Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Multi-dimensional Awareness

Up to this time, the soul’s awareness of Truth has expanded within its inner vision, yet it hasn’t experienced the outer manifestation of Truth, which is an ever-expanding LIFE in spherical time. When the soul perceives the ubiquitous presence of Truth’s Universal Will in oneness with Divine Love fully governing the awareness of its entire spherical self, the soul’s awareness becomes multi-dimensional. In this, the inner timelessness of the soul’s Truth is manifested into the outer realm of time.

When the soul commits to the contemplation of Oneness with a deep focus on the I AM Presence, its awareness expands, giving it the ability to perceive reality according to Truth. Through this contemplation, the soul continually receives divine revelation from the Inner Voice of Truth, a Voice with an awareness always just beyond the soul’s current awareness. From this Inner Voice, the soul’s awareness of Truth increases layer by layer. However, it doesn’t simply expand in a linear fashion so that it perceives more of a singular plane of reality, but it develops the ability to perceive deeper layers of reality within a single present moment, making the soul’s awareness multi-dimensional. It’s a bit like physically seeing reality’s material layer and energetic layers simultaneously.

A New Dimension

Just prior to Truth’s LIFE crossing the threshold from within to without via the soul’s awareness, the soul perceives a new dimension within its awareness. It begins to continually perceive the presence of Divine Love streaming through Truth’s Universal Will as its own will. This significant change in the soul’s awareness alters its perception of reality and consequently the Self’s experience in reality.

Divine Love is one with Truth. In timelessness, it’s like a placid lake residing in a sacred stillness, holding every uncreated moment in a state of Perfection. As it transitions into time, Divine Love knits together the soul’s awareness as a perfectly orchestrated sequence of present moments, creating spherical time or what is said to be called the River of Life. In spherical time, Divine Love is the spirit of LIFE intertwined with Truth’s Universal Will in the soul, manifesting Truth’s Perfection as the spherical self. Divine Love is a luminous, intelligent force that creates a harmonic, energetic composition of the present moment, manifesting ever-expanding LIFE.

Because Divine Love and Truth are one, they are also one in the soul’s awareness. For Divine Love to be intimately experienced by the soul so that the soul can express and outwardly experience it, the soul’s awareness of the oneness and functionality of Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love have to be sufficiently matured.

While Divine Love prepares the soul’s awareness to receive itself, the embryonic soul doesn’t experience Divine Love in its reality because it must first be formed in the soul’s awareness. When the soul is unaware that its Source and its end exist in the Infinite Awareness of Oneness, it’s unaware that Truth’s Will is universal, directing all paths in oneness through time, ensuring every eternal beginning leads to its infinite end. Instead, the soul lives in an illusion of free will, in which an unknown and uncertain future is significantly determined by its own, limited and finite perceptions. Unaware that Truth’s Universal Will is its own, and because Divine Love governs the growing awareness of Truth’s Will, the soul lacks awareness that Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will are inseparably one. As a result, the soul doesn’t express it or experience an outer reality created by its Perfection and Harmony.

As the soul matures into the awareness that Truth’s Universal Will is its own, it begins to perceive the presence of Divine Love as an integral part of its awareness, making the soul’s awareness multi-dimensional. As a result of this deeper perception of reality, the soul becomes aware that the presence of Truth’s Universal Will goes before it, leading it into the perfect eternal path of spherical time. The soul’s present moment is no longer an effect of the past, but created in perfect orchestration by the Infinite Awareness of Divine Love. In perceiving Divine Love, all fear, which ultimately comes from an uncertain future, is driven out, bringing the soul into a deep state of emergence where spherical time’s perfect power is realized, felt and experienced.

In perceiving every moment crafted in the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will, the soul’s perceptions, thus interactions with reality, begin to change and the soul’s experience of the present moment is transformed. The soul perceives its present moment is one with Truth’s Timeless, Perfect, Eternal Moment, expanding in spherical time. As a result, the soul no longer “fights” time, but is harmoniously one with it. This harmony affects all of reality, expanding the experience of joy and every other divine attribute, as any one attribute contains the reflection of all attributes.

As the soul’s awareness becomes multi-dimensional with the presence of Divine Love, it translates into a sustained higher, harmonic vibration within the soul. This vibratory action carries the soul’s inner Light or its Truth-filled awareness from the inner to the outer. Ultimately, nothing is left untouched by Divine Love’s radiant Light crossing the threshold from timelessness into spherical time.


