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Immortal Joy

Immortal Joy



Immortal joy comes through the immortal choice.

The immortal choice is to choose the unceasing experience of divine love, thus supreme joy. This choice manifests as our heavenly Father’s will absorbs our will, so that we are no longer governed by our self-determined will of our self-made mind.

Immortal joy is sustainable and increasing joy. It’s the summation of the experiences of a reality totally crafted by our Father’s will, which flows through us as if our own will.

Have you been to Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom? It’s a place of tremendous joy for children. It’s full of amazement, adventure, and delights, and everything is crafted specifically for their enjoyment. Every experience is created for them so they can freely partake of the wonderments, as they desire. So is our Father’s kingdom. His will creates all of our experiences and we freely partake of the insurmountable joy they bring.

Becoming Children of Immortal Joy

This mortal experience is the beginning of the creation of our individuality. Starting with a completely blank canvas, as we remember nothing of our origin, we begin our journey. Upon entrance, our will, which is our ability to choose, shapes and is shaped by the experiences of this mortal realm. This dynamic forms the constructs of our mind creating a self-made mind.

With a self-made mind, we experience a life separate from the governance of our Father’s will, thus a separation from divine love. This experience reveals the limitations and weaknesses of a self-directed will and the mind it creates. Because of the lack, this mind casts a shadow of darkness that encompasses us like the cloud following us wherever we go, like the character Pig Pen and his cloud. It taints what we see, how we see it, thus the choices we make. In the absence of divine love, we also have an absence of truth, and this lack governs the choices of our will so that we continue to experience a lack of our own creation.

Eventually, this lack causes us to seek and long for something more, different, better, or greater. At some point on our journey, we are drawn to our original Source through a sincere desire for perfect love and/or absolute truth. As our will starts to turn toward this Source, what governs our will starts to change. Truth and love start to transition our soul through the Spirit of truth and love emanating from our Father, our true Source. And this inner working starts to reshape our will, thus our mind into a spirit-mind.

As we continue to grow in truth and love, our will becomes absorbed into our Father’s will. This change refashions our mind in truth and love, and in this transformation we experience divine love. We now know what is of this love and what isn’t, so that we willing and freely choose this love, which entails our will being absorbed into our Father’s perfect will. With this choice, our individuality starts to become completed. When our spirit-mind forms, our self-made mind fades until it becomes only a memory held within our spirit-mind. This severance from our self-made mind is when we experience the reality of a new birth of a soul of light, for all that we are is governed by the light. We will always have a free will; it’s a necessary part of our individuality and our ability to love. The difference is the source (Source) that directs our will.

As we become a soul of light, which leads to an oneness with our heavenly Father, our immortal joy begins to manifest. His will not only governs our intentional will, but all that is occurring within our reality. This sovereign reign puts us in a reality of immortal harmony as only he can create perfect cause leading to perfect effect, which leads to the next perfect cause. And as this domino effect continues, our reality expands through immortal harmony. This makes our reality, his reality, which is his kingdom; a kingdom of immortal joy.

Within our soul of light, his reign begins at our point of origin; the very beginning of all that we are. The point of our origin is also the origin of our will. In coming into the fullness as a child of God, through the coming forth (birth) of our soul of light, we gain his divine love as our new point of origin. Thus, we also gain a new point of origin for our will, his will. This is an incredible blessing and an absolutely beautiful reflection of our Father’s goodness toward us. Because it’s at our point of origin, we experience his will as our will. Therefore, there is no more error or stumbling around in the dark. The dark existed only to reveal and teach us about the light, and caused us to freely choose the light for all eternity, thus to give our will over to the complete governance of our Father. In this, we experience his will, which is always good and perfect, as our will. Now our individuality of will is coming out of a point of perfection, so all that follows is perfection. Because his governance feels like our will, we think, speak and act in our individuality in complete freedom. Within his absolute governance, our individuality is completed; for it is completed when his perfect love directs it. Thus, we become souls of light living love.

Our Father is soul, from which emanates his spirit. As soul, he enters and becomes a part of this creation through an oneness with our soul as he revealed in Christ Jesus. The oneness manifests as our will is absorbed into his will. This is how he, an invisible God, manifests in his creation. His kingdom come, his will be done. And this oneness sets us eternally free from a self-made mind, which though necessary becomes only a memory.

By taking governance of our free will as we freely give it, because we know what is love and what isn’t and our own limitations, is how he brings peace to earth and good will to humankind. His will is very good and creates peace, and through our oneness with him, we have the honor of experiencing a reality in which we serve as peacemakers as his reign flows through our will now immersed in his.

