Living Light

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Flashlight of Living Faith

The Flashlight of Living Faith


It’s dark here, in the womb of the earth, before we become new souls with eyes of light.

These eyes of light are created from the union of our soul with divinity. Our eyes of light are manifested when our soul’s eye, the genesis of our perceptions of what we do see, is connected to the all-knowing eye of our Father, so that his perception governs our perception. In this union, our awareness is filled with light; perceiving everything from the real and everlasting absolute truth and divine love of our Father. It’s a harmonious perspective with our Father that enables the gentle yet powerful inflow and outflow of his divine love and intellect through us, thus regenerating us into new souls.

But while in this womb state, we lack the true eyes of light; as these eyes are the results of a soul of divinity. In this disconnect from the all-knowing source, our perceptions are ones that only know our individual mind, thus are vastly limited and often tumbling into error. We are walking around as blind people, a blindness by our own perceptions as to what is real and what isn’t. We are all in the womb having never been outside, and yet trying to guess. This is why there are so many images of who our Father is, what our purpose here is, how to live, and so on. We only know the womb. Imagine a bunch of embryos of all levels of development trying to know what is outside of the womb, that’s us. This is why we all have such varying perceptions of this reality and everything in it. And why we need to give each other abundant mercy, for we are doing what we can in a world of blindness.

Therefore, if we perceive a sliver of an object and I sense it from one angle and you another, we will never agree to what it truly is. If we share similar perspectives because of our past experiences and what we learned or gained from them, our perspectives may be more similar and thus we find agreement, though it doesn’t mean it’s correct. For example, imagine we are walking in complete darkness. You feel a lamp. Now you may think it one thing and I something else, but how can we know for sure its true nature, purpose, and internal structure? We can’t unless someone who sees teaches us. It’s like two blind people arguing over what they can’t see, thinking they both see clearly. So it doesn’t matter how many people believe something it doesn’t mean they are correct, as history teaches us. People follow what sounds good to them, but that doesn’t mean it’s true or right. In this state how can we be sure of anything we know?

There is a “light” available that helps us, which also causes us to develop in this womb so that we can we born out of it, with eyes of light. It’s living faith. Our soul development is a testimony that we “perceive” this light.

The only true light here is a living faith, that though we are still in darkness it serves as a dim light that can grow brighter, like a flashlight with a dimmer switch. It shines from the inside out, by the influence of our Father’s love into our lives through his holy spirit, and from the intimate instruction of Jesus Christ. This faith is constructed out of their personal instruction of absolute truth and divine love to our soul.

However, suppose you and I both seeking to learn from our Father. We will learn the same concepts for truth is truth. Yet, gaining truth is a journey, as it can only build. So while he is teaching one soul one layer of truths based on where they are and what they can understand in their current maturity, he is teaching someone else even deeper truths because they already had building blocks 1, 2 and 3 that the other person is now only learning.

Truth always goes deeper and stacks upon itself, moving from the symbol and shadow to the actual and real. For clarity, imagine one is learning arithmetic and the other calculus. And the one learning arithmetic can’t understand the one speaking of calculus, and sometimes can label it as wrong, but it’s only a deeper layer of understanding, thus perception. This stacking nature of truth is why we’ve been given the beautiful necessity of customized instruction. It’s by this intimate teaching that our understanding is built into a solid foundation, which brings about a living faith, which brings about our new soul birth.

Thus our faith is like a light, but isn’t the light. Its purpose is to lead us to the light, a new soul birth.  So, we don’t actually see for we are still in the darkness of the womb, but we are “seeing” by understanding the truths and love we are being taught. And because truth is truth, the more we learn the more in line our perspective becomes with what is real and everlasting. It becomes so real and deep, that we gain a living faith, a faith in which we act as if we are in the light.

Like a blind person we can learn how to function in this world/womb, and the more “learned” we are under our Father’s instruction, the more able we are to function in this blindness. The more we learn from the source of truth, the more we can “perceive” in more accuracy the world we cannot see.

Though our faith is built upon what is everlasting, we don’t actually have the experiences of everlasting life in fullness and realness, but in part with a hope for the fullness. Like growing embryos hoping to be born. But because this hope is based on what is real, it’s a hope that will be fulfilled. All other hopes built on the unreal will fall. But as we continue in this learning that develops our soul, we mature to a point in our soul development in which we are ready to be born.

Only our heavenly Father knows when our soul is developed and prepared to receive this union. For without our souls developed to be in harmony with his ways, truth, and love, it can’t take place. This development is the main purpose and work of Jesus Christ in our lives while in this womb. He teaches us to develop our faith to such an extent that we can be a conduit of this living light, thus a new soul, and come into the embrace of our Father.

