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Sanctuary of the Divine


“I” was totally emptied of all “I” thought “I” was, becoming purity of emptiness, that “I” may BE eternally overflowing with the ever-expanding Fullness of Divine Love’s Presence. “I Am” a god-gate. I Am the Sanctuary of the Divine Flow of Truth’s Life into time.

We are ascending into the eternally expanding Dimension of Oneness. The Presence of Divine Love is filling her living temple, the Sacred Soul created, prepared, and matured to eternally BE Divine Love’s fountain of Living Waters.

The Sacred Heart, Divine Love’s feeling world, has been hidden behind the soul’s shell, and is now coming forth. From within the heart of Creation, the Presence of Divine Love is rising, bringing with it ascension power, by which all of Creation evolves into a New Heaven and Earth. This transformation will be far more beautiful and “exacting” than we can currently envision in our mind’s eye. Creation’s dawning into Spherical Time reveals the combined awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light who are now united as one awareness in time. This depth of integration has never happened before. It is a new framework within the Divine Mind, the united Mind of the Gods. The Divine Mind is continually evolving and expanding through the interaction with its creation. The creation is a reflection of the Divine Mind’s present awareness, as it exists within the Oneness of individualized awareness. The Oneness created in the awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light is manifesting an even higher Divine Mind than what previously existed.

As a result, Creation is ascending into a divine octave of Light. Creation is being harmonized into One by the revealing of one central point within all, the Great Central Sun, the Divine Director of time. The Divine Director of time is manifested by the Living Gates, whose combined awareness makes up the star gate to the pure white space of the Eternal Light. Truth’s Timeless Light is perfectly filtered through these Gates and shines into creation, giving creation the experience of Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection. Through the awareness of the Living Gates, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will enters time, by which time is perfectly governed for the highest good of ALL. With the establishment of the Great Central Sun, creation births a new Universe, the Divine Universe, revealing Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection.

The time is upon us when the “I” witnesses within, the Light of the Great Central Sun, filling its inner world. The time is upon us when the “I” witnesses without, the Divine Harmony of Divine Love’s Perfection.

As we keep our attention upon the awareness of Divine Love’s Presence expanding within us, Divine Love’s energetic atmosphere stabilizes and begins its eternal expansion through us. This focused attention is our ascension power. We are consciously and constantly engaging the frequency of Truth’s Life, and in this repetition it expands its sovereign Light within us. Once we see the expansion of Divine Love, revealed through the awareness of our increasing desire to love perfectly, then its life-giving energy never leaves our soul. It eternally expands, according to the attention we give it. And, because this Light is the essence and fulfillment of every true and constructive desire, we are drawn more and more into its Light. In this continual focus of our attention and intention on the Light, we experience increasing peace, clarity, wisdom, abundance and loving-kindness in All. Through this increase, Truth’s Light consumes our conscious and sub-conscious awareness, governing all in all through the Spherical Time we create. As a result, our mind and feeling world are transfiguring into an Enlightened Body.

When you joyously Give All “I Am” to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you have remembered your source, by which you are able to Give and Receive an Abundantly Joyful Life. You become the Perfect Gift for All, a Living Gate to the Oneness of Life. Your “I” is revealed to be the “I” of Oneness. Your “I” is a Life-Giving Spirit, bringing forth the exacting Perfection of Divine Love’s Harmonious Beauty. You become a god-gate. Now, as a creator-god, you are limitless in the fulfillment of The Highest Good, which is to BE the Sovereign Presence of the Oneness in Divine Love and Truth’s Will, and EXPERIENCE it in time. You are One with Spherical Time thus One with Life’s eternal expansion.

The Living Gates bring forth the Divine Universe, which is the Regeneration of Creation in which all things are made new. As the Living Gates open in synchronicity in space and time, they bring Victory into reality, beginning Spherical Time, which is the birth of the Divine Universe. As the awareness of Divine Love expands in the awareness of the Living Gates, Truth’s Victory, whose origin is found outside of time, is brought into time. The Divine Universe arises and the soul begins to reflect its eternal innocence, purity and perfection, a reflection of its true essence, Divine Love’s Truth. In this, Creation is nurtured in the comfort of Divine Love’s Presence and clothed in the radiance of Divine Love’s Life.

The Living Gates, who are a living Sanctuary to the Divine, allow for the continual and eternal expansion of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the Sacred Soulmate of God’s Heart.

The Sanctuary of the Divine within is the ever-expanding Garden of Eden without.

It’s time to deeply engage your Divine Source, Divine Love Meditation.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Sanctuary of the Divine

  1. Because i know my heart, i know i have say in every EVENT ON EARTH(word of god)(god being ALL OF MANKIND AS ONE TIMELY(spiritual) BODY. when we see the LIGHT that Every person IS, we see Extensions of Ourselves(through the whole world)(hense I AM the world). We all begin to have trust in eachother as that is how we have trust in heaven(all souls).(to trust god is to trust eachother)

    when you SHIFT your consiousness into this other world, then you have reached heaven(which EVERYONE WILL FOLLOW because we are one).

