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The Portal of Divine Desire


The Portal of Divine Desire

Rising out of the Ashes

(Part 9: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


The soul element of divine desire is the gateway in our soul to the open door of Christ’s soul. Our doorway is opened once this desire is shaped into its fullness. In its fullness, it becomes a portal in our soul that the divine consciousness flows into and regenerates every other soul element until we are fully divine. It’s the connection point of our oneness with our eternal Father, for this desire comes into our being from beyond ourselves in the creative space of God. Thus, as our desires are aligned to his, oneness begins to form. Divine desire contains all the unborn divine potentials for a divine human soul. And within God is every unborn potential that expresses absolute truth and divine love.

Though the First Parents were perfect in their soul elements, they lacked this divine desire. The nature of this desire is born out of imperfection. To be intimately connected to God in a oneness with his governing sovereignty and divine love, a sincere desire for both, without any reservation, needed to be created in the human soul. This soul journey into a dream-like state where we experience a likeness of a soul state and corresponding reality absent of his divine love and divine consciousness serves the purpose to create this eternal portal. Love is a choice, thus first comes as a desire. And, the imperfections we experience create the awareness and the longing to be utterly consumed by his sovereignty. God can only exist where he is God, and God is love. Thus, we must desire not only a oneness in divine love, but also a full governance of his divine consciousness.

The Creation of Divine Desire

Our soul journey entails learning from the fabricated self, shedding it, and becoming a divine self. It’s one of increasing awareness, divine desire, letting go (repentance), faith in divine love, and refined patience. The analogies: a birth of a child, a bride and bridegroom, a metamorphosis of a butterfly, and a growing seed all reveal integral aspects of this transformative journey into a new creation.

Divine desire is birthed from the imperfection created by a single rebellious thought. Symbolized by the one erroneous thought of Eve that led to our current reality. This rebellious thought was used to create this necessary soul element. Living out this rebellious thought teaches us all what one little contrary thought can create. It teaches that apart from our Father’s governance in the most infinitesimal way, we create disharmony thus destruction. It teaches the extent that we need God’s governance; to the extent of possessing his divine consciousness. Thus, it teaches us the degree to which we need to let go of our self-made consciousness.

This contrary thought multiplied and spread to create the imperfect finite self, our false-fabricated self. It manifests the state in which all our seven soul elements are driven by our self-determined consciousness, thus it negates the possibility of harmony. All of us together, as reflective of the human soul, are expressions of the many potentials created by a self-directed consciousness. Likewise, we will all be expressions of the much more extensive potentials of the divine consciousness.

By traversing this soul journey, we are able to become a perfection beyond perfection infinite divine soul. By witnessing and suffering the corruption it created, we come to yearn for a divine consciousness. In response to this longing, God creates a oneness with our soul that transforms us into a limitless divine soul in which He can dwell. In a union with him, we become an ever-expanding soul, thus growing into perfection beyond perfection; for in him we are without limit.

Letting Go

Thus, the flipside of divine desire is a deep repentance. This depth of repentance means wanting to let go of everything of our selves and our reality that are contrary to the nature of divine love, thus we turn toward everything that is divine love. But the final letting go or dissolving of this self transpires when we become a new creation of his workmanship.

When we are mindful of the instructions of the Spirit of Truth, our disillusions about any “goodness” we may have begins to fade. Our awareness heightens to what our false fabricated self truly creates. Our awareness continues to increase until we despise even an infinitesimal quark of the self-directed consciousness. In this awareness, our desire for divine love is ignited, which expands into our desire for the divine consciousness. For along the way we learn, we can’t give divine love without the divine consciousness; they operate as one.

Because the Spirit of Truth brought us to this point of awareness, we also perceive our potential for a divine soul state of ever-expanding beauty. It’s a soul condition of while reflecting our individuality to the utmost; we are also reflecting God’s. To be our own god is the ultimate prison because of our limited finite mind. For God to be our God is the ultimate freedom because of our access to his limitless pool of divine potentials that can flow through us.

As divine desire comes into its fullness, we experience an all-consuming soul demolition of our fabricated self until there is a complete release of all aspiration of our expedient driving will or power. We become as ash. In this state, we feel weak and powerless in our self, for we’ve given up our ambitions to create anything from our self-determined consciousness.

In this growing contrast between the two soul states, divine desire is manifested and intensified. It’s a long and winding journey for our soul as we learn what is of this love and what isn’t. We see by contrasts. If we don’t fully perceive our depravity to our point of origin, we don’t fully desire with all our being the divinity of God. We can’t possess a full awareness of one, without the other.

