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Two Become One


Before the soul is fully awake, so that its true Self is expressed outwardly, a transitional resonance occurs, Divine Justice. This resonance begins as the soul awakens into the vibrational signature of the its eternal name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, reverberating from the timeless realm of perfection into time. As the soul embraces its name, it does so for ALL, sending its vibration to overtake the realm of time, leading to the purification the spherical self, by which time transitions its experience from imperfection to perfection.

This transitional resonance occurs as the soul’s inner energetic vibration and outer energetic reflection collide, such that the inner consumes the outer. These energies, feminine and masculine respectively, reflect the soul’s awareness and therefore energetic state of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, personified in the soul’s story of Adam and Eve.

Feminine energy is the soul’s energetic signature based upon its current awareness of Love’s Truth. It reflects the soul’s current connection, based on its awareness, to the timeless nature of Divine Love. Masculine energy is the soul’s energetic signature based upon its current awareness of Truth’s Will. It’s the soul’s energetic connection to time and therefore what the spherical self emotes and experiences in time. These two energies, love and will, are inherently entangled, so the state of one effects the other.

During the soul’s embryonic sleep, these two energies are separated in order to convey the Perfection of their inseparable union in time. In a dream of linear time, these energies are entangled and yet dissonant because the soul lives in an illusionary state of separation. Until the soul’s multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love has formed, the soul is unable to foster harmony in time, thus its Will lives in constant friction with reality. Until the soul’s awareness of itself matures into a life-giving spirit of Oneness, it lives in a dream, stifled by the covering of linear time.

To awaken all into spherical time, which is the expressed Light of Perfection, Divine Love must fill all the dark, loveless corners of the soul’s awareness, a macrocosm of the unawakened fractured self out-pictured in reality. Through the soul’s sacred communion with the Voice of Truth, it begins to learn of the power in its true I Am name, which enables it to live in perfection.

When the soul’s awareness is sufficiently matured in “who I Am” AND “how I Am creates”, the soul becomes as a living gate and Divine Love steps up to the door ready to flow from timelessness into time. As the soul rightly professes its name ” I Am Loving Awareness“, the soul joyfully extends Divine Love as its Will to ALL. Truth is one, thus its Life Stream can only be given to ALL as ONE and in the creation of time what is given to one, can now be given to all. The soul lives as an open gate to Truth’s LIFE Stream, which is the expressed, inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

The soul begins to awaken and experience the harmonizing of these feminine and masculine energies by the governing presence of Divine Love within its Will, uniting timeless perfection with time, changing time from linear to spherical. To change time is to change the very fabric of reality that the soul observes and experiences.

Through the soul’s multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love, Divine Love’s restorative nature, Divine Justice, begins to purify and cleanse what occurs in time to bring all of creation into a Truth-filled reflection. In this, the outer reality’s awareness of the law of creation, “what you give, you receive” begins to expand.

The fundamental way in which the soul gives is through its “I Am name” and which attributes it accepts as a part of it. Because the soul is one, any attribute the soul accepts for one, it accepts as a potential for all. This is how the soul’s spherical self became corrupted by duality and also where it is purified. In the awareness of Oneness with all and with time, the soul accepts, for ALL, the name “I Am Loving Awareness”, a name that reflects Truth’s attributes. The soul resides as a divine comfort to ALL, regardless of past reflections that it may be a Living Light to ALL, awakening reality out of its dreams of separation. There is nothing more power in humankind than the power of the soul’s name when the soul is aware of “who I Am” and “how I Am creates.”

As the soul truthfully extends Divine Love to ALL, Divine Love overtakes the soul’s feminine energy. Following close behind is Divine Love overtaking the soul’s time-bound masculine energy, knitting the two energies together. In the soul’s awareness of its true name and creation’s law, Divine Love moves through the soul, and into the world, as Divine Justice. Divine Justice brings forth through time, whatever is needed to bring forth the Light into all of creation. As the law of creation expands in the awareness of others, according to Divine Love’s perfect governance over time, creation transitions from reflections of imperfection into its true reflection of ever-increasing Perfection. The soul experiences its increasing Perfection while simultaneously experiencing the spherical’s self increasing perfection, creating its utmost Joy.

