Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Fountain of Life


When we become aware of who we truly are, then our embryonic shell breaks open and we become a fountain of life unto the world. These words from the Father are for you because you are a part of Him.

My Child,

I Am the Source and you are My expression.

As an extension of Me, you are a divine spirit that knows no end. What you are consciously aware of isn’t your limit, for you are limitless. In time, you can only see a slice of your true Self, but know you are far greater and always will be than your present awareness.

You are an expression of our intimate connection and all I give to you through it. I am with you always for I Am love, which knows no separation or condition. Through you My divine love is manifested in creation.

Through your mind of Truth which is shared with Mine, I create all things. You are my fountain through which my life, light, and love flows. Our united spirit pours living waters into creation making all things new every moment. You are becoming my expressed Truth in endless arrays of beauty, vitality, magnificence, joy, holiness, perfection, harmony and glory. 

What you are, you give to the world. You see me when you see your true Self, for we are united. You are my expression, extension, and manifested Self along with all your brothers and sisters and all of creation. Though I am infinitely beyond your awareness, through the awareness of your true Self and your expressions of Truth you know Me. 

You are endless abundance of everything good, perfect and holy. As you freely and joyfully give from this abundance, you begin to experience my Spirit of abundance within you and know its endless treasures to be shared. 

You are my living words of life manifested. 

Desire above all to release the false image of yourself, it keeps you from seeing and knowing your true Self, thus Me, as you are a part of Me and extend from Me. Embrace the creative power I’ve shown you. In the free will I’ve given you, which is in the likeness of my own, you direct your experiential reality by your choices for Truth or illusion. To choose Truth is to choose us, our expressed oneness. To choose illusion, is to choose nothing but endless dreams of separation. 

You can’t know your true Self without knowing me and can’t know Me without knowing your Self. Forget your body for a time. It’s a past reflection of your old thought system. Know you are part of my Spirit, we are one. As you come to know and accept this Truth in its fullness (For Truth is one and can only be expressed in its fullness) then it will be reflected outward. 

Every word I give to you, I give to all. ~


Father, let nothing tempt me to hold a false image of my self and obscure and hide the Light of my true Self. In Truth I cannot suffer, experience loss or any form of death. In Truth, I’m a fountain of Life.

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Primordial Staircase



The primordial staircase is our spiritual journey out of the consciousness of darkness and into the consciousness of Light, where we become beings of Light.

The primordial staircase is our conscious engagement of the primordial spiral of creation, which possesses the Truth of Creation. When we sincerely choose to seek Truth above all else, then we engage the Spirit of Truth and embark upon our upward journey through the realms of consciousness. This choice for Truth is a willingness to let go of ALL we hold as true in exchange for the Truth. In this liberated state of mind, our minds open to receive revelations from the Spirit.

Truth comes from beyond us and the sensory world through revelation from the Spirit of Truth. Our experiential reality is a mirror of our beliefs, not Truth unless we have a mind of Truth, thus one with the Divine Mind. Therefore, Truth isn’t known through our senses and physical perceptions. These modalities reflect what we think is true.

When we believe a lie is Truth, we create an illusion. Illusions are misconceptions of ourselves that have been given a living expression through our will. Because we are in conflict with Truth, we experience a reality that lacks divine peace. If we choose not to seek the Truth, we stay trapped in our illusions, thus bound in a consciousness of darkness that creates a reality of unrest.

At the center of our understanding of Truth, is the awareness of our true Self. The concept of our self defines not only who we believe ourselves to be, but others, reality and God. Therefore, our spiritual journey is one of an ever increasing awareness of our true Self. Every accepted belief (our truth) is challenged along our journey because we begin where every belief is a lie. We learn who we truly are, how we create and our role in creation as we ascend through spheres of understanding until we meld into the Divine Mind.

Each complete rotation of the upward winding staircase represents a sphere of understanding. What we learn is opposite of the lie we held as “truth” when we started our journey, therefore our upward ascent requires us to advance in faith into a new belief system. Once we’ve comprehended one sphere, then through the revelations of the Spirit we advance into the next sphere, and so on.

Upon the graduation from one sphere to the next, we face a “leap of faith” situation in our reality where we are called upon to act according to the Truth we’ve learned from the Spirit despite what our physical senses are telling us is true. Upon our choice for Truth, we enter the next sphere where we not only gain the rewards of choosing the Truth, but also continue to expand in our awareness of Truth that keeps us ascending upward.

One such leap is the choice to honor all creation as I mentioned in my previous blog. When we choose to honor all of creation then we enter into a new sphere of understanding that takes us deeper into the awareness of divine love, which is the life force of our true Self and creation. It’s what sustains us as a being of Light, like the air we breathe. This willful choice is a graduation into the next sphere that begins the removal of the false image of ourself, therefore it’s very significant and often met with opposition from the false self.