Spiraling Upward

In any moment, the soul is exactly where it needs to be.

The soul is an ever-expanding center of awareness. When the soul increases in the awareness of Truth, it transmutes timeless Truth into an ever-increasing experience of LIFE in time. The experience of LIFE created by the soul’s awareness is governed in perfection by Truth’s Universal Will, hence each soul is exactly where it needs to be.

Time is experienced by the spherical self when the soul has a change or increase in its awareness. In this, the experience of time is relative to the movement of the soul’s awareness. Without an expanding awareness of Truth, the soul’s awareness is confined to the belief that it is an “individual in separation”. It’s awareness circulates within this dimensional awareness, which is like repeating the same day over and over, because it hasn’t begun its upward ascent to the next dimension of oneness. However as the soul’s awareness of Truth begins to increase so that it begins to perceive its an individual in Oneness, it begins to eternally expand as Truth’s LIFE. The soul’s LIFE continually spirals outward in spherical time as it expands into the Infinite Awareness of Oneness.

As the soul’s awareness elevates into a higher understanding, the spherical self’s time-based reality follows. The mind isn’t in reality, reality is in the mind, like a night dream. And like a night dream, there is an aspect of mind that projects an individualized self as the center of reality by which the soul experiences what its awareness created.

When the soul begins to perceive its individuality in Oneness, it progressively accepts Truth’s Universal Will as its own. In this initial awareness of Truth’s perfection, it accepts that its current state is exactly where it needs to be in order to advance into the next dimensional awareness. The maturation of the soul’s awareness is a path that is highly individualized and architected by Truth’s Universal Will. The soul’s increasing awareness of Truth is Truth’s LIFE being expressed through the soul, thus Truth’s Universal Will governs the soul’s level of awareness so that Truth’s perfection can be expressed. Therefore, the soul is always exactly where it is supposed to be for the perfect expansion of its divinely governed awareness.

When the soul is unconscious of itself as Truth’s LIFE, the perfection of the moment is hidden and the soul judges it imperfect, which it is not. Yet, even this obscurity is purposeful for the soul’s maturation, for through it the soul experiences free will as separate from Truth’s Universal Will, by which forms its awareness of individuality.

The soul starts to be become conscious of its oneness with Truth’s LIFE when the desire to manifest the highest good for all, therefore an end to all suffering begins to command the soul. This desire to manifest Divine Love comes from Truth’s Will, because Divine Love is Truth’s expression. This governing desire leads to the soul’s contemplation of Oneness, through which Truth’s Universal Will expands the soul’s awareness, consuming the soul’s free will, so that they are one and the same.

To maintain the soul’s individuality, an eternal aspect of the soul’s free will lingers, which is the soul’s eternal choice for Truth’s Will to fully govern every aspect of its awareness, thus all its LIFE, so that the highest good for all can manifest in every moment. With Truth’s Universal Will at the helm of the mind, the soul’s free will becomes an open gate through which Truth’s Will fills the soul’s awareness with Truth’s divine attributes of Divine Love, so that the soul emits them into reality. In accordance to this eternal choice, Truth’s Will continually expands in and through the soul, manifesting Truth’s ever-increasing Perfection through the expansion of spherical time.

Through the soul’s expanding awareness of its inherent perfection governed by Truth’s Universal Will, the soul’s mind lets go of trying to change or control the moment, but instead divinely trusts and rests in Truth’s Universal Will to guide its awareness, manifesting an ever-expanding experience of Truth’s Perfection. In this letting go, Truth’s Will increasingly consumes the soul’s free will, disempowering the illusion. The soul’s vibrational signature begins to change from fear to Divine Love. Discordancy leading to energetic entropy shifts into a harmonic vibration that leads into Perfection, and the soul begins to express the Fullness of Truth through an ever-expanding spherical self.

As the soul abundantly emanates the light of LIFE into reality, it experiences Divine Love in time. Divine Love is the governance of spherical time by Truth’s Universal Will. It’s Truth’s Universal Will governing the movement of the soul’s awareness in order to manifest the highest good for all.

As the soul remembers the increasing depths of “who I Am” in Oneness, Truth’s LIFE begins to bud in its reflection. It becomes an expressed fractal of Truth’s Abundant LIFE. As a result, the mind serves the highest good for all, and the soul’s LIFE begins to spiral for eternity into greater and greater reflections of Truth’s Perfection.


