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Transformative Sacred Rest


When the soul settles into its sacred rest, it awakens from the dream.

The soul’s most powerful and creative act is resting in divine emergence. In this sacred stillness, the mind gives all power and authority to Truth’s Universal Will so that the soul resides as a gate in which it is one with the Fullness of Truth, and therefore manifests Truth’s Light and Divine Love.

As a gate to Truth’s LIFE stream, the soul and its reflection, the spherical self, eternally expand according to Truth’s Universal Will. The mind doesn’t try to control, govern, perfect, and navigate the nuances of its spherical self in an attempt to obtain what it deems good or avoid what it deems bad. Only Truth’s Universal Will knows the highest Good for the moment. Because of the individualized awareness of a soul, in order for the highest Good to manifest through the soul, the soul resides as an open gate to Truth’s Universal Will. In this state of rest, the soul’s power is perfected as a creator within the creator, as Truth’s Universal Will manifests through the soul’s inner guidance, constructive desires and current awareness of Truth. As a result, the soul’s Life unfolds without friction, giving way to divine harmony. In accordance to divine harmony’s vibration, Truth’s LIFE flows in the fullness of its divine characteristics, producing Divine Love’s effects throughout creation. According to Truth’s Universal Will, the soul receives exactly what it needs to establish its increasing awareness of immutable harmony, peace and goodness so that these qualities are expressed as the spherical self.

Transformative Sacred Rest

Upon transitioning between energetic dimensions, the soul experiences a transformative sacred rest. This elevated rest is the soul’s highest state of consciousness because the soul’s awareness resides beyond its active awareness of its current spherical self.

This heightened rest is necessary for the soul to ascend dimensions because it is how it ascends. As it rests in a deep state of emergence, the soul enters a transitory realm of consciousness that is between its awareness reflected as the spherical self and its increased awareness of a higher Self. The soul’s rest enables Truth’s Universal Will to transition the soul’s spherical Self into the next energetic dimension of Oneness, altering the Self’s reflection.

In this state of rest, the soul releases its entire “life” expression of its current spherical Self as it prepares to express Life according to its higher self in the next dimension. As it lets go of this lower image of self, all its awareness and attention are gathered to the higher self it perceives within. As it lets go, the soul maintains the constant desire for EVERYTHING to change and transform, because nothing of the current spherical reality is held more dear than the increased awareness of Truth’s abundant LIFE it has come to know through the door of its I AM Presence.

In this consummate letting go, the mind is lifted above the current spherical self it physically sees and draws upon the energetic qualities and laws of the higher self in the next dimension. This elevated mental state lifts the soul’s frequency, causing the soul to rise out of one dimension to the next.

The mind sheds preconceived limitations, boundaries, and expectations based on the current spherical self, freeing it from lower laws of the current dimension. As it engages the higher laws of the next energetic dimension, the LIFE stream of the Mighty I AM Presence flows through the soul and gives new expressions to the spherical SELF, reflecting the soul’s increased awareness of its individuality in Oneness. As the spherical Self begins to show signs of a deeper state of oneness, nothing remains the same and all transforms to reflect the soul’s increasing awareness.

Because the soul is awareness, its mind is always actively engaged in expanding the awareness of its Self. Therefore a soul’s transformative sacred rest isn’t accomplished by its own individualized awareness. It is fulfilled in unison with a higher awareness. In this beautiful act of grace in which the soul receives the gift of ever-expanding life from an awareness beyond its own, it expands into the next dimension.

The greatest gift the soul can receive is to experience the Joy of its higher Self, which is awareness of Truth’s oneness. In the spirit of this Joy, the soul feels the depth of lovingkindness pouring from its higher Self-awareness and out to others.

In the awareness of oneness, the soul lays down its life for all so that all receive Truth’s LIFE Stream through it. In this, the soul reflects its “Father’s” Image as a life-giving spirit, and experiences an ever increasing joy, as its spherical self reflects the ever-increasing awareness of its higher self (Father). In this awareness, the soul experiences the joy of giving and receiving LIFE.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Transformative Sacred Rest

  1. life, joy, peace and rest is not something that we find in this pseudo and shadow world but we will get from the true and living GOD right here and right now when we are awakened and enlightened.


