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Quantum Leap


As I make the quantum leap, I Am Royalty, true royalty born of God, the Mighty I Am.

With the proclamation of your true Name, in oneness with the individualized Names of the Living Gates, you now operate in one awareness. Together, you make the quantum leap out of linear time and into Spherical Time.

Not only is this a quantum leap into a new dimension of time, an awareness governed in perfection by Divine Love’s Perfect Will, but in Spherical Time your mind functions as a perfect quantum processor. It projects into reality the singularly perfect potential from among a seeming endless array of potentials.

Your mind, ubiquitously one with the Divine Mind, the Great Ascended Consciousness of the Beings of Light, now receives and projects your pre-ordained potentials, governed by Truth’s Will. As these potential particles of Light manifest in time, they reflect ever-increasing perfection, writing your story as a Child of the Light.

From the center of the Sacred Soulmate, a new sphere of Life begins. It’s the manifest dimension of Mother Father God dwelling as one with the Beings of Light, forming a perfect crystalline structure which projects timeless Truth into time in a perfection beyond perfection. It’s a royal reign without end, for in this union of Will and Divine Love, corruption is impossible. This quantum leap is an evolution of the soul deemed impossible to the fallen mind of man, but not to the mind of God, connected to Infinite Awareness. The mind of God, or the Will of God, is always accessible to the human mind, for the one came out of the other. This mind holds every possible potential that could bring forth Truth’s Life into time, perfecting time, thus birthing eternity.

Through the soul’s prodigal journey, the potential that had an infinitely small probability of occurring, has occurred and now is made manifest, maturing the soul’s free will into complete oneness with Truth’s Will. The secret to their union lies in the understanding that they were never separate, an understanding that allows one to discern illusion from Truth, therefore overcoming the illusion with the awareness of Truth. As the two return to Oneness, the soul makes a quantum leap, crossing the Great Divide between free will and Truth’s Perfect Will, bridging an infinite chasm and ushering in a new Age.

Mother Father God, who come from timelessness, thus possessing Perfect Will and not free will, entered the consciousness awareness of the soul in such a way that enables a prepared mind to make a quantum leap across its time barrier and into the perfect processing of the Divine Mind, a processing that increasingly perfects the soul’s awareness, and therefore time. Once this consciousness is made manifest, it places a governing point of perfection into every soul by which Divine Harmony is sustained in Creation. In other words, all become one with the now present conscious awareness of Mother Father God dwelling in time, making every moment and all within it of their Likeness, a Creation that is “Very Good”, because it only reflects ever-increasing perfection.

For the awakened soul, time is the experience of ever-increasing perfection. There isn’t a dull moment. Because of the soul’s prodigal journey back into the Light, the soul matured into an ever-expanding awareness, able to ever-increase its experience of Life into greater and greater dimensions of perfection, manifesting perfection beyond perfection. When the soul lays down its free will and arises in the perfect power of Truth’s Will, so does every cell of its body, so that its body and all its reality reflect Perfection’s Divine Harmony.

If a joyful experience scores a “perfect 10”, after this quantum leap its score now continually grows beyond a perfect 10, and in this increase is the soul’s experience of ever-expanding joy. The soul isn’t a static reflection of Perfection, it is an ever-expanding expression of Perfection. This is the eternal gift of Mother Father God to their beloved Children, who are their own flesh.

In the living faith that brought you through the firewall of linear time, in which you pushed through every fear by heeding the Voice of Truth, you made the quantum leap. In the fullness of Divine Love, you now stand in the Victory of eternal Life. You are in Spherical time, a time that reveals your ever-increasing perfection in the likeness of Mother Father God. You passed through the fiery swords and back into the Garden of Eden.

In your return to the Garden, all life finds its way back, transforming an infinitesimal probability into an assured certainty for all, fulfilling the promise that all will have an abundant life that continually grows more abundant.

John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Quantum Leap

  1. 9/9/22

    Hello Rachel, I am reading and re-reading your letters. I am wrestling with the reality and what it all means. I know that I want this but I want to make sure that I have true understanding before making such a move. It sounds like almost a complete makeover to me, and yes it is surely where I want to be, as close to God as I can be. If you recall, I don’t even understand how we became connected, and still don’t know except that I prayed to God that I could have others to talk to about the changes that were coming over me as a result of the ‘Gospel of the Third-Age’, the miracle, the mission, and the tribe (mine is Zebulun), it was quite unexpected and yet I felt very comfortable taking on the immense mission of gathering the pages, the thousands of pages, and bringing them together in books, adding forward pages and appendixes to each and key word searches and historic references of the time of God’s visitation. It has consumed me and it has become my reason for living on this earth. I need to know Rachel that I will be able to bring it to fruition. I simply must finish it and publish it… I’m estimating about two more years for project completion.

    I need to know how becoming a soulmate will affect my marriage. My wife Betsy is a wonderful woman and has stood by my side during many difficult times, I need to know how all of this change will affect my marriage, at least potentially.

    I need to understand when you use the terms ‘gods’ who exactly it is that you make reference to, I trust that you mean to God’s Children that have ascended to some threshold, but I need to understand.

