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The Victory of the Living Word


Victory has entered your gates!

The Language of Oneness, living and expanding in the mind of humankind, transforms it from beastly to divine. In this, a new Universe is born.

The Language of Oneness frees the mind from its judgments. The mind’s judgments, echoing throughout the cosmos, trap it in a universe of duality, thus illusion. In a thought-system of duality, the mind is making a steady stream of judgments, whereby it gives its life energy to an illusion it perceives as real, and in so doing drains its life’s energy with no means of replacing it. In this receding state, the soul’s darkness, hardship and suffering covers all of creation. Enveloped by its own mis-creations, the soul is an unknown god.

In the darkness created by duality, the soul depended upon its ability to “properly judge” its reality in order to avoid undesirable outcomes. But, no matter how matured its discernment became, it could never escape undesirable outcomes, which drained its Life energy. What it didn’t desire existed in its field of perception. The continual barrage of judgments fed fear, keeping the feeling alive that you were separate from Truth’s Perfection, thus Divine Love’s Presence. However, you sought for this Love despite its apparent absence from your reality, and you have found its Presence was with you all along, for you are One.

Absolute Truth is the foundation to the Language of Oneness. Absolute Truth is expressed into time through the Presence of Divine Love and Truth’s Will’s Oneness in time. As the soul remembers its Divine Source in time is this Oneness, its ability to speak in the Language of Oneness grows, until that is all it speaks, consuming the judging activity of the mind. This Language of Oneness creates a fluid integration between divine revelation (progressive memory) and the soul’s language, by which the soul experiences its ever-increasing Perfection. As the soul’s understanding of Truth expands, so does its depth of expression in the ever-expanding Language of Oneness, The Spherical Language.

As the soul’s awareness expands in the understanding of Absolute Oneness with Divine Love, the judging activity of the mind dissipates. Without duality there is no judgment, therefore there is no fear. In this, the soul’s heart is set free to continually precipitate Divine Love’s Perfection into time. Along your spiritual journey, the Language of Oneness that you heard from the Voice of Truth became your language. You spoke in it as often as you could, until it fully consumed the mind’s judging activity that gave creation to its beastly nature and appearance.

Your heart center precipitates Divine Love through the Language of Oneness flowing through you. Divine Love’s Eternal Presence has consumed the source of fear, which shaped the idea of Her absence. Without fear, judgments and their ill effects begin to cease. The Spherical Language flowing from your heart center, manifesting the Sphere of Living Light into creation, begins to create a new Universe of Divine Love’s Reign, the Violet Flame that consumes all in its Royal Radiance.

The Language of Oneness establishes the Violet Flame in the deepest part of the soul, revealing divine justice within, and therefore bringing it to all, that every living creation may live in Divine Love’s Eternal Light.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

20 thoughts on “The Victory of the Living Word

  1. Perfect in Oneness
    Prayer is Spirit’s most powerful weapon.
    Pray for Peace
    Pray for Love
    Pray for Unity

    Perfect in Oneness

  2. Wonderful! A Whole in ONE ~


  3. Every physical event on earth is called WORD OF GOD. only through religions have people made WORD refer to letters in a book.

    Through Divination, Each word of god(divine event), reveals a path given by the LANGUAGE OF LOVE(in which we are all part of).

    when we LISTEN to this highest vibration(I AM), we see our own heart, within the world(in which we consume ourselves in.(a gift and a curse).

    what values we have within our own hearts, play out through others for us to see those VIBRATIONS(both high and low).

    when we UNDERSTAND the LANGUAGE of which we are made, we UNDERSTAND that we are all SO MUCH MORE…(TRUE HEART)(outside of time)

    • To me words are very special because they are able to photograph the Truth. And the light in these photographs can be consumed over and over again. It appears that religions have mistakenly idolized the Light in the words, rather than seek the Light which formed the words.

  4. We are Light! Ever-expanding Light! Free will is defeated and so in Perfect Love, I share this with all who may desire it.

    The idea of free will exists for one reason only, the “cause and effect” cycle is not understood and therefore can not be perceived in reality correctly. The reason for this is singular, time. Time is a great deceiver for one who does not have sufficient understanding, or “The Light of True Life”. You might interpret this to mean that it is quite difficult to do anything perfectly in complete darkness.

