Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Opening to Oneness

Divine Trust facilitates the individualized soul opening into Oneness.

An “Individual in Oneness” is the expression of Truth’s Divine Will. Through Truth-filled understanding, the soul recognizes there is no separate “free will”, instead the soul’s individualized will is a fractal of Divine Will.

The concept of free will stems from the belief that the soul is an “individual in separation”. According to this belief, each individual soul claims its own truth and its individualized will brings that truth into manifestation. Because what the soul is conscious of being it expresses, believing it possesses a free will creates a reality of constriction and limitation. Individualized truth in separation manifests conflicting wills, creating destructive energetic patterns. In this dimensional atmosphere, distrust is a mainstay because good is arbitrarily defined by each one’s relative truth. Distrust is a mental and emotional state that alters the soul’s core harmonic vibration, creating an energetic environment of constriction and contraction, which creates disturbances in energetic connections. Therefore, distrust prohibits the soul’s continual expansion. It’s like trying to build a building while constantly tearing it down. As a result, the Life in Truth doesn’t expand in the soul, and the soul remains in a dormant, seed state.

As the soul’s awareness matures in the understanding of Absolute Truth, it recognizes the sovereignty and singularity of Truth’s Divine Will, because only Truth is. As a result, it disregards the concept of free will and embraces Divine Will, which is the power to bring forth expressions of Truth’s Abundant Life. Divine Will is the energetic momentum of perfect power, infinite intelligence, divine harmony and divine love moving through an individualized I Am Presence and creating its outer expression. Divine Will is perfect power individualized in the soul, manifesting the Life in Truth.

Through Divine Trust, the mind transitions from operating according to free will to Divine Will, until Divine Will is fully individualized as the soul’s will.

Divine Trust is a mechanism that connects the mind to Divine Will’s sovereign governance prior to the mind being fully aligned to Divine Will. It draws upon the Divine Will’s sovereign power to lift the soul out of the destructive operation of free will. The mind possesses Divine Trust when it deeply perceives the sovereignty and singularity of Truth’s Divine Will. This light-filled awareness allows the mind’s creative power, or will, to be governed by Truth, as well as be ubiquitous and ever-present within the soul’s mind, making it divine. As a result of this trust, all that concerns the soul is governed by Divine Will, making it the only governing presence in its reality. Any happenings in the reality of free will serve the soul’s highest good as reality transitions from the illusion of separation to the Oneness of Truth’s Life. This level of trust removes constrictions and limitations seemingly imposed by other wills because there is no other will. During this transition, even the soul’s residual and/or habitual thoughts and actions can not impact Divine Will’s perfect orchestration. Divine Trust makes Divine Will the only governing authority in the soul’s reality by enabling the soul to disengage from its belief in free will and fully engage Divine Will.

As a result, the mind gains the qualities of being trustworthy and trusting, which matures the soul’s seemingly free will into an individualized, divine will. Divine Will serves the highest good for all, and the mind that engages it is trustworthy. And, a mind able to perceive that Divine Will serves its highest good becomes trusting. The qualities of trustworthiness and trust allow the mind to transact according to Truth’s higher laws of harmony and oneness. The workings of these laws transform chaotic and destructive energy created by distrust into structured and harmonious energy. The soul then enters into the dimensionality of continual growth, signifying the maturation of its individualized, divine will.

When the soul’s will matures into an individualized Divine Will, it experiences Oneness. Oneness is created by Divine Will flowing through the individualized soul in harmony with perfection, manifesting the highest good for all, which is divine love. It’s the individualized soul’s divine will manifesting the highest good for all and reality reflecting this absolute goodness back. As the soul energetically enfolds reality in divine harmony, its reality reflects the divine attributes of beauty, peace, honor, abundance and joy. Oneness is the experience of the soul’s individualized divine will in all its perfection.

Through Divine Trust the soul’s will matures and transitions into an individualized fractal of Divine Will, giving it the expression of an individual in Oneness. In this, the soul experiences its ultimate freedom for in every moment, for all of eternity, it expresses the Fullness of Truth’s abundant Life, individualized as its own perfect, unique expression.


An Individual in Oneness

As the soul emerges out of the dimensionality of lack and into the dimensionality of abundant life, it advances within the Sphere of Oneness. Within this dimension the self experiences its I Am Presence as Life’s eternal expansion.

The Life in Truth is birthed into reality through the trifold union of the Sphere of Oneness, the soul, and the self. The Sphere of Oneness enfolds all of Life, reflecting the fullness of Truth. It’s the timeless Mighty I Am Presence prior to any expression, containing all divine potentials to be expressed. From its genesis, the soul resides within this sphere, for it can’t be separate from its Source. The soul is a living gate connecting the timeless perfection within the Sphere of Oneness with the realm of creation, transducing the uncreated into the created. The self is the individualized soul’s reflection of the I Am Presence made visible.

