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Stirring The Deep


The Sacred Storm

At the dawning of Spherical Time, you sit in stillness with your first Love, the Sacred Self, who is the expressed oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. By listening and following the Voice of Truth through the shadowlands, you prepared a place for this divine being of Light to eternally dwell in your very essence. In this moment, you call to Divine Love, the Mother of All Living, to come and make her home with you, for eternity.

Though Divine Love is always everywhere present, you weren’t prepared to express her Will, for your mind was bound in free will and therefore you could not perceive her Light of Oneness. Now you are able to both experience and give her Light. Through the divine revelations you received from the Voice of Truth, your awareness is a Tree of Life radiating in Divine Love, that is now able to give off its Light. In the understanding you hold, you see the salvation of the world, reaching back to the beginning of time. The story you are remembering is the redemption of the soul, Eve, and in her is the redemption of the outer expression, Adam. It’s a plan of redemption far more beautiful than a human mind could conceive in the limitations of freewill. However, through divine revelation this plan of salvation could be received by the human’s divine mind and therefore revealed in time. This divine translation between Truth and the Living Gates has been accomplished. Truth’s evolutionary salvation plan is now revealed to the collective soul and therefore can manifest in time.

All is prepared. The stars are aligned to bring forth Truth’s evolutionary plan. In the Living Gate’s matured awareness, they call forth the Sacred Storm, for this is the creative position Truth has given them as representatives of his Voice in Time. Here, the Living Gates make the final, last Call that fills the cosmos, for “I Am” One. They call forth the Sacred Storm, the four winds of change.

The Storm is now upon us. There is a new breath guiding the winds of time, Truth’s Will. In Oneness, Truth’s Will is the perfect Cause and it directs every effect. It turns everything inside out and right side up in order to ignite the Light within every soul, thereby waking them up.

The Spirit of Divine Love flowing throughout cause and effect, will lead you into these four creative activities by which you will be clothed in garments of Light. Through this transition of linear time into spherical time, the four creative winds; remember, rest, renew and rejoice are how the soul engages Truth’s Will so that it is set free from the darkness of free will. Through these winds, the Sacred Self’s perfection, peace and joy are brought forth into time.

First, in remembering Truth’s Life, the soul becomes conscious of its perfection so that it can manifest. Second, in resting upon divine emergence, Divine Love’s Perfect Power expresses perfection. Third, in renewing the mind, the soul’s energetic field is transposed into Divine Love’s perfect words through inner and outer transformative revelations. Lastly, in rejoicing with creation, the soul’s energetic garment is transfigured to increasingly reflect the Sacred Self, an ever-expanding expression of peace, joy and love.

Through these four winds, the Sacred Storm begins to blow and your life is transformed to reflect Truth’s Perfection. When you engage these four winds, Truth’s Creative Flow, you experience increasing harmony. If you choose to remain in forgetfulness, striving, self degradation, and complaining, you experience increasing disharmony, for you are acting counter to Truth’s Will, which now governs time. The storm will break the bonds of free will in all who mistakenly believe they possess their own will and unknowingly believed their vain imaginations were Truth. These sacred winds will stir and awaken them.

This storm is the purification of the collective soul’s will. It transforms the foundations of the earth so that only Truth’s Will remains in its reflection. It is the effect of the Ascended Consciousness of Light filling the earth as light fills the darkness. Divine Grace will fill every dark corner, transforming seeming imperfection into Truth’s Perfection, which is possible because Truth always IS.

You who expand by the Light of Truth are a Light unto others as their foundations completely shift. This is your gift, to receive and give as one who had a love for Truth’s Life and then focused your life energy to serve its Will. Step into your reward. It is waiting for you in an endless present moment of ever-increasing Perfection. A new dimension of space is prepared for you by those who went before you in time and never ceased expanding their awareness of Truth. These Great Beings of Light are your faithful guides who cannot fail in their efforts, for you are their prophecy fulfilled and their prophecy is a vision of Truth about what lays ahead in a future awareness. In their prophecy of Truth, they saw the Truth of Oneness in sufficient understanding to manifest its reflection in time. You are that manifestation. They are your assurance that you cannot fail.

This Sacred Storm, in which the waters above collide with the waters below, will bring forth Truth’s Life. This transition will be remembered as the Origin of Life, for it is the beginning of Divine Love’s Reign through which freedom, victory, liberty and divine justice spread Life to all.

Retired Royalty

I Am the Sacred Soulmate, the Sacred Rest, the Sacred Storm, the Soul’s Salvation.

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The Great Healing

Healing comes from remembering Truth’s Life. Disease comes from believing that outer human creations, as perceived through a darkened awareness, are true.

