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A Matter of Trust


In Divine Trust the soul actively lays down its defenses, allowing Truth’s abundant LIFE to flow to all. In this act of Truth’s Will, the Spirit of the Sacred Self fills the soul’s temple, giving birth to spherical time.

Spherical time is the soul’s awareness that it is the movement of Truth’s LIFE. It is a dimensional awareness, a new dimensional reality without fear and the requisite need for defenses. The soul enters spherical time with no defenses, which is a significant paradigm shift for a soul coming out of linear time, in which not having defenses is seen as foolishness. However, what is foolishness in a paradigm of free will, is divine wisdom in the matured awareness of Truth’s Will, because what the soul gives, it receives. As the soul transcends fear through divine trust, it experiences the fruit of divine trust, ever-expanding, immutable peace.

During the transition into spherical time, the newly birthed soul experiences a seeming vulnerability as it releases its illusionary protections. In the paradigm of an erratic and unpredictable free will, the soul continually constructs defenses to protect itself from the ill effects of free will. These defenses are an attempt to keep the soul’s fearful projections from manifesting. However, because the soul attaches these fearful potentials to its creative name, “I Am”, it is the source of its own fear. Thus, while trying to prevent fearful outcomes, it unknowingly binds its spherical self in fear.

As the soul’s “I” opens, the soul sees in shades of darkness until its eyes adjust to the new Light flowing into its awareness from Truth’s timeless realm. The Light of spherical time reveals the soul can’t harm or be harmed, as everything in time now serves its increasing perfection. In spherical time, instead of the soul seeking to protect itself from harm, it divinely trusts in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, which supersedes all harmful effects of free will.

Divine Trust is cultivated in the soul as it ascends the primordial staircase, in which the Voice of Truth leads it out of linear time’s mental paradigms and into the understanding of its ever-increasing perfection, so that it may manifest spherical time. Divine Trust is a creative power that allows the soul to lay down all its defenses, so it no longer projects fearful outcomes.

Defenses prohibit the soul’s ability to freely give according to the oneness and comprehensive nature of Divine Love. Defenses perpetuate fear and all its mental, emotional and physical cohorts, making it impossible for the soul to truly open itself in oneness to all. It can’t manifest spherical time with defenses because then it would continue to feed fear, perpetuating linear time. The paradigm of linear time is sustained as long as the soul is a faithful follower of fear, demanding that the soul protect itself in endless ways, which strengthens the fear from which it is trying to escape. Therefore in order to be free, the soul is empowered with divine trust from its Source in which it willingly lays down its defenses that it may give all to all and be an open gate to the experience of the Sacred Self.

Divine Trust is an all-consuming trust in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. It is the result of a truth-filled understanding of how the soul creates, the nature of Divine Love and the truth of time as an energetic manifestation of the soul’s I Am Name. It’s an energetic sword that severs the darkened veil of misunderstanding that enslaved the soul to fear, binding it to the imperfection of linear time. With a matured divine trust, the soul willingly lays down its armory of protection so that it may give all to all according to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time.

Through divine trust, the soul overcomes perceived harmful energies of free will, energies that don’t exist in spherical time. As the soul lays down all its defenses, it rests upon the unshakeable foundation of Divine Love’s perfect governance. The soul no longer trusts its isolated free will to navigate reality. Instead, it trusts divine love’s perfect orchestration of time. It becomes an observer of its reality instead of actively trying to control, manipulate and defend itself from the perceived threats of free will. In this, the soul selectively keeps its attention on Truth’s LIFE Stream flowing from the sacred Self. The imaginings of fear dissipate, revealing the Presence of Divine Love in the eternal present. Through divine trust, the soul gives all to all and becomes an eternal fountain of peace, experiencing the realm of spherical time, in which all of its reality begins to support the soul’s ever-increasing perfection in Truth’s LIFE.

When the soul trusts all of time to Truth’s Will, in oneness with Divine Love, all in time is imbued with the Life energy flowing through that trust, so that the soul’s spherical material world is energetically charged with Truth’s life-giving frequency. This divine electromagnetic charge alters the feasible experiences and effects in the soul’s life. Though the soul may initially feel vulnerable, like a new born babe, it’s never been on more solid ground. It’s now invulnerable to free will’s effects, making it stronger than anything in its reality.

