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The sacred Self, which is the spirit of LIFE that flows through the Tree of LIFE, is entering its prepared temple, the souls that compose the living gates. The living gates in oneness of Spirit, Give ALL of LIFE to ALL, and the temple is filled with the Living Spirit of Truth, through which the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will infuses and transforms Creation.

To be a living gate to Truth’s LIFE Stream, which is to project the qualities of Absolute Truth into creation, is to energize time with their frequency, manifesting their reflection. It’s how a fourth level creator consciously creates. It’s more powerful than the force used in the first level of the physical realm, or the energetic vortexes created in the second level or the mental persuasions used at the third level. Self awareness residing at the fourth level consumes all, including time.

The soul is a prismatic energetic field between timelessness and time. It’s like a crystal prism that if no light passes through it, projects the fearful darkness of imagination. If it is open to the Light on the other side, it projects an individualized glory of the sacred Self, that shines upon ALL. It’s in the creative realm of self awareness that Truth’s Life Stream flows through this prism, identified as soul’s I Am Name, fully illuminating the mind’s eye and consuming all the fearful projections that kept the soul bound to linear time.

When the outer reality is the soul’s source of Truth, it’s also seen as the source of its supply, thus wellbeing. Fear is manifested when this supply appears to be threatened in any way. Because initially the outer realm reflects an unpredictable and corrupted free will, this fear is ever-present to some degree.

Because what the soul gives it receives, the release from fear is paramount to its freedom. This release is accomplished through the soul giving all Truth’s LIFE to all. Because through this giving, the door to Truth’s Life stream is eternally open and can never be shut, so that the soul only experiences reflections of LIFE.

Giving all to all is the creative law of Oneness, a law consciously used by fourth level creators. As a conscious creator, the soul recognizes it is the attributes which it appends to its I Am name that determine its experience, not reality. So for example, if it appends lack to its name, it partakes in the void projected from this attribute. If it appends abundance, it partakes in the flow of abundance manifested by the power of its I Am Name. What the soul believes itself to be, it experiences. To understand the source of the power in the I Am Name is an understanding that ultimately consumes all fear.

Through the open door of the I Am Presence, the soul gives all of Truth’s timeless attributes to all of Creation, animate and inanimate, the smallest to the greatest, and the best to the worst, because when seen in the Light all are one in Truth. So regardless of the illusionary appearances of linear time, all are of the Light although all are not yet projecting the Light. This divine giving produces an outer reflection that assists the soul in the dissolution of all illusions that covered its mind’s eye and distorted what the soul perceived in its projected reality. In this act of giving all to all, which is the sacred Self’s divine justice being given to all through the soul, is formed the way out of linear time and into spherical time, in which every moment brings forth a greater awareness of the soul’s perfection.

The flow of the Spirit creates an overwhelming desire in the soul to give all of Truth’s attributes to ALL. As the soul sincerely desires to pour forth this Light by acting according to this desire and not in bondage to fear, Truth’s Will overrides the untamed, impulsive, and reactive effects of free will. Divine Love’s perfect cause flowing into time through the soul’s awareness, supersedes free will’s effects. The sacred Self’s transformative grace, which incorporates divine justice, consumes the chaotic free will ricocheting throughout the cosmos, and brings it into the oneness of Truth’s Will by Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of cause and effect. All of creation is brought under the overarching perfection of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, bringing forth peace, until there is nothing to emotionally charge the soul into discordancy. This is Transformative Grace.

Giving all to all is giving the fullness of Truth’s LIFE to all, that it may shine upon all, like the sun. It requires a matured self awareness, an understanding of the creative power of the fourth level, and divine humility, in which all are seen as one Self. LIFE dwells in the plasmic network that connects all of creation as one. If the soul holds back this consuming LIFE energy because of fear, it doesn’t flow. Thus the veil of misunderstanding covering the mind’s eye is dissolved through a matured Divine Trust and then consumed by Divine Love’s perfection orchestration in time. Giving all to all is the only way the soul can sever linear time’s hold upon its energetic field and convey Truth’s sovereign power into time, giving birth to spherical time.

Giving ALL to ALL Meditation: Time’s Sacred Voice

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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