The substance of living faith is in what is beyond this womb of darkness, the true and everlasting life in which we are connected “face to face” with our heavenly Father. His love surrounds us in this flesh veil, but there is a limitedness of which we can connect to him as a child is disconnected from their father while an embryo.

This is why our faith is sometimes difficult. Our faith is built on the realness that is not yet here, and what is here, in this womb, is an unreal state. So what’s here isn’t real, and yet his love also isn’t here in it’s fullness, we experience it in part and by faith. This duality creates some days in which we see through the darkness of aloneness, and other days we see through the light of our Father’s love. We vacillate in varying degrees and intensities until the substance of our faith fully manifests.

Keep seeking the light of divine truth and love, and you will experience the fulfillment of the Father’s love for you, for you will see him as if “face to face”.


Living Faith Produces Living Light

Living Faith Produces Living Light


Two changes in our soul start us on the journey to obtaining divine love. One is a genuine desire to perfectly love all creation, and the other is to realize we can’t on our own, but only by obtaining an oneness with our heavenly Father. This desire and realization move us out of a perfecting natural love and into the love of divinity. It’s the difference of abiding in the light and being of the light.

These changes set us on the journey of the new birth of our soul, a soul containing the substance of divinity. A living faith is the strength of our soul that brings forth this new soul.

Living Faith

Living faith is developed out of this driving desire for divine love that creates a soul substance of divinity. Living faith is our soul perception of our reality when it’s established on absolute truth and divine love that supersedes all other perceptions. It’s a faith that continually shapes our soul in divine love/truth until we find harmony, and thus an oneness, with the soul of our Father. When we have this living faith, we experience a sincere care that is ever deepening for all of creation that we never had before. Its realness creates a complete change of perception of the world around us, thus our lives become a thriving reality in which his love can ever expand and grow.

This change into a growing divine love within us is our greatest testimony of a true and living faith. It causes us to come alive in our soul, in a way we never experienced before for it’s of eternal life. It alters our lifestyle, choices, thoughts, behaviors and actions into the real and everlasting. It’s an active and substantial faith as it’s established within us by receiving intimate instruction from our Father and his beloved son. Their intimate instruction recreates our soul and makes us fit to find an oneness and eternal unity with divinity.

Living faith is to live, and thus have a life established on the truth and love of our Father and his son Jesus Christ, the one most filled with divine love and truth as it is ever expanding within him. This living faith isn’t established on or by religious dogma, ceremonies, or instruction, though many start from this place. It’s established on the intimate counsel and teaching between our Christ, our heavenly Father, and us. Together they move us out of the symbols and images of truth/love and into the real. This is a living faith as it is always grows out of the substance of true life, truth and the way into a unity with divinity.

As our heavenly Father impresses his character and nature upon our soul, especially his love, and as Christ Jesus teaches us and instructs us as the perfect older brother who has “been there and done that”, our souls are reworked and reshaped to the substance of divinity, no more a mere image of what is to be. Christ knows the way out of the blindness of the soul; the way to create and establish a living faith that brings in the living light, new birth.

The blindness is an internal blindness of the soul. This blindness is of our soul/mental perception when we are disconnected from our heavenly Father. In this disconnect from the all-knowing source, it’s a perception that only knows its own mind and nothing else, thus very limited and very easily falls into error. It’s a darkness covering our internal perceptions that affect our understanding of what we do see. As we follow his lead, he guides us out of the blindness of the soul, which is like a vast wilderness, where our limited soul perceptions give us only misleading counsel, and to an oasis of the real and eternal perfect reality that is crafted by the divine love of our Father.

Divine instructions lead to life; all else leads to wandering in circular paths. Only this counsel gives us true sight in a soul of blindness.

This soul development and corresponding lifestyle transformation that follows establishes our soul on an unshakable foundation. This rock of living faith carries us through the birth pangs into our new soul birth. These birth pangs are the testing and revealing of our faith. As our faith remains firm through the storms of our circumstances and soul (birth pangs), it’s found strong and sufficient to bring forth our new soul. When the storms pass and we are still standing, out flow from our soul the living light of perfect wisdom and love manifesting eternal comforts, harmony and peace.

Living Light

Living faith brings forth the living light. This faith “pushes” this living light into our reality. This living light is the perception of our heavenly Father’s all–knowing soul eye residing within our soul eye. This unison enables his supreme intellect/wisdom/love, which act as one, to flow through us and into our reality. This outflow radiates a heavenly divine reflection out of our soul and into the world. We become reflectors of the divinity of our heavenly Father. In it we exude a superior love and intellect beyond a human soul’s capability that reveals us as sons and daughters in harmony with the Most High. This makes us a part of his light.

