Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Healing Time

It’s not so much that times heals, but as an all-powerful creator within the Creator of Absolute Truth we possess the power to heal all that was created in time.

How our mind perceives time determines its creative liberty to alter the energetic field, which reality reflects. The shift in perception from linear time to spherical enables the mind to make all things new by manifesting divine potentials into the created realm.

The outer reality is a reflection of each one’s relative truth. The moment we turn away from these outer appearances as our source of truth and instead look into the Living Light of Absolute Truth, our spiritual awakening begins. Wherever we are in time and space, Truth’s Divine Will begins to govern every aspect of our inner and outer worlds to lead us ever deeper into the understanding of Truth. This understanding is the Light that awakens us out of a dream of illusions and into the experience of our individualized, perfected state.

Understanding is light. When our understanding is according to relative truth, it produces a false light, because we think we see correctly when we don’t. When our understanding grows out of Absolute Truth’s divine revelation, we see rightly. Our understanding, whether based on relative or Absolute truth, defines our thought-system and our thought-system shapes our beliefs. Whatever the mind believes is true, the mind’s eye “observes” and what it observes, it projects into an energetic field that encompasses the mind’s reality. Our cumulative understanding forms an energetic blueprint that defines the manner by which our reality is architected, like that which is painted upon a multi-dimensional spherical canvas, so that reality continually mirrors our understanding.

When our mind functions according to relative truth’s thought-system of opposites, our energetic blueprint is bound in discordant patterns because of the opposing forces at work within this system. Because this thought-system’s paradigm of linear time carries the past into the future, the discordant energetic formations created in the past are presently held in our energetic field and continually produce disharmonious experiences. Each moment becomes another layer of disharmonious energy. This continual layering of discordant energy creates degradation, thus a reality of corruption and decay. For example, bodily cells, which hold the potential to constantly renew themselves, are blocked from rejuvenation because the mind continually carries past discordant energy into the future.

As our mind shifts to spherical time, which is one of the seven sacred truths of the living thought-system, our mind no longer carries the past into the future. Instead it rests in the present moment through divine emergence, by which the next moment is born according to our increasing understanding of Truth. The understanding that grows out of Absolute Truth creates Living Light which produces a harmonizing and healing vibration within our energetic field. Because of the ever-present and timeless nature of Absolute Truth, it isn’t bound by time and space. It’s healing/harmonizing energetic rays touch all moments, events, and experiences perceived as past, present and future at once. As a result, energetic structures once bound in destructive patterns begin to return to divine harmony and remain in harmony. Instead of energy being constantly degraded by duality, it expands in beautiful formations leading to reflections of eternal growth.

By our growing understanding of Truth, Living Light’s radiance begins to alter our energetic blueprint. The energy formations once held in tact by the thought-system of opposites begin to break apart, freeing energy to take on new formations. The shift in perception of time, in conjunction with the understanding of the other sacred truths, allow everything born in time to heal and become new. Healing from the realm of Absolute Truth is absolute. As a result, we enter a regenerative process that reveals our true reflection of timeless perfection.

“Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.” ~ Revelation 21:5

Brethren, do not be children in understanding; however, in malice be babes, but in understanding be mature. ~ 1 Corinthians 14:20


Life in Motion

Time is a construct of mind upon which reality hangs that determines the flow of life. When we are operating in the dream’s thought-system of opposites, we perceive this construct of time as linear. When we awaken and begin to operate according to the living thought-system of oneness, we perceive this construct as spherical.

In linear time, what was determines what will be.

In spherical time, what is Absolute, determines what is.

The mind sits as a gate between the uncreated and created so that it perceives both timelessness and time. In this creative role, it reflects uncreated potentials into a created reality. Potentials are thought forms reflecting the mind’s understanding. As the mind’s eye receives what it perceives as understanding, whether worldly wisdom or divine revelation, it projects a corresponding potential through the faculty of the mind’s will giving the understanding an energetic pulse, which creates thought energy. The mind conveys this thought energy into its projected reality which is like a multi-dimensional, spherical canvas, so that what we think becomes things. The mind’s active sequencing of potentials upon the canvas is perceived as time.

Each potential that manifests is like a living brush stroke upon the canvas. When our mind functions according to a thought-system of opposites, it creates brush strokes by individualized judgments. It attempts to judge, according to the understanding gained from past learning (worldly wisdom), a feasible and desirable potential from an array of probable potentials. As these judgments are energized by the mind’s will, the next brush stroke appears. Because this thought-system is based on relative truth, every attribute holds an opposing quality (i.e., peace/unrest, joy/grief, etc) so that the mind’s energetic field necessarily contains the energy of both. As a result of this duality, the manifested moment is sometimes desirable and sometimes not.

In this thought-system, what happened in the past can’t be changed, so the past dictates future potentials. This linear progression of the past into the future manifests the perception of linear time. In an illusionary world, future moments don’t preexist. Instead, they spring into being from the energy produced by the judgments of a dualistic mind. In the thought-system of opposites, we paint our personal timeline as we go along, so that time is perceived as the incremental creation of reality.

As our mind integrates into the living thought-system, it becomes one with living and ever-present Absolute Truth, which is the realm of unexpressed LIFE. In this Eternal, Infinite Expanse (Eye of God) every potential we will ever express or experience simultaneously preexists like one perfect, magnificently painted reality. By the working of Truth’s Divine Will through our mind, our individualized, preordained painting is increasingly revealed all around us moment by moment.

In the living thought-system, Truth’s Absolute Goodness predefines every potential manifested through our individualized mind, therefore there is no judgment and no duality. Our mind expresses the perfect potential for the moment that is harmoniously linked to every other moment in our life and the lives of others. As a result, the Life in Absolute Truth is spatially expressed as an harmoniously and ever-expanding sphere of Perfection, creating the experience of spherical time.

Because potentials are thought-forms reflecting our mind’s understanding, the understanding of Truth we receive from Truth’s Living Voice (divine revelation) enables our mind to receive divine potentials. By the Light of our understanding, our mind reflects divinely appointed potentials by translating them into energetic pulses. The Divine Will harmoniously dictates the flow of this energy, so what preexists in timelessness is reflected into a reality of time. As we rest in divine emergence, our preordained painting is increasingly revealed upon the spherical canvas of our reality. As a result, the Life in Absolute Truth is expressed in created forms and experienced in space and time.

Time, rightly perceived, is timeless and ever-present LIFE in motion as it expresses the perfect sequencing of potentials, moment by moment, through the living thought-system within our mind, that it may be experienced.

This shift in perception of time from linear to spherical enables our mind to transition from relative truth’s reflections of duality to Absolute Truth’s timeless reflections, which radiates Life’s divine harmony.