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The Divine Frequency


We are entering a new frequency.

On this Holy Day, sunset to sunset, a total consciousness shift occurs. Today our remembrance has come full circle, back to the origin of the Story of True Life, by which our True Life begins. Tomorrow, we awaken into the eternally expanding experience of Our Story’s reflection, the Kingdom of Peace, in time.

The reign of self-determination is usurped by the soul’s state of being. We remembered “I Am” and therefore this Winter Solstice takes on a whole new energetic power because of the matured awareness of our Light within, which is now Shining outwardly upon ALL.

This year, the combined awareness of the Living Gates united in the remembrance of the Mighty I Am within. This Kingdom of Peace reached a depth and height by which it is able to reveal Truth’s Perfection from within the soul and project its Perfect Will into Time. This united awareness of the Light manifests a heightened vibration that will gradually increase in its transformative power until it consumes all. In this, Truth’s Perfecting Will encompasses the Cosmos. The ever-expanding Energetic Presence of Divine Love’s Perfect Will perfects all that concerns the soul by regenerating all of Creation through the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth.

This heightened vibration continually creates upward expansion, reflecting Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection. Its pure Light is unaltered by frequencies of darkness, able to bring forth Light into the darkest corners of the soul’s mind, thus the cosmos.

The divine frequency, spilling into time through the soul, is the energetic vibration of Plan “Be” set in motion. This is the frequency of True Life and it manifests all the visions you hold of True Life. It lifts them off the pages of the Mind and into reality. As the soul’s eye opens to the visible Presence of Divine Love in time, the self-sustained vibration of Divine Love reigns throughout the cosmos, revealing the Divine Universe.

In this frequency, you who have returned to the Light, KNOW you are the Light, which is the expression of Truth’s Perfection and Divine Love. In this KNOWING, you enter the Divine Universe of Eternal Peace. Divine Love’s Presence now is ubiquitous as the air you breathe. There is no breath that isn’t Hers in your sphere of time. Everything in your sphere of time is being perfectly assembled by the frequency of Divine Harmony, to bring forth an ever-increasing abundant, joyful Life. In this frequency shift, Truth’s Light shines through your “Being” and into time, revealing its Perfection and Glory.

Drink from the Golden Cup offered to you by the hand of Divine Love. As I Am Perfect, so is your sphere of time. You are the living, ever-expanding temple of Divine Love’s Perfection. You are the reflection of Truth’s Perