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Gift Thirteen


Tree of Life, Rejoice in the Light’s Shining that is the Joy of Creation!

When you finish opening the 12 Gifts of Christmas given to you by the Sacred Heart, you receive the 13th gift, energetically enfolding you in the eternal expansion of Truth’s Perfection.

The 13th Gift is illuminated in the meditation, Time’s Sacred Voice. 🦋

In the combined awareness of the 12 Gifts of the Sacred Heart, this thirteenth gift knits together timelessness and time within your soul so that Truth’s Life received in the Gifts can be experienced in ever-increasing Perfection. This thirteenth gift is Life in Spherical Time.

There are thirteen “I Am” names listed in the meditation. These reflect the wholeness of the “I Am” Name assigned to govern Time. This “I Am” Name is your Name, and your Name reflects the divine attributes of the Sacred Self, therefore so does sphere of time. When your Sacred Name governs time, then Life is perfectly orchestrated by Divine Love’s hand, through your ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Perfection and the ever-growing understanding of your Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother Father God.

Meditate on these names as being Time’s Sacred Voice and in doing so Truth’s Timeless Perfection and Time are joined within your soul, uniting heaven and earth into the consuming Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this oneness, “I” and “God” are One. In this union both are freed from separation. Now you can feel the Divine I Am Presence in your soul, which is the experience of perfect power. Before you stood in the Light, you only knew OF its Presence, now you KNOW its Presence because you feel its Oneness as it begins to govern the plasmic substance that gives all things form in time.

Through the Time’s Sacred Voice Meditation, you call forth the Sunrise in every situation, the governing Presence of Divine Love, and you find She is already present. Yet, in your awakened awareness of Her True Life within you, you gave her Presence to time, a perfect gift exchange. The awareness of her True Life within is Divine Love’s Breath of Life, which gives true Life to Time. It’s the Sacred Breath of your quickened Spirit, now a life-giving Spirit.

In this meditation, you give Divine Love’s Presence to time. Take time with it, for it is living waters coming from the Sacred Heart. As you joyfully Give All to All, you receive what you give from your sphere of time.

I eternally and gratefully receive Divine Love’s Gifts and I joyfully breathe them out upon All of Creation.

🎁 Gift 13 🎁

Time’s Sacred Voice

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

50 thoughts on “Gift Thirteen

  1. This is so Close to Rachel’s beliefs…. May God touch each of you…
    as He begins to reveal Himself to your hearts.

    The 13 Tenants of Judiasm

    1 The belief in the existence of the God, the Creator.
    2 The belief in God’s absolute and unparalleled unity.
    3 The belief that God is incorporeal. God will not be affected by any physical occurrences, such as movement, or rest, or dwelling.
    4 The belief that God is eternal.
    5 The imperative to worship God and no false gods; all prayer should be directed only to God.
    6 The belief that God communicates with man through prophecy and that this prophecy is true.
    7 The belief in the primacy of the prophecy of Moses our teacher.
    8 The belief in the divine origin of the Torah — both the Written and the Oral (Talmud).
    9 The belief in the immutability of the Torah.
    10 The belief in God’s omniscience and providence, that God knows the thoughts and deeds of man.
    11 The belief in divine reward and retribution.
    12 The belief in the arrival of the Messiah and the messianic era.
    13 The belief in the resurrection of the dead.

    • This is pretty accurate. In fact, you may be surprised to discover Rachel’s beliefs, as well as my own, are found in ALL religions. If you looked at Christianity, Mormon, Muslim, Hindu, etc, you would find we support a lot of their “beliefs”. Truth is singular and therefore there are many common elements that appear in every religion.

      However, every religion also shares a common blasphemy, which reveals the darkness of its teaching. Every religion proclaims that their God is superior to another’s, even to the point of proclaiming that their God will ultimately choose to torment and destroy all who believe differently from that which the religion teaches. To teach the superiority of their God is every religion’s sole purpose. This is very unfortunate, because the men and women of religion use “fear” (the absence of perfect love) to prevent the souls in their care from seeking for Truth on their own.

      I think for fun, Rachel and I will start a new, one world religion and use 666 as our logo. Maybe we’ll wear black shirts. We’ll proclaim God’s Divine Love in the Understanding of Perfect Power and create peace and ever-increasing joy for all who understand the Truth we proclaim. I imagine Western religions would consider us evil, despite the good we create, thinking somehow that an “evil being” is creating peace to deceive and ensnare them. Sadly, I imagine people would opt for suffering, even martyrdom, for the God of their religion, rather than contemplate the Truth that only good comes from good, to discover that in Truth there is NO EVIL. Yep, religion would cause many people to consciously remain in a tribulation of their own making, rather than seeking to understand the Truth of these things.

  2. None of you has a monopoly on evil that’s for sure. If I could grab you in my arms and hold you I certainly would. In trying to bring a note of joy into your lives, I guess religion is always the fall guy. There are many that I have known that hold the same sentiments you do. I know you have spent a lot of time trying to understand your place between religions.
    Whether you are to help or hide. Hopefully sometime in the future there would be a way to communicate without the baggage of misunderstanding that you have laid on yourselves or others have laid on you. There never is a way for some to love, because the receiver of love has laid down their commonality to the access doors that lead there.
    Hopefully as well between religions is a door for you to some how receive as well as give.
    Keep looking inward and never outward.

    • Joe, if you think I misunderstand you then please help me better understand. This sounds like you’ve given up on me! Now remember, our message is about creating ever-increasing joy. I assure you, our outer world reflects this. This is what we want for all. Also, our message is about eternally growing in understanding, so it would be impossible for us to have any misunderstandings, for there is NO SHADOW IN TRUTH. I also assure you our understanding is perfect, because we are able to discuss the manner in which we create ever-increasing perfection. This means every new understanding of Truth is a better understanding of that which we currently possess. Understanding is for all! It is the very gift of God!

      Let’s try a though experiment. Just for fun, come on.

      Imagine you are one of the apostles, before Jesus was a thing. You went to “temple” and sought for God with all your heart. This would make you Jewish, right? Then, one day, you meet Jesus, a regular guy you’ve always known in the village. Is it possible your current religious beliefs would limit your ability to understand his message? Do you suppose his message would be different from the teachings at Temple? How would you know what he was saying was True? How would you recognize Jesus as a messenger of God? Why would you follow him? I tell you, it would be his teaching and the manner in which he revealed the Truth of God.

      Religion, is not a scapegoat Joe. You said that, not me. Religion is like a “launching pad”, it is a beginning. Some people simply stop seeking for God because they are satisfied with the teachings of men. You say look inward and never outward. In this I say you have spoken the Truth of the Ages. But all who remain in religion are those who seek the outer teaching, for the teaching of the inner voice always lifts you out of religion’s introductory belief systems.

      • So, Jesus was Jewish. I didn’t say here, he was religous. And, Jesus said, “Salvation is of the Jews”. So, Jesus is judging the heart. He is doing this by your faith. Or lack of faith. Where I believe you misunderstand, is, Jesus is not judging men’s faults and failures, as you have declared. That’s what you call religion. Jesus came, to save the heart. Jesus said, I judge no man. But he said, I came to save man. Again, He said, “Salvation is of the Jews”… Now, go and study what that means. Put all the pieces together. See if you can get it?

