Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Transitioning Time

When our source of truth is absolute Truth, every present moment is the effect of Truth. Our perception of time changes, initiating a metamorphosis of the self into ever-increasing expressions of Truth’s timeless perfection.

Like a seed in the soil, we are being sown to be an ever-expanding expression of the Mighty I AM Presence of God. During this embryonic state, our mind is prepared to be a Living Gate to the Divine Mind, so that Truth flows into our awareness, governing reality in a perfection far beyond the capability of an individualized mind and imbuing it with increasing divine radiance.

This embryonic state of consciousness (dream) provides a contrast between light (divine nature of Truth) and darkness (relative truth, which lacks divine qualities). Through this contrast we come to comprehend who we are as a Living Gate, a state of being that enables us to perfectly express the SELF of God. Being aware of our true SELF is essential to being our true SELF. What we are conscious of being (our self-awareness) we create, therefore being aware of our true SELF is a creative mechanism of LIFE. Once our self-awareness matures, we arise as life-giving spirits in oneness with the Mighty I AM, so that this Holy Presence is expressed into reality.

As a Living Gate we possess an individualized mind, yet are one with the Divine Mind. Being a fractal of the Divine Mind allows us to experience ever-increasing joy, delight and fascination with LIFE. It gives us an ever-increasing experience of our creative power. It provides the incredible experience of ever-increasing growth, harmony, abundance and beauty. Being finite, yet ever-expanding into the infinite, gives us an experience of eternity that doesn’t stay the same, but continually grows richer in the radiance of divine attributes.

So, we are sown in contrast to our true Self, that we may become intimately aware that we are Living Gates, being one with the Mighty I AM Presence. We were sown in corruption, dishonor and weakness that we might be raised (awakened) in incorruption, glory, and power. We were sown in the experience of a temporal body (false self) that we might eternally experience the limitless nature of a life-giving spirit (true SELF).

To provide the needed contrast, the false self image within the dream reflects the opposite of the true SELF. Initially, outer appearances in the dream are believed to be real and therefore accepted as our source of truth, causing us to believe we ARE the false self we outwardly perceive. This unholy belief shapes our relative truth because it accepts that past appearances are the cause of our present experience. This false interpretation corrupts the awareness of our self.

In this belief-system, our mind harbors thoughts which manifest a limited and finite outer reflection, the likeness of a seed. With the cause of everything dwelling in the past, time is perceived as extending the past into the present. Defined by these limited perceptions, the mind clothes itself with a temporal, finite body of weakness and decay, so that the body reflects the mind’s concept of itself in time. Believing it is housed within a finite body, the mind’s creative potential is therefore bound to the limitations of the body.

During our spiritual awakening, our source of Truth shifts from the outer reality to the Spirit of Truth flowing through our inner gate. The contrast between the outer reality of the false self and our growing inner awareness of our true SELF intensifies. The contrast provides fertile ground by which the Spirit of Truth reveals our true likeness as a Living Gate for the Mighty I AM, so that we might be this gate. Our awareness of being the Mighty I AM’s Living Gate is the only way in which ever-expanding perfection is created and experienced.

As our source of Truth shifts from the external to the Eternal it commences a profound metamorphosis within the mind. Opened to Truth’s illumination, the mind takes on the qualities and nature of the Light of Life, like a seed starting to grow. Every moment becomes Truth’s effect, and time is perceived as reflecting eternal harmonious growth. This renewed perception of time liberates the mind from creating according to the limitations of the past.

The mind’s concept of its individualized self transitions from a temporal body bound by its relative truth to a life-giving spirit expressing Truth’s timeless perfection. Its self-awareness continually expands as a spirit who is unlimited by physical form and governs reality in oneness with the Mighty I AM. As a Living Gate, corruption becomes impossible, and the self’s expression grows increasingly more radiant, dissolving the temporal limitations of the false self. The mortal has put on immortality.

This shift in our source of truth and its effect on our perception of time is essential to awakening into the awareness of our true SELF. The light of this awareness initiates our metamorphosis into a life-giving spirit, reflecting the holiness of our Creator.