The soul is Life’s energetic vibration. In accordance to the Law of Life, the soul’s energetic movement, which is directed by the mind’s self-awareness, materializes into the outer reflection of the self. The soul came into existence when the Source extended Itself as a fractal component, an individualized aspect of Oneness. The soul’s initial energetic existence is created by the interaction between its Life’s vibrational energy and its Source, like the movement of breath. This interaction is denoted by the soul’s first awareness, “I am an individual.” This neophyte understanding of its I Am name creates a vibration that has the potential to express Truth’s Life, yet it isn’t made visible until the soul’s awareness expands into knowing its inherent Oneness with Truth.

When the soul is only aware of the Truth, “I am an individual”, it’s in a seed state. With this initial awareness of existence, the soul believes it possesses a “free” will, fostering a perception of separation from everything, even its Source. Because the soul is not yet aware of Oneness enfolding its individuality, a self perception of isolation and opposition circulates through its mind, constructing a thought-system of duality. In duality, the soul’s projected creations are ultimately destroyed because every truth has an opposite. Every attribute the soul assigns to the self’s I Am name is always appended to its opposite, which creates continual conflict and destruction within the soul and in its reality. Thus the initial vibrational signature of the soul’s I Am name is energetically chaotic. The soul’s first awareness of its self and its reality reflect this dissonance with images of lack, fear and suffering.

From the driving desire for a different self expression and reality, the soul turns away from the outer disharmony and within to the Light of its I Am presence in order to know the Truth. Guided by Truth’s Living Voice, layer upon layer the soul’s mind expands into the living thought-system of oneness. As a result, the soul matures into the Truth-filled understanding, “I Am an individual in Oneness”.

Through its maturing self-awareness, the soul recognizes the Divine Will is its own, and the soul’s core, energetic vibration shifts from separation to oneness. The soul begins to interact with reality based on the Divine Will’s laws of harmony and oneness. These laws moving through the soul’s mind produce the energetic vibration of divine love, which is the perfecting and harmonizing energy of Truth. When divine love circulates through the soul/mind, the soul’s self and reality harmonizes, expressing perfect abundance, which pushes out fear, suffering, and death. In their place arises expressions of timelessness, perfection and eternal growth.

As a result, the soul’s I Am name sheds the false attributes of separation for attributes of oneness, changing its vibrational signature to divine love. The soul is energetically one with the Mighty I AM name, a name that is Life and expresses Life. With a newly expanded name, which has always been its name, the soul gives expression to the Mighty I Am Presence through its self and reality. The seed is no longer called a seed, but a thriving tree of life.

The soul as an “individual in oneness” possesses freedom in perfection, giving rise to it being a perfect creator within the Creator. The soul becomes a life-giving spirit, constantly extending into reality what it is, divine love, which is expressed as the highest good for all made possible by its inherent Oneness with the Fullness of Truth.

I Am an individual in Oneness.


Dimensionality of Abundance

When we attribute power to darkness, darkness consumes our reality.

When we attribute power to the Light, Light consumes all.

There is no greater power than the Perfect Power we possess in Oneness with the Source of Life.

In Oneness with the Perfect Power of the Source of life, the mind leaves the dimensionality of lack and enters the dimensionality of abundance.

By returning and resting in immutable power, the mind transacts with the higher Laws of Life that guide, structure and manifest our eternal expansion as divine beings.

The Law of Life is how Truth is expressed through the mind at any particular stage of our development as divine beings. In a seed state or womb state, the Law imposes certain limitations upon the mind for the perfect maturation of Divine Will. In its immaturity when the mind experiences these edges, it mistakenly forms numerous false judgments and assumptions about its reality and its self.

Darkened by unawareness, the mind blindly accepts relative truth as the root of its existence. It clothes the self in degraded attributes caused by this truth’s inherent duality, one of the most significant is a sense of powerlessness. As a result, the self is ruled by fear, which creates endless reflections of lack in the forms of pain, degradation, stagnation, emptiness, suffering, etc. In response the soul uses its life energy to maintain defenses against the barrage of losses. It transacts with reality based on harsh judgments and manifests chains of discordant energies leading to destruction of the body and reality. Because the mind is a gateway between the uncreated and created, these discordant energies block Life’s harmonious flow. Consequently, the mind perceives the self as a degraded being instead of a divine being, and the mind serves the darkness rather than the Light, encasing the self in a diabolical dimension of powerlessness, lack, fear and death.