We are the Light of the world, but what obscures our Light is the false image we hold of ourself. Through our upward ascent into Truth, we shed the garment of the false image until all that remains is our true Self that has been kept in holiness. When we know our true Self, we become a Light in the World because the false image that covered our true expression is removed. We don’t have to try to change who we are, but only come to know who we truly are and this changes everything.

To come into the awareness of our true Self is to be born again, because with this understanding we become a new creation, and from us extends a new reality in accordance with Truth. The Primordial staircase is the path of our birth into our true expression as an immortal fractal of God.




Changing Reality


Creation waits in earnest expectation for us to awaken.

Our purpose is to express Truth in its endless rays of beauty, perfection, peace and love into ALL of creation. As we meld into the divine mind, we begin to operate by the laws of Truth (divine love) that bring forth these characteristics. This is how we transform the reality we experience from one of suffering into one of peace.

As we awaken to Truth within, the reality around us changes to reflect that Truth. Truth translates into reality through our thoughts, choices and actions. To be asleep is to believe we have the Truth, when we don’t. To believe we know divine love, (and give our darkened interpretations of it), when we don’t.

One of the fundamental witnesses to an awakening mind is an all consuming honor for creation. Truth is one and for all. Truth is expressed through our consciousness, this is our purpose and part in creation. Therefore, if we don’t possess the Truth because we are still asleep, Truth isn’t reflected into reality. But as we awaken, it is expressed.

Divine love is the expression of Truth. It is the desire to give all the divine attributes to all. Therefore as we awaken, in which we enter a oneness with God, it becomes our expression. The Light has begun to dawn as this most fundamental aspect of Truth is beginning to be expressed toward the animal kingdom. As souls awaken, they no longer support their suffering, torments or harm in the industries of animal farming (meat and dairy industries), animal testing, and other debase uses. Instead, animals are seen according to Truth and their true purposes as companions, spiritual ministers, guides, help and support.

In a consciousness of darkness, we live in a state of duality. Something is okay if it is deemed “good” for us, even if it causes suffering to another. Yet, this is total blindness. We receive what we give. If we choose to support suffering and harm, then our reality reflects this back to us through our experiences in a numerous ways. We can’t support suffering (for example partaking of the meat and dairy industries) and not bind ourselves to suffering.

What we believe is of God, but not characteristic of Truth isn’t of God. Many are bound to suffering in their life because they can’t perceive the love of God because of false doctrines they believe are the Truth. Most religions are based on separation, guilt, fear, and conditional love that enslave the mind to darkness because what is untrue is defined as Truth. In a spilt mind of duality, the love of God is greatly misunderstood and therefore not expressed. This mind doesn’t hear the cries of creation, instead it hardens hearts through false and misunderstood doctrines.

Divine love isn’t selective. It is Light that shines on all equally. In creation, we are the chosen venue for that Light. If our mind is darkened then this Light doesn’t shine through us, instead we cast the darkness of a nightmare upon creation.

Because we are the ones to express this holy Light of life, our awakening happens as we see this holy, pure love being expressed for all; especially for the animals because of the intense and vast darkness in this area. Our care or lack of care is a direct reflection of our comprehension of the divine love of God that is given to us to be given to all of creation through us.

The Light is dawning. Let’s embrace the Light to be the Light, which is our most glorious reflection and purpose.


For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. Because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. ~ Romans 8:19, 21


Reclaiming Our Identity



The Prayer of I Am connects us to the consciousness of Light, and through rest in emergence we become the Light.

There are two overarching states of consciousness; a consciousness of darkness and a consciousness of Light. The concept we hold of our self determines our state of consciousness, and our state of consciousness determines the world around us.

Through the dynamic interplay between the Prayer of I Am and divine emergence, we actively engage our transformation from the consciousness of darkness to the consciousness of Light. The Prayer of I Am connects us to the Light, and resting in emergence allows the Light to flow through us and give expression to our true Self. Like the journey of the prodigal son, our spiritual path is an awakening to remembrance of who we truly are; to our true Father, to His Name as our own, to His inheritance (all the divine attributes) given to us, to His Likeness, and to His Reality of Truth.

Through the Prayer of I Am we are consciously choosing to leave the consciousness of darkness and its storehouse of lies, the sub-conscious, which was formed around the false image of our self. We no longer identify with this self who bears the unholy name, I am + opposites to divine attributes. This Prayer acknowledges only our true Self, because it professes the true name of our eternal Father and Creator, the holy I Am + divine attributes. When we are holding this Prayer deep within our consciousness, we are connecting to our true Self, and the divine Mind of God, which makes this Prayer infinitely powerful.