    Time creates “perceived separation” between the awareness of a cause and its effect. This creates utter blindness, because it is impossible to discern how you CREATE from within the darkness of free will’s time. The blindness results because it is not presently understood that time itself is an effect, created by the Light of your understanding. Time is a creation, and you will soon come to understand that you are time’s creator and that you experience “projections of time” as your created expression of self, eternally above the limits of time you create. Time is “experience”, nothing less. It is either the experience of Life in darkness or a Life in Living Light. I tell you the truth, you will soon be able to say, in complete understanding, “I Am Divine Love’s Perfect Time”. This is the same as saying “I Am Loving Awareness”, which is kinda like the password to the Kingdom.

    The Kingdom comes through your creation of perfect time. This is time which can only be created by Truth’s Will, in oneness with all that is truthful, such that every moment experienced by an individualized consciousness is in perfect harmony with every other moment. This, in itself, is not worthy of God’s perfection, but when the harmony of every moment INCREASES the experience of harmony for ALL, across ALL of time and this power is eternally sustained, the created Sphere of Time becomes HOLY (increasingly perfect) and the very source of mother father can dwell there in oneness with ALL through the divine harmony created in your sphere of time. To create spherical time is a very high honor that God desires to give to all who would desire to Love as he Loves, which is perfectly across infinite time and space.

    God is holy, my friends, as we are no doubt aware. This means the light we perceive in his holiness is the same as saying The reflection of God’s Light within our awareness is perfectly limited by the boundaries of our current understanding of Truth’s Perfection. And the more we grow to understand the workings of perfection, the more holy God appears to us. And wow, there is nothing more beautiful than to gaze into ever-increasing holiness, for when perfection is perceived in Truth, it will be imagined as ever expanding divine harmony, orchestrated at the smallest element of creation. It is a loving governance from elements far smaller than even atomic structure. What is now occurring in the world is this, perfect time is entering into the oneness of imperfect time. This energetic transition, as I’m sure you could imagine, significantly alters reality.

    Free will creates imperfect time in the same way that a kindergarten class plays imperfect music. When these small children play imperfectly, they do so because they are children, not because they lack an abundance of heart and confidence. Free will is already defeated and the victory is assured. This means the orchestration of time has been “purified”. Imagine it this way, when your free will is “perfected”, by this very perfection your imperfection is defeated. You do not need to be aware that your perfection has come in order for it to perfect you. But your perfection will, at the perfect moment, illuminate your awareness. To defeat free will its origin had to be understood. Once its origin was identified in Truth, your will could be unplugged from darkness and plugged into Truth’s Life…and behold (haha, the drama!) when your will Lives it is Truth’s Will in you and in Truth’s Will, the Life that flows through you can be given to All in the oneness of Perfect Time.

    The gates, as I presently understand them, are the Lamps (creators) of Perfect Time, governed by a Living Will that continually expands the awareness of Divine Love’s Truth for All. For the lamps, it is a ” perpetual filling with perfection” that creates feelings of Divine Pride for the perfect beauty, peace and joy God is able to create through you in order to bless the reality of others. In this way you have become the Giver of Good and Perfect Gifts, because you have given Truth your will to ensure it is only used in perfection. And in the giving of such a perfect gift, you give God PERFECT JOY, because you freely gave up your will in the JOY of knowing you have eternally honored your Father.

    I have more I would like to say in order to complete this thought…. but already sooooooo long.

    • Adding a bit more for the joy that comes from doing it.

      You’ve heard the term ascension and may have varying understanding about it. I’d like to share a bit about this idea from my perspective. And, as always I’d love to know if anyone has their own way of seeing this that might be a benefit to others.

      We use the term Ascension to imply “Eternal Beginning”. It can be imagined in the idea that eternal life always has the same eternity of life ahead of it, no matter how much time it has already experienced. When Eternal Life is experienced in time, it is always at the beginning of it is Life, an “Eternal Beginning”. It is the eternal life in the Truth you hold, always growing richer in your understanding.