Transference of Power

All You are I AM, all I AM You are. This is Truth’s (God’s) LIFE.

There is nothing more powerful in a soul than its increasing awareness of Truth.

Transference of creative power from free will to Truth’s Universal Will comes through the soul’s increasing awareness of its I AM Presence. With this exchange, the soul begins its eternal expansion as Truth’s LIFE.

Truth’s LIFE is the soul, and it expands through the soul’s increasing awareness of Truth. As the soul’s awareness matures into a gate for Truth’s Universal Will, its present moment no longer stems from the mind’s free will creations. Instead, Truth’s Will brings forth each moment from the Infinite Awareness of Truth’s Timeless Perfection. With no more “separate” free will, the soul is free from experiencing the ill-effects of past creations, which now serve to benefit the good. The soul now experiences Truth’s Universal Will as its own, being aware that Truth’s Will directs every aspect of the soul’s awareness, manifesting through it the highest good for all. In this, the spherical self becomes illuminated with Truth’s divine attributes.

Absolute Truth is. It is timeless. It is beautiful. It is ever-expanding through a soul of finite awareness. When a soul isn’t perceiving Truth because it lacks awareness, then it’s seeing an illusion of its imagination. The soul begins its LIFE in this illusion because as a center of Truth’s awareness, the soul begins in the unawareness of Truth which manifests a dream state of illusion. Yet because the soul is an ever-expanding center of Truth’s awareness, its inevitable that it will grow in the awareness of Truth. It’s the soul’s evolutionary journey to perceive Truth and its purpose to give expression to the LIFE in Truth.

As much as the soul’s awareness can’t be separate from that of which it is aware, the soul can’t be separate from Truth’s Infinite Awareness (“the Mind of God”) in which the soul dwells. The individualized soul is the LIFE in Truth manifesting itself, therefore, regardless of the soul’s current level of awareness it’s impossible for the soul to not be contained within this LIFE, because it IS this LIFE. It’s only possible for a soul to be unaware of the Fullness of this LIFE.

The soul’s awareness of Truth is the increasing awareness of what has always been, is and will be. It’s the awareness of LIFE’s Perfection, from beginning to end. When the soul perceives Truth’s Perfection in the seeming imperfection of its embryonic state, the perfection the soul perceives is that Truth’s Universal Will divinely orchestrates all of creation, for the highest good of all. In this enlightenment, everything in the soul’s reality begins to change to reflect this perfection, because when the soul is sufficiently aware of being Truth’s Perfection, this is what it expresses.

As a center of awareness, the soul’s mind has a trifold function. It serves as a gate to Truth’s Infinite Awareness, it possesses a living thought-system, and from this living thought-system it projects its current awareness into the manifestation of its spherical self. In an awakened state, the mind’s awareness continually expands into Truth’s Infinite Awareness, which expands the mind’s tree of LIFE, its living network of truth-filled understanding, and this network expresses Truth’s LIFE as the ever-expanding spherical Self.

An increasing awareness of Truth leads the mind out of the illusion of free will and into Truth’s Universal Will, because the soul understands that only Truth exists and that its Will is perfect. In the awareness of Truth’s perfection, even in the seeming imperfection of its embryonic state, the soul recognizes Infinite Awareness is governing every moment in a perfection beyond its knowing. In this awareness, the mind releases its mental attachments to the idea of free will, which it now sees was only an illusion, though a powerful one that was experienced as real and true to the soul’s darkened mind. In no longer fighting the present moment, thus Truth’s Universal Will, the soul enters into a state of divine harmony, and the soul begins to experience the ability of Truth’s Will to bring forth divine attributes, Truth’s LIFE Stream.

Awareness of Truth’s Universal Will brings the soul’s mind into an awakened state of oneness, in which every aspect of its awareness serves the highest good for all. The mind engages the higher realm of Infinite Awareness and in so doing, the soul’s mind becomes a fractal of Infinite awareness, functioning according to its Perfection. The mind no longer looks to the illusions of the past to dictate the next moment through the exercise of free will, but instead rests in the emergent Perfection brought about by Truth’s Universal Will.

Truth’s Universal Will holds the Infinite Awareness containing every moment from the soul’s beginning to end, so as it governs the soul’s increasing awareness, the soul experiences the unfoldment of its pre-ordained LIFE in Perfection, giving Truth’s LIFE expression.