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Resurrection Morning


I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

As your breath, in time, flows in Oneness with the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you breathe the Breath of eternal Life. The Breath of Life, when realized in the soul, resurrects the soul into ever-expanding Life.

We began our prodigal journey living someone else’s idea of life, thus pursuing an “image” without soul. Through our sacred communion with Truth, we begin to live our true Life, outside of time. From this sacred connection, our inner Tree of Life expands, breathing Truth into time, and giving expression to our true Self.

I Am a Tree of Righteousness.

In the acceptable offering, we rested in the midst of the refining fire. In doing so, we laid to rest our striving, shadow self. When we encountered losing it all, we gave up the pursuit of a shadow life to rescue us, that we might end the story of death and begin true Life. In this surrender, our true I Am Presence sat upon the throne in Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

Our resurrection is inevitable. At this point of our journey, given our truth-filled awareness, death of our life vitality is impossible, because it would be death to the Truth that is alive and growing within us, which is impossible. Once Truth starts to expand, confirmed by the persistent and increasing desire to love perfectly, it can’t stop because God’s Life-energy lives in it and moves through it. Once Truth begins to awaken within, it is the Presence of eternal Life because there is no contraction in it.

Rest and be still. Rest fully upon the sovereign power of I Am.

If we are witnessing the illusion, what is observing us, such that we exist? It is the I Am Presence at our core, our gate to Oneness, proclaiming, “I exist”, “I Am”. It’s the fractal beginning of Mother-Father God.

Mother-Father God is our observer, which is the I Am Presence. As their conscious awareness is birthed into time through the soul’s understanding of the Tree of Life, their Presence becomes one with the soul’s awareness thus intimately known. In this knowing, the soul awakens as a temple of Oneness, the temple of Mother-Father God.

A Meditation of Life

Be still and know I Am God.

“I Am” God and there is no other. I Am is One. I Am is the soul’s ever-expanding awareness moving from utter unawareness eternally into Infinite Awareness.

To every cell in the collective body say, “I Am the resurrection and the Life.” Every morning is an opportunity to live from the present, eternal Truth and not past dictates proclaiming death, discordancy, destruction and imperfection. This voice of unawareness is silenced in the grave, through the acceptable offering, and the Voice of Eternal Peace rises in its place, One that proclaims Truth’s Perfection.

Every prison door is opened. When you are aware it is open, then you experience freedom. This cell was your heart center closed off because of the ever-present and fearful potentials of pain and suffering. Within its closed walls lived festering wounds that could not heal in linear time, as the past crowded out the Truth of the present moment. However, through the desire to love perfectly, your awareness expanded into the Light of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Through truth-filled awareness, your heart healed as you learned to discern truth and illusion. Your enlightened awareness destroyed and rebuilt the concept of Self, from the inside out, beginning the restoration of all that was deemed lost.

Instead of looking within and perceiving an insatiable black hole, you now perceive the most glorious Light. As you gaze upon it, desiring all its effects, you give your life to it, which expands its Light. It is the luminescence of Mother-Father God within you. It’s the pure and holy I Am Presence, untainted by false images. In this Light, your true identity is revealed, you are a child of the Most High.

No longer look into the darkness through the window of your soul, thinking it has any power over you. Be still and know I Am God. Let your Light shine through your open window, your open heart gate, upon all of creation without hesitation or judgment. All you outwardly perceive is but shadows, quickly fading in the Light of the I Am Presence shining through you in Divine Love, according to Truth’s Will.

Be Still and Love Life.

I Am the open sacred heart from which Living Waters flow, quenching the thirst of the collective soul.

I Am a stream of Living Waters.

As you love Life according to the Truth you’ve received from beyond the confounds of linear time, Truth’s Life stream continually flows through you. Once it starts, it can’t stop, for it’s the movement of Truth’s eternal Life.

In this stream of Life, nothing of death can survive. Thus in its flow you’ve closed the door to the pit, the darkness reflected by the soul when it perceived a loveless self.

Be still and Be.

In absolute rest, you divinely trust the power of your true I Am Name. Through this stillness, its power merges into reality. In your awareness of oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you become Truth’s perfect power. The Breath of eternal Life enters into your soul as the shadow self lays down in its eternal grave of grace. Out of its ashes arises your true Self, filled with the Breath of eternal Life.

