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Through the Door of Life

“The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:26

The time is upon us when our collective consciousness transforms, so that we as a creation no longer pass through the door of death but the door of life, ending the illusion and awakening into the real. We awaken to the truth that death is only an illusion allowing the reality of eternal life to fade in all around us.

The foundational lie upholding this illusion is that Death, not God, rules all. Death has the final word in every life by proclaiming: “Thou shalt die!” Who can escape? Its will is unassailable, exalting itself above God’s will that none should die. (John 3:16) But death goes further and stands in the holy place presenting itself as our savior.

Most of us equate death with a release from suffering. We believe death frees us from the travails of illness and pain, ushering us into a place of peace and comfort. It promises to take away our unbearable burdens, worries, guilt and fears. Death is so deceptive and its call as savior so strong that some take their own life that death may save them now.

Let’s be clear, death is not a savior. The way out of suffering, fear and all other illusions isn’t through one’s belief in death’s offerings of peace and comfort. To desire death in any way, shape or form is to choose to put our will and faith in an illusion; for desiring death as a means to escape from any type of suffering sustains the illusion that both death and suffering are real. Release from this illusionary dream isn’t by being separate from our bodies (which include the reality that surrounds them). Our bodies simply reflect our beliefs. They can reflect the illusion of finiteness and death or the Truth of immortality and life. It’s our state of consciousness that shapes energy into its reflective substance and form. What we hold as truth in our minds manifests in our reality. What we believe determines whether we sleep in an illusionary dream of death or awaken to eternal life.

We subconsciously accept that we enter eternal life through death. It’s the ultimate deception because in eternal life the concept of anything dying… ever… isn’t true. Ever. We awaken from this illusion of death and suffering as our faith realigns to this Truth: death is not real. One milestone of this passage of faith is that we no longer desire or put faith in the promised comforts of death in any of its many forms, but instead give our faith to Truth. As we choose to believe death is not real and that God is our only comfort and savior, we awaken and perceive the eternally open door into the Kingdom. This door to life, which is our eternal and ever-present oneness with the divine love of God, remains hidden beneath the dream of death.

As our faith aligns to the Truth of eternal life, we encounter the temptation of death anytime we believe we are not, right now, in God’s perfect care. We are faced with a choice: we can give our faith to Truth or let it remain in the illusion. As the Spirit aligns us to Truth and we put our faith in that Truth, we trust in God’s perfect care and that his divine love never fails. We let go of the idea that death or anything else rescues us from suffering. We realize belief in death or any of its forms only keeps us bound in an illusionary reality.

This awareness reveals that the reality of eternal life, peace, joy, and immortal harmony is ever-present. As we begin to perceive beyond the illusion of death, an awareness of our oneness with God reveals the Kingdom of God is at hand, dissolving the illusion. As we perceive the Kingdom within, we perceive it without. It’s always been, but the illusion of death has hidden it.

Therefore, our escape from the illusion and into life is found in awareness of our oneness with God, not death. The Spirit of God is the eternal living energy of divine love, which extends to all and gives His life to all. Being a part of God’s eternal life we could never die. If we believe in death, we choose the illusion. If we believe in God’s eternal life, we choose Truth. We can’t choose both.

Eternal and unfailing divine love is the Spirit of the Father; the Savior that Jesus Christ extended into creation. In the illusion, death stands as a savior. As we become aware of our oneness with the Spirit of the Father and let go of death’s illusion by no longer putting our faith in it, we begin reflecting eternal life and shine in the likeness of the Father. As the Spirit expels illusionary thoughts of death, our mind becomes a sanctuary (the holy place) for the holy thoughts of God. Our will is joined to God’s and in this oneness our desires of eternal life are manifested. This transformation is a rebirth, from the dream-like “reality” of the finite, into the true reality of the infinite.