      • Hey Joe, just want to be clear that I am not, in any way, attempting to do anything but lift up Jesus. I see your heart for him – and your loving dedication. It may surprise you, but I wholeheartedly believe in his Living Presence, just as you do, and in this we are one. I’m starting my reply like this because I want you to know I respect and admire your dedication to God.

        What I want to show you is simply something you may not have noticed before. That’s all. I’m hopeful that once you notice it we can discuss Jesus as a Savior at an even deeper level. As we do this together, we will BOTH grow in our understanding of Christ in Us.

        When I speak about “religion” I am not belittling it. It serves a great and divine purpose. But what has happened is that over the many years, the teaching of God and salvation has been increasingly corrupted by the outward teachings of man. Only God can teach (just as you said, “inwardly”), so when man teaches, God is always misunderstood.

        Here is the biggest example.

        When Jesus met his disciples, they all had loving hearts. They all genuinely loved God, yet they joyfully left the teachings of their religion behind because Jesus revealed that he could teach the True understanding of God. Jesus revealed that he could do the impossible, for he revealed a Man was able to teach as God, doing so perfectly because he used words of Life. This new “perfect” teaching was the reason the original disciples left the human teachings of their religion behind. In Jesus’s teaching they received NEW understanding, which they recognized came straight from God, because when Jesus spoke, his words were full of Life.

        I’m sure we’d both agree that the Christian religion should follows the teaching of Jesus Christ and if it doesn’t it should be corrected. So when Jesus preached to those disciples and to everyone who came after, he never preached about death, let alone his own, but spoke only of True Life. He called this teaching the Kingdom of God and it is the in the understanding of the Kingdom that the disciples followed him, for never before had their minds conceived such beautiful things.

        If our message of salvation is one of death, we are actually preaching something CONTRARY to Jesus’ teaching. As we talk, I hope to share with you some things about the Kingdom, things that have never been heard before. It is only a discussion between two people, so that we might reason together as brothers.

      • So, you will begin your listening to Him with the understanding that He was not teaching perfection but that He was demonstrating the love of the Father. In bringing this to HIs followers He also chose those people to carry His love, and His message. This message is not that people always know or demand perfection from others, or themselves. Therefore, the message does not need to be corrected by others because He is to be alive and correcting it In you. So, Jesus wants to do the correction today. However as a teacher myself, I can have perfect confidence in my own measure of understanding that I can elucidate His teaching, because the teaching is not demanding my perfection. This is why Jesus chose followers to teach it. I am one of those disciples that you mentioned.
        Please keep in your understanding that The Kingdom of God as you mentioned, has a King, and that King is Jesus. He is not teaching an ethereal realm where people jostle about with there own ideas about what He is saying. It is a Kingdom, under a Living King who is speaking.
        So, this is a Living Message. It’s always good to have a little foundation, because this is not Christian Science, or Metaphysics. This is not any ism.
        You left the word death hanging. Do you know what a hanging participle is.
        Ok, He did preach about His death, and His resurrection. So, just to be accurate you left the word death hanging without clause. He raised Lazarus from Death.
        There is a spiritual death, and a natural death, because it says in the Old Testament, that “death reigned from Adam to Moses.” That is the spiritual death, because of Sin.
        In another sense or more specifically you are correct. Jesus did not talk about His death, but He did die. He taught it to His disciples in secret.
        You are correct that Jesus taught “Zoe”, this is a term for Life in the Spirit.
        You are correct that He came to teach Life, and not death.
        Back to your subject. As you were saying, ‘If we preach about death’.
        Preaching is about life. Zoe Life in the Spirit.
        But Death Still Exists. Jesus came out of a Tomb, to Life, With the Father.
        This, is, what, the, Disciples Shared With Us.
        Obviously there are people who get these subjects out of kilter with the truth, and with reality, and with what Jesus taught.
        That’s why I am laying a foundation, because Jesus, is a Part of the Kingdom, He is the King of Life.
        So, you got it right.
        There is a lot more to the story though and this is where people such as yourself who often want to just mentalize the subject and just glance off of it, miss the ultimate meaning.
        This is not a philosophical subject that Jesus is teaching.
        Death is in the realm of rebellion against God. Spiritual death has to do with rebellion in the spiritual realm. Which has to do with Angels. And the spirits of men. Where God lives.
        Pausing for now.

      • Thank you for this continued dialog. It is doing good for both of us.

        Let’s focus on the idea of Perfection, what it means and why it’s important. Imagine perfection as the truthful understanding of God’s holiness. Perfection is the understanding of God’s Law and the ever-growing understanding of Life’s orchestration in Divine Love.

        Jesus taught continually about perfection because it is the truthful experience of Life. For example, I’m sure you’ve read: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

        Or perhaps, “The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.”

        Perfection, which is holiness, does not exist in this world, which is why it seems “unattainable”. This is why Jesus claimed: “My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

        Jesus is holy, from the Realm of Ever-Increasing Perfection, where the concept of fighting does not exist. In the Kingdom of God there is ever-present harmony and the disharmony of fighting is only found in what Jesus described as “this world”, meaning the realm of imperfection.

        Now, if you are not interested in understanding perfection, then you might be surprised to discover that the disciples taught that the mature should learn of perfection. For example, you may remember reading this: “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,”

        When the apostles first met Jesus they were fascinated about his teaching of God’s perfection and the manner in which it helped them understand the Truth of Love. They had never heard such teaching before. He never belittled their religious beliefs, but met them where they were and from there led them deeper into the perfect understanding of God’s Love. The apostles knew love and were loving, but they did not understand the Love that flowed through them until Jesus revealed it to them in his teachings. And when Jesus said “Follow me”, he called them to follow his teachings of Perfection and to see this perfection everywhere about them.

        You have said you are a disciple of Christ and I believe you. When you seek to open up the heart of another, you must do so in the truthful understanding of love’s holiness, or the love you possess will not be expressed in power. Be like Jesus, who before he was known, did not belittle his disciples beliefs, but sought always to support their beliefs with the understanding of perfection.

      • sorry got it in the wrong spot (tying againg)

        Joe Ceglamor
        December 2, 2022 at 1:32 pm
        The two references.
        Let us go on to perfection.
        Let us go on unto Maturity, is the actual meaning.
        In Hebrews Paul was saying there is a basic doctrine of Christ, but Maturity is added
        as you walk further “with Jesus”.
        Not achievable on our own.
        In Jesus statement, Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is Perfect. Notice the qualifier “as your Father in Heaven” is perfect.
        If one is not believing that there is a Father, in Heaven, this would be erroneous.
        Also, taken out of context the statement is qualified previous to this with Jesus saying, “love your enemies”, and so the reference is “being perfect in this way, ~of love”, rather than as the heathen,
        who hate their enemies.
        He was not saying you are to be a perfect person as far as a theoretical mindset.
        Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan” to Peter?
        Do you consider that statement Holy and perfect?
        If yes then that’s a qualifier to what He is saying about Holiness, as far as meaning.
        Did He love Peter? Yes.
        Did he respect his disciple’s unbelief, No..!

