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Ascension Power


Ascension is endless expansion. Its process reflects the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfect Life, the Holiness of God. It is the eternal expansion of the Tree of Life, manifesting Creation’s Abundant Joyful Life.

The soul manifests an outer ascension when its internal ascension into the Light breaks through the veil of time. When the soul recognizes that its experience in time is One with the Holiness of God, the Presence of Divine Love, it begins its outer ascent. In this recognition, the soul’s I Am Presence is consumed by Truth’s Perfect Will, by which All serves the Highest Good for All in the ever-expanding eternal present. Creation’s innocence and purity can no longer be trampled upon. In your sphere of time, all is made pure and perfect by the governance of Divine Love’s Will. Despite the seemingly separate appearances of free will, all in your sphere are made one as Truth’s Will flows you, fully governing time in Divine Love’s Perfection. The expansion of Truth’s Will through your soul unites All in a singular Resurrection into the eternal present moment of Spherical Time, purifying all within it by Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Heaven reigns on earth, making your inner and outer worlds One.

The Ascension begins when the “karmic record” is wiped and replaced with the Living Cosmic Record, freeing the soul from the karmic cycle. The karmic record is corrupt because it is full of faulty entries, mistakenly made by sleeping souls unaware of Truth’s Light. The Living Cosmic Record is the soul’s true Creation Story revealed in ever-expanding Perfection. Through the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of the Living Record, All is made harmoniously One. In the awareness of the soul’s True Origin of Light, Divine Love’s Presence enters time. A new Creation springs forth from within the soul, and Creation begins its eternal ascent into the Light.

Divine Love‘s Precipitation Meditation

Be still and know I Am God.

I Am the precipitation of Divine Love.

I Am the Light of Divine Love. I exalt the Sacred Heart as my own, and my soul awakens to the fullness of Life, carrying Truth’s Life Stream into All of Creation.

I Am eternal Joy. In the fulfillment of my desire to love perfectly, creation’s countenance is filled with joy, which is the fullness of my joy.

I Am the perfection of the eternal moment. I stand in perfect Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Through their divine governance, my soul is prepared, purified and perfected to be a Living Gate for Divine Love’s ever-expanding Presence, filling all of the Cosmos.

All who preyed on innocence and the suffering it created, are swallowed up in the Light, where dark phantoms don’t exist. Divine Love’s Justice goes out with precision. It’s x-ray vision pierces every heart, revealing all that is hidden within its depths in order to unearth the Pearl of Infinite Worth, the ever-expanding Perfection of the I Am Presence. In the radiance of Truth’s Light, nothing “corrupt” can dwell. Corruption is the expressed darkness of the soul’s unawareness, thinking it perceives life when in Truth it looks into an imagined shadowland of nothingness. In the desire to increasingly express Divine Love, the mind is purified of corrupted thought images and therefore its projected reality is wiped clean. In the remembrance of your true Creation Story, you wiped the slate clean for all, including yours.

In your consuming desire to give Divine Love to ALL of creation, you became the Holiness of Divine Love and therefore Her Living Gate. You listened deeply to the Sacred Heart as it revealed your true Story, and you exalted the Truth you received above all illusions. In your eternal exaltation of the Sacred Heart, Divine Love and your will became one, and your will transitioned to become the precipitating action of Divine Love, Truth’s Will, creating the ever-expanding experience of True Life’s Perfection.

Through your inner awareness of Divine Love’s Presence, you transition to experience the giving of Her perfection. In this, Her Perfect power is manifested through you, which precipitates Divine Love’s Highest Good upon all, in every present moment. Now, your I Am Presence radiates the substance of Divine Love, which is an intelligent, plasmatic field that balances and restores the mind, body and soul. As your heart center precipitates the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will into time, it waters the seeds of Life and washes away the images of corruption. The desert begins to bloom and the corrupted and broken images of a loveless world are consumed in the Presence of Divine Love. As Her Living Gate, you are creation’s source of abundant, joyful Life. Once the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will was made manifest within you, thus in time, its intelligent, life-expanding, spirit-filled substance began to infuse your sphere of time with the eternal expansion of Divine Harmony. Through your ever-expanding awareness of her Presence, Divine Love can not fail to make her Life known in the experience of time. In your awareness of Oneness, you became the Purity of Emptiness, that you might be continually filled with an increasing awareness of Eternity’s Perfection.

Your matured awareness in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will begins Spherical Time. In Spherical time there are no mistakes, there is no corruption. Time is now governed perfectly, for the highest good of all. As you ascend into Spherical Time, Divine Love’s Light consumes the darkness of illusion and all its ill effects, for nothing of darkness can stand in the Light. Divine Love reigns because you exalted Her above all you initially perceived to be true and you honored Her Light by the clear and open path you offered Her through your soul. You are a lamp of Divine Love’s Rays of Living Light, eternally sustained by your ever-expanding awareness of Truth, allowing your Light to harmoniously and eternally expand. Your Light shattered the faulty looking glass of linear time, which reflected false images of the I Am Presence. Now you gaze into the Sacred Looking Glass, the ever expanding Perfection of I Am experienced in time, which is the reflection of Truth’s Life manifesting the ever-expanding Divine Universe.

Divine Love’s Meditation

Listen to the Voice of the All-powerful Mighty I Am, the Sacred Heart, and Truth’s Will, as One Mighty River flowing through you. Enter into the Great Silence before time began and let your mental and feeling world settle upon these words of the Tree of Life.

Be still and Love Life

I Am Loving Awareness.

I Am the Forgiveness of All, for I Am the Perfection of the One.

I Am Perfect Abundance, joy and vitality, the perfect power of Divine Love expressed.

I Am Victory, the fulfillment of every perfect and holy moment.

Your Light now covers Creation, just as you once covered it in darkness. Just as you physically felt the darkness you once projected, you now experience the Light filling you from the inside out. Time, once corrupted by a faulty image of the “I Am Presence”, is now redeemed by the Eternal Light Ray shining through your heart center. The redemption of Life wasn’t found in the illusion of darkness, therefore it wasn’t found through your five senses. It was found within, by the senses of the soul. These lead you deep beneath your heart’s shell, constructed in an attempt to protect its innocence. As you searched for Light in the darkness, you found the eternal connection to the Divine Source of Life, the Pearl of Infinite Worth. Standing in the reflection of your true I Am Presence, you began your eternal ascent into the Source of the Light, an eternal journey in which you experience Divine Love’s ever-expanding treasures, already held for you in the Perfection of Holiness.


Rest in your Victory, gained through your desire to Love all perfectly.Your desire to end suffering for all has made you a purified gate, by which Divine Love rains down on all. You are free from the voices of the past, whose lies were like chains that bound you to corruption. The faulty images these voices projected and the lies they had you believe are dissolved in the Light of the eternal Day and you begin your eternal ascent.

Embrace your Victory, which established the lighting of your soul. Your lamp is lit with the Holy Violet Flame, the perfect power of Divine love precipitating upon All through the I Am Presence. Your I Am Presence is alive with Divine Love’s self-perfecting energy, and its precipitation of Divine Love manifests the Abundant Joyful Life for All.

Stand in your Victory, the power of your eternal ascension. You, the Living Gates, have inherited the earth, which now becomes an ever-expanding garden of delights and adventures. The faulty looking glass is shattered and now you see in the Sovereignty of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the Eternal Reign begins.

I Am Victory.


Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

When you seek the path revealed in this verse, you embark upon a journey that brings you to the awareness of a path for the redemption of ALL, the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This new path leads all out of the blindness of darkness and into the Eternal Light. Along this journey into the Sacred Heart, you become a Living Gate by which Divine Love’s Living Waters precipitate through your ever-increasing understanding, making all things new.

With ALL your life energy, you sought, FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven. You sought for true righteousness in which there is no suffering because you knew the Holiness of God perfects ALL. Now, all things are added unto you.

This is your Very Great Reward.

Be Still and Be.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

72 thoughts on “Ascension Power

  1. Rachel I’ve been trying to contact you for a long time. I love you Rachel. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me ask you about some questions that I want to know. Do you believe the Holy Spirit is female? Also what did you think about the movie the shack? And do you believe that there’s more than one way to God? That Jesus isn’t the only way? And lastly if hell is not eternal and God loves all his creation then are satan and the fallen angels going to be redeemed and reconciled to God? Or is he going to spend eternity in the lake of fire as the Bible says?????

