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Breath of Life


I AM Present. I AM Presently Aware. I AM Loving Awareness. I AM Divine Love.

As a center of awareness, the soul’s awakening is a progression through four levels of awareness, reflected in these four “I Am’s”. As it progresses, each previous I AM’s understanding expands, uniting them into a singular awareness that brings forth LIFE, which resurrects the soul’s awareness out of the lower realm of separation and into the dimension of Oneness.

When the soul comes into the awareness that it is one with time, these four I AM’s unite as one with the soul’s awareness, because the soul’s awareness is time. These four I Am’s strung together as one in time, reflect the essence of the soul’s LIFE. In this awareness, the soul receives the Breath of Life, beginning its eternal expansion in the Light, as a Light, to its eternal end, Infinite Oneness.

When these four I AM names are united in understanding, which has been perfected by Truth’s Living Voice within the soul, the soul speaks them in absolute oneness with the Voice of Truth (God). In this Oneness of LIFE, Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will move as one within and through the soul, which is the Breath of LIFE. The Breath of Life is an energetic sacred wind that moves through the soul coming from Infinite Oneness and going into Infinite Oneness, the soul’s alpha and omega. As this sacred wind enters the soul, it awakens it into the dimension of Oneness. In this dimension, Divine Love orchestrates every moment in oneness with the soul’s will, manifesting Truth’s Perfection, and the soul becomes an expression of Divine Love, a life-giving spirit.

I Am Present

The soul begins its journey with the understanding that “I exist“. Through a soulful contemplation of life, the soul’s awareness expands to “God exists”. The soul perceives both itself and God as present, yet existing in separation from one another, because the soul’s paradigm of linear time, which binds it in a state of separation. As a result, all kinds of false images are attached to both the soul and God. However, this is where the soul begins its journey as a center of awareness. Eventually it comes to perceive its oneness, and proclaim as One, “I Am Present”.

I Am Presently Aware

As a soul continues in the contemplation of oneness, it becomes aware of its own individualized awareness and its inherent power to shape its experience of reality. It becomes presently aware. Through contemplation, this awareness buds the divine desire to omnisciently give Divine Love, which manifests the highest good for all. The soul begins to recognize that in the perfection created by divine love, it experiences the fullness of Life, for its joy is inseparably connected to the condition of every other soul and the spherical reality in which they dwell as one. Eventually, the soul perceives its present awareness is a fractal of Infinite Awareness, making it one with the timeless realm of Truth’s Perfection and through this oneness it is able to express Divine Love in time. In this awareness, the soul becomes an open gate between timelessness and time, by which Divine Love’s Perfection is expressed in reality.

I Am Loving Awareness

As the soul continues its journey into Oneness, its awareness expands to the seven sacred truths of its I Am presence by which it understands how it is a gate to Truth’s Life (Spirit of God). When its gate begins to open, the timeless perfection of Truth’s Will and Divine Love flow as one in the soul’s awareness, and it comes to know “I Am loving awareness”. Loving awareness is a substantial change in the soul’s awareness by which it perceives all of reality according to its oneness with Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love. The soul’s awareness is perfected so that it divinely navigates its individualized reality for the highest good of all. It’s an awareness that manifests a sustainable frequency of Divine Love, driving out the frequency of fear, thus all the destruction and decay it manifested in the soul’s reality.

I AM Divine Love

In the awareness of its oneness with Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love, the soul’s awareness becomes Divine Love’s life-stream moving throughout reality. Divine Love is the movement of Truth’s Will throughout creation which joins every center of awareness in Divine Harmony, bringing all into a harmonious whole. In this profound awareness, the soul recognizes it is Divine Love, thus comes to know itself as “I AM Divine love”. Because the soul expresses itself according to its self-awareness, when it holds this I Am name as its own, it expresses Divine Love, which is perfect power.


