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The First Parents


The First Parents

Coming Full Circle

(Part 10: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Jesus Christ unveiled the potential of being connected to our Creator in a oneness so that the divine consciousness governs us and no longer our self-determined consciousness. He also teaches us the way to its fulfillment. This potential still resides as a potential. Thus, we remain in our faith. When this potential manifests, a new heavens and a new earth will form as one harmonious unit.

The manifestation of this potential’s fulfillment goes back to the beginning where it all started, the First Parents. As their offspring, we are extensions of their spirits. We are living the potentials of their original creation of the self-determined consciousness. When the potentials are fulfilled the circle of life will be complete, and the eternal light of life will be created within the human soul. Then, we will live out the potentials of the divine consciousness.

As a collective human soul; it took two to manifest the governance of the self-determined consciousness, and it takes two to manifest the governance of the divine consciousness. Though we all play a part, in this creation there are two who serve as the connection point to the Father in the likeness of First Parents. It’s the bookends of creation. They connect this realm of disharmony, where the self-directed consciousness governs, and the realm of harmony where the divine consciousness governs. Thus, they function like a gate. Therefore, there will be two who fulfill the final set of potentials completing the human soul journey. They will possess the relationship reflected in the First Parents: a certain relationship to one another, to the Father, and to creation.

This First Parent soul journey is symbolized in the two cherubimtwo olives trees, two anointed ones, two witnessestwo on the right and left hand of Christ, among other places. Their soul journey is written throughout the Bible in many types, forms, stories, and analogies.

Birthing a creation of divine human souls from two was and still is the Creator’s perfect design. Immortal harmony grows from one perfect seed, from one perfect point. This point of perfection is where the human soul realm and the realm of God meet; which is our point of origin. God is always beyond creation. So his realm of perfect unborn potentials of divine love and truth is always beyond his creations, which express those potentials. As a point, harmony is created. Following one star in the night sky keeps us on track. This singular touch point between this creation and God’s eternal realm enables perfect governance of this realm. As everything grows out from this singular point, everything is in harmony with it. This point of God connects to the origin of the soul. When he resides at our point of origin, we are in him and he is in us, which enables his perfect governance through our individuality.

As I shared in a recent comment, the kingdom of God comes within. God’s regenerative spirit (kingship) is coming within us, not outside of us. This is the only way immortal harmony and our individuality can exist. Right now his internal light does not govern us. We each have our own point of reference so we create disharmony; as we are our own “kings”. We are under his absolute governance, yet experiencing a soul state in which we are governed by our own self-directed consciousness, thus disharmony is created. When his kingdom comes within, he is governing within us as he does in Christ Jesus. This is how immortal harmony is created among so many individuals. This will create our oneness with him, with Christ Jesus, and with each other. This internal governance creates a oneness in which we bear the likeness of his spirit attributes, which all together can be summed up in divine love. Because he comes from within us and flows through us, his spirit expresses itself through our individuality. When Christ Jesus says when you see me, you see the Father; we see the likeness of the character of the Father through the individuality of Christ Jesus. Thus, God resides at our point of origin to create immortal harmony. And, his point of origin to the collective human soul is found in the likeness of the First parents from which we all came, and are connected to.

This collective human soul point resides in the divine love space between the First Parents, like the point in the middle of the infinity symbol. This point doesn’t reside in just one or the other, but in the space between them where their souls interconnect in divine love, for God is love. This is how God is in them and yet beyond them. This is how he can be in creation, yet beyond creation. This type of connection is a life-giving connection, as taught in a creation of a child. Through this point, his spirit flows to the rest of the human soul.

Initially, the First Parents “birthed” the opposite of this divine consciousness; the self-determined consciousness. This served to create divine desire so that the human soul could manifest a soul state that could partake of God’s Spirit. Therefore, they entered into a dream-state, which we are born into. We are living out the potentials they created in manifesting a self-directed consciousness as we traverse the wasteland of a self-determined will and experience all it created. In this awareness, divine desire is created in the collective human soul. We are all connected, what we do as one and for one, we do for all.

In a divine soul state, united as male and female the First Parents represent the characteristics and likeness of God. As two parts of a whole, they represent the oneness of God in the divine love that exists between them; for God is love. The unity of their spirits as one represents his life-giving spirit. Because of the nature of their likeness to the Creator’s characteristics, through their point of connection in divine love, in which he can connect, his liquid light of life can enter and spread into the entire human soul.