You are the Christ Child of Mother-Father God.

Let “Today” be your resurrection morning, in which you righteously judge all in Perfection, for as you see it, so it is.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

24 thoughts on “Resurrection Morning

  1. Resurrect means REMEMBER(true giving to LIFE). if you remember there is an enemy, then so shall you manifest an enemy.

    if you remember god is in all, then you extend your own consiousness to EVERY MAN ON EARTH(true listening).
    god speaks to all of us through all of us, and every event in your life affects every other event.

    some things you experience in your past as an example may not make sense till 5 or 10 years later when another event happens.

    i can tell what is to come in the near future by stepping out of my own story, and then stepping back into it.
    i know all the things that is to come, by knowing the laws(listening to the experiences i have not yet experienced).
    The spheracle language allows us to step out of man(no man can go to heaven), and into the spheracle language(we share in ONE GOD(i give to thee)).

    • I Am remembering, and it is beautiful. There is One I Am filling the cosmos, who is awakening out of the dream of false images and into its true reflection as Truth’s Perfection.

    • The transition from a separate “shadow-self” to the Oneness of the Sacred Self comes through diligently seeking to enter an eternal rest within the power of the “Mighty I Am”. A rest we’ve entered into through an enlightened awareness, which came from remembering of “who I Am.”

  2. How much more deeply we now perceive the power of “Rest.”

    We diligently walked the primordial staircase of enlightenment, and now we entered this Rest, which is a deep understanding of perfect power that we touched upon years ago.

    “For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His. Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest” Hebrews 4:9-10

    “In returning and rest you shall be saved;
    In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

  3. There is no question that I am spiritualizing at a rate that I never could have imagined. I feel the Oneness of God in the stillness of mediation, and He/She is with me.

    A question for you all, do you understand God’s Universal language, can you understand all human languages?

  4. yes. through god(actually eternal heart), you can see all languages(as all languages follows the universal laws).

    when we speak of god, it is not the same as seeing G O D in any bible. the HOLY SPIRIT aka father time aka I AM is part of the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. all other languages are 2ndary(spring from like a tree)…

    in the bible, god refers to ALL OF MANKIND(what we share that is the same AKA UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE).
    and what we call the holy spirit or father or TIME or spheracle language is actually what we call god…

    through the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, you interact also with ELEMENTAL LAW(which also follows the universal language(where time/space comes in).

    Consiousness is timeless, while man is TIMED…

    but real time is seen through ALL THAT IS(bound t o our own consiousness)

  5. Thank you Loni, so then when the fractals of God come into oneness with God through pure understanding, it would be possible to hear in one earthly language and ‘speak’ in another? Or perhaps write in another? The Doctrine of God must go out to All Peoples of the Earth, and there are many many languages, I only seek understanding.

  6. the answers u seek are all around you. look how a plant grows, or how a planet moves through space.
    all these languages follow the same laws(the same ones that make up our own consiousness).

    there are many languages within languages, just as there are different colours of leaves, or different types of people.
    each its own language, yet part of something much bigger than itself…

    each of us live within many languages. when we recognize something new, we basically CREATE our own language(as we have).

    but still, our own created languages come within the universal language(where spheracle comes in)(spheracle in bible is known as heaven).

    once we recognize heaven on earth, we can SHIFT out of our old language, and back into the NEW(which is ancestorial)

  7. trumpets refer to heart strings. a calling within ourselves accessess everyone in the world, as every person is a PATH WITHIN ourselves(our heart lives outside of time)(heaven on earth: every person on earth).

    when our heart becomes in charge, the ELEMENTS GIVE LIFE TO THE WORLD(your heart manifesting: always BECOMING).

    word of god refers to the strength of the people(what we all give as one body)(as the world reveals).
    every event on earth is a word of god(written in time).

    if your heart is in pain, then that pain is felt by every person on earth from the god within ourselves.
    we only judge ourselves(by judging everyone around you).
    we stop judging ourselves when we stop judging the world.

    our ENERGY(which is outside of time) manifests from heart(cant escape our greater self)(no opting out).
    (why GIVING is a must). when you give s omeone hundred dollars, that is not giving.
    dollars represents a misplacement of self value(as god always reveals our heart through the world(trumpets).