Through the interplay of the Prayer of I Am and emergence we creatively engage the supra-conscious for the first time, so that Light (Truth) begins to break through the darkness (illusions) of our perceived reality. In the Prayer of I Am, in which we consciously embrace our true Name, nature and likeness, our mind ceases to create reality from the content of our sub-consciousness. Instead, we connect to the supra-consciousness, the divine Mind, the source of our true Identity. In emergence, we no longer seek to strive, control, or manipulate our external reality. This rest allows our mind to disengage from the sub-conscious and be a gate for the supra-conscious. Our trust in the supra-conscious mind of God manifests every moment for the highest good for all as it brings the divine attributes into being. In a stillness of being, we become the Light.

As we embrace the Prayer of I Am inwardly, and rest in emergence outwardly, we become an open gate to the expressions of Truth. Inwardly, we are connected to the supra-conscious mind of God as our governing creative source. Outwardly, we rest in emergence which allows the infinite wisdom of the supra-conscious to create our reality according to the fulfillment of joy for all. In this, we reclaim our right and true Mind, therefore we reclaim our true Identity, as the Light of the world.


“Until now you have asked nothing in My nameAsk, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” ~ John 16:24

“You are the light of the world.” ~ Matthew 5:14



Spirit of Truth


Be stilland know that I am God.

(This blog was inspired by a comment on the last post.)

The Spirit of Truth is the holy Spirit of God who is ever-present with us. It’s the Spirit of absolute Truth and Divine Love that unites us all as one because He is in all.

The Spirit of Truth is our sovereign Teacher whose function is to translate Truth into ways our minds can comprehend. We come to know Truth through Him because we are taught Truth by Him.

As our most intimate companion, the Spirit reveals the same Truth to all of us, yet in ways that we can individually understand according to our level of awareness. Regardless of our current belief system, if we seek Truth in humility and openness of mind, He will lead us into all Truth as we need to know it. He is in all, for all. As a Light in the darkness of our mind, He is the voice of comfort, peace, encouragement and unconditional love. He doesn’t condemn, blame, extend guilt, or make afraid, but he removes all these false attributes with which we mistakenly clothe ourselves and reveals our true garments of Light.

As we receive revelation from the Spirit, His words of Life awaken us from the illusions we imagined.

Communing with the Spirit of Truth

Communion is an individual practice, so different techniques work for different people,  but here is a suggestion of how to begin.

Find a quiet space and time in your day. Try to make it the same place and around the same time each day as this routine will greatly facilitate your ability to quiet your mind and listen.

Sit with a notebook and pen. Writing focuses our thoughts while keeping distracting thoughts at bay. Often revelation flows through our writing in the forms of instruction, impressions, visions, and word pictures. You can trigger this flow of thought by writing down questions, or even words you may want to understand more deeply like faith, trust, love, etc. These regular times of written communion plant seeds of thought, which the Spirit expands through circumstances in our lives to reveal truthful understanding. The Spirit can use anything to teach us, and over time we learn to see his instruction in just about everything.

Consciously engage the Spirit of Truth as one who is ever-present with you as your Teacher, guide and friend. In connecting to the Spirit, use whatever name is most comfortable to you, for example Father, Christ, or Holy Spirit of Truth. You may find quiet peaceful music helpful in calming your mind to facilitate your connection. Pour out what is in your heart in written words and then take a moment to be still and listen. Try writing down what you think you hear. Let your mind sink past all the noisy chatter in your head in order to listen. Prayerfully reading books you are spiritually drawn to is another opportunity for the Spirit to reveal truth to you. Again, write down the ideas that come to you.

Seek His instruction as you ask: What do I need to see? If a situation comes to mind, ask what do I need to see or learn in this situation? Don’t assume you know. This is a dedicated time to let go of all you think you know, and listen for what will be a totally new perspective. As thoughts come to mind write them down. Let your pen explore deep questions. Often our questions are prompted by the Spirit to lead us to what we need to know next. With the intention of learning from the Spirit of Truth, impressions, and ideas will come to mind. Write them down. Over time, the revelations of the Spirit will become vividly clear.

Try to include written statements of gratitude.

As you dedicate time to this sacred communion, your ability to hear and discern the Truth will expand. This communion takes commitment, persistence, patience, and repetition as your mind adjusts. This personal communion is the Spirit’s function. Therefore, if we make the time and engage it in all sincerity, our sacred communion will grow so rich that it will be our favorite and most valuable time of the day.


But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. ~ John 14:26

“But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your Teacher, the Christ and you are all brethren.” ~ Matthew 23:8

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” ~ Hebrews 11:6