As the mind’s awareness of Truth matures, it perceives it isn’t bound by these edges, but it holds the potential and power to eternally expand beyond them. The mind possesses the ability to transcend out of the dimension of lack and into the dimension of abundance.

Through Truth-filled understanding, the mind advances in the Law of Life. In the awareness of the higher laws of harmony and oneness, the mind unlocks its potential to manifest perfect abundance, which is the framework for its eternal expansion. As the mind settles into the awareness of Perfect Power, the soul abundantly receives what it needs when it needs it, for its eternal growth.

Perfect power, which is Truth’s intelligent Life energy flowing through the soul, is like the breath of life to a dormant seed. This divine willpower activates the higher Laws of Life that bring forth the self’s external expansion. These laws of harmony and oneness align the soul’s individualized Life energy, mind, feeling world (energetic body), and physical body/reality with Absolute Truth and Absolute Goodness. This alignment allows endless abundance to be expressed from the Source of Life through the soul and into reality, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

Through its oneness with Life’s power, the mind ceases transacting with reality based on a sense of powerlessness and therefore disengages from the lower laws of lack and separation. Instead, the mind transacts with reality through its oneness with Life’s power thereby operating in the higher laws of Life’s harmony and oneness. These transactions eradicate suffering and loss by bringing forth Life’s abundance and expansion. Through this power shift, the mind goes beyond its previously conceived limitations and the shell of finite boundaries breaks away, unveiling a spherical reality of perfect abundance and eternal expansion.

The soul isn’t the degraded image it perceives itself to be in its current awareness of truth. As Life’s understanding reveals a deeper awareness of truth, the soul recognizes itself as a divine being of tremendous power. This shift in perception occurs as the mind grows in Truth-filled understanding. Pulsing with living energy, this illuminated understanding not only awakens the mind to the true Self, but this Truth possess Life’s inherent power by which the self transitions out of the dimensionality of lack and into the dimensionality of abundance.

In returning and rest you shall be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. ~ Isaiah 30:15

The Lord will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought,
And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. ~ Isaiah 58:11

Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion,
Streaming to the goodness of the Lord —
For wheat and new wine and oil,
For the young of the flock and the herd;
Their souls shall be like a well-watered garden,
And they shall sorrow no more at all ~ Jeremiah 31:12

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. ~ John 10:10


Energetic Garments

The energetic field surrounds our soul like a garment. This energetic garment holds all the emotionally charged stories, beliefs, memories and thought forms we possess, even going back generations as states of consciousness are passed down through the collective mind.

In the darkness of a seed state, our energetic garment is sown in the unawareness of who we are and how we create. As a result we are cloaked in a covering or filter of powerlessness by which we view ourselves and our relation to reality, manifesting discordant states of pain, suffering, decay and destruction. It’s like wearing dirty garments and therefore believing you are a pauper, therefore limiting yourself to a pauper’s suffering life.

Truth-filled understanding comes in like an expert Launderer and cleanses our energetic garments, returning us to the awareness of our one Self, which is a state of ever-present power, expressed as rest, joy, peace, harmony, abundance and divine love.

Truth-filled understanding, which is the “Living Spirit of God (Absolute Truth)”, produces a transformative shift in our consciousness from a sense of powerlessness to immutable power. As our self perspective makes this 180 degree turn, we perceive our true power as a divine being expressing Divine Will. The Divine Will directs our desires through which its inherent power leads to metamorphic changes in our expression. This immutable power fuels the divinely orchestrated movement of all energy, which begins to alter our entire energetic field, transitioning our outer expression from darkened garments of decay and destruction to light-filled garments of timeless expansion.

Truth-filled understanding energetically moves into our outer consciousness and impacts reality, through four mental processes. As the Living Life in Truth flows through us, it harmonizes discordant energy, thus reality.

  1. Awareness – First, by the Light of Truth-filled understanding, we become aware of faulty thoughts and beliefs, which reflect attributes of a false image of the self. This initial awareness begins to weaken and break apart the faulty thought-forms.
  2. Release and Replace – Second, we consciously release faulty thoughts and replace them with our Truth-filled understanding, which actively engages our inherent power to alter reality. We no longer blame or complain, but in our creative power choose to own and renew.
  3. Sending out Living Light – Third, we energetically send the Light of our understanding to others and situations that reflected these faulty thought-forms. In this, our outer consciousness engages a state of harmony, through which the Divine Will flows.
  4. Gratitude – Lastly, we express gratitude for our ever-increasing awareness, Truth-filled understanding and the rejuvenation of our reality. Gratitude’s vibratory action clears our energetic, creative pathways, making room for the flow of Divine Will’s expressed harmony.