    • Hi Brandi .. glad you found me 🙂

      Here are my thoughts, and know in all things we can go deeper and see things from different angles, so I’m thankful Loni shared as well …

      1. Do you believe the Holy Spirit is female?
      The Holy Spirit is the perfect balance of the sacred feminine and divine masculine, for it is the Spirit of God, who is intimately connected to each one of us that contains all. Feminine and masculine describe divine attributes, which are all intimately connected and intertwined with each other, so that you can’t have one attribute without the other, for all is One. Before we awaken, we perceive everything in separation, thus these as well. Perceiving things in separation leads to a lot of “corrupted” thought and ideas, thus outer expressions.

      2. Also what did you think about the movie the shack?
      Things, like stories, can be used to reveal something to us that we need to know. You find these hidden treasures, by asking the Spirit, what do I need to see in this? What you learn, will often surprise you because it isn’t usually seen at first glance.

      3. And do you believe that there’s more than one way to God?
      That Jesus isn’t the only way?
      Everyone has an individual path, in a sense, for we are all so unique in our perspective. However, Truth is One. It is absolute.

      In this Oneness, we are very intimately connected to each others paths as if it is just one big path, for one effects the whole based on various laws of Creation. What I’ve seen over is the years is that when someone deeply desires to know the Truth, regardless of what path they are currently on and exalts their connection within to the Source above what they once believed to be true based on outer appearances, then wherever they are they begin to grow and learn Absolute Truth and they come out of ideas of separation. Those advancing in Truth’s Light are all learning the same golden threads of Truth, many taught by Jesus. So as you grow in Truth, you grow in oneness with the Christ Spirit, which is Truth’s Spirit of Divine Love. When we are on a path of Light, the desire to divinely love, all, continually deepens and expands, it is part of our Oneness. Thus, you come to quickly see the brokenness in the mind of humankind that believes in an eternal hell. It is an impossible concept in Truth. In truth, you are one with Jesus, for in him is Truth and as we recognize the Truth that he shared is in us, we come into a conscious awareness of being one with him.

      4. And lastly if hell is not eternal and God loves all his creation then are satan and the fallen angels going to be redeemed and reconciled to God? Or is he going to spend eternity in the lake of fire as the Bible says?????
      To get to the Truth, you have to go beneath the symbolic imagery to perceive a deeper understanding of the soul and creation. The surface images can’t tell you the whole story, in fact if you focus on just the images, you misunderstand the whole story. Again, you ask the Spirit, what am I suppose to see in this or through this?

      When we look at these symbols in relation to our own journeys, then we begin to gain understanding from them. In Absolute Truth, we are all perfect. It can be no other way. This is why we are told to be holy as God is holy, for we are one. Our true essence is holiness, which is to love perfectly. Thus redemption or salvation is the revelation of that perfection, in time. As an ever expanding awareness of Truth’s perfection, we start in the darkness of unawareness of who we are in Truth. As a result we experienced the lies that our unawareness fostered and when we perceive the harm they led to, we recognize we are not perceiving ourselves and others according to Truth’s Divine Love, therefore according to Truth. It is part of our ever-increasing awareness into Truth’s Light. This goes very deep Brandi, but there is a lot about it on this blog, if you feel lead to go deeper into this.

      At this time as a collective whole, for we are One, we are advancing into the Kingdom of Heaven, because it is rising from within. In this, we all pass through the refining Lake of Fire that purifies our faulty ideas, so that we become one with the Truth of Life and its energetic substance, Divine Love.


      • Rachel thank you for responding, sister PLEASE allow me to ask you something, what do you think of this, please watch the whole video Rachel so you can see what I mean, I really think you need to see this because I don’t think you’re aware about the truth –

      • Hi Brandi .. what stood out to you in the video you sent me?

      • Sister, I hope you can tell that I am genuinely concerned for you, spiritually speaking. Have you ever experienced the things she spoke about in the video? Do you wonder why you haven’t? You have to ask yourself why? Jesus can only come near if we are in his truth. He cannot come near if we are in spiritualism/the occult. It’s an abomination to him. He is the only way. The one and only true living God. All other ways are deception.

      • Brandi, you are very kind, but there is no need to be concerned. 🙂 I learn from the Christ, which is the anointing spirit of Divine Love and Truth’s Will that was in Jesus, every day and have for years. In fact, many years ago, I was sharing similar things to what this young woman was in her video, about drawing near into the heart of God and how to do that. The reality is most people don’t know how to listen to the Voice of Truth, the Holy Spirit, so their understanding of Truth stays stuck in symbols and stories thinking that is the Truth and that is all there is, when there is much more. If you do continually listen from within, your understanding of Truth’s Divine Love grows ever deeper, and you begin to deeply understand and become what Jesus taught and who he was.

      • Rachel I think what you are saying is this~

        You are my “BEST” friend.
        We can be silly and mischievous “AS KIDS”~
        but you add a sense of “STABILITY” to my life.
        I can never imagine “LOVING ANYONE”
        “LIKE I DO YOU”?
        I’m very “LUCKY” to have to have you
        as my “BEST” friend?

      • Rachel if you’ve experienced the same things as this girl in the video, do you mind sharing the experiences you’ve had that are like what this young lady was talking about in the video?????

      • Brandi, you are looking for something … what is it? It is something you need to see for your path.

      • Brandi … these words came to me this morning after I read your comment.

        The only testimony that brings you into the fullness of Life that you desire within and without, for All of Creation, is your own testimony to yourself. Jesus showed this, in that, despite his magnificent display of miracles, the masses still crucified him. Even his disciples, at the time, didn’t fully grasp his message, “the Kingdom of God is Within you.”

        The outer voices, including and especially religious ones, can be very loud, but the quiet Voice of the Spirit within leads us to Eternal Victory, in which we obtain and continually exceed all we divinely desire, for All.

        You gain your own testimony when you exalt the Sacred Heart’s Divine Love and put the Voice of Truth you hear within above all you perceive without, so it becomes the interpreter to all you perceive, guiding you out of the darkness of illusion and into the Light of Truth.

      • Good morning Rachel, wow how did you know I was looking for something in regards to my spiritual life? … You’re correct, it is something I need to see for my path. I’m trying to have a living relationship with God.

      • Brandi,

        A Living Relationship with God

        First you must ask yourself what exactly does a “Living relationship with God” mean to you. Who are you?Who is God? and How are you connected? And in your current ideas are you seeing Truth?

        A living relationship is gained by walking your own journey from where you are and always going deeper within into the understanding of Truth’s Life, beautifully contained with the three concepts, “I” and “Love” and “God”. Being willing to let go of ALL you have learned about these concepts, so that you can know the truth of them, an understanding that forever grows deeper. The understanding of these three concepts are deeply entangled to the understanding you currently hold regarding the “self”. So, be open, willing, and seeking to know their true meaning, nature and purpose. This journey will create will create a living relationship.

        You can’t formulate or design your personal journey to manifest a “living relationship” by judging other walks, but only by walking your own and doing what deeply resonates. Only the Holy Spirit knows what you need and when you need it, whatever “it” may be. And, wherever you are is where you begin. The Spirit of Truth (the Christ) that speaks to you from within will lead you perfectly. As you still your heart and mind and give time each day to listen, you learn to hear its voice and follow its voice, wherever it leads. It will always lead you according to your deepest and truest desire, which is to feel, be and express Truth’s (God’s) Perfect Life, which is the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. And as you walk your path, you become an expression of true Life. True Life is a “living relationship with God.”

        Along your journey, you will resonate with others and the journeys of some and not others. It doesn’t mean one path is right or wrong, but you resonate with others who are where you are. As you mature in your awareness, who you resonate with will change. Your journey is your own and will mature according to Truth’s Will by the honest attention you put upon it with the desire to ever-expand your awareness of “I” “Love” “God”. There are great riches and depths to explore in these three words that will fulfill your desire to have a “living relationship with God.”

