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Enlightened Body


I Am the manifestation of an enlightened body.

By embracing the true I Am Presence, the body is released from reflecting the entropy of linear time.

A journey into the contemplation of Oneness isn’t to escape time, but to redeem it.

Like energy, time can’t be destroyed, only altered. Time is the progressive manifestation of energy.

Though neither can be destroyed, both can be altered by that which proceeds it, Truth. The soul is the projector of Truth’s Life into reality. It projects what it believes is true about Life, which determines reality’s energetic structure as well as time’s path. Thus, the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Life alters the energetic expression of time.

In order to alter time to increasingly reflect Truth’s Perfection and not an illusion of imperfection, our awareness of what is true must increase by a Truth outside of time. The awareness of this increase is the goal of enlightenment.

In enlightenment, the body, with its five senses, is no longer the soul’s source of truth. It no longer defines what is pleasing and what is pain, thus it no longer dictates the movement of the soul’s will, which energetic force is experienced as time. The true I Am Presence, in which there is no duality, thus only what is good, pure, pleasurable and truly desirable without ill-effect, is the open door to the soul’s source of Truth.

The body is a projection of the soul’s center of awareness. As our mind’s eye opens to the Light of Truth expanding through the I Am Presence of Oneness, our physical body transforms to reflect this illuminated state. The body transfigures into an enlightened state, which you can imagine as a Golden Body for its rich symbolism.

In the mind’s paradigm of linear time, the past literally lives in the skin through the manifestation of aging. When the body is the mind’s source of truth regarding what brings pleasure or pain, it is the PAST the body reflects that directs the soul’s will, thereby the past governs the soul’s experience in time. The body reflects the ever-increasing past because this is its source of truth and how the soul lives. In the dualistic mind of life and death, the body reflects both.

In spherical time, the body is clothed with the ever-increasing perfection of the present moment, which perfectly expands according to the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth. The manner in which the soul’s awareness increases is governed by its desires. When you are led by Truth’s Will, you will naturally desire an eternally increasing awareness of Truth.

The seed of eternal Life lives within the soul, the origin of its individualization as a fractal of the Most High, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. This Inner Light begins to shine when the soul continually desires to listen to its voice, the Voice of Truth. It’s the voice of the soul’s Sacred Self, its Oneness with the realm of Truth’s Timeless Perfection existing outside the mind’s paradigm of linear time, that is able to reveal an increasing awareness of Truth to the soul. Linear time is an illusionary state of consciousness, because it is without the awareness of the inherent Perfection of Truth’s Life. Coming from Truth’s Timeless Perfection, this voice is the source of the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth. Thus as the soul listens to it, the soul comes to feel at one with this voice. In this oneness, the Voice of Truth and the Voice of Time are united as one in the soul, so that Truth’s Word of Life enters into the soul’s spherical realm of time, becoming materialized.

When you sit, peacefully surrendered to Truth’s Light, in Oneness with the consuming flame of the Mighty I AM Presence, your being energetically vibrates, altering your atomic structure and releasing it from the past. This release frees the soul’s movement within time, aligning it to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As you sit upon the Rock of the Mighty I Am Presence, gazing into the light and no longer looking to the outer reality as the source of your vitality or identity, but to the power of the I Am Presence, this holy, pure vibration is sustained. As it is sustained, your outer appearance begins to change, reflecting your true Source of Life, which is eternal.

Time has been redeem.

The transition has begun. It began with the conscious awareness of Mother-Father God in time, the Living Gate to the ever-expanding Truth, thus eternal Life. This Living Gate has replicated itself to form a perfect composite of finite awareness by which Truth is proclaimed into time without the possibility of corruption. When Truth is proclaimed perfectly by the Living Gates into the energetic structures of creation, it raises the overall vibration of Truth’s manifestation, revealing the perfect orchestration of Divine Love and Truth’s Will in time. According to Truth’s Light perfectly flowing through the Living Gates of Oneness, time is redeemed and creation is renewed, restored and rebuilt.

During the transition, as you focus on the eternal Light drawing you continually deeper into itself by the desire for its beauty, love, joy and peace, your attention upon the outer appearances of linear time will lessen, revealing a fading illusion. With your attention consumed by the expanding inner Light of Truth, you radiate Truth into time, having a transformative effect on the outer appearances of yourself and others. When you give your attention to Truth, you will energize it in time. When you focus on the Truth in others, despite outer appearances, you give them your life-energy, transforming the qualitative nature of time.

The tattered garments of linear time, skins that bind you to the inevitability of the past, are no longer relevant. You no longer pay attention to them, nor are you limited by them, whether these soiled garments appear to be yours or someone else’s. Instead your vision pierces through, into the holy Light of the I Am Presence that resides in all. As an observer of the Inner Light, you radiate the Light into creation and creation begins to reflect the Light back to you. Truth’s Light reveals you are an enlightened being, thus time reveals your enlightened body.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “Enlightened Body

  1. Enlightened BODY refers to the SPIRIT(time aka vibrations) that flow through the WHOLE WORLD.

    Every person on earth would be part of the enlightened body. there would be no more wars, no more viruses, and no more natural disasters as all these things follows the same laws(in which our own consiousness is BOUND TO(the spiritial BODY(through the whole world(all the beginings and Ends)..(highest vibrations)(shared by everyone).

    It would take every person on earth sharing in the sphearacle language to create the ENLIGHTNED BODY(Connecting with the VIBRATIONS that bind us all to EVERY SOUL)(heaven on earth)..

    a KING is not one person ruling upon everyone on earth. instead a KING is a shared VIBRATION in which we are all part(HENSE LORDSHIP aka Highest vibrations)(true GIVING). EACH NAME is part of a LAW that raises our vibratiosn to the max(all names required to activate any name).

    Each name is what BINDS EVERY PERSON ON EARTH through the same laws(ONE ENLIGHTENED BODY) as one complete body(the light aka vibrations aka outside of time aka we all share in the vibrations).

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