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Our Link to Divinity: Part 1


Our Link to Divinity 

Coming to know the Man of Divinity (Part 1)


(Part 5: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


In previous posts, I’ve shared some of my reflections regarding the prismatic soul. In the following posts I hope to share some of my more granular understandings of how the light, the divine love, enters into our soul.

One of the most debated, controversial, impactful, misunderstood, loved, and hated souls is Jesus Christ. Just his name alone stirs up many and varied emotions, thoughts, questions, doubts, and hopes. Everyone possesses their own unique perspective of this man due to the accumulation of all their personal experiences or lack of experiences, observations of how others respond to him, and the type and level of understanding about this soul, life, and purpose.

Given all the apparent diversity, this “well-known” person is not well known at large though almost everyone has heard his name. His image is peppered with our own individual perspectives, thoughts and opinions. It is covered with our own level of spiritual maturity and understanding. His true reflection is masked with projections of our own soul condition.

Spiritual Law of Projection

Our soul is like a projector that casts aspects of our soul condition onto others. We see others according to how we see this life and ourselves. So as we change in our perceptions of our reality and ourselves, it changes how we see others; Jesus Christ included. Thus, we only “see” others when we are like them or as we start to become more like them at a soul level, or if we gain a higher awareness that stems from divine love. This is why we identify with some people and not others. This is why we often erroneously judge others who are different from us, and cling and more readily accept those like us. We can “understand” those like us, because we can “accept” where they are and how they respond. Who or what we don’t understand we miss-judge, dismiss, and/or reject.

With those still walking among us, we learn and grow in understanding about who they are as we grow. But when they cease to be a part of our physical reality, their potential to inherit all kinds of images that were never a part of them is greatly enhanced because they aren’t here to dispute them. Thus over time, people no longer “alive” can gain all sorts of images and likenesses that were never a part of their nature.

Jesus Christ lived in a level of spiritual awareness that none thus far have achieved, to my knowledge. Thus, he isn’t fully understood by anyone. We can try to understand, but our understanding is limited by our own spiritual development. And he is no longer walking among us to dispute faulty understandings. (Though we can connect to him in the spirit and learn from him.) But these previous reasons are why he is so misunderstood.

With all this being said and understanding my inherit limitations; I want to humbly share what I’ve learned about this beyond amazing soul, which will most likely be several posts. My sharing is coming from what I’ve learned spirit to spirit, but not yet being the substance of divine love as he is I realize my great limitations but also realize this growing understanding is a necessary step to fully knowing.

Words in Faith Precede Substance

Since I am sharing my thoughts on this man, its good for you to know my current soul state, as I’m able to express it, as the law of projection is always in effect.

There is a creative dynamic we experience as we spiritually mature; our understanding precedes our becoming. Words, and the faith they express, are the forerunners to creating the substance of that faith. Thoughts are things. They are creative forces, if they are truly believed. We have numerous thoughts, but those we truly believe hold a creative power in our lives, and words are simply the dressings (garments) to our thoughts. They always precede the creation of the substance. This is an obvious part of our creation, yet it’s often not an established truth in our daily mental processing. If it was, we would take much more heed to our thoughts and words.

From a soul perception that precedes and is far beyond words, in the place where we learn spirit to spirit, I’ve been learning about divine love. I’m in this creative space, that is prior to the substance being formed, in my learning about this love. Thus far, my faith is being completely established upon it, and this love has become my utmost desire. All these creative precursors: understanding, desire, faith and words, are necessary before this love manifests as a part of my physical expressions, the substance.

Connecting to One who is of Divine Love

I also share my current soul position in divine love with you, because when I hear the words of Jesus Christ, there is a depth and truth flowing through them that reflect this divine love that I’ve learned so much about from the Spirit of Truth, which is the “Christ” in Jesus Christ. The more I see and understand this divine love, the more I understand what he taught and why, thus the more I “see” and know him. His words and actions continue to take on much more depth and meaning, and everything harmonizes with divine love.

Coming to know someone is a personal endeavor. If I were to tell you about me, it would give you some idea, but if you knew me face to face, you would understand me much more. And if you were in a similar soul condition as me, you would understand me much much more. As we grow in our soul condition in the understanding, nature and ways of divine love, we come to know Jesus Christ who was the personification of divine love.

