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The sacred Self, which is the spirit of LIFE that flows through the Tree of LIFE, is entering its prepared temple, the souls that compose the living gates. The living gates in oneness of Spirit, Give ALL of LIFE to ALL, and the temple is filled with the Living Spirit of Truth, through which the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will infuses and transforms Creation.

To be a living gate to Truth’s LIFE Stream, which is to project the qualities of Absolute Truth into creation, is to energize time with their frequency, manifesting their reflection. It’s how a fourth level creator consciously creates. It’s more powerful than the force used in the first level of the physical realm, or the energetic vortexes created in the second level or the mental persuasions used at the third level. Self awareness residing at the fourth level consumes all, including time.

The soul is a prismatic energetic field between timelessness and time. It’s like a crystal prism that if no light passes through it, projects the fearful darkness of imagination. If it is open to the Light on the other side, it projects an individualized glory of the sacred Self, that shines upon ALL. It’s in the creative realm of self awareness that Truth’s Life Stream flows through this prism, identified as soul’s I Am Name, fully illuminating the mind’s eye and consuming all the fearful projections that kept the soul bound to linear time.

When the outer reality is the soul’s source of Truth, it’s also seen as the source of its supply, thus wellbeing. Fear is manifested when this supply appears to be threatened in any way. Because initially the outer realm reflects an unpredictable and corrupted free will, this fear is ever-present to some degree.

Because what the soul gives it receives, the release from fear is paramount to its freedom. This release is accomplished through the soul giving all Truth’s LIFE to all. Because through this giving, the door to Truth’s Life stream is eternally open and can never be shut, so that the soul only experiences reflections of LIFE.

Giving all to all is the creative law of Oneness, a law consciously used by fourth level creators. As a conscious creator, the soul recognizes it is the attributes which it appends to its I Am name that determine its experience, not reality. So for example, if it appends lack to its name, it partakes in the void projected from this attribute. If it appends abundance, it partakes in the flow of abundance manifested by the power of its I Am Name. What the soul believes itself to be, it experiences. To understand the source of the power in the I Am Name is an understanding that ultimately consumes all fear.

Through the open door of the I Am Presence, the soul gives all of Truth’s timeless attributes to all of Creation, animate and inanimate, the smallest to the greatest, and the best to the worst, because when seen in the Light all are one in Truth. So regardless of the illusionary appearances of linear time, all are of the Light although all are not yet projecting the Light. This divine giving produces an outer reflection that assists the soul in the dissolution of all illusions that covered its mind’s eye and distorted what the soul perceived in its projected reality. In this act of giving all to all, which is the sacred Self’s divine justice being given to all through the soul, is formed the way out of linear time and into spherical time, in which every moment brings forth a greater awareness of the soul’s perfection.

The flow of the Spirit creates an overwhelming desire in the soul to give all of Truth’s attributes to ALL. As the soul sincerely desires to pour forth this Light by acting according to this desire and not in bondage to fear, Truth’s Will overrides the untamed, impulsive, and reactive effects of free will. Divine Love’s perfect cause flowing into time through the soul’s awareness, supersedes free will’s effects. The sacred Self’s transformative grace, which incorporates divine justice, consumes the chaotic free will ricocheting throughout the cosmos, and brings it into the oneness of Truth’s Will by Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of cause and effect. All of creation is brought under the overarching perfection of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, bringing forth peace, until there is nothing to emotionally charge the soul into discordancy. This is Transformative Grace.

Giving all to all is giving the fullness of Truth’s LIFE to all, that it may shine upon all, like the sun. It requires a matured self awareness, an understanding of the creative power of the fourth level, and divine humility, in which all are seen as one Self. LIFE dwells in the plasmic network that connects all of creation as one. If the soul holds back this consuming LIFE energy because of fear, it doesn’t flow. Thus the veil of misunderstanding covering the mind’s eye is dissolved through a matured Divine Trust and then consumed by Divine Love’s perfection orchestration in time. Giving all to all is the only way the soul can sever linear time’s hold upon its energetic field and convey Truth’s sovereign power into time, giving birth to spherical time.

Giving ALL to ALL Meditation: Time’s Sacred Voice

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

3 thoughts on “Giving ALL to ALL

  1. Awareness is the mechanism by which Truth’s Life is converted into matter. The soul is a timeless creation, through which awareness can be perfectly governed. You are the living awareness of Truth. Therefore you, an individualized awareness of Truth’s Life, are the expression of Truth’s Life. The Truth in your awareness, which is one with your soul, possesses an energetic frequency that converts into matter as it flows through your awareness. Matter is better understood as the substance of time and the soul as a projector of time.

    Currently time is projected individually, yet not in oneness. To imagine the chaos, consider every soul asleep, dreaming. All of these dreams, created in the unawareness of oneness, manifest together in the oneness of time. This is the manner in which time now appears, for it is a blend of Truth’s law and the unawareness of oneness. But the time you presently experience is not real, even though it appears real because it has Truth’s law woven through it. Even so, time can not appear in Truth unless you understand it and there is nothing in time that can be understood prior to the understanding of its origin. The origin of time is the soul.