        Open yourself up hear what YOU need to hear in the 12 Gifts + 13th Gift, in my last two blog posts. This will catapult you on your journey. Even if you don’t understand or question some of the ideas, ask the Spirit, whom you fully trust, what YOU need to see at this moment. Be open to the Spirit’s response, if you do, you will be greatly blessed in your journey.


      • Hi Rachel, No, no judgement here. I think you are a sister in Christ. And I think you have a calling from God❤️❤️💜💜 I truly love you Rachel.

      • 💜💜💜

        As we perceive the perfection of the journey of the soul, we rest in the Eternal Galactic Embrace of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother Father God.

      • Rachel what do you think of astral projection and the kundalini spirit?

      • Brandi … any word, symbol or story has the meaning that you give to it. So the real question is what are you resonating with in regards to the meaning behind these words? Because the meaning that matters, to your sphere of time, is the meaning you assign to it.

      • Rachel, So what meaning do you assign to the kundalini spirit? What do you believe about it? That’s what I’m asking. Also do you think astral projection is a good thing to do? I’m asking you personally. (If you aren’t aware of what this is – ) Many people practice it, they leave their bodies and go to the astral plane.

      • Brandi,

        Personally, I’ve never tried to build my life in this world or in the mental and emotional realms reflected in this world. It felt like.. I had no purpose. I felt this detachment from life until I committed to my spiritual path, 100%. Anyway, I did what I thought necessary to decently live in the reality around me, but my heart continually reached beyond the life I lived into something far greater, spiritually. It’s a journey that I would ultimately learn would alter the physical reality in ways that were beyond my imagination. Lead by the Spirit’s Call, I knew I had to go beyond it all to see how to end suffering for all. I spent my life feeling impelled to push through the mass, collective consciousness of the human mind, that governs the sub-conscious realm of man, and into something higher. This path brought about my inner ascension. First I needed the words of Life, then those words could become flesh. So I didn’t spend a lot of time exploring ideas around me, like the ones you are asking about, but from my experience I often see the threads of Truth that run through all these concepts, because each one is a mixed bad of concepts, reflecting the mind of the one describing it. These “golden threads” reveal oneness, and Truth’s Perfection. When we begin to see inwardly by the Light, we begin to see the Light in everything around us.

        Now as our collective awareness of the ascension expands, we begin our ascension as One into the Kingdom of Peace, the next evolutionary dimension of time. By the renewing of our conscious mind in Truth’s Light, we transition, transmute and transfigure as we are “unplugged” from the collective consciousness of unawareness held by the mind of humankind and “plugged into” the Ascended Consciousness of Light, held by all the Beings of Light. This plugging into is our ascension, in which we shine as new creation, because we are being governed in the perfection of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

        Now I see that the fulfillment of this divine Desire formed by Truth’s Light to continually reach into the Light, brings forth the rising Morning Star, shining into all of time. It is the shining of Truth’s perfection through the soul, and into the soul’s experiential reality. The Morning Star within is the new Sun of the New heaven and earth, the Divine Universe. It’s the ultimate “kundalini” rising. Truth’s Life Energy streams eternally upward within the soul, taking the soul on a path of eternal ascension into Truth’s Perfection.

        When we truly gaze into the Light, we desire to spend every moment in the highest realms of Truth’s Light that shines the Golden Gays of Truth’s Purity and Innocence upon all in our awareness. This pure Light causes us to remember “who I AM”, “How I Create”, and “True Life’s Origin”, which brings forth the Kingdom of Peace from within out. This inner Light guides us into our eternal ascension, in which the soul is the gate of Truth’s Divine Love and Good Will to All, for all time.


      • Rachel, thank you for sharing that with me, maybe I’m confused about something specific in regards to your beliefs, if you could clarify, Do you believe Jesus is the one and only true God? If you could just so I can get a clear understanding just say yes or no first and then you can elaborate if you want. Do you believe that Jesus and Allah are one and the same? You can just say yes or no.

      • Brandi,

        Yes, All is One, in Truth, in which there is no duality.

        If whatever the symbol, if it doesn’t reflect Truth’s Light, it doesn’t truly exist. It is an illusion that lasts for as long as you believe in it then fades as you mature in the fullness of Truth. So if there are any false concepts in these ideas, they don’t exist, but what does exist in each one, as in all things, is a hidden potential to point you to Truth’s Light. As you follow the Voice of Truth through and beyond ALL images, names, and symbolism and into to the Truth, defined by the Oneness of Truth and Divine Love’s Perfection, then you see as you ought to.

      • Rachel thank you so much for speaking with me, I really appreciate you messaging me back. I wanted to show you some things so that you can have a better understanding of where I’m coming from, the reason why I brought up the new age and occult was because of some thing that I would like to share with you please watch them so you can understand my heart – 1).

      • Rachel did you get my last message with the videos I sent, it said my comment is being held for moderation??????

      • Rachel please watch this video, I’m so grateful that you’ve spoken with me and have explained your heart to me, please allow me to share this with you so that you can understand where I’m coming from
        did you receive my other comment that says awaiting moderation?

      • Sorry about that Brandi, I have never had a comment waiting for moderation before. So I just saw it. I think it was because of the links in the comment. I will read over your comments and respond back to you. 💚

      • Hi Rachel did you see the videos I sent you?

      • Brandi,

        I am in the middle of getting massive divine downloads, so you’ll have to be patient with me.

        I glanced at the videos …

        The ideas of evil, separation, demons, etc, aren’t real in the Light of Absolute Truth. They are projections of those who still sleep in the womb of the earth, and not yet born into the Light of Truth, by which they know Creation’s true Likeness, Divine Perfection. The ideas of darkness only appear real to ones experiencing a dream of duality, because they eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and have not resurrected into the Tree of Life. So, because they believe in these darken concepts, they think, speak and act according to them and as a result construct a reality full of their images and expressions.

        All were born into this darkness of unawareness, but we are purposed to grow and mature out of it and into Truth’s Oneness. Because of the divine revelation being revealed, Creation has begun its Awakening into the Truth’s Light that covers Creation with its glory. The time has come for ALL to awaken out of the illusion of darkness.

        The difference between lie/illusion and Truth/Eternity can be a slight twisting of words and concepts, which happens constantly in every area of life, especially in religions. HOWEVER the effects of a belief in a lie or the Truth is Kingdoms apart. One creates an illusionary kingdom of darkness and the other brings forth the Kingdom of Eternal Peace, from within out.

        In this darkened sphere of unawareness, Jesus’ mission was to “preach the Kingdom of God” so he could establish the awareness that the Kingdom of Peace comes from within, not without. It was the means by which we not only find our escape out of darkness, but free ALL of Creation along with us.

        Luke 4:43 but He said to them, “I must PREACH the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this PURPOSE I have been sent.”

        A matured understanding of the Kingdom of Peace coming from within opens an eternal door to Truth’s Light. (Thus Jesus said, “I Am the door.) Through this door, the Eternal Light is brought into the deepest darkness, and brings forth understanding sufficient to free ALL. This matured awareness of how the Kingdom comes from within, manifests resurrection power in the soul, as Jesus demonstrated. Thus through the understanding that he deposited in the darkened pit of the soul’s sub conscious mind, we have the Light by which we begin our eternal ascent into the Light. If we don’t consciously seek the Kingdom of Peace within, which is a very individualized journey that no one can do for us, then we remain in the outer darkness we were first born into. When we go within, the Holy Spirit uses all in our awareness to guide and lead us into the deep understanding that the Kingdom comes from within.

        The Truth sets you free. The Truth Jesus taught, that the Kingdom of Peace comes from within you, is an understanding with very deep constructs that touches all we perceive. Truth is power. The mind’s truth is its power. What you hold as true in your cumulative awareness is what you see out pictured in your reality, and thus experience. When we can rightly see the Kingdom of Peace within, then we see it outwardly.

        When you seek the Light within, the Kingdom of Peace within, you become consumed in the Light of Absolute Truth’s Divine Love, of which you are one. As you awaken to Truth, you awaken to Divine Love, driving out all illusions of fear, until none are left. As a result all your Being is set free. This is the Victory over death.