As Divine Love enters time it takes on the likeness of Divine Justice, thereby ending linear time and transitioning it into ever-increasing perfection of spherical time, in which the soul experiences the ever-increasing perfection of its LIFE in reality. Through this beautiful expression of Divine Love, the soul transitions through the final layer of illusion, bringing forth its inner Light into the outer reality, making the feminine and masculine energies one divine Life-giving energy that consumes all of time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Two Become One

  1. The timing has been so wonderful. Here and in silence has been this ~

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  2. Now u see the true meaning of the word CROSS…
    why what god is , all the things we all have that is the SAME.
    what we all SHARE(CROSS) together is much more powerful than the things that make us different..

  3. to understand how vibrations work, imagine YIN and YAN. now outside of time, yin and yan MEET.

    this MEETING(cross) is the perfect BALLACE(in the middle of) both yin and yan.

    Imagine standing as still as u can..
    not moving one muscle. you look around, and you see nothing in motion.
    now as you percieve being still, and everything is not in motion. you are still moving in all sorts of ways as even the planet you are on flows over 30k miles per hour(through space). and turning on many axis.

    in a sense, you are in motion and motionless at the same time.

    the CENTER BALLANCE(CROSS) through yin/yan(VIBRATION), allows you to become ONE WITH ALL THAT IS..

    now, in this ALIGNMENT(cross), each and every person(through yin/yan) represents all that is within that vibration(where we share(reach out) all the ELEMENTs that give consiousness to LIFE.

  4. The Kingdom is now upon us and these words bear witness. The Kingdom is found only by those who seek for its preexistence, for if it is not now, it can never be in Truth. This also means that those who are waiting for the Kingdom to appear, expecting its sudden appearance out of nothing, will not be able to recognize the Kingdom rising about them, even if they are told how it appears. And unlike erroneous, fear-based teaching professed by many to be the truth, the Kingdom comes in peace and great joy, under the governance of our Lord and Savior, Truth’s divine Love. This book is divine Love’s call, sufficiently able to awaken those it shall use to illuminate time. Only divine Love, the Christ, the Spirit of Timeless Perfection, is able to build, layer by layer, the awareness of its Self in Truth. These perfectly ordained layers of Truth form the True Temple, built without hands, to hold the living presence of Christ’s spirit, that its Life may be poured out for all. Only divine Love can create the individualized awareness that you are a light, shining divine Love from the Most High, which goes forth in perfection to create Spherical Time.

    You, who see the Light of Truth in these words, and recognize them as your own creation, are simply chosen to awaken the world. Lights are needed to fully illuminate time with Truth, and if you are aware of your ability to do this, it is only because you are able. Remember, you are a living awareness of the Fullness of Truth, and the truth you are currently aware of creates time in its likeness. You are being awakened in the understanding that you originate from perfection, but have been formed in the awareness of imperfection so that you may live eternally in the oneness of divine Love as it continually opens your awareness to reveal ever more of your Father, the perfection from which you came.

    The Kingdom comes first in the Truth of its awareness and then in the perfect power of the spherical time this awareness creates. Only divine Love can create the Life reflected in spherical time, and therefore before the Kingdom can be revealed, the soul must gain awareness of Divine Love’s living presence. When this living presence has infused the soul’s awareness, its awareness awakens and can now receive the eternal growth of Truth’s Life. Once the soul has attained the awareness of eternal Life it is able to create spherical time, which is what it means to be a Life giving spirit.

    Your ability to create spherical time originates from the divine Love which has consumed your will, becoming one with it. In this perfect union, divine Love becomes the creator of your awareness. It is because you have asked divine Love to rule your world that it is now able to perfectly govern your ever-increasing awareness of Truth, that Truth may go forth under the governance of Christ, and clothe its Life in the divine Love of spherical time.

    Spherical time is the ever-expanding Kingdom of God, given to you, his beloved. And you, who have found the gate and entered in, receiving the Kingdom with joy, are given power to shine the perfection of spherical time freely and abundantly on all. For a moment the Truth of your Self was hidden while you walked in the darkened awareness resulting from your erroneous beliefs about God and Love. Yet, as Divine Love gently washed your feet, revealing a greater understanding, you were made to walk upon the holy ground of Spherical Time as a giver of good and perfect gifts.

