Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Capstone of Grace

Out of the ashes of free will, the Soul’s Divine Will arises with the wings of Transformative Grace.

The mind has the potential to be the soul’s greatest creative strength or a debilitating weakness. Through its creative power, the mind constructs a spherical dimension of reality based on its current awareness of truth, forming the soul’s individualized sensory experience. However, when the mind is entangled in a thought-system of duality, in which truth is comprised of opposites, it continually produces conflicting thought patterns that encase it in a dimension of suffering, decay and death. These consuming, palpable experiences keep the mind recycling degraded thought energy, leading it deeper into the sensation of weakness.

The mind’s concept of “I” sits at the center of its awareness, filtering all it perceives and shaping its narrative of the self and reality. As a constant modulator of energy, the mind qualifies the life that flows through it according to its idea of self, by appending attributes to its experience of “I” based on interpretations of its inner and outer observations. Possessing tremendous creative power and yet without truth-filled understanding of what “I AM” or how “I” create, the mind becomes bound to false, dualistic and destructive “I am” proclamations. This causes its individualized awareness of “I”, which is its energetic center, to vibrate at a discordant frequency, projecting a sensory dimension of conflict.

Because the outer is a projection of what the mind upholds as true, Truth is known by going beyond outer appearances and into Truth’s timeless realm through the door of the I AM Presence. The universal name “I” reflects the oneness of Life that is the Fullness of Truth (God). Each individualized “I AM” expression reflects a self-awareness of this one united Life energy. Thus, through the door of the I AM Presence, the mind engages the fullness of Truth and its living thought-system in which the mind learns who “I AM” and how “I” create. By looking into this inner Light, the mind perceives the soul’s true nature, and to be the fullness of this Light becomes the soul’s consuming desire.

However, the soul faces a seeming insurmountable obstacle to this divine desire, the suffocating constriction of a thought-system formed in the darkness of unawareness. Even though the soul’s truth-filled understanding (faith) is expanding, its mind is entangled in a vast web of habitual thought patterns, which are automatically triggered by its sensory world, prohibiting the mind from expressing the characteristics it inwardly perceives its I AM Presence to be.

Encountering this seemingly unbridgeable gap between the soul’s faith and its outer expression, the mind surrenders to Divine Trust. The mind divinely trusts when it accepts Truth’s Universal Will as the only governing authority, so that despite the mind’s habitual response patterns, they no longer possess creative power. Instead, the mind’s power shifts to Divine Will through Divine Trust, and as a result the Divine Will overrides the finite, destructive power of free will. This is the only way that the illusion of free will’s reign can end.

This overriding quality of Divine Will in the face of habitual free will is transformative grace. Transformative Grace, which is an expression of Divine love, is Divine Will’s energetic response to a soul extending Divine Trust. Truth’s harmonic supremacy overtakes the mind’s habitual discordancy despite a programmed script running the mind. Divine Will’s vibration of oneness cancels out free will’s lower frequency of separation and the soul begins to project reflections of Truth’s timeless perfection.

Once the soul witnesses reflections of its true Essence in its outer sensory world, the mind’s faith transitions into knowing. Witnessing its inner Light moving through its I AM presence and manifesting in its outer reflection is the final push the mind needed to fully overcome the world of sensory illusions.

Through transformative grace, the mind arises from the shadows of illusion created by all the stories surrounding its concept of “I” and into the full acceptance of its true nature. The soul’s “I” begins to vibrate with Truth’s immutable harmonic vibration, Divine Love. This inner vibration harmonizes all discordant energy, which materializes the soul’s inner Light into ever-expanding Life in the outer realm of appearances, bringing forth the experience of the soul’s true nature.

Transformative Grace is the capstone to the soul’s matured awareness, initiating its outer metamorphic transformation from its cocoon of free will. It raises the corrupted image of “I” out of the ashes of free will, revealing its true reflection of incorruption. At this juncture, the soul’s story takes on a transformative twist, ushering in experiences of incorruptibility, invincibility and timeless perfection.

If you resonate with these words, the subject matter is continued here.


Identity of One

With the awareness of Divine Will’s governing authority through Divine Trust, the mind no longer is concerned or focused on the operations and manifestations of free will. Instead, the mind rests, becoming a powerful divine gate to the perfection of Truth’s universal will, manifesting peace and goodwill for all of creation. In its eternal creative role, the mind’s identity transcends into Oneness.

The mind’s eye is the inner realm of awareness. Awareness is the mind’s current understanding of truth which shapes the mind’s inner vision, which in turn determines its outer observation. It entails the vast network of all the mind understands to be true about who it is and how it creates. The mind’s truth is made visible and experiential by the soul’s will, which is its life energy that materializes its truth. Essentially, the mind’s eye projects its inner awareness via the will, manifesting a spherical dimension of experience within and around the soul. If the mind’s eye is full of darkness, the soul is in bondage to a world of illusions. If it is full of Truth’s Light, the soul experiences boundless freedom.

When the mind is enlightened through the awareness of its I Am Presence of Oneness, it engages Divine Will’s singularity and sovereignty. Every reflection, thought, emotion, and attribute spawning from free will becomes inconsequential to the awakening mind, thus ultimately powerless and meaningless. The mind’s creative faculty of attention, which causes anything it focuses on to grow and manifest, pulls away from all of free will’s manifestations and as a result they cease to expand and begin to contract. Instead, the mind’s attention travels beyond the shadow of outer appearances to Truth’s Divine Will, perfecting all that concerns the soul. With its creative power set upon Truth’s Light, the mind settles into divine emergence, where its desires are perfectly fulfilled by Truth’s universal will, which operates for the highest good for all. Perceiving free will as powerless and meaningless is the beginning of the soul’s freedom from free will’s oppressive reign over its mind, emotions, body and reality.