Frequency of Divine Love

Think of divine love as a radio frequency that we can tap into and eventually transmit ourselves. We start unaware of this frequency’s existence, then some of us somehow hear about it and start tuning in, then some start fastidiously learning from it so their lives are changed by it, and eventually some begin to transmit it. However, the only one I’ve known in this earthen realm to transmit it is Jesus Christ. I see others with the growing desire and faith in it and walking in that faith, but that is very different from the substance. To have the substance is to be immortal.

To transmit divine love is to possess it within our soul, not by faith, but in substance. And its substance makes us immortal. The only immortal being I’ve known to traverse this earthen ground is Jesus Christ. If you are immortal, death can’t hold you in the grave. Divine love is the energy of true life. So any physical matter it is governing lives and thrives. We eventually decay and die because our energy is disharmonious and this disharmony destroys our physical matter.

All our souls are eternal in that they continue past this earthly life, but to be immortal is to be divine, which is to have an oneness with our immortal Creator. So, we are eternal but not immortal, and Jesus Christ is eternal and immortal. The more we become in tune with this frequency of divine love, the we more we can become in tune with his soul and his likeness.

More next time …


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Our Link to Divinity: Part 1

  1. Interesting that you share with others as you are “progressing” toward the goal of becoming like our Lord and savior. I do not see this site ( as you have said) as a teaching, but a sharing place of where your at at this time in your progression. If you were to definitely state “this is how it is” it would be quiet a different dialouge to be had. You share your searching and you leave it open to comment on so:

    You say that Jesus is the only one that you know of that has obtained maturity in God, perfection. The teaching is that He is our example to follow and we cannot be instructed to follow unless we are given the information of what we are to follow and what we are to become. As Christ was the first born by God, His Father and ours, spiritually speaking we are instructed to let this mind be in us which was and is “also” in Christ Jesus…so we have this substance of who He is set before us and we walk toward this completion. Christ, being the firstborn of all the rest of creation, means we will all bow the knee to the will of the Father…and His will is for us to become like His son in substance and character. So is it, and should it be an inconceivable thought that it is to remarkable to obtain? This thought comes from our fallen “soul” for it is the soul who is poor and blind and naked. The soul is being regenerated , not the spirit, and it is our soul that lacks and is incomplete. There are many recorded saints that came to the substance and mind of Christ before leaving this earth, just as Christ, their example…and ours. We should put away the thought that somehow it is to remarkable a thing to obtain when in fact it is theFather’s expressed will that we will all come to this likeness of “himself.”

    Paul was one who described it most aptly as he described his completion and departure was near at hand and that he had contemplated whether it would be best to stay or to go on and be with the Lord, having completed his journey and test on this earth. Peter was another, as John and others, all having completed their course, having obtained the very substance of God, just as Christ had…so we do have our examples in that we also can be completed on this side of the grave. I must say that although we have the knowledge and many have this desire to obtain this calling in Christ Jesus, it is not up to us or our desire, else we lie to ourselves. We must come to the place where we are honest with ourselves to know and believe, as you say, to believe to the obtaining of this substance of God, through the processing of Christ Jesus. We see before obtaining, some go on but some do not…however all are saved, yet to a lower calling never the less…”yet though as by fire”, just as the scripture promises.

    As it says; as man has partook of the image of the earthly, he will also partake of the image of the heavenly. There were no conditions, if ands or buts in this staements it was a staement of fact. This was speaking about all of creation, not some. So it should not seem to us to be a thing unobtainable, but obtainable to us and for us in all that Christ is and “expect” it with full confidence and assurandpcd that we will. It is the disbelief of the “soul” that hinders our growth for “she” being fallen has not yet been regenerated to the place of the marriage to her spirit which both are within us, in God’s temple…in which we are.