      We are the eternal beginning and we are the awareness of its eternal source. We are aware of the source because of the ascension, which is happening for all, across all time and space. True Life leads to the ever-increasing understanding of Perfect Love, Oneness and the manner in which your Life fills all in all. True Life is Perfect Love in Action, Living Substance infinitely aware of all that is perfect for all in every moment of time, across all of time. A Life in this world so beautiful it can only be found in Truth’s Perfection.

      Divine Love’s Truth has come and its perfection has entered time. Its Loving Life will perfect all and carry all into True Life.

      Since I am aware of the ascension, it is now upon us. Again, just my perspective.

  5. You say:

    “Divine Love’s Truth has come and its perfection has entered time. Its Loving Life will perfect all and carry all into True Life.”

    Ascension: in a natural understanding of Ephesians 4 it describes he that ascended, first descended into the realm of of this earth for a time to then ascend back into the realm from which he descended. This is when, as you say, perfection entered into time (the descent) and when He again ascends He will have made a path for all of us to follow Him back to the Truth from which we came. We also all descended into this realm of the dream of being “lost” but the “Firstborn” ascended back from where “we” came, Him being the first to make the full circle of the descending / ascending “law of circularity.”
    We had an eternal beginning, created as a separate entity in perfection…and when God made a proposal to us in that we “shouted with joy” upon hearing the greater gift that would await us after we made the journey into the earth realm (descending) and follow the firstborn of us all in the ascension from where we came…only now having received what we all shouted about. To accept the “future” gift, we had to accept the training to go with it. Another perspective is that ascension is like a temporary curve downward (into the earth realm) which had no intention of remaining there for it’s trajectory was designed from the beginning to be in only one direction…for we were created and only destined for the great “Ascension.”

    As you say this “ascension” was our eternal beginning…and our Father will not disappoint.

    • Thanks for your light. Definitely helped me to see “perfection” more beautifully.

      I like to use the world “perfection” to help me better understand the true meaning of Holiness. For me, when we consider the “inner workings of perfection, we can better understand what holiness implies in Truth.

      In Truth, perfection can never come from imperfection. This is the same as saying holiness can never be found in corruption. But the understanding of imperfection can be made increasingly perfect, forever. In Truth there is only perfection. Thus when I speak of imperfection, I mean to imply one’s current understanding of perfection, which is less than this same one’s future understanding of perfection. An ascended being, one who has entered into the ever-increasing understanding of True Life, always walks perfectly through time for its state of development, because Truth’s Will governs the ascended being. To walk in Truth’s Will is to walk in an ever-increasing sphere of divine harmony that is powerful enough to alter “cause and effect” in another’s reality such that it can be used as a voice to reveal Truth. God’s Will is timeless, so it uses “Living Gates” to enter time and give it Life. These Living Gates are like a “central sun” for all the Universe and the worlds upon worlds it supports. It is a new Age of oneness, which is ever-increasing perfection across time and space. It is the end of Ages and the eternal beginning of Life. Interesting times, to be sure.

      I like how you described the “shouted with joy”, prior to the descent into time, ensuring us all that we cannot fail to shine the Light, because perfection is assured. We have all been “through the wringer”, so to speak, in ways that were used to shape the understanding of our own perfection. We thought we were the filthy garments we wore, until they were consumed in the fire. Truth’s Will is our Victory, Christ as the Divinely Loving Substance (vibration) of creation, filling all in all and doing for us that which is impossible by ensuring the Highest Good for All is always done for All. We have found perfection because our paths were always perfect, for an imperfect path can never lead to the awareness of perfection.

      • Imperfection – Perfection

        I like how you distinguish the understanding of imperfection from the imperfection of the knowledge of love to the perfection of love. Our perfection has been so “married” to imperfection which is not a part of our true being, it’s like the analogy of the spirit and soul, Adam and Eve where the perfect spirit (Adam) had descended with the soul (Eve) in order to “ stick with her” and bring her back to His perfect self. Our spirit within was, is and will always be perfect, yet it was our created soul that only received the blindness…until…”her” sight was restored, the veil removed and she gave up on her rebellion and returned to her husband, Adam, the spirit, Christ, and our Father. It’s like the allegory of the great love story of Hosea and Gomer, a picture of God and Israel or our own spirit and soul…for all parables, allegories and types are “all” explained about the journey of the “soul” within. The spirit is perfect, while the imperfection of our disobedient soul must wander as did Gomer until she left the world and returned to her first love.