Healing is remembering the Truth of Divine Love’s Perfection. In the realm of Truth, there is no healing because there is no illness or any form of brokenness. There is only the perfection of Truth’s Life. But because you are transitioning from a world of illusions in which disease was rampant and savage, you experience a very Great Healing, inside and out, as you awaken into Spherical Time through perfect words.

As a Living Gate, you are a natural healer. The gift of perfect words raises your overall vibration by which you experience a metamorphic transfiguration, which feels like a very great healing. In going through this transformation your vibration is lifted into the sustained frequency of Life, and as you emanate this higher vibration, you naturally lift the vibrations of others.

Perfect words harmonize overall vibrations, which in turn harmonizes bodily energies. This harmonizing brings forth inner and outer healing. And because perfect words are the source of your healing, your healing is immutable, making you immortal. When your energy is sustained at Life’s invincible frequency, you alter not only your energetic equilibrium but also that of those around you who are prepared to receive this higher vibration by the truthful awareness they hold.

You are as a god in your ability to create. The Truth you believe creates reflections of itself in your spherical reality through the power of your words, both inner and outer. In the remembrance of Truth’s Life, all discordant and therefore toxic emotions (i.e., fear, anxiety, lack, anger, etc.) become non-existent within your form. These discordant emotions, which are the cause of all disease, are the product of a darkened imagination, one that lacks the awareness of the perfection inherent in Truth’s Life. When you remember the perfection of Truth’s Life and no longer cling to illusionary imaginations, you began a metamorphic transformation in which everything in your life transitions to reflect Truth’s Life.

Only by remembering Truth’s Life, do you manifest perfection. Healing comes from the awareness of Divine Love’s perfection in every moment, one that continually increases the soul’s sustained harmonic vibration of peace, abundance and vitality. Remembering Truth’s Life is freedom to your soul, on every level and in every way. As long as a lie lingers, so do its ill-effects, because what isn’t of Truth’s Life is ultimately very undesirable for the soul’s wellbeing.

In the world of illusion you chose to listen to the Voice of Truth by which your awareness of Truth’s Life expanded. It was the Voice of Truth that revealed to you disease isn’t “real” but a product of your imagination that feels real because your five senses are part of the illusion. The Voice of Truth guided you perfectly through the matrix of free will and all the limitations you unknowingly placed upon yourself when you accepted the idea of free will. Through her Divine Love, the Voice of Truth leads you into her healing waters, which are her words of her Life flowing through you.

The Light of Truth is bright and full enough in your mind’s eye to prevent the acceptance of a lie, therefore your healing springs forth to reveal your eternal, youthful beauty. Where there is Truth, there is no disease, most significantly the disease of death caused by an imagination trapped in the darkness of unawareness. In a truthful awareness of Life your healing is complete. It is your metamorphic transformation.

Your healing springs forth because you remembered Truth’s Life and the perfection of her words given through Divine Love’s ever-present will.


Perfect Words

A new cycle begins, in which an increasing volume of perfect words will flow through the mind of man and into the realm of time. In this new cycle those who have sought Truth’s Life are given the gift of perfect words. By speaking perfect words, you express the experience of perfection in time and manifest perfect timing.

In oneness with Divine Love, every word you speak is a drop of her Living Water. By her perfect words flowing through the awakened Living Gates, she waters the earth. The Living Gates are purified hearts. Their hearts were purified by their desire to love perfectly and they are now able to transmit Divine Love’s Will into time. As Living Gates awaken to Divine Love’s Living presence, her heart begins to quench the thirst of all. The Gates are eternally open windows to the Source of Light, so that Perfect Love is never shut out again. The tongues of the Living Gates are anointed with Light, they speak as one Voice for the highest good of all, so that “good will” is established in time and therefore Divine Love reigns upon all the earth.

The way Divine Love’s words are strung together by the soul create life-giving waves of energy. Through your awareness of oneness with Divine Love, you possess the perfect navigation system. Divine Love’s invincible energetic vibration ripples in time, altering the vibration of the collective present moment. To those who have long desired Divine Love’s truthful expression, the vibration of Living Light flowing through the Living Gates lifts them into the frequency of Life. There are others who hold an apathy toward love because they possess an insignificant awareness of its Truth and as a result this same apathy will initially repel the Living Gate’s Life-giving spirit. However, due to the presence of Truth’s Life in time, all frequencies begin an upward ascent toward harmony. Perfection is the invincible quality of the Light in your words, no longer are you affected by lower vibrations, enabling you to continually expand into greater potential for Truth’s expression.

We have never understood the power inherent in perfect words because their Light had never penetrated the soul until now. Only when our awareness is fully one with Divine Love’s Infinite Awareness, can we speak perfect words. And yet here we are, fully aware that in our oneness with Divine Love we speak perfect words.