  “And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” ~ John 11:26




Life is But a Dream

A quick reminder … The perfection of Truth is always beyond our finite understanding. Therefore, what we proclaim is always according to our present awareness as we progress out of darkness and ever-deeper into the Light of eternal Truth. As we attune our internal ears and eyes to the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit aligns our understanding and beliefs to Truth. This awareness of progressive understanding is the humility that enables us to continue to learn and grow as a divine being.

We are as God created us and nothing can change that; we are holy, sacred, pure, good and most importantly through this embryonic state we become perfection beyond perfection, which is our ability to ever expand in oneness with God. It’s only in our self-made, illusionary reality (which our senses convince us is real), do we imagine we are limited and separate (cut-off) from God in any way.

Separation from God is impossible because divine love is all-inclusive. Therefore, we must be recipients of his love and are destined to be expressions of his love. In this, we see suffering could never be his eternal will and instead suffering is our creation because we mistakenly believe we are separate from his love. This false belief constructs an illusionary reality that we experience as real because of our physical senses, which are also a part of the illusion. If we trust and put our faith in our senses we remain bound in unawareness. Because we hear, see, taste, smell, and feel we assume what they “tell” us is truth, yet even in this dream how often have our senses misled us. Our true eternal state is perpetual peace, abundance, joy, love, and all the attributes God fashioned in us as a part of Himself.

If we believe suffering is of God, then we make him a sufferer, something he is not. This false image of God enslaves us to suffering. God is eternal and his reality contains nothing of finite characteristics. Only in the darkened dream of illusions can we create such a false image. Jesus Christ came to dispel such illusions not reinforce them – removing sickness, lying thought-forms (aka demons), and even death. He came giving abundant life and proclaiming the “Kingdom of God is at hand”.

However everything serves a divine purpose even this dream. In this dream we experience an illusionary absence of love that we may desire to choose love of our own free will. It affords us this Divine Choice – a choice to be what we are: at one with God’s loving attributes, holy and of his likeness. It provides us a liberty of will that creates a capacity to outpour and extend his divine love. This free-will Choice establishes in us the divine quality of love that makes it what it is – unconditional and freely given. Love gives because it wants to give (an element of “choice”). By choosing the true image of God, in accordance with divine love, we are now empowered to dissolve suffering from our reality because we awaken to the truth that we were always one with this love. In consciously making the Divine Choice, our love of God and all of creation is sincere and not “robotic”, which pure love can never be.

In this dream we live our illusions. Just like a night dream, our reality isn’t actually real, it only seems real. Our illusions are confined to a finite, temporary dream state of consciousness. In our night dreams, we create all we perceive – every character, situation, etc., and we do the same with this “reality.” Science is finally catching up with this aspect of reality that truth-seekers have known for centuries: life is but a dream.

We awaken as we stop putting faith, trust and belief in what our external senses perceive and put them in the internal Voice of God that only speaks peace, love, and eternal life to us. In this realignment of faith (awakening), we begin to release the finite concepts we “created” of sin, evil, guilt, fear, shame, separation, condemnation, suffering, lack, etc. As we go through this transition we struggle and go through many ups and downs as the depth of our illusions are unearthed so we may be liberated into the Truth. To believe in what you internally hear from the Spirit and not what you outwardly see with your eyes is challenging. To believe that our perceived suffering isn’t real is extremely difficult, but it’s how we move out of the illusion and into the Truth. If we persist we are carried in the arms of transformative grace through this transition, and we cannot fail because divine love never fails.

What we believe we create. As we cease to believe in the massive illusion we’ve created, and instead put our faith in Truth, then we will manifest the Kingdom of God as our reality.


~ TreeSoul


Remembering I Am


The path into Truth is one of becoming ever more aware of who we truly are and always have been. We all begin this journey in the darkness of unawareness in which our misconstrued beliefs tell us and our “reality” convinces us that we are the opposite of who we truly are.

As we journey the path of enlightenment out of darkness, beliefs in the unreal are replaced with beliefs in the real. We discover we are nothing that we thought we were. It’s freeing and exhilarating, but also challenging as all we once knew begins to be undone making space for the new. Because we are going through a transformation of belief, not only does our transition occur precept upon precept (as we could not accept the Truth in fullness because we currently believe its opposite), but also our outward reality begins to unravel and unfold in accordance to our new beliefs.