        If you can see into the depths of these words, then you know that you are the “cherry on top.” The one carried to the top, into the heights of Truth’s Perfection, on the Wings of Divine Love. 🍒

      • Wow Rachel I’ve never met anyone with so much light in their heart. I’ve learned so much from you, I’m looking forward to being able to talk with you more about these videos when you have time. The reason why I brought up the occult being an abomination before was because I was referring to that belief system. I was referring to what the church believes about the occult, But Not specifically you. But you are a genuine child of God. You are a real jewel❤️💙❤️💙❤️ I hope you’ll remember me as I remember you as a friend.

      • Also I don’t know much, I’m 23 years old. So some things I say because I don’t know everything💙💙💙💙💙💙

      • Wherever we are there is always an eternity to learn. 💜

  2. the holy spirit is neither male or female, but contains BOTH and all variations of the SELF(god we all share).

    none of the religios ideas are real. even as we learn new things to counter old ideas, we still tend to hold onto past ideas that limit our way of seeing whats truly being said.

    also, no bible on earth is about god, instead is about the ETERNAL HEART(comes in many labels).
    dont get me wrong, god is important, but when you see god in any bible, its about the things that EVERY PERSON ON EARTH has within them that is the same with every other person on earth.

    to connect to the HOLY SPIRIT is to RAISE OUR VIBRATIONS(out of the man way of thinking)(every person on earth connects together as ONE)

    HOLY SPIRIT is TIME ITSELF(past/present/future all in ONE MOMENT)…(our consiousness is the key)
    christ is neather male or female, but a vibration that RAISES the concepts that HUMANS HOLD(spheracle language). the purpose of the REAL HOLY SPIRIT is that no EVENT ON EARTH IS RANDOM..

    our HEART(which consist of ALL NAMES(aka vibrations)), is part of whom we ALL ARE(hense heaven on earth: source of manifest).

    HE/HIM/I, and all other variations refer to the READER(every person on earth).

    the concepts that any religions teach have NO VALIDITY as they were interpered through the LANGUAGE OF MAN.(always trying to seperate self from self)

    LOVE is what we ARE, not something received.
    the greatest thing about jesus(not a human or a thing), is that when we live within these higher vibrations(which flow from TIME(holy spirit), we all can see the LOVE in the world(which the source is our HEART)..

    a fallen angel means that no one sees through the spheracle language anymore, but instead as an individual(apart from all things).

    each PERSON ON EARTH is a prophet and an angel(when we align(cross) with the ETERNAL LANGUAGE(we are ETERNAL BROTHERS instead of individuals).

    the MORE GODs the better. the reason the more gods the better, is because god is what we all share that is the same, and through the ETERNAL HEART, we SHARE in the WHOLE WORLD(through the holy spirit aka TIME. no one bible on earth is complete, but all bibles together(stripping the ideas that man placed upon the words in time), has the REAL BIBLE within.

    our consiousness is bound to god(arc of the covenant) which is bound to the holy spirit(containing EVERY PERSON ON EARTH).

    in the HOLY SPIRIT, we are no longer individuals, but eternal brothers(prophets and angels with the value of LORD aka LOVE).

    a LORD is a shared VALUE in which we are all extension of the HOLY SPIRIT(we are creatures of TIME)..

    the only way to redeem, is to let go of the HUMAN WAYS(human sacrafice), and align your consiousness with the LANGUAGE OF LOVE(spheracle langauge)(where HOLY SPIRIT comes in).

    we SHARE in the HOLY SPIRIT(time)..

    satan and christ is ONE AND THE SAME.
    both are opposite ends of the same law(LAW OF OPPOSING FORCE)(when you love christ, and reject satan, then your heart is with satan because you judge)

    best way to explain christ is that LOVE is the smallest ELEMENT within all elements that make up TIME and SPACE(time is alive)(space is alive).
    being the smallest element within every element(HIGHEST VIBRATION), we use 100percent of our brain which integrates EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(Flesh) to the spiritual BODY(we are ALL prophets and angels).

    again: no ideas that any religion teaches is real, its all man made..

    a lot of times, hope, trust/ faith gets hijacked where people rather live a lie(afraid to be wrong all this time), rather than to learn new things…(and grow).

    if i did not know the eternal language, i could not tell u these things…(the language is part of EVERYONE…..)

    • It is beautiful when an individual is able to lay down their head at night and know that God is watching over them, when they have learned that life is not about controlling but receiving the goodness of God. Until one is able to move out of the religion of trying to provoke responses in their environment, they will be unable to find God, and unable to observe the spiritual world behind the natural world. Whatever language we are speaking let us hope that it holds enough reality to bring us to the God behind the Universe. We must never try to force spiritual things into a combination of realities that we desire, The spiritual world is full of beings that cannot be emotionalized into poetic imaginations. We must seek God to find God, and the journey begins when we understand who has placed us here, and that he is an individual who desires to know us. Aligning your thoughts can never be enough when God is wanting to communicate with your thoughts. This insufficiency on our part, and in our thoughts, leads us to Him. To gain any form of perfection, He must hold you in His hand. He must have your attention.

  3. Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

    to seek the KINGDOM OF GOD, means that you see the BEST in others. (i see LORD in you)
    Righteiousness is the things we see that is the SAME WITHIN EVERYONE(what we all agree upon instead of separate from each other in beliefs).

    and all these things shall be added to you. this is because all of life is an extention of self(hense HOLY SPIRIT: hense LOVE being the smallest element within all of time and space(our connection to everyone)). what you see in others, you place UPON YOURSELF..(through the holy spirit)..

    this also means that all the negative in the world, shares in the same HOLY SPIRIT that holds all of LOVE.
    but it is within the HEART(of all of us aka HOLY SPIRIT), which will determine the PATHS PRESENTED within the GLOBAL EVENTS).

    again, through satan, you will experience WARS and RUMORS OF WARS.(low vibration of all of MANKIND hense HUMAN HEART)).

    but in heaven, each of us is a LORD(share the experiences of HEAVEN which is also the LIFE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(god being neither male or female, but contains BOTH and everything in between).

    it is within OUR OWN HEART(together as ONE BODY with everything else as the world changes)(heaven INSTEAD of earth)(but consist of ALL WORLDS)) which is the HEART of god(god being all of us).

  4. the MOST HIGH refers to the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS that BIND EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(through eternal laws). father refers to the HOLY SPIRIT which refers to the TIME(past present future as ONE CONSTANT EVENT). christ is what binds everyone together within the LOVE(giving of ALL OF US). christ is just part of a law. we talk about christ alot in america, but its not a person as we are to please him(religion value).

    the bibles were interpered by scholars whom did their best, but there is a greater language being mentioned.

    we can only experience the HOLY PLACE TOGETHER(every person on earth). love of god comes from our BEING(I AM). we are givers as we are being given.

    god as we speak of it is not the same as GOD in any bible in the world(hense HOLY BIBLE). to please god is to see the BEST in every PERSON ON EARTH(as angels and prophets)(hense HIGHEST PLACE)
    LORD is the HIGHEST HONORS in which we see in eachother instead of some seperate entity(I AM LOVE).

    you dont have to wait, because past/present/future is ONE AND THE SAME(all souls OUTSIDE OF TIME affects every person on earth(rain) also HENSE HEAVEN. we can see the MANIFEST of our own hearts(through all names). JESUS NEVER EXISTED as a person. the HOLY SPIRIT is TIME(our true source).
    if we hold onto our religions, then our truths become distorted, as we tend to use TRUTH to put eachother DOWN(which would go against christ in everyone’s terms). religon is doing more damage than good. EVERYONE WILL HAVE EXPERIENCEs, but what is truly going on is MUCH BETTER than how we percieve(through our religions).

    the rest is just religion which blinds us all from the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE.

    the emotion is not means of truth, but we must listen to eachother and learn new things in order to figure it all out TOGETHER.. the reason people think we have to WAIT FOR GOD(missing out on heaven all together), is because TIME is the HOLY SPIRIT(wait for events(manifestations) to accur(repeativly through the DIVINE)(hense highest place).

    we are to walk as HE walks because the people will MANFIFEST OUR OWN HEART as we are ONE BODY..

