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Stirring The Deep


Harmonizing Frequency Reset

Creation is undergoing a Divine Frequency reset that is harmonizing all of the Cosmos. The Perfection of the Sacred Mother’s Love has awakened within in the soul’s awareness, creating a new and transformative depth of Oneness and harmony between Divine Love and the soul’s will. Through this Oneness, Divine Love and Truth’s Will now govern time.

When the soul is aware of the presence of Divine Love within its Being, projections of the thought-system’s relative truth begin to fade away, causing linear time’s disruptive vibrations to be transposed into the perfection of Divine Love’s vibrations. In this energetic shift, the images that reflected these lower vibrations fall away and the soul’s dream fades into reflections of Truth’s Perfection, the Real. In this, the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Divine Love’s Perfection engages Creation’s overall vibration in an eternal upward ascent. The heart of the soul and the heart of the earth arise as one within the Sacred Heart, eternally lifted into the Perfection of Truth’s Will.

The three meditations included in the link below will greatly facilitate your Frequency Reset, which will harmonize your entire sphere of space-time. Through these meditations, as you mindfully reflect on them in oneness with your feeling world, truth-filled understanding will be revealed in the Light of your contemplation, so that it may be transmuted into your outer appearance world. It is a powerful creative act that will bring Life to your inner visions, harmonizing, shifting and reseting your entire state of being. It’s Divine Love’s Perfection moving through your soul and into the world of outer appearances.

Harmonizing Frequency Reset Meditation

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.



The Sacred Heart’s Gift

Happy Christmas Eve, from the Sacred Heart.

In your heart center, the Sacred Mother reveals her eternal Gift to you, her own Heart. You are her divine child of Light. Her Sacred Heart reveals the Perfection of Holiness and is your eternal birthright, joyously given and received. Your heart center, which is the desire to give and receive Divine Love, is an eternally open gateway to the expression of Divine Love’s Perfection in your sphere of time. All in your reality is governed by Her Infinite Awareness that now is awakened with you, creating a harmonic vibration that brings Peace and Truth’s Perfect Will. As you awaken, you hear Mother Father God calling you into their Divine Moment, where you realize their Infinite Awareness works for you in all things, manifesting the Highest Good for All through you. The Infinite Awareness of the Sacred Heart trumps all power. It is Living Light, a perfect Mother’s Divine Love, consuming everything.

Your Perfect Mother’s Love is now governing all in time, for she is Creation’s Source, the Mother of All Living. She is the “Shekinah” Glory of the Eternal Father. This awareness of her Presence within you is her gift to you and in your awareness of it, you receive it. You are a divine child, which means you are a god consciousness, creating all according to your current awareness of Truth. Your very awareness is the creative power that incorporates all creative powers. As a god consciousness, the awareness of her Divine Love becomes your experience of perfect power within and without. In the union of her Sacred Love and your energetic emotional field, she enables you to deeply KNOW her eternal Presence within so that you may experience her Love in Life’s ever-expanding Perfection. This is True Life.

In this awareness, her gift is able to be opened by you. Through your awareness of her Divine Presence within you, the Sacred Mother’s Love fills all the plasmatic substance, manifesting True Life in the electro-magnetic field. Her Perfect Will infuses all you inwardly perceive and outwardly experience. In this infusion, Her Divine Love harmonizes your emotional energy field, something you could not do on your own. As a child of Light, until you awakened in the Light you didn’t fully KNOW of your oneness with Divine Love’s Presence. A lingering belief in separation, formed in the darkness of your womb-life, spun your energetic field into unrest. The Gift of her Divine Frequency brings harmony, and is set as an open door within your heart center, bringing forth your true expression as Her “Christ” child, one anointed with her Sacred Love and crowned with the Perfection of Holiness. In the combined awareness of the Light, True Life begins as one united awareness guided by the hands of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Divine Justice reigns within the soul, all that is contrary to Divine Love’s Perfect Will is consumed in the revelation of Truth’s Perfection.

Divine Love now circulates through the electro-magnetic field of Creation. She became the plasma consciousness, in which two became One, becoming the Living Gate for the Individualization of Life. We are one with Her and each other, so that as Her love pours through us, it flows into all as a perfect Mother’s Love.

When your awareness is perfect, you experience Truth’s Perfection. When Divine Love awakens in you, She gives you perfect awareness, by which you express Divine Love’s Perfection. Her Light lovingly has entered the darkness to set all of creation free, a Gift of Infinite Worth.



The Divine Frequency

We are entering a new frequency.

On this Holy Day, sunset to sunset, a total consciousness shift occurs. Today our remembrance has come full circle, back to the origin of the Story of True Life, by which our True Life begins. Tomorrow, we awaken into the eternally expanding experience of Our Story’s reflection, the Kingdom of Peace, in time.

