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A Divine Human Soul: Part 2


A Divine Human Soul

Coming to know the Man of Divinity (Part 2)

(Part 6: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)



There is one who in his soul holds the most precious gift. Through his soul our divine Father extends his hand across the infinite chasm to pull us out of the pit of the self-determined consciousness and into his divine consciousness.

Though the word love has lost its substance, when we regain its truth by engaging the teachings of the Spirit of truth, we learn there is nothing greater or more powerful. For it is love, a divine love, which is the highest form of love, that connects us to the soul of our Father, for he is love. As I’ve learned about this divine love, it is through this love that my soul encounters this pure soul, who some know as Jesus Christ, who is the outreached hand of our Father. We each possess our own unique perspective on the relationships we hold. Here is a glimpse of my ever-expanding awareness of the beloved soul of Jesus Christ.

Soul is the cumulative unseen truths within an individual that interact in a particular way. Spirit is the energetic atmosphere those truths manifest. Our Father’s truths manifest love. And for this creation, Jesus’s soul is an extension of our Father’s soul characteristics, and thus emanates a likeness of his spirit.

While we are born out of the generational spirit of separation, which flows from the First Parents, Jesus’ soul purposefully entered this realm of the human soul through an inlet of purity. He possessed a purity of soul and spirit that manifested his intimate relationship to the Father. This connection was symbolized in his baptism in the Jordan, where metaphorically the two dimensions meet, and more fully manifested at his resurrection, which reveals his immortality. With this connection, he is a trans-spherical soul connecting this dimension and our Father’s. Being born a part of the human soul he is connected to all of us, and being a pure soul, he is connected to the Father. He is a divine human soul who resides as a doorway into the realm of the Father.

Link of Love

Our Father’s love has always been there for us, but for this part of our soul development, in which we learn by and from the darkness, his love exists outside of us like a spirit that hovers around us. But this separated state is ending. Jesus’ purpose is to bring about that end, thus a new beginning of living and growing by the light. Through him our Father introduced a new potential into the human soul; the potential for the divine love and consciousness of our Father to be within us and no longer outside of us. Thus we could be one with the Father, our Creator, and our Source.

Being linked together into one collective soul, we all affect one another to varying degrees based on our soul condition. We also possess the ability to create deeper soul connections between each other in a multitude of ways and depths. Our ability to deeply intermingle as souls is based upon our similitude. When our souls intermingle we share parts of our soul with another. I’ve learned this most beautifully through the soul-mate soul.

Jesus’ soul condition is that of divine love. When our soul element of desire is transformed into divine desire, then we possess a similitude with his soul that enables our souls to intermingle, thus for divine love to be received and given. Desire expresses what our soul wants to create; reactively or intentionally. Intentionally being the stronger of the two. Divine desire is a desire for only what is divine, thus of God’s desires for us as his creation. The formation of this divine desire is crafted along the narrow path that leads to the narrow gate; Jesus’ soul.

Stepping into the Home of His Soul

At the end of a very long and winding road, I came to the home of Jesus’ soul. At first my soul eyes seemed to be unable to open wide and he told me they simply had to adjust to the light. He told me to be patient like waiting for the dawning of a new day, and to settle in the moment and let every concern fall from my soul like leaves falling from a maple tree.

His inner beauty overwhelmed me as its familiarity from my visions transitioned into an experiential reality. A complexity filled the chambers of his soul from the numerous truths he had accumulated. Yet the complexity manifested a simplicity of atmosphere, which as it engulfed me I knew was the lucid substance of divine love. His soul enfolded me more gently than the soothing touch of a mother’s hand. Yet its inherit authority trumped all other power. Though his space seemed to consume mine, it heightened my own individuality.

The treasures that my soul eyes beheld are beyond what my stick-figure words can express. His likeness of the divine love I had come to know filled the air. With every breath, the vapor of this love filled my own soul until my breath seemed to become one with his. A love without limit or condition occupied every crevice of his soul so that nothing was untouched by it. His divine intelligence and wisdom possessed a methodical movement of expansion like the incoming tide upon the shore. Everything about him was magnificent, approachable, comfortable, and free. His stilling peace quieted the waters of my soul soothing every weary wave. His soul felt infinitely expansive and yet intimately engaging. My individual expanse was far smaller than his, like a younger sister in the presence of a much older brother. Though I was much smaller than he, his honor lifted me. No darkness of thought existed but only a pure light that gently consumed my own little light.

My soul swelled with the divine light, and every part of my being lifted to a higher frequency. In this higher atmosphere our souls found a unity that gave me entrance into the realm of our Father. In this space, I stood on the doorstep of my Father’s house. All separation had come to an end.

Divine Desire

Being of divine love, Jesus’ soul is open wide in love to each one of us, for divine love excludes no one for any reason. But being love, we must desire it for love is always a choice. And being divine love, we must desire divine love, God’s love, with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Divine desire creates an open door in our soul in which the divine consciousness of our Father flows in. Jesus Christ’s soul resides as the door into the realm of the Father. When both doors are open, oneness is imminent. Through him we return home, and home returns to us.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

21 thoughts on “A Divine Human Soul: Part 2

    • Same old manipulative tactic again… Nothing new under the sun. First do evil things and when it gets hot start trying to be nice again, but this nice will always be gibness because in truth, your mind is evil.

