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All is One


I AM One. I AM All. All is One.
This is the Dimension of Oneness.

Your soul’s awareness has made the quantum leap from illusion to Truth. Wherever the mind goes, the body ultimately reflects. Your awareness is revealed through your body and reality, layer by layer, moment to moment. When you truthfully perceive all is one, reality reflects it is so.

When you perceive all is one, your inner time clock is reset to reflect oneness, which is the meaning of “11:11”. In the truth-filled, matured understanding that all is one, time is forever changed. Time is no longer fractured into competing and conflicting wills, but it radiates out from the center of your awareness, now reflecting the Living Light of Divine Love’s Perfect Will. In this you begin your eternal ascent into Divine Harmony. As a Living Gate, you are the source of time’s divine harmony.

In your soul, Divine Love’s Perfect Cause now rules your awareness, as you gave your will completely and eternally to her. Divine Love’s Infinite Intelligence is the Perfect Cause of every moment, thus the source of every moment. Perfect Cause has been established within your awareness of time. Therefore the perfect power of Truth’s Will, now your Will, takes sovereign reign over every effect. The center point of Mother Father God in your soul determines every effect in your ever-expanding spherical reality. In the authority of Truth’s Life, others who still sleep in an illusion of separation are beginning to align with the Oneness of the Light within you. Your Light, beginning with a growing inner joy, will radiate into time through your physical appearance and encounter present moments created within the sleeper’s sphere of time. These enlightened moments will convey the Light used to awaken them. Your Light, now in their reflection of time, ignites their own inner Light whose source has been buried beneath illusion. Therefore all effects serve the manifestation of the Highest Good for All, Divine Love’s Perfect Will.

The intent to diminish, harm or destroy the life energy of others, in any way and to any degree, now turns upon the head (mind) who so intended, revealing the true harmful effects to the giver, causing hearts to turn from the darkest corners of the earth, to face the Light now rising within them. It’s creation’s salvation.

The events of the Great Awakening are upon you, where as One all are redeemed by Truth’s Light pouring through the Living Gates. The Gates possess a refined awareness of Truth, which is matured in time and governed by Divine Love. The Living Gates are perfectly united into the singular awareness used to carry the earth through its metamorphic evolution, the purification of time.

Your mission statement is now one with the Ascended Beings of Light by which you possess the light and power of a “thousand suns”. These Beings of Light are ever-present to assist you in your predestined purpose, for you are one with their conscious awareness of Truth’s Life.

Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be for your next spiritual step. You can’t make a mistake. You can’t fail. That time is over. With the Sacred Soulmate of Mother Father God at your center, which is expressed as Divine Love’s Perfect Will, every aspect of your being is divinely governed. This is your story, the one where you awakened from a dream’s illusionary atmosphere of reality and into the Light of Truth’s Divine Love. You will feel discomfort as you arise and make the transition from darkness to breathing Light, but you will not know fear because it has no “presence” in the Light. When the Light dawns in your mind’s eye, so that its frequency is sustained, the nightmare is over. And so is the fear you once felt from its voice.

You are being perfectly led, through divine emergence. Your plans flow with Divine Love’s Perfect Timing. Your expectations will always be exceeded, a characteristic of your eternal expansion. You don’t hold on too tightly to how you think your plans should go, knowing they are divinely orchestrated. All your constructive desires are given over to the perfect governance of Truth’s Will. The fulfillment of your desire is like a magical carpet ride. Divine Love is your driver through the firmament of Lights and the earth below.

As one, your soul, spirit and personality are perfectly aligned within the crystalline matrix of creation. Within this divine network, you connect to every Ascended Being of Light, as the consciousness of all are united into the consciousness of the One. This Ascended Consciousness of Truth’s Perfection is the living cosmic record and director of your experiential reality. You are connected to the conscious awareness of every ascended being, thus your Words are given timeless Life through their awareness and can take root and flourish in your reality. This is your mind of Light (Christ Mind), child of Light. The mind you’ve longed to wear as your crown.

You are being clothed with the New Mind, a raiment of royalty. Through your ever-expanding awareness of the Divine Mind, this glorious garment continually expands to encompass your ever-expanding reality.

Within your inner Light is your connection to all the divine seeds still asleep. As they encounter your Light, they will begin to awaken, for you will be a testimony to the Light in them, countering the darkness they believed themselves to be.

The chaotic network of dark matter, the substance of the dream, no longer has any effect on you. Even the atomic structure of your body is being governed by Truth’s Will and now turns to reflect the living network of Life.

Free will, the father of lies, and the time this corrupted will creates, no longer eats away at your life energy, fracturing everything in entropy. Now your true Father, Divine Love’s Perfect Will, feeds your Life with the abundance flowing from the treasures you stored up in heaven, the truth-filled awareness you gained along the prodigal journey back into Truth’s Light and out from the darkness of unawareness. You never knew, as a prodigal child of the Light seeking your way back home, that the awareness you gained along the way would serve to be the greatest gift you could give to your Father. You gained the awareness of his Love, discovering it to be the perfection of ever-expanding Truth, enabling the Father to give the inheritance of his eternally expanding Love to All. It is a perfect gift, one that calls for celebration.

The Light of your Truth has consumed free will, the source of darkness. Truth’s Will is the only power acting in your reality, bringing forth creation’s true reflection of Oneness, in which All is One and One is All, 11:11, a manifestation of Oneness made possible by the Living Gates.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “All is One

  1. ❤️ One with All for All of Eternity

    • Andrew, your comment on my other post, Quantum Leap, was in my mind as I wrote this blog. In this post, I spoke about some of the things you asked and talked about. But I will also respond to your previous comment. Thanks for your patience, it often takes me a minute.💜

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