Until we receive this deep connection to our Father so that his soul eye governs us from the deepest place within our soul, we are blind. Living faith produces a night vision in a soul of blindness until we experience a new birth of our soul and thus become a part of the living light. Until we have his perspective as our own, we have a degree of blindness. Everyone is somewhere along the continuum of blindness. Where we are on this continuum depends upon the amount of divine truth and love that we understand and live by.

Only by being united to our Father through his love influencing our soul and the instruction of Jesus Christ do we come into the living light, the new birth. In this unity nothing is left in us that is contradictory to his soul, thus we are rightly united to him and find our oneness with him.

This transformation starts now, today. Not some future point or after death. Any day can be the beginning of our transformation into a new soul.


Radiating a Divine Reflection

Radiating a Divine Reflection


As we earnestly desire the inflow and outflow of the love of our heavenly Father, we transition into the power, significance, and depths of his absolute truths that carry this divine love into our souls, thus realities.

Divine love develops our soul. It causes significant changes to the foundational nature and substance of our soul. One of the first noticeable differences we experience is a sincere, life-changing, and deep care for others. A desire forms to fully love others along with a continual longing for an increased ability to love them perfectly. In this expansion, our perceptions of how we view all of creation changes affecting every aspect of our life choices, habits, and mannerisms.

In this love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, patience, empathy, honor, significance, value, and honor all deepen and expand for ourselves and others reaching to the corners of creation. This love formulates from the back and forth movement of love as we experience those attributes and let them overflow to others. We give what we are, and what we are we give.

This divine perception emits from the intertwining unison of divine truth and love. This harmonious duality creates life-giving energy/power. Divine love is the guardrails to absolute/divine truth. All truth serves love. But divine love also travels through divine truths as we act upon them. We only love when we are in truth; we are only in truth when we love with the love of divinity. In this is our oneness with our heavenly Father.

In our free will, we influence the flow of divine love. It’s loosed by our desire to love with this superior all-encompassing love. Divine love travels in a circular fluidity, from the source of love into us and out to others. It’s only manifested as it’s received and given in a free flowing rhythm of generosity and abundance, which our desire and will influence.

However, this love is impossible for a human soul to achieve on its own. This divinity flows first from our Father’s soul and then guides us in a manner that we can’t ourselves. This love emanates from his all-knowing spirit, and directs us in ways that are beyond our limited perceptions. This all-knowing quality projects a perception upon our soul’s eye that gives us a divine ability to know how to think through a situation, what to say, how to respond, what choice to make, and what to do. This level of perception is our providence when we unite to divine love/truth. Thus, it pushes out all sin (disharmony with absolute truth/love) and error from our lives. Creating a reality of harmony and tranquility.

The initial movement of this love into our reality is initiated by faith. As we learn the divine truths, we act on them in faith, and then divine love flows through those truths and into our experiential reality. This faith is established and strengthened on the understanding of the joy and abundance that the fusion of truth and love create.

In this life-giving movement of our faith, we follow the will of the soul, and no longer the will of our mind. As our soul develops, our soul’s will encapsulates the will of our mind, so that our mind now serves our soul, which is being directed by the eye of God. If we remain directed by our mind, then the will of the soul isn’t sufficiently incorporated into our understanding, because the perceptions of God are beyond the mind’s natural ability. This all-knowing awareness infiltrates our soul perceptions as it comes from the soul of God. It’s like we are connected to the operating system of God, and thus our capabilities of perception are limitless, which we receive as needed.

The fulfillment of divine soul perception requires the speck of lack that sits upon the eye of our soul to be removed. Removing it allows the love of divinity to flow through our soul; otherwise our perceptions thus actions are tainted. This clarity of perception affects the outflow, which affects the power of this love to act in our lives and in the lives of others. Divine love is the greatest power. Though gentle, meek, and patient when it’s received there is nothing greater for it’s the foundation of absolute truth.

Shut one door, and another door opens.

This speck of lack creates a life-draining energy while the removal of the speck creates a life-giving energy. These manifest countering realities; one of lack versus one of abundance. Removing the speck from the soul’s eye shuts the door in our soul that creates an experience of lack. By faith in the absolute truths, the door that allows the inpouring of divine love into our souls and out to others opens. The opening of this door results in the realness of our Father’s everlasting all-powerful loving kindness. Thus, out of faith grows a new reality established on divine love/truth. This reality is the eternal present where the spirit of God finds his home.

May we all have the faith to shut the door of lack and open the door of abundance in the heart of our souls. Once faith moves divine love in us and establishes an eternal union, faith starts to fade and divine truth/love fills our eternal present.