Each time we become aware of a thought-form born of darkness, our mind engages this process infusing it with Light, which is utilizing our power. During this renewal of our mind, energetic field, and reality we aren’t concerned with how or when the physical reality will be altered (i.e, the body, relationships, situations). We leave this detailed reconstruction to the Divine Will’s infinite intelligence that is far beyond our knowing as every moment is divinely orchestrated to express Divine Love, which is the Highest Good of All. Instead, we watch in expectation to see a perfection that is beyond our ability to conceive.

Everything we observe with our bodily senses is a reflection of our understanding. The only perpetrator to our resting state of timeless perfection is our lack of awareness. Therefore, the renewing of our mind by Truth-filled understanding is needed to reconstruct our energetic field, which in turn rejuvenates our physical reality. Through this regeneration, we become doorways to the divine.


Perfect Power

Life’s energetic essence powers creation. As a creator within the Creator, an individualized soul in oneness with Divine Will commands this mighty force, giving the soul perfect power.

Life’s energetic essence flows from Absolute Truth’s harmonious, timeless realm. It’s the unexpressed Life force of the Creator, which when it engages a soul gate becomes like electricity that powers Creation, expressing Life in infinite arrays of beauty, harmony, and perfection.

This energetic essence is individualized and expressed as the soul’s energetic field. The soul directs this energetic essence within its field via the will, generating individualized power. The will translates the mind’s understanding into defined energetic waveforms (i.e. emotional energy), which determine the condition of the material world. The individualized soul is a powerful and creative being, governing its personalized portion of the one Life force according to its understanding.

With the soul’s first awareness as an individualized I Am presence, it possesses the Creator’s Life force, but like a seed that Life is not yet expressed. In this dormant state, it senses its power to create, express, and expand, yet in the duality of being aware of life, but existing in a state of lifelessness, it also senses powerlessness. Without understanding, this sense of powerlessness drives the mind to seek for its power outside itself, taking it from its outer reality. The slumbering mind imagines it possesses its own self-directed will by which it obtains power and wields that power for its own purposes and desires, which it arbitrarily determines are good. This “taking” mentality and the misuse of will creates a reality of discord, destruction, and decay. The misunderstood feeling of powerlessness is the root of the ten discordant energetic states, which cause the soul’s energetic field to become imbued with disharmony, prohibiting its expansion.

As the soul awakens to the understanding of its creative power, it perceives the Creator’s Life as its own. In this awareness, it recognizes power isn’t gathered from outside itself, but flows from within through the gate of understanding. Within this Life flows the power of Divine Will, thus as the soul awakens it recognizes the Divine Will as its own. In this awakening the mind grows in the understanding of Life’s Truth, and as a result the soul’s desires reflect the light of its increasing awareness. The soul’s desires no longer serve duality, but instead serve the Divine Will’s perfect orchestration. This metamorphic awakening liberates the soul’s energetic field from discordancy, instilling a state of harmony and rejuvenating the soul’s reality and eternal expansion, i.e. expressed Life. The soul begins to exercise its inherent and immutable power, dispelling all sense of powerlessness.

As the soul engages its inherent power, it leaves a state of doing and enters into a state of being, becoming a living gate through which this mighty power flows. It settles into its eternal rest through divine emergence, by which the Divine Will is perfectly expressed. It no longer strives to obtain power outside itself. Instead in Oneness, the soul perceives that the Life within it is the source of all things to which the Divine Will gives perfect expression.

The Divine Will manifests the soul’s divine reflection into the finite reality of time by bringing forth the next perfect moment according to the soul’s preordained manuscript held in timeless perfection. As the soul rests in divine emergence, the Divine Will works through the soul’s individualized desires, creating emergent expected and unexpected occurrences. These outcomes always exceed the soul’s initial desires, which leads to reality’s harmonious expansion. Unlike the illusionary reality of the slumbering mind, there isn’t an array of potentials for any one moment, but only the perfect potential exists. Because the completed masterpiece of the soul’s life already exists in timelessness, there is a predetermined potential to be expressed for every moment. This level of divine orchestration reveals Life’s timeless and immutable peace, abundance, joy, and etc. throughout creation.

Because the Divine Will is expressed through the soul’s desires, the soul experiences the creative power of bringing forth its reality, giving the soul the joy of creating. The Divine Will expresses Divine Love by creating the perfect moment that serves the highest good for all. It fulfills the soul’s utmost desires and exceeds its highest expectations. Therefore, the soul not only experiences the joy of creating, but it’s the venue by which Divine Love is experienced throughout creation. The soul experiences perfect power, as its own.


