Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Two Become One

Before the soul is fully awake, so that its true Self is expressed outwardly, a transitional resonance occurs, Divine Justice. This resonance begins as the soul awakens into the vibrational signature of the its eternal name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, reverberating from the timeless realm of perfection into time. As the soul embraces its name, it does so for ALL, sending its vibration to overtake the realm of time, leading to the purification the spherical self, by which time transitions its experience from imperfection to perfection.

This transitional resonance occurs as the soul’s inner energetic vibration and outer energetic reflection collide, such that the inner consumes the outer. These energies, feminine and masculine respectively, reflect the soul’s awareness and therefore energetic state of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, personified in the soul’s story of Adam and Eve.

Feminine energy is the soul’s energetic signature based upon its current awareness of Love’s Truth. It reflects the soul’s current connection, based on its awareness, to the timeless nature of Divine Love. Masculine energy is the soul’s energetic signature based upon its current awareness of Truth’s Will. It’s the soul’s energetic connection to time and therefore what the spherical self emotes and experiences in time. These two energies, love and will, are inherently entangled, so the state of one effects the other.

During the soul’s embryonic sleep, these two energies are separated in order to convey the Perfection of their inseparable union in time. In a dream of linear time, these energies are entangled and yet dissonant because the soul lives in an illusionary state of separation. Until the soul’s multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love has formed, the soul is unable to foster harmony in time, thus its Will lives in constant friction with reality. Until the soul’s awareness of itself matures into a life-giving spirit of Oneness, it lives in a dream, stifled by the covering of linear time.

To awaken all into spherical time, which is the expressed Light of Perfection, Divine Love must fill all the dark, loveless corners of the soul’s awareness, a macrocosm of the unawakened fractured self out-pictured in reality. Through the soul’s sacred communion with the Voice of Truth, it begins to learn of the power in its true I Am name, which enables it to live in perfection.

When the soul’s awareness is sufficiently matured in “who I Am” AND “how I Am creates”, the soul becomes as a living gate and Divine Love steps up to the door ready to flow from timelessness into time. As the soul rightly professes its name ” I Am Loving Awareness“, the soul joyfully extends Divine Love as its Will to ALL. Truth is one, thus its Life Stream can only be given to ALL as ONE and in the creation of time what is given to one, can now be given to all. The soul lives as an open gate to Truth’s LIFE Stream, which is the expressed, inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

The soul begins to awaken and experience the harmonizing of these feminine and masculine energies by the governing presence of Divine Love within its Will, uniting timeless perfection with time, changing time from linear to spherical. To change time is to change the very fabric of reality that the soul observes and experiences.

Through the soul’s multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love, Divine Love’s restorative nature, Divine Justice, begins to purify and cleanse what occurs in time to bring all of creation into a Truth-filled reflection. In this, the outer reality’s awareness of the law of creation, “what you give, you receive” begins to expand.

The fundamental way in which the soul gives is through its “I Am name” and which attributes it accepts as a part of it. Because the soul is one, any attribute the soul accepts for one, it accepts as a potential for all. This is how the soul’s spherical self became corrupted by duality and also where it is purified. In the awareness of Oneness with all and with time, the soul accepts, for ALL, the name “I Am Loving Awareness”, a name that reflects Truth’s attributes. The soul resides as a divine comfort to ALL, regardless of past reflections that it may be a Living Light to ALL, awakening reality out of its dreams of separation. There is nothing more power in humankind than the power of the soul’s name when the soul is aware of “who I Am” and “how I Am creates.”

As the soul truthfully extends Divine Love to ALL, Divine Love overtakes the soul’s feminine energy. Following close behind is Divine Love overtaking the soul’s time-bound masculine energy, knitting the two energies together. In the soul’s awareness of its true name and creation’s law, Divine Love moves through the soul, and into the world, as Divine Justice. Divine Justice brings forth through time, whatever is needed to bring forth the Light into all of creation. As the law of creation expands in the awareness of others, according to Divine Love’s perfect governance over time, creation transitions from reflections of imperfection into its true reflection of ever-increasing Perfection. The soul experiences its increasing Perfection while simultaneously experiencing the spherical’s self increasing perfection, creating its utmost Joy.