This movement from the unreal to the real is the process by which our individual consciousness develops into an expressive and creative outlet for the Mind of God.

During this past year, I’ve become more aware of the real versus the unreal and the power to create what we truly want that is inherent in believing what is of Truth. As I share what I’m learning, to some it may seem unreal and untrue because the opposite is still held as true. But for others, it will be a beautiful and needed confirmation because most of the world is still in darkness. Though we are in various places, we are one. As we each become aware, we heighten the awareness of all.



The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God


The Kingdom is the spreading of immortal harmony, an eternal force that can not be altered or disturbed in any way. It is superior to all force because it is a “creative” energy with a “timelessness” structure. That is to say that every layer of the Kingdom continually supports all future present moments. What is created in this “now” makes every future (yet to be created) present moment stronger, brighter and more powerful.

Immortal harmony is radiated into this material (and disharmonious) reality by the living light of Trust. Not worldly trust, but the Trust reflected by the growing spirit of Christ within. This Trust dissolves all striving and creates a “witness” out of the soul; an observer that is capable of manifesting potentials of immortal harmony in the reality of the senses.

These potentials bloom forth and reveal their color and fragrance as a series of never ending “wrapped presents” (divinely created manifestations). As the soul rests it observes the unwrapping of the manifestation event that reveals the comforts of immortal harmony, which creates joy in the soul, even the fulfillment of divine desire. For once the event materializes fulfilled desire wells up in the soul and thanksgiving pours forth to the Father. Each event reinforces all previously created events. This is the growing, ever-expanding Kingdom of God.

Healing the Sick

Sickness is a manifestation of disharmony, the opposite of the Kingdom. It manifests as a lack of trust radiates from the soul. Sickness derives from a pure dependence on the will of “self” and the striving and toiling of the soul. Instead of rest and standing still, there is effort to create manifestations of joy. It is the idea of the soul creating in its energy field a “desired manifestation” and then, in its own creative power, attempting to manifest this desire in physical form. It is the pursuit of “unwrapped presents” (self-created expectations), each created from the soul’s self-generated energy (versus the power of divine trust). When self-generated energy manifests it is often corrupted and produces a reality quite different from that which was expected.

Not only can this produce anxious and emotionally harmful energy fields surrounding the soul, but the welding of such disharmonious energies can often create bodily manifestations of illness, even of accidents. Healing the sick means to cover the afflicted soul in the divine energies of immortal harmony. This is done by and through Trust in the power of divine love. As the divine soul radiates its ever abundant divine love into the disharmonious energies of the sick, the afflicted soul’s energies can be “calmed” and made to be at peace, instantly dissolving the disharmonious energies that sustain the manifestation of “illness”, bringing healing and restoration to the soul’s reality.






Time of Stillness

Time of Stillness


Every now and then the Spirt calls me to a time of stillness. After my last post, I felt this inner call. There is a lot happening on the spiritual plane as the Living Light (vibration of divine love energy) takes on new expressions within the collective soul. Its flow from the Source and through the soul is currently the central focus of my meditative times. Because our true power flows from the Source of Life through us, our power is found in stillness, openness and oneness.

During these times I don’t do much posting and yet my words spoken to you all, soul to soul, from within my sacred inner chamber have never felt more alive and powerful.

If you are feeling this call as well, I encourage you to nurture this inner awakening. To take time to quiet your soul, mind and body so that you can attune to the inner movements of the Spirit and be an active observer of his inner workmanship; which quickens his work within you.


Birth of Oneness

Birth of Oneness


In a magnificent array of unique splendor, I am You, You are Me, and We are He when we are true to our Divine Self.

Our true divine selves are all connected by one Spirit; so that the “I” in all of us is one with each other and one with the Spirit of God, thus our true-self is the Divine Self. Our beliefs coming into alignment with this truth is the birth of Oneness among us.

