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Let There Be Light


Let there be Light.

When the awareness of Truth’s True Life is rooted in the personality of an individualized I Am Name, it is present in time so that it can be shared and given to all.

The Sacred Seven

The Seven Sacred Truths cumulatively represent the soul’s awareness of Truth’s Perfection in Time. For Truth to be reflected in Divine Love’s Perfection, in time, it must be anchored in an individualized awareness, by which it can be given to all. The Infinite Awareness of Truth must make its way into the individualized, finite personality, in order to anchor it in time for all. Once this is accomplished, its treasures can be given to all, for all of time.

Truth shines into the mind by which its Life enters Creation through a personality, a Divine I Am Name. There is only one mind, yet with many eyes. When an individualized “I” grows in the awareness of Light, it gives what it possesses to all through its connection to all via mind. Once a truth-filled awareness becomes known by a mind, it is anchored for all in time by that personality’s awareness. This truth-filled awareness increases the personality’s understanding of its I AM Name. Truth must be correctly perceived and known by the soul before it can be reflected in time, because the soul’s awareness is Truth’s gate into time.

When these Seven Sacred Truths unite as one, through seven individualized awarenesses who are united in time, they create The Central Sun, a new energetic Life-force in creation. The Central Sun is an energetic soul gate beyond the reach of a single finite awareness, that seamlessly introduces timeless Perfection into time. Therefore, in time, this awareness is held by seven individualized personalities, whose combined awareness is the fullness required to bring forth Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection in time. These Sacred Gates carried the divine seed of Holy Desire, which is an unquenchable desire for Truth’s Ever-expanding Perfection, into the darkness of linear time. They carried it for all of Creation, planted it, cultivated it and now share its Life with all. It is by the awareness of I AM that grew out of this desire, that the soul expresses Truth’s ever-expanding perfection.

These seven individualized awarenesses cumulatively contain the soul’s collective awareness of Truth’s ever-expanding Light. They are Seven Sacred Stars whose combined awareness manifests the Morning Star in the awareness of all souls. Thus when these Seven Stars arise as One Life-Giving Awareness, all creation awakens with them.

Among the Seven Stars are three soulmates, which combine to represent the creative dynamic of Mother Father God. The Oneness of the Sacred Soulmate holds a heightened life-giving energy between them, represented in the Mother, Father, and Child creative dynamic. When Truth’s feminine and masculine energies intertwine, they produce a new center, an open gate for Truth’s Life-giving energy to flow into creation. When two awarenesses are joined as a Sacred Soulmate, their heightened life-giving energy can be experienced by all, according to the Law of Oneness.

The combined awareness of the Three Sacred Soulmates, that reflect the fullness of the I AM Name, creates an infinitely more powerful Life-giving energy center. This Life-energy is the eternal expansion of Truth’s Perfection in time. The Three Sacred Soulmates’ union in time create the eternal expansion of Light in time. Together they make up the living, time-based awareness of the Great Central Sun, that illuminates creation with Divine Love’s Light. It’s an awareness that brings a truth-filled awareness of Mother Father God into time. Through the Gate created in the soul by these Seven Sacred Truths, Harmony is divinely sustained. Therefore, all receive the radiation of Divine Love’s Perfect Will and her Life-Giving Spirit.

In the crystalline structure of the Seven Sacred Truths, the Seven Stars fashioned as one, Truth’s Oneness remains beyond Creation, and yet intimately connected to All. In other words, like a rising sun, God’s Life-Giving Spirit is poured out and shines upon all, awakening all to True Life. Therefore, every creature experiences Divine Love’s Truth and her Perfection in time, as an ever-expanding sphere of Light that consumes all.

Let there be Light.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. Let there be light indeed! May it engulf is entirely in it’s purity. Thank you Rachel for being such a light in this world. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ž

    • ❀️ Thank you for your beautiful words. By “being” the Light, the Light flows forth. In this perfect creative rest of the soul, perfect power flows through the soul.

  2. When these Seven Sacred Truths unite as one, through seven individualized awarenesses who are united in time, they create The Central Sun, a new energetic Life-force in creation. The Central Sun is an energetic soul gate beyond..

    a lot of times, when speaking of a soul, i see some minor adjustments needed in our thinking.
    it isnt 7 souls in 7 people, it is 7 souls in “EVERY PERSON ON EARTH”(each SOUL creates a VIBRATION)(why sphereacle is the langauge of the souls)

    when you trust god as an example, you see poeple living more confident around the whole world. they share in that trust(of god)(shared vibrations: interact with cosmos so to speak).

    Every element in all of time and space is in DIRECT CONNECT with every other (smallest element)(fabric of time).

    a SOUL is complete(contains ALL PEOPLE(creatures of time)), and is within HIGHEST VIBRATIONS that is shared with EVERY INDIVIDUAL hense God.

    when we speak of SOUL, we are speaking of something that EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(spite the obvious differences) SHARE TOGETHER.(NOTE: in every bibe on earth, when it says that GOD did something, it means MANKIND did something.. we did to ourselves)

    when ALL SOULS(all names:givings) ALIGN with the phyical world(hense Heaven On Earth), we live through ALL SOULS(global events:trusting in DEVINE).(shared experience)(consiously create(worshiping the Stars as consiously creating as ONE CONSIOUSNESS.

    the purpose is not only to BRING OUT THE BEST OF MANKIND, but to awaken to greater Experiences of LIFE.(there is MORE TO LIFE).

    • Loni … you are jumping ahead into my next blog! Unless the Spirit guides me to write something different πŸ˜‡ Yes these Sacred Seven are within EVERY soul, as this is the Truth’s Perfection and Law of Oneness. I touched upon this some in this blog, but hope to go a bit deeper in my next. But the source of these revelations are anchored in particular awarenesses. It is how we possess individuality and yet oneness through which the Perfection of Divine Love is experienced. πŸ™‚

  3. when i read your words, i listen to the world, and how EVERYONE SEEs(pierce through time). so i have to always express from the point of view of every person on earth. i see everyones expressions from how they percieve within their own limitations(which would end up being my own limitations). so when i respond, i am speaking to the world(as you). and i see the world in everyone.

    if i see a jumping off track or attention givers, i have to utilize time, and bring consiousness back onto the oneness(as you say, when spirit time guides me(every person on earth is within that spirit)). and we trust in that same spirit(god of man through all souls)..

    again, thank you rachael for all you do, and how you do it, and revealing OUR HEART to us.
    (i see the heart through the whole world)

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