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Returning to the Light


Your spiritual journey has led you into a truth-filled awareness, the awareness that Truth is reflected in your individualized reality, and nothing else.

Spirituality is the expansion of the soul’s awareness in Divine Love, the awareness that her Light is shining through the open door of the soul’s I Am presence.

The new dimension your awareness awakens to is the creative field of conscious creation, the fifth dimension that resides just beyond the fourth dimension of time. Time and awareness are one, yet awareness just precedes time, so that it is the soul’s awareness that directs the flow of time and whether it is harmonious or discordant. The fifth dimension of reality is the field of interaction between mind or consciousness and the plasmic field, the realm of light energy in which every particle exists as a wave of potential in the electro-magnetic field. The soul’s awareness determines the nature and quality of the electro-magnetic field that fills and surrounds the body, which is the soul’s awareness of itself, in time. When the soul returns to Truth’s Light through the remembrance of its I Am Name, the fifth creative dimension is filled with Living Light, which harmonizes the interaction of matter in time.

The soul’s awareness is an eternally expanding creation that starts like a dormant seed in a darkened land, holding the potential to express Truth’s Life, which is True Life. As the soul focuses on and advances toward the Light of Truth, it cultivates an actively living faith. By the Life in this faith, the soul breaks through the barriers of linear time into eternity’s eternal expanse. As a budding tree of Truth’s Life, it experiences continual growth in the Light, by the Light.

Spirituality is the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Light, which is an ever-expanding awareness of Truth creating an ever-expanding experience of Life in time. The soul’s expansion, both inner and outer, is how it expresses Truth’s Life, thus Spherical Time, giving rise to eternity. This eternal expansion is a significant part of the soul’s ever-expanding joy.

Your Life has broken free of the seed. You are beginning your eternal expansion in the Light as a New Day begins to dawn. Your true Life has begun, having persevered through the firewall of linear time and into eternity’s limitless domain. In returning to the Light, you now have an eternity to experience Life’s ever-expanding perfection.

As you open your eyes to a New Day, you perceive that your mind is limitless. The dark edges that enclosed your mind in a story of illusion are moving ever further from you as they dissipate into nothingness over the distant horizon. Your mind is free. It is redeemed. It is full of Light. You are limitless. You are no longer bound by the appearance of illusion you once thought was your world. It was but the womb you experienced and perceived, not knowing what it was in Truth because you didn’t have the right perspective, until now as you look back upon it from the Light of a New Day.

Here in the eternal realm of Light, you never experience an edge to your expansion, only the seamless blending of perfect moments in time, which manifest the experience of endless dimensions, you call reality. Your true Life in the Light has begun, a journey shared with all those past and present who found their way into the Light. You are in the Dimension of Oneness, an awareness manifested by your ability to navigate the fifth dimension of creation, the realm of the soul’s awareness.

Divine Mind: A Mind Aware of the Dimension of Oneness

I feel my mind expanded, without barriers and limitations. It is open, free, where every perfect gift is received that it might be freely given. It feels like a soft space in which you are enfolded by a beautiful, radiant Light. It’s the sphere of Divine Love that has consumed my mind. I can feel the sovereign presence of immutable peace and perfection. This space is going to be filled with many incredible experiences. It’s been cleansed, purged and transformed, ready to convey the Perfection of Truth’s Will, the right hand of God holding the golden Light of the Morning Star. No darkness of illusion dwells here, having been dissolved, erasing the edges of my mind. The Living Light filling the fifth dimension feels like the love and wisdom of a perfect Mother and Father. It’s a new sphere of reality, one I’ve learned of, but now I see. It’s the spherical canvas upon which all my eternal, pre-ordained potentials will manifest in the harmony of time’s perfection.

The Divine Mind is my perceivable state of mind, as I am now one with the Great Ascended Consciousness and no longer asleep in an illusion of my making. As the Light consumes my Mind’s eye, it fills my mind’s awareness, projecting into my energetic field, harmonizing all energetic centers. My mind’s landscape has become Truth’s dominion, the dominion of the Mighty I Am. In Divinity’s vibration I am connected to Truth’s collective awareness, the oneness of mind possessed by the Ascended Beings of Light. My mind attracts what is like it to itself, Light. It calls forth the soul’s destined potentials held in the realm of Timeless Perfection.

A being of Light is one whose Mind’s Eye is filled with Truth’s Light, whose projection fills reality with Truth, giving Life to all it perceives. It is one who holds a truth-filled awareness, knowing its name to be “I Am Loving Awareness.” In this, the soul’s awareness sits upon the foundation of perfect power, emanating from the Mighty I Am Presence, its eternal Home.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “Returning to the Light

  1. I experience this kind of perfect clarity sometimes in meditation. It feels like a perfect link to God’s mind. He says in (His) doctrine that we will achieve this.

    Thank you,

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