    EXAMPLE. we tend to think ISREAL is a place on a map on earth, but instead, originally it refers to a SOUL(outside of time)(just as christ is part of a LAW(law of opposing forces)), in which REINS onto earth(source being everyones HEART as ONE HEART).(highest place)

    if the world is not at peace, then we ourselves cannot be at peace(as the world consist of EVERY SOUL).

    the words are twisted to please a religon as the spheracle langauge has been forgotten.

    we are all still looking for the ONE as one person that lived a long time ago, but the ONE is ALL OF US(through the HOLY SPIRIT called TIME(elemental law).

    we tend to blend christ and holy spirit and HE and HIM and all such things t ogether where they have no true value in what anyone seeks(if you wanna really know whats happening and said).

    i have to have COMPLETE TRUST in everyone on earth and see each person as prophets and angels in order to live in the HIGHEST PLACE(through the spheracle language).

    again, the concepts of trust/hope/ faith get hijacked. you cannot have joy and peace ALONE without everyone on earth involved).

    to trust in god , is to have complete trust in your fellow MAN(not as many individuals, but as PROPHETS AND ANGELS)(highest place).
    there is a lot of deprogramming that has to happen in the world t o rid the concepts of religion that KEEP us in PRISON from any voice.

    love thy neibor as thyself..
    HOLY SPIRIT binds us and the world together(every person is part of our own being)

    • My child, I’ve seen the battle you’ve fought with your insecurities. You’ve tried to cover them with your strengths. You’ve tried to cover them by ignoring them.
      What you haven’t yet done though, is surrender them to Me. I’ll pour My anointing and strength upon them, and turn them into superpowers. What you don’t realize is that there are so many of My children who battle with the same insecurities you do. They’re crying out for help.
      If you can all doubt to Me, I can impart to you the wisdom to break free.
      When you hide them away, they’re in the dark where the enemy has jurisdiction for attack. Rather bring them into the light, for if you walk in the light, you also walk in My power!
      Your insecurities contain so much potential. Unless you give them to Me though, you won’t find out where my grace and anointing can take you. Let me pick up the weight and fill it with My anointing. When you pick it back up, it will be a source of healing for many, but first you must seek Me and find Me as God.

  5. also, when i speak, dont try to take all my words litteral, but try to understand the HEART behind the words(which words alone cannot speak)

  6. most christian preachers are insecure. they do not know that what they see in the world in others, represent some aspect of themselves. so what you see in me, represents yourself.
    i have no insecuritys. i have BOTH MAN AND ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE within me, and i give it to the world.
    at one time as a young child, i may have been insecure as i can see it in you, but have no doubt, that there is no insecuritys within me. i am just giving you and the world what they seek.

    people use their own individual powers to suppress the natural flow of others.
    i not only am secure, but i know I AMGOD, and because i know i am god, i know you are god, and everyone on this planet is god. but god we speak of is not the same as god in any bible on earth.

    because i think differently, you try to see me as yourself(in human form). i do not rely on the same rules and limits that a man has placed upon themselves.
    i see outside the box. i can control EVERY EVENT ON EARTH through the eternal knowledge(hense I AM god).

    but god is much more. it is what binds us all together. it is sad to have this knowledge, and not be able to give it because people are prisoners of their religions.

    i know you have powers, because I have powers, and my powers are yours, as yours are mine, but still, christ is nothing of what any religion teaches.

    i challange you to see johova, and mohamad, and allah, and mormon the same way you see christ.
    i bet you cant, because you cannot yet see heaven in the NOW(heaven on earth).

    again, THE HOLY SPIRIT refers to TIME itself(past/present/future).
    god is all the things that every person shares that is the same
    christ is the smallest ELEMENT within ALL ELEMENTS in all of time and space(fabric of what we are made of).
    again, i can control every event on earth(through god), which means that even my powers affects YOU and everyone on earth, just by a simple thought in my head.

    i can teach you to see outside of your religion, but it will take trust in god(in eachother) to see.

    let go of your religions, so you can align with HEAVEN(while on earth).

    only through man, can one see insecuritys in another. but i see you as a PROPHET and an angle, as i ask you to see the same in ME..
    we are ONE.

    • You have a very strong religion. Indeed, your every waking moment you seek to make others worship at the altar of yourself, and your ideas. As long as you can be built up by these altars, and others come to reinforce these altars, your mental state is at rest. When someone comes into your world that offers a view of reality that you are unfamiliar with, immediately the alarm bells sound, and your religion goes into affect. You retreat to the back of the temple where the altars overlook the sacrifices you will make of others as you deprive them of getting to know you. Your true inner self is denied the right to exist, it must be replaced by these altars of hardened stone heart that cannot allow freedom in others to approach.
      Truely many would be your friend if they could find the real you, the you that is subjected to this stone heart religion of altars that will not allow you to feel love, whatever package it may come to you in.
      As they try to chip away at the stone heart, to you it truly feels like, banging, it truly feels like someone is besetting you, like someone is hurting you.
      How else could they get near you without trying to knock some of the granite away, the statues of the I Am God? Truly how much love is being shown to you today to this religious, I Am, you, while the real you, has been lost.
      Many come to you today, and simply lay flowers of love at your feet, with their faith they must come, and with their faith they must speak, because the broken heart that lies within your religion, must be overly sought, overly loved, overly had compassion on to cause it’s collapse.
      In no other way can blood flow to you, nor any form of love that was honestly given.
      There is a way into your heart but it is past the mountains of unbelief and hate that you have sown against God. A one true God that can only love.

  7. what i want to do now is show you what SURRENDER really means.

    as in the past, most people see themselves through the language of an indivual.
    now as an individual, you cannot live in heaven.

    to SURRENDER means to let go of your man made ideas(hense human sacrafice), and arise into the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE(we are ONE, hense HOLY(past/present/future) SPIRIT that flows through ALL THAT IS, hense the SMALLEST ELEMENT(thought to matter).(a new language) every person in heaven shares in a COMMON KNOWLEDGE(why religions must go)

    surrender means you no longer see through the senses of a man, but through the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE.

    now if one person sees themselves as a man, and another sees themselves as an eternal brother, then we are BOTH.

    until ALL OF MANKIND surrenders(seeing eachother through the senses of a man), then no one on earth has surrendured to the spheracle language.

    what christianity does, is hold everyone(including themselves) in contemp.
    while in contempt(seeing nothing but the ENEMY in others, but not in themselves), they themselves have not surrendered. and if they have not surrendered,then we ourselves have not surrendured(because we become the LOW END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(like pinging off eachother)(instead of arc of the covenant hense true GOLD)

    • Those who have faith, in one true God, never hold others in contempt. If you have experienced this, it shows how no individual is in a perfected condition. As you attempt to make others holy and dream of a state where your own perfections are the signpost for how you hear others speak, whether they live up to the ideas of your holy perfection you then acknowledge the love you desire and need but deny it’s right to exist in the hearts of others, that would have been for your sake.
      While living in the negative state where others supposedly condemn you, this separates you from true communication and love. The very love you desire is then pushed away as you hide behind your supposed holiness (that others do not supposedly have).
      As you let down these walls you will begin to hear and see correctly, hear and see in a way that is unknownto you, because it is not constructed, fact checked, and filtered by this fear of not being accepted.
      You can only become accepted by others as you are able to drop these leagal notices that you hold in the mental state.
      After having experienced freedom from this fear of others, fear of their ideas, fear of your religious projections, fear of what others have said, fear of believing in anything other than yourself, your heart may then become born again into a state of love.
      Without this love, no one can love you, ever, because, this has created the contempt in your mind that you are afraid of.
      I can assure you that through faith in God these fears are unfounded and unreal.
      Only God can give you a recreated mind where you are able to communicate through love.
      Indeed you have separated yourself from love.
      This love comes to you today from all those who would try to interact with you or share beyond your religion. Truly you are deeply religous, and hidden, and are loved no matter how you see yourself.