Star Gates

The soul began its formation as an individualized fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence within the darkened womb of unawareness. With the potential of Life not yet expressed, it was connected to eternity, but not a part of its timeless expansion. With its first self-awareness, it recognized its individuality in “I am”, yet without any other awareness of Truth it believed itself separate from the One Life. As a result, it perceived the self as endless fractured pieces, or isolated selves. This neophyte understanding was the genesis of relative truth.

When an individualized soul is unaware of its true I Am Presence of Oneness, its mind’s eye is closed, which produces a dormant energetic state. The soul sleeps. It possesses Life, but that Life is not yet expressed. Because of this inner duality, the mind experiences an illusionary dreamworld of opposing forces, which forms a belief-system of relative truth. As the soul matures through the understanding of Truth, the mind begins to perceive there is only one “I AM”, of which it is an inseparable, individualized fractal. The increasing understanding of its I Am Presence creates an energetic frequency that begins its Life’s expansion, like a growing seed. The soul begins its awakening as a creator within the Creator.

As an individualized fractal, the soul is like a spherical gate connecting the infinite with the finite. In the infinite space between the two halves is the realm of understanding. There are seven interconnected areas of understanding, seven sacred truths, that cause the soul to function as a gate. When the mind’s understanding is illuminated with these sacred truths, it awakens, opening a connection with Absolute Truth’s Timeless Realm, enabling its unexpressed Life to project into reality. This open gate illuminates reality with Life’s energetic frequency, by which ever-expanding Perfection is expressed. In this illuminated state, the soul gate becomes a shining star.

During its dormancy, before the soul possesses SELF-awareness, the mind maintains seven opposing beliefs to these sacred truths, the seven unholy lies. Void of the Light of Truth, these darkened perceptions are based on the soul’s faulty paradigm of separation. When the mind accepts these unholy lies as true, the soul’s gate of oneness to ever-expanding Life is sealed shut. Derived from relative truth, these lies create a “lifeless” vibration because relativity’s opposing qualities cancel one another. As a result, the soul’s energetic field projects an illusion upon reality’s spherical canvas. The soul isn’t creating anything real, but is lost in a world of lies it believes are real, projected from a lightless star. The occurrences within this illusionary world deeply ingrain the unholy lies into its belief system, thus into its energetic field.

Within the energetic field, these unholy lies produce ten discordant energetic states that inhibit eternal expansion: fear, anger, self-pity, selective and special love, depression, apathy, lack, unworthiness, control, and pride. These energies fuel the soul’s desires and drive its will. Despite fleeting highs, the soul manifests endless expressions of disharmony, perpetuating a fractured reality cloaked in suffering, pain and isolation.

Because the illusionary world reflects the unholy lies, the soul must look elsewhere for the Truth that will set it free and must turn within to the Source of its I Am presence. As the soul begins to turn inward to Truth’s Living Voice, the mind’s understanding grows. Through divine revelation, the seven sacred truths replace the unholy lies. These truths unseal the gate within the soul, producing a metamorphic effect upon the mind, its energetic field and its reflective reality.

Understanding the sacred truths cleanse the soul’s energetic field from duality, thus from destructive and chaotic energies. As these seven truths become anchored in the soul, the discordant energies are replaced by ten harmonic energetic states: immutable peace, divine harmony, inherent creative power, divine love, ever-present joy, magnanimity, perfect abundance, infinite value, restfulness, and honor. As a result, these harmonizing energies begin to govern the soul’s desires by the working of Divine Will, which perfectly harmonizes the one, united Self.

Through the soul’s understanding of its individualized I Am Presence, the Source’s Radiant Light shines into reality. The soul becomes an open gate, a star shining Living Light in an individualized array of divine expressions, manifesting a harmonious reality that ever-expands into eternity.

Seven Unholy Lies/Seven Sacred Truths

  • Relative Truth vs Absolute Truth
  • Linear Time vs Spherical Time
  • Striving of Self Will vs Emergence of Divine Will
  • Self Judgment vs Divine Harmony
  • Temporal Body of Lack vs Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
  • Creature vs Creator
  • Separation vs Oneness


Soul Gates

We are beautifully and wonderfully made and it’s our divine purpose to express the unexpressed Perfection of Life in endless arrays of beauty, magnificence, and joy for the highest Good of ALL. Together, as we push through the darkened shell of the false self, this Life finds expression through us. Through awareness of our true I Am Presence and the mind’s ability to embrace this Presence and project its radiance outward, the sleeping mind’s darkened images of the false self fade. The journey of enlightenment, in which we gain the deep understanding of who we are and how we create, awakens our inherent power to manifest Life’s Perfection, our true reflection.