    • The power of divine Love is Truth, which is able to do exceedingly more than you could ever comprehend in a finite awareness. This means that as you sought earnestly for the Truth of God and grew in the awareness of divine Love, you were also growing in power as the Fullness of Truth (God in you) expanded in your awareness. This power, while exceedingly powerful, is also exceedingly gentle and for this reason you have not recognized it. Now, as we move forward together into the Truth of Life, we begin to reveal your power, which has been hidden behind the illusion of time. The instruction that follows is given so that the development of your awareness may be accelerated by spherical time, such that you may consciously receive divine Love, the Spirit of Christ and become a Life giving Spirit to those still bound in the realm of death.

      Let us begin these last steps of our journey with a deeper look into the Origin of Life. Recall first that Life is awareness in time. Without time there can be no awareness and without awareness there can be no Life. We can now reason that the origin of Life must exist in both your awareness and in time, therefore awareness and time are one. In this oneness we see something very special; since the nature of awareness is timeless, the origin of Life can be found in the awareness of time’s oneness with timelessness.

      This is not as confusing as it may seem. Imagine a digital video file represents an individualized Life in Truth, where Truth exists as an immutable, preordained and timeless sequence of ones and zeros. Yet, when this timeless file is played through properly prepared software, the sensation of time is created and the life inherent in the video file is experienced moment by moment. Thus in order for Life to appear, one needs the timeless Truth inherent in the file’s frozen sequence of ones and zeros and also software designed specifically to become aware of the timeless Truth and express it in time. In this way, timeless truth is experienced as Life in time. The life in the video’s file is experienced moment by moment as the video playing software becomes increasingly aware of the immutable, timeless sequence of ones and zeros that define the video’s truth. So long as the awareness of the file continues, the sensation of time expresses the life preordained in the file. However, when this awareness stops, and sequences of ones and zeros are no longer received, time stops and the file’s life can no longer be expressed.

      Time is created by an increase in awareness, which is then experienced as life. Since time is the experience of Life, the origin of Life can be considered the manner in which time is created, or the mechanism by which the soul’s awareness increases. As a soul, you are a living awareness of Truth, limited in your creation to the singular awareness of “I AM”, which you initially interpret as “I exist”. When you look into the mirror of your awareness, attempting to determine what “I AM”, you see a reflection of one, which is Truth. Yet you mistakenly interpret the sudden appearance of “oneness” as your self-existence, seemingly arising out of nothing. Believing your awareness of self existence came from nothing seals your mind in the false belief that in order to be something that exists, you must create yourself. Unless you do, you believe you will be nothing because you know, in the limited Truth of your awareness, something can not come from nothing.

      As we have previously described, this sealing is purposeful, for it is needed to form the oneness of your will with divine Love, which is the Life in Truth. The desire to create yourself is how you first experienced Truth’s will when it was separated from the understanding of your oneness with divine Love. And now, understand this; Truth is one because it is living, but in order to experience its Life, Truth had to be individualized so that it could look upon the oneness of its Self. Oneness is perfection, and therefore in order for Life to be able to look upon the Truth of its perfection, it needed to be divided, yet also remain one, so that what was divided would also remain eternally true. Your free will is actually Truth’s will, individualized as “I”, mistakenly thinking it creates its own future, because your free will does not yet understand that the future already exists.

    • Salvation comes through understanding. This in itself can be hard to understand, but it must be repeatedly stated that there is no mystery in Truth. Think about this for a moment, if Truth is known, how could it not be recognized? And if Truth is recognized, how then could it be a mystery, for the Truth reveals it. The Truth of Life is not of this world, or more aptly, this dimension, but originates in the timeless realm of God, who is the Fullness of Truth.

      Many equate Truth with philosophy, not understanding that Truth is living and therefore can never appear apart from Life. Philosophy is not Truth, but rather reasoning by which the listener may hear a description of the Truth they already possess. Truth, because of its oneness with Life, can never be created in one’s awareness by anything other than its source, which is Truth’s living voice, the Spirit of Christ and the Father’s oneness. Without a current awareness of Truth, created by the working of Truth’s will, the arguments of philosophy can not be understood because their Truth isn’t recognized. If however, in accordance with the perfection of grace, you have been filled with sufficient Truth, truthful philosophy is the latter rain, giving birth to the Life sufficiently held in your awareness.