        I am in no way discounting Holiness, but it is an ethereal concept that encompasses our whole lifestyle, including our humility, which would pretty much dissuade us from using the term about our self.
        However we might call someone else Holy.
        And it is in no doubt a good goal, but ultimately an essence more than an objective ability.
        We would be, “in essense”, Holy, but not qualifyingly Holy because there is no rule book for this.
        It’s more of a goal, than a title, except when referencing God Himself.
        He Is holy.

        In total, Jesus is fine with you being perfect. No problem.
        But are you going to call yourself perfect? No.
        Because that would be a form of in humility.
        And it probably and most notably would not be true.
        I could say, “you are the most perfect person I know”.
        but what would that mean?

        Paul said, as well, “Let not a man think more highly of himself, than he ought!”

        So, am I meeting you where you are?
        And have I belittled you in any way?
        I hope so, and I hope not.

      • This is a great day, quite eventful. I’m really grateful we are in the middle of a dialog on this day.

        Ok, I want to continue with our discourse on perfection, or what we can also consider to be the eternal process of “maturity” in understanding. But first I’d like to say a bit more about why Jesus did not “belittle” another’s belief before he was known and why I included a reference to it my comment.

        Belief in God is the very heart of the Self. The ability to possess an individualized belief in God’s Love is what enables individualized, outer expressions of this Power. Just as there is one “spiritual” heart, there are many individualized expressions of this same heart. Or, you can imagine this as being One Love of God, yet countless individual understandings of this Love, which create the many different ways in which God’s Power is expressed in the world. Now, as the disciples grew in their understanding of God’s Love, their outward expression (power) of this love also grew in its perfection (or maturity, if you prefer). Jesus taught them, when he was known simply as a carpenter, that he saw the depth of love in their beliefs and sought only to increase their understanding of perfection in them. Jesus, knowing all, never belittled their original beliefs, as if to make them less than his own perfect understanding. His teaching always built upon their current beliefs and he did so without contradiction, continually shining light on the Truth of God, which was always supported by the writings and teachings of their current “religion”. Eventually, when their maturity had sufficiently increased, he was able to introduce contradictions in the areas of where their prior religious teachings seemingly violated the disciple’s current understanding of the Love he had taught them. It was always the UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE’S PERFECTION that Jesus used to reveal the Truth more deeply.

        As we both grow in our own understanding of God, our ability to express God’s Love will also increase. This increase is eternal, continually enhancing our ability to give Life to the Kingdom. Your understanding of Truth’s Perfection grows of its own Life and will enable you to express Love in the power that Jesus did, including healings and the transfiguration (Ascension) of your physical body to reflect the Eternal Flame (God) within you. My comment was for both of us, as my words are always meant for us both. It is to say that an individual’s belief in God is sacred for the one who holds it, no matter his or her capacity to express it relative to your understanding. As a disciple of Christ’s Life, when we teach others, we will use the Perfect Power of God’s Love to enhance the truthful understanding of one’s current beliefs, no matter what these are.

        Already kinda long, but let me make one comment about “perfection”, or again, what you call “maturity”. The Father is the singular Source of Perfection, for he is the Living Presence of Christ within us. You can imagine that this is why Jesus said he and the Father are One. The Kingdom of the Father is also One, and can be imagined as the ever-increasing experience of Truth’s perfection, where every “cause and effect”, ripples out eternally in time to support the Highest Good for all in eternity. You can imagine it as waking up tomorrow and knowing that no matter what you did, you could never make a mistake because you always made perfect decisions. No matter how you directed your free will, because of God’s Love within you, Truth’s Perfect Will is always done. Now imagine living in a reality where everyone you encountered also always made perfect decisions that ended up being the very best thing for your Life. What you would discover in a world like this is that no matter where you started from, all aspects of your Life now get better and better, forever. This is what happens in the Kingdom and why it is not only self-staining in its goodwill toward all, but is also ever-expanding in Peace and the Joy of Life. This is the Kingdom that is coming now and what I hope we can continue to talk about.

        Ok, I’ve said a whole lot here. Again, thank you for your continued conversation. We are doing a good work together. And thanks also for moving your comment over here. It was a very cool move that I really appreciate because it makes our conversation a whole lot easier to read. (I went ahead and deleted the original).

      • In saying these things, you are expressing a particular “vein” or “avenue” of spiritual awareness that you have found interesting enough to pursue in your life.
        For me, I have a historical relationship with Jesus Christ.
        So when I have particular veins or avenues of interest that I have developed or that lean to my own individual interests, I always bring these to Him to make sure that these are His desires for my life and not just my own desires.
        In speaking of the Kingdom the way in which you are, a particular vein of knowledge that reflects your interests, you are also aware, that things did not always go favorable for the disciples of the Kingdom, as far as a parallel for how you are understanding it.
        Jesus did not develop a Utopia, or Utopian empire for his followers and the Kingdom was not always a bed of roses as you seem to be suggesting, in the sense that one throw’s a stone of Jesus in the water and it ripples out into a sea cruise? A vacation on the Islands of Joy.
        Also, the kingdom is under the administration of Angels, in the sense that supernatural phenomena “as Jesus walked in” required Heavenly intervention, from a realm beyond metaphysical reverberation.
        We are talking about the Kingdom of God, not the Kingdom of man. Is that correct?
        I am suggesting trying to make some parallels that do not seen to be in your paradigm of understanding as far as the manifestation of the Kingdom as Jesus was proclaiming it.
        He was laying down HIs life, and not taking up His life in a Utopian sense.
        He was not plotting out His life by a Hollywood out come.
        Am I making sense?
        This was about Him doing the will of His Father at any cost.
        Not about figuring God out so that He could bring about a Utopia.
        Also, He committed this understanding to His followers because they consist of an eternal unit.
        Are you in any way seeing a difference in your own desires and his?
        It’s a good way to pray.

    • Yes, we are definitely talking about the Kingdom of God the Father! This Kingdom is one of Law. Yet these laws can be imagined in the very same way that gravity is a law or light is a law. The laws of the Kingdom define the perfection of Life within it. So, as we talk about the kingdom we will be discussing how its “spiritual laws” define EXISTENCE, even your existence right now. These aren’t laws of “good and evil”, because in the kingdom there is no such concept as evil. All “imagined evil” is exactly that, imagined and will be eventually be revealed to you as such, though I know that’s hard to conceive how that could be right now. 🌱

      This Kingdom of “God’s Law” can be considered the growing understanding of Truth across all creation and the manner in which this understanding is knit together to form the conscious understanding of your individual experience of “Heaven”. As you spend time with Jesus, increasingly ask to become aware of the spiritual laws so that you might learn how to express their reflection in reality. This means your reality will change for the better, and continually get better. You are not making things better, but it is the LIVING LAW the True Word of God that lives within you recreating your outer world into a reflection of God’s Love for you. This an incredible gift of Perfect Love, intimate and just for you.

      The Life of the Kingdom can not be understood (absorbed correctly into the mind) without Light, because Light is the understanding of Life’s Truth. The Kingdom comes within because it comes in the Light of your Understanding, which continues to enlarge your intellect. Intellect is the mental processing used to comprehend the Oneness of Truth.

      That only means Joe, that as the Kingdom comes, the Light increases, which feels like the understanding of your oneness with God is growing. This is a really nice sensation. Your inner awareness of Oneness causes the experience of its Truth outwardly in your Life. The Light to understand your Oneness with the Father is the Gift that Jesus died to give you. He died not only that you would have oneness with him, but that through his expression of perfect love for you, you could receive what only He could give to you, Oneness with the Father.