As Divine Love enters time it takes on the likeness of Divine Justice, thereby ending linear time and transitioning it into ever-increasing perfection of spherical time, in which the soul experiences the ever-increasing perfection of its LIFE in reality. Through this beautiful expression of Divine Love, the soul transitions through the final layer of illusion, bringing forth its inner Light into the outer reality, making the feminine and masculine energies one divine Life-giving energy that consumes all of time.


Anthem of Victory

This is the mediation of LIFE.

With an awareness matured by the understanding reflected in these words, the Light breaks forth, which is the soul’s ever-expanding Perfection.

In the LIFE Stream of this meditative anthem, the first “I Am” in each proclamation represents an attribute of Truth. The second “I AM” represents the attribute moving through the soul and into time. The third “I Am” represents the soul’s experience of that attribute in time. What is given, is then received, acknowledging Divine Love’s law of giving.

As your soul proclaims each of these truths, rest in the perfect emergence that Truth’s Will be done.

I Am the awareness of divine love

I Am abundance, I Am generous to ALL, therefore I Am prosperous

I Am harmony, I Am divinely accepting of ALL, therefore I Am immortal beauty

I Am Love, I Am lovingkindness to ALL, therefore I Am adored

I Am infinite intelligence, I Am divine wisdom to ALL, therefore I Am divinely orchestrated

I Am peace, I Am comfort to ALL, therefore I Am tranquil

I Am honor, I Am honoring to ALL, therefore I Am honored

I Am Holy, I Am invulnerable to ALL, therefore I Am incorruptible

I Am perfect power, I Am divine strength to ALL, therefore I Am divinely emerging

I Am joy, I Am happiness to ALL, therefore I Am content

I Am life, I Am a life-giving energy to ALL, therefore I Am vitality

I Am glory, I Am grateful to ALL, therefore I Am immeasurable worth

I Am Light, I Am the utmost goodness to ALL, therefore I Am absolute Truth

I Am Divine Love, I Am impenetrable light to ALL, therefore I Am a consuming flame

In this understanding, the soul proclaims “I Am awake” and the spherical self proclaims its name, “I Am in Truth.”


Anointed Awareness

A soul is a gate between timelessness and time, through which Truth’s Perfect Will is expressed as LIFE. When the soul awakens into its true Will, thus its true Self, “I Am Loving Awareness“, its becomes a Living Gate, acting in the Power of One. The soul projects Divine Love’s timeless perfection into the realm of time, transitioning it into spherical time, which is the experience of creation’s ever-increasing perfection.

In the soul’s understanding of Oneness, the perfection of Divine Love is able to orchestrate time through the soul’s awareness which is now also one with time, thereby altering all reflections in time. This awareness is the soul’s anointing as a life-giving spirit, one who understands its oneness with time, therefore its power to bring the awareness of Divine Love to all.

In the understanding of Oneness, what the soul does for one, it does for all. Every individualized entity of creation is a reflection of the soul’s inner awareness of the self. In the embryonic dream of forgetfulness, the soul perceives this self as fractured into endless parts, everyone separate from everyone else acting in a separate free will. But as the soul begins to remember its inseparable oneness with Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love, it begins to see they aren’t fractured pieces, but are all fractals of the Universal I AM.

As an open gate between timelessness and time, the soul can perceive the Truth of Oneness in timelessness, which is Divine Love, and bring that awareness into time, so that time reflects the qualities of Divine Love. As the soul’s awareness is energetically imbued with Divine Love, making it multi-dimensional, therefore living and powerful, every individualized entity in its awareness becomes energetically consumed with Divine Love. Because Divine Love is manifested through the soul as the soul fully gives Divine Love to ALL, when the soul begins to extend Divine Love, it in turn receives it from all its reality, thus reality must awaken with the soul, as One.