We dreamed we were separate and alone. But in Truth, we are one with the Mighty I Am Presence. It’s our ever-deepening understanding of this Truth that reveals a reality of divine attributes, awakening us from our nightmare of suffering, pain and isolation.

The Source of our being, which is unexpressed Life, is an infinite, timeless realm of Absolute Truth. This Life holds every divine potential and its Will is the orchestrating power that harmonizes these divine potentials. The energetic composition of this Source is the Mighty I AM Presence, which an individualized mind can only comprehend as its infinitely Higher Self. It is the means by which unexpressed LIFE (the essence of God) is expressed and experienced.

Each one of us is an individualized, immortal fractal of this Presence, which can be understood as a “soul” possessing a personalized I Am expression and experience. This personalization within the One allows for Absolute Truth’s divine attributes to be experienced. Each individualized soul is a point of awareness within the Mighty I Am Presence. From each soul’s unique perspective Absolute Truth creates an individualized outer expression that allows for the giving, receiving and expansion of the divine attributes, so that Life has perpetual motion, expressing its attribute of being Alive.

The soul exists to manifest what is held in timeless Perfection into the experience of ever-expanding growth and joy. The soul has three significant components; the source of Life, the creation of Life, and Life expressed (i.e. father, mother, child). Because the soul sits as a gate connecting the uncreated with the created, within its makeup it holds the infinite, the finite, and the creative power so that one reflects the other, creating one harmonious unit. Imagine the soul as a spherical gate. One half of the sphere extends into the Source of Living Truth, continually growing in oneness with the realm of Absolute Truth’s limitless divine potential.

The other half of the sphere is the mind’s finite and ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s expression. Its finite, yet ever-expanding nature enables the continual expression of Truth’s infinite potentials into a realm of time and space, so they can be experienced. The infinite space connecting the two halves is the realm of understanding. This is the space of interaction between Truth’s Infinite expanse and the mind’s finite awareness. In this multi-dimensional space divinity is transmuted into finite expressions and experiences. These three aspects form the soul-gate by which the unexpressed Life in timelessness is translated into expressed Life in spherical time.

Being beyond created form and yet also created, the soul is a cloud of energetic pulses, forming its individuality. This energetic field is a result of being a fractal of Life’s timeless, infinite realm of Truth. Because an individualized soul isn’t the source of Life but one with it, energy never disappears, it only changes in form. This energetic cloud is overlaid with the mind’s understanding, which determines the frequency, quality and nature of the energetic pulses, and form an energetic blueprint by which reality is architected. According to the mind’s understanding, it receives and transmits vibrations into reality, so that what occurs in the personalized soul impacts the one, united self. In this role as a creator within the Creator, creation experiences the energetic quality of our mind’s understanding.

Each individualized soul is a fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence yet to be awakened according to the perfect orchestration of Divine Will, so that the divine Presence can be expressed and experienced in the harmony of one Self. Through the increasing understanding of Truth’s absolute and timeless nature, our awakening begins. By the shining of Truth’s Living Light, all of reality begins to stir out of its deep sleep. As a result, everything of the dream begins to collapse and fall away, like the darkness at the rising of the Morning Star.

A Star is Born


Healing Time

It’s not so much that times heals, but as an all-powerful creator within the Creator of Absolute Truth we possess the power to heal all that was created in time.

How our mind perceives time determines its creative liberty to alter the energetic field, which reality reflects. The shift in perception from linear time to spherical enables the mind to make all things new by manifesting divine potentials into the created realm.

The outer reality is a reflection of each one’s relative truth. The moment we turn away from these outer appearances as our source of truth and instead look into the Living Light of Absolute Truth, our spiritual awakening begins. Wherever we are in time and space, Truth’s Divine Will begins to govern every aspect of our inner and outer worlds to lead us ever deeper into the understanding of Truth. This understanding is the Light that awakens us out of a dream of illusions and into the experience of our individualized, perfected state.

Understanding is light. When our understanding is according to relative truth, it produces a false light, because we think we see correctly when we don’t. When our understanding grows out of Absolute Truth’s divine revelation, we see rightly. Our understanding, whether based on relative or Absolute truth, defines our thought-system and our thought-system shapes our beliefs. Whatever the mind believes is true, the mind’s eye “observes” and what it observes, it projects into an energetic field that encompasses the mind’s reality. Our cumulative understanding forms an energetic blueprint that defines the manner by which our reality is architected, like that which is painted upon a multi-dimensional spherical canvas, so that reality continually mirrors our understanding.