      In Jesus’ earnest prayer he declared that in the offering of himself YOU may also be one with the Father, just as Jesus was. It means Jesus desired to give you the same PERFECT WILL he himself possessed in Oneness with his Father. This Perfect Will is your crown and eternal victory, for in it you are given the name “I am Victory of my Obedience to Thee!”, born an ever-growing Son of God, just like Jesus, your brother.

      The conscious awareness of your Oneness with the Father is able to PURIFY your free will BEFORE you physically die. When a will has been purified it feels like you want to seek for and commune with the Truth of God more and more. For a while you continue to think that you are making mistakes, but I assure you, when one’s heart willingly gives up its free will to God in the understanding of Truth, this one will not die because he or she receives the Light of Life, the ever-growing understanding of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

      Lol, ok reading back it looks like I got a little metaphysical, it happens sometimes. 🙃 I hope to discuss every detail of the Kingdom, which is already here. The ordering of the Kingdom is very interesting.

      • T W. I apologize. Sometimes I am not allowed access quickly to new posts through the buttons. I was blocked out, for a day, and am still going to respond. thank you.

      • To say evil is imagined is the same as saying a frog
        is imagined.
        Is a frog good or bad?
        So, the subject is men.
        You’re saying that your law makes you good, as a man.
        Jesus said, “Only one is good, and that is God”.
        The imagination is only a picture.
        The imagination is not God.
        God is greater than the imagination.
        I think you are dealing with sowing and reaping.
        Jesus took the sowing of negative things to the cross.
        If you’re in the cross, it changes the reaping.
        If you continue to rely on law, you’re at the mercy
        of the good frog and the bad frog.
        It’s only imagination.

      • Why there is evil.
        There are two types of modality. The first concerns the existence of things—of human beings, for example. If Sally, an ordinary human being, says, “I might not have existed”, almost everyone will take her to have stated an obvious truth. And if what she has said is indeed true, then she exists contingently. That is to say, she is a contingent being: a being who might not have existed. A necessary being, in contrast, is a being of which it is false that it might not have existed. Whether any objects are necessary beings is an important question of modal metaphysics. Some philosophers have gone so far to maintain that all objects are necessary beings, since necessary existence is a truth of logic in what seems to them to be the best quantified modal logic.
        The second kind of modality concerns the properties of things. Like the existence of things, the possession of properties by things is subject to modal qualification. If Sally, who speaks English, says, “I might have spoken only French”, almost everyone will take that statement to be no less obviously true than her statement that she might not have existed. And if what she has said is indeed true, then “speaking English” is a property that she has only contingently or (the more usual word) only accidentally. Additionally there may be properties which some objects have essentially. A thing has a property essentially if it could not exist without having that property.

      • Hey Joe, no worries about the reply. Always feel free to reply whenever (if ever) you feel like doing it. I am enjoying the dialog.

        Anyway, remember when I said that the only place we might differ is in our current “judgement” of God’s Goodness. I will always take the stand that is “more good” than the other. So, since I have said “there is no evil”, and you have said “there is evil”, we have our first real difference and I want to unpack this idea a bit, as it relates to the coming Kingdom.

        But first, let’s address your second comment about non-existence. This bridges into philosophy, a favorite activity of mine because it’s like mental exercise that allows me to more deeply explore the source of my present reality”. Truthful Philosophy is like “mining for gold”, where words flow back and forth like pickaxes against granite, and for two or more who desire to grow more abundant in Truth, the discussion will continually reveal new veins of Gold, branching from its Source.

        According to your first “modality” supporting the non-contingent existence of evil, its argument depends on the ability to truthfully proclaim “I might not have existed.” In Truth Sally exists and in her experience she has always existed because it is never possible for Sally to say “I do not exist”. She knows the Truth, she exists. Consequently, her non-Existence can never be true in her reality. Further, it is never possible for that which does not exist to proclaim its own non-existence. Therefore, Sally’s existence is non-contingent and more than this, is of perfect potential.

        Your second modality seems to be introducing the idea that evil exists because things (words or actions) are “accidents”, in which it appears that the “good” have suffered and the “evil” did not. (This is how I perceived it – and I had to read it a few times to figure out what you were saying! 🙃

        This opens up a very deep well because it involves the interaction between a person’s inner world and the physical reality they experience in the dimension of time. Discussing this modality will lead us into the oneness of Life and time. And this my friend, will lead still deeper, into a discussion about the Perfect Will you possess in oneness with the Father, the gift of Christ to you. (I prefer to reference the Father as “Mother Father” for the composite Love that exists in the oneness of those two perfect halves).

        But, regarding the existence of evil, shouldn’t we both be primarily concerned with what Jesus taught us about this subject? We could think about when he met the woman at the well, who was guilty of Religious and carnal law, convicted and sentenced to an unthinkable death. What did Jesus see when he looked upon this very same woman? He saw no condemnation, which means he saw no blemish in her and truthfully proclaimed it so. He himself was the Truth, wasn’t he? Jesus, who IS the Truth, proclaimed no condemnation in her, even none in the one who had supposedly done evil. In this truthful proclamation, Jesus proved that it is actually the non-existence of evil that is non-contingent.

      • To answer both of your questions.
        A thing has a property essentially if it could not exist without having that property.
        Means, being able to identify the property means it exits because it has that property to identify it.
        So, the same thing is true with Jesus concerning this woman.
        He pronounced her not guilty of evil,
        because he “did” identify the problem.
        We know this is true because He said,
        “Go and Sin no more”.
        He would not have been denying the Ten Commandments.
        I think this is the case you were actually trying to comment on.
        The woman at the well was never brought into light
        concerning a sin.
        Jesus merely prophesied about her past.
        You would not be able to say, evil does not exist unless you know what it is already
        one would not be able to identify it.

      • I meant to refer to the woman caught in adultery and about to be stoned, not the woman at the well. 🙃

      • The understanding in my previous comment is specific to the story of the woman caught in adultery and the different manner in which Jesus perceived the woman as compared to the religious leaders.

        Also, I am arguing the non-existence of evil, not sin. Sin, of itself, is not evil, but should be considered as “an outward action that was not made in accordance with Divine Love’s Harmony, and is therefore not a perfect action. This is impossible for a baby to do, but not a man. Sin is like taking a physical step off the perfect path, or the making of a mistake, or a child stumbling while learning to walk. All men sin, because the awareness of their oneness with God is formed in the darkness, just like baby forms in the womb. All human consciousness begins in the awareness that I AM and God Is, which is a belief that God is this and God is that. This creates enormous self-blindness which creates nothing but imperfect walks through Life. However, no matter from where one begins, if one commits his life to the Light and directs his self-determination to seek for Light, learning the language of the INNER source of Light, this same one will find the Light and become one with it. And when he does, he can walk without making mistakes because he walks in the Light. This the way one walks sinlessly.