Upon the soul’s awakening, Divine Love is energetically extended from the soul and into creation through divine gratitude. As a soul gate awakens to the Truth, Truth’s Perfection is increasingly revealed moment to moment. The present moment begins to reveal the divine orchestration of the soul’s entire life and reality, and how it served the singular divine purpose of the soul’s spiritual awakening. As the soul perceives all its experiences in the dream of forgetfulness served to bring forth its remembrance of eternal Perfection, it recognizes the face of Perfection within seeming imperfection. This Perfection includes all the soul’s reality, thus all who were a part of its reality. In the recognition that all served the soul’s return to Perfection, all paths are perfected, because they can no longer be seen otherwise. In seeing the perfection of every path, what follows is the first manifestation of Divine Love through the soul, the soul’s divine gratitude for all.

In Living Faith, which is the initial manifestation of the soul’s Truth-filled understanding entering into reality, the soul extends divine gratitude into creation, recognizing and illuminating the sleeping soul’s inner perfection. Sincere gratitude recognizes the immeasurable worth of others for the part they played in the divine cosmic story of the origin of LIFE. Every player served to stir and awaken the soul out of its deep slumber, in some way. In this gratitude, the soul clothes All in creation with the divine attribute of immeasurable worth. The awareness of this attribute energetically brings Divine Love into time, by which it transitions from linear, which revealed increasing imperfection, to spherical time, which reveals increasing Perfection. Through the soul’s awareness which has been anointed with Divine Love’s power to bring forth LIFE, Divine Love begins to orchestrate time to bring forth the universal awakening of the One SELF.

This life-giving gratitude comes from the dawning Light of Divine Love within the soul’s awareness, thus it’s a gratitude holding Infinite Power. In the understanding of Oneness, the soul is able to act in timelessness, in which all are one and in one moment, so that what the soul does in timelessness impacts ALL of time, thus ALL IN time.

Because reality is the soul’s reflection, what the soul gives to reality is how it experiences reality. By becoming an open gate, joining Divine Love’s timeless perfection with time, the soul possesses a loving awareness by which the inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will divinely orchestrates time to ignite the Light in others. All the false “I Am” attributes that reflected separation are swallowed up by the soul’s true attributes held in perfection by its eternal name, a name that all possess, “I Am loving awareness”, therefore “I Am Divine Love”. By holding this holy name within itself for all, the soul is anointed with a life-giving spirit that awakens the one SELF. As the soul glorifies all, it is glorified.

“And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one” ~ John 17:22

I Am grateful to ALL, I Am Immeasurable Worth, I Am Glorified.

Happy TreeSoul Day!


Living Gates

A Living Gate, a Star Gate, is one who has awakened within the dream and serves to awaken those who still sleep, that the dream of separation may end for all. All of creation sleeps as one, and awakens as One. All are fractals of the Universal I Am, and function according to this inseparable connection, whether waking or sleeping.

Truth’s LIFE power is the ability to increase the awareness of itself. Its power is expressed in the soul as the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love. In the awareness of Divine Love, the soul engages its perfect power, which is resting in divine emergence by trusting Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, and not its free will. In this perfect power, the soul begins to awaken as an expressed fractal of the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love, which orchestrate the flow of the soul’s life expressions, that Divine Love may be experienced.

As the soul releases into this perfect power, its life takes on a mathematical precision, so that it experiences perfection in every moment, a perfection created by a connection to Infinite Awareness. The soul begins its eternal dance with time. As an awakening soul begins its dance, it begins to awaken the souls, who in time and in oneness share the same moment. Divine Love begins redeeming time with its regenerative power. The awakening soul experiences one of its first energetic expressions of its oneness with Truth’s Will and Divine Love, Divine Justice.