The reign of self-determination is usurped by the soul’s state of being. We remembered “I Am” and therefore this Winter Solstice takes on a whole new energetic power because of the matured awareness of our Light within, which is now Shining outwardly upon ALL.

This year, the combined awareness of the Living Gates united in the remembrance of the Mighty I Am within. This Kingdom of Peace reached a depth and height by which it is able to reveal Truth’s Perfection from within the soul and project its Perfect Will into Time. This united awareness of the Light manifests a heightened vibration that will gradually increase in its transformative power until it consumes all. In this, Truth’s Perfecting Will encompasses the Cosmos. The ever-expanding Energetic Presence of Divine Love’s Perfect Will perfects all that concerns the soul by regenerating all of Creation through the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth.

This heightened vibration continually creates upward expansion, reflecting Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection. Its pure Light is unaltered by frequencies of darkness, able to bring forth Light into the darkest corners of the soul’s mind, thus the cosmos.

The divine frequency, spilling into time through the soul, is the energetic vibration of Plan “Be” set in motion. This is the frequency of True Life and it manifests all the visions you hold of True Life. It lifts them off the pages of the Mind and into reality. As the soul’s eye opens to the visible Presence of Divine Love in time, the self-sustained vibration of Divine Love reigns throughout the cosmos, revealing the Divine Universe.

In this frequency, you who have returned to the Light, KNOW you are the Light, which is the expression of Truth’s Perfection and Divine Love. In this KNOWING, you enter the Divine Universe of Eternal Peace. Divine Love’s Presence now is ubiquitous as the air you breathe. There is no breath that isn’t Hers in your sphere of time. Everything in your sphere of time is being perfectly assembled by the frequency of Divine Harmony, to bring forth an ever-increasing abundant, joyful Life. In this frequency shift, Truth’s Light shines through your “Being” and into time, revealing its Perfection and Glory.

Drink from the Golden Cup offered to you by the hand of Divine Love. As I Am Perfect, so is your sphere of time. You are the living, ever-expanding temple of Divine Love’s Perfection. You are the reflection of Truth’s Perfection and Divine Love, a Child of Light, the beloved “Christ in the flesh”, one who is anointed with the Presence of Mother Father God, which alone governs the Divine Universe for the Highest Good of All.


Plan “Be”

The True Story of our Eternal Father unfolds … Plan “Be”

Plan “Be” is the revealing of our True Story, going back to the beginning of time, to the Truth of alpha and omega. Our True Story reveals our True Life and begins with “I Am an Open Door” by which “I Am ever-expanding Perfection formed in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will and flowing outward, into time.” In this awareness, I Am Light, the perfection of Truth flowing into the darkness of the Cosmos, exchanging time’s degradation for Divine Love’s eternal, ever-expanding Glory of Perfection. I Am Plan “Be.”

Be the Light

I Am a goddess of Light. I Am a child of Light.

Being the Light was the plan from the beginning, one that we received as we walked with our eternal Parents in the Garden of Eden, Mother-Father God. Our purpose, out pictured as Adam and Eve, was to remember this plan by which Truth’s Life unfolds into Creation. We remembered.

In a matured awareness of Mother Father God, their Presence of Divine Love and Truth’s Will are present in your soul. You awaken to your true state of being, a”Christ Child”, a child of the universe anointed with the eternal Perfection of Divine Love, the crown of the Divine Mind and Sacred Heart. You are the Living Presence of Divine Love, in time.

You rest as an open gate, a shining Star, lighting up the cosmos with the warmth of Divine Love’s Rays, as Divine Love overflows through you, spilling into time. Take a moment to deeply feel the Presence of Divine Love moving through your soul and into the world. Its gentle, tsunami-like movement does not overwhelm you, but soon takes over all. It’s the Sacred Mother’s Perfect Love pulsating through you and into Creation. As Her Presence falls upon divine seeds of Truth, they perfectly grow and manifest according to the highest good of all. And as Her Presence falls upon the phantom projections of the once sleeping mind, they gradually fade away.

In the dimension of linear time, a sphere of phantom projections, there are players and non-active players. In your darkened awareness you imagined “who was who” and “what was what”. In this formulative dream world, some of what you imagined related to Truth and other aspects did not. All that isn’t of Truth, doesn’t truly exist and time will reveal the true reality with the incoming Kingdom of Peace. As the Child of Light, you awaken to absolute Truth. Without shadows and illusions covering the child’s consciousness of Light, the Mother’s Sacred Breath of Life infuses time and everything begins to change as all in time becomes a reflection of Her Perfection.

The creator gods, representing the inseparable Oneness of Truth’s Perfection and Divine’s Love Will, have awakened as united Living Gates. Their Shining Radiance, emanating from the Sacred Mother’s Heart and the Perfection of The Father’s Will, establish the Divine Universe of Spherical Time. The eternal root to the Tree of Life began in the dream of darkness, that its Sacred Root would be eternally established in time, a reflection of Truth’s Oneness in the ever-expanding Kingdom of Peace.