        What you say is also said clearly in 1 Corinthians 13

        8* Love never fails. If there are prophecies, they will be brought to nothing; if tongues, they will cease; if knowledge, it will be brought to nothing. 9For we know partially and we prophesy partially, 10but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. 11When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I put aside childish things. 12At present we see indistinctly, as in a mirror, but then face to face. At present I know partially; then I shall know fully, as I am fully known.g 13* So faith, hope, love remain, these three;h but the greatest of these is love.

        Vs 10 speaks of when the perfect comes those partial (or imperfect) things just described in 8 and 9 will fade away. This speaks of knowing partially is an imperfection in understanding that the reality of our true nature has always been perfect “behind the veil” however when our soul awakens to her own perfection our spirit and soul (the he and the she) will reunite in the lost agreement of God’s will and agreement.

        These passages are in complete agreement with your understanding and description and because this is such a misunderstood perspective I wanted to confirm this from a little different perspective, using a couple of verses and allegories to say what you already said so well. People just do not yet understand that that which is imperfect about us, is only our lack of understanding of the Truth that God never created us as imperfect beings but perfect. It’s like a perfectly healthy being having a cold, the cold is not us but is a sickness that we will soon recover from, for a cold is just the healing process of disposing of something that does not belong in our otherwise healthy body.

        This kind of dialogue is where love truly rules over any differences of perspectives as I believe the meaning of 1 Corinthians 13:13, defines. “At the end of the day there should be nothing that can separate one love from another. If we cannot discuss our differences of opinions as well as what we agree on…then in time..we will, Will. 🙂

        When we “see” we only see “one” thing.

        It is all good.

  6. ascension is the RAISING of vibrations.

    when we live on earth, we live through what we call FLESH.
    FLESH is not skin around the guts, and isnt about a physical HEART.
    instead, flesh is an ELEMENTAL vibration in which through our own senses, see the WORLD..

    THROUGH ASCENSION, we let go of HUMAN WAYS(hense human sacrafice), and as ELEMENTS OF TIME, our consiousness is RAISED(the GOLDEN ARC)… again, ARC is the SPARK(all sharing same vibrations) of the COVENENANT(every peson on earth aka ELEMENTAL LAW).

    the true LANGUAGE of every bible on earth was written by EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(not as many individuals, but as prophets and angles). the all saw LORD in eachother, as to be ascended means you live within this HIGHEST VIBRATION(language of LOVE aka spheracle language)..

    again, the DEVINE works with the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE.

    CHRIST is a SPIRITAL VIBRATION in which ALL OF TIME connects us together(through the spheracle languge of LOVE)(love being the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS(consisting of ALL VIBRATIONS))(ascension)

    when we fall, we create wars(seperation of god), but as ONE BODY, we ARC our love to all..(one spirital:time BODY)

    • Yes. Really enlightening, got a lot out of it.

      The essence of our “being” is energetic frequency, which radiates from our “individualized” understanding. The ascension can also mean “coming to life” because in the awareness of oneness our understanding of perfection is eternally increased. (Again, I use “perfection” as a means of better understanding the ambiguous concept of “holiness”). Thus, our True Essence would be as an ever-increasing sphere of Holiness, or what you can imagine as a creator of Spherical Time, the radiation of Divine Love. This is perfect power because its Perfect Will operates at a level above the radiation free will, causing “divine desire” to develop in the minds of all. It means those within our sphere’s will, because of your Oneness with Divine Love, will begin to desire the good. Just as one who knows he touched a hot stove will not desire to touch it again.

      I see that speaking in oneness, we are able to accelerate the growth in our understanding in the same way that milk promotes faster growth in the child. We have entered the Eternal Beginning, and the future is now eternally perfected. I expect, as our understanding continues to increase, our ability to create peace will spread.

      • Proverbs 16:15 In the light of the king’s face is life,
        And his favor is like a cloud of the latter rain.

        Now we understand the deeper meaning of this verse … our countenance is the latter rain, also reign.