    Time is what we all seek(the holy spirit)(we sense TIME through the COOINCIDENCES of the world(but limit its power through our limited(old thinking) understandings.

    for those who idolize christ, you end up rejecting christ(because you do not give to christ but an idol).

    to give to christ in its natural form, you have to be willing to give up christ(idol for heart)..

    by letting go of christ, you allow christ to flow in its natural form.
    NOW, without johova, and mormon, and allah, and yaeway and all other names, christ becomes nothing(forgotten).

    all LAWs are to be followed to get the BEST from each name(a soul in heaven in which is the source of Every experience we have on earth.

    what we create in heaven will show on earth. so i ask you, when you look at your experience(consisting of every person on earth), what do you see?? do you see light, or do you see exploitation.

    what you see will determine what you are giving.
    and andrew, the LOVE you see in me, is your own love, as by seeing love and light within me, i accept that GIFT as you are a strenght of TIME…

    thanks for giving me love which i will share with the world.

    • Similarly, I say the same thing about “Jesus” as it is just an outward name to most people that anyone can place any meaning on. Saying the name of Jesus in rote or praying in the “name” of Jesus will never get you far as in the case of the five foolish, but praying in the “nature” of the Christ will bring us to His side, in His presence. I understand completely what you are saying for there is nothing in a “name” unless it has the spirit of the “nature” married within it. I think we may have taken some “classes” together. 🙂

  2. You say

    “The Living Gates, who are a living Sanctuary to the Divine, allow for the continual and eternal expansion of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the Sacred Soulmate of God’s Heart.
    The Sanctuary of the Divine within is the ever-expanding Garden of Eden without.”

    I see this great transitioning getting ready to explode through these flood gates of heaven, where all of mankind will pour through thus all becoming one…in spirit. No longer divided by the veil of this world from the kingdom to come.

    We are now entering into the beginning of this wonderful age of which you speak where these “living gates” are being enumerated in vast numbers as they will have already passed through the one gate of the Divine to complete all in our Father’s likeness, which is Christ.

    We will all have come full circle from the spirit to the natural back into our Father’s full reality of His spirit once all of these first fruits of the spirit, that have become these gates, will give direction to all of the remaining people’s of the earth. And yes, when all of this Divine expansion has been fulfilled in every being within, then all that is within will flow to all that is without making all one.

    It’s just going to be so much more than we can ever find words to describe, however this is because just like the word “love” it is one thing to speak the word and it is quiet another to “be the love.” I think our Father is holding the best in reserve until we can all enjoy it together. I think this is the new wine of which Christ spoke of not drinking with us until in the kingdom. These are good thoughts.

  3. note also, that the love you see, is shared with all life(plants, animals, Elements)
    in the past, animals were senses of the humans as humans had senses for the animals(worked as ONE)..

    • As you say “all” things will be one in unity for all disunity in whatever capacity will be a thing of the past, for all the realm of “death” cannot exist in God’s sphere of oneness. There is nothing to fear nor to worry about, for when all awake from this illusion of being separate, all will then realize it was a waste of time to judge another unrighteously or to be resentful or to be jealous about a supposed “position.” The only position that matters is one of love, seeing you as me. The spirit is one, although there are different gifts within this oneness. We will all be content among all when we see that we have all been rightly placed in order that the kingdom may function as planned.

    • Animals, plants and elements carry a spirit of Life that is sacred, and is to be honored and cherished. When we see their spirit as a part of our own even our reflection, for there is only one Spirit of Life, we treat and interact with them according to the Divine Love of Oneness, which serves the Highest Good for ALL.

  4. one more thing about SOUL.

    Knowing ALL souls are part of WHOM WE ARE, we are constantly giving to ALL SOULS. but not as you think.
    when you raise your vibration as an example, you are giving LESS to one soul, and MORE to another.
    ALL souls are part of whom we ALL ARE(baths the world), but when we RAISE our vibrations, we give strenght to VIBRATIONS that is in LIFE OF EVERYONE, while giving less to the lower vibrations.

    so example, in religions, you give to christ, or satan, but in reality, you are giving to BOTH(one more than the other).

    so to remove satan/lucifer/devil as example, you give LOVE to that satan/lucifer/devil.
    that will take the FLESH, and give it life(altering the vibrations that come through the ELEMENTS(life in all).

    living by the SPIRIT, rather than the flesh…(even as you are BOTH)(all things that come through the FLESH, come from the SPIRIT FIRST..

    so to see what spirit you are giving to, look at the world(how divine connects u to ALL OF TIME), and you can see your heart(which represents your spirit u are giving to(spirit being TIME and SOUL).

    there is NO judgements within any vibrations(unless we choose to judge ourselves(which will show through the world which again, will represent the SOUL(vibrations) we give to).

    to give to ALL NAMES(vibrations within us), is to live FULL LIFE(in everyone: annointed)…

    • This is the power of a Living Gate, creator of perfect time. What we desire to see in ourselves, let us first see it in others and we will create a world of peace, full of joy. As we transition, let us keep from speaking, or heaven forbid, writing anything we do not wish to create in our worlds. As we do this, we starve the darkness and strengthen the Light. Our transition ends when the Light no longer needs to be strengthened because it will have consumed the darkness of free will, freeing ALL by the power of God’s Will flowing through them as their own experience of Love.

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