People fear losing their “freedoms” in “surrendering” to a Higher Power, but the opposite is true. We gain the freedom we always desired; the perfection expressions of our individuality, which can only occur in divine love. Our Father only wants us to experience a reality of perfect love, for this is the true purpose and expression of the soul, for the soul is created to give and receive love.

This exchange of wills, thus gaining a new mind which is governed by the inclinations of our perfect Father, quite literally places us in a new reality that is fashioned by our Father. His governance creates our experiences of peace, growth, harmony, and love that fill us with an immortal joy. And when all souls are in this oneness, our joy is complete. Supreme joy is found in oneness, oneness for all, so that God is all in all. This is his Magic Kingdom.

How many times have we heard this song? And how much more understanding do we have of its meaning, when we see how he comes through a connection of oneness with our soul.


Joy to the World , the Lord is come!

Let earth receive her King;

Let every heart prepare Him room,

And Heaven and nature sing,

And Heaven and nature sing,

And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.


Joy to the World, the Savior reigns!

Let men their songs employ;

While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains

Repeat the sounding joy,

Repeat the sounding joy,

Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy.


No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;

He comes to make His blessings flow

Far as the curse is found,

Far as the curse is found,

Far as, far as, the curse is found.


He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove

The glories of His righteousness,

And wonders of His love,

And wonders of His love,

And wonders, wonders, of His love.



Father’s Day Celebration

In Celebration of

our heavenly Father


Our Father is coming home.

Our “new” or “second” birth is our Father’s spirit flowing as one with ours as our soul willingly submits and joins his essence at our point of origin; the door in our soul that touches eternity. From this point, his spirit can continually flow into all we are and he and us can experience the love he created us for.

His spirit of liquid light comes in harmony with ours when our desires, versus actions, are aligned to his. Our actions find true alignment with his once we are fully inhabited by his spirit. Only he creates the perfect moments of our lives in perfect causality; therefore perfect effect. We can’t. Therefore, it’s the harmony of our desires, intentions, and motives with his desires that lead to our oneness with him, not the perfection of our actions. Without his full governance of our free will, our desires remain unfulfilled for it’s impossible for us in our own strength to walk in divine love. We can only do so through an oneness with him that is formed out of the workings of his Spirit of love and truth in our soul and in our lives.

As his liquid light flows continually through our inner soul-gate that touches eternity, it pushes out through all our individuality consuming our mortal bodies and continuing to expand beyond. We are no longer bound by our mortal mind and flesh, which has been our grave, but we now extend beyond it. Our mortal framework, which was seen as our entirety, becomes transformed into immortality by the inflow of his spirit that encompasses us as an ever expanding cloud. This cloud of his engulfing spirit around us is ever expanding in its nature and make-up because it holds his spirit, which is boundless. Thus, our spirit also becomes an ever expanding radiance in our oneness with him. As our spirit holds his spirit and he holds ours in a true oneness, we expand together through the outflowing of love brimming from our point of origin, our connection point to him. Love always expands outward. All that is contrary contracts our spirit within itself. This retraction is the opposite direction of true life whose end is ultimately reflected in the shadow illustration of death.

As a part of the process of us coming to a new soul birth, our individuality is crafted into an individual uniqueness because our Father can only flow through this uniqueness crafted by him and not our conformity to some pre-determined image or state. In non-conformity of our individuality to anything in this earth reality, we move into a state of an ever-expanding individuality shaped by our Father’s spirit. In this the beauty and wonderment of our individuality is actualized.

In this individuality, his spirit, in harmony with ours, pushes beyond our flesh veil crafted by our mortal mind and in doing so dissolves all fear/lack/separation that hinders his outward expansion in love. Thus, we experience expansive growth. This pushing out of our mortal mind cave through our unity with our Father’s spirit manifests our resurrection.

The Stone Rolled Away

This stone represents a lie that created a spirit of anger, which is a spirit of separation.

This spirit of anger encases our soul at its core and disables its growth toward true life. Anger’s manifestation takes on many faces. Though it’s likeness is often hidden under other emotions of separation, it’s seen everywhere in people’s actions once it’s revealed to our soul perceptions. It’s a seed of separation in our soul, for anger separates souls.