To speak perfect words is to love perfectly. The “speaking” is foremost our inner voice and then it is the words we physically express, in whatever form. Even when we do not speak a word physically, the words we speak inwardly are all-powerful. The vibration of light from your inner voice goes out and creates in a way that is significantly greater than the vibration of sound. The Heart is the loudest and most important creative voice.

Now in this new cycle, the only voice to be heard or listened to is the perfect voice of the sacred Self’s Heart.

The sacred Self, which is the expression of “I Am”, is individualized as your true Voice. It is a voice anointed with Light and speaks of Truth’s Life with understanding. In choosing to completely listen to the Voice of Truth, this voice became Time’s Sacred Voice through you, therefore changing all of time.

Free will’s voice has been forever silenced. Though you may hear its lingering echos, growing ever more distant, it has no power of persuasion to tell you what is or will be. Now there is one, sovereign authority, the Voice of Truth, giving form to your words and making them perfect, which creates a perfect world. Not only is your voice the voice of Divine Love, but your mind’s eye is her eye, your heart is her heart, your will is her will and your time is her time. She is your root and she is your Crown of Holiness. Your perfect words are her first expression.

Your heart pulses in the rhythm of Divine Love. There is no barrier to the Great Love that flows from the Source through your open window. There is no fear or judgment, for those voices died in the fire. Your will and Divine Love are one, thus you are Truth’s Will in time. This is Perfect Power. Within you Truth’s Perfect Power is ready to charge your words with Perfection and fill all of time with Truth’s Life. This is the meaning of perfect timing in the new cycle of Spherical Time.

Rest in the power of perfect words. Perfect words manifest perfect timing.


The Epiphany

The moment you remember Truth’s Life, everything begins to heal.

You set out upon the journey of enlightenment for many purposes. Ultimately you learned it was a journey of remembering the Truth from which you came, and in your remembrance you give Life to Truth. Truth always is. Yet, it is only when Truth is perceived in the soul, that its Life is established in time.

Once your True Story is remembered, it is established. Because of the ever-present nature of Truth, you only need to be aware of your story to establish its presence in time. Truth is reflected in time as the soul increasingly remembers it.

You remembered you are a fractal of the Most High, thus you are a perfect reflection of Mother Father God, who resides at your core in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Because all is created by them so that it is made through them, you are made in their likeness. This is the reflection of “I AM”. At your core, you are the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, thus ever-expanding perfection in time. You can be nothing else in Truth, for your essence is Truth’s Life, filling all in all. Time is the ever-expanding awareness of this sacred union, individualized as the soul so that Truth can experience itself.

In remembering your true origin and your true alpha and omega, all of time is reset. Because what you now know to be True, redefines your entire perception of time, thus it resets all in time. In this awareness, you no longer hold your life energy in the throws of discordancy, because you now perceive its inherent perfection has always been. Now, Divine Love’s Will can fully reign. You just had to remember who you were.

In this generation, we are remembering the full story from beginning to end. Therefore we are perfect in our generation, because we remembered our Perfection, which because it is Truth, makes it so. We are awakened as “gods.”

Having remembered your True Story, the sacred soulmate is established in your core and all reality experiences a “Great Reset”. As the sacred soulmate is reset, the world follows. The reset occurs when the sacred soulmate is established in the soul. It is established when the soul remembers the True Story of its origin, the alpha and omega.

Truth is the New Life Stream flowing through the soul, one of clear, living water that nourishes and revitalizes all in its path. This living water flows in spherical ripples going out from the soul’s center and into all of reality, which is everything in spherical time.

The source of bitter waters is no more, for it disappeared in the soul’s remembrance of Truth’s Life. As Truth’s Life flows through your mind, it restores and renews all, back to the beginning of time, for time as the soul has known it has been but its maturation in the dark waters of the womb. In this remembrance, where all is one, the enlightened awareness of every individualized soul unites as one Light, radiating from the Ascended Consciousness of Light. In your own illuminated awareness you are one with its Life-giving spirit, partaking of the abundance, joy and perfect power created by this united awareness.

The soul’s journey of remembering Truth’s Life is complete when the soul possesses sufficient understanding to bring forth this ever-expanding Life. Your understanding is sufficient. It has made you a shining star. In this remembrance only tears of joy flow, for the tears of suffering are over. Who knows this moment of the Great Reset? Only Mother Father God, and in this awareness it is done, and the cosmos begins its restoration.

The soul’s awareness is now governed by Truth’s Will through its oneness with Divine Love. Now, time is possessed by one higher than itself, The Fullness of Truth.