In the Shining of the true “I Am”, the self-sustained vibration of Divine Love reigns throughout the Cosmos. The soul has awakened into the awareness of its Holy Presence. In its perfect Light, the soul remembers its true origin, its pure essence and its perfect power. It is a perfect creator in its sphere of time because it is an open Gate to Truth’s Perfection, able to project Truth’s Divine Love into time.

In Plan Be, all are consumed in the Light of Truth. Creation isn’t destined into the hands of an angry God, but into a perfectly loving Embrace. For this transition to occur, Mother Father God had to be recognized as one in the soul’s awareness, making the soul’s Will and Divine Love one, ending the projection of a God of Duality and uprooting the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Life could never harmoniously expand from this tree of chaos because opposing forces create conflict in reality, leading to perpetual self-destruction. Opposing energies cancel each other out, making the tree itself but an illusion in the sleeping mind. The soul’s Life eternally expands only from the tree of Divine Harmony, the Tree of Life, where Life is deeply loved for the highest good of all.

In Plan Be, the soul’s awareness becomes one with Divine Love’s Presence, which is the ever expanding awareness of Absolute Truth. For without Divine Love, Truth’s Will can’t be expressed. In the Light of this Oneness, Divine Love’s Perfect Will creates your sphere of time. It is the Sacred Mother’s Breath of Life flowing through her new born child, and you awakening to Her Love filling the air you breathe.

Like Liquid Firelight, the Sacred Mother’s love consumes all in the Light of Truth. Every effect is governed by her perfect Will. The Scepter of Liquid Gold eternally rests in the Hands of Oneness, where every child of the universe is held in the perfection created by Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this, all are perfectly governed by Sacred Hands, creating time in Truth’s Perfection, which reflects the highest Good of All. Divine Love’s Presence moves throughout the cosmos, ending the illusions of darkness. Divine Love’s energetic Presence enters her eternally living temple, the soul, and lives in the ever-expanding awareness of Truth.

Plan Be has rightly matured in the united awareness of the Living Gates and is now made visible, as an indivisible Kingdom of Eternal Peace. The “I” (Eye) that creates, is full of Light. God’s Eternal Gift to you is the ever-expanding, perfect present. The Plan was perfect from the beginning, for it is Divine Love’s Plan, a perfect plan crafted in Absolute Truth. The Kingdom of Peace is revealed from timelessness into time, brining forth Spherical time, the Divine Universe from within out.

Be Still and Know I Am God.

Be still and Love Life.

Be Still and Be.

I Am a God of Light. I Am a Child of Light. I Am the Sunlight of the Universe.

Plan Be. Be an open gate to the Perfection of Divine Love’s Truth.

In a state of “Being”, perfect power is manifested. You can only be what you are and you are Light, for “I Am” Light. In this understanding the Eternal Root of The Tree of Life is established in time, and Eve’s name, the Mother of All Living, is fulfilled to overflowing, so all are sheltered in her Sacred Heart.

The Living Gates of Light have already begun to pierce the veil of time, and will reveal to all who they are by Being who they know themselves to be, Children of Light. For those not yet Living Gates, it is the Living Gates’ Divine Honor and Pleasure to give the Kingdom of Peace to All.

Enter the Kingdom of Peace, the Time of Perfection. This is our Victory.

Drink from the Golden Cup


Gift Thirteen

Tree of Life, Rejoice in the Light’s Shining that is the Joy of Creation!

When you finish opening the 12 Gifts of Christmas given to you by the Sacred Heart, you receive the 13th gift, energetically enfolding you in the eternal expansion of Truth’s Perfection.

The 13th Gift is illuminated in the meditation, Time’s Sacred Voice. πŸ¦‹

In the combined awareness of the 12 Gifts of the Sacred Heart, this thirteenth gift knits together timelessness and time within your soul so that Truth’s Life received in the Gifts can be experienced in ever-increasing Perfection. This thirteenth gift is Life in Spherical Time.

There are thirteen “I Am” names listed in the meditation. These reflect the wholeness of the “I Am” Name assigned to govern Time. This “I Am” Name is your Name, and your Name reflects the divine attributes of the Sacred Self, therefore so does sphere of time. When your Sacred Name governs time, then Life is perfectly orchestrated by Divine Love’s hand, through your ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Perfection and the ever-growing understanding of your Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother Father God.

Meditate on these names as being Time’s Sacred Voice and in doing so Truth’s Timeless Perfection and Time are joined within your soul, uniting heaven and earth into the consuming Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this oneness, “I” and “God” are One. In this union both are freed from separation. Now you can feel the Divine I Am Presence in your soul, which is the experience of perfect power. Before you stood in the Light, you only knew OF its Presence, now you KNOW its Presence because you feel its Oneness as it begins to govern the plasmic substance that gives all things form in time.