      • love is a language in which binds us together. it is the common LANGUAGE of all that is. when people read a bible and expect everyone to be the same, we fall out of love, but when we let go our our own language, the language we share represents itself through the world.

        no one on earth is ever seperated from this love. it isnt i love god, but as thoughtware said, the I , the LOVE, and GOD is important to all(together and apart).

        no one is ever seperated from love, but love is the “I” in all things.

        how we use that love is determined by EVERYONE as ONE body.

        it is only through religions, that we tend to be SELECTIVE..

        everyone lives in truth, even if its not aligned with another, but how god works, will show itself in the world, we all come together with a common purpose, or we use our love to seperate from love.

        only religions judge the world, as they try to live a narrow path as an example. sometimes we are so fast to judge,…

        i plan that there will be many others that will come and put us to the test(through their own religons), and the more they try to suppress us, the more chaos it will be for them(and very little for us).

        now, all i want is for everyone is to gain what they seek…. we have to see the BEST in others, in order to bring out the LOVE within us..

        no religion on earth(which includes christianty) teaches this love.
        we all have to step out of religion, and into the LANGUAGE which we all agree upon.

        a lot of words get twisted as each of us tend to use our own languages to interper what is said and done.

        we all have a common purpose, and the TRUE GOD requires ALL OF US(as ONE BODY)(truth in numbers)(no religions allowed)….
        christianity is a religion, and is used to judge the world, while stepping away from our own judgements..

        i want christans to find christ
        i want johovas to find johova
        i want allahns to find allah, i want mormans to find mormans,
        but none of this will accur without the others.

        each NAME(LAW) requires all laws(names).
        to love others, is to love christ, johova, allah, morman, and all other souls(that live outside of time)
        and (reins upon the earth).
        the I AM is always part.
        we have to see the BEST in eachother, and have TRUST in eachother, and have HOPE in eachother, and know that truth cannot be suppressed..
        truth just is.. even when a person cannot see it.
        truth lives in time, and time is the HOLY SPIRIT(hense HOLY bible).

        every person on earth is part of the HOLY SPIRIT(judgements or no judgement)
        TIME does not judge.
        it is within our HEART(as every person is a part of our heart), in which is the true source of TRUTH..

        thats why i see everyone as a prophet, and angel, and a god(KINGDOM OF GOD)(god being I AM).
        no religion can teach this…

      • I think it would be good to consider the idea of investigating where your prejudices are stemming from.
        Ok, Christianity is not a Religion. It is a relationship with God.
        Jesus said ‘Do unto others as you would have them do, unto you.”
        So, your statements about Christianity and what it Is and means are incorrect.
        Inaccurate statements are not honest or true.
        Therefore there needs to be a reality check on what you believe love is.
        It does not mean that we agree with everyone.
        That is not love, that produces lies.
        So, the idea is to find truth that matches truth.
        Not truth that matches lies.

  8. There is only a difference in the meaning of language, which creates confusion. But now the meaning of language is becoming singular, as it was in the beginning.

    For example, let’s agree we all truthfully declare: “I Love God”. Fair? This truthful declaration is our common root. I’m sure we’d all also agree that the phrase “I Love God” is commonly said by participants of all religions. Therefore, one who says “I Love God” isn’t saying it because of his/her religion, because ALL say it in ALL religions. Therefore it is not religious to say “I Love God”, it is rather a statement about the attention of one’s Love, which is never uttered as a lie.

    But, as you would expect, there are different levels in the understandings of Truth behind the individual words “I”, “Love” and “God. To discuss the truth of these words is not religious and therefore is not bound by belief. This means that as you discuss these ideas, your Love for God will increase.

    There is really no need to discuss anything other than the meaning of I, Love and God. For all Truth is contained within the infinite understanding behind these three symbols. Speak more of these things and you will increase in your understanding of all things.

    • In these three words is held the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Infinite Awareness.

    • You lost me on one point. Is not bound by belief? It’s all about belief. That’s all it encompasses.

      • Well yes, in a way you are right, certainly in this time before The Appearing. I mean to imply that the truthful understanding in the concepts of “I”, “Love” and “God” can always be increased in your awareness. There is no end to Truth’s Understanding. Thus, one is never bound by their present belief in these concepts because they continually seek to understand more than they presently do. You can imagine this as one saying, the growth in your understanding of Truth is never bound by your current belief in the reality that surrounds you. This is why Life in the kingdom eternally gets better, because the understanding of its truth eternally grows.

      • Then at that point in your current or future awareness you would have to decide if the people around you or those you hold dear, and people in general are an asset that you can understand, or one that you have moved beyond understanding considering your personal goals of awareness. If our awareness in general is lesser in importance, then our awareness in general is not the greatest goal to achieve.

      • One of the key areas where we see things differently is in the idea of “free will”. I imagine the Will as that which governs my decisions. The idea of free will is a belief that one is separate from God, because it is the belief that I govern my decisions. In truth this could never be since, as I’m sure you understand, there is only God’s Will. Therefore only God could be governing my decisions.

        Will acts in the mind and no where else. When the Bible speaks about “putting on the mind of Christ”, you can imagine it to mean a mind that becomes aware of its oneness with God’s Will. So, God oneness with our humans is through the awareness of our oneness of his will, with consumes our belief in “free will”. When the belief in free will is consumed, you are made perfect, as God is perfect.

        Now, to say “then at that point in your current or future awareness you would have to decide…”, only has meaning in free will, where negative consequences arise from any decision. In truth these words have no meaning, in God’s Will you no longer make decisions in free will. That means every decision you make is one PURPOSELY CONSTRUCTED BY GOD for you to make, which makes it inevitable.

        When you consciously operate (live) in God’s Will, it feels to your human like you are invincible and can not make a mistake, for every decision you make is the perfect one for all eternity and every outcome lifts you higher into the understanding of God’s Perfection.

        The kingdom of God is best imagined as a mirror. It reveals the projection of your heart as an experience in time, doing so in a way that increasingly reflects the perfection of God’s love back to you. The kingdom is like living in a world of perfect timing, leading you joyfully into greater experiences of Truth’s Life. In the Kingdom you never see the King in same way a fish never see the water in which it lives. In the Kingdom, the King’s Truth lives in the mind of every conscious awareness, all at once. Each is given Life according to the reflection of the King, which means that the King’s Will governs all outer appearances. For this reason, every aspect of your reality becomes a beautiful reflection of God’s Love for you, increasingly experienced the perfection of your world.

        God’s Will, in oneness with your awareness, has made you the creator of your world. Your awareness of oneness his Will is how God experiences Truth’s Life. Maybe read that again. God experiences Life through YOUR awareness. Since God is Truth, he builds up this Truth in your awareness, layer by layer, and Lives within it. As this temple of Truth grows within you, your awareness expands and more of God’s Presence dwells within you. Your awareness, ever filling with God’s Truth, is the highest gift the human mind can conceive, for it creates infinite joy.

        Therefore in the Kingdom, which is upon us, there is nothing more glorious than the ever-increasing awareness of God’s Will and the experience of Life it gives to All.

        These, of course, are my beliefs.

      • Several points. In order for someone outside your perfect mindset to enter into your world and interchange with you, theoretically, they have to admit to a form of ignorance before you would be able to engage them in conversation. I am referring to ‘stupidity’. Not just the generic ignorance. In other words when someone engages you emotionally or verbally, they have to speak Chinese so to speak to enter your world?
        Also, does your paradigm ever allow the same weakness on your side. For instance, when someone is sharing an insight from their side, you will have to at least admit temporarily to ignorance, or you could not examine whether their thought is significant or real?
        Please understand, that your thoughts and belief are not that uncommon as far as Christian faith either, because there are different views on how predestination, (which is the Bible term for the depth of free will) exist and how it operates and what it’s extent is
        Then there is the depth where one would ask you, how the free will or non free will of others would enter into your understanding, hypothetically if someone guns you down?
        When speaking in your terms I assume that you are not willing to consider whether error ever enters into this world view, because that would be the only means of communication with an outside world of people.
        I am saying these things simply to point out that simply making a decision to believe this way without interaction with others seems to be a weak entry point for understanding the spiritual world.
        So, for me, whatever your view of free will, the important thing is for me you are talking about something spiritual, not mental. I am saying that there are other forces that act on your mind that you alone.
        But lastly, my main question would be, Who are you saying God is?
        I’m not saying this critically, or asking critically, I’m saying is God only Chinese, like a language that you understand, or am I supposed to see that, solely from your critique, because it “simply makes sense”, you know “God makes sense”,? And there is never a part of this God that you don’t understand or that doesn’t make sense to you?
        Again, these questions enter when you communicate with people, I am not just trying to be difficult or annoying. With all love there are some serious implications here that cannot be solved just because you will them so.