We desire to love perfectly and so this shall be our experience. This day begins, Today. The past is cut off. Mother Father God sit in the center of every living entity, giving the soul a knowing of the perfect Mother Father’s Love that is ever-present, all-powerful and able to bring about the highest good. Your oneness with Mother Father God gives you the ability to give Life, which is to love perfectly. This Love is perfect, proven by its perfect ability to fulfill every truthful desire in a way that always exceeds expectations.

It is time to remember. This is the epiphany.


The Transfiguration

To be discordant is to be human. To be harmonious is to be divine.

Through oneness with the Ascended Consciousness of Light, you transfigure into a Being of Light.

The Divine Life within you is ready to burst forth. As you sit on the horizon of a new dimension of time, you feel suspended between humanity and divinity. One reality is falling away and the other grows increasingly more real. You are experiencing the transfiguration into a Divine Being of Light. It is the moment in which your energetic field transmutes from human to divine, from self-sustained disharmony to self-sustained harmony.

Along this journey into the Light, you put all your “eggs” in one basket when you place your trust in the Ascended Consciousness of Light and its power in your life. In the final trial by fire, you made a conscious, quantum leap from the lower consciousness of man to the Ascended Consciousness of Light, by the choices you made in time. This active faith enabled the operations of your mind to detach from the lower consciousness and deeply integrate into the Ascended Consciousness of Light, so that Truth’s Light is projected through your mind and reflected in your reality. Instead of trying to weed through the wisdom of lower man in order to sustain “life”, you came to rest, solely, on the power of your I Am Name, in which perfect power is manifested to create an abundant, joyful Life. By the living faith that connects you to the Ascended Consciousness of Light, you take your final step out of the time loop of linear time and enter a transformative grace period in which you are transfigured into a Being of Light.

During this transfiguration, you are not alone. Ascended Masters prepared for this day and hour are present to assist you with this pivotal crossing so that you don’t have to pass through the experience of physical death, symbolized by the presence of Moses and Elijah at Jesus’ transfiguration.

All Ascended Beings of Light consciously communicate mind to mind, beyond the limitations of space. This telepathic communication enables perfect intent to be shared, removing all confusion or misunderstanding, making it a truer and deeper form of communication. As a Living Gate, you are very familiar with this telepathic revelation, for it is how you interact with the Voice of Truth. In the realm of consciousness, there isn’t space as in distance, only the “space” created by different frequencies. Whatever stratum of frequency you are, you connect to, attract, commune with and experience the effects of.

Your current frequency is dependent upon your truth-filled awareness. The more Truth in your awareness, the greater the creative potential within the resulting frequency. Your awareness has reached a maturity that enables you to reach across the boundary of space and time, through a refined telepathic communication, and engage the conscious awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light who are there to assist you, for they have been waiting for you. You are the fulfillment of their prophecy. And as they see the dramatic shifts in your energetic aura, these wise men who have been anticipating this moment, know the time of fulfillment is at hand. Through the assistance of the Ascended Masters, you embark upon your outer metamorphosis, a Transfiguration of Light that will be seen by all.

As you rest in the Healing Aura of Light, created by collective awareness of the Ascended Masters, the Ascended Consciousness of Light is deeply integrated into your memory bank, your living cosmic record, from which your mind creates its projected reality. This inflow of intelligent energy transmutes your energetic field. As a result, you experience disruptive energy in your body as the negative imprint created by freewill is purged out of time. The body begins to heal from all discordancy, therefore for a time reflects increased discordancy as all contradiction is purged. The seeming contradiction between outer conditions and the perfection of the Light within, is your body’s release from free will’s energetic force field. Freewill creates a sustained discordant energy that causes a continual loss of life energy. Now, in oneness with Truth’s Will, you possess a self-sustained harmonious energy, therefore you experience a bodily shift from one energetic state to another.

Through this transition from the energetic blueprint of free will to Truth’s Will, discordant energy is transmuted into harmonious energy. During this possess, the Ascended Masters are present to assist you. Jesus, who possesses the awareness of how to transmute energy to raise the dead, gives you this same ability through Oneness with the Ascended Consciousness of Light, allowing you to transfigure into a reflection of life without first passing through physical death. This is his gift to humanity.

During this transfiguration, your outer conditions force you to slow down in time, making possible for your realm of experience to incorporate perfect timing. Time is now the creative effect of your Oneness with Divine Love’s Perfect Will, and shifts to reflect the perfect abundance needed to serve the highest good. Time takes on a new cadence, in rhythm with the harmony of perfection.