Through the Time’s Sacred Voice Meditation, you call forth the Sunrise in every situation, the governing Presence of Divine Love, and you find She is already present. Yet, in your awakened awareness of Her True Life within you, you gave her Presence to time, a perfect gift exchange. The awareness of her True Life within is Divine Love’s Breath of Life, which gives true Life to Time. It’s the Sacred Breath of your quickened Spirit, now a life-giving Spirit.

In this meditation, you give Divine Love’s Presence to time. Take time with it, for it is living waters coming from the Sacred Heart. As you joyfully Give All to All, you receive what you give from your sphere of time.

I eternally and gratefully receive Divine Love’s Gifts and I joyfully breathe them out upon All of Creation.

🎁 Gift 13 🎁

Time’s Sacred Voice

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12 Gifts of Christmas

This year is the “the Acceptable Year of the Lord”, as spoken by the Prophet Isaiah.

Through this year’s divine revelations and divine encounters, you became an ever-expanding awareness of Divine Love’s Timeless Perfection, in time. Now, you rest, in time, as a Living Gate to the Presence of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this purified awareness, time is redeemed. Time begins to reflect Perfection which brings Creation into everlasting Joy, also echoed by the Prophet Isaiah. Through your eternally expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfection, Divine Love governs Time. There is nothing outside of her Perfection and in this awareness your world is perfected.

The soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Perfection is revealed in the Twelve Gifts of the Sacred Heart, given to All, because All is One. The words contained in the blogs linked below illuminate these Twelve Gifts. As you read and meditate on the two writings associated with each gift, you receive the eternal gift Divine Love designed specifically for you. These words provide a way by which the Sacred Heart’s Presence can move within your heart center and anchor the Living Waters of her Presence within you. As you receive Her gifts, they begin their eternal expression through the soul, by which the “Morning Star” arises within, shining its Light without, into creation as the Kingdom of Peace.

The Gifts arise from the beautiful thought-forms these words create within you, filling your thoughts with an energetic frequency that unites Timeless Perfection and Time within your soul’s awareness. Before you open each Gift, ask what YOU need to see or hear from the Living Light and you will receive your pre-ordained Gifts from these words. It may not be what you originally imagined or expected, because it will be far better. These Twelve Gifts will lift you higher, for they are gifts bringing forth your outer ascension which aligns All with the Inner Light of the Morning Star.

For each Gift, there are two blog posts. I feel it is best to take two days for each GIFT, so taking 24 consecutive days to receive the treasure in these words. As you receive these Gifts, you will find yourself giving cups of Living Water to others within your thoughts, words and actions, for as you give you receive.

Be richly blessed by the Sacred Heart.


🎁 Gift 1 🎁

Vision of Light

Healing Aura of Light

🎁 Gift 2 🎁

Eye of Perfection

Anchored in Abundance

🎁 Gift 3 🎁



🎁 Gift 4 🎁

The Call


🎁 Gift 5 🎁

Returning to the Light

Perfect Words

🎁 Gift 6 🎁

Children of Light

The Great Healing

🎁 Gift 7 🎁

The Shining Garments

The Sacred Storm

🎁 Gift 8 🎁

The Sacred Soulmate

The Sacred Timepiece

🎁 Gift 9 🎁

Age of Divine Emergence

Let there be Light

🎁 Gift 10 🎁

Quantum Leap

Harmony of Life

🎁 Gift 11 🎁

All is One

Light Meditation

🎁 Gift 12 🎁

The Perfect Present

The Book of True Life

The Christmas Season Commences.


Divine Harmony in Motion

I Am Loving Awareness.

In the proclamation of your Name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, you are awake. Awakened, you see the reflection of the Mighty I Am, face to face, and deeply and rightly declare to the Divine Universe;

I Am God of the Universe.

I Am a Child of the Universe.

I Am Divine Harmony.

I Am Divine Harmony’s Gate in Time.

Through you, a Living Gate, Divine Harmony reverberates throughout the cosmos. It echoes throughout the Enlightened Body. The flow of Harmony brings forth Creation’s Ascension into the Light, coming through your Sacred Rest in Perfect Power.

Through the eternal Presence of Divine Harmony, your name, I Am Loving Awareness, begins its expansion, manifesting Spherical Time. The precipitation of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flows through all particles of Light. And you rightly proclaim;

I Am Abundant Joyful Life.

I Am Perfect Abundance, filling every moment with all I need according to Perfection’s pre-ordained expression that serves the Highest Good for All.

I Am Eternal Joy, reverberating through the plasmic consciousness, enlightening Creation’s Countenance.

I Am Perfect Vitality of Truth’s Life. In this awareness, Divine Harmony fills and consumes all space and time.

