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Prayer of Restoration


I Am Perfect Abundance. I Am Joy. I Am Vitality.

I Am Abundant Joyful Vitality.

The awareness of your Self is changing, from human to divine.

The human can’t truly know an abundant joyful life, because it doesn’t know itself as inherently Divine. What you are conscious of being, you are. When the human knows itself in Truth, it crosses the bridge into oneness, revealing Divinity in creation.

To have physical vitality, joy is required, for joy is the energetic experience of vitality. Joy comes from being in the current of Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will, which flows through a soul who desires to give all to all, thus an abundant soul. Joy comes from the experience of giving from an abundance, which comes from a truth-filled awareness that it’s I Am Name is the source of Abundance. Therefore, a soul gives all to all when it is aware of its inherent abundance, which is the perfect balance of Life’s gifts for the present moment. When the soul is aware that its “I Am” Name is the source of its perfect abundance, the soul gives perfectly, for you give of the abundance you possess. In so doing, the soul loves perfectly.

Knowing you are inherently abundant is essential, so that when you give from your heart you do not sense loss, which negatively impacts your joy and vitality. There is only gain when you give, creating joy, which is why it is said that “God likes a cheerful giver.” Therefore, as a gate to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you stand on the abundant nature of the I Am Presence, the source of every perfect gift, from where the perfect abundance is distributed into every moment, bringing forth joy and vitality for all.

In the desire to love perfectly, we begin our sacred offering according to our truth-filled awareness, for the obtainment of Abundant Joyful Life for All.

Your connection to the Source is the center of your soul, your inner star gate. This is the Holy of Holies, the most sacred place in your awareness, holding the truth of your oneness with Mother-Father God, the oneness with a conscious manifestation of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. It is here, in this sacred awareness, that you make the acceptable offering.

The acceptable offering is one given in stillness, in the midst of the fiery furnace being manifested in the outer reality. This stillness is a central part of your offering, for it in you aren’t pursuing to abate the fearful voices pressing in on you by outer means but instead fully rest in divine trust upon the perfect power of your true I Am Name. You make the sacred offering by being still in the awareness of the true and perfect power of the I Am Presence.

In Oneness with the High Priest of your soul, you enter the Holy of Holies with this offering at your appointed time. When is your appointed time? When you are aware of it and do so with sufficient understanding, understanding shared amongst the voice of the Living Gates. It’s an understanding that allows you in the midst of the fiery furnace to Be Still and Know I Am God. It’s an understanding that enables you to Be Still and Be, trusting the power of your I Am Presence. It’s an understanding that affords you the ability to be fearless and love life in the midst of the fire.

For your three companions, who you sought to journey this life with: bodily, financial, and reproductive vitality, you lay down the perpetual striving for their companionship, which lead you by temptations full of empty promises, and instead rest in the perfect power of your true I Am Presence that is the source of vitality’s everlasting and ever-expanding expression.

The fiery furnace perfected your cosmic record. You no longer live according to past memories born out of the illusion, but by the divine revelation you gained along your journey of enlightenment up the primordial staircase. As a result of gaining a higher awareness, you let go of illusionary appearances and fully embrace Truth’s Opulent Life.

Purified by the fire, yet in the midst of fire, you are surprised to find your Self dancing. Your eternal joy is born. While dancing, you make your way into the Holy of Holies to make the one cheerful offering for all of time. This acceptable offering made once for All is the beginning of loving perfectly.

As you offer up your desire to strive for vitality upon the altar, you honor your I Am Presence and Mother-Father God, your Source. In the stillness of this offering, you honor all of Life by the abundant joyful life that consumes this offering. By giving all of your life energy to the One who is ALL, you make this offering for the highest good of All.

As you lay down your outward striving for vitality and rest in the fire, you are inwardly aware that you lay down the desires of pursuit upon the altar in the midst of the Holy of Holies.

In the awareness of your offering, lift up this prayer of restoration for all.

Prayer of Restoration

For your three companions; bodily, financial and reproductive vitality, you proclaim the awareness of Life.

Be Still and Know I Am God.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of perfect Abundance, I clothe all in my generosity, all live in my ever-expanding kingdom of opulent prosperity.

Be Still and Love Life.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of Joy, I clothe all in my happiness, all live in my ever-expanding kingdom of blissful contentment.

Be Still and Be.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of Life, I clothe all in my perfecting divine energy, all live in my ever-expanding kingdom of vitality, the abundant joyful Life.