    The soul, your blessed soul, is one with timelessness prior to the foundation of the world in time. The true origin of time is perfection beyond all awareness of perfection, the wholeness of perfection, Divine Love. The soul is a gate, which without light has found light and loved the light. A gate has left ALL for the light, such that the light could be given to ALL in time. This is another way of saying that the gates are direct creators of timeless perfection, able to create Life in perfect time, by which the true world can be revealed.

    The awareness of your perfection is now the awareness of Divine Love, for Divine Love is always presently aware of the greater awareness of perfection that awaits you. When Divine Love has awakened within you, you will recognize that perfection does not exist, and is but a judgment within the dream of time, for only the imperfect can judge something to be perfect. You will also recognize that because of your imperfection you found the light and came to love the light without fully knowing what it was and in this way you were PERFECTED, because you became aware of how the imperfect can contain the perfect. You recognized true perfection, which is the oneness of Life, which is the ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love’s Truth. In this awareness, you are a gate.

    A gate is but a soul that awakened in the dream to see its own brokenness and then sought the truth of how to end ALL brokenness and its accompanying suffering. The gate met Truth and learned its language, so that Truth could build the awareness of Divine Love within the soul. The gate then connected its newly constructed awareness to Divine Love in a pledge of eternal loyalty. And because you are the living awareness of this oneness, your Love is made Divine and given to ALL by the perfect time you can now create.

    • We are now prepared to receive the proper awareness of the soul and its oneness with time. The soul can be imagined as a movie projector, but instead of light, it projects the energetic plasma of time. Time is the oneness of Divine Love’s Life, experienced in an eternal sequence of perfect moments. A moment is best understood as “cause and effect”, in which the cause is awareness and the experience of Life is its effect. Divine Love therefore, is always the perfect cause.

      A soul can not comprehend the form of a moment and therefore has no awareness of how a moment appears in time. Souls project differing moments, creating the uniqueness of Life in time, which when knit together, reveal time’s oneness. In the “movie” of time, a moment can be considered a frame which must be experienced prior to the next frame appearing in order to create the continuity of Life’s experience. Divine Love governs the creation of every frame, perfectly orchestrating Life so that each moment can be individually modified to perfectly enhance every other moment with which it shall ever intersect when experienced in the eternity of time’s oneness. This is the proper understanding of perfect cause, by which the infinite awareness of Divine Love ensures that whenever individualized spheres of time intersect, the energetic expression of Life is enhanced because the combined moments increase the frequency of Truth’s oneness with time. Only Divine Love can create divine harmony in time, which Life experiences as ever-increasing joy in the awareness of divine harmony’s perfection.

      Your connection to Divine Love’s Truth can be imagined as a “ living gate” of awareness, the source of Life within your soul, combining your current, finite awareness with Divine Love’s infinite depth, which is a beauty and goodness untold. All souls possess a gate, a living awareness of Truth, yet this awareness can not be developed in the world, for it is only created by the working of Divine Love. This is more easily understood as: Each awakens to the awareness of Truth in Divine Love’s perfect moment. There are Living Gates that awaken before the Light of Perfect Time is known, so that the living faith that binds these Gates together can be purified in Truth. Divine Love is found in Truth, rather than the world, and in this awareness your faith is purified. Instead of awakening by the Light of Truth’s Perfect Time, you have been awakened in the darkness by its Love. And more than you can know, is the joy your awakening has given Divine Love’s Life, for you have made her perfection one with the world.

      This Living Gate to Truth, purified in the awareness of Divine Love’s Life, is the FIRST OF THREE increasing stages of awareness that give Life to the soul, that is to say, as it is created in one’s awareness. Prior to the awareness of Truth’s Living Gate, the soul could not be known, for the other two stages of awareness can only be observed once the foundational awareness of the Living Gate’s perfection has been formed within you. You are presently aware of this perfection because it is the awareness of the Origin of Life.

      Life enters the soul through the awareness of its Gate. Think of your Life as energy, the Truth of Divine Love continually filling your soul with increased awareness, even with the substance of its Truth. The SECOND STAGE of awareness that composes the soul can be imagined as the awareness of the Tree of Life, or the understanding that has grown out of the substance of Truth received through the Living Gate. The analogy of a Tree is sufficient to create the awareness needed in order to reveal the manner in which your soul creates the Light of perfect time by which you will enter into the eternal Life of Divine Love’s Spherical Time, which itself is the THIRD STAGE of awareness that completes the Living Soul.

      The individualized soul is a construct of God’s infinite awareness, a timeless creation able to contain a finite awareness of Life’s ever-increasing perfection. The soul in itself is not Life, but a creation of perfection designed to experience the oneness of Truth’s Life from an individualized perspective. The soul is a fractal of perfection’s wholeness, created as an ever-expanding awareness of Divine Love’s Truth, which results in the ever-expanding experience of Life in the oneness of Divine Love’s perfection. The soul is simply this: A tri-layered, finite awareness designed to contain perfect awareness, by which Divine Love can experience an individualized perspective of her Life in perfection.

      • The sentence … “Divine Love is found in Truth, rather than the world, and in this awareness your faith is purified.” WOW – that is powerful and powerfully said!! So many incredible concepts to reflect upon, and as we do, they integrate into the ever-expanding awareness of LIFE that flows through us as one Tree of Life.

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