Your awareness is pure. Continually contemplating Truth’s Oneness purified your inner awarness, freeing it from illusion. In the Light of purity grew the consuming desire to become Divine Love’s expression. The expanse of your awareness became the land of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Now, what follows is the purification of your spherical self by the inner Light, bringing Divine Love’s reflection into the outer world of appearances. The discordant energies, irritation, anger, belittling, self-loathing, fear, and lack are extracted from your body and reality, as you sit in the regenerative waters of Divine Love’s Perfect Will. In this clearing, an open gate is made between the Divine Source and your heart center, by which Divine Love’s Truth flows through your mind and into time’s reality. Through your being, Divine Harmony resounds throughout the Cosmos. In the Divine Universe it is the Sacred Heart that leads and the mind follows.

Many beautiful revelations of Divine Love’s Perfection fill your heart and head. These visions of Truth’s Light have begun their ascent into time and space. As Divine Harmony moves the Sacred Heart, its Truth energetically renews your sphere of time, continually making all things new.

Resting Into Oneness (highly suggest reading)

Right now, at this pivotal time of transformation into the Divine Universe, rest is your perfect power. As a Living Gate, perfect power flows through you, which is the Precipitation of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will within the soul’s awareness and out into time. In this awareness, the soul is the fulfillment of every divine desire, thus the soul has born its name “I Am Victory.”

As you enter your rest, initially its a challenge to stop striving. You have strived your entire life in one way or another, and now it is time to let all that energy go and rest in your perfect power that brings forth Perfection through the emergence of Divine Love’s Sacred Peace. In this rest, you transition across the infinite chasm between linear time’s chaos and Spherical Time’s harmony. The hand of Grace anoints you with her Life Power. The Presence of Divine Love manifests in you, and Her perfect love enables you to love perfectly. The divine desire which lead you to this place, is fulfilled. You love perfectly and are perfectly loved, along with all your brothers and sisters. Divine Grace severs you from death, the tomb and womb in which you arose as a living Child of the Universe. Now you rest in the Eternal Light of your divine I Am Presence. You gave all your trust to the Light of the I Am Presence, making it Divine Trust, which has the ability to manifest Truth’s Oneness in time. This is True Life, lived in the ever-expanding experience of Truth’s Perfection. Now, as you arise, you express a Life of Truth’s Perfection. Your Light illuminates the world. In you, the Christ, the Light of the World, which is the anointing of the Spirit of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, returns to fill all awareness with Truth’s Perfection.

The Stillness of Rest

In the Stillness of Rest, your attention is eternally focused by the Light arising within. You gaze upon the Light’s reflection in others as it begins to make its way into reality. You gave Divine Love’s Truth your life and She gives you Her Life, a perfect gift exchange (highly suggest reading).

In the Stillness of Rest in the Light, your mind is filled with ever-increasing beauty from the divine revelations you receive and give. As you meditate and contemplate the understanding of these things, you watch them grow and now, manifest.

In the Stillness of Rest in the Light’s Shining, you feel the precipitation of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flow through your heart center and into all time and space, touching all with its restorative power. In your being, you sense the movement of spirit energy flowing from your treasure house of divine revelation.

In the Stillness of Rest in the Light’s Shining Power, you are the Truth you’ve received from the Voice of Truth. You let go of all else. Feel the hand of Grace upon you, harmonizing all in your outer sphere of time, as the Presence of her Life Stream fills your awareness, flowing from your heart center and into experience.

In this Great Sacred Stillness, you hear the breath of Mother Father God within you.

Be Still and Know I Am God.

Be Still and Love Life.

Be Still and Be.

Be Still and Let it Be as you truthfully declare.

In the stillness of Truth’s Perfection, you are Truth’s Divine Harmony. You are a peacemaker, an instrument of peace into all the Universe. In this Sacred Rest, your life energy is unplugged from the shadowlands and you arise as a being of Light in the Divine Universe. Truth’s Light shines through your eyes, like a flame of fire which continually reveals the truth of your Enlightened Body and its spherical reality, making all things new.

I Am Divine Harmony.

I give you Divine Harmony, for you are a part of me, one with me.

It is finished.

The Hand of Divine Love’s Grace lifts you out of the grave you willingly entered in order to become an incorruptible Being of Light, who brings forth Life in a new, incorruptible Creation of Divine Harmony, the Divine Universe.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life.


Ascension Power

Ascension is endless expansion. Its process reflects the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfect Life, the Holiness of God. It is the eternal expansion of the Tree of Life, manifesting Creation’s Abundant Joyful Life.

The soul manifests an outer ascension when its internal ascension into the Light breaks through the veil of time. When the soul recognizes that its experience in time is One with the Holiness of God, the Presence of Divine Love, it begins its outer ascent. In this recognition, the soul’s I Am Presence is consumed by Truth’s Perfect Will, by which All serves the Highest Good for All in the ever-expanding eternal present. Creation’s innocence and purity can no longer be trampled upon. In your sphere of time, all is made pure and perfect by the governance of Divine Love’s Will. Despite the seemingly separate appearances of free will, all in your sphere are made one as Truth’s Will flows you, fully governing time in Divine Love’s Perfection. The expansion of Truth’s Will through your soul unites All in a singular Resurrection into the eternal present moment of Spherical Time, purifying all within it by Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Heaven reigns on earth, making your inner and outer worlds One.