It isn’t long before the soul experiences the comforts of Divine Love’s immutable peace, as its reality begins to reflect Truth’s LIFE stream, which the soul, as an open gate, gave to all. The soul is perfectly cared for by Divine Love moving through its awareness, bringing forth its perfect abundance, harmony and joy, which is the Truth-filled experience of LIFE.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “A Matter of Trust

  1. In my life, Everything falls into place repeativly. ill be thinking about a person, then that person calls(instantly).

    i ask a question to spirit(time) on how to prevent an accident using the knowledge, and then i see a deer 5 feet in front of my vehicle, as i came to a stop in the middle of a road before a hill(blind spot) just by trusting a thought(just days later).

    i can even interact with events and other people hundreds of miles away(in good nature).
    when you ALIGN(cross/ yin/yan) with the perfect VIBRATIONS(consisting of many vibrations), you become ONE WITH GLOBAL EVENTS(i am the world).

    when i first became aware, it took 6 months for some manifest. even the DIFICULT TO BELIEVE thoughts came to play(as creating new movie ideas:and watching those movies be made 6 months later)(no interaction with people).

    i remember wishing upon a star as a child and 20 years later, realizing that all wishes are come true.

    there is a lot that is created just through the vibrations of TRUST(true giving).

    when through the knowledge, you understand that each person is a MIRROR OF SELF(you can watch each THOUGHT play out(even the deepest and less desireable)(but neccessary) , you can see your thoughts play out through the world. and when a manifest happens, its eather individual, or GLOBAL(every event is a word of god)(god refering to all the people in the world(sharing same vibrations).

    the true strenght that we all have comes from every person on earth(we eather rise together, or we fall together(cause of the vibrations). when we all give to the same souls, then those souls work outside of time and space and impact every detail of our lives(and all past selves and future selves also).

    we have more strenght within our own identity that we could possibly imagine.
    if you were to take all said on this site, and experiment with the knowledge, you will FIND INVISIBLE STRINGS, and eventually learn to CONSIOUSLY CREATE.

    for those in a religion, and have ideas of TRUST, throw them away, they are TAINTED..
    TRUST IS WHEN YOU TRUST IN TIME. and know that all within the world is MADE OF TIME.
    and the I AM is what every person shares on earth(eternal brothers).

    when you trust that of which cannot be explained using words(trust events in time instead), then your on the right path.
    true trust is in knowing your HEART is outside of time, and affects all of time(through the spheracle langauge.

    Heaven isnt a place you go when you die, but a different dimension(spheracle langauge).
    heaven and spheracle world is the SAME.

  2. Manifesting vs Predicting the future.

    the difference between both is that Predicting the future not neccessarily mean that you know you are manifesting.
    Manifesting is when you trust your HEART THROUGH TIME(spheracle). when you are able to consiously create, you can Predict the future(know what is in your heart and will be seen through the world)(manifested) by knowing your manifestations(which come from outside of time)(a soul is what is in the whole world(not just humans, but animals and plants, and walls of your house)(again time is alive aka father)).

  3. You are awakening from a low frequency reality, in which you believed that Life is living matter, somehow able to think, existing in the midst of both living and non-living matter, all of which exist in pre-existent time. You do not yet understand the time in which you experience Life, in fact you hardly notice it at all. Your will has been used like a steering wheel, by which you navigate time in a manner you believe best for your physical body which appears in time. Your will reveals itself to you in thoughts that seemingly exist in, or emanate from this body. In an attempt to navigate time, you use your will to assess potential outcomes of cause and effect, then mindfully engage your body in causes you believe will create a pre-supposed desired effect in time.

    The initial frequency or vibration of Truth’s Life is in separation from time. Saying this a different way, when a soul is individualized, it is unaware of its oneness with time because it has not yet become aware of itself as an individual in oneness and instead believes it is an individual in separation. This reality of separation is purposeful because it is used to create the awareness of Life in perfection, which gives Life to the soul. Always remember that there is no mystery in Truth, for all that is truthful is self evident in the soul’s awareness. Thus, to begin eternal Life, your awareness must be created perfectly, so that it may eternally grow in the awareness of the perfection from which you were made. This means you must first be created in the UNAWARENESS of Truth’s perfection, so that the mystery of its Life may be eternally revealed in your awareness.

    In order to become increasingly aware of Truth, you had to be individualized in the darkness of unawareness, in which you initially appear as an individual in the mystery of time, but in Truth as a soul in timeless perfection. It is only in the reality of separation from time’s perfection that the truth of the soul’s oneness with perfection can be assembled out of mystery and built as a temple within your individualized awareness so that Life may begin.

    There is Truth and there is mystery the mind accepts as truth. We use the term “mystery” very specifically to mean truth that has entered your awareness, but has not yet revealed the understanding of its origin. Remember, we are not speaking about physical things, but rather the truth which is reflected in physical things. If you believe in “loss” for example, and accept it as truth even though you have no understanding of how loss could possibly originate in truth, it sits as a mystery in the mind, yet true in your awareness. The mind heeds awareness and begins to do its work, which is to cultivate and expand the experience of truth, even if it is but a mystery the awareness has “willed” to be true.