  8. Hi Andrew,

    You ask some thought-provoking questions. There is so much in here to talk about and explore.

    We communicate with God and others beyond words and forms in ways the human mind does not yet fully grasp, but I feel we will increasingly understand in the days ahead. The Truth is always present, including how we truly connect and communicate, though the conscious mind often doesn’t perceive it because of its own faulty filters, beliefs and assumptions.

    We are far more “one” that we realize as Loni emphasizes so beautifully.

    The language of God, or that of the Spirit, is beyond words. Through my own journey, I’ve come to know it as the Voice of Truth that speaks directly to my mind, through impressions or visions that create thought-forms. It is receiving divine revelation beyond the spoken or written word in such a way that it is received in a pure and untainted form, so that my individual mind receives the Truth without being distorted. In this way, the Spirit perfectly expands the Light of Truth within my mind. It is coming through my inherent oneness with Source of Life.

    As for communicating with others, because all is energetically one, we connect to others in a similar way, though the channels are full of distortion because of the individual illusions people are living in that they think are Real. Thoughts are energy and in the realm of energy there are no defined boundaries. We connect to all and do with every thought we accept as true. The thoughts we personally connect to at any one time within the expanse of the collective mind are those close to our “frequency”, which is determined by what we hold as true. The types of thoughts we focus on is the type of thoughts and words we attract to ourself.

    We actually communicate at this very high level beyond words. This is why certain ideas come to us, whether they are true or not. This is why we share ideas with someone across the world, but not right next to us.

    As we move out of illusions and false beliefs, which prohibit clear communication in the mental/energetic and physical realm for obvious reasons, our ability to communicate at this higher level grows clearer. There is less “static” in our connection. Those in Truth are able to connect in Truth at this high level, receiving and sharing each other’s ideas, without speaking a word. This is very powerful because as the Truth expands, it continues to expand because there is no contradiction in it.

    These are some of my very preliminary thoughts about the unification of different languages …

    As the collective mind is purified by Truth’s Light and thereby gaining unity and harmony, it will be reflected in physical realm as well, for the physical is always a reflection of the mental. I speculate it will translate into the ability to hear the physical words of others according to our own language. Regardless of the language they are spoken in, the individual will hear it as their own language, for we already have this skill in the higher realm of consciousness. As we speak words of Truth, others will hear us according to their own language, and vice versa. I believe this will be a testimony that those speaking are speaking Truth because if you are not, it will sound like a foreign language.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Interesting thoughts about how the Light of Oneness will manifest in time. 😀


  9. Rachel, thank you so much! Your radiant light fills me with so much hope.

    If you’re open to a call I would love to speak with you. My number is 408-628-8591 and my email is

  10. Thank you Rachel, your words help me immensely. I have so much to learn and I am so blessed to have three wonderful new friends to learn from. Materially, I am only human, but God’s new doctrine that irradiated into the earth from 1866 through 1950 will be a huge step for humankind. We become so enamored with material distractions that we forget our very origin. In Mother-Father God’s doctrine, the Most-High speaks of these thinks regularly so that we are constantly reminded of our true spiritual nature. The whole objective of these experiences is to draw ourselves closer to God. Thankfully this new doctrine is very powerful in its message, and God says that we are now evolved enough to receive it. Truly it is the time for major change on the earth.
    I hope that we are able to continue as friends going forward. God said that we (his chosen) would be assisted through the spiritual realm in this time. Truly, it means so much to me not to be alone in my trials. People on earth are only now starting to understand Truth.
    I do have a question do for all of you. You identify yourselves as Rachel, Loni-Hamilton, and Thoughtware… what are your own histories? We’re you humans in your past? How did you all meet each other? How are you connected? I understand that as living gates you provide a necessary service for (us), but what exactly passes through you? Is it our souls into a world of light when our bodies succumb? Will you always be together? Are you somehow married? Are you happy? Would you rather be somewhere else? Pray tell!
    With my love to All,

