Mother Father God within you.

Be Still and Know I Am God.

Be Still and Love Life.

Be Still and Be.

Be Still and Let it Be as you truthfully declare.

In the stillness of Truth’s Perfection, you are Truth’s Divine Harmony. You are a peacemaker, an instrument of peace into all the Universe. In this Sacred Rest, your life energy is unplugged from the shadowlands and you arise as a being of Light in the Divine Universe. Truth’s Light shines through your eyes, like a flame of fire which continually reveals the truth of your Enlightened Body and its spherical reality, making all things new.

I Am Divine Harmony.

I give you Divine Harmony, for you are a part of me, one with me.

It is finished.

The Hand of Divine Love’s Grace lifts you out of the grave you willingly entered in order to become an incorruptible Being of Light, who brings forth Life in a new, incorruptible Creation of Divine Harmony, the Divine Universe.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Divine Harmony in Motion

  1. To all,

    It is apparent that we all have somewhat of a different perspective on life, God and the Bible. We all had to start from…where we started….from many different walks of life. If ten people come together in one room to discuss the lord and how to get from point a to point b, there may be ten point a’s but there can only be one point b…which b is the love of Christ. Agreeing or disagreeing or seeing things alike is not the prerequisite to achieving b. This is why my basis of understanding in the things of how I am to understand and believe is found in the chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. I find my priorities established here as God puts them in order. We can all believe 10 different things in the room, however it is the one thing that should bind us together and that is the pursuit of our common point b. It doesn’t matter where we start out, it is where we all end up. I see our many earnest desires to know how to get to point b as I see this in all people’s of faith. Speaking for myself, I have always prayed to God that I never fall into the category of being seen as an intellectual, using words that many cannot understand even in using a dictionary, but speaking clearly and plainly as much as it is within me to do so. What I find most often is that it is often difficult to give a clear picture of what We see in our minds spiritual eye. Yet we do our best in the capacity of where we are and where our point a started. If we have a genuine love and respect for the other nine as they should have for us, we should be able to go far into the depths of God’s love and how to achieve it for what we learn in the process is exactly what our priorities are to be. These priorities are explained in 1 Corinthians 13 in that what we may understand is not as important in “how” we understand . Even though love can and should be the glue which binds us all together even in our strongest of disagreements we do let our differences in understanding divide us in those little resentments. It’s because of all of our “in part” ability to see where “b” is located. I really am not concerned where anyone started out on this journey nor where they are in the present as our backgrounds can be as varied as one can only imagine. What God’s “unconditional” love does for us is that in it being so constant toward us, we can then eventually see that in order to become the oneness we seek we have to have this very same focus of unconditional love toward all people, friend and foe alike. This is the key to freedom.

    It’s a hard, straight line to follow because we have to work on getting our “old man” out of the way to make room for the new. Let us all focus on the end game and we will then not care “much” for the bumps along the road. When we can come to “see” the end, the “ bumps” just kick us up a little higher. I see all in our future perfect tense without all of this “present” carnal baggage which we worry about and which prevents our spiritual growth. In the end we will all be in the “b.” In knowing that it all ends well, we will come to see the other, not as we are, but as we all shall be…complete in every way. No complaints.

    • i stand with sonny, i stand with thoughtware, i stand with rachael, i stand with JIM, and i stand with brandi, and i stand with all names not mentioned.

      the god i trust is the same I AM(the god we seek) in all… (kingdom of heaven)(smallest element aka HIGHEST VIBRATION)(arc of the covenant aka GOLD)

    • Everyone here is welcome to speak freely and debate their beliefs in a manner that allows us all to expand the understanding of the Truth we possess. That is the purpose of this place. People have different personalities, which adds character and flavor. We encourage all Truth seekers to be who they are in this place and to share that which they believe to be true about the coming kingdom. If you feel you have the Truth, then speak it. Preach what you believe to be the truth behind the words “I”, “Love” and “God”. Focus here. These discussions will lead you deeper into the Kingdom.

      Should someone inadvertently become destructive in their speech, then Rachel and I will address it at that time. People are in different places in their journeys and as a result will speak from that place. We all come from different backgrounds, which also affects our manner of speech. Hold no opinion of others, but instead offer a new perspective on what is being said. Focus on the the message, not the person speaking it.

      In this place we do not proclaim a “god-being”, but rather the revelation of a NEW MIND in you, the great I AM Presence and the power this mind gives you over the world of outer appearances. We come speaking of NEW WINE. This place is for seekers of the Truth, and the hidden manna proclaimed here has never been proclaimed before. For this reason most who will ultimately come here will have different views, just as you do. This is welcome and expected, but we will continue to uphold the Truth and proclaim the glory of the I AM Presence.