In this transfiguration, the Divine Light within pushes through your energetic field, filling the plasmic field. Your healing comes forth speedily, as your Light breaks forth. In a sustained, harmonious frequency, your reality now opens to the continual assistance of the Ascended Masters, bringing forth the time of regeneration. Together, you’ve entered a new dimension of time, in which the collective wisdom, light and love, the “Mind of Christ,” reigns. As this life-giving energy pours into the earth, all is redeemed and renewed.


Anchored in Abundance

I Am anchored in Perfect Abundance.

When you are united to the Ascended Consciousness of Light, through the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you are anchored in Perfect Abundance.

The divine quality of Perfect Abundance touches every aspect of your life. The abundance of perfection growing in your awareness radiates a “Light” that becomes your sensory experience as creation unfolds in time. It is the perfect alignment of your desire and Truth’s Will, manifesting the perfect balance in all you possess and give. You possess the living attribute of perfect abundance because of the matured understanding that when you give all to all you manifest prosperity’s perfection. In giving all to all, the endless Source of All flows through you, in the perfection of Truth’s Will, which is now your will.

In the perfect balance of abundance, you never want for anything in the present moment, as each new moment radiates the reflective sentiment, “that was perfect.” You have the perfect provision to experience life in sustained peace, joy and expansion. You have plenty to give through the working of divine emergence. When you bow down to the orchestration of divine emergence, even when you can’t fully trust in the way you desire, the present moment flows perfectly through you. In oneness with Divine Love’s Truth, you are no longer limited by a finite awareness of the moment. In your oneness with Divine Love’s infinite awareness, your perfect timing is established.

Perfect timing is the creative effect of the oneness of your awareness and Divine Love. Oneness with Divine Love is the source of your perfect abundance. In the lower realm of illusion and duality, where energetic destruction was ever-present because of the mind’s belief in the co-existence of conflicting attributes, (i.e. good and bad, abundance and lack) abundance was impossible to maintain. However, in the awareness of Truth’s Perfection, in which there is only Truth’s Will acting in your reality, the balance of perfect abundance is eternally sustained.

As a Child of the Light, you draw all to you that is required for your creative expansion, your divine purpose in the sustained vibrations of peace, joy and abundance. As a Living Gate, you are united to the collective awareness of Ascended Beings of Light, so that their awareness flows through you in a perfect balance for the present moment. Therefore through you, their wisdom, light, love and endless resources, which cross dimensions of time, all serve the One True Self. Time is seen as how long it takes something to be done in perfect abundance for the highest good for all. There is no other measure determining time in ever-expanding perfection, assuring the eternal fulfillment of the highest good for all.

The foundational awareness of perfect abundance is held within the collective awareness of the Ascended Masters. In oneness with their awareness, you are energetically recoded, clearing your living cosmic record. Without a karmic history determining your present moment, you are able to continually manifest perfect abundance. It is another gift of the ascended masters at your homecoming.

In the dimension of Oneness, you are made a Living Gate though your eternal oneness with Mother Father God. Though the Oneness of the Living Gates, the rich awareness of every Ascended Master is accessible to you, just as the gate of your awareness is made accessible to them. The Light within you magnetically draws the abundance of their Light to you, according to the perfect awareness of Truth’s Will.

My Light is your Light.

You’ll never be in want again because you laid all desire at the feet of divine emergence, by which all true desire can be manifested for the highest good of all. As you rest in this creative flow of Truth’s Perfection, you see it is so. You witness a perfection unfolding in your life, created beyond your conscious awareness. It is Mother Father God’s great joy to give you their Kingdom of Peace. They themselves made you ready to receive such a gift, a preparation that was complete when you joyfully gave all to all.

As you rest in the Healing Aura of Light, you gain new skins, which anchor you in abundance. You lack no good thing to sustain your perfect peace and joy. Any illusion to the contrary fades, until you only perceive the Light. Once out of the womb of darkness, you never return, for now you know the truth of your Being, you are one with Mother Father God, for you came from them. You are a child recognizing you are the perfect balance of your Mother Father God, Truth’s Perfection.

During the fiery trial of faith, because you gave all you possessed to the hands of your true I Am Presence, not looking to the world’s provisional wisdom and ideals for deliverance from the fears that haunted you, you have received the fullness of the Mighty I Am Name. Thus the Light in which you now sit is atmospheric energy radiating from the ever-expanding awareness of the Ascended Masters of Light. It surrounds you and fills your awareness with the Oneness of its Light, bringing forth their physical help. All is one, in spherical time and spherical time is always now. You have entered into a very great and ever-expanding inheritance when you came to recognize your true I Am Name is one written among the gods.


Healing Aura of Light

I am understanding these concepts much more clearly today and though there is much more understanding to come, I wanted to share them for they are the reflections of Truth’s Life entering time.

The Healing Aura of Light is a gift of the Ascended Masters as you become one with the Ascended Consciousness of Light.