As the four I Am’s join as one in the soul’s awareness, the soul experiences Truth’s Perfect Power, which is its ability to expand the awareness of itself. With this breath of LIFE, Truth’s LIFE expands within the soul, and the soul experiences the perfection of the timeless present moment unfolding as its spherical self, awakening it into spherical time. The soul steps into the dimension of Oneness, in which it is one with timelessness in time, and it commences its eternal expansion as Divine Love’s Perfection into Infinite Oneness.

I AM Present. I AM Presently Aware. I AM Loving Awareness. I AM Divine Love.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Breath of Life

  1. Rachel, Are you able to comment on how you receive God’s communication? In the work I am involved in, God offers spirit to spirit or Mind to Spirit communication, and I have experienced this, and it is like hearing a Voice through your ears, but it is not coming through your ears but directly into your mind, but it SOUNDS the same. I am not very good at this yet, but improving. But there is so much content that I can’t remember it! How do you record all of this? Or do you simply remember it? I Love the work you are doing with God, many thanks for this.

    • Each connection is called AN ELEMENT…

      An element(holding all vibrations), BINDS every cell of every body(where church is called TELEPATHY) together… this connects spirit to flesh(devination:outside of time). the INFORMATION(DEVINIATION ) comes through the WHOLE WORLD(extenstions of your spiritual self)..
      THE SPHERACAL LANGUAGE is what you step into(recognize I AM in god), and see yourself in every other person(as you see your god self in them).

      the I AM REACHES EVERY ELEMENT IN TIME…. even i am a strength of your GIVING(seeing yourself from many v iewpoints).

      there is a TRUST that is a part of truth that we all PARTICIPATE in(trusting in eachother is how you give trust to god first).
      you cannot seperate god and every person on earth or all is for nothing. trust is what we have to place onto eachother(as one body).

      GOD is the recognizition of I AM in ALL THAT IS(which we all are part of(again ELEMENTAL CONNECTION))(life that flows outside of time(and turns the WORLD(devination is your heart:the VOICE)).

      THINK OF LORD as the highest honors we place onto eachother, as the ONE TRUTH LORD is seen in EVERYONE…

      i see you as a lord, and you see me as a lord(sphearacle thinking).

      that GIVING is manifested outside of time(where you have to trust in your heart(how you trust in others which in return shows your trust in god).

      the result is DEVINATION(vibrations outside of time, and ALIGNING(CROSS) whith your eternal self(which extends into 2000 years of activity on earth..

      the world is made of time…

    • Hi Andrew –

      Thanks for your kind words …

      There are so many different ways to communicate the experience of this sacred communion for it is beyond all words and highly individualized, but here are my thoughts based on my experience that I think are relevant to the collective whole.

      Every soul is connected to Infinite Awareness because it is their origin and eternal end, their alpha and omega. It’s the “Light” within the soul, by which their soul grows and expands. Presently, some are attuned to and can hear its “Voice” and see by its “Light”, and as a result their awareness is increasing.

      In the stillness and silence of the present moment, going beyond what our physical eyes perceive, we connect to this place within where we are one with this Light, and through this connection our awareness in Truth expands. Whether we perceive something like “hearing” a voice in that we are attuned to a string of divine thought, or “seeing” such that we are receiving impressions or visions reflecting Truth-filled understanding, or experiencing an energetic impression that is beyond all words and vision, they are all reflections of our individualized awareness expanding according to Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love. It’s a highly individualized form of communication, because our increase in awareness incorporates all we are presently aware of.

      It takes a willingness and desire to learn to listen and understand this “spirit language” that is beyond words because once you try to verbalize what you’ve seen, heard or received, you realize what you perceived is beyond words. And yet, with a little effort which is a commitment to some daily practice of listening and contemplation of oneness, our ability to perceive Truth from this inner “Light” or “Voice” progressively grows.