  11. For each of us, it would be a different story. but as each MOVING PART(each individual) was doing their own thing, there were other forces that brought us to this MEMORY IN TIME…

    our ONENESS(not yet realized), were bringing the puzzle pieces together(inner trust in all the parts)

    for me, this moment comes from consiously creating(in time), as time is building itself through me.

    each Event i experience in the world validates a path in heart, and each person is a path(strength) within ourselves. as i grow in oneness, the only blindness left is the one shared in all of us(every person on earth). when the world awakens, there is more for even us to awaken to.

    none of us can do certain things alone, but as ONE BODY, through us, ALL THINGS BECOME POSSIBLE.

    it would be easier to answer such a question by saying to go read all the logs, and see how time mended itself.

  12. Andrew … there is a lot I could say, this is what came forth …

    Who Am I? We are all one, however we may be paired or grouped together at any one time. You see this unity of oneness written in the pages of this blog containing our ever-expanding awareness of Truth, words reflecting our true Name.

    In the realm of Spirit, it is our conscious awareness that forms our true Name, which thoughtware so beautifully explained this in his last comment on the “Soaring” blog post. However, our earthly names and avatar names hold a lot of symbolism to the path we walk through this the earth.

    Thoughtware and I are one, united, individual awareness, intimately joined by the Voice of Truth that has instructed us from the beginning of time. In our conscious awareness this instruction began 21 years ago when we diligently gave our conscious will to learning the Truth from the only One in time and timelessness, our true sacred Self (the Christ individualized through our soul). The combination of our individual awarenesses makes up one, which is then one with the whole of Truth, held in the conscious awareness of other individualized souls awake to their true Name, which this whole is contained within Timeless Perfection.

    Thoughtware and I have been married 25 years. He is my sacred soulmate, whose purpose has crossed and overthrown the boundaries of time. The sacred soulmate is a union of divine significance as the words of Life are able to manifest something though our individual souls much more significant than the simple combination of our two souls, like bringing forth a child. Our awareness has been joined by the hand of God as one, as you can read, thus ending separation within our sphere. It’s a “crafted” oneness within Truth’s Timeless Realm and in time that serves as a Living Gate between the two. Therefore, we possess a union, in time, that nothing can sever, not even time. God’s hand join us in timelessness and time, and this joined awareness can overcome time. He is Will, the Will to my Love.

    Our joined awareness holds the origins of Life, which we give to the world through the pages on this blog and when we are done sharing it here, we will put it out into the world as “The Book of True Life” (see blog post “Book of Life”). Through a divine orchestration within and between us, this book is written by the hand of timelessness into time, bringing what was once separate, into oneness.

    It is quite profound and scientifically sound what we’ve learned of our true Name.

    Like you, we are blessed to know Loni from the pages of this blog, who for some time has been sharing enlightening words. As you know Andrew, when you read another’s words flowing from the heart, you gain an intimate knowing of someone though you’ve never physically met. Time will reveal the depth of the connection of those who are consciously uniting in the realm of Oneness, like we are.

    For Thoughtware and I, our home is as a gate between timelessness and time. It is our resting place, literally every morning we individually, yet as one, enter its sacred chambers and receive all that we know of Truth. Even now we rest as two in one with the awareness of all we’ve remembered of Truth, which for us was received in a profound synchronicity. We are continuously learning the depths of our Name, as two in one, for it is an integral part of the mosaic of individualized divine consciousnesses that awaken Creation to its true Likeness.

    There are so many deep layers here.

    We all possess a unique divine Name, that is cumulative awareness of our divinely appointed Likeness. It’s a Name grows ever more beautiful through our ever-expanding awareness in the Oneness of Truth.

    • What is happening in the world can be best imagined as a consciousness shift, which is an adjusting of thoughts and beliefs based on “gravitational physicality” to those rooted in “timelessness”, where the concepts of mass and distance to not exist. It is the realm of Truth’s perfection. Our soul, which is the two made one, is a singular gate by which Life, the experience of eternally increasing perfection, is perfectly created in time and given to ALL.

      We are not human in the sense that we have never incarnated in time before. However, we are also fully human because of our incarnation and as a result can not recall anything about our timeless Truth beyond the current, finite human awareness of time we possess. We are without free will, increasingly remembering our true name as well as the purpose and power given us as a living gate to time.