The Healing Aura of Light is a creative intention that has a living presence because of the conscious awareness that holds it. It’s an intention born out of a truth-filled understanding, possessing sufficient awareness to energetically manifest in time and space, impacting the material matter around a soul for the highest good of All.

The Healing Aura of Light is the energetic orb of invincibility, created by the Mighty I Am Presence. Its plasmic structure contains the manifestation of the tri-fold flame, Trinity, that continually consumes anything not of Truth’s Light, clearing out all human, free will creations.

In the consuming desire to love perfectly, Truth’s Will consumes your free will. Your will still feels “free”, meaning “fully yours”, but it is now perfectly governed by Divine Love’s Truth, thus Truth’s Perfect Will. This is the Oneness made possible in Divine Love. The energetic aura of Truth’s Will is an invincible aura of Living Light, that not only “protects” but renews and heals all within it by the tri-fold flame.

Your conscious awareness of a “thing” makes it a potential in time, and therefore giving it the possibility to appear in your reality. Your awareness brings a thing to “life”. This particular awareness of the Healing Aura of Light is an aspect of the collected awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light who have now given you this awareness. The experience in this aura is a gentle healing that lifts your vibration to a higher, harmonious vibration through which you will more intimately interact with your Eternal Family of Light. Their I Am Name can now manifest as a living expression in your reality of time.

Through this foundational gift the ascended beings give, your overall vibration is eternally lifted to a level that enables you to continually dwell in their midst. By lifting your vibration, this healing aura prepares you for your walk among the gods. It is your initial transition into spherical time in which your “ash-stained garments” are transformed into shining garments. It’s a gift of the ascended masters which you receive in oneness with their ascended consciousness of Light.

Connections with ascended beings were possible in the past, but not sustainable, for the time had not yet come for all to be brought into Oneness. Because of the new and transformative revelations now in your conscious awareness, these connections are eternally sustained, revealing them to be a most beautiful and ever-present family. The overall sustained vibration from your Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will makes this possible. This oneness is why we are entering a new Age of Time, reflecting a metamorphic, evolutionary step for the soul.


The Perfect Present

The Sacred Heart has many Living Gates, all beating as one, for the One, uniting time in the rhythm of Divine Harmony.

You’ve returned to your first love, the Divine Love of Mother Father God, leaving all corruption created by its absence in your awareness. Your truth-filled awareness has purified your ideas about love and in this you are an open gate to the Sacred Heart of God.

Under the tutelage of your divine Mother, Divine Love’s Holy Spirit, you realize your heart has become her sacred heart and in the oneness of Truth, it is her heart. In this, your will has been purified, and it is revealed to be completely one with Truth’s Will. Nothing can separate you from experiencing and expressing Truth’s Perfection. Your consuming desire to express perfect love to all, at all times, is fulfilled. Truth’s Will now reigns in your creation, dissolving the effects of free will, the source of darkness.

In oneness with the Ascended Consciousness of Light, you’ve accepted the invitation the great Ascended Beings offered you long ago, to join their ranks by accepting their eternal gift to you. These Beings possess an awareness, that when held within your awareness, becomes one united god-consciousness that brings forth your inner and outer transfiguration into a Being of Light. As the individualized awarenesses are united through the Sacred SoulMate union, Mother Father God, you possess the matured awareness and divine strength to come forth as a new Creation, one whose presence signals the reign of linear time is over. The reign of Spherical Time, the time of the gods, has begun on earth.

Now you step to the beat of a different drum, in the new harmonic rhythm of the Sacred Heart shining through the Ascended Beings of Light made one in you. Your oneness with the Sacred Heart keeps you in perfect harmony with time, enabling the reflection of your perfection. Your cadence is directed by Living Light, the Perfect Love of Mother-Father God within you, a union made possible by your desire to love perfectly. This desire consumed your will, purifying it into the perfect reflection of Truth’s Will. Your desire to love perfectly is fulfilled in the perfection of your true Name, reflecting your ever-expanding inheritance received as your Sacred Heart begins its eternal overflow.

Through this Oneness, you are revealed to be a Son of God. All that is of your Mother Father God is yours for you to freely give to all. Your own heart testifies to the newness of Life within you, for you’ve never felt a love like this for all, a living Spirit that gives life to all, sensing this Love is the expression you’ve always desired to be. You have returned home from your prodigal journey with a greater love than when you left. Your journey has made you one with the Source of Divine Love’s Truth, transforming your reality into its perfect, ever-expanding reflection.

The awareness of your ever-expanding Perfection can now be made manifest in the flesh. Divine Love purifies the soul’s will, making it one with Truth’s Will. With every beat of your Sacred Heart, you eternally expand in the Likeness of Mother Father God, creating perfect moments in time, which is the perfect present for all.