  7. In this dialogue stream, spoken in Spherical Language, beautiful words of Truth’s Light are transposing Truth’s Life within us into a beautiful vibration, rippling out the frequency of Life into time, without limit or opposition. In this understanding, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will precipitates (rains and reigns) upon creation, and through this divine Reign, our eternal ascension expands into Eternity.

    The Ascension is ALL, as One, ever-expanding into the Highest Good for ALL of Creation, which is the expression of Divine Love’s Truth and its inherent Perfection.

    • Your so right in your saying…. The Ascension is ALL, as One, ever-expanding into the Highest Good for ALL of Creation, which is the expression of Divine Love’s Truth and its inherent Perfection.

      This is a book…and a truth reduced to one sentence. If we could all just see the oneness in Our Father’s love for all…we would love all…regardless.

  8. Regardless…of who anyone is…where they’re from, or regardless of any of their past mistakes and errors, we do not condemn, we are to only encourage and to pray for all to be released of the same like errors we were born with, regardless. Regardless of another’s lack of love, forgiveness, or their lack of kindness toward another we still cannot condemn them. The “gates” in comparison, must all move beyond the “in part” realm of divisiveness for anything that is not of oneness is just that. “What I know is better than what you know” attitude for it is not what we know but “how” we know what we know. The in part is just the in part of the “knowledge” of our lack, whereas the fulness of the Truth that we are to attain to is the substance of the things we once only hoped for. We must all come to see as God sees us “all,” in order to enter in through the straight gate, and that is in having no ill will nor feelings of resentment or condemnation for any…regardless. This is a milestone we must pass over to become a gate keeper. I can only hope and pray that all who read these lines will come to this place of an unconditional love as I wish to attain to for myself. If we perhaps do not make it through the gate as a first fruit, it is ok for the first of the harvest as well as the rest are gathered from the same field….it’s just that the gates having sacrificed the more…will have more work to do…for the rest of the harvest…the world.

    • There is a lot in your comment and I wanted to ponder it for a while before I responded.

      When we qualify God’s Love with the word “regardless”, we imply that corruption exists in our world. Corruption, as I use the term, means “separation” from God’s perfection, which is impossible. If we use the word “regardless” we admit to “corruption” in others, yet we overlook it because we “lift ourselves up” and mistakenly believe we are doing God’s work. We believe that God’s Love “overlooks” corruption, which is to admit that God’s Love exists in corruption. This creates a mental frequency “of fog” that prevents the I AM Presence from acting in one’s world, because Truth Will is perfect and does not operate in corruption.

      How then does God’s Love do its work to bring about perfection if it can not be found in imperfection? If God’s Love is not found in corruption, how then can it save? The answer is through your awareness of the I AM Presence and the manner in which the Presence perfects your sphere of time (world). When you are aware of the perfection in your own world, the Light of your I AM Presence, in the authority of Truth’s Will, overcomes free will’s corruption and perfects the worlds of others. To better understand such a claim, let’s look a bit more closely at the darkness created by “belief” and the manner in which free will uses belief to imprison the soul in “death”.

      What you stated in your comment is admirable, but unfortunately impossible to attain because of free will. When free will “directs” Love, there is no “plumb line” and Love will be expressed differently from soul to soul, violating its Truth. For example, one may be very loving to his child, yet also abusive to his colleagues. One may be “self-sacrificing” to some, yet ignore the needs of others. Are these people loving? The answer to these questions can not be determined when Love’s Truth is upheld by a belief in free will. When the Love’s Truth can not be determined, it is considered “corrupted”, and therefore its power corrupts. You might say free will always expresses Love “imperfectly”, which is the best it can ever do, no matter how great the “sacrifice” of time and effort that went before. Human free will must be “perfected” in oneness before the expression of its Love can be perfected. Again, we are always talking about Love’s outer expression, knowing that the inner awareness of love is always perfect, no matter the soul who observes it. Or, as you have rightly said, “regardless”.