As the final potentials of this journey are fulfilled, we regenerate into divine souls by the inflow of the Spirit of God through their regenerated soul. The divine consciousness is “birthed” into this realm, replacing the self-directed consciousness. Their souls reside as a singular purified prismatic soul connecting to the point of perfection in which the substance of divine love, thus divine consciousness, can flow into creation. As this Spirit is poured upon the children of the human soul and the creation they impact, all are regenerated into a harmonious whole. In this, God is all in all.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “The First Parents

  1. Too much mind on the matter, don’t feel the Anointing on the writings.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful and Divinely Inspired!! This so beautifully brings together all the concepts I have been studying, you have such an amazing way of putting it all into words that makes me just flow with it.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      It is incredibly beautiful. Its incredible how truth builds layer upon layer in these understandings. I continue to see more layers. The ways of God are complete and perfect, and everything is part of his plan and serving a purpose. The more we grow in the truth the more we see the connectivity of all things pointing to his sovereignty and perfection even in a place that can seem random and not purposeful.

  3. Tolerance

    There is a way which seems right unto a man but it leads to destruction. Before we are born of the spirit we are born of the natural. In the natural process of being birthed into this world there is the time when the seed is placed within the woman to grow. It is a journey of being born into the natural world. It parallels the birth process of the spiritual world of when the spirit ( seed of Christ )is poured into the womb (soul or woman part ) of the person.

    As we start to grow in the spiritual womb of our soul (the womb of our woman) which parallels the natural example we must realize just because we come into God’s awareness and presence we do not know all there is to know. Being given or being baptized into the light of the spirit is a beginning point just as the beginning (and not the end) of the embryo takes place in the natural womb.

    We are conceived by the higher spirit to “begin” life’s process of being born and once born of the spirit, just as being born in the natural, we begin a journey of understanding. Just as a baby is born into the natural world, one born of the spirit world “begins” our spiritual walk. We therefore being born into the spirit, do not know all things immediately because we have seen “some” light and are walking “partially” in the light.

    It is a growing process of being completely at the mercy of another, then crawling, then walking. So is our mind developed as we walk toward the spirit God has given to each of us. When the natural person is drawn to the light having walked this earth in embryo, they are brought into a spiritual light just as a babe was brought into the natural light of this world.

    Does a natural babe right out of the womb get up and walk as if fully grown? No it does not, so neither does one who begins to walk being born of the spirit do so immediately. Here is a person, drawn to be born of the spirit by God and so begins to walk as God gives the spirit of Himself, not the whole spirit (payment), but a down payment. This small portion of His likeness of the spirit is put into this embryo of the spiritual person to grow into full maturity. This person’s soul, having just come out of the world, has until now been following the desires of the world, or the flesh of the carnal minded man. This person is in no way mature just as one just birthed into the natural world is not mature right away….However….this small grain of mustard seed which is the seed of righteousness buried deep within has a struggle against all the powers of the flesh. In the beginning the seed in the soul is overpowered and loses many battles to the flesh. But the vision and intent has been planted there and the soul seeks whom her soul loves (Song of Solomon).

    My point is we “all” start out seeking God as He draws us to Himself according to the time of our calling. Our spirit is overwhelmed by the flesh when we are first spiritually birthed as the Christ seed has not broken fully through the ground (our earthly resistant nature) to the light, yet in our carnal self, we think we are righteous in all the ways of God because we have now been given the assurance and knowledge that He exist. In our being born of the spirit we think this is all there is but time teaches us we are not finished by this baptism but it is only the start of our spiritual journey.

    There is first a lot of confusion because the carnal mind (the devils believe) attaches the belief in God to his self righteousness and instead of starting to worship God in spirit and in truth, our carnal self takes the things that are of God and claims them for himself. This carnal man, of our fleshly desires, influences our feminine soul to err and while she is yet in her fallen state, in weakness she succumbs to the flesh. As she matures, she increasingly minds the things of her husband, the spirit.

    Herein lies the problem of the soul speaking when she should be remaining quiet until she is fully developed. When she has fully come under the influence and obedience of the spirit she is then allowed to speak ( in the true church and temple which we are). She is no longer influenced by the serpent in the garden, she is now wed to the spirit of Christ within. The bride and groom having become one.

    This is why we see so much confusion and dissension among some infant saints and young people (in the spirit) wanting to be heard before their faculties have been exercised to the point of being disciplined in the ways and understandings of God. This is why we see so many accosting others of another perspective and belief. These think and believe that because they know, by knowledge, there is a God, that all they speak about is from God when in reality it is from a soul that is not yet fully matured and has not been fully separated from being influenced by their fleshly childish desires.