This one unifying Spirit is the Christ Spirit, which is the expressed Spirit of God within the human soul. It is only the belief in our false-selves (a belief of self based on a separation from each other and from God) that creates a reality of separation and all the attributes it manifests. As we let go of our false-selves (a conglomeration of lies and illusions) by the active renewing of our minds in truth so that all that remains is our Divine Self, we find a harmonious connection to all in Creation.

We are each creators of “our world” by the current state of our consciousness. As we are so is the experience of “our world.” The attributes we live within we experience without. I’ve come to see this very plainly in my life. Though the mirror reflection can be hard to see because of my erroneous beliefs, it is by seeing that I learn what is of truth and what isn’t so that I have a choice to let go of one and embrace the another. This awakening process is the journey of a life-seeking soul.

As we embrace the divine attributes of the Divine Self through prayer, meditation, living faith, divine trust and belief then they methodically become our expressed reality. This is a very long process in my experience and estimation, but for those whose first desire is to seek the divine righteousness and the Kingdom of God it is the path of life. Beliefs are not easily changed, it is what makes them beliefs. But through a constant absorption of the counsels and instructions of the Spirit of Truth that flows through our Divine Self within, these beliefs slowly change to align to the Truth; and in time manifest abundant life.

(We’ve all heard these counsels and instructions all our lives, it is only coming to recognize the Source, thus their Voice, as well as the distinction between our false-self and Divine Self that enables us to tune into them.)

As we embrace the divine attributes through cultivating a disciplined mind to the mind of Christ (again our Divine Self mind), we find these attributes always existed within our true-self. So, it is a process of awakening or growing in awareness of our true state that has been hidden in the shadows of our false-self. During the process of renewing our minds, we relentlessly put off or reject any thoughts contrary to the expression of these divine attributes until our mind is in service to the Christ Spirit within (the life force of our Divine Self).

Because our sovereign God governs our Divine Self which is one with him (as it is his expressed nature through our individualized souls), if both you and I are living within the consciousness of this true-self, then we find harmony. If we are believing and thus acting in the conditions and traits of our false-self then we experience disharmony in a myriad of ways.

All is in a constant flow of energy determined by our state of consciousness. As our consciousness changes so does the flow of energy thus the formation of our reality or “our world.” And because energy is in a constant flow, small changes in our consciousness affect our reality. Nothing is permanent or fixed. All is fluid and changeable, which is good news for us.

As creators of our reality, we are under the absolute sovereignty of our Creator; thus regardless of our current state (false or true), all is under his sovereign determination, also comforting news. Everything is being used for our highest good and as we spend time upon this path, we come to see this in the smallest of details. As our lives come into alignment to our Divine Self, then we create a reality of abundant life, love, peace and joy. It is unawareness and rebellion to this Spirit that creates anything else.

The trials in our lives that create the suffering of our souls exist to humble us so that we desire to acquiesce all we are to the Christ Spirit, the “I” within us, who is constantly desiring to guide us along the paths of life. It is through these trying and humbling experiences that we learn that by singularly abiding within the consciousness of our Divine Self that we experience abundant life, truth and all we truly desire.

Our Creator’s home within this Creation is within our Divine Self; for it is his expressed Spirit in a magnificent array of individualities. Thus, it is through an inner soulful exploration that we “find” him; and an outward expression of divine attributes (especially divine love) that we experience him. Let us be persistent to seek to be true to our Divine Self and to the Divine Self in others and in doing so find harmony, life, love and joy within and without.


Wrapped “Presents”

Wrapped “Presents”


As the divine consciousness establishes its constructs in the soul, the past-future mindset of the soul is transitioned into a state of present-mindedness. In this, the ill effects of the past created by the false-self end, and the future becomes an infinite space of wrapped “presents”, which enable the soul to fully abide in the present moment. 