When our mind functions according to relative truth’s thought-system of opposites, our energetic blueprint is bound in discordant patterns because of the opposing forces at work within this system. Because this thought-system’s paradigm of linear time carries the past into the future, the discordant energetic formations created in the past are presently held in our energetic field and continually produce disharmonious experiences. Each moment becomes another layer of disharmonious energy. This continual layering of discordant energy creates degradation, thus a reality of corruption and decay. For example, bodily cells, which hold the potential to constantly renew themselves, are blocked from rejuvenation because the mind continually carries past discordant energy into the future.

As our mind shifts to spherical time, which is one of the seven sacred truths of the living thought-system, our mind no longer carries the past into the future. Instead it rests in the present moment through divine emergence, by which the next moment is born according to our increasing understanding of Truth. The understanding that grows out of Absolute Truth creates Living Light which produces a harmonizing and healing vibration within our energetic field. Because of the ever-present and timeless nature of Absolute Truth, it isn’t bound by time and space. It’s healing/harmonizing energetic rays touch all moments, events, and experiences perceived as past, present and future at once. As a result, energetic structures once bound in destructive patterns begin to return to divine harmony and remain in harmony. Instead of energy being constantly degraded by duality, it expands in beautiful formations leading to reflections of eternal growth.

By our growing understanding of Truth, Living Light’s radiance begins to alter our energetic blueprint. The energy formations once held in tact by the thought-system of opposites begin to break apart, freeing energy to take on new formations. The shift in perception of time, in conjunction with the understanding of the other sacred truths, allow everything born in time to heal and become new. Healing from the realm of Absolute Truth is absolute. As a result, we enter a regenerative process that reveals our true reflection of timeless perfection.

“Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.” ~ Revelation 21:5

Brethren, do not be children in understanding; however, in malice be babes, but in understanding be mature. ~ 1 Corinthians 14:20


Life in Motion

Time is a construct of mind upon which reality hangs that determines the flow of life. When we are operating in the dream’s thought-system of opposites, we perceive this construct of time as linear. When we awaken and begin to operate according to the living thought-system of oneness, we perceive this construct as spherical.

In linear time, what was determines what will be.

In spherical time, what is Absolute, determines what is.

The mind sits as a gate between the uncreated and created so that it perceives both timelessness and time. In this creative role, it reflects uncreated potentials into a created reality. Potentials are thought forms reflecting the mind’s understanding. As the mind’s eye receives what it perceives as understanding, whether worldly wisdom or divine revelation, it projects a corresponding potential through the faculty of the mind’s will giving the understanding an energetic pulse, which creates thought energy. The mind conveys this thought energy into its projected reality which is like a multi-dimensional, spherical canvas, so that what we think becomes things. The mind’s active sequencing of potentials upon the canvas is perceived as time.

Each potential that manifests is like a living brush stroke upon the canvas. When our mind functions according to a thought-system of opposites, it creates brush strokes by individualized judgments. It attempts to judge, according to the understanding gained from past learning (worldly wisdom), a feasible and desirable potential from an array of probable potentials. As these judgments are energized by the mind’s will, the next brush stroke appears. Because this thought-system is based on relative truth, every attribute holds an opposing quality (i.e., peace/unrest, joy/grief, etc) so that the mind’s energetic field necessarily contains the energy of both. As a result of this duality, the manifested moment is sometimes desirable and sometimes not.

In this thought-system, what happened in the past can’t be changed, so the past dictates future potentials. This linear progression of the past into the future manifests the perception of linear time. In an illusionary world, future moments don’t preexist. Instead, they spring into being from the energy produced by the judgments of a dualistic mind. In the thought-system of opposites, we paint our personal timeline as we go along, so that time is perceived as the incremental creation of reality.

As our mind integrates into the living thought-system, it becomes one with living and ever-present Absolute Truth, which is the realm of unexpressed LIFE. In this Eternal, Infinite Expanse (Eye of God) every potential we will ever express or experience simultaneously preexists like one perfect, magnificently painted reality. By the working of Truth’s Divine Will through our mind, our individualized, preordained painting is increasingly revealed all around us moment by moment.

In the living thought-system, Truth’s Absolute Goodness predefines every potential manifested through our individualized mind, therefore there is no judgment and no duality. Our mind expresses the perfect potential for the moment that is harmoniously linked to every other moment in our life and the lives of others. As a result, the Life in Absolute Truth is spatially expressed as an harmoniously and ever-expanding sphere of Perfection, creating the experience of spherical time.