    As we study to show ourselves approved and as we respect others in our dialogue to share our varying views and perspectives, we do so in that we love the other and respect their view as we desire to grow…allowing the other the same respect as we would want ourselves. I believe this is a very good forum for this kind of exchange as it is blessed with an attitude of allowing varying views to exist. For myself, I believe that regardless of how another believes, I am not offended by it for I see further down the path than personal opinions, whether mine or another’s. There is a substance that surpasses one’s knowledge that we are to aspire to and when we obtain this “in part” as many of us have, we see past the errors and mistakes of others because we understand that we are all a work in progress. We judge for ourselves what is proper conduct, some erroneously, and some correctly but whether right or wrong in our assumptions of others and what they “believe” we should conduct ourselves with a love of the other we are addressing regardless of the content and belief of the dialogue. However we should not permit disrespectful and foul language to continue. We should show them the door after a couple of admonishings…and when they can show respect let them return. For one to continue on continuously, they should not hide in darkness, insulting “incognito”. Did and does Christ speak from darkness. Should one’s be allowed to spew hatred for another’s opinion while they remain “anonymous” ? I don’t think so.
    It is when one of little understanding of the higher and forgiving nature of God demands to be heard for their numerous words, mistaking words for Godliness should we speak up and correct such a fallen soul. As you Rachel have said many times and I agree, one cannot understand unless one possess the substance on what ever level God has allowed one to obtain. Fruit in the scripture in the natural is a food product which can nourish one and provide good health if eaten with the understanding that fruit cleanses ones system. Fruit in the spiritual is a clean attitude toward one another, it is a fruit (love) given in due season.

    We are first established in a level of love which is not the highest form of love for the highest form of love goes far beyond believing, caring, and sharing. We are established little by little, precept upon precept, a continual revealing of who He is in us until we posses the very substance like He is. Do I posses this highest calling in Christ Jesus as some of you have asked, and alluded to even in your sarcasm toward me for discussing deeper truths that are for some and not others? The answer is I have what understanding and substance God has given me, as He has each of you reading these lines. I hope, as Paul described, to one day obtain this high calling in Christ Jesus. But…I am honest with myself in knowing that what I “know” in the letter is far different from what we should “know” in spirit and they are two different “knowings.” As we have discussed previously, the word “believe” and it’s true meaning, knowing is “being” in the spirit while knowing in the natural is external and of less value.
    Although as we should have desire to obtain all that God is in substance as we are promised we “shall” be one day, we should not be so forward as to claim the substance before we actually do obtain it, for knowledge “about” something is far from having the very substance of God. Prematurely claiming something we only presently know about brings about self righteousness, arrogance and deceit because we claim by knowledge what we don’t have by substance… that only God can give, and He gives according to our obedience to His will and most importantly to understand…according to His sovereign will.

    So we share at the expense of being criticized because we see differently but this is how it has always been. It has been my observation and experience that as one grows more and more in the very substance of who God is they are increasingly rejected by others and especially by religion as a whole. While many would water down the word so that they may “not” be rejected and ridiculed by others, those who would go on to progress will understand that the language of the disciples was not an emotional display of a fake love “to be accepted” but most often it was a dire warning to others of what would happen to the saints if they turned and followed those who crept in unawares, preaching to others that they should follow themselves and accept Christ “through themselves”. The difference in these false ones was that such ones as Paul taught all to look to God directly and not through themselves, while these false ministers of the gospel taught a fleshly wisdom that one’s should look to themselves for the way to the kingdom. There is a fine line between the two understandings of the gospel…so very close. One is Christ and one is antichrist. The subtle difference is which side of self do we observe and serve God. There is so much ego in the false religious system I am surprised that people do not easily see the “look at me” attitude in the false way that is being put forth instead of the way of the tree of life which possesses only good fruit.

    Exchanging and sharing as we do here with all various forms of knowledge, doctrines and understandings, it is a delicate thing. All knowledge is not for all people but as I have witnessed many times in bible studies and meetings, one takes his turn in “sharing” what they have and the hearers either accept it or they do not…however…all are loved just the same…for we all grow at a different pace from varying perspectives. This is a subject that we have discussed in great length here with Rachel, however some see it, and some do not. We accept all just the same.

    So…if this forum (blog) continues in the spirit in which it has been and is being given, much progress can be gained from it…

    Rachel, although you continue on in your search, writing, removing, replacing your writings, showing uncertainty of knowledge, one thing that is constant is inspite of these “shipwrecks” you share about your life is that you as Paul have not turned or forsaken from keeping your eye on the goal and you continue searching for the simplicity found in the simple commandments to love all as your self. It really is this simple.