False-Self vs Divine-Self

The false-self grows out of the self-determined consciousness. Within this consciousness, all the soul’s experiences are dictated by its unreal imaginations. It can’t perceive what is unreal or real, what is false or true. Its judgments are all off. Once unreal imaginations (lies and illusions) are believed and acted upon they create the soul’s reflective reality, which further blinds the soul from the truth.

The false-self is a soul state based on the inherent separation created by the self-determined consciousness that in turn creates the core characteristics of inferiority (whose flip-side is pride), shame, guilt and fear (which drive the false self’s creative processes). Because these are at the soul’s core they affect every choice and decision to some degree, which in turn shapes the soul’s life.

However, along the path of enlightenment, the soul gains truth from the Spirit of Truth. These truths establish the frameworks of the divine-self; like an embryo forming in a womb. In these new frameworks, the soul no longer perceives just a false-self, but now a divine-self. While the false-self operates by the self-determined consciousness, the divine-self operates by the divine consciousness. It’s pure and without blemish, though in its embryonic state it was developed and matured by receiving wisdom from the lessons of the false-self.

End of the False-Self

The false-self ends its reign over reality, and the divine-self begins as the soul gains various transformative understandings. The two overlapping essential constructs that enable the divine self to materialize are 1. realizing that all the soul created in its false-self was based on its imaginations of the unreal, and 2. its need for divine honor that is inherent in divine love.

The false-self and divine-self dynamic is like dreaming. When you are dreaming you are in a different state of consciousness (false self). When you wake (divine self), you know it wasn’t real, but you can learn from your dreams.

As our dreams at night are products of our imagination, so is our false self, thus our entire experiential reality. None of it is truly real. When we begin to awake from this dream by gaining the new frameworks of the divine self, we realize our false self and all the reality it created wasn’t based on truth, but illusions and lies that created our suffering. Thus, the truth can set us free. We realize our divine-self, who the Spirit of Truth has been constructing and revealing to us, is who we truly are. In this, the false-self begins to lose its power over us little by little. As it loses its power, the soul begins to be set free from the bondage it created by its unreal imaginations. However, this awareness in itself isn’t sufficient to free the soul.

Divine Honor

Along with understanding that it has suffered and caused suffering due to its unreal imaginations, the soul needs the inherent quality of divine honor to replace its inferiority.

As the Creator’s divine love enters the soul, inferiority is replaced by divine honor whose flip-side is true humility. By the Creator bestowing honor to the soul, (which is the weaker entity), the creation reaches equilibrium with the Creator, (which is the stronger). In this union of frequency, a pure exchange of divine love energy can occur. In receiving honor, the weaker entity returns honor to the stronger. Without this honor at the root, the soul can be aware that it is governed by lies and illusions, but it remains powerless to truly live in the truth until a substantive honor is received.

Like divine love, this honor is received into creation when it is given from one individual soul to another. Though it is the honor of the Creator, it is manifested in creation when it is exchanged between two souls. When the soul unites to the divine consciousness, the soul begins to pour out this love and honor and thus manifest it in its reality. By desiring to give honor to others, the soul is able to receive the divine honor from the Source and give it to others, thus receive it from others. Which is beautiful beyond words.

Future of Wrapped Presents

As the unreal imaginations come to an end, the soul experiences a shift in its perceptions of the future because the ill effects of the past are no longer in play.

When the soul is governed by the divine consciousness (the will of God), the future appears as an infinite bright white light full of infinite divine possibilities, and yet at the same time it appears as a vast unknown. If you look at a future with unwrapped presents, it looks full and desirable because you know what to look for. If you look into the future of wrapped presents, it looks like endless white space. So, unlike the predictive, controlled and planned outlook of the self-will, when in the will of God, the soul experiences a wide open space where anything could happen.

Initially when the soul begins to shift in this perspective, it experiences a certain doubt of what will happen. It’s like a butterfly taking flight for the first time. It’s a bit unsettling and exciting at the same time. But as each moment continues to unfold in growing beauty and harmony this questioning ends and the wonderment and excitement and of a child take its place. When the will of God is in control and the self-will isn’t, the soul never knows what a moment will bring.