Because potentials are thought-forms reflecting our mind’s understanding, the understanding of Truth we receive from Truth’s Living Voice (divine revelation) enables our mind to receive divine potentials. By the Light of our understanding, our mind reflects divinely appointed potentials by translating them into energetic pulses. The Divine Will harmoniously dictates the flow of this energy, so what preexists in timelessness is reflected into a reality of time. As we rest in divine emergence, our preordained painting is increasingly revealed upon the spherical canvas of our reality. As a result, the Life in Absolute Truth is expressed in created forms and experienced in space and time.

Time, rightly perceived, is timeless and ever-present LIFE in motion as it expresses the perfect sequencing of potentials, moment by moment, through the living thought-system within our mind, that it may be experienced.

This shift in perception of time from linear to spherical enables our mind to transition from relative truth’s reflections of duality to Absolute Truth’s timeless reflections, which radiates Life’s divine harmony.


I Am the Way

As a creator within the Creator, our mind’s function is to transmute the energetic vibrations of Truth into Utmost Good, in which all of creation continually expresses and experiences Truth’s divine attributes.

We are an integral part of creating the Utmost Good. Without the active engagement of our mind, which sits as a gate between the uncreated and the created, Absolute Truth’s Perfection remains unexpressed potentials.

Our I AM is the way Truth’s Utmost Good is expressed.

We may desire to manifest the Utmost Good for all, which is to divinely love, but until we ascend the primordial staircase and enter into the borderlands, “how to perform what is good we do not find.” A mind overgrown with a thought-system of opposites continually manifests opposing attributes that cause disharmony, creating a continual stream of destructive emotional/energetic qualities. Even though we don’t desire any form of suffering, the mind’s eye outwardly projects what it inwardly perceives as true, and when it possesses a belief in suffering it projects discordant vibrations into reality that manifest suffering in endless ways. Bound in a destructive belief system, it’s impossible for a discordant mind to express Absolute Goodness, thus divine love.

When the mind accepts relative truth and denies Absolute Truth, it denies creation the expression and experience of the immutable, divine attributes. Conversely, when the mind accepts Absolute Truth and denies relative truth, it gives creation the experience of divine love, manifesting Perfection’s reflections. Therefore, through the mind’s metamorphic transition from relative truth to Absolute Truth, we find the ability to bring forth the Utmost Good that defines Perfection.

As the mind’s understanding of Truth expands, the living thought-system established on constructs and laws of Absolute Truth, illuminates the mind with Living Light. As Living Light, which is Truth-filled awareness directed by the Divine Will, fills our mind’s eye it energetically endows the mind with divine harmony and infinite intelligence. These harmonizing energies of the Divine Will govern the mind’s thought energy. As a result, we experience harmonious thoughts that support the Highest Good for all.

This thought energy engages the outer reality as we rest in divine emergence, which allows the all-knowing Divine Will to manifest the perfect potential in every moment for the collective whole. Through emergence, we are a recipient of Truth’s harmonizing energetic vibration, and we are the way it’s extended into reality. As a result, Living Light energetically fills creation, which is a deeper understanding of God being ALL in ALL. Living Light harmonizes the energy in things, events, people and creation, which brings forth healing and renewal, revealing Perfection’s reflection.

Through the borderlands this understanding of how we manifest the Utmost Good becomes active in our mind. As our mind fully integrates into the living thought-system, we go through a conscious exchange of thought energy. Our mind shifts from thoughts stemming from relative truth, which propagate duality and disharmony, TO those reflecting absolute Truth, which manifest singularity and harmony. This exchange is our mind’s daily activity as it makes its metamorphic transition into being the way by which Living Light is expressed. Therefore, we cease to judge what is good based on outer appearances as if we were subservient to reality. Instead we increasingly possess harmonizing thought energy that through emergence manifests the Utmost Good in the realm of outer appearances. As a result, our mind no longer subjects itself to its mis-creations, but begins to govern reality as a conscious creator.

Our mind is lifted into oneness with our Higher Self (Spirit of Christ) by which it has creative power over all things. Our I Am presence becomes one with the I Am of God, so that it functions as the Mighty I Am, which is the way Truth’s Perfection is expressed and experienced. Through this oneness, our emergent words, choices and actions support the Utmost Good, leading to immutable peace, harmony, joy and every divine attribute.

Our mind’s purpose is to extend Truth’s living vibration from the Creator into creation. Through the mind’s metamorphic transition from relative truth to Absolute Truth, it becomes a ray of light radiating Absolute Truth’s harmonizing action of divine love into creation, revealing Perfection’s reflection.

For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. ~ Romans 7:18

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” ~ John 14:6

My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you ~ Galatians 4:19