    I will say in closing that I do not see all in parallel with you, Rachel such as the relation of the soul to the spirit and the other things I touched on…”but” I know as do you Rachel, that true love far exceeds any differences in opinion that we could possibly have for we understand that true substance is not obtained “but” by being forgiving, respectful and kind, looking forward, looking past our own as well as other’s mistakes and faults. Instead we want to help one another up when fallen, covering their sin, not exposing it, and asking God to allow them to keep growing to obtain His likeness as He promised…we…all…would.

    May this site be blessed and provide a progress to all who have eyes to see a God who is not one of “good and evil” but only a God of “good” in knowing “all” that He does to us and for us is out of only a love for us. Not many see the singularity in God’s love and purpose but once one does it is really a marvelous and wonderful way to see…and more importantly…be.

    God bless

    • Hi Sonny,

      Thank you for such a beautiful blessing upon this site …

      Just to clarify, there is so much to learn when you start diving in. And we see such a small part of the whole, yet our desire for what we have seen pushes on us and causes us to contemplate these things that we might grow in and by them. And little by little we learn as taught by the Spirit of truth according to what we need to know according to our individuality and purpose. This walk is a very individual experience. Though we can encourage one another as we reach similar places along the way.

      So, what I meant was the only one I’ve known to be immortal in form (body) on this earth is Jesus Christ after his resurrection showing that he was the full substance before. And in that fullness death couldn’t keep him in the grave.

      I think many are growing in a soul condition that is changing toward immortality and this earth experience serves to create that growth. And those who grow possess and live in the hope of being “resurrected” as a new creation, for the spirit within testifies to it within them. All the truth they have learned provides a solid foundation of faith that they know that hope will be fulfilled. 1 Peter 1:1-5

      I also think this immortality that Jesus revealed after his death is possible on this side of the grave .. I believe Jesus was showing and teaching us this. Which is referenced as what occurs at “the end”.

      I also am under the current impression, that when the “end comes” though we will awaken as from a dream in a certain progression or order, like light spreading a the dawn of the day, that it will occur within a certain timeframe. 1 Corn 15:22-26 And through this God will be all in all. This oneness of transition reveals our connectedness to each other as brothers and sisters and one beloved Father, and that what Christ did he did for all, as divine love would do. Truly beautiful.

      And I agree, it doesn’t matter to me that we differ. It is natural. But like you I think how we respond to those differences is what matters and simply reveals our current level of understanding and maturity.

      When we are growing in truth, we can see that someone is looking at the bend in the blade of grass from one direction and we are from another. And as we grow in truth, we learn that love supersedes all the differences for it is what unites us through our individuality.

      We are all unique and learn different things in different ways for different purposes. I share mine because others who have shared theirs have encouraged and inspired me and I hope that in some ways that what I share is helpful. But we are God’s workmanship not our own Eph 2:10 .. so when we judge our path or another’s we are actually judging God’s workmanship.

      My beliefs certainly continue to grow, expand and refine. So whenever I speak it isn’t with finality but simply where I am currently along this journey and I see everyone else and what they share in the same way regardless of how it is stated. We state with affirmation for it is the nature of belief to do so.

      • When you say “truths”, growing in “truths” to end up with divine love: do I understand correctly that the truths are laws that we keep in order to stay in harmony? And by truths that you are referring to the commands of Jesus written in the four gospels?

      • Hi Kevin, yes Jesus revealed truth in everything he spoke. In my experience, truth is found everywhere and in everything. We can see the “dark” side of something which is seeing it through a lie or we can see the “light” side of it which is seeing the truth, of which there can be multiple layers. It is what defines what is real from the unreal; the illusion and lie from the actuality; whether who we are, who others are, who God is, who Jesus is, how this creation is formed, why it was formed, the purpose of this creation, the purpose of our lives, and in everything that we can contemplate truth can be found. And when we learn about the nature of divine love, it begins to reveal the truth of all things layer upon layer. Understanding this love helps us to see the truth from the lies in our reality, as it reveals the lies within ourselves. Thus all that is contrary to divine love keeps us blinded to the truth. So as we move into a deeper awareness of this love, we move into a deeper awareness of many truths.

  2. How could Jesus Christ,
    who was sent by the Father,
    to reveal Himself to us
    be misunderstood?
    That’s a failed mission, and
    is not true.
    Jesus is understood by those
    that know Him.
    It’s why He came.
    When you receive Him,
    you’ll know Him.
    Peace and Love.

  3. *I dont think I ticked the box to be notified of new comments so Im making another comment…*

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