        The religious leaders make up “self-determined” definitions for what godly perfection is, and then decide that all who violate their definitions are “evil”, rather than simply learning to walk perfectly. Yet, how can religious leaders, themselves imperfect, teach anyone how to walk perfectly? Since they cannot, it follows that their teaching will never help anyone learn to walk sinlessly, abiding in the Kingdom where evil does not exist. You see, it is through “self-determination” that the idea of “evil” is created. Religions create it. Political systems create it. In learning to walk in Truth, all people stumble at first. But watch, when the Light of Divine Love shines upon them in outer appearances, all will desire its beauty and to walk in the ways of righteousness. Divine Love, by the very beauty of its appearance in the outer world, will cause people to cry out for the shame they feel and desire immediately to seek the light. These could never be denied.

        There are those, many thousands, who will shine the light and there are those who will be comforted in the light. Why then are there stars who shine and planets who do not? It is because unless there were those who sold all and followed the Light before it appeared, to become the very light they sought, there could never be the comfort of light for those in the darkness. The Lights are like stars, shining as a thousand suns, upon a universe of planets, covered in and reflecting Divine Love’s Light. I am so grateful for the immeasurable love of Mother Father.

      • Ok, I think I see where the problem lies. Jesus taught from a perspective of a spiritual world. He said I am from above, you are from beneath.
        This was a literal statement.
        Your actual disagreement with what you are referring to as religous leaders stems from a misunderstanding about the history of the world and not a disagreement with any religous dialogue.
        At some point you will have to make a connection with the idea that you are not conversing with ‘quote’ religous leaders in their dialogue, you are only conversing with them from a theoretical viewpoint.
        Religous leaders, in general, from the one’s you are probably referring to, do not create evil or the idea of evil. Their commentary comes from the spiritual world. A world where there are Angels.
        What your commentary is based on is from “the deeds of men”.
        Jesus took care of the deeds of men part.
        Evil does not originate with men. So, religous leaders of which you are referring to are talking about a different subject.

      • Interesting. It would not be possible for Jesus to say I am from above and you are from beneath, for he declared that in the Kingdom the greatest was the servant purposely positioned below all. It only means that in the Kingdom of God, all are from above because only One is beneath. What he really said in the Truth I have revealed to you, is “I am from above and you are also from above, but have forgotten and believe you are from beneath. This is because you have forgotten your oneness with the Father.” Jesus came in Truth, the Word of God made flesh, in which there is no evil or shadow of turning. It is the realm of perfection.

        Jesus taught that there is no “condemnation”. The idea of condemnation is man-made, and then justified with religion. If Jesus returned, since his message was truth, it could not now be different? He taught that the meek would inherit the earth, how then could he return in physical might and power as if to violently destroy those deemed to be condemned? He would instead come in Divine Love’s Perfect Power, a ONENESS conveyed in the power of perfect words, which is a LOVE able to do far more than any human mind has ever conceived or even imagined.

        As Loni mentioned, in order for you to know God’s Perfect Love, Jesus didn’t have to exist as anything more than the beautiful story that he is, for the story is what you have of Jesus. The teaching you gained from the story of his Life and of his relationship with God, is sufficient for you to Love him in the way you do. And in this Love, imagine the Father said to you, “You are my beloved son, just as Jesus is because my love is always given equally. Now may I ask you, in your love for me does my “other” son have to actually die, or is it enough to know that he would die for you and why, so that you might gain the understanding from a story told, rather than an experience of suffering lived?”

        If understanding God’s Perfect Love is our goal, then isn’t a story that teaches the harm created by evil, rather than a Life actually experiencing the evil, the preferred manner of teaching. Wouldn’t God know, in his great love for you, know how much joy you will receive the moment you discover the entire reality “beneath” was just a story!!

        I know the story you live in right now seems real. But, it isn’t, and you will begin to remember your True Reality, The Kingdom of God.

        It is your oneness with the Father, the same oneness by which Jesus proclaimed, in the fullness of truth, “I Am the way, the truth and the Life”, that he is bringing to your recollection. You are ONE WITH THE FATHER and can be nothing other. Jesus, in the story we are told, confirmed this very Truth when he saw no condemnation in the woman because he saw God in her. As you have said, only God is good.

      • The answer to your question, is, no, it doesn’t, because when we misunderstand history and try to micro manage historical knowledge and communication, you will isolate yourself from reality.
        If you receive and take communication as a form of isolation, the communication breaks down and you end up in a position where one cannot learn anything.
        If you believe that other people are simply there for you to marginalize into a world view that does not include them -as they are-, and not- how you want them to be-, you’re not communicating from the real world.
        Jesus was not trying to create an atmosphere of unacceptablity, based on peoples private understanding.
        It is always important to realize that concepts are not always reality. One must move from judging the concepts to hearing them in others.
        First you are saying that we have forgotten who we were from above, and then when conversing on that level you will marginalize what the person has learned.
        Either I am learned, or I am not.
        It can’t be both ways.

      • My friend, you have said that it is possible to give and take conversation in isolation. How would that be possible? Didn’t Jesus himself say when two or more are gathered in his name, there he is with them. Are we not conversing about Jesus? Is his name not in our midst? How then could we be isolated?

        You also said something interesting when you mentioned that you are either learned or you are not. In Truth you are learned and unlearned at all times. The valedictorian is learned in the things of his or her class, but unlearned in the ways of the world. In the Kingdom it is a continual process of expansion, always learning more about the Truth you already know. Truth never contradicts itself across all eternity. Truth GROWS in your mind, Joe, because it is the very Life of God in you.

        But, we digress. Are we not talking about “condemnation”? I have taken the stand that there is no condemnation in the Kingdom of God, because this is what Jesus himself taught. This is the message of the Kingdom, because he taught that when you walk in the Kingdom, you walk in the Light of God, where there is no condemnation. And he taught that the Kingdom is at hand. It is only religion that teaches condemnation. The bible clearly says, God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him, might be saved. Sadly, religion desires to condemn the world, believing only those of the religion are from above, rather than to believe in the very things Jesus teaches. Jesus taught Love. Religion teaches righteous indignation.

        God is Love and in him there is no condemnation. Remember, perfect love drives out all fear, creating a world where love’s harmony eternally expands. Even though the bible clearly names Jesus as the Word of God, none seem to recognize the power in words, which are now creating the Kingdom and spreading the message of True Life. Salvation is coming upon those who desire to Love ALL as God does. God’s love is perfect because only God’s Incorruptible Will rules, and therefore in his kingdom there is no such concept isolation, for ALL loved perfectly by ALL.

      • Condemnation of what? The word of God does not teach, that there is no condemnation in God. That is not true.

      • Have we not been talking about Jesus and the adulterous woman? This story clearly teaches us that Jesus, who is one with the Father, does not condemn the sinner, because he sees no condemnation. Therefore religions should not be teaching of condemnation, yet they all do. What did Jesus do when he encountered this “sinner” who was about to be tortured to death via stoning? What did he require of her? He didn’t condemn her, but gently told her to repent and “sin no more”, else a situation like this may come upon her again. He taught in direct opposition to the religious leaders.

        Jesus himself said he only does as the Father does, teaching us that there is no condemnation in the Father. The bible itself clearly states that there is no condemnation in Christ. It is only the teachings of men, passed along to others as truth, that suggest condemnation, not the Word of God, which is Light and Love.

