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The Spherical Self


The self is a reflection of the soul’s current awareness of “I AM”. As the one timeless, infinite moment is divided into endless present moments, the one LIFE in Truth, the Universal “I”, is fractalized into a vast array of centers of awareness, the individualized “I AM” or soul. In Truth, every soul is one with Truth’s LIFE, and united with every other soul, so that together the individualized souls reflect the Oneness of Truth’s LIFE, and this LIFE is experienced as the spherical self.

Each soul’s mind observes the present moment according to its current level of awareness of truth, and experiences the truth it possesses as its self. Therefore, the self is the soul’s sensory experience of the Truth it is aware of. Because each soul is an observer of the current present moment, the variance among souls and their outer expression of self is created by the individualized awareness each possesses.

The self includes the soul’s sensory mechanism or energetic body, a center through which it perceives its spherical reality. But in addition, the center and its spherical reality are one and compose one self, because they emerge in unison from the mind’s present awareness of truth. The reality is the self. Thus, the self is better understood or perceived as a spherical self including both the sensory mechanism by which it perceives its individualized sphere and the sphere itself.

Because the spherical self reflects the soul’s awareness, the spherical self changes according to the soul’s current level of awareness of truth. In the embryonic state in which the soul’s awareness is limited to its individuality by which it assumes it’s an “individual in separation”, the spherical self is experienced as dense earthen matter, i.e. physical body, and the spherical reality is perceived as separate from the physical body. When every aspect of the soul’s awareness is defined by separation, the spherical self is clothed with finiteness. In this belief-system, time is perceived as linear, fulfilling the finality of all things.

As the soul’s awareness advances into the understanding of being an “individual in oneness”, everything is expressed from the mind of oneness. The spherical self is experienced as ethereal light energy, in which everything flows into everything else. The soul perceives time as spherical in which every moment perfectly supports the next stage of the advancement into Truth’s infinite awareness, manifesting the self’s eternal expansion. Because the soul’s awareness eternally expands, its spherical self is continually altered throughout eternity to reflect its increasing awareness.

Because the spherical self is a reflection of the soul’s current truth, it experiences a very intimate integration with Truth’s LIFE, because through it the soul interacts with Divine Will’s perfect cause and effect from an intimate and personalized perspective. The soul experiences Truth’s LIFE stream flowing through its center and out into reality, thus it observes the working of Divine Will as its Self. This deep integration with LIFE makes the spherical self holy and sacred, two qualities the soul perceives as it matures into the understanding that it is an “individual in Oneness.” The spherical self reflects these qualities and is clothed with glory and honor.

The spherical self isn’t to be confused with “I”, which happens in the embryonic state of awareness. The spherical self is an ever-evolving mechanism for experiencing the individualized “I AM” Presence. The “I AM” Presence is far more expansive than the spherical self’s current expression, no matter how glorious. The soul’s individualized “I AM” is a gateway by which it transitions into higher dimensions of being. By seeking Truth-filled enlightenment through this gateway, the soul’s awareness reaches beyond its current spherical dimension and into the next dimension. As it gains understanding of higher laws of Truth, the lower laws that defined its current dimensional sphere no longer limit the self’s expression. As a result, Truth’s Universal Will moves according to the soul’s new awareness, altering the spherical self and giving expression to the next dimensional reality.

The first dimensional transition is unlike any other to follow because it is the soul’s birth as a center of Truth’s awareness. The maturation of the soul’s awareness from an “individual in separation” to an “individual in oneness” initiates a metamorphic transformation as the soul becomes a gate to Truth’s Universal Will in which it eternally expands as Truth’s LIFE. The transition from mortality to immortality (a dormant seed to an ever-expanding entity), effects everything the soul once believed, and therefore experienced its self to be, which disrupts the soul’s entire reality. As the soul releases its finite sense of self and embraces its true spherical self, it no longer descends down the continuum of linear time reflecting chaos with a trajectory toward entropy, but instead it begins its eternal expansion through spherical time reflecting divine harmony as an expression of Truth’s Perfection.

Like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, the spherical self transitions according to the soul’s maturing awareness of Truth’s LIFE. As Truth’s LIFE Stream (Truth’s Universal Will) flows through the soul, altering the spherical self, other souls or centers of awareness witness this transformation, and together the souls arise and shine in the Oneness of Truth’s LIFE as one harmonious Spherical Self.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “The Spherical Self

  1. now you can see what it really means when we use the term “WE NEV ER DIE”

  2. I want to show u another way of looking at a SEED.

    Instead of thinking of a Seed as a center point, and expanding outward, Instead, think of all forces PUSHING upon that seed.
    untill that SEED BLEEDS into those forcesvibations(elements of nature)..