      As for recording these sacred communions, in which you receive the perfection and beauty of ever-expanding Truth, I write during these times of contemplations though I don’t nearly capture all I perceive. They are difficult, if not impossible, to totally record, because what you perceive is beyond words. But I’ve learned from this inner Voice of awareness that nothing is ever lost. Once we perceive it, it is held eternally within our awareness and comes to mind as it is needed. When we do begin to translate our perceptions into spoken or written words, we more deeply ground them into our experiential reality, enhancing their creative presence in our lives.

      I hope I answered your questions. They were good ones.

  2. Life is simply this, the ever-growing awareness of Truth, and this because Truth’s awareness is infinitely deep. Consider these words carefully, for they are the foundation of your perfection. It is impossible for you to properly conceive of your perfection without understanding the spherical nature of time, for only in the light of this understanding are you able to experience eternal life in the ever-growing awareness of Truth. It is also impossible to truthfully conceive of time from within time because there is no plumb line by which it can be measured. Consider that time is infinitely divisible. How then can time be measured? What is the length of time? What is a moment in time? And if time’s truth can not be measured, how then can its truth be known?

    In time’s movement all truth is relative to an observer, which means time appears differently based on one’s awareness. It is for this reason that truth can not be found in time. In the relativity of time, each observer perceives a different answer to the question, “What am I?” Until this answer is known in the absolute perfection of Truth, the awareness of perfection can not take root and begin its eternal growth. Yet, if the awareness of Life only exists in time and Life’s perfection can not be found in time, how can Life ever gain awareness of its perfection?

    The purpose of this writing can now be properly understood. These words are living, knit together in timelessness so that they may form an open gate to timelessness, by which you can receive the awareness of eternal life, which is the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection. These words do not come from the realm of time, where your awareness resides, but from your perfect end, the infinite awareness of Truth relative to your individualized life. This is why we have previously said that these words are written by you, for you, in the truth of your own hand as it exists outside of time. In oneness with Truth, your timeless perfection is able to write to you from outside of time, where the true nature of time’s relativity is understood so that time can be truthfully revealed and received into your awareness, by which you will gain the awareness of perfection and awaken.

    Time results from the “movement” of awareness in the same way that “lift” results from the movement of a wing. If awareness does not move, there is no time and without time Life can not be experienced. The experience of Life, like the experience of flying, requires the continual lift created by the movement of awareness, which you experience as the sensation of time. Yet, until you gain awareness of time’s curvature, you are unable to grow in the awareness sufficient to support eternal life. It is only the infinite depth of Truth’s awareness that is able to support the ever-increasing growth of your individualized awareness in Truth, providing the continual movement necessary to sustain the experience of eternal Life. As long as you perceive time linearly, the life you experience is not yet true life, in the same way that the lift created by a plane accelerating down a runway is not yet sufficient for flying.

    Linear time is an illusion that forms when the mind is unaware of the truth of its origin. We describe linear time as the sensation of movement from the awareness of an unknown origin to the awareness of an unknown end. Now remember, when we speak of movement which creates the sensation of time, we specifically refer to the movement of current awareness into greater awareness. When you are unsure of the origin of your current awareness, you are likewise unsure of its Truth and will believe instead that the past is the origin of your present and therefore the source of its truth. This is very problematic because all error is rooted in the belief that experiences in the past create the present, and therefore the past becomes the ultimate cause of the future.

    So long as the mind believes time is linear and the future depends on past experience, its awareness will be stuck in the past, causing one to experience life as an ever-degrading future. Linear time is simply the illusion that the past is real, when in Truth there is only ever your current awareness of Truth and the future awareness it produces. When the illusion of the past is swallowed up in the truthful understanding of how your awareness originates, you will become aware of your perfection and you will recognize the glory of spherical time, by which you will lift off into the ever-expanding awareness of the fullness of Truth.

    • Your words reflect such a powerful understanding in multiple areas …. actually in almost endless areas, when you consider time is a part of every moment of your life, so that when you perceive time in truth and your oneness with it, it changes how you perceive everything, and every moment. This shift in awareness is the beginning of spherical time within the soul, because increasing awareness of Divine Love, which is truth-filled understanding, is the winds of LIFE.