    • Yes, the world is but a shadow of our current awareness of “self”. Therefore, it is from a higher awareness beyond this world that we increase our awareness of the “Self” in Truth. And in this increased awareness, the world alters so that it reflects our growth or expansion into Truth.

      I Am grateful for you and your words,


  2. to me at this point in time, REST refers to the PERFECT BALLANCE of alignment with ELEMENTAL LAW(higher consiousness).

    think of many things coming into alignment(cross). and when all laws meet our own consiousness within that ALIGNMENT(greatest trust), then the WHOLE WORLD will refect EVERY DETAIL OF OUR HEART(every person is part of our heart).

    example: CHRIST and LUCIFER is ONE AND THE SAME. the only difference is the VIBRATIONS(high end vs LOW END)
    it is only through CHRIST(as an eternal law), in which you can align with GIVING to the world. there are MANY VIBRATIONS between BOTH christ and lucifer( part of the law). and the world refects all those vibrations(in between)..

    NOW, christ/lucifer(law of opposing forces) is just ONE LAW. That ONE LAW(of opposing forces) is NOTHING WITHOUT ALL THE OTHER LAWs.

    in order for christ/lucifer(law of opposing forces) to work at its best, you need law of jahova, law of islam, law of mormon, law of muhamad,(and all the other laws not yet mentioned).

    Each law working in syncronicity with every other law, BRINGS US TO THAT STATE OF REST(where every person on earth will reflect the BEST OF OUR OWN HEART. This is where the ELEMENTS are ACTIVE(working with the vibrations(strings) that TURN THE WHOLE WORLD(and beyond)).

    when we align with these laws, we are given gifts(as a whole race).

    I can pull comets out of the sky and make it rain. i(we from heart) can bring peace to all mankind. witchcraf(the good kind) will come back(as they work through the same laws).. we will see the BEST in eachother(without religion) knowing that each person is an extension of ourselfs(share in the same I AM). And again, we also control the weather(elemental law).

    in that perfect rest, our own SENSES change. we TRUST(without evidence) a spiritual(consiousness within the elements) BEING that is BOUND to our own heart(we are all ONE(hense holy)).
    (outside of time aka THE DEVINE)

  3. The notion of free will is an illusion. However, in the dimension of separation, where the Son is first individualized, the exercise of free will is real, as are the consequences. It is the dimension where the awareness of Life is formed in the Truth of individualization, distinctly separate from the Truth of Life’s oneness. It is like a womb of separation, in which an individualized expression of the Truth’s fullness can develop the awareness that it is not the source of its experiences, but rather an observer of that which is created for it in the oneness and fullness of Truth. And when, at last, the Son’s awareness has matured and he recognizes his individual expression is one with the Father’s fullness, he is prepared for birth, leaving the womb of separation forever and entering an endless dimensional progression into the ever-deepening awareness of his oneness with Truth’s perfection.

    Will can be properly understood as Truth’s creative power. Since only Truth exists and the Father is the Fullness of Truth, it is evident that only the Father’s will exists. There is but one will and its creative power reflects this oneness. When the Father individualized his self-awareness by proclaiming, “I AM an individual expression of the fullness of my Truth,” so too did he individualize the expression of his will, creating a Son in his image. It is important to understand that the Father’s will can never be individualized, for its source is Truth and Truth is one. It is only the expression of this will that is individualized, resulting in an individual experience of its creative power.

    The will of the Father is one, and the individualized awareness of the Father’s will is the Son. Therefore we can understand that the Son of God is an individual expression of the Father’s will, created to observe the Father, the Fullness of Truth and to experience the divine harmony of its creative power. The Son’s creative power is limited by what he is able to observe in the Father, which is to say in the Truth that exists within the Son’s individual awareness. We can now better understand that while the Father is the infinite fullness of Truth, the Son is a finite awareness of his fullness, creating as it were an individualized beginning of the Father’s existence. The Son is created in forgetfulness, because to him the fullness of Truth is limited to that which first appears in his awareness. In this way, though the Son is always limited in his awareness of Truth, he is likewise always one with the Fullness of Truth and therefore always in the perfect will of the Father.