This layer of anger formed from our soul coming forth into this reality through a mortal birth, which lacked divine love. Without divine love, we lacked love and in that lack of care for our soul, anger was experienced. (visualized in screaming babies) The lie born from this experience in our young minds was love involves harm, for we knew no other love than what we received. Which created the question in our developing soul, why wasn’t I loved rightly? Which led to a whole host of ill judgments about who we were; unvalued, unworthy, unlovable, etc. It’s a lie that resides at the origin of our beginnings, thus hidden deep beneath our soul experiences and expressions. This lie was formed when we weren’t loved perfectly as a newly incarnated soul, which perfect love is impossible without divine love that comes from a oneness with our true Father. This defense of anger attracted and manifested other similar experiences and emotions, which grew to become our mortal mind; our prison, our grave. So our tomb is the ill constructs of our mortal mind, the doorway out of the tomb is covered by the stone of this lie and the heaviness of the stone is the anger. Once the lie and corresponding anger are removed, we are freed from the prison of our mind. However, this stone in its heaviness is beyond our mortal strength to remove.

Our second birth of our heavenly Father, who is divine love, brings us into birth and maturity without this enclosure of anger around our soul. He loves us perfectly. Therefore, no lie and no resulting anger arises from the pain of lack of love. Thus, our soul is only encased in love, which creates a new spirit mind of freedom and growth.

This lie is why souls attribute harm, wrath, anger and the like to our heavenly Father. They are projecting onto him the state of their soul condition, as people do. They do this until they learn and experience his divine and perfect love, which is very different from a natural love. Natural love has its own beauty and purpose, but also it’s very prone to weakness and error. And natural love can’t manifest an immortal soul of immortal harmony, only divine love. So, as his liquid light, which is his divine love of substance and no longer a love only known through faith, fills us as it enters through our point of origin, we experience a new birth, a new awakening. One important note: his love finds entrance as we learn to honor our soul, because his love can’t abide where honor does not for his spirit flows only where honor is given. But again, we can’t honor perfectly without his full governance, so the honor from our soul comes as an active and sincere intention, for we can’t honor perfectly without him, for true honor is wrapped up in divine love.

Truth creates the perfected active intention in us. This is the work of the spirit of truth. From this awareness our lives do change noticeability, but they can’t change unto perfection. Not until we are one with his governing spirit that makes perfection possible.

As his spirit finds entrance into our soul as our soul has learned to honor his, his essence pushes this stone of anger out of the way through forgiveness, love and truth. Though it may seem simple, it’s impossible for us to move this stone in our human strength. (as represented in the tomb of Jesus Christ) The lie and it’s origin go too deep and have manifested a mortal mind of bondage that we ourselves can’t escape from.

Yet, as his shining light from the entrance of his spirit into an oneness with ours flows into our soul, it removes this deeply engrained lie that love causes harm, because we experience his perfect love. As this lie dissolves, it dispels the anger and our souls are set-free. Our true individualized soul of our new spirit mind, which has been transforming within the stone grave, arises as a transformed soul reflecting the light and likeness of our true Father. It’s his love that is perfect toward us and we now abide in that love. In setting us free, our mortal mind is dissolved and our spirit mind crafted by him shines forth in beautiful soul expressions.

In this, our will is absorbed into his and we are truly free, for all we think, desire, imagine and do all flows from our true point of origin, our eternal Father, in his perfect love, now at one with our love.

May we open our inner most souls to our true Father and his perfect love for us that he may shine forth in our souls this Father’s Day.



The Hidden Door

The Hidden Door

in the Garden of the Soul




Divine Truth is received into our soul from a higher frequency … one that pulsates from divine love. To tune into truth, we must tune into love.


In the innermost chambers of our soul is a gateway into another reality.

There are two paralleling universes. One is a perception, experience, and reality of separation. The other is a perception, experience, and reality of oneness. The place in which we cross from one to the other is in this innermost chamber.

Sounds like fantasy, and it remains a fantasy until we perceive the truth of this alternate reality of oneness. As we tune into truth through divine love, through our soul perceptions we begin to perceive this other reality that we can transition into, the realm of our Father’s presence, the realm of eternal light.

Yet, this glorious realm remains hidden from our awareness as long as our soul remains hidden in lies. It can only be found when the truth of its nature is known, which corresponds to the lies of our soul being replaced with truth. We can’t transform into what we don’t perceive or know. Further, because this is the realm of our Father’s presence, thus the realm of divine love, until we know and desire this love, this reality remains obscure. It’s encountered through his love and entered into by his love for it is the reality of his love. Thus, it takes our free-will choice to accept and be transformed by this love, because love always grows out of desire, free will, and choice. We choose and divine love changes. So, we find the truth through love, and in that truth we find the door to this hidden yet ever-present parallel reality.