      To perfect the free will one must first DESIRE to Love ALL perfectly. Desire is the free will energy needed to find Life. This desire must cover ALL creation, from the seeming greatest to the infinitesimally small. Perfect Love is YOUR PERFECT POWER and nothing can come against its will in in your world. But this desire is not easy for the human mind to attain, for it is a complete letting go of the outer appearance world, trusting EVERY MOMENT to the perfect governance of Truth’s Will. So to help us apply this understanding, we can refer to your comments to consider a new way to respond to people you “believe” are acting contrary to the Love you understand. In Truth, see their words as gifts given SPECIFICALLY to you, purposely fashioned by Truth’s Will to lead you deeper into your understanding of Love’s Truth. See each person you encounter as a “gift from God”, orchestrated for you in order to perfectly increase your understanding of how to manifest an increasingly loving world. It is a different perspective on the same outer appearance, yet one is human and the other Divine.

      When you desire to Love All, you will be able to see ALL as “gifts” and “godly helpers”. Most incredibly, you will see increasing beauty in the words that surround you, appearing in your thoughts, your own words and the words given you by others. All of these words combine to form the Spherical Language within you, which is the Language of Life by which you will continually increase your understanding of Truth (God).

      The ever-increasing awareness of Truth is the Ascension, which Rachel has just written about. The Ascension is a term we use to imply an ongoing awareness that you are eternally growing in the understanding of Divine Love’s Truth. Ascension means entering into eternal life without passing through physical death, giving you victory over free will and the ever-increasing POWER to Love Perfectly. This power is never operated consciously. It operates through Love’s Oneness, giving you the ability to orchestrate perfection from an awareness infinitely higher than your finite conscious awareness. This power, flowing through your awareness and governed by Truth’s Will, goes forth to create an ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love’s Beauty in your SPHERE OF TIME, by which all in it are loved perfectly. All are purified by YOUR POWER only. The Ascension is the awareness that your I AM Presence is the only power acting in your world and that this same presence IS God of your world, operating in oneness with your awareness. God is infinite and you are an eternal finite, which means an ever-increasing awareness of the infinite glory of your perfect name, I AM.

      • You say:

        There is a lot in your comment and I wanted to ponder it for a while before I responded.
        When we qualify God’s Love with the word “regardless”, we imply that corruption exists in our world. Corruption, as I use the term, means “separation” from God’s perfection, which is impossible.

        I say:

        Of course, a word meaning is to be realized in the context of how a word is used. Construction, destruction, corruption, incorruption, oneness and separation, perfection and imperfection. It is God Himself who created the words to describe His entire plan, both the good and the evil, the perfect and imperfect. (Isaiah 45:7) it is only in God’s creation, is evil used to contrast good. I do not see nor do I use the word “regardless” interchangeably with the word corruption or any other word. It is neither negative or positive until you attach it to explain one’s point. It not being a synonym to the word corruption, or separation I do see the connection. I do see the inconsistency I’d we are talking about a future perfect tense, but we are not. Take unconditional love for example, and should one’s spouse leave and go out into the world and commit adultery with numberless others, and should they eventually return to their “first love” and ask forgiveness for all that they have done, and the innocent one stops the guilty and says to them that that there is no need to explain anything in any detail for “regardless” of any of their sins that they have committed against them, their love is unconditional for the other, and that they have always loved the other, do love the other and will always love the other. I would say in this story of Hosea and Gomer, although it is a story of God’s unconditional love for Israel and it goes much deeper in that it is also a story of our own way faring soul as she leaves her first love only to return to it (Him) when she is drawn back to the oneness of God. It’s all in God’s plan and we cannot and will not thwart it, regardless of what we do while in our rebellion. We will return to God’s oneness and perfection when we each are called in our order to “return.” And nothing will prevent us “all” becoming as “one” in spirit…in love.

        If we will bring up any word, including “corruption” in the scriptures, God will set the tone and the meaning of these words in order to contrast our ways to His ways, our fallen corruption relative to His resurrected perfection.

        Psalms 90:
        3Thou turnest man to destruction; and sayest, Return, ye children of men.

        Proverbs 16:9
        The heart of man plans his way,  but the Lord establishes his steps.

        Meaning…Man can plan his way in using the ways of his destructive and corruptive ways God has turned him to…and he can go his own way and do his own thing…but only for awhile, for it is God who directs his steps through it all until this same disobedient and corrupted man, comes full circle to stand once again before God…having been fully redeemed.