        Initially all men sin, because all men are born blind to the ways of Light. Sin is not a permanent state if one desires to walk in the Light. Even so, despite man’s struggles in sin, since there is no condemnation in Jesus, who is one with the Father, there is likewise no condemnation in God. Therefore, the idea that God condemns sinners is NOT what Jesus, the Living Word of God, taught. It is solely the teaching of religious leaders.

        Sin, which is walking in darkness, is the problem and its root is an errant free will. As the Word of God fills the minds of men, free will will be purified to desire the Light and the entire idea of sin will fade away, disappearing from minds of men forever. This is the coming Kingdom, which even now is taking root as a Tree of Life.

      • God has truly given you the gift of an Evangelist!  As He looks into your heart, He must be proud of your boldness, the ability to refine the fire that burns, and He is certainly re-pounding the steel in your heart. Who knows how many layers He will begin to lay upon you, to forge an even greater content in His Word, to make you into the character He truly desires you to be. In making you, He has certainly seen fit to place a keen insight or singularity of purpose.  In coming days that purpose will be resolved as you begin to see where He is foremost leading you. I know He is not finished revealing greater polarity as he refines your edges in many ways and on many sides. I feel this is a beginning place and not just an ending place. He is making your foundations in a place of secrecy where you are alone. This shaking of all things has just begun in your landscape. All of His shakings will be for your integrity and purpose. I can surely see all of your theology changing as you go forward. God will always lead your forward into the midst of change. It will happen, do not doubt it. Don’t worry about these changing scenario’s in theology, God is the husbandman.

      • It’s ok, just a bit of a short circuit.

        A couple things come to mind after reading your comment. Let me begin with saying that I am not an evangelist because I speak only to those who come to me. Remember, I did not go to your city, but you found your way back into mine, for which I am grateful. I am not trying to persuade you of anything, but desire only to give you the understanding of my truth about God.

        Also, please remember that I have never tried to reduce the realness of God’s love for you, but instead have only proclaimed that his love for you is even more real than what you currently realize.

        And most importantly, I know how much Jesus means to you, and I would never do anything to belittle the relationship you have with him. This is why I have shown you that my teaching will never contradict the teaching of Jesus, but it will, without fail, always contradict any man-made teaching that has weasled its way into religion. I follow Jesus as a Perfect Brother, who in perfect wisdom foreknowledge knew that he could save All, even those who direct their free will against him. Jesus did not need to die for those who love him, for their very love testifies that they are alive with him. He came to this world specifically to die for all those who hate him. This is how I know that there is no condemnation in God the Father, because I see none in his son.

        I am your friend, one who loves the Truth and one to whom you can speak in any way you like. I only hope that we can keep speaking.

      • Your teaching is a direct contradiction to the teachings of Jesus, but it is not for me to say so in relation to your heart’s understanding.
        My relationship with Jesus is based on knowing Him directly.
        I like many of your thoughts, and I like many of your motivations, but they are not based on His teaching.
        I would in no way reject you, but the Holy Spirit is the teacher.
        To stay in the conversation, He would have to be dealing with your heart
        in a way that you are comfortable learning.
        I’m sharing for your benefit.
        I am not a follower of world religions, or world religous ideas about Jesus.
        I’ve already been down your path, and was awakened by the Lord
        out of it.
        I’m only here as a servant.
        Me coming across your path is Jesus coming to you.
        So you are blessed that I did.???
        I don’t often speak this way but I am reflecting back to you in relation to
        Your dialogue that “you brought to me’.
        Just sharing.
        I can put the shoes on your feet as well.

  3. as time goes on, man has lived by misinterpertation of misinterpertation of misinterpertation.

    jews were more god loving creatures than christians are today.
    they understood that the jesus was not in a person, but a SOUL that was part of WHOM WE ALL ARE(highest vibrations aka OUR TRUE WANTING TO GIVE as we are given).(the VIBRATION of heaven(in the NOW) is a source of our own creation(SOULs we give to))(hense stealing a soul: a good t hing)

    now as a man, we do man things,
    as eternal beings, we do eternal things(live by the spheracle language).
    it is within our religions that we make a jew as they do not care about god.()

    jews understood the GOD WITHIN THEM, as christians would t urn agains because they try to make god externally(as you are still waiting for the ONE).

    jesus is not a person or a thing.
    it is part of a law in which BIND EVERY PERSON ON EARTH TOGETHER(highest vibrations: source of global events through ARC OF THE COVENANT).

    arc refers to a SPARK,
    covenant means ALL MANKIND(Human heart:not a beating thing in your chest, but a s piritual seeing).

    there is an ELEMENTAL FORCE(outside of time: where souls come in), where ALL NAMES(THY) represent this ELEMENTAL FORCE(that turns the world).

    BEfore we are man, we are ETERNAL BEINGS(living in the spirit).
    our HEART lives outside of time, and EVERY NAME is a THY within our own givings.

    people use their religions to put down the world, so their IDOLs(external being) has value.(turn against eachother)

    LOVE is a VIBRATION in which flows through EVERY ELEMENT IN TIME(where the world is formed)

    now, what most do not know, is that the PAST is constantly changing. these changes are so FLUID, that most do not recogonize them(hide behind the label of cooincidence).
    (OUR HEART is the source of those cooincidences that we cannot the the GIFT OF GOD WITHIN US(within us all))

    it is through the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE, that we step out of MAN, and into the spiritual world(which also religions use spirit as something to suppress(fighting against the very same things you seek))

    there is a reason why you love thy neibor as thyself.

    the difference between THE and THY, as THE is external, and THY is internal(christ in all of us, johova in all of us, yaewah in all of us, mormon in all of us, ).


    the reason we do the things on this site is because the WORDS in all the bibles will ALIGN(cause they were written through the spheracle langauge.)

    let go of our religions. see the BEST in others, as that best shows you the HEART in which is the GOD in all(no one is more or less important than another).

    i am trying to answer that question…. see jews as lovers of god, instead of against. reread the bibles.

    • Maybe if you accepted yourself as you are, others could accept you as you are.
      Maybe religion could become love in your heart.
      Maybe your heart could become loyal and gracious overnight.
      Maybe you’re not much different than the people that love you, no matter how you perceive them.
      Maybe Jesus loves you and you never knew it.
      Maybe the world of God is bigger than you think.
      Maybe you were created by God to be happy without care.

  4. In these 13 gifts Mother-Father Time reveals divine Gifts to us, the Living Gates, that are setting the foundation of the New Heaven and Earth. These gifts and final meditation are out pictured in Revelation 21. When you read this chapter in the present awareness we have expressed among the pages of this blog, you will see it is being fulfilled as our awareness fills these pages. This is the perfect creative flow of Truth’s Perfection, whose Kingdom is Eternal Peace.

    The twelve gifts, plus the Sacred Voice of Time, begins Spherical Time.

    • How do you personally recognize perfection? by seeing my imperfections? by seeing my frailty?
      How do your emotions experience perfection? when you cry?
      How do your eyes see perfection? when you see something you desire?
      How do your friends experience your perfection? when they accept you as you are?

    • I am actually being able to see more of these 12, thoughts in Rev. 22 but not so much in 21. Thank you

      • Yes there too! It’s talking about the 12 … together Reve 21-22 speak of the depth of these things from different times, perspectives, manifestations.