Through it all, God is using everything for our highest good. In mercy, he creates the perfect balance to sustain us in this finite soul state, and yet allows this temporal reality to have its intended effect upon our soul; to create divine desire.

Through this transition state, our new soul reflection, which has been formed by the truths of divine love, struggles to come alive; pushing through the dirt of our false self. As our new soul comes forth, we feel the intensity like a plant breaking out of the soil, or a child coming out of the womb, or a butterfly out of a cocoon. But, the struggle is part of shedding the old so that the new may come forth. And through it all as we listen, we “hear” the deep meaning of the encouraging and enlightening messages of Christ: “Repent the kingdom is at hand”, “you must be born again”, “enter by the narrow gate”.

When we come to a place of utterly fully and completely wanting nothing of our fabricated self then we’ve let go of the false self. And this awareness creates the desire to be utterly, fully and completely consumed with the divine consciousness. In this cognizance, we desire for every soul element to be divine, thus our desire becomes divine. This depth of awareness prepares us to establish a oneness with God in love. Thus, the purpose of the experience of our fabricated self is fulfilled and it’s no longer needed. Though we desire nothing of it, we are immensely grateful for the lessons it taught us that we couldn’t have learned any other way. It enabled a true oneness with our divine Father; that otherwise couldn’t have happened. Yet, now it becomes dust in the wind and a new soul reflection, pure and divine, rises out of the ashes.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “The Portal of Divine Desire

  1. Brilliantly prophecy sister.

    I will like to share by thought on some thing I experience.
    The spirit in me is always warring against the natural man, and it is mainly on top. But since 3 weeks almost every day… when I want to focus completely on the love of God, His goodness and mercy, and rebuke of those that do evil, for our LORD judgments are righteous. A disconcerting sadness enters my heart… I feel as if it is because of sins I know men do and try to do to my sister, and what sinful women would try to do… how they mistreat them and the wickedness I know exist this day, and even the unwanted thoughts that occur in my heart. And I may get angry and then that focus for God, begins to wane in me… and a feeling of concern, with meekness may come in… and I feel as if I am to be meek, when that feeling comes.

    “As divine desire comes into its fullness, we experience an all-consuming soul demolition of our fabricated self until there is a complete release of all aspiration of our expedient driving will or power. We become as ash. In this state, we feel weak and powerless in our self, for we’ve given up our ambitions to create anything from our self-determined consciousness.”-

    This quote resonates closely to that feeling. I will also share, that I get this echoed like feeling, of a voice saying “Trust in God”

    If you chose and feel it appropriate , I would like to hear your wisdom on this.

    • Hi,

      I’ll share a bit of what I’ve learned along the way… not sure if it will address what you are looking for, our greatest teacher is always the Spirit of Truth that is with each one of us.

      The closer that we draw near to the truth and love of God the more that we see our own brokeness and inability to walk as we desire in his pure divine love; we can’t without the divine consciousness. Those not very close don’t see this depth of their own depravity and can exude a self-righteousness (they are right and the other is wrong), thus a judging and condemning of others. We all need mercy and grace. As we learn and grow in awareness, we learn we never know as we ought to know and we need to extend this same mercy to others. It’s in this awareness that we understand our deep need to be a new creation, one not our self-directed consciousness (no matter how well intended), but of God’s divine consciousness, thus to be one with him, which is to be of his kingdom and not our own, where our will reigns. His kingdom comes within.

      We are all reflections of a human soul not yet fully connected to God. Like a growing embryo in a womb. There is a multitude of variations in those reflections. As we mature, we address all our situations in this humility. We try to help each other along on this journey through the shadow of death, (for death isn’t truly real, for only life is, but we experience this dream-state to learn many lessons we couldn’t otherwise). If we focus on the darkness whether in ourselves or others then that is all we see. It can be a huge burden. So in faith we keep focused on the promise of life, knowing this is only a temporary trek through the dark. So we press on seeking what we are intended to learn here and grow according to what we learn.

      I too hear very clearly and intently these days, TRUST in God. Our Father loves us and when we are able to trust in that love then it brings a peace to our hearts. We have no idea of how things are to play out, but we can trust in His love that is faithful and never fails.

      I hope this helps.

      • For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

        But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.

        You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness.

        Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.

        For some are already turned aside to satan.

  2. the wisdom the LORD, has given to you*

  3. This is not t all what Jesus and the apostles preached.

    This is something else. A teaching of strange religions that are not at all biblical.

    They have been around for a long time.

    It is some kind of hindu or buddist philosophy.

    Not at all what the word of God teaches.

  4. These portals into encounters with spirit persons, are something condemned in the bible.
    These are masquerading demons, who want to possess you.

    Take a look at some of the things they do…

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