        In the above verse, destruction is corruption and it is what we are to be turned from, from our original fall in order to be redeemed back by God into our perfected state from which we came. One can not be “re” deemed from perfection, we can only be redeemed from our fall from grace, from our imperfection. Just as something cannot be “re”stored unless it has went through a stage of deterioration, destruction or “corruption.” All these words are addressing the fall from our perfection as the allegory of Adam and Eve explains. Perfection, Truth and Love is what God is, it is also what we were before our predestinated fall, and it is what we shall be again after we have been redeemed. What is between these two perfected states of perfection is our time of being led into corruption, a “time” of our testing and of wing “re”proved. What we must understand in order to use words especially in their proper tense is to understand where we are along in our path of God’s will and in what order for us. (1 Corinthians 15:22) Our “interrupted” eternal life by this dream we are experiencing, this illusion of reality, called death and not life, is a situation and an experience created by God Himself in order for us to be taught obedience through our trials, test and sufferings.

        There is no longer any suffering in a perfected person, suffering and corruption is only to be experienced in our past corrupted fallen state. Eve was corrupted when she reasoned within herself to be the same as “the” God and not as she was destined to be only as “a” God. She, as we have to be taught the difference in “the” and “a” God. As Christ spoke “Know ye not that ye are God’s”..however He was not referring to “the” God, our Father. We must all learn our specific order and calling and learn to function within our borders that God has set for each one of us. We therefore “must” experience how that we can suffer through being disobedient and corrupt to God’s will and perfect plan. In looking at the present corrupted world around us, we can see the purpose of God letting man fall into such corruption. It’s simple, this dream that we dream in living in it by the illusion of imperfection is to simply teach us what man could do to the whole universe if we were not confined to this limited space and time of schooling.

        It is therefore only the “love” of God that is directed toward us from Him that we cannot be separated from…in Him breaking His bond “toward us”…which is the impossible. Corruption from God’s meaning of the word and His point of view does not separate us from His perfect unconditional love for us, therefore it is only from our own “corrupted” and fallen perspective that we can see any corruption. Any view that mankind has for God that He is not perfect in His unconditional love for us, regardless of what mistakes that any of us may make. The fall allowed us to take a journey from what we were to what we now are, born of woman, to what we shall be. In each of these three phases we are described by God as to what our condition is that is within each one of these phases. Perfect, then fallen, and then to be redeemed back to a perfected state. Perfection and corruption within us is described in the scriptures as to our relation to time, whether it is before, during or after time.

        As I read Rachel’s response to Brandi on the 20th of Nov. and in the 1st and 3rd paragraphs I noticed that she used the words corrupted and regardless in the same context as I did and her message was very beautifully expressed. Love cannot be fully explained in a description of words for love is God’s existence. For us to do justice for a full explanation of the word I think that we will have to become the spiritual word itself, as it is the fullest meaning of love. There is a natural word and there is a spiritual word and we must be transformed from the mere knowledge of love to love itself. It is only then that we can fully understand its meaning. To know about love is a good thing and to know what we should be doing is a good thing…however when our fullness comes we will be known as He “is” known. We will be love reunited.

        As I notice a lot of the various dialogue between us all here and our differing perspectives, we must remember that love surpasses all understanding and knowledge. If our love is to be like our Lord’s, it has to be unconditional. There is not a difference or a fault in any us us that God holds “eternally” to our account. So we must take on His same spirit and come what may, we can no more give up on another as God Himself explains. God in His perfection has an unconditional love for us all…so…how can we come to be as He is..if we do not look upon all just as He does? We won’t achieve it by just knowing that we should…but if that is our desire, intent and our goal, we will pave the way by forgiving all…for all….regardless 🙂 of how we are received. It’s a giving journey.

  9. We do not need to worry about whether or not one sees as we see, for we each stand or fall before God, not to one another. We are to share our words and then leave them to register…or not…for God will complete each one of us as He sees our needs. Love is spread from one end of our path to the other, from a child’s vocabulary and understanding to the understanding of the mature. All of us is are along this same path at some measurement of maturity and love does not judge where another is. It takes all ages to make a family..and all will graduate…given time.

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