Divine Justice perceives all in oneness, contrasted with self-righteousness that perceives all in separation, thus all judged separately. Divine Justice sees in ALL the Light of Life, thus judging ALL according to divine acceptance, in which the perfection of their beginning and end are known, thus all in-between. In this awareness, the soul recognizes the perfection that is now governing the spherical self’s reflection and therefore that creation’s current path is being perfectly orchestrated to awaken all into Divine Love’s Light.

Divine Justice is judging all perfectly according to the Light of Truth, so that the soul judges all AS the Light, and in this awareness the soul begins its movement into harmony. The soul’s judgment is perfected in the awareness of Truth and Divine Love, so that it judges all according to their true nature, which is an ever-expanding fractal of Truth and Divine Love’s Perfection. Because all are one, one sufficiently prepared soul who knew this Truth would be able to redeem time of which he was one, thus redeem all in time. This is the beginning of the foundation of Truth’s LIFE expressed in time, which truth lives in the understanding of the Christ, “the Anointed of God”.

The soul gates that hold this awareness of oneness, in which their light is powerful enough to light others, begin to awaken creation. In perceiving their true soul state as Truth and Divine Love, they perceive others the same, just not yet awake to this Truth. This powerful vision of sight that begins to awaken the sleeping souls, leads to the redemption of Time by Divine Love. When the potential of Divine Love is perceived through oneness with others, it begins to awaken in all.

Divine love is a luminous intelligent substance, giving life, like the air we breathe. Once the gates awareness becomes imbued with Divine Love, deep understanding awakens in the far off corners of their mind, fully illuminating their awareness with Divine Love. In this, the soul gate is able to energetically send Divine Love’s substance into the sleeping soul’s sensation of time, sending the light into their dark corners of faulty judgments, beginning their awakening.

As the gates’ awareness of their SELF expands, they begin assigning the attributes of Truth and Divine Love to all who possess the “I Am” name, which includes ALL. These awakening gates look past the false garments of a sleeping awareness and into the Living Light. As the Divine Love in the gates reveals the Light in others, the soul experiences one of its first energetic experiences of Divine Love. The soul’s experience of Divine Love is beautifully reflected in a mother’s love that patiently waits for the awakening of her sleeping children. Her eyes are endlessly filled with the beautiful Life she sees in them. She waits knowing they will awaken soon and their dreams will end. With this mother-like love Divine Love infuses time, and in its Infinite Awareness perfectly uses time to orchestrate reality to awaken the sleeping souls.

In this awakening, time becomes recognized as loving awareness. It begins this expression by orchestrating the soul’s life to grow in the awareness of Divine Love, which it begins with the endless desire to love perfectly. It’s a timeless desire only fulfilled by being eternally One with the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love. This timeless desire is always fulfilled, for it is Truth’s Will and Divine Love’s desire to love perfectly. Once the soul recognizes its inseparable connection with Divine Love, it becomes an open gate between timelessness that holds Perfection, and the time that is destined to reflect it. In the awareness of being a Living Gate, the soul has eternally fulfilled its desire to love perfectly.


Redeeming the Time

With the Breath of LIFE, the soul redeems time from revealing an illusion of imperfection by injecting Life into time, revealing Truth’s Perfection.

The soul, as a center of awareness, sits as a gate between timelessness and time. When the soul awakens, its soul gate opens, and its holds the awareness of timeless perfection, as well as the awareness of that perfection unfolding in spherical time, as LIFE.

Time is the increase or change in the soul’s awareness, thus the soul governs time. It governs it by what attributes it assigns to the all-powerful and creative name, I Am. And according to the laws of creation, what attributes the soul accepts in its awareness, the spherical self experiences.