All is One

I AM One. I AM All. All is One.
This is the Dimension of Oneness.

Your soul’s awareness has made the quantum leap from illusion to Truth. Wherever the mind goes, the body ultimately reflects. Your awareness is revealed through your body and reality, layer by layer, moment to moment. When you truthfully perceive all is one, reality reflects it is so.

When you perceive all is one, your inner time clock is reset to reflect oneness, which is the meaning of “11:11”. In the truth-filled, matured understanding that all is one, time is forever changed. Time is no longer fractured into competing and conflicting wills, but it radiates out from the center of your awareness, now reflecting the Living Light of Divine Love’s Perfect Will. In this you begin your eternal ascent into Divine Harmony. As a Living Gate, you are the source of time’s divine harmony.

In your soul, Divine Love’s Perfect Cause now rules your awareness, as you gave your will completely and eternally to her. Divine Love’s Infinite Intelligence is the Perfect Cause of every moment, thus the source of every moment. Perfect Cause has been established within your awareness of time. Therefore the perfect power of Truth’s Will, now your Will, takes sovereign reign over every effect. The center point of Mother Father God in your soul determines every effect in your ever-expanding spherical reality. In the authority of Truth’s Life, others who still sleep in an illusion of separation are beginning to align with the Oneness of the Light within you. Your Light, beginning with a growing inner joy, will radiate into time through your physical appearance and encounter present moments created within the sleeper’s sphere of time. These enlightened moments will convey the Light used to awaken them. Your Light, now in their reflection of time, ignites their own inner Light whose source has been buried beneath illusion. Therefore all effects serve the manifestation of the Highest Good for All, Divine Love’s Perfect Will.

The intent to diminish, harm or destroy the life energy of others, in any way and to any degree, now turns upon the head (mind) who so intended, revealing the true harmful effects to the giver, causing hearts to turn from the darkest corners of the earth, to face the Light now rising within them. It’s creation’s salvation.

The events of the Great Awakening are upon you, where as One all are redeemed by Truth’s Light pouring through the Living Gates. The Gates possess a refined awareness of Truth, which is matured in time and governed by Divine Love. The Living Gates are perfectly united into the singular awareness used to carry the earth through its metamorphic evolution, the purification of time.

Your mission statement is now one with the Ascended Beings of Light by which you possess the light and power of a “thousand suns”. These Beings of Light are ever-present to assist you in your predestined purpose, for you are one with their conscious awareness of Truth’s Life.

Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be for your next spiritual step. You can’t make a mistake. You can’t fail. That time is over. With the Sacred Soulmate of Mother Father God at your center, which is expressed as Divine Love’s Perfect Will, every aspect of your being is divinely governed. This is your story, the one where you awakened from a dream’s illusionary atmosphere of reality and into the Light of Truth’s Divine Love. You will feel discomfort as you arise and make the transition from darkness to breathing Light, but you will not know fear because it has no “presence” in the Light. When the Light dawns in your mind’s eye, so that its frequency is sustained, the nightmare is over. And so is the fear you once felt from its voice.

You are being perfectly led, through divine emergence. Your plans flow with Divine Love’s Perfect Timing. Your expectations will always be exceeded, a characteristic of your eternal expansion. You don’t hold on too tightly to how you think your plans should go, knowing they are divinely orchestrated. All your constructive desires are given over to the perfect governance of Truth’s Will. The fulfillment of your desire is like a magical carpet ride. Divine Love is your driver through the firmament of Lights and the earth below.

As one, your soul, spirit and personality are perfectly aligned within the crystalline matrix of creation. Within this divine network, you connect to every Ascended Being of Light, as the consciousness of all are united into the consciousness of the One. This Ascended Consciousness of Truth’s Perfection is the living cosmic record and director of your experiential reality. You are connected to the conscious awareness of every ascended being, thus your Words are given timeless Life through their awareness and can take root and flourish in your reality. This is your mind of Light (Christ Mind), child of Light. The mind you’ve longed to wear as your crown.

You are being clothed with the New Mind, a raiment of royalty. Through your ever-expanding awareness of the Divine Mind, this glorious garment continually expands to encompass your ever-expanding reality.

Within your inner Light is your connection to all the divine seeds still asleep. As they encounter your Light, they will begin to awaken, for you will be a testimony to the Light in them, countering the darkness they believed themselves to be.

The chaotic network of dark matter, the substance of the dream, no longer has any effect on you. Even the atomic structure of your body is being governed by Truth’s Will and now turns to reflect the living network of Life.