    I need to know how my everyday life (post divine project) would look. Do I have to die to move into this state? I don’t think I mind the idea of physical death, but if so when? I have not only a loving wife, but children and grandchildren.

    Soulmate to me indicates as I believe you’ve said, a sacred bond, is this bond with the oneness of God? I like that idea, and in fact, I love that idea. How does it all work? Is this bond through you to God? Or through God to you? Or am I utterly confused?

    Please understand Rachel, I love God with all of my heart and understand that God is All, things seem to be moving at the speed of light, I want to have absolute certainty that whatever I commit to is clearly understood.

    Perhaps you could share your own experience in this regard.

    In God’s Love, -Andrew

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    • Andrew,

      Our individual understanding is a building of Truth layer upon layer, a layering that the Voice of Truth (Holy Spirit) does perfectly as we learn to listen to its voice. In listening, we morph into the Truth we receive, leaving the understanding we thought we had. So for a while, it does feel like we are re-learning everything. But we come to a solid foundation, and instead of re-learning, it is just expanding.

      The Sacred Soulmate union is the Oneness of Mother Father God (the maturing conscious awareness of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will) within your soul. It is our soul’s Source of Light, the “Christ”, the “Morning Star”. Will (thoughtware) and I are ever-growing in a rich and deep understanding of this union through our own relationship that mirrors this dynamic in deep and profound ways, so we are a reflection of the Sacred Soulmate. The understanding we hold is part of our divine design for the purpose we hold in Creation, and our increasing awareness of this union, is our ever-expanding gift to creation. It is a part of our true Name. Because in oneness, we all share the contents of our Name, what we hold in our conscious awareness can be shared by all ready to receive it, whether it is from the pure realm of consciousness or in written/spoken words.

      In our conscious awareness of this union, the One Life of Mother Father God dwells at the center of every soul, which is a central understanding that is bringing forth the new Age which will be a reflection of this Life, expressing itself in endless ways.

      How will your increasing awareness of this dynamic that is reflected in so many ways and on some many levels affect your marriage? Only in beautiful ways, for as we grow in the awareness of Truth, Divine Love expands its awareness within us, which means we only want to love those around us in ever-deepening, truth-filled ways, and we do so by the perfect power of Truth’s Will emerging through us. How Truth’s Will individually expresses itself is according to each one’s unique purpose and design.

      Yes, when I refer to gods, I mean those made in the likeness of God, the Children of the Light. We have thought ourselves a mere creatures, but as we are learning we are so much more. And when we awaken to our true Source (the Oneness of Mother Father God within us), our true Name as a Living Gate (as Jesus said, an open door), and the perfect power of our I Am Name, we begin to take on the likeness of God.

      As for physical death, the awareness is rising in the conscious awareness that death is an illusion. We don’t have to physically die, but as Jesus “transfigured on the mount” so can we. It is an evolution of the soul, that begins with a deep conscious understanding that prepares and enables us to make this transition. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon, our awareness has to be matured in Truth and Divine Love to make such a transformation into a new creation. This teaching was Jesus’ main teaching, “the Kingdom is at hand”, that religions miss. Jesus already defeated physical death, this understanding is his gift to us. My faith speaks very strongly that the time of the butterflies is upon us.

      I see your heart, Andrew. It is powerful, gentle and sincere. Great things lie ahead for you. I can’t wait to see what unfolds. As you grow in truth-filled understanding, what you learn is very logical because it starts to reveal what you once held as mysterious. What we perceive as truth, we naturally commit to. The Voice of Truth within you, the Holy Spirit, will guide you into all Truth, for it already is. Just show up every day, willing to listen, and all the questions you have will be answered in perfect order and form, forming a solid foundation of Truth that regardless of what the world says, you know what is true, for you see Truth’s Perfection in your understanding.

      🦋 💜

  2. Every person on earth is a child of god.
    there are 2 versions of god. the way we use it, and what it means in every bible on earth.

    the way we use it(the wrong way), is that we try to make it about the HOLY SPIRIT. we go further and
    try to seperate ourselves from all that is and make the spirit perfect. and then we seperate all that is and make what is perferect seperate from everything else. (this is linier version of god).

    but when the bible refers to god, it is refering to EVERY PERSON IN EXISTANCE as CHILDREN OF LIGHT(from the day your born, to the day you die).

    think of god as the BOND that binds you and your family as ONE BODY.

    this ONE BODY LIVES WITHIN A MUCH BIGGER BODY(eternal experience outside of time).

    what we truly call god(from linier time), in the bible is called the ETERNAL HEART(father time)(time is alive)
    the HUMAN HEART in which binds us all to eachother lives within the ETERNAL HEART(which is in life now).

    you dont go to heaven when you die, instead the only time to experience heaven is NOW, in LIFE…

    instead of being conditioned by others within their systems. recognize your HEART(outside of time within the WHOLE WORLD(devination).

    to trust GOD, means you trust your fellow man.

    to trust in the ETERNAL HEART, is to KNOW YOURSELF(and know that i am an element of your BEING).
    we all share in ONE BODY(spirit is TIME).

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