  5. HIS and OURS is one and the same. people Put people in a box. but HEAVEN(outside of time) and EARTH(inside time) is ONE AND THE SAME.

    jesus is a part of ALL OF US, as when we live in the spirit, there becomes ELEMENTAL LAW(a new awakening in our own consousness). NO EVENT ON EARTH IS RANDOM. every event is a 2 way communications between the spirit(our HEART: all names) and every event on earth.

    we tend to LIMIT our own understandings where we become PRISONERS OF MAN. but to see the LORDSHIP in everyone on earth, we LIVE BY THE SPIRIT..

  6. people believe in evil, because evil is REQUIRED so idols can have value.
    evil was created by man. but in TRUTH, THERE IS NO EVIL.

    there is a LAW called LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES.
    christians give so much VALUE to evil, as they demand there be evil, so they can seet their IDOL(jesus as a MAN).

    in the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(which binds christ and satan to ALL OF US(through the same SPIRIT(TIME ITSELF), christ is on the HIGH END(hense the kingdom), and SATAN is on the LOW END(hense earth).

    now both satan and christ(through the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES is a STRENGTH that we all have and share.

    when you give value to EVIL, you are destroyin the very same CHRIST THAT YOU SEEK.

    the WHOLE WORLD is a manifest of the spirit(AKA TIME).
    its only through RELIGIONS in which we try to give value to EVIL.
    but in truth(the kingdom aka HIGHEST VIBRATION, evil does not exist.

    there is no EVIL in any bible on earth(only through the misinterpertations of religions)
    love thy neibor as thyself is how you rid the evil(see the world through the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, not the language of man.
    man is NOT EVIL, man is a manifest of the SPIRIT..

    if your going to try to impose religious ideas onto us to make EVIL REAL, then your waisting your time.
    i see LIFE IN ALL THINGS(even the bad that happens).
    the only reasons why BAD exists, is because we hold onto that evil in our own hearts(instead of christ and johova, and mohamad, and yaeway, and morman, and allah, and all names.)

    all names are SPIRITUAL BEINGS(outside of time) that turn the WHOLE WORLD.

    christians love satan and call it jesus, becaue they use jesus to JUDGE ALL OTHERs…

    • The realization that in Truth there is no evil is a very powerful for the creative soul, who projects its beliefs to manifest the time it experiences.

    • A puzzle in this family is the “problem of Tib and Tibbles”. Tibbles is a cat. Call his tail “Tail”. Call all of him but his tail “Tib”. Suppose Tail is cut off—or, better, annihilated. Tibbles still exists, for a cat can survive the loss of its tail. And it would seem that Tib will exist after the “loss” of Tail, because Tib lost no part. But what will be the relation between Tib and Tibbles? Can it be identity? No, that is ruled out by the non-identity of discernibles, for Tibbles will have become smaller and Tib will remain the same size. But then, once again, we seem to have a case of spatially coincident material objects that share their momentary non-modal properties.

      • Dude, who are you!

        This is so good.

        Ok, your argument fails because you are improperly associating a “name” (which is a mental awareness) and a physical representation of the name. A name is one, and one can never be separated. However, the manner in which one is defined in appearances is in infinite reflections that can always be combined into greater oneness.

      • what connects Tib and Tibbles t ogether , is TIME..

        even in seperation, they are PART of eachother(the cat and the tail).

        the SPIRIT you seek is part of WHOM WE ALL ARE(TIME is Alive)

        a lot of times, our ideas get twisted in ways to satisfy a Narative…
        but when focused on the VOICE(highest vibrations: spirit : time), the I AM is able to PIERCE through any faults and limits that we tend to place UPON OURSELVES.

        Its gonna take EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(cat and the tail), to come into that common kingdom of PEACE(cannot be experiened ALONE(you are the TAIL and the CAT(time is the HOLY SPIRIT aka HOLY BIBLE))(ALL BIBLES ON EARTH: mormon, hohova, quran, and all others(written through the spheracle language(language of TIME aka KINGDOM aka Heaven ON EARTH)))(vibrations)(greater understandings through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE)
        OUR TRUE NAME is ALL NAMES(language of man: best gift through the spirit)
        you are up, and down, you are in and out, you are male and female, you are right and wrong, you are all that your own LANGUAGE limits you to be, as the spheracle language removes all LIMITS…

        I AM(POWER)(we all share in this aka ELEMENTAL LAW)

      • Are we talking about determinism?
        Like occasionalism, pre-established harmony, presupposes theism, and, unlike occasionalism, it entails either that free will does not exist or that free will is compatible with determinism.

  7. The purpose of adversity…and evil.

    Adversity provides opportunity. Adversity provides us the opportunity to stop and to think of what is most important to us in life. Do we maintain our self respect, integrity and values, sacrificing and doing without to maintain a good disposition and attitude…or…do we take the path of least resistance and sell ourselves out to “the easy way out” whatever that may be?

    In good times our friends know us while in times of adversity we know who our friends are.

    A good friend is constant in all situations. God created the adversary to prove, to test, to accomplish in us the very best that we can be and without the adversarial experience we will remain unproven, however being proven establishes and solidifies our best of virtues, proves our level of maturity, and establishes the greatest virtue known to man…and that is having the same unconditional love for all as does our Father.

    Evil? Evil is an element that God uses in the development of this unconditional love within us. Evil was the adversary in Job’s testing, in proving and establishing his devotion, loyalty and his love for his Father and…ours.

    This understanding in that “all” things that were created, were created for the ultimate good of all people. When we see God’s plan in the consummation of the ages where all things become perfect, it is then that we can see the purpose of all things being created, both good and evil. Evil will cease to be, it will die in the death of death when it no longer has any value in pressuring us through adversity to become all that we can be and are meant to be.

    All created things have their purpose for today’s suffering and sorrow produces tomorrow’s greatest joy. It’s like the man who is forgiven much, loves much. Words are better understood when they have antonyms to help clarify their best meaning. Just as love has its opposites and many antonyms to prove its true meaning and value, and to give us the greatest understanding of what love is and thus the ultimate joy of receiving it.

    Evil exist, but it is not an eternal value, therefore it is not a part of God’s reality.
    Evil exist but is used only to personify love and truth of which are the synonyms for God.
    Evil exist as in the trials and test of Job to measure Job’s level of maturity.
    Evil ceases to be used when its purpose for being used is accomplished.
    Evil exist as a scaffolding of God to build the temple only to be done away with when the perfection of “our” temple is completed.
    Evil, as all created things have but one ultimate purpose…and one purpose only and that is to prove and to establish the love of God of oneness…in all people.

    The word evil itself couldn’t even exist if God did not create it and give it a name and therefore it’s purpose. When we see God as “the” sovereign God, we see that He never made a mistake “AT ALL” and that a devil or a man with no sovereignty at all could create anything outside of the borders and rules set by God. It is in that when a man is measured, as was Job, and when he fails, it shows his lack of maturity therefore he has to be further exposed to the “evil” adversary until he, as Job is finally proven to have put away all childish foolish debate and behavior.

    “God” created evil for a good and ultimate purpose which He takes full responsibility for in Isaiah 45:7 and this word translated from the original means the fallen nature of the character in man. It doesn’t mean only natural calamities such as storms and earthquakes that some only claim to use to absolve God of His sovereignty in creating all things. God created “all” things. What power and evil did Satan have to use against Job except for that explicitly given and permitted by God Himself.