So instead of the soul trying to control, it resides in a place of fluidity and trust. Trust is essential to be able to start operating in this new way. Yet, the soul is perfectly prepared as this level of trust was developed on its path of enlightenment. In trust, the soul rides the winds of the moment, as the sovereign will of God manifests through its seven soul elements. Though the soul doesn’t know what the future holds or how its desires will manifest, it knows who is in control and finds peace in this divine governance. Thus it enters its rest in the present moment with a beautiful child-like trust that honors the Creator above all.



Letting Go and Embracing Life

Letting Go and Embracing Life

Emergence of a Divine Soul


My recent posts reveal the significance of letting go of the self-determined consciousness so that living faith may expand and strengthen.

As I progress down this path, I perceive deeper levels of letting go. And now I’m hearing the call … let go of all.

Transformative Shift

Nearing the end of this process of detachment from attachment, living faith prompts the soul to make a complete transformative shift, the ultimate letting go. It’s an inner transition in which all its being resides upon living faith in divine love. It’s a definitive exchange so that all that is within and without shifts from a platform of self-governance to one of divine governance; like a caterpillar hanging from a tree to begin metamorphosis. It’s a movement in the soul’s will from the corruption of the self-determined consciousness to the incorruption of the divine consciousness.

In this shift, the path of the soul rises out of the dark pit of the false self to a new echelon of light streaming through the divine self.

Bridging the Gap

How is a soul that is impure able to become pure? How is a soul that is corrupted through ill judgments, illusions, and lies that it believes is grounded in truth able to put on incorruption of absolute truth so that every element of the soul is pure? How is this possible in a reality of relative truth, which makes knowing truth impossible? The answer lies in the metamorphic work of the Spirit of Truth as he crafts living faith within the sacred inner chamber.

A Soul Within a Soul

Within the soul is a sacred inner chamber. It’s a pure portion of the soul because it exists before any creative expression of the soul. Because of its pre-creation purity, it’s the place where the self sits as observer, and where it communes with the Spirit of Truth. It’s where the soul connects to its Creator, though a veil resides between him and the forming soul. It’s the origin of living faith in the soul and where this faith is shaped and expanded.

When a soul engages the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit crafts a divine framework of soul through divine truth and love within this inner chamber. Constructed by the Spirit of Truth and formed in a space beyond this reality yet connected to it, this inner working is somewhat beyond the bounds of relative truth that binds the soul in this reality to illusions. Full release from this relativity comes when the veil is removed between the soul and the Creator. As the soul diligently communes, follows, and embraces the Spirit’s teaching, counsel and guidance through the blinding matrix, the received concepts are integrated into the soul to an extent that a divine soul framework is fashioned. Thus, as truths relating to divine love are sown within this place, the likeness of a divine soul emerges.

As the soul takes on the divine constructs of a divine soul, it externally experiences its false self, while internally expands its true self. Thus there are two in one; like the blueprints of a butterfly that reside within the caterpillar. Within the outer likeness of a self-determined consciousness, the Spirit of Truth builds a new likeness of soul that is pure and thus able to connect in oneness to the divine consciousness. When this divine soul structure is complete, then the soul is ready to shed the old outer likeness to reveal the divine soul underneath. (Expressed in analogies of new birth, new creation, caterpillar metamorphosis, bride entering into marriage)

Transition of the Soul

Living faith is the means by which a soul transitions from the false self to the divine self. It’s the all-significant mechanism through which the divine consciousness unites to the inner divine soul to bring it to life.

Living faith is built on a mountain of truth supplied by the Spirit of Truth. All the understanding that is derived from a daily practice of listening and heeding the Spirit of Truth creates a vast interlocking web of understanding of divine thoughts, perceptions, desires, emotions, words, timelessness, and divine judgments; all expressive centers of the soul. The multitude of revelations, lessons, transformed beliefs, and instructions over the long and winding journey creates a foundation for a divine soul. This new soul structure is sacred, pure, uncorrupted, untainted, and holy. Thus, it’s a soul the divine consciousness can connect to; for what is pure can’t connect to what is impure.