The Path

In the reality of separation there is a path to the reality of oneness that leads us to this door. It’s the path of truth flowing from divine love. Truth is definitive. Thus, as we traverse the path of truth, the path becomes increasingly narrow when perceived from the reality of separation because truth doesn’t entail anything of separation. As we grow in the awareness of truth, we shed all that creates separation, and our lives are transitioned from a soul experience of separateness to oneness. This process usually entails great upheavals in our soul as all is turned inside out and all is exposed. It’s a very humbling and trying time. Yet in this process, our soul is starting its transformation from the likeness of one born in a reality of separation to one born of the reality of oneness. While the path is quite narrow while in the reality of separation, once in the reality of oneness we are limitless.

To go through the door into the reality of oneness, we take nothing of the reality of separation. Thus along the path of truth, we shed all that we are except for the pure essence of our individuality shaped by the Spirit of love and truth. We can’t take anything of separation; hatred, anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, greed, self-determination, self will, ugliness, blame, judgment, self-pity, pride, self-righteousness, self-exultation, etc. It doesn’t fit through the doorway, for these things don’t exist in this reality of oneness. All we take is what the spirit of divine love and truth have sown in our souls in accordance with the uniqueness of our individuality. Thus, our soul’s raiment is of unity; divine love, peace, harmony, humility, giving, sharing, rest, beauty, etc. We leave behind all the cares and ways of the reality of separation for they were sown in separation to serve separation, and they have no part in the reality of oneness, except as a memory washed in his love. Though only a memory, it’s this memory that enables us to abide in the oneness of the reality of the real and eternal.

The Door

As we start to grow in the awareness of truth, our soul perceptions become attune to the true heavenly Father (not some image crafted by others, but a personal knowing born out of a longing and desire for a personal communion within our soul), who is distant from the reality of separation and yet still close to us. He is only a breath away in our innermost soul, but from the viewpoint of the reality of separation it feels as distant as death. As we continue to draw close and perceive our Father as he truly is, thus his love as it truly is, thus ourselves and others as we all truly are, the door to his reality becomes dimly lit. We are beginning to perceive our true origin; the midst of his presence, which is a consuming love.

This door within our soul leads us back into our point of origin, our heavenly Father. Upon passing through it we enter into the eternal light, which is being fully awake in the reality of our Father’s love. Thus, we are no longer in the sleep of separation.

We awaken to this place once our individuality is formed. Our individuality is complete and ready to find entrance into the reality of oneness once divine love finds its place at the origin of our individuality, which for us is a new birth as the very origin of our soul is transitioned from a starting point of separateness to one of oneness. And once our souls are clothed in his truth and love by the workings of his spirit, we find entrance into his realm.

However, this door isn’t easily seen. In our innermost soul, it’s hidden beneath the dusty lie of perceived separation. This lie resides in the deepest part of our soul covered by all sorts of lies that spawned from it, because it was formed before our first conscious memory. So into our soul we must go …

Our soul is like a garden. Prior to the inner workings of love and truth in our soul, our inner soul has been neglected for we haven’t even seen it. It’s been covered with the mortal mind materialized through a reality of separation. It’s like a garden filled with weeds and overgrown with kudzu. We can’t see anything clearly and our soul perceptions are dimmed and covered in untruths. This is what happens when we abide in the reality of separation.

As we relinquish to the workings of the Spirit of love and truth, our soul becomes like a well tended gardened. As the lies are cleared by the truth, eventually we are able to perceive this hidden door into the reality that is the true home of our birthplace, the heart of our loving Father. In this reality, his loving presence is like the air, it surrounds us, and fills and governs every breath.

Through love’s prompting we stumble upon the path, and when we recognize it, we only want to continue on it wherever it leads because we realize it is the path to the door of our eternal home in the center of our Father’s love.






Out of the Womb

Out of the Womb

And into the Light


Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;

The soul that rises with us, our life’s star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar.

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory

Do we come from God,

Who is our home.

~ William Wordsworth


Remembering that our true point of origin isn’t a black speck of void or emptiness, which our incomplete and distorted memories allude to, but that it’s the eternal light and love of our heavenly Father is a monumental part of our birth as living souls.

As we grow and are pushed toward the light out of this watery womb, we perceive more clearly the Source of our origin, who we soon will “see” by the awakening light of his divine love, our heavenly Father. In this, we realize our mortal experience served to shape our individuality through free will so that we could abide with him and all of his creation in a harmony of oneness through the giving and receiving of true and pure love.