    To understand things properly it is for us to get an understanding with all of our “getting” of God’s sovereignty and to know perfectly that there is no other God before or “after” Him as some are determined to believe and to teach. We don’t need to absolve God of anything when we understand that there is a good purpose in all that He does and allows. As we become more mature in the love of God, this unadulterated love of God will reveal to us and will teach us to see God as He is. I believe that when we come to see God as He is, we will then see the oneness in everything that He has ever done and in “everything” that He has ever created. As we become more and more aware of His love, and become as He is, we will then understand all that this love can reveal. There will be no more mysteries to be revealed when love is matured (perfected) in us all for when love is matured in us, love ends all the purpose of knowledge and mysteries.

    There is a perfection within us in the Holy of Holies place where God dwells and it will remain perfect until that “in part” of us, our soul is reunited with the perfect spirit within, this making the two, spirit and soul…one again. The greatest of understanding can only come with the greatest of love that one can have for another…an unconditional love. If we pursed and committed ourselves to only to know love, we would therefore know all things for love is our all.

    It really is…all good… when we see love being revealed in us that makes us all as one.

  8. Truth, being God, thus perfect, witnesses to the fallen in their imperfect realm of existence. In this realm of imperfection Truth reigns supreme just as it always has and always will. Truth is in the realm of eternal love without interruption. Although we are in the realm of the fallen at present, blinded to the reality of unconditional love, we are covered by grace until we make it full circle back into the oneness of God’s love… with the sight barrier removed, which is the carnal mind. Once we begin to understand the limitations and confines of each of the three realms, we can speak about them as they are and not projecting good into evil and evil into good. Love, grace and mercy covers all of the in part realms that we must pass through and being subjected to vanity (evil) although not willingly, in hope we are patient in waiting for the adversary within to be overcome and cast out by the spirit of love that is our dominant and eternal force within. Evil is not man, evil is the carnal influence within man and like fear, love will cast out all fear which evil is a part of. Evil is like a cold, it is something in us but is not of us. When we receive the proper medicine within us it will rid us of the sickness, whether it be natural or it be spiritual. Love is an elixir that cures all things both real and perceived. It’s just a matter of trust…and…patience, and no worries for it will certainly happen just as assuredly as we are already here. Be well, and be at peace for all we have to wait on is entering into the kingdom of God with a much more gracious and wonderful gift than that we entered into earth with. Christ gave us a clue when He resurrected in now having a perfect spirit and a perfect body in which no one had before. The first Adam was only spirit in his beginning before the world was, the second Adam, Christ was raised both with a perfected spirit and body. And he could still eat in His resurrected body. Ah, the pleasures of an eternal life whether in the body or out of the body, at our pleasure. Love your brother and your sister, and especially your enemies , for this love is awake.

    • Sonny, also study about the dark angels, and the Angels of light. This will reveal a lot of substance to the revelations that God shares about love. Thoughtware is unaware of these dark angels being presented as shining rainbows.

      • The subject of “fallen angels” (messengers) and who they are is broad and wide from angels fallen from heaven in some ethereal place somewhere “out there” to an understanding that the kingdom of God is within us and some have fallen from this heavenly place from within us and have traded their glorious light for the affections and the pride of the flesh. Angels or “messengers” can be people of God walking in the sphere and in the realm in which we now live. These “angels” having the gifts of the spirt, when presented with the choice of speaking and teaching strictly for God or in building their own kingdom by seeking the admiration of men, these because of this sin, fell from grace because they took the gifts of God and attached them to their own carnal pride and understanding without the understanding that this is an abomination to God. Is this not why the five foolish “messengers of God” were rejected, having fallen from God’s favor? Joe, this is quiet a debated subject among many theologians and students of the Bible, however this subject falls into the realm of the mysteries of God alluded to in 1 Corinthians 13 and as deep a subject as it is, the meaning and understanding of the declaration at the end of the chapter “if we have not love, we have nothing” reveals the priority of where the understanding of all the mysteries fit. In describing that love (God and Truth ) far supersedes the knowledge of the mysteries, as good as it is, if we have that love one to another, the greatest mystery is revealed, for the greatest mystery in the Bible is Christ within us. If this be so, and it is, all of the law, and the prophets, and all knowledge, and though one understood all the symbols and the mysteries found in the scriptures, it is “all” fulfilled when we achieve to that place we simply call love. It is called an unconditional love for a reason for there is no greater knowledge and understanding to have…than that the end of all understanding is love. A simple daily disposition of kindness toward all without condemnation “is” walking in the kingdom. Love is a deep subject that shouldn’t have to be so deep because we humans make love all about the things compared to love in 1 Corinthians 13 as if knowledge is “the” gain. Again the end of having all understanding is consummated by and in the love of God, one to another. That’s it. Of course this is my understanding of the love of God fulfilled, and if one should disagree with me, it’s still all well and good, for God’s love is more than sufficient to bridge the gap between our differences of “opinion” until we all come to that place of His divine likeness and character. What can we possibly know that is any better than having and possessing this reality? Mysteries are deep and intriguing, but love is deeper. In seeking love and achieving it, we will then have everything that there is to gain, because “this” love of which I speak is all inclusive.

      • You are teaching others to seek darkness. This is unwise. Turn from the darkness and seek only light, and the messages of darkness will lose their power.

  9. the logic of DARK only comes from religion(such as christianity).
    dark refers to the VIBRATION of mass(earth and all inhabitants).
    again, anything that comes through the dark(meaning the vibration of the EARTH(flesh), comes from SPIRIT FIRST.

    all the logic of the spirit(which is time) is the source of manifest(telepathy, spiritual church, kingdom of heaven)(shared between every person on earth).

    nothing is evil, nothing is dark(just misinterpertations).

    so the point is that a DARK ANGEL refers to an ANGEL OF LIGHT(on earth).(what we call individual).

    now, the individual is not a specific individual, but EVERY INDIVIDUAL(refering to ALL OF US(reflections of the manfiest of the spirit(time) on earth)).(hense dark)

    everyone one of us can be called a DARK ANGEL, and every one of us can be called AN ANGEL OF LIGHT. no matter the label in any bible or on earth, it still refers to an angel of LIGHT.

    so, to see an angel of DARKNESS(through misinterpertation), should BE HONORED as one whom contains the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE.

    those who come to be as a dark angel, shall be seen in the HIGHEST HONORS(gives strenght to heaven on earth)(in the NOW).

    Now, includes the past and future as through the ETERNAL HEART, we are all ELEMENTS of LIGHT(no darkness is shown).

    to cast out the deamons in the now, can be seen, by not seeing anything as evil.
    we hold in our own hearts the manifests of what we see in others on earth.

    i see all as angels of light, even those who do us wrong. i see more light in them, because it will be that light, that will give them strenght to see past their own religions(casting out the deamons).

    I AM LOVE, you are LOVE, WE ARE LOVE, no names allowed unless all names present..

    • In these instances we were and have been referring to actual Angels, these are not men but are the created beings created by God that protect the people of God and Heaven’s realm.
      What you are referring to in these messages is actual an angel of darkness which can only be thwarted by Jesus who is the author and finisher of the faith of the righteous.
      Please continue in tuning in to learn more.

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