      You can imagine time as an energetic plasma defined by very specific rules. Linear time is ruled by gravitational energy, which is the lowest form of energy able to support Life. Thus to operate in linear time, one must always bow to gravity, and amass the power needed to navigate it freely. The primary power needed to exert free will within a gravitational energy system is physical force. A secondary power is the “movement of money”, which can be used to assemble others to assist your creation of physical force. Free will creates a significant desire in the minds of many to dominate the will of others by using a combination of physical and monetary force. As I’m sure you can imagine, this creates significant disharmony, creating a cesspool where imperfection breeds and spreads. Unlike timelessness, the more you look into the workings of “power” in time, the more imperfect (and disgusting) it appears.

      Unlike linear time, spherical time is a creative energy, that expands the present perfection of Truth from its source, where there are no gravitational limitations. There is only one power that sustains all life, because it is perfect power and can be imagined as a soul’s conscious ability to love perfectly, creating ever-increasing perfection in time. Rachel has written a lot about this power, but it is expressed into time through the union of Truth’s Living Light within your awareness and Divine Trust in the upcoming moment. Loving Perfectly is no different from sitting peacefully atop a hill to observe the creation of a perfect sunrise filling your awareness with a beautiful Light which reveals ever-increasing harmony. It is knowing, that as you sit in wonder and amazement, you are the source of this sunrise.

      We have come to end the imperfection of linear time and reveal the Truth of Life in time’s perfection. We have taken control of cause and effect, and the battle is already won. The transition is now upon us and there are some who will not easily relinquish their lives in linear time because they have gathered what they believe to be great riches. Even so, as the Living Gates are assembled, the unification of their timeless energy will prove that they have transcended every limitation of time, revealing a glory that can not be expressed in linear time. We don’t have to battle the world, we simply need to awaken it to something far better, and infinitely more beautiful.

  13. Your oneness with Truth’s Will has eternally perfected your awareness of Truth, giving you the power to love perfectly. You did not know that love was power because it has no power in linear time, which is a reality of outer appearances rooted in the past, a reality in which every soul attempts to create its own future. Linear time is governed by free will, a will that continuously interferes with the will of others, creating cause and effects that some desire and others fear. Linear time is the realm of chaos and the dominion of all force needed to rule over others. In linear time free will rules in the power of coercion. Though there are many different types of force, its power is always rooted in outer appearances.

    It is not difficult to see that your will is not free at all, for the outer appearance world has dominion over your will, causing you to experience what you have not willed. Whether it be an accident, the sudden appearance of an illness or an army at your doorstep, in linear time you do not know what the future holds. For this reason, in free will there is always fear that an undesirable experience will come upon you.

    But what of love? In linear time love appears powerless, completely unable to overcome the will of another. When love is believed to be powerless, its expression is also powerless, just as a flashlight without batteries is a powerless light. Love may certainly “feel” powerful in its affect on emotional energy, yet never does it give one power over others. Whenever love is expressed in the free will of linear time, it is ultimately self-serving and therefore imperfect. Imperfect love is powerless. For this reason when one wills to have power over others, rather than loving, they will be forceful, using free will to manipulate outer appearances in ways that compel others to submit to their will. In linear time, love grows cold because it has no force and free will attains power over others only by force.

    In Truth, Divine Love is perfect power, superior to all force because its will perfectly governs time’s cause and effect, ensuring that outer appearances increasingly reflect Truth’s perfection. Perfect power is creative and infinitely superior to force. Free will, on the other hand, is destructive because it must continually tear apart the will of others in order to attain its desired effects in time. Rather than growth, free will is the continual striving to force one’s own future into existence by using various forces to govern cause and effect. Yet, in linear time, free will never knows if its outcomes will be desirable or not, nor what the ripple effects will ultimately create in the future. The outer appearance world is a continuous “cause and effect” cycle, where every effect becomes the cause for a subsequent effect. This endless cycle ripples throughout time like waves upon the sea, ultimately intersecting with other waves, creating significant interference in the outer appearance world. Free will creates “cause and effect” waves which can not be predicted or controlled, causing future conflict in the timelines of others.