Because the transformation is into love and by the workings of divine love, the soul’s awareness, willingness, desire, and acceptance to become what the Spirit is constructing is essential, thus, the substantial purpose and necessity of letting go or repentance. It can’t be fashioned without this willing acceptance on part of the soul, as the soul is being molded into a living creation of divine love. Thus, the requisite of a living faith that enables the soul to transition.

During the formation of the spiritual blueprint of consciousness for a divine consciousness, the soul enters a rigorous journey of refinement. Through the soul’s experiences in conjunction with the Spirit’s instruction, the soul from the inner chamber learns and embraces the ways of divine love in faith; the progressive act of manifesting the substance of a belief. The soul faces each part of its corruption in light of divine love ways. As it wholeheartedly chooses the ways of divine love, they become a part of its divine soul framework. Through this journey the self-determined consciousness is weakened and no longer depended upon, thus living faith is matured so that this complete shift from one foundation to another can be made.

When the instructional period is complete, so a divine spiritual blueprint of consciousness is constructed, the soul is tested. It’s challenged through its sensational reality by its false self’s weaknesses, doubts, reflective reality, and past-future mentality; all representing its soul elements. When the soul chooses the divine self, so the constructs of the divine self supersede the ones of the false self, then there is victory. Belief in and of the divine has been established in the soul; belief is the creative mechanism of consciousness to create an experiential reality. Then the soul is able through living faith to stand solo upon this new foundation and fully let go of the old. This is a monumental stage of transformation is made possible by living faith. In this, the soul reflects its preparation for the divine consciousness.

This complete movement through faith of the soul from the old foundation to the new is the precursor to oneness. A soul fully founded on faith in divine love is pure and complete, this soul state allows the divine soul structure to be infused with the divine consciousness while simultaneously letting the old fall away; like a butterfly sloughing its cocoon.

Living faith enables the movement of a soul from a soul of corruption into a soul of divinity. It’s the transformative power transitioning the content of faith into substance. Thus, through faith is the victory in which the Spirit of God enters the soul of humankind.




Disabling the False Self

Disabling the False Self

Becoming Spirit-Driven


As living faith grows it disables the strength of the self-determined consciousness.

As the soul moves into divine love, it desires nothing of the self-determined consciousness (false self), because it counters this love. Along this path, the soul is led by the Spirit of Truth to let go many elements that strengthen self-determination, one being its results-oriented mindset.

A Willing Exchange

This part of the soul journey in the confines of the self-determined consciousness is about the heart. At this stage, our words and actions will fail to express a divine love, because they are temporary confined to the self-determined consciousness. Yet, the heart is free. It can desire to live according to divine love. Thus, our soul transformation into a divine soul begins with our desires. As we learn about divine love, it shapes our desires. Through this understanding, faith is formed in divine love, which then the substance (the divine consciousness) can fulfill; for faith precedes creation. This desire and living in faith in divine love is what shapes the true self with the constructs to receive the divine consciousness.

As the soul willingly desires to let go of its self-determined ways to embrace the new way of the divine consciousness, its inner framework is refashioned. This willingness of desire crafts the soul structure of the true self that is pure and sacred, which the divine consciousness can unite to. Everything the soul does here in this finite realm serves to prepare it for oneness… everything. In the end, all will serve good. If it doesn’t appear to be serving good, it isn’t the end. When this truth is embraced, the soul sees everything as serving this higher purpose and its understanding grows exponentially.

Living from divine love and wisdom is how a soul operates as part of the divine consciousness. So this willing move in faith to live this way is part of the preparation for that consciousness. Thus, within the realm of its desires and intentions, the soul goes through this exercise of letting go of those elements that strengthen the self-determined consciousness to embrace the ways of divine love.