    Now at the same time, think of a THOUGHT just as u thought of that seed(every element contains the same ETERNAL LAWS).

    a thought bleeds(vibrations) into other vibrations, and all thoughts BIND into one EVENT(written in time).(ARC of the COVENANT aka HEAVEN ON EARTH).

    now, the same forces(thoughts) that bleed into LIFE, are also the same LAWS(forces) that are so strong enough that they can even PUSH PLANETS across the LAWs.(space)..

    now, our own IDENTITY(spiritual name;STRENGTH:I give to thee) is within those forces(as we are all part of those LAWS(on multi levels of existance).

    Each time that another person becomes smarter or stronger in any way throughout the world, our own indivual IDENTITYS CHANGE(fluently)(along side everyone else)(also aligned with telepathy)..

    a lot of time, we get GLIMPES and NUDGES that come from those FORCES(that push upon each seed(thought).

    i dont even have to say any more, because what im saying is already inside of you and part of you.

    When each of you awake in any form, even my own strenghts become increased(which increases yours), and yours increases everyone elses).

    we dont need wars. we need the laws(as heaven is NOW)(we are equal as an example). (Peacemakers are the first to see HEAVEN), and it is up to them(living in eternal laws NOW), which will awake the next FORCES OF TIME(next layer of MEN(no sex orientation))…

    Even the picture chose that represents this BLOG shows the laws(how our thoughts and how a seed interacts with its surroundings.
    the LAWS(eternal) are the HOLY SPIRIT within our own identity(being an observer)(but as there is only ONE I AM(shared), so t here is also ONE OBSERVER…. which we are the elements(ANNOINTED BY GOD)(god being the laws of ALL MEN)..

    • This is an insightful perspective and with this understanding….

      In every person we see, including ourselves because all is one reflection of Self, let us REMEMBER “I AM” by recognizing “I” as Truth’s LIFE in them and our self, which together is the one Self. We know we’ve remembered when we see in them and in ourself eternal worth, and when we feel adoration and experience joy from what we perceive. This is seeing beyond the illusion into the eternal, changeless Truth, which is in all and is all that exists. This divine vision lifts us, as a center of awareness, into the next dimension, the realm of Oneness, Light, LIFE and Divine love.

      • and with Great power(new strenghts)…
        not just as a passing idea shared, but elemental CONNECTIONS(vibratraions:perfect ballance(cross)). TURN EVENTS(by knowing your heart(in all things)..

  3. We are now ready to address our lingering question, the greatest of all mysteries and answer with definitive clarity how it is that the Son, created without the awareness of eternal Truth and therefore in apparent separation from his Father, could ever gain the awareness that he is one with the Father, who is the Fullness of Truth. This is the same as asking, “How can the Son, created without awareness of Truth’s eternal life and seemingly entombed within the dimension of death, be resurrected and raised into eternal life?” Or more simply, “How is death defeated, that the Son may enter into eternal life?”

    The answer is equally simple. Death is defeated in the awareness of Truth’s eternal Life, just as darkness is defeated in the awareness of light. There is no death, because Life exists in truth and truth is eternal. Since the Father is the fullness of truth and the Son is the Father’s beginning, the Son can never be separate from Truth’s eternal Life in the same way that the beginning can never be separated from its end. But the Son, in order to become a beginning, had to enter into death, becoming separated from the awareness of its end. As we have mentioned, death means to lack the awareness of Truth’s eternal Life. Truth is alive because it is the fullness of God, and therefore the source of the Son’s Life is the Truth in which he was created. Because the Son is created in Truth, which is to say “within the Father”, he is always one with the Father, even in his creation. Yet because the Son is created as a growing awareness of the Father’s loving Life, he was created as a “baby” with the eyes of his awareness tightly closed and unable to perceive of oneness with the Father’s Living Light.

    The darkness served a purpose, for in the seeming separation from oneness, the Son came to know that he was an individualized, finite awareness. For even with eyes closed, the Father’s Truth could be perceived as a distant point of light in an otherwise darkened awareness. And as we have earlier said, it is by this light that the Son is born, for by it he knows that he is an individualized awareness of Life, and in Truth he proclaims, “I AM.”