The Ascension begins when the “karmic record” is wiped and replaced with the Living Cosmic Record, freeing the soul from the karmic cycle. The karmic record is corrupt because it is full of faulty entries, mistakenly made by sleeping souls unaware of Truth’s Light. The Living Cosmic Record is the soul’s true Creation Story revealed in ever-expanding Perfection. Through the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of the Living Record, All is made harmoniously One. In the awareness of the soul’s True Origin of Light, Divine Love’s Presence enters time. A new Creation springs forth from within the soul, and Creation begins its eternal ascent into the Light.

Divine Love‘s Precipitation Meditation

Be still and know I Am God.

I Am the precipitation of Divine Love.

I Am the Light of Divine Love. I exalt the Sacred Heart as my own, and my soul awakens to the fullness of Life, carrying Truth’s Life Stream into All of Creation.

I Am eternal Joy. In the fulfillment of my desire to love perfectly, creation’s countenance is filled with joy, which is the fullness of my joy.

I Am the perfection of the eternal moment. I stand in perfect Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Through their divine governance, my soul is prepared, purified and perfected to be a Living Gate for Divine Love’s ever-expanding Presence, filling all of the Cosmos.

All who preyed on innocence and the suffering it created, are swallowed up in the Light, where dark phantoms don’t exist. Divine Love’s Justice goes out with precision. It’s x-ray vision pierces every heart, revealing all that is hidden within its depths in order to unearth the Pearl of Infinite Worth, the ever-expanding Perfection of the I Am Presence. In the radiance of Truth’s Light, nothing “corrupt” can dwell. Corruption is the expressed darkness of the soul’s unawareness, thinking it perceives life when in Truth it looks into an imagined shadowland of nothingness. In the desire to increasingly express Divine Love, the mind is purified of corrupted thought images and therefore its projected reality is wiped clean. In the remembrance of your true Creation Story, you wiped the slate clean for all, including yours.

In your consuming desire to give Divine Love to ALL of creation, you became the Holiness of Divine Love and therefore Her Living Gate. You listened deeply to the Sacred Heart as it revealed your true Story, and you exalted the Truth you received above all illusions. In your eternal exaltation of the Sacred Heart, Divine Love and your will became one, and your will transitioned to become the precipitating action of Divine Love, Truth’s Will, creating the ever-expanding experience of True Life’s Perfection.

Through your inner awareness of Divine Love’s Presence, you transition to experience the giving of Her perfection. In this, Her Perfect power is manifested through you, which precipitates Divine Love’s Highest Good upon all, in every present moment. Now, your I Am Presence radiates the substance of Divine Love, which is an intelligent, plasmatic field that balances and restores the mind, body and soul. As your heart center precipitates the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will into time, it waters the seeds of Life and washes away the images of corruption. The desert begins to bloom and the corrupted and broken images of a loveless world are consumed in the Presence of Divine Love. As Her Living Gate, you are creation’s source of abundant, joyful Life. Once the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will was made manifest within you, thus in time, its intelligent, life-expanding, spirit-filled substance began to infuse your sphere of time with the eternal expansion of Divine Harmony. Through your ever-expanding awareness of her Presence, Divine Love can not fail to make her Life known in the experience of time. In your awareness of Oneness, you became the Purity of Emptiness, that you might be continually filled with an increasing awareness of Eternity’s Perfection.

Your matured awareness in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will begins Spherical Time. In Spherical time there are no mistakes, there is no corruption. Time is now governed perfectly, for the highest good of all. As you ascend into Spherical Time, Divine Love’s Light consumes the darkness of illusion and all its ill effects, for nothing of darkness can stand in the Light. Divine Love reigns because you exalted Her above all you initially perceived to be true and you honored Her Light by the clear and open path you offered Her through your soul. You are a lamp of Divine Love’s Rays of Living Light, eternally sustained by your ever-expanding awareness of Truth, allowing your Light to harmoniously and eternally expand. Your Light shattered the faulty looking glass of linear time, which reflected false images of the I Am Presence. Now you gaze into the Sacred Looking Glass, the ever expanding Perfection of I Am experienced in time, which is the reflection of Truth’s Life manifesting the ever-expanding Divine Universe.

Divine Love’s Meditation

Listen to the Voice of the All-powerful Mighty I Am, the Sacred Heart, and Truth’s Will, as One Mighty River flowing through you. Enter into the Great Silence before time began and let your mental and feeling world settle upon these words of the Tree of Life.

Be still and Love Life

I Am Loving Awareness.

I Am the Forgiveness of All, for I Am the Perfection of the One.