    So we learn to tolerate unbelief in others because we see and or have experienced the process of growing up. An adolescent teenager has gained just enough knowledge about life to “know it all” and you cannot tell many of these young in the Lord anything. After all, have they not been born, have they not seen the (some) light, and have learned to crawl, walk and to speak, using the very same words as an adult in the natural. They claim, “What else is there to know”, I can speak as you speak, using all the same vocabulary. Who are you to tell me anything?” We all know the routine and have seen many go on to grow up and regret and repent of their arrogance and become humbled by their prior “superiority”. A true mature person does not crow and claim superiority for they see the spiritual end of all others as they also see themselves.

    So, with understanding we deal with these adolescents with them thinking that what they know, is all there is to know and they are adamant not to be persuaded, whether it is out of pride and obstinance, or just ignorance of the truth in Christ.
    In pursuing what truth is, we learn what it is to love others in spite of having varying perspectives and having an erroneous and disrespectful knowledge of the truth. We see a “higher calling” in Christ Jesus and this higher calling does not take into account childish affronts and ignorance of the true meaning of the scriptures.

    It is understanding that “in time”….”all”….will bend the knee to God’s will through this journey of the soul.

    1Corinthians 15:22-26
    For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ. Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

    This pretty much is our journey explained in short. We each have an order to be processed in, and when all are processed and delivered to the Father by Jesus Christ. The Son has destroyed every rule and power ( in the heart of mankind) and he has destroyed even death itself.”end quote”

    Death is having a mind other than God’s mind and likeness and it is this carnal mind which will be destroyed. This process is the process for all of mankind, it leaves none out. Our calling may place us in a different responsibility for awhile but when the Son has accomplished the annihilation of death, we will all have and enjoy the gift of life without end…together.

    Wouldn’t it be better to love and tolerate others in spite of their views, until maturity takes hold and these see as we have been led to see? There is a saying in the scriptures that evil will correct itself. When one has spewed forth so much hate and decisiveness before they “see” the love and light of God, and are turned to see God’s likeness and character, their guilt will overwhelm them. They will ask God for mercy, grace and forgiveness for speaking the evil that they have toward their fellow man, and the evil they once partook of, and the evil will now be a deterrent to guide them to never return to it’s power over them. By this we realize that even evil has it’s place for guiding one to the truth for having “once” been bound by it. God has created evil (Isaiah 45:7) to provide us a contrast to His gift of life, life without end. By experiencing evil, we learn appreciation and gratitude for the life He has given us as well as learning not to venture in to the territory of another.

    The purpose of all dialogue should only be for the expanding of the kingdom of God. The expanding of the kingdom is the expanding of His likeness in us. If all the law and prophets hang on the two great commandments of God then all of the law should only be used to show how we are to first obey God and second, to treat our fellow man as ourself. There is no other purpose for all of the written law. It has no value outside of showing each of us how to interact with God and our fellow man.

    All of the almost 800,000 words of the bible actually are written to only support these two great commandments of the bible. I do not see nor understand one verse of scripture without it revealing the purpose of the love of God. Even what one considers a horrific event in the scripture, when it’s true spiritual meaning is revealed it reveals a benevolent truth. For example the beheading of a man by another man, when read and imagined with the carnal mind it is a cruel, gory picture, but when we realize King David represented the good spirit within us and Goliath represented the carnal minded man within us, we see that the spirit must dominate and rule over….and destroy the evil which Goliath represented….in us. Taking this to the highest level of understanding, we understand that the spirit of God within us must drive out and over power the evil spirits within us. Our bigger than life, seemingly unconquerable Goliath of a man within us must be killed, beheaded, and conquered for there to be peace in our promised land. (Again in us) For a oneness of God’s spirit to inhabit the promised land all other “evil spirits” must be driven out from it. They cannot coexist with God or any of His children.

    So whether the bible speaks of a good person or a bad person, a good journey or a rocky one, a successful battle or a lost one, all describe our very own journey of the soul realm through this valley of the shadow of death. We will only experience the “shadow” of death because what this walk through the shadow teaches is how to walk in the light once we exit the valley.

    All of our correspondence and words should have only one purpose and that is to explain that all the scriptures can do, is to explain the love of God and it’s purpose for us and in us. The lesson then should be for us not to put much faith in the letter of the law and our ability to explain it for it only describes the greater of the two of knowledge and spirit.

    We should count the shadow of the letter of the law with far less importance than what it only represents…which is God’s likeness and character being given to us. This was God’s original intent when He announced…”Let us make man in our likeness and image (character).”

    This is what we are “all” about. So let us see the end of all others in the same light as we see ourselves and learn to treat them as in the future present tense….as much as God allows by His likeness within us.

  4. Rachel, please omit the June 9, 10:51 a.m. Post as I omitted some errors and made clarifications. Thanks

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