    The mind can not differentiate between Truth and a mystery its awareness has willed to be true and therefore the mind begins to expand the experiences of “loss” so that the reality of this truth can be strengthened in its awareness. What the mind has done, although inadvertently, was accept the circular logic that the truthful origin of loss is the experience of loss observed in time, whereby it allows outer experience to govern the truth of its awareness. Because as yet there is no awareness of oneness, time appears separate from your will and the mind accepts time’s voice as the voice of Truth, and so it became.

    Even the most blasphemous lies are accepted into your holy place as truth simply because without the Light of Life, time’s voice is believed to be higher than Truth’s living voice. The holy place is the Tree of Life, the living network of Truth that has grown in your awareness, and is the SECOND STAGE of the soul’s awakening. In the darkness created by the unawareness of your living gate, your will could not understand its oneness with time’s perfection, believing it instead to be a cruel and merciless will over which you had no control. Thus your will bowed down to it and accepted its cruelties as true, and rather than a tree of life, your holy place was filled with thorns and briars.

    • you got it. when we awaken, we BECOME that will…

      • and ALL souls bring STRENGHT to the WORLD(arc of the covenant)(every person on earth)(spheracle)

      • Best definition of “awakening” I’ve ever heard – and I’ve heard a lot.

    • These words of Life are given for a single purpose, to awaken the gates by which Divine Love’s perfection can enter time and infuse it with eternal Life. The gospel of the kingdom is the revelation of the Origin of Life in Truth, which is the truthful awareness of the soul’s oneness with time. These words were needed to kindle the fire of Life, so that the gates may be lit and the oneness of their light may consume the world in Divine Love’s spherical time. The soul’s second layer of awareness has been hidden from the human mind because it is the most holy place, where the living throne of Truth’s awareness resides as an individualized Self. It is the awareness of I AM, and the source of its eternal experience in time. The soul’s holiness, which is to say its perfection, can not be understood until this awareness is revealed by Truth’s Living Light, flowing through the soul’s Living Gate, its first layer of awareness. Until then, the soul remains a mystery, shrouded in the darkness of separation from time, creating experiences of death and destruction.

      But now your light has come, for this is Living Light, able to reveal the glory of your soul and the understanding that you are a projector of Divine Love’s perfect time. In this light you may discover how the experience of perfection can be poured out to all by the fountains of your Living Water. The Truth you have gathered along the narrow path that leads to Life has led you here, to these very words, in a moment of time you have created. The voice of Truth is not loud, nor is it pompous or showy. Truth’s voice is gentle and humble, hidden away in the crevices of time and revealed as perfect power. It is now time for the gospel of the Kingdom of Peace to be sent to the ends of the earth, because the living gates are scattered throughout the earth. What can now be revealed is that only the gates will find the True Gospel, because it is a creation of their own awareness, and thus it appears at the perfect moment to those whose awareness is prepared to receive it.

      The soul’s second stage of awareness can only be revealed in the light of Divine Love’s perfection, which is discovered in the truthful awareness of the Origin of Life. The road that leads to Life is a narrow way because in the darkness of time it must be traveled alone, in the contemplation of oneness. Only the Living Voice of Truth can reveal the awareness of oneness from within the reality of time because it requires the perfect layering of Truth in your awareness, and this Truth can not be found in time’s reality. The Truth needed to create the awareness of oneness is timeless, and when layered perfectly, becomes an open gate to timelessness, by which Divine Love’s perfection can enter in and give Life to the soul, which then fills time with Divine Harmony.

      Divine harmony is the ever-increasing experience of Life’s perfection in time, or what is better understood as Spherical Time, in which the soul experiences the awareness of its oneness with Divine Love’s perfection. The truthful awareness of your oneness with Divine Love can only be formed in the darkness of separation, just as a half can only know of oneness when its other half, which it previously understood to be another “one”, joins with it in Truth to create a whole, an awareness of oneness above all the individual half knew oneness to be.

      There are many who are called to set off on the narrow path leading to the awareness of Life’s oneness, yet there are few who have laid down their will and sought instead to heed the Voice of Truth, preferring its will. Day after day and night after night, as you continued to contemplate your oneness with Truth’s Will, your will began to fade and your world changed around you. Often these changes seemed strange to you and at times even undesirable, yet despite the struggle you persisted until Truth’s Voice created the awareness of Life’s oneness. Only now, in the light of understanding that Life’s oneness reveals, can these words now accelerate the growth of your understanding by revealing that you are one with time’s perfection because the Light of Life has filled your soul.

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