Letting Go of Results and Expectations

The outcome of a soul’s expression through its words, creativity, personal and business decisions, lifestyle, family life choices, personal interactions, and so on is either driven by self-determination or resting in living faith. Part of the process of willfully letting go of the self-determined consciousness (dying to self) is letting go of its self-imposed results and outcomes; what it has judged as good and desirable.

Self-determination is strengthened by its sense of power to obtain a certain result, outcome, or expectation. Living faith leaves the results to divine wisdom’s orchestration, which is beyond a soul’s capacity to comprehend. Instead of pushing for certain results, the focus is acting in faith in divine love and wisdom as best as one knows at the moment, and leaving the results up to faith. Though, a soul never knows, as it ought to know, living faith does. So when a soul abides in living faith, it trusts that faith to bring the perfect orchestration of the highest good; not its own strength or understanding.

Following the Internal Guide

Thus, rather than focusing on the end goal as the external world has taught, the soul realigns and focuses on living according to the divine love and wisdom it has been inwardly taught by the Spirit of Truth. It leaves the leadership of the external world and follows the internal leader of the Spirit.

The Spirit of Truth is the only one who can teach the soul the ways of divine love; because the source of this love resides where only he can reach. It’s a place of the real within the unreal; a place only he can go to into our soul. Once a soul begins this journey into divine love with the Spirit, there is no end to the instruction. It exponentially expands until the Spirit and soul are one.

Letting go of a results-oriented mindset can be scary and liberating. We feel we might not get what we want. It sometimes feels foolish because it goes against the flow of the world around us. Yet, in letting go of the results, we also begin to let go of fear, control and judgment; all elements of self-determination. These cast illusions of protection and strength to the soul, but they only imprisoned it.

Most of us have something that defines who we are (in whether we have it or not) and gives us value, so that when we obtain it we will have the value we seek. Though it never truly fulfills. In our self-determination we try to manipulate or govern the results, outcomes or expectations in this area because our worth is tied to it. Thus, it’s what we try to control in our lives, what we think most about, and what is hardest to let go of. This is the area we face our greatest challenges.

When a soul is ready, the Spirit prompts it to let go of these deeply seeded anchors of the soul that strengthen self-determination, and become re-anchored only in the love and wisdom he has brought into the soul. During this phase, the soul faces failed expectations in its most valued area that all strength may rest in living faith instead. Though this transaction, the soul is no longer driven to achieve a certain finite result of the external world, but lives according to the internal love and wisdom gained through the Spirit; and leaves the results up to Faith’s creation.

The soul is ready to let go when it has received sufficient understanding in divine love. A soul can only let go of the self-determination when it knows something better to grab ahold of. If there is doubt, it won’t let go. Especially in its most valued areas. So this journey begins by learning about divine love, which again only the Spirit of Truth can reveal to the soul.

We’ve been taught to be results driven. In God’s ways, his ways are not our ways because they always work according to the highest good, which we can’t know because they are beyond our knowing. Thus, in living faith we let go of the results. In this harmony with him, we function in new way that often feels disharmonious to the world’s ways. Thus, we can feel on the outside of life and others’ lives for what defines our life has become different than what defines theirs. Yet feeling the power in the truth we receive from our inner Teacher, we follow his instruction and trust him with the outcomes. Our end is oneness, the path there is unpredictable, but it is found by following the instructions of the Spirit of Truth day by day, moment by moment. In this living faith, he works all for the highest good. Thus, we rest in the awareness that all is happening, as it should be. And through it all, the ups and downs, and facing the deepest and most challenging parts of our being, we are prepared for oneness that delivers us from all that imprisons us.




Barrage of Emails from ME!

Barrage of Emails from ME!

I’m SO sorry for the barrage of emails to all of you who are subscribed to my blog!! It isn’t spam .. just more of Rachel that you want in a sitting. As I reposted my previous blogs that I took down going back to 2008, it automatically sent you an email notice. I didn’t realize it would do this with a re-post. Again, I deeply apologize for overloading your email!! But this is the end. They are all up.