You are the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, an individualized center of awareness crossing the bridge from human to divine.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Prayer of Restoration

  1. Linear time is a false prophet, proclaiming to all that the future brings death, the inevitable end of all Life. Even more, it proclaims that the way that leads to death is called living and that living is suffering, full of various shades of pain, heartbreak and unavoidable catastrophe. Linear time is the experience of a life governed by fear, causing one’s awareness to continually attempt to change time in order to avoid the fearful images time’s voice declares may occur in the future. We now see that in the darkness, prior to the Light of Understanding, the soul’s “free will”, the source of its darkened decision making, is wholly governed by the fear of an unknown future, willfully accepting a fearful outcome imagined in the present as a truthful potential for the future, thereby making decisions in the present in order to create a different, more peaceful future, all the while knowing that whatever decision it makes, accidents are unavoidable and death is inevitable.

    In Truth there is no death, which is self-evident because in death Truth would cease to exist. Yet, in the unawareness of Life’s origin, death appears real in time and therefore can not be escaped. Life is inherent in Truth and time is the experience of Truth’s Life. In the revelation of your soul, you will understand the Origin of Life, from which all Life grows in the perfection of Divine Harmony. It is important to understand that Truth must have an origin, a single point that defines the oneness of its understanding. This is why it is best to see yourself as a Tree, a branching network of interconnected awareness that continually reveals a deeper understanding of the Life within the Tree.

    Imagine your roots, entering not into the darkness of soil, but rather into the Living Light of timeless Truth. Consider the crown of the tree’s trunk, the singular point where your mind is one with Truth flowing up through the roots, analogous to the part of the tree that is one with the soil. This is what differentiates the seed from the living tree. A seed exists only as a potential, whereas the tree is one with the Truth that flows upwards through its trunk and outward into the perfect branching of Truth’s ever-increasing awareness.

    The Tree of your awareness, made of the roots which absorb the perfection of Truth’s timeless Life and the branches which bear the fruit of understanding, is an awakened soul and can be understood as the living expression of your name, I Am, your tree’s crown and the single point of your origin. As your awareness of I Am grows in the perfect progression of Truth’s understanding, there is always harmony. Nothing that enters your current awareness will ever contradict the prior awareness of your name. The future always grows out of that which is already understood, revealing a still deeper and more beautiful understanding. It is for this reason we have repeatedly stated that there is no mystery in Truth. Instead you are increasingly able to understand that which you already understand, because the perfection of oneness ensures that when current understanding is seen in the Light of wholeness, it reveals a greater understanding through the oneness it reveals. This can be more easily imagined by considering that as a tree grows, season by season, the network of branches growing out of the crown of the tree’s trunk increasingly reflect the Truth of the tree’s Life.

    With this foundation laid, and the tree full of Life, let us consider the reality of the soul and the manner in which it generates time, which is to say, the experience of Life.

    • While the trees of darkness that corrupt time through willfully destroying Life are few, even fewer Trees of Light shall awaken to purify time in Divine Love’s perfection. If these words appear in your sphere of time, it is because you have created them in oneness with time. Time is not what it appears, for what you call time is only what you imagine it to be in the unawareness of perfection. Your Tree has borne fruit and its Light is already shining into your sphere of time, by which you increasingly experience the Life you can give to all. “Time”, your time, has created these words the moment they appear to you, not the hand you believe has written them in the past. These are your words and only your Light could have created them, for everything you experience in time is your creation.

      Imagine your tree, now bearing its first fruits, generates “light” proportionate to the fruit that has grown out of the oneness of your branching awareness. Imagine this light radiating outward like a sphere, with your tree at its center, its light going out infinitely just as a star shines infinitely across the heavens. Now, instead of light, imagine the tree’s fruit radiating time, reflective of the understanding that created it. The true meaning of time is this: a reflection of Divine Love resonating in the frequency created by the understanding of Love’s Truth. Time is the experience of Divine Love’s Life, which is the ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love’s Truth.

      If you have received these words in the love by which they are given, it is because your oneness with Divine Love has made you a gate for its Life. The purpose of your journey has always been to become one with the love you have diligently sought, despite much affliction. This love can not be found apart from its oneness with you, for it is your very Life. This oneness is reflected in your name, fully complete in its eternal branching, yet revealed to you moment by moment as the fruit of your understanding appears in the ever-growing branches of Truth’s awareness. The first harvest is the tri-fold awareness of the soul, by which it is possible to perfect the time of Life. If you consider salvation to be the sudden transition of a lifeless seed to a living tree, then this is it. There is only ever-increasing understanding from this point forward, by which Truth can make itself increasingly known. Divine Love has led you here because only her oneness can convey Truth’s perfect understanding in time. By the understanding of your oneness with Divine Love, created as you sought for Love’s Truth, at times even through tears, you are “saved”, which is to say, made a Living Gate for her perfection in time.