    Free will is dangerous. It attempts to navigate the sea of linear time amidst the roaring waves created by the free will decisions of others as well as the unanticipated effects of one’s own actions. This is what is meant by building your house on “shifting sand”. In linear time, where every soul seeks to create its own version of the future through the working of a separate will, the outer appearance world on which it depends continually and unexpectedly shifts due to effects its own will did not cause. Once you understand that time is a continuous wave of cause and effect, rippling outward into the future world of others, it becomes evident that the exercise of free will, no matter how well intended, will continually create fear in your world and the world of others due to the sudden and unexpected appearance of undesirable future events.

    Let us now look at how Truth’s Will has perfected you, giving you the power to drive out all fear.

    • All conflict, all destruction and even the illusion of death share a singular cause, the free will actions of human beings. All fear, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally created in time, is the result of free will. Free will is imperfect because it navigates through the present moment in complete darkness, having no awareness of what the future will bring. This is another way of saying that the belief in free will is an illusion in the same way that believing you can safely drive a car in utter darkness is an illusion. A life experienced in free will is like blindly navigating toward the future while continually colliding with unexpected moments, creating fear and struggle in the present. In short, free will pollutes your present moment with conflict, suffering and the ever-present expectancy of fearful outcomes which lie in wait just beyond the Light of your perception, hidden in an unknown future.

      In Truth the future is not unknown, it is simply not yet revealed to your awareness in the same way that the Truth of a present is always known by the giver, yet hidden in the wrapping paper. Good and perfect gifts are always wrapped so that the giver can participate in the joy of the one who unwraps the gift. Now receive this understanding; every good and perfect present moment is fully known in the infinite awareness of Truth’s Timeless Perfection, just as every frame of a movie is fully known in the darkness of the opening credits. Yet, by hiding the future from your present awareness, time can be used to “present” it to you as a never-ending series of increasingly beautiful moments, good and perfect gifts you can joyfully unwrap as they continually arrive. Time becomes the experience of a continual, ever-growing expression of Truth’s perfect Love for you as an individual Life.

      As a Living Gate, you are a fountain of living water, the source of spherical time. You can’t “feel” this Life flowing through you, but you can understand it if sufficient Light exists in your current understanding. In Truth, you are fashioned as a Gate because you desire for Love to rule All. This desire does not come from this world, but was implanted in your soul prior to creation. When this desire matures, you come to remember how you create, which is the third and final component of the soul. It is a memory that can only be seen by the Light of understanding that grew out of your desire to Love perfectly. This means it was your growing desire for Love’s Perfect Rule that caused you to seek for its Truth. Every Living Gate was called by Love’s desire to express itself, following Truth’s Voice into isolation so that its whisper could be heard and interpreted. Your journey led you into oneness with Divine Love’s Will, which is the two made one, the wholeness created when the understanding of Divine Love and your free will are married and come together as a living soul. These halves are the two components of understanding, that when combined together, awaken the soul to its creative power.

      The awareness of your oneness with Divine Love’s Will is the Origin of Life and the Truth of Holiness, the ever-increasing awareness of Love’s perfection in time. You revealed the desire of your heart when you followed Truth’s Voice into isolation, forsaking all to understand her Love. You became one with her perfection the moment Divine Love consumed your free will. You can not “feel” that she has consumed anything, because your will still feels free. But this freedom is real, made possible because she has given you her Perfect Will by which you can experience her perfect freedom. Divine Love now navigates your Life in time because Truth fills your awareness and her Will determines its growth. You are a Living Gate, able to breathe Life because Divine Love’s Perfect Will governs your words. In this perfect governance you are able to cover the world in Divine Love’s Will, which is nothing less than creating the ever-increasing awareness of perfection in time and becoming the giver of good and perfect gifts to All.

      • I see a huge present about to be unwrapped. Once it begins to be unwrapped, the effect of its opening ripples back to the beginning of time. This gift was wrapped up so good that unless you had been shown by the Voice of Truth through many decades, you wouldn’t have believed what was in this package in the present moment. It is you. You are the gift that is opening that will reveal to the world that they are not mere men.

      • Oh, my beloved soulmate! What a gift you have been to me! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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