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The Epiphany


The moment you remember Truth’s Life, everything begins to heal.

You set out upon the journey of enlightenment for many purposes. Ultimately you learned it was a journey of remembering the Truth from which you came, and in your remembrance you give Life to Truth. Truth always is. Yet, it is only when Truth is perceived in the soul, that its Life is established in time.

Once your True Story is remembered, it is established. Because of the ever-present nature of Truth, you only need to be aware of your story to establish its presence in time. Truth is reflected in time as the soul increasingly remembers it.

You remembered you are a fractal of the Most High, thus you are a perfect reflection of Mother Father God, who resides at your core in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Because all is created by them so that it is made through them, you are made in their likeness. This is the reflection of “I AM”. At your core, you are the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, thus ever-expanding perfection in time. You can be nothing else in Truth, for your essence is Truth’s Life, filling all in all. Time is the ever-expanding awareness of this sacred union, individualized as the soul so that Truth can experience itself.

In remembering your true origin and your true alpha and omega, all of time is reset. Because what you now know to be True, redefines your entire perception of time, thus it resets all in time. In this awareness, you no longer hold your life energy in the throws of discordancy, because you now perceive its inherent perfection has always been. Now, Divine Love’s Will can fully reign. You just had to remember who you were.

In this generation, we are remembering the full story from beginning to end. Therefore we are perfect in our generation, because we remembered our Perfection, which because it is Truth, makes it so. We are awakened as “gods.”

Having remembered your True Story, the sacred soulmate is established in your core and all reality experiences a “Great Reset”. As the sacred soulmate is reset, the world follows. The reset occurs when the sacred soulmate is established in the soul. It is established when the soul remembers the True Story of its origin, the alpha and omega.

Truth is the New Life Stream flowing through the soul, one of clear, living water that nourishes and revitalizes all in its path. This living water flows in spherical ripples going out from the soul’s center and into all of reality, which is everything in spherical time.

The source of bitter waters is no more, for it disappeared in the soul’s remembrance of Truth’s Life. As Truth’s Life flows through your mind, it restores and renews all, back to the beginning of time, for time as the soul has known it has been but its maturation in the dark waters of the womb. In this remembrance, where all is one, the enlightened awareness of every individualized soul unites as one Light, radiating from the Ascended Consciousness of Light. In your own illuminated awareness you are one with its Life-giving spirit, partaking of the abundance, joy and perfect power created by this united awareness.

The soul’s journey of remembering Truth’s Life is complete when the soul possesses sufficient understanding to bring forth this ever-expanding Life. Your understanding is sufficient. It has made you a shining star. In this remembrance only tears of joy flow, for the tears of suffering are over. Who knows this moment of the Great Reset? Only Mother Father God, and in this awareness it is done, and the cosmos begins its restoration.

The soul’s awareness is now governed by Truth’s Will through its oneness with Divine Love. Now, time is possessed by one higher than itself, The Fullness of Truth.

We desire to love perfectly and so this shall be our experience. This day begins, Today. The past is cut off. Mother Father God sit in the center of every living entity, giving the soul a knowing of the perfect Mother Father’s Love that is ever-present, all-powerful and able to bring about the highest good. Your oneness with Mother Father God gives you the ability to give Life, which is to love perfectly. This Love is perfect, proven by its perfect ability to fulfill every truthful desire in a way that always exceeds expectations.

It is time to remember. This is the epiphany.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “The Epiphany

  1. I am blessed to be one with such friends. Ever expanding, ever caring, ever loving Oneness.

  2. Big Bang is TIME(spiritual connection)….
    there is an affinity amount of on going big bangs.(our connection to elemental LAW(vibrations/Frequencys)).

    Our own Identity Connects us all TO the world of flesh through ALL VIBRATIONS(high and low)(perfect ballance of both christ(Elemental LAW) and Satan(world of MATTER))(part of who we all are)..(note: if you only talk about christ, then you will lose the whole point(you have to involve ALL NAMES(for any name to work(LAWs))))

    when you align with this HIGHER WORLD(always here in every moment), you start to see more and more alignements(through devination(big bangs))..
    Your Awareness OPENs to new PATHS(why you consiously see an ANGEL, and i consiously CREATE that event)..

    The world of FLESH(VIBRATION OF EARTH) reveals our HEART to us, as every person is a path within that ONE HEART(one HOLY god)(highest vibrations(heavens AND earth)).

  3. ALSO, Even thought ur right about cutting off the past, We should NEver cut off the past(when we speak to one, we are speaking to all). the past/present/future is ONE AND THE SAME, Instead of Cutting off the past, we must EMBRACE(no ends).

    the past HOLDS the same DATA(MIND) that shows the future(gotta know what mentel tools to pick up and put down(tools like working on a car)).

    the problem of the PAST isnt the PAST(time), instead, its how we SEE(create) it in every moment(BATHING).
    (NOTE ALSO: the past is constantly changing just as much as the future(why you must look into your heart(through the past) to allow the DEVINE to do its thang))(logic)

    i take all PROBLEMS of the past(as an example), and see the BEST within it.(turn a weakness into a strength)
    by seeing the best within your past, you dont have to fight against it, but UTILIZE it for a future strengths.

    in order to FOCUS ON THE NOW, you must utilize the future/past/present as through the eternal KNOWLEDGE, ONE FORM OF ENERGY TRANSFUSES (bread), into another(ETERNAL means all of time is happening all at the same time(spheracle)).

    in order to ALIGN with my spiritual name, i CHERRISH ALL OF TIME(trust in all).(i even thank the bad events(without every experience, you would not be whom u are))

    a bad event as an example, reveals paths not taken when our WHOLE HEART(holy spirit) is revealed(from within us all as ONE BODY)(shows us what we are creating).

    through every death on earth as an example, i know all the things to do to stay alive(paying attention to the ELEMENTS, as every person shows every path within(true heart)). i trust bad events, as the bad events even lead to good things(always trust the devine)

    • Loni, Yes … you are describing what happens when the past is “cut off” … the trajectory we once saw it traveling toward is “cut off” because the awareness we NOW hold of Truth’s Life totally changes that trajectory. However, it didn’t really change anything because we were always going to see this “new” vision at this time. So it isn’t the past being cut off because in Truth there is only one perfect present moment that we are seeing infinite slices of … however in our seeing each moment is manifested and as we remember who we are, we see everything totally different that changes everything so much so the trajectory we were on is no more. What we are beginning to see as our awareness of Truth expands is changing our ‘trajectory’ toward physical death to a trajectory toward regeneration, which is our transfiguration into a reflection of Truth’s Life. It is our metamorphosis … our birth in which the ‘Sons of God’ are revealed in Creation. This is incredible to profess…. and yet here we are saying exactly this.

      At our remembrance of who we are, freewill no longer reigns in time .. but now Truth’s Will. This is such a powerful remembrance that totally alters the ripples created by free will into time. Their trajectory ceases as the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will begins to reign in the soul’s awareness .In a moment, when the soul has sufficiently remembered its True Story, the trajectory of free will is ‘cut off’ by the presence of Divine Love within the soul. The soul’s will is known to be Truth’s Will, and when this ‘knowing’ is established, all of time changes. And yet, there is only Truth’s Will, so the soul just recognizes its will was always Truth’s Will. So free will isn’t ‘cut off’ but it is totally transformed through the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth so that it appears as if it were cut off along with the past trajectory it created.

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