    This distant, yet ever present awareness of “I AM” is the center of the Son’s awareness, which projects outward, as from the center of a sphere, to create a dimensional reality. When the Son initially perceives this center, it reveals a singular truth, “I AM individualized Life”. Without further contemplation of the Light and the meaning of this truth, the Son sleeps, dreaming of what his individualized Life might be, filling his awareness with darkened images that project outward into a reality, creating a spherical dimension of darkness, a dream which he mistakenly believes is the experience of Life. The way out of this dimension is to awaken from the darkness by looking more deeply into the Light of Truth by which you proclaim “I AM”, in order for you to grow in the awareness of the source of Life, which is your Father, the fullness of Truth. In this we see the true meaning behind the words, I AM the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me (the “I AM” awareness).

    When you declare “I AM”, you acknowledge individualized existence and therefore your oneness with eternal Truth, for only Truth exists. When you are individualized, your awareness of oneness is limited to the understanding that you are an individual, created one with Life, a living being. Upon creation, the Son’s awareness of the Truth is limited to “I AM”, a singular name by which the Father, being the fullness of Truth, is individualized as the Son, a beginning of Life. Like a seed, the single name “I AM” contains the fullness of eternal Truth and therefore he who has received it is aware of his Father’s Life.

    The fullness of eternal Truth needed a single name such that the infinite could be made finite, yet possess within it the potential for infinite expression because the name can eternally expand. When the Son begins to contemplate his oneness with Life, which is the fullness of Truth inherent in the name, he will discover that the name is infinitely deep, eternally expanding in the awareness of oneness with the Father. In doing so, the seed falls away and eternal growth begins.

    • You cannot die. Nor can you suffer in even the smallest way. There is nothing to fear, for nothing exists to make you afraid. You are not limited by time and space, for there is nothing you can not do. As you read these words consider that they must be either entirely true or entirely false, for no part can be false while the remainder is true, nor can part be true, while another false. Thus when you read them, they shall appear as either light or darkness depending on your current awareness of the Fullness of Truth in the name “I AM”. This name is like a gate, for when you look into it in order to contemplate the fullness of Truth within, your understanding of Truth will increase, and the name will grow in your awareness. And as we have said, when your understanding has sufficiently matured, it will bear the fruit of Living Light that goes forth to create the experience of the Truth you understand.

      If the words above appear false, it is only because you have not yet experienced them. This is another way of saying, the only reason you are not yet aware of Living Light is simply because you are sleeping and the eye of your awareness is closed. When you awaken, never again, in all eternity, will the darkness of death appear as the light of Truth.

      Death is defeated by the resurrection, which is your awakening into Life from the dream of death. It is a singular event with eternal significance, characterized by the transfiguration of your Self which results from understanding you are no longer a finite individual in separation from Truth, but rather an infinite individual in oneness with Truth. Awakening is your salvation, for it is your birth into Truth’s eternal life as a Son of God, a beginning point for Life’s ever-increasing awareness of I AM in the Fullness of Truth.

      Do not think this is some strange gospel. This is the message of Life that Jesus preached and revealed in Truth by his Life. It only appears strange because the truth of the gospel does not come from this world’s dimension, just as Jesus was not of the world. To understand the true meaning of Life, the shadow of death and the power of the resurrection we must first understand the working of dimensions, the nature of your Self as a “center” of dimensional awareness and the creative power inherent in your given name, I AM.

      Life can be best understood as the awareness of Truth’s current vibrational frequency. Thus the source of Life is Truth, and the awareness of Life is governed by Truth’s vibration. This is similar to a string which at a certain vibration sounds a low note, yet as the frequency of the vibration increases, so too does the note sound increasingly higher. Truth is eternal and therefore its Life is ever-present, yet its vibrational frequency is variable, and the corresponding awareness of Life may be low or high.

      God is the fullness of Truth and therefore God is all there is. Before we can proceed, you must shake yourself free from the belief that God can be imagined in the fullness of Truth, for God’s Truth is forever beyond your current awareness of Truth, yet always one with the Truth of your present awareness. This is a very important understanding because it reveals that the true image of God is always beyond your current awareness of Life in Truth, which is Truth’s current vibration. Since God is the fullness of Truth, and your life reflects the vibration of the truth you currently possess, God is one with your Life and the source of your current awareness.