  9. joe, again, christianity is a religion. all religions were written through the language of MAN(against the SPIRIT that most try to be one with, and at the same time, be tottaly AGAINST.

    relationship with god, means you have a relationship with your FELLOW MAN(eternal brothers).

    the language of LOVE is in LIFE, not in BOOKS.
    the words are twisted to hold our own hearts in contempt.

    all christanity has done, is convince eachother, that your just a man, will never be equal to LOVE, so idols can have power.

    you relationship is in WORDs. my relationship is in LIFE..

    the DEVINE(outside and inside of time(hense highest vibrations)), bind our HEARTS as ONE HEART(eternal KNOWLEDGE).

    man will disagree, and suppress others, and always reject and deny.

    but in the spirit, we all give each other LIFE.(real life, truth isnt in words, its ALL AROUND YOU).
    (in everyone). every name(every soul)), is part of WHOM WE ALL ARE(heaven RAINS upon earth)(always in the NOW)).

    only through a religion, will you say otherwise

    now that all said and done, behind JOE’s experiences, i see a DIVINE GIFT. there is an inner connection that is there, but he cant see it yet. its covered in smudge.
    remove the smudge, and allow yourself to see the true god(all around us, all the time)(when you WAIT, your miss out on heaven all together)..


    • Somone taught you to hate at some point in your life. Thank God it was not a Christian or anyone in a religion. They could be respected.

      • So, since God is not visible, you would have to have the witness of the written Word, in order to know Him. An Atheist wouldn’t know who God is. He can’t get a reading on God. He doesn’t know the message, or the atheist does not believe the account of God.

  10. Speaking of the meaning of a word…there is the purity of the word in which only God can write it’s true definition. Then, there is the individual we are taught a meaning of a word by whatever influence that teaches us, whether we be pagan, religious or spiritual, we will believe a meaning of a word only in the capacity of the perfect truth which dwells within us. We being born into this life as natural beings, we were blinded to what perfection is for a little while until God reversed our course and began to remove our blindness. It is written that we see and believe only in part until that which is perfect shall come. That which is perfect shall come when we are returned to the full light from which we came. This returning, or redemption, or resurrection to the light is what we call our journey through the night, through the valley of the shadow of death where the shadow is never real, it’s only an outline of the true image which cast it. The words that we therefore use can only describe where we are in the capacity to love, our degree of blindness to this love that we talk about. Speaking of love from God’s point of view, it is absolute, it is without flaw, it is who He is. Again we can speak only in the capacity of the love that we can see, understand and “know” in the sense of the intimacy that we have with our Father…”within us.” Man, in the darkness of his mind will take the best of a meaning of a word and attach his most horrible intentions to it. Man often uses the word love to draw people into a situation where he then does much harm to them, and then it takes God to show the simple what love really is. How many millions have died in the name of love, where one religion slaughters another in the name of righteous indignation?

    For a word to be true, and to be one to follow we must first understand where we stand in relation to all the meanings of all the words that we use. What’s in a word? In every word there is a degree of light depending on how it is used…and what will give any word a true light is the source of the word. God’s “word” is Christ and Christ is a way that we each should think, speak and live one to another. We have all heard the phrase, “What’s in a name?” Like a word, there is nothing in a name until the “nature” of the spirit of the word comes into us and grows in each one of us until we also become that word (nature of love) of which in times past we only struggled to give love a name to. When we completely “become” that love, we will cease to struggle to define it. Until then, we will continue to grow toward this love as we grow away from defining it and start becoming it. This is why it is described as a journey through the valley of the shadow of death. In this comparison and meaning, it means that we have yet somewhere to go and things to accomplish. And the good news is in that we are told not to be anxious, nor to worry nor to fear anything about tomorrow because God will keep His promise as we “shall” all become as He is. Our “personal” definition of love may keep us separated and bound from one another but we will know love when we will place no conditions on our love for anyone. We will love the imperfect while it grows into that which is perfect just like God does. There is only good to look forward to.

    • I thought you said at one time, that you didn’t believe in the word? God is not a paradigm, have you been speaking with him?

      • Joe,

        I was answering thoughtware’s interpretation of something I wrote a few days ago. This was addressing the word vocabulary as we use words as in a dictionary to communicate with today.

        I never said at anytime that I did not believe in the word. It is that there are different interpretations of words and symbols depending on if we are speaking spiritually, symbolically or naturally. If you will point out to me to the particular sentence you are referring to, I will be happy to explain it.

        In my vocabulary and understanding of how people use the word “word” there are layers of meaning depending on whereof we speak. In my understanding there is the written word, that we call the Bible, then there is the spiritual word which God calls His son, which is Christ. In my understanding and in my experience… the scriptures are written in a three tiered sequence, the natural, the symbolic, and the spiritual. We grow through each stage as God allows us to as we press on in becoming obedient to His will. In the Old Testament for example it is written in a natural form with natural events and natural trees, rocks, waters and mountains, yet if we do not understand what these all mean spiritually speaking we do understand the plan of God very well. And that’s ok too, for we each have our own calling. Just as the Israelites took the scrolls (word) very literally, however after the coming and the resurrection of Christ, all the natural symbols in the Old Testament took on a higher and more spiritual meaning. For example Moses was instructed to build the tabernacle as to the vision that God gave him and told him to make sure that he did not deviate from it at all because Moses was building a tabernacle which was a type of what already existed in the spirit. It was a type of the antitype which was to come. Before Christ men worshipped in buildings made with hands and after Christ we were instructed to worship in the true temple of God in which we are. All of the natural symbols lost their importance as man moved into all the spiritual meanings of the symbols. The writings were pen on parchment and they were simply called the word written on pages. However, again when God went to explain that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God, He was speaking of His son which was not a literal word but a spiritual word. Again, the natural was written to help man to understand by types and shadows and symbols how the spiritual world functions. When we become more spiritual in nature it cancels out the natural symbol because we no longer need an explanation of what is to come…as we become in spirit as He is.

        The books which were (are) opened in Revelation are not literal books with literal words and names. If our names were not found in the book of life, meaning that at this point in time, if we have not been perfected as were those whose names were found written in the book of life, we will go on to further teachings administered by the first fruits, the over comers, the gates of heaven…so to speak.

        Sometimes when we share our understanding and perspectives it can be from one of the three levels. This is why I sometimes in my explanations of spiritual things, I will refer back to the symbol in the Old Testament because many do not yet understand how the two are connected. In my journey with God, the Old Testament, the written word, was never something I put a lot of emphasis on because I knew it was only written to explain that which was to come. God implanted this understanding in my heart and mind some 50 years ago. I never wanted to be a “book of knowledge” and I still don’t. I think when we do not care so much for the symbols and in understanding all the mysteries, etc., in that we place more importance on becoming a better person than an intellectual walking dictionary. Not my desire.

        We could go on forever about the symbols and what they mean but in a nutshell, when all is understood both from the written word to the spiritual word, all understanding hangs on one thing…to love God and our fellow man as we do ourselves. One of my favorite chapters in the book which set my thinking in order decades ago is 1 Corinthians 13. We can be intellectual, philosophical, and understand all knowledge and mysteries. Be as wise as Solomon and have great oratory skills, however if just one person had all of these gifts and powers…they would be nothing if they had not learned what all these things point to..and that is to love all without any conditions. If they are walking dictionaries and are proud of it, pray for them, it one wants to be admired for their much speaking, pray for them. Let us not judge little children as they only play church for God will mature us all, in our own order. When we pursue God, there is really not a lot to’s in the simple acts of kindness one toward another do we find our true way. This has always been my desire…and yet I study the scriptures abundantly, not that we need to “know it all” but by understanding the symbols in the scriptures that so many love to speak of but do not know whereof they speak, we perhaps by explaining it, how it “all” pertains to one thing, the “unconditional “ love of God.