I Am Perfect Abundance, joy and vitality, the perfect power of Divine Love expressed.

I Am Victory, the fulfillment of every perfect and holy moment.

Your Light now covers Creation, just as you once covered it in darkness. Just as you physically felt the darkness you once projected, you now experience the Light filling you from the inside out. Time, once corrupted by a faulty image of the “I Am Presence”, is now redeemed by the Eternal Light Ray shining through your heart center. The redemption of Life wasn’t found in the illusion of darkness, therefore it wasn’t found through your five senses. It was found within, by the senses of the soul. These lead you deep beneath your heart’s shell, constructed in an attempt to protect its innocence. As you searched for Light in the darkness, you found the eternal connection to the Divine Source of Life, the Pearl of Infinite Worth. Standing in the reflection of your true I Am Presence, you began your eternal ascent into the Source of the Light, an eternal journey in which you experience Divine Love’s ever-expanding treasures, already held for you in the Perfection of Holiness.


Rest in your Victory, gained through your desire to Love all perfectly.Your desire to end suffering for all has made you a purified gate, by which Divine Love rains down on all. You are free from the voices of the past, whose lies were like chains that bound you to corruption. The faulty images these voices projected and the lies they had you believe are dissolved in the Light of the eternal Day and you begin your eternal ascent.

Embrace your Victory, which established the lighting of your soul. Your lamp is lit with the Holy Violet Flame, the perfect power of Divine love precipitating upon All through the I Am Presence. Your I Am Presence is alive with Divine Love’s self-perfecting energy, and its precipitation of Divine Love manifests the Abundant Joyful Life for All.

Stand in your Victory, the power of your eternal ascension. You, the Living Gates, have inherited the earth, which now becomes an ever-expanding garden of delights and adventures. The faulty looking glass is shattered and now you see in the Sovereignty of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the Eternal Reign begins.

I Am Victory.


Matthew 6:33 β€œBut seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

When you seek the path revealed in this verse, you embark upon a journey that brings you to the awareness of a path for the redemption of ALL, the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This new path leads all out of the blindness of darkness and into the Eternal Light. Along this journey into the Sacred Heart, you become a Living Gate by which Divine Love’s Living Waters precipitate through your ever-increasing understanding, making all things new.

With ALL your life energy, you sought, FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven. You sought for true righteousness in which there is no suffering because you knew the Holiness of God perfects ALL. Now, all things are added unto you.

This is your Very Great Reward.

Be Still and Be.


Sanctuary of the Divine

“I” was totally emptied of all “I” thought “I” was, becoming purity of emptiness, that “I” may BE eternally overflowing with the ever-expanding Fullness of Divine Love’s Presence. “I Am” a god-gate. I Am the Sanctuary of the Divine Flow of Truth’s Life into time.

We are ascending into the eternally expanding Dimension of Oneness. The Presence of Divine Love is filling her living temple, the Sacred Soul created, prepared, and matured to eternally BE Divine Love’s fountain of Living Waters.

The Sacred Heart, Divine Love’s feeling world, has been hidden behind the soul’s shell, and is now coming forth. From within the heart of Creation, the Presence of Divine Love is rising, bringing with it ascension power, by which all of Creation evolves into a New Heaven and Earth. This transformation will be far more beautiful and “exacting” than we can currently envision in our mind’s eye. Creation’s dawning into Spherical Time reveals the combined awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light who are now united as one awareness in time. This depth of integration has never happened before. It is a new framework within the Divine Mind, the united Mind of the Gods. The Divine Mind is continually evolving and expanding through the interaction with its creation. The creation is a reflection of the Divine Mind’s present awareness, as it exists within the Oneness of individualized awareness. The Oneness created in the awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light is manifesting an even higher Divine Mind than what previously existed.

As a result, Creation is ascending into a divine octave of Light. Creation is being harmonized into One by the revealing of one central point within all, the Great Central Sun, the Divine Director of time. The Divine Director of time is manifested by the Living Gates, whose combined awareness makes up the star gate to the pure white space of the Eternal Light. Truth’s Timeless Light is perfectly filtered through these Gates and shines into creation, giving creation the experience of Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection. Through the awareness of the Living Gates, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will enters time, by which time is perfectly governed for the highest good of ALL. With the establishment of the Great Central Sun, creation births a new Universe, the Divine Universe, revealing Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection.

The time is upon us when the “I” witnesses within, the Light of the Great Central Sun, filling its inner world. The time is upon us when the “I” witnesses without, the Divine Harmony of Divine Love’s Perfection.