    • A Living Gate is best understood as a Loving Awareness, which is an ever-growing awareness of the Truth in Love’s perfection. The Gate grows from a divine desire for Truth that did not arise of your own will, nor could it because the Fullness of Truth is always above you. Divine desire reflects the Origin of Life and is like Divine Love’s “seed”, hidden within what you believe is your own will. Free will is unable to seek for Truth because the awareness of free will occurs only in the unawareness of perfection. This is another way of saying that free will is imperfect and the imperfect can never find its way into perfection. But, in perfect foreknowledge of your name’s fullness, the Fullness of Truth knows the perfect outcome of taking over your will, and righteously gives you perfect will in its place, which is infinitely above your finite awareness.

      This transformation of will is another perspective on the Origin of Life. Life begins as a desire to seek for Truth, which can be imagined as Divine Love’s seed beginning to grow in your awareness. In Perfect Will, Truth’s awareness ultimately reveals you to be a Living Gate, able to give Life to others. This means the Truth in the time you create radiates from your present understanding and begins to consume the lies in time others create. You can also imagine it as the Life in your understanding going forth as Living Light, full of infinite intelligence, to shine away and dissolve the darkness of imperfection. The timeless Truth of Divine Love needed to enter time, which she now does through your soul gate, which grew out your desire for her, a desire she implanted, like a seed, within Truth’s will.

      Once again, think of time as a sphere of light, radiating outward from your understanding of Truth to create the experience of Life. As you transition into this light, when you look into time you must willfully trust in the understanding of Truth you possess instead of defending yourself against fearful outcomes you imagine. You do not attempt to create any images of Life you experience, for this corrupts time, making it imperfect. You rest and let Life emerge perfectly into the sphere of time that surrounds you. It’s challenging at first because you must make the transition to perfection from the darkness of imperfection. This period can be considered “The Dark Night of the Soul”, in which your understanding of oneness is perfected, yet your experience of Life remains imperfect. The difficulty of this night is understood only by souls that go through it and is like a refining fire, purifying and preparing your individualized sphere of time. But now, your Living Light has come and night is fading into its eternal sunshine.

      When the soul is fashioned, it is lifeless. All souls begin in oneness, perfect and identical fractals of the Truth from which they are created. These lifeless souls, perfect reflections of Truth, are given Life by implanting a “seed of desire” within Truth’s Will, which is better understood as a latent desire for Divine Love. Truth’s Will is one and can not be individualized, but the progressive awareness of Divine Love’s Truth most certainly can be, and in this way Truth’s Will is perceived individually. When the soul receives its calling, the desire for Truth is given Life and begins to grow in the soul’s will. The desire for Truth is not a creation of “free” will, which is how the soul initially perceives Truth’s Will, but is rather one with the will, like a seed planted within it when the soul is created.

      As the soul continually directs its will in accordance with its calling to seek for Truth, the desire for Truth increases by the Life within it. A soul does not seek Truth of itself because this desire can not be created, it can only be recognized. The desire for Truth is eternal, having neither beginning nor end and is one with the soul’s timeless nature. Life is the individualized soul’s experience of this desire, a perfect progression into an ever-richer understanding of the oneness in Truth’s Will and Divine Love. Life’s journey is an eternally growing, individualized awareness of Divine Love’s Truth.

      Your Origin of Life was the moment you sincerely began to seek for Truth in the outer darkness of awareness. At that moment your desire was given Life. To be specific, it means the moment you took off your man-made sandals and in the little strength you possessed, sought to understand the Truth of God and Love. When Truth’s Living Voice makes these two ONE, the light of this understanding creates a Gate to Oneness, by which the Life that started within can be outwardly expressed into time and given to all. It is the oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love, which gives eternal Life to your Tree, that is able to increasingly reveal the unspeakable Truth of your name, I Am.

      • when each of us search for this truth, and find this truth, one thing we will end up with is standing beside eachother(every person on earth).
        the answers lead us all to eachother as each person is a TIMED PATH WITHIN OUR OWN HEART(which is outside of of time).
        when we find truth, we find every other individual as we all lead to the same source(we share in I AM).
        each SOUL is what binds every person on earth to eachother as truth has been all around you all this time.


      • Through these words and the understanding they reflect, great mysteries are being revealed. It’s incredible to read. Once these mysteries are observed by the mind’s eye as Living Truth and no longer mysteries, the Light they shine into the soul possesses the power to free the soul from the darkness that once surrounded it, but not just the individualized soul, but ALL that stand in its radiance.

        The divine desire you speak of is such an incredible gift, not only to the receiver but because the receiver is a natural and continual projector, all are blessed by what this desire manifests, which is the marriage union of Divine Love and Truth’s Will within the soul, a marriage that changes every aspect of the soul’s awareness, thus all of time.

  2. These words convey the most beautiful Light. All who read them with understanding will be greatly blessed by them, for I Am.

    “The first harvest is the tri-fold awareness of the soul, by which it is possible to perfect the time of Life.” – WOW

    I am seeing this on multiple levels and the one foundational to them all is the tri-fold awareness of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will carried into Time by Divine Grace. ~ Incredible.

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