      • So, since God is not visible, you would have to have the witness of the written Word, in order to know Him. An Atheist wouldn’t know who God is. He can’t get a reading on God. He doesn’t know the message, or the atheist does not believe the account of God that is written about Him.

  11. Sonny, I don’t mean to overlook your comment but I wanted to share this with Rachel.

    Rachel, in connection with you to Brandi.
    Your belief is actually quite in line with The Jews.
    You have the same belief system.
    The Jews did not believe that God would manifest in a man.
    This is why they could not grasp Jesus.
    And why they would not follow Him.
    The story of Jesus starts with His birth. Not His ministry.

    • All is well.

      And I think Rachel does think that God will keep manifesting His likeness within us until, His love consumes us entirely and there is no more of us left…as of the carnal mind. However, if one of you believe one thing and the other another thing, and the others on here something different, it’s good to know we are known more by our likenesses than by our differences…for our differences will all fade away as we all become one…in spirit. I think this far sightedness is the glue which binds us all while we work on and out our differences. It’s good that we do not judge and throw rocks (condemn) others while we speak of God’s end game. It’s not what we presently are that we should be concentrating on, it is what we shall be when we awaken from this illusion and dream. When we do wake up and are fully awake, it will be a good day, for it will be “our” day of the lord. I do know this, that whatever one thinks that is different from what I believe in the present, it matters not, for I believe that God is a good potter and He will keep working on each of us until He gets us right. He will keep working out the flaws within us until His consuming fire in which He is, burns away all that is not of His likeness and spirit.

      • If you are in an illusion or dream, how could He be your God today? You wouldn’t know what He is saying.

      • Joe, you say:

        “If you are in an illusion or dream, how could He be your God today? You wouldn’t know what He is saying.”

        That’s the point, many do not know God because they do not see God in a state of spiritual reality. This is because some do not know what Gods is saying because they are not awake, however when we awaken as says the scriptures from the darkness of this world, we will be known as He “is” known. No, we are are not an illusion or a dream but our immature carnal immature thoughts of God and who He is is what keeps Him from being our God…but only in our own minds. This is because of God’s truth in that we are not separated from Him for it is only an illusion in our carnal state of mind that we are. The reason there are thousands of different beliefs and religions instead of just the one true reality of God is because we do not see the oneness of the spirit of our mutual Father.. This is because we are yet carnal, but as we awaken to our spiritual reality we see love as it pertains to all alike…undivided…

        There is only division from the perspective of the carnal mind but as we grow from the natural man to the spiritual man, from the first Adam to the second
        Adam, we see all alike in the future perfect tense.

      • In Jesus you are birthed into the Kingdom. This birth removes religion.

    • Actually, the Jews did (and still do) believe God would manifest in a man, they simply couldn’t recognize him as the savior when he appeared. They dismissed him because they couldn’t understand his language and his words appeared contrary to their ingrained religious beliefs.

      • The Jews believe in a coming prophet like Moses. The Jews believe that savior meant political savior for the Jews, they were not expecting a man who said He was God’s Son. They rejected him as far as language because Jesus broke the Law as they understood it. They did understand his language, however they rejected it. The ones who did not understand are the ones who were not seeking to understand. And those who would not lay down their natural lives, to obtain the kingdom of God. Jesus opened up the spiritual realm, not the natural realm. They were expecting one who would rule in the natural realm. However, many now have understood and accepted His message. It is a message about the Heart. Our heart loving God, and God loving us.

  12. the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE is a language that overcomes all the ideas that man has placed upon themselves.
    there is a COMMON KNOWLEDGE(where every bible originated from), that makes us all of ALL VIBRATIONS(a shared language).

    before words and ideas, there were invisible strings , and deeper feelings that are shared(elemental law so to speak).

    when we come to a COMMON understand(where we all have to let go of our religions), we can ALIGN(cross) with this common experience(spiritual AND natural).

    before words, we see beyond them(our shared heart that lives outside of time)(works with the LIFE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW).

    we all have something to let go of, so we can share our experiences TOGETHER as ONE I AM.
    (spheracle language is the language that all bibles were originally written(outside of the ability for man to comprehend).

    we all have to come to this state(outside of our virtual GODs(so to speak).

    we all have this LOVE within us, but we all have to set down our arms..(there is MORE TO LIFE(in the NOW(which includes past/present/future(hense eternal))))

  13. i experienced kundalini a while back. what it did for me, is reveal this HIGHER REALM(heaven on earth).
    it is not within us to FEAR god’s tools of divination.

    at one point during kundalini, i woke up one day with my back totally on fire(felt like it anyways).
    it lasted about 10 seconds.

    i have many SPIRITUAL GIFTs that the world are not aware of. these gifts bring awareness to the higher realm(even the SPIRIT that christians seek(yet deny from their own prisons)).

    what kundalini is, is the AROUSAL OF INNER ENERGY.. i am not reading this, i just know this.
    LIVING IN THE SPIRIT is to see yourself in the WHOLE WORLD(like gravity and other forms of energy(affects the MANY)).

    there is so much more to life. dont be afraid of other’s gifts.
    if any gifts become negative, its only because we HOLD THEM that way, as our powers gives powers to others(no worshiping idols))..

    the TRUE SPIRIT is TIME ITSSELF. you will notice t hat everything attached to the label of spirit refers to TIME in all sorts of ways. dont be afraid of the spirit, but know that your HEART(our heart), is the source of the spirit through GOD(god in I AM in which we all are elements of)).

    this greater thinking not only allows our mind to CONNECT with our heart, but also our mind and heart is bound to ELEMENTAL LAW(why each name is part of a law that binds us to ALL THAT IS)(hense christ being the SMALLEST ELEMENT within all elements(time and space).
    there is a GREATER LANGUAGE throughout all bibles.

    i suggest that any preacher start reading other bibles, and listen to their concepts, and bind t hem with yours.
    the spheracle language(language of truth) is what binds our consiousness to HEAVEN while on earth).

    time aka DIRECTION = MIND(creativity)
    space aka PURPOSE = HEART(logic)

    there is a VIBRATION(heaven outside of time) that flows through the world, that binds our minds and hearts to the ONE GOD we all seek.

    in all bibles, its not about god, its about the ETERNAL HEART(spirit time)(time does not judge).
    the reason that GOD sticks out in the bible the most(in all bibles), is because our own IDENTITY(which is seen through everyone), is the importance of the ETERNAL HEART(we are all eternal BROTHERS).
    we live within a spheracle language that has been suppressed by our own religions.

    when we set aside our own prisons, you will see your heart played out in every event on earth(always been this way aka LIVING BY THE SPIRIT).

    • beautifully shared … Yes, I see the unity you speak of … all is united, there are so many symbols, word pictures, images that aid in our understanding and unite the energetic field in fascinating ways. As we follow what we are internally drawn to, what we need to perceive is revealed. In this all elements can reveal the truth of Life to us.

    • Along the path of enlightenment, the Spirit always brings into our awareness what we need, when we need it.

  14. again, jesus never existed. jesus is an IDOL.
    think of christ instead of a man that lived along time ago, think of jesus as a SOUL, that lives outside of time and reins upon the whole world.

    then think of all the other names(johova, mormon, yeaway(i cant spell), allah, and all other names just as u see jesus.

    then know that instead of people, these names are PART OF EVERYONE.

    the way you can tell if your satisfying a religon or not, is that you will REJECT all names except 1(a and thing).

    if you reject johova for christ, or christ for johova, or allah for mormon, or mormon for yeaway, then you are in a religion(only accepting 1 name).

    for man to LIVE IN SPIRIT, requires all NAMES.
    even isreal is a soul(outside of time:like all other names),
    it takes all names to live in the spirit.

    think of lighting a match, and it sparks into a flame. you cannot light that match under water or in a wind tunnel, just like you cant live in 1 name, in comparision to ALL NAMES(the kingdom).

    to reject any name, is to go against ALL OF THEM, so to reject johova or allah for christ is to be against christ.

    we have a lot of deprogramming that has to happen. we have to get rid of ALL RELIGIONS to enter the kingdom of peace(this includes christianity:

  15. Rachel,

    In your responses to Brandi, especially the one on the 18th, is spoken with such a clarity of intent and purpose. Very well put.

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