  1. Tears! Tears of joy that you can express in words what I have not been able to. Alone in the human sense but not alone at all. Nothing can touch it. I will never waiver from this course. One does only seek the divine when divine but also knowing that is a snare when one needs to love the enemy. The gem and growing is always there while we’re here. It’s hard but easier once you guard yourself from ones weakness. In ones case the only weakness is having to grow a bigger spiritual tank that can drain slowly during the day as you expend the food you have been given. The tank gets bigger. The cliffs get bigger. It’s all relative but ones spirit shines brighter and brighter. Thank you for these words that flow from him. Thank you sister. You nailed it again~

    Love, Travis


    • I’m so glad you felt what you did in these words .. it brings me joy.

      • Nice. There is nothing in the book about happiness but joy. Yes!
        Amazing It’s along suffering with joy. Ones around me don’t understand that. But it is. I do video journaling for myself and my last journal was how moved I am that there after many posts, to truly feel we are in the same pin hole of light. Have fun. Bring joy.
        Nothing can shake you from reflecting the light of our lord. We are challenged but you reach appoint where we’ll. I don’t know. Lol. What next? See ya at the next vector victor. 😉

  2. incredible revelation indeed amen and amen

  3. Rachel,
    forgive me for asking but I would like to ask why, you believe the Father would
    want you to relate to Him in a mystical way, and do you want people to relate
    to you in this way? By experiencing God in this way do you feel it makes relating to God and others more practical, and understandable?
    For instance, when speaking of love, is transcendence the goal? Is God seeing man, ‘as he is’ or you, ‘as you are’ (since He created you), or is he wanting transcendence?
    I’m just wondering how you, personally relate to these issues? Personally, I see love in a much more simplistic fashion. I see it, as something a few inches away.
    I do not necessarily relate, to love, as being achieved in a mystical experience, although it can include that.
    How would you, like people to relate to you, concerning your experience, as far as understanding you better?

    • There is nothing more real than the soul and the spirit it manifests. Initially because this world is externally focused, for the most part, we are unfamiliar with this aspect of life and creation. So it can feel unreal and unsubstantial. But as we become more aware of truth, then our understanding grows and we begin to understand what is truly real.

      • I have had many visions from the Lord
        Jesus. I do not consider them as being
        ‘soul manifesting spirit’.
        From my path, visions can come from
        two sources. The Lord Jesus, or the enemy.
        From my path, we as humans do not have
        the capacity to project or create this experience.
        Truth can be in the eye of the beholder-
        just like beauty, can be in the eye of the beholder.
        To know truth, match it with God’s Word.
        Sometimes it’s good, to check it with another
        I am reminded of how Jesus was tempted
        in the desert, after a 40 day fast.
        The enemy presented him with statements
        of light, stated out of perspective.
        This window, can lead to two realities,
        one from light one from darkness.
        The term darkness does not refer to without
        light, or to a realm of no vision.
        It refers to deception, or false reality.
        The reality of the enemy is always to imitate
        the reality of Jesus as closely as possible.

  4. The dividing line is so Divine and thin. So true Dark and Light. Reforging the Dark without fear can be done with the full body armor of Our Father. There are still snares. No fear. When in doubt pause. Its all done. All in ones own time. Anonymous, I know I may be off subject with this thread but I just let it flow. I just want to say that you are one of the few here that made my head tilt with the thought (wow, something very cool here. Love the addition of your words. Nobody is off limits, we are all getting worked in a perfect moment.
    To me it feels like a good constructive or destructive conversation that matters, which again may be complex to some but simple as the Word and Jesus.
    I find that there are so many different levels of communicating a perspective that its only when others take the time to know what is being conveyed from a brother or sister who is love from Jesus does it become even more… more on more. Welp I just realized I kept typing and really this is going no where LOL
    but just wanted to say. thanks for your thoughts. They spark the spark. Spherical thought that Jesus travels is Crazy Fun.


  5. One other note. I find that people relate to where or what they are by the ones reflected around them, Example. When the impossible happens, but only impossible to others around me I would say I dont believe it! The only reason i would say that, that I can was awareso far was that. I do believe it, but the ones around me at that particular point in time would not believe it. (man in the mirror, Just another part of me. MJ songs) So now in my mind and heart I go around saying … Wow I believe it. Dark or Light! Its all for reaSon. Peace

  6. Nice. Knowledge is ok. Wisdom is awesome. As I see Ones with wisdom truly dont show there wisdom for there own benefit. Like Look what I can do. Look what I know. You just Love. Peace

  7. Being a fool or calling one a fool is or for me I just stay away from the word fool. Nothing is impossible with Our Father who is sown to me thru Jesus Christ~

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