Free will, the father of lies, and the time this corrupted will creates, no longer eats away at your life energy, fracturing everything in entropy. Now your true Father, Divine Love’s Perfect Will, feeds your Life with the abundance flowing from the treasures you stored up in heaven, the truth-filled awareness you gained along the prodigal journey back into Truth’s Light and out from the darkness of unawareness. You never knew, as a prodigal child of the Light seeking your way back home, that the awareness you gained along the way would serve to be the greatest gift you could give to your Father. You gained the awareness of his Love, discovering it to be the perfection of ever-expanding Truth, enabling the Father to give the inheritance of his eternally expanding Love to All. It is a perfect gift, one that calls for celebration.

The Light of your Truth has consumed free will, the source of darkness. Truth’s Will is the only power acting in your reality, bringing forth creation’s true reflection of Oneness, in which All is One and One is All, 11:11, a manifestation of Oneness made possible by the Living Gates.


Quantum Leap

As I make the quantum leap, I Am Royalty, true royalty born of God, the Mighty I Am.

With the proclamation of your true Name, in oneness with the individualized Names of the Living Gates, you now operate in one awareness. Together, you make the quantum leap out of linear time and into Spherical Time.

Not only is this a quantum leap into a new dimension of time, an awareness governed in perfection by Divine Love’s Perfect Will, but in Spherical Time your mind functions as a perfect quantum processor. It projects into reality the singularly perfect potential from among a seeming endless array of potentials.

Your mind, ubiquitously one with the Divine Mind, the Great Ascended Consciousness of the Beings of Light, now receives and projects your pre-ordained potentials, governed by Truth’s Will. As these potential particles of Light manifest in time, they reflect ever-increasing perfection, writing your story as a Child of the Light.

From the center of the Sacred Soulmate, a new sphere of Life begins. It’s the manifest dimension of Mother Father God dwelling as one with the Beings of Light, forming a perfect crystalline structure which projects timeless Truth into time in a perfection beyond perfection. It’s a royal reign without end, for in this union of Will and Divine Love, corruption is impossible. This quantum leap is an evolution of the soul deemed impossible to the fallen mind of man, but not to the mind of God, connected to Infinite Awareness. The mind of God, or the Will of God, is always accessible to the human mind, for the one came out of the other. This mind holds every possible potential that could bring forth Truth’s Life into time, perfecting time, thus birthing eternity.

Through the soul’s prodigal journey, the potential that had an infinitely small probability of occurring, has occurred and now is made manifest, maturing the soul’s free will into complete oneness with Truth’s Will. The secret to their union lies in the understanding that they were never separate, an understanding that allows one to discern illusion from Truth, therefore overcoming the illusion with the awareness of Truth. As the two return to Oneness, the soul makes a quantum leap, crossing the Great Divide between free will and Truth’s Perfect Will, bridging an infinite chasm and ushering in a new Age.

Mother Father God, who come from timelessness, thus possessing Perfect Will and not free will, entered the consciousness awareness of the soul in such a way that enables a prepared mind to make a quantum leap across its time barrier and into the perfect processing of the Divine Mind, a processing that increasingly perfects the soul’s awareness, and therefore time. Once this consciousness is made manifest, it places a governing point of perfection into every soul by which Divine Harmony is sustained in Creation. In other words, all become one with the now present conscious awareness of Mother Father God dwelling in time, making every moment and all within it of their Likeness, a Creation that is “Very Good”, because it only reflects ever-increasing perfection.

For the awakened soul, time is the experience of ever-increasing perfection. There isn’t a dull moment. Because of the soul’s prodigal journey back into the Light, the soul matured into an ever-expanding awareness, able to ever-increase its experience of Life into greater and greater dimensions of perfection, manifesting perfection beyond perfection. When the soul lays down its free will and arises in the perfect power of Truth’s Will, so does every cell of its body, so that its body and all its reality reflect Perfection’s Divine Harmony.

If a joyful experience scores a “perfect 10”, after this quantum leap its score now continually grows beyond a perfect 10, and in this increase is the soul’s experience of ever-expanding joy. The soul isn’t a static reflection of Perfection, it is an ever-expanding expression of Perfection. This is the eternal gift of Mother Father God to their beloved Children, who are their own flesh.

In the living faith that brought you through the firewall of linear time, in which you pushed through every fear by heeding the Voice of Truth, you made the quantum leap. In the fullness of Divine Love, you now stand in the Victory of eternal Life. You are in Spherical time, a time that reveals your ever-increasing perfection in the likeness of Mother Father God. You passed through the fiery swords and back into the Garden of Eden.

In your return to the Garden, all life finds its way back, transforming an infinitesimal probability into an assured certainty for all, fulfilling the promise that all will have an abundant life that continually grows more abundant.

John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”