When the mind disengages from free will, its identity is no longer centered on a body and what it does or doesn’t do. It no longer sees “I” as a separate self, but the universal expression of oneness throughout all creation. The soul’s perception of its identity received through the realm of timeless perfection is grounded in the essence of Truth’s Life that is beyond all forms. Here it finds perfect meaning.

The soul recognizes it is an individualized fractal of the energetic essence of Truth’s Living Light, which is governed by Truth’s Universal Will in timeless perfection. The soul is a light being, projecting a spherical dimension around itself, creating individuality by the mind’s individualized awareness of timeless Truth. This awareness travels through the mind in specific thought forms and desires, which manifests a spherical dimension of experience. Divine Will’s energetic vibration raises the soul’s vibration to divine love, which is Truth’s harmonic creative action. With the soul’s identity grounded in the fullness of Truth, this higher vibration is perpetually sustained and alters the atomic structure the soul’s reflective body and reality. Decaying forms and appearances transform into reflections of Truth’s incorruptibility and immortality. The soul experiences itself as pure, energetic waves of Living Light, reflecting experiential form.

As a gate to Truth’s universal will, the mind fully awakens from a dream of free will in which it witnessed the self bound in separation, duality and conflict, and is enraptured in a spherical dimension of abundant life. The mind’s eye that once cast shadows of darkness is fully illuminated with Truth’s Living Light, and free will’s manifestations descend into nothingness. What was chaotic becomes structured, and what was disharmonious becomes harmonious, causing the soul to shine with reflections of incorruption and invincibility.

I Am incorruptible. I Am invincible. I Am One in the Fullness of Truth.


Opening to Oneness

Divine Trust facilitates the individualized soul opening into Oneness.

An “Individual in Oneness” is the expression of Truth’s Divine Will. Through Truth-filled understanding, the soul recognizes there is no separate “free will”, instead the soul’s individualized will is a fractal of Divine Will.

The concept of free will stems from the belief that the soul is an “individual in separation”. According to this belief, each individual soul claims its own truth and its individualized will brings that truth into manifestation. Because what the soul is conscious of being it expresses, believing it possesses a free will creates a reality of constriction and limitation. Individualized truth in separation manifests conflicting wills, creating destructive energetic patterns. In this dimensional atmosphere, distrust is a mainstay because good is arbitrarily defined by each one’s relative truth. Distrust is a mental and emotional state that alters the soul’s core harmonic vibration, creating an energetic environment of constriction and contraction, which creates disturbances in energetic connections. Therefore, distrust prohibits the soul’s continual expansion. It’s like trying to build a building while constantly tearing it down. As a result, the Life in Truth doesn’t expand in the soul, and the soul remains in a dormant, seed state.

As the soul’s awareness matures in the understanding of Absolute Truth, it recognizes the sovereignty and singularity of Truth’s Divine Will, because only Truth is. As a result, it disregards the concept of free will and embraces Divine Will, which is the power to bring forth expressions of Truth’s Abundant Life. Divine Will is the energetic momentum of perfect power, infinite intelligence, divine harmony and divine love moving through an individualized I Am Presence and creating its outer expression. Divine Will is perfect power individualized in the soul, manifesting the Life in Truth.

Through Divine Trust, the mind transitions from operating according to free will to Divine Will, until Divine Will is fully individualized as the soul’s will.

Divine Trust is a mechanism that connects the mind to Divine Will’s sovereign governance prior to the mind being fully aligned to Divine Will. It draws upon the Divine Will’s sovereign power to lift the soul out of the destructive operation of free will. The mind possesses Divine Trust when it deeply perceives the sovereignty and singularity of Truth’s Divine Will. This light-filled awareness allows the mind’s creative power, or will, to be governed by Truth, as well as be ubiquitous and ever-present within the soul’s mind, making it divine. As a result of this trust, all that concerns the soul is governed by Divine Will, making it the only governing presence in its reality. Any happenings in the reality of free will serve the soul’s highest good as reality transitions from the illusion of separation to the Oneness of Truth’s Life. This level of trust removes constrictions and limitations seemingly imposed by other wills because there is no other will. During this transition, even the soul’s residual and/or habitual thoughts and actions can not impact Divine Will’s perfect orchestration. Divine Trust makes Divine Will the only governing authority in the soul’s reality by enabling the soul to disengage from its belief in free will and fully engage Divine Will.

As a result, the mind gains the qualities of being trustworthy and trusting, which matures the soul’s seemingly free will into an individualized, divine will. Divine Will serves the highest good for all, and the mind that engages it is trustworthy. And, a mind able to perceive that Divine Will serves its highest good becomes trusting. The qualities of trustworthiness and trust allow the mind to transact according to Truth’s higher laws of harmony and oneness. The workings of these laws transform chaotic and destructive energy created by distrust into structured and harmonious energy. The soul then enters into the dimensionality of continual growth, signifying the maturation of its individualized, divine will.

When the soul’s will matures into an individualized Divine Will, it experiences Oneness. Oneness is created by Divine Will flowing through the individualized soul in harmony with perfection, manifesting the highest good for all, which is divine love. It’s the individualized soul’s divine will manifesting the highest good for all and reality reflecting this absolute goodness back. As the soul energetically enfolds reality in divine harmony, its reality reflects the divine attributes of beauty, peace, honor, abundance and joy. Oneness is the experience of the soul’s individualized divine will in all its perfection.

Through Divine Trust the soul’s will matures and transitions into an individualized fractal of Divine Will, giving it the expression of an individual in Oneness. In this, the soul experiences its ultimate freedom for in every moment, for all of eternity, it expresses the Fullness of Truth’s abundant Life, individualized as its own perfect, unique expression.