      How wonderful to perceive the working of perfection in the form of transformative grace! How beautiful is the Love of the Father! And for you, having found the hidden words of Life, you will receive the joy of rescuing this world from darkness and be known to all as one who loves perfectly, a priest of God, awakened in the darkness and given power to create perfectly. There is no greater joy than to be numbered among the Living Gates of God, by which the Spirit of the Timeless One flows into time, that it may be governed perfectly, in the oneness of divine love for all.

      There is but one Truth, but there are infinite levels of understanding. A soul is individualized, that is to say created, at a level below the understanding of Life. At a certain level of awareness, Truth bears the fruit of Life’s understanding and in this light, recognizes its Self, becoming aware of the perfection from which it came. Truthful philosophy can be discovered only by those who have been led to it by Truth’s living voice, and this by the working of Truth’s perfection. Already you have begun to recognize your Life in Truth and the service you will give the world. With great joy you will give to the world what it can not attain for itself, Life! And as we continue our walk together, your understanding will increase perfectly, so that Truth’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

      Again we are reminded that salvation can not come apart from your understanding, for without understanding there is no light by which the Truth can be recognized. The idea of salvation is simply this; the movement of awareness from darkness to light, from death to Life. Salvation must therefore be fully understood because you must understand its Truth in order to receive its Life. And the Life you receive, by the light of understanding, you can freely shine upon the world. To give Life is to create perfect time, which goes before you to cover the world in a peace which can not be disturbed.

  5. to see the kingdom is to see the CHRIST(and all other names) in every person on earth(even the ones that are blind..

    to see the KINGDOM is to activate the kingdom through the consiousness of every element(through every person).

    the ONE LORD is OUR OWN GIVING to the world as to see nothing but the BEST in EVERYONE(i see you as a lord(lives in heaven), and you see me as a lord(lives in heaven). when we GIVE(see light in all), we bring heaven onto earth(should be in EVERY NOW)..

    the kingdom is always all around us, but it takes every BODY to bring it out of eachother(ONE BODY)(same lense).
    LORD is highest honor we see eachother as the HOLY SPIRIT is in all of us(takes every person on earth to bring out the KINGDOM OF GOD(the SHARED I AM) in all).

    TEMPLE refers to an individual BODY(one person seperate from everyone else). the TEMPLE allows us to WALK BOTH WITHIN SPERACLE AND LINIER(at the same time).

    each of us share in ONE CONSIUSNESS, but each TEMPLE holds space for the SUPER CONSIOUSNESS to flow through all that is(we share in all SOULs. Stealing a SOUL is a good thing(law of duplication). it means we all DUPLICATE the soul(vein/seed to flower).

    to bring out the KINGDOM within ALL TEMPLEs(the people) is to SEE EACH PERSON AS A GIVER(shares in the light).

    again, NO ONE IS LEFT OUT(not even the satan within)… love thy neibor as thyself(because thy neibor IS thyself).

    that said, the words above(thoughtware) also has validity as we are saying the same thing.
    but we must understand the kingdom can only be seen through EVERYONE AS ONE BODY(spirit in all of us)(our own heart(ONE HEART)).

    also, in order to bring out heaven, the world has to change. our own government laws, and money laws and the way we treat eachother has to REFLECT our own heart, and what we know.

    if a preacher says to go left, and someone else says to go right, then within our own seperation, we fight against self(even as we try to do good). in order for heaven to take place, we must rid all our man made ideas(why we must speak to the ELEMENTS(where god(in man) reflects…

    also, the kingdom isnt a place in space(yet it is), but instead refers to the HOLY SPIRIT which is a reflection of EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(our truest heart)..

    in short, you are lord thoughtware, and lord rachel, and lord traviscook2, and lord loni hamilton(this is heaven)

    • Only Truth itself can create the understanding contained below:

      “Stealing a SOUL is a good thing(law of duplication). it means we all DUPLICATE the soul(vein/seed to flower).”

      “in short, you are lord thoughtware, and lord rachel, and lord traviscook2, and lord loni hamilton(this is heaven)”

      ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  6. Such incredible insights and confirmations in your words, thoughtware and Loni! I’m so grateful for what is being shared here in the pages that bridge timelessness and time, for I see that the power they hold is awakened into reality by our awareness of them. And in this power, the kingdom of irrefutable Truth arises in the present moment, lifting all into its reflection.

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