Arising as Living Gates, we infuse reality with Truth’s immortal lifestream, which creates an ever-expanding divine reflection of Truth’s timeless perfection.

So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:42-46


Altering Appearances

As we awaken to Truth, we perceive our inherent power to alter the outer reality of appearances, leading to the vibrant Reality of true Life.

Life is the movement of energy created between cause (source) and effect (reflection). This movement creates our lifestream that energizes our bodily form and reality, manifesting its appearance.

What our mind accepts as the source of its truth becomes the cause for its reality. Therefore, our source of truth determines the nature and quality of our lifestream. When the source of truth is based on perception of the outer reality, the limitations we perceive ultimately create bitter waters in our lifestream that manifest a reality of suffering. When our source is the Truth, we become sovereign over all outer appearances and peaceful waters of Life flow into our sphere of reality.

When the outer reality is our source of truth, we limit the mind to create according to our faulty perceptions of outer appearances. In this limited state of mind, we perceive time as the past extending into the future, so that the past becomes an irreversible cause to our present experience. This darkened perception creatively binds us to the past so that what was created in the past will be what it is until it decays or is physically manipulated by outer force. As time passes our present grows more and more limiting as past causes and their effects take more and more real estate in our present experiences.

These faulty perceptions vastly limit the belief-system by which we operate. We continually confine and constrain the energy of our lifestream, creating static, lifeless reflections that may have “life” for a time, but then die. This isn’t Truth’s glorious reflection, but an illusion of a sleeping mind whose source is its own perception of outer appearances.

In this belief-system, the only way to alter these static appearances is by physical manipulation, force or effort. Any change comes from the outer strength our self-will can obtain, which is limited by the perceived strength of other self-wills. When our source of truth is the outer reality, our mind is unaware and disregards the presence of absolute Truth, thus the Divine Will, which functions to extend Truth into creation. In disregarding the Divine Will, the self is limited to create according to its perceived outer strength.

These arbitrary limitations based on our perceptions of outer appearances become the “laws” that govern our reality. And as creators, what we accept as true into our mind, we experience outwardly so that these limitations are sensationally experienced as “real”. These “laws” dismiss our creative power to alter the energetic structure of reality through our mind’s engagement of absolute Truth, thus we are given over to experiencing and serving increasingly debase forms. Because thoughts that rest on false perception create illusions, our mind creates distorted shadows of the self and its reality. Like a thick veil, these illusions block the movement of the Living Light of Truth through our mind and into our lifestream.

All outer appearances are energetic reflections of what our mind accepts as true, thus they change when our source of truth shifts. Effects of the past aren’t static or fixed but dynamic as they are only energetic reflections. Nothing is permanent but the perfection of Truth. Thus, when our mind is freed from illusions, we perceive the ever-present Truth and its inherent perfection.

As our source of truth shifts from outer appearances to absolute Truth, we begin to engage our power to alter appearances. When the ever-present Truth is our source of truth (cause), the past is irrelevant. Instead, Truth dictates what we experience. Our perception of time shifts so that each moment harmoniously supports and builds upon the previous one, leading to eternal harmonious growth, Life.

Thoughts that rest on Truth create a divine Reality. As we awaken, we no longer fix our attention on the perceived strength of outer forms, but on our inherent power to alter appearances through our oneness with the Mighty I Am Presence of God. In this, we become one with Truth’s inherent perfection and harmony, thus one with the Divine Will. All other self-wills become powerless regardless of their appearance of outer strength, thus without harmful effect in our sphere of reality. In this oneness, the energy moving through our lifestream is infused with Truth’s ever-expanding nature of eternal growth (LIFE), altering static and decaying appearances to eternally living expressions.

Absolute Truth is the only true cause of creation, all else are vain imaginings. The belief that there are opposing forces is nothing but a dream that fades when our mind shifts its source of truth from the external to the Eternal.

When we awaken to our true SELF, our mind is released from the arbitrary limitations we placed upon it, so that it expresses its creative freedom and limitless potential. Instead of being bound and limited to a shadowland of past appearances, our mind resides as an open door to the Divine Mind’s perfect orchestration, and reality returns to Truth’s expression. Creation is given back into the hands of its Creator, the Mighty I Am Presence of God. As a result, this Life-giving spirit energizes our lifestream, bringing forth the eternal gifts of LIFE.

Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. For “He has put all things under His feet.” But when He says “all things are put under Him,” it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted. Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.‘ ~ 1 Corinthians 15:24-28



We are in the world, and the world is in us. Like a night dream, reality is contained within our mind because we are its creator, and yet through our bodily form we experience reality. As a creator, we are the gatekeeper of our mind, determining what is accepted into our mind. As a part of creation, we receive the effects of what we allow in.

As the mind’s gatekeeper, we hold a position of sovereignty as we determine what enters our mind. What we accept as true enters in, what we dismiss as false is cast out. And, what we accept into our mind we add to the collective consciousness, impacting reality’s energetic blueprint, thus the condition of reality. Because the mind is a transducer between the uncreated and created, what we accept as true our mind manifests into our feeling world which in turn creates appearances and experiences in the outer reality. We govern reality, then experience the effects of our governance.

During our spiritual awakening, our position as a gatekeeper plays a pivotal role. Our awakening occurs as our source of truth shifts from the outer reality of appearances to the Divine Mind. In this shift, we no longer accept illusions of outer appearances as true but only the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth. What we accept as our source of truth, we become one with, so that it dictates our self’s expressions and what we experience. Therefore, this shift from illusion to Truth frees the self (and its reality), from the governance of a darkened mind to the Divine Mind, which transforms the self into its inherent perfection.

The sleeping mind is simply unaware of its true SELF. In this darkened state, all it perceives is its bodily form and the reality that form dwells in, so it formulates a concept of self based on its perception of these outer appearances, and these perceptions become its source of truth.

Through this false self’s outer perceptions it assigns arbitrary meaning to appearances based on its personal interpretations derived from past experiences. To the slumbering mind, these perceptions are its truth. Thus, each sleeping mind possesses its own, relative truth derived from its made-up meaning of things. These erroneous perceptions lead to a separate self-will, which creates conflict with other sleeping minds, manifesting a reality of destruction and death.

When these highly individualized perceptions define what is true, absolute Truth is kept out of our mind, creating a world of darkness within and without. Our body’s senses are established as interpreters of what is true, thus how we, as the gatekeeper, determine what we accept into our mind. When outer appearances are our source of truth, we believe our outer reality is the cause to everything. This belief-system blinds us to reality’s true cause, our mind, so that we are held captive to continually experience undesirable appearances.

Our spiritual journey into Truth leads us to the inner place of eternal Light where we are one with the Divine Mind, the Source of absolute Truth. As we sit in this place of revelation and reason with the Spirit of Truth, our awareness of Truth increases, which is beyond and therefore unaffected by the world of physical perception.

As Truth illuminates our mind, we come to know our true SELF, the expressed SELF of God. The erroneous perceptions of our self as limited to a bodily form are replaced with the Truth of the limitless nature of our true SELF. In this conscious connection of oneness with the SELF of God, our true SELF begins to govern our bodily form and our sphere of reality according to its inherent perfection.

As our awareness expands with increasing Light, we are able to discern Truth from perception. As a gatekeeper, we no longer allow erroneous perceptions based on appearances to be accepted into our mind as true, but only the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth. Because the appearance world is no longer our source of truth, it’s no longer the perceived cause to our experiential reality. Instead the Divine Mind is our Source of Truth, thus our Perfect Cause, so that our experience as a part of creation becomes its Perfect Effect.

During this transition from illusion to Truth, as gatekeepers it’s our sacred duty and eternal gift to accept only the Light of Truth within our mind and dismiss illusions based on faulty perceptions. In this position, we become creators of Truth’s expressions and receivers of its Perfect Effects.

The Divine Mind creates every moment in timeless Truth through us, so that it is our gift to give and receive. In oneness with the Divine Mind, we are an open door through which Living Light touches all of creation, creating eternal harmonious growth. As a part of creation, we experience this eternal expansion through ever-increasing divine reflections.

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