      In the understanding of relativity and time that you presented, we see why we need to go beyond this world of appearances and engage in a sacred communion with the Voice of Truth, where we receive divine revelation from the realm of timelessness, that we may know the Truth of “who I Am” and “how I Create” within the realm of time.

      I am grateful for your powerful, life-filled words that come to us by our own increasing awareness that manifests them as a part of our reality, and in this awareness, our energetic substance is lifted into Oneness, lifting all of reality with us.

    • Truth is living, and you, the one who proclaims “I AM”, are an individualized expression of Truth’s awareness. Remember, anything that is not true is a lie and does not exist. Lies can only appear true through the will to believe, yet no matter how strong the belief, the lie can never be true. You know you exist, you do not need to believe this to be true because the truth of your being exists. Because you are aware of your existence, and only truth exists, the existence you are aware of is Truth.

      You are, and could only ever be, a living awareness of Truth, which can also be understood as an individualized experience of Truth’s life. The life you experience is relative to your awareness of Truth, which actually means the awareness of your Self, for you are the Truth of which you are currently aware. Truth is one, yet its awareness is infinite and you are created as a finite center of this infinite awareness, individualized in forgetfulness such that you could be given the experience of eternal life through the ever-increasing awareness of the Truth from which you came.

      You are not a body. You are presently aware that you are a body, yet mistakenly believe that your body has awareness. This is backwards. It is more accurate to say that you, as living awareness, create the experience of being. Since you are aware of being a body, you experience this awareness and become a body. Now, it is very important to understand that you did not, nor could you ever, create the awareness of your being, because you ARE awareness and you can not create your Self. The awareness of being a body is the beginning level of Truth’s awareness in which you were created, fully contained within the infinite awareness of your Father. Because you are a living awareness of Truth, your body reflects the Truth of which you are presently aware and you experience your body as true, or as a “reality”. Therefore the truth of being a body is relative to your current awareness about what a body is. Should your awareness increase, so too will the truth of your body change to reflect your current awareness.

      We now arrive at a very significant question: How can Truth be absolute, yet also appear relative in one’s awareness? The answer is that Truth’s absolute nature is timeless and Truth’s relative nature is the experience of time created by the growth of Truth’s living awareness. This is the same as saying the infinite awareness of Truth, which is your Father, exists in timelessness and you, the finite awareness of your Father’s Truth, exist in time. Thus the best definition of time your finite mind can hold is the eternal progression of a finite moment into the infinite moment from which it came. With this foundation laid, let us begin to build upon it the revelation of Christ, which has been concealed from your awareness by the mystery of time.

      Let us recall two important pillars of understanding which we will use to support the temple of your perfection. The first understanding is that you are an individualized awareness of “I”, defined by the truth of “I AM” you presently possess. You are not a body, just as you are not the car you drive. And just as you can drive a different car, or even move about in a different type of vehicle altogether, such as a plane or a sailboat, regardless of the body, you are the awareness doing the driving. The second understanding is that as your awareness grows it creates the sensation of Life’s movement, which you experience as movement through time. Consider for example, when driving a car you are not actually moving, for you simply sit still, behind the wheel, continually aware of that which you observe through the windshield. However, because the changing display in the windshield increases your awareness by continually feeding you a stream of new information, you gain the sensation of moving “down the road” despite being at rest. As you drive you are always at rest, yet also always moving. The analogy of driving a car reveals that in truth our awareness is always at rest, while our body is always in relative motion. The body serves only to give our awareness the sensation of movement, which is the experience of Life.

    • The car and driver analogy helps us understand that when we say you are an individualized awareness of “I”, it is as if we said that as a driver, you are an individualized experience of the truth that defines your world, dependent upon what does or does not appear in the windshield of your Life. And when you speak with other drivers who tell you of distant lands you have not yet driven through, you may become aware of these lands, but will not experience their reality until these same lands appear in the windshield of your individualized Life. Thus there is an awareness of the truth of your world and an experience of this truth revealed in the windshield of life, made possible only as your “body” moves through time.