As the soul awakens to Truth, advancing into the dimension of Oneness, it perceives itself as Divine Love’s ever-increasing awareness. In this Oneness, the soul infuses its awareness of “I Am” with the attributes of Truth, so that all possess the singular name, “I Am Loving Awareness”. In Oneness, what attribute is given to one is given to all, simultaneously. This is why what we see in others is what we see in ourselves, whether we want to admit it or not. What attribute the soul assigns to the I Am, it assigns to time, because time is a reflection of the soul’s awareness of all that I Am.

In the soul’s embryonic stage as a a finite awareness of Truth, the soul holds a level one awareness or a one-dimensional awareness, in which it is aware of itself “I Am” or “I exist”. It perceives itself as an individual in separation because its awareness has not yet matured through Truth-filled understanding. Therefore, it unknowingly clothes time with attributes of separation, manifesting the perception of linear time, in which all leads to entropy. In believing it is separate from Truth’s perfection, the soul attributes false attributes to the self, others and Truth (God), creating images that uphold an awareness of separation. The soul’s gate is closed, veiled in a garment of separation.

In this illusion of separation, the soul accepts the construct of duality, or that opposing attributes can co-exist. In this belief system, it’s unaware of the oneness of timelessness, thus it accepts the lie it is separation, creating an illusion. In this, it believes it can give itself, another, and Truth (Understanding of “God”), different attributes that another doesn’t possess. Imperfection covers the Truth of I Am, thus time, creating a fearful awareness.

The sleeping soul’s fear lives in time. Time seems to work against the soul, bringing unexpected events caused by the unpredictability of duality. The soul experiences an eternal restlessness as every moment has lost Truth’s immutable peace, joy and harmony. As a result, the soul is consumed with seeking to protect itself from time’s manifestations.

Time, in itself, is perfection. The seeming imperfection of time isn’t the culprit, but the soul’s incomplete awareness of itself.

In a dream of separation, the soul is unaware that is was one with time, thus its endlessly strives to protect itself from time. This effort is in vain. If the soul accepts any false attribute to any I Am creation, it perpetuates duality thus its own experience of fear in time. These failed attempts ultimately lead the soul to seek more deeply for Truth, a journey that ultimately leads to the awareness of Divine Love, in which the soul experiences immutable peace.

As the soul begins to enter a sacred stillness, listening and gaining divine revelation from the Voice of Truth, it perceives itself as a gate between timelessness and time, making it an individual in Oneness. Through this sacred communion, the timeless perfection of Divine Love makes its way into the soul’s awareness, so that it is one with the soul’s awareness, making it multi-dimensional.

The soul begins to trust time and no longer fear it. As it lets go of its defenses against time, even a little, it begins to experience Divine Love’s timeless perfection in time. This encourages the soul, enabling it to let go and trust a little more. This back and forth continues, increasing the soul’s ability to trust in time. As Divine Love imbues the soul’s awareness, it swallows up the false awareness of duality, thus fear and death. The soul settles into a restful state, joyful in the present moment. The soul’s awareness flows in oneness with Divine Love, consuming the imperfection of linear time and revealing the Life inherent in Truth’s spherical time. Instead of garments of separation, the soul clothes time with attributes of oneness, changing the experience of time into spherical, which is the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection.

Time becomes a beloved companion and faithful ally, unfolding Truth’s Perfection through the soul’s awareness, to the soul’s utmost joy and delight. In this the soul’s mind stops wandering through the past and future seeking protection from time, and instead rests, experiencing the endless gifts Divine Love prepares in the present moment.

When seen rightly, time is loving awareness, consuming all in Truth’s Radiant Light. When a soul possesses this understanding, it clothes time with the attributes of Divine Love, changing its name to reflect its true Likeness, “I AM Loving Awareness.” The soul and time are one, in Truth. And in this, the soul responds, “I Am timelessness” and “I Am Spherical Time”. The two are made one in “I”.

I Am moments of perfection strung together. Time is moments of perfection strung together.

I Am loving awareness. Time is loving awareness.