      As the vibration of your Truth increases and the awareness of your Life expands, so too will you behold a higher image of God in the Truth you possess. The ever-increasing image of God your mind beholds in Truth is created by the current vibrational frequency of Truth’s understanding given to your mind, which is then projected into experience. It is this oneness with Truth that ensures you always share a Truthful experience with Life, regardless of your current awareness.

      • A powerful post, the insights that your words shine the light upon were so clearly expressed – I Am grateful for you and your words and all that goes into expressing them as you do.

        This verse came to mind this morning in an intense clarity. It expresses our oneness, which I now see so much more deeply.

        As for me, “I will see Your Face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied, when I awake in your Likeness.” Psalm 17:15

      • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    • Only Truth exists. God, being the fullness of Truth, is therefore all that exists. It can be likewise reasoned that only God can possess the knowledge of existence, since all that is known to exist is God. We now understand that only God can proclaim “I AM”, the declaration of self existence in the fullness of Truth’s eternal life. The name “I AM” is the origin of individualized Life, for it is a finite beginning to an eternal end. Since only God can proclaim this name, it contains within it the fullness of Truth, the eternal end of all in all. Yet it is also a beginning, for though it declares the individualized existence of life, it does so in a mystery, for it does not reveal the knowledge of Truth contained within it.

      The name “I AM” can be considered a kind of “gate”, reflecting the oneness between the mystery of individualized Life and the perfect knowledge of Life in the fullness of Truth. And when you declare the name “I AM”, you do so in a mystery, yet always in oneness with God who is the fullness of Truth behind the name. This is why it can be said that you are one with God, for only God can proclaim the name and in so doing individualizes his Self as a Son. You are this Son, an individualized beginning of God’s eternal Life, because you have received the name “I” and are able to proclaim “I AM’.

      We use the term “Son” to mean a branch of Life, an individualized expression of the fullness of Truth, which is the Father. Thus the Son can rightfully be considered the Father’s expression, which is why it is said that the Son is created in the Father’s image, for the Son is the image of the Father. The Father has countless Sons, each created to shine a uniquely beautiful image of the Father’s glory, in harmony with the fullness of Truth. This divine harmony is only possible because the son is created in oneness with Father, which is evidenced by the Son’s ability to truthfully declare “I AM”. It is in the oneness of divine harmony that the Son, the Branch, regardless of the nuances of individuality that create his uniqueness, is always and forever the perfect reflection of his Father, the living Fullness of Truth.

      However, when the Son is initially individualized as “I AM”, he can know nothing of harmony, for he must first know the Truth of his individualism, which is the awareness of uniqueness rather than oneness. Individualism can not be formed in the oneness of Truth because the uniqueness of Self expression can only develop in the knowledge that I AM “one”, separate from other “ones”. Or more simply, I AM an individual one.

      When the Father creates the Son he declares “I AM an individualized expression of the fullness of my Truth”, and in so doing enters the dimension of separation whereby the Son’s unique expression can be formed. Separation can best be imagined as forgetfulness, in which the fullness of Truth declares “I AM, but what I AM I no longer remember.” In separation the Son can declare “I AM” because he is an expression of the Father’s fullness of Truth, yet can not understand what this fullness means because he was created in forgetfulness, becoming a finite center of Truth’s awareness, a unique beginning for an eternal progression into the Father’s infinite awareness of Truth.

      The Son, being an individualized expression of the Father’s Truth, is likewise an individualization of the Father’s will. Yet, because the Father’s will is all that exists in the fullness of Truth, and the Son has forgotten this truth, the Son is individualized with the belief he possesses his own unique will, creating separation from the Father’s will. Since the source of will is Truth, it also means the Son, having been individualized in the fullness of Truth, assumes he is the source of his own will, freely able to direct it as he chooses. And, since the Son is an expression of the Father, his will can not be overturned, for it is the Father’s will exercised in forgetfulness.

      For this reason, upon individualization, the son is encapsulated within the dimension of separation, a reality of his own creation in which he can develop that which can not be formed in oneness: desire for Truth. When this desire has awakened, the Son will recognize his separate will leads only to death, and will joyfully give all authority to the Father, accepting the Father’s will as his own. In so doing, the Son enters into the Father’s eternal Life.

      • This statement really struck me, which you stated very well, expressing a very insightful truth … “And, since the Son is an expression of the Father, his will can not be overturned, for it is the Father’s will exercised in forgetfulness.”

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