As we keep our attention upon the awareness of Divine Love’s Presence expanding within us, Divine Love’s energetic atmosphere stabilizes and begins its eternal expansion through us. This focused attention is our ascension power. We are consciously and constantly engaging the frequency of Truth’s Life, and in this repetition it expands its sovereign Light within us. Once we see the expansion of Divine Love, revealed through the awareness of our increasing desire to love perfectly, then its life-giving energy never leaves our soul. It eternally expands, according to the attention we give it. And, because this Light is the essence and fulfillment of every true and constructive desire, we are drawn more and more into its Light. In this continual focus of our attention and intention on the Light, we experience increasing peace, clarity, wisdom, abundance and loving-kindness in All. Through this increase, Truth’s Light consumes our conscious and sub-conscious awareness, governing all in all through the Spherical Time we create. As a result, our mind and feeling world are transfiguring into an Enlightened Body.

When you joyously Give All “I Am” to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you have remembered your source, by which you are able to Give and Receive an Abundantly Joyful Life. You become the Perfect Gift for All, a Living Gate to the Oneness of Life. Your “I” is revealed to be the “I” of Oneness. Your “I” is a Life-Giving Spirit, bringing forth the exacting Perfection of Divine Love’s Harmonious Beauty. You become a god-gate. Now, as a creator-god, you are limitless in the fulfillment of The Highest Good, which is to BE the Sovereign Presence of the Oneness in Divine Love and Truth’s Will, and EXPERIENCE it in time. You are One with Spherical Time thus One with Life’s eternal expansion.

The Living Gates bring forth the Divine Universe, which is the Regeneration of Creation in which all things are made new. As the Living Gates open in synchronicity in space and time, they bring Victory into reality, beginning Spherical Time, which is the birth of the Divine Universe. As the awareness of Divine Love expands in the awareness of the Living Gates, Truth’s Victory, whose origin is found outside of time, is brought into time. The Divine Universe arises and the soul begins to reflect its eternal innocence, purity and perfection, a reflection of its true essence, Divine Love’s Truth. In this, Creation is nurtured in the comfort of Divine Love’s Presence and clothed in the radiance of Divine Love’s Life.

The Living Gates, who are a living Sanctuary to the Divine, allow for the continual and eternal expansion of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the Sacred Soulmate of God’s Heart.

The Sanctuary of the Divine within is the ever-expanding Garden of Eden without.

It’s time to deeply engage your Divine Source, Divine Love Meditation.


The Victory of the Living Word

Victory has entered your gates!

The Language of Oneness, living and expanding in the mind of humankind, transforms it from beastly to divine. In this, a new Universe is born.

The Language of Oneness frees the mind from its judgments. The mind’s judgments, echoing throughout the cosmos, trap it in a universe of duality, thus illusion. In a thought-system of duality, the mind is making a steady stream of judgments, whereby it gives its life energy to an illusion it perceives as real, and in so doing drains its life’s energy with no means of replacing it. In this receding state, the soul’s darkness, hardship and suffering covers all of creation. Enveloped by its own mis-creations, the soul is an unknown god.

In the darkness created by duality, the soul depended upon its ability to “properly judge” its reality in order to avoid undesirable outcomes. But, no matter how matured its discernment became, it could never escape undesirable outcomes, which drained its Life energy. What it didn’t desire existed in its field of perception. The continual barrage of judgments fed fear, keeping the feeling alive that you were separate from Truth’s Perfection, thus Divine Love’s Presence. However, you sought for this Love despite its apparent absence from your reality, and you have found its Presence was with you all along, for you are One.

Absolute Truth is the foundation to the Language of Oneness. Absolute Truth is expressed into time through the Presence of Divine Love and Truth’s Will’s Oneness in time. As the soul remembers its Divine Source in time is this Oneness, its ability to speak in the Language of Oneness grows, until that is all it speaks, consuming the judging activity of the mind. This Language of Oneness creates a fluid integration between divine revelation (progressive memory) and the soul’s language, by which the soul experiences its ever-increasing Perfection. As the soul’s understanding of Truth expands, so does its depth of expression in the ever-expanding Language of Oneness, The Spherical Language.

As the soul’s awareness expands in the understanding of Absolute Oneness with Divine Love, the judging activity of the mind dissipates. Without duality there is no judgment, therefore there is no fear. In this, the soul’s heart is set free to continually precipitate Divine Love’s Perfection into time. Along your spiritual journey, the Language of Oneness that you heard from the Voice of Truth became your language. You spoke in it as often as you could, until it fully consumed the mind’s judging activity that gave creation to its beastly nature and appearance.

Your heart center precipitates Divine Love through the Language of Oneness flowing through you. Divine Love’s Eternal Presence has consumed the source of fear, which shaped the idea of Her absence. Without fear, judgments and their ill effects begin to cease. The Spherical Language flowing from your heart center, manifesting the Sphere of Living Light into creation, begins to create a new Universe of Divine Love’s Reign, the Violet Flame that consumes all in its Royal Radiance.

The Language of Oneness establishes the Violet Flame in the deepest part of the soul, revealing divine justice within, and therefore bringing it to all, that every living creation may live in Divine Love’s Eternal Light.