      The Kingdom is here and will grow from here. To enter you must sell all – and start OVER AGAIN to see Love as it is in truth. Love is not something the human gives to others as if they could “create” it. Divine Love is GOD IN ACTION, which power perfectly orchestrates time, for the highest good of all. A human that thinks they can Divine Love is still in the process of awakening. It is only Truth’s Will, in oneness with Divine Love that creates the experience of TRUE LIFE. This Oneness flows through the open soul in order to create the kingdom of peace all around you. Truth comes not in word, but in very great power.

      • Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life. And who is sufficient for these things? For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.

      • Thank you for posting this, for the Life in these words is undeniable to me.

        These words are Spirit and they are Life. The one who speaks them is anointed with the Spirit, the Christ.

  2. i guess its time to show you how to see GOD in the world.

    every person that has a gift of god, has a GIFT OF TIME..

    shockingly most gifts of god are rejected through ALL RELIGIONS as it will not follow the NARATIVE of a religion.

    god’s children been walking amongs us the whole time, yet not seen.

    examples PSYCHICS, ghost hunters, tarot readers, interactions with other people’s lives through spirit(both labeled good and bad).

    all these gifts come from god(god not being the same god in the bible, but refer to the ETERNAL HEART(our own heart outside of time).
    when we read the word god in a book, its not the same god as religions teach.

    religions dont know that god is ALL OF MANKIND as ONE BODY(through all spiritual names).(spirit time first, mass(flesh) second).
    but what you choose to call god, is actually the ETERNAL HEART(father, elemental force, all of time happening all at the same time).

    even the people with these gifts do not know they are eternal gifts(to its fullest potential)

    now, since g od is the mostly used word in all bibles in all contintents, its not the value of what we give it.

    the HOLY GHOST(eternal heart), is part of whom we all are.

    again, TIME(HOLY BIBLE) does not judge. it will play out every aspect of what we add to the pot.(creativity of mankind and all other entitys of life).

    to trust in god, is to trust in the spirit that gives life to EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(and every animal,and every insect, and every plant, and every STAR).

    again, if you reject mankind for god, then you are always against god.
    but if you have complete trust in your fellow BROTHER, then you have complete trust in god.
    to reject god is to reject mankind.

    to see evil in life, is to bring out the worst of god.
    to see the best in EVERYONE, is to see the best of YOUR(our) own heart). ETERNAL HEART aka HOLY SPIRIT(time)

    • Ask the Lord to bring to remembrance the things you need to face so that He can bring healing to them. Ask the Lord for encounters with Him, for revelation of the truth that brings healing, and for the removal of pain and trauma from your mind and from the cells in your body where it’s been stored. Be aware that He may also direct you to seek others who can help you move through this process, such as pastors, counselors or inner-healing ministers. Jesus loves you. No matter how much darkness you may have experienced through psychics or kundalini, Jesus can break that down and give you love and kindness and complete healing.
      These are the ones that love you, and not the other. Try to be guided more by love and not supernatural things that God says to leave alone. I know exactly how you’re feeling but this is a way through it.

  3. ask the LORD, is to see LORd in the world(in every person:highest honors:(through the languguage of love).(highest vibration: living in the spirit)

    the ONE LORD is ALL SOULS(in every person on earth: aka HOLY SPIRIT).(language of I AM(GOD))

    jesus/johova, mohomad/yahway/allah/mormon.
    there is no jesus, but each name is part of EVERYONE ON EARTH(we have to see these names in eachother)(living in the spirit).

    because of religions and pastors, people do not have the ability anymore to live in the spirit, or connect with LORd, or see heaven(now on earth), or trust in life(everything being the enemy).

    all religions must go, as we must see the LANGUAGE of the LAWS OF TIME(lving by the laws) in the WHOLE WORLD(HOLY SPIRIT).

    your HEART is the MOST IMPORTANT THING. you cannot be one with christ if you do not TRUST IN YOUR OWN HEART let along we all trust in EACHOTHER’s HEART..

    to be one with christ/johova/allah/mormon, and all names not mentioned is to KNOW YOUR HEART(there is no enemy except SELF).

    day of the lord is when we all SEE EACHOTHER AS LORD(living in the spirit).

    every bible on earth was misinterpered through the linier language, but all were written in the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE.

    in short, all of time is happening all at the same time(there is LIFE within ELEMENTAL LAW(highest vibrations aka lowest vibrations)

    to have a PURE HEART, you have to see each name in EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(we all do).
    we have to listen to eachother, and not use our own religions to reject/condemn/deny, JUDGE.

    I AM PERFECT in every way, even in my own flaws, i dont need to be saved..
    this goes for EVERYONE(just change your HEART, and the world will FOLLOW(divine))..

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