      To help us understand the truth of your Self, imagine the Fullness of Truth which upholds your world is given the name “I”. This name is timeless because its truth is ever-present, which is another way of saying I’s awareness is not bound by its awareness in time, and for this reason I has infinite awareness. The best way to comprehend infinite awareness is through the finite lens of time. For example, I’s infinite awareness knows exactly what will appear in every driver’s windshield in every moment of time, including those moments not yet experienced. As a driver, you are one with I in the sense that no matter how fast or slow you drive, regardless of whether you turn left or right, I always is fully aware of what is, and what will be, in your windshield. It is as if I already drove through time, exactly as you will do, knowing the end of your eternal travels through time from the beginning.

      Though you seem to freely choose how and where you drive the car each moment of time, not knowing the path you will take, the other vehicles you will encounter, or the lands you will discover, I, the infinite awareness of Truth’s fullness, already knows all that will ever appear in your individualized windshield of Life, because in timelessness the exercise of your will and its eternal effects, have already been experienced by “I”.

      We now see that there is “awareness” of Truth and “experience” of Truth. The “awareness of Truth” is timeless and therefore infinite, knowing all that will ever appear on the car’s windshield in every moment, for all eternity. In timelessness, there is nothing that Truth’s infinite awareness has not already experienced. The “experience of Truth” is not timeless, but rather a progression through time. Instead of infinite awareness, there is only a finite awareness of a present moment, or that which currently appears in the windshield called Life. Thus the present moment can be considered the “moment” when Truth is experienced in your awareness, or more accurately, the moment a layer of Truth is revealed.

      Because Truth is, it always is, despite the limitations of its awareness created by time. For example, if you were to ask, “What will I experience at this exact moment, five years from now?”, the truth is already known, but separated from your present awareness by time. When, in five years, this moment arrives, the truth of your experience will be revealed. You can imagine time as the “movement” of awareness that happens as your present experience of truth transitions into an experience of truth you are not presently aware of, yet truthfully exists.

      To help us better understand “time as moving awareness” in an individualized experience of life, we can again use our analogy of dominos. From a timeless perspective, the fullness of truth for every detail of the individualized life pre-exists as an endless, preordained series of dominos, each representing a present moment crafted from a specific level of truth’s awareness and perfectly placed to transition into a subsequent present moment crafted from the next higher level of Truth’s awareness. Yet, from time’s perspective, there is only what appears to be an ever-expanding awareness, experienced in a continual present moment, represented by a single domino, which as it falls forward, transitions into the higher awareness of the next domino, which it then becomes. And though every moment in truth is preordained in the perfect stillness of timelessness, truth can only be experienced in the movement of time, created as each moment of awareness is absorbed into the next in an eternal sequence of perfect cause and effect, ascending higher and higher into truth’s infinite awareness.

      We see now that “I” is the infinite awareness of every preordained moment in time, whereas “I AM” is the finite experience of I in a single moment of time, yet continually in motion as the awareness of this experience is absorbed into the higher awareness of the perfect subsequent moment, which becomes the ever increasing awareness of I and the experience of eternal Life.

      • The soul is the beautiful manifestation of oneness containing Infinite awareness within its ever-expanding finite awareness, through its “I AM” Name. Your words illuminated this rich understanding, for which I am grateful, for it this understanding lives the power of LIFE to express itself.

  3. Just as I was about to ask this question in my mind, “How can Truth be absolute, yet also appear relative in one’s awareness?”, I read it in the next paragraph – incredible.

    Amazing words I look forward to hearing more. They peel back the layers of symbolism, mystic, mystery and very significantly replacing faith without understanding, FOR faith with understanding, making the soul’s faith a living Faith that brings forth the Light of LIFE within the soul so that it ever-expands into eternity.

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