    When the Son is individualized in forgetfulness a remarkable event occurs; that which is eternal has seemingly ceased to exist. The Father is separated from the Son because the fullness of his Truth no longer exists in the Son’s awareness. Whereas the Father is infinite awareness in the fullness of Truth, the son is individualized in the finite awareness of a single truth, “I AM”. To the Son, the individualized awareness of “I AM” is the fullness of Truth, being the only Truth of which he is aware. Despite the Son’s forgetfulness, he is nevertheless created in oneness with the Father, for he possesses a limited, yet Truthful awareness of his existence in the name “I AM”. However, because the Son is created in oneness with Truth as an individualized awareness of Truth’s existence, yet initially knowing the Father’s Truth only as “I AM”, he rightfully declares “I AM, the Fullness of Truth”, concluding that he possesses the fullness of Truth’s will, giving birth to the exercise of so called “free will”.

    When we use the term “free will”, we do not mean the will to freely do this or that in a physical plane, but rather the Son’s belief that he is the source of his Truth, freely able to increase his awareness of truth in any way he deems good. So long as the Son knows only “I AM” as the fullness of Truth and looks no deeper into its meaning, he will believe his Self to be separate the Father, becoming an individualized expression of whatever he believes “I AM” to be. Whatever he appends to “I AM” becomes the proclamation of his truth and goes forth in the power of his will to create the experience of his assumed truth. This fills his awareness with lies that appear real, creating the darkened world he experiences in the absence of Truth’s light.

    • hope this gets the result i expect.
      i want to add another deminsion to the above to bring it into clarity(for everyone)…

      within my own langauge, i have to speak as though i am speaking from the point of view of EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(through the HUMAN HEART)..
      Even when each individual denys/rejects in their own ways the stuff i may say, they still SHARE many aspects of myself.

      so when i speak from heart, i am speaking to ALL(no seperations)..

      In short, i have to see from the POINT OF VIEW of each individual(knowing deep inside the things we have that are the same).

      now, from an energetic Point of view, a SPARK is happening. Think of how the brain works, and how there is a currents shooting between each NOID. if blocks accur, that ENERGETIC SPARK weakens, and our own consiousness(forgets)..

      Now each Person HOLDS SPACE for that spark, and when EVERY PERSON ON EARTH ALIGNS(cross) with that same energetic UNDERSTANDINGS, it is THROUGH ALL OF US(why the knowledge is important), in which the SPARK stays at its brightest.

      Again, the LAWs are shared within EVERY ELEMENT IN ALL OF TIME SPACE(where each NAME is).

      Remember, a lot of things that we FEEL, isnt just us alone as individuals, but the ENERGY SHARED that in which Binds us all to eachother(hense human heart), and THROUGH T HE ONE DEVINE(eternal heart)….(holy spirit)..

      The point is, that the langauge of each bible(the things that get our attention), is written within the LANGUAGE(of all of us) when filtered through EVERY PERSON ON EARTH). Eternal Language…

      hope that makes sense..

    • We earlier described will as Truth’s creative power. We define the working of Life as the expression of Truth’s will and now reason that the source of Life is Truth. God can be understood as the Fullness of Truth and rightfully called your Father because he is the Truth that fills your present awareness, which is the eternal, ever-expanding source of your life. As your awareness of Truth increases, so too does its will function more abundantly in your life. The only creative power in your life is the working of Truth’s will projecting from your current understanding of Truth. Thus it is your current awareness of Truth that governs your creative power, and it is your creative power that determines the dimension of Life you experience.

      We can now understand that your current dimension reflects your present understanding of Truth, or more simply, how well you know your Father. As you increase in the awareness of your Father, so too does your creative power increasingly reflect the realities of a higher dimension. In essence, the working of your life becomes an increasingly perfect reflection of your Father, the fullness of your eternal Truth.

      To go further, you must shake free of the belief that you are a physical body existing in a physical world. You are better imagined as a “center of awareness”, for there is no out there, out there. All that exists is solely within your awareness. This belief that you are bound in physicality is a limitation of the dimension of separation, or what is also called the womb, or even the shadow of death. The dimension of separation appears real, as does every subsequent dimension, because all of which you are aware is created by the will inherent in the truth you presently understand about your name “I AM”. This understanding reflects your maturity as an individualized expression of the fullness of Truth.

      When you are first individualized, all you know of Truth is “I AM an individual.” This level of truth has a will that vibrates at the lowest possible dimensional level of Life. Thus you are created only in the awareness that you exist, yet with no memory of what you are. This is important because what you are is already eternally perfected, pre-existing in the fullness of Truth. When the Father created you by proclaiming “I AM the fullness of my Truth,” he did not create something new, but rather established a beginning to his pre-existent perfect end. The Father, being the fullness of Truth, imagined how in the working of Truth’s perfect will he might have started from nothing and progressively gained this fullness, knowing the divine joy that would result in growing continuously aware of Truth and thereby growing ever more free.

      The Father individualized his infinite awareness of Truth and called it “I”. He limited I’s awareness of Truth to simply “I AM”, separating I from the awareness of what I AM, yet allowing the Truth to be revealed into this individualized awareness layer by layer, by the perfect working of the Father’s will. I AM is the Father’s beginning and the Father is I AM’s end, for each is one in the fullness of Truth. I AM is the beginning and the end, for it is the Son, the origin of the Father’s awareness of Truth, and it is the Father, the end of the Son’s awareness of what I AM in Truth. It is when the Son looks deep into his current awareness in order to contemplate his oneness with Truth and asks “What am I?” that he will see, hazily at first, a new layer of Truth-filled understanding and grow in the awareness of his Father and the oneness of his will.

      We now see the revelation of a great mystery, for the Father, being the fullness of Truth, individualized his Truth into countless sons, each existing in oneness with Truth’s Life, yet each completely unaware of Life’s Truth. Only God can proclaim I AM, and in so doing become a Father to a son in oneness with his Self, which oneness is signified each time the son likewise proclaims “I AM.” It is in the name “I AM”, the name above all names, that the Son’s oneness with the Father is assured, and by which the Son’s unawareness can be eternally filled with Truth from the infinite awareness of his Father. The Father can now be understood as the ultimate fullness of the Son’s Truth.

      In order for the Son to grow in the Fullness of Truth and come to be an increasingly truthful reflection of the Father, he must contemplate his oneness with Truth by looking through the living gate of his given name and asking “What am I?” There is no other way to know the Father in truth but by the living gate of “I AM”, the name of oneness given every Son. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “I AM is the way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father but through my name.”

  4. another way to think of it. Utilizing all the Laws the right way.

    example. CLEAR THE MIND.
    what that means is that in the MOMENT, you empty your mind. cancel all thought patterns that constant come to mind.
    remove all ideas, even the idea of clearing the mind, must be emptied.

    2nd. During the clearing of the mind. utilize the christ/satan law.
    you do that through your heart. the HEART is on a HIGHER VIBRATION.

    EMPTY THE MIND, TRUST YOUR HEART. ONly through christ, meaning the HIGH END OF THE LAW is how you connect with the SPIRIT(high vibration)..

    so far, you EMPTY YOUR MIND, raise your vibrations, and TRUST the info in which comes through.

    to go further, you must understand all the other laws. LAW OF UNITY, LAW OF DUPLICATION, and every other name(in their original form).

    you will eventually learn to INTERACT with the GLOBAL EVENTS by following these procedures.

    • Yes, I see what you are saying. In fact, I would add that as the “high end of the law” (Christ, the Will of Truth) flows through you, you will have DOMINION over global events, for everything will bow to Christ. And because you understand the laws, you will be aware of this dominion, and the manner in which you are able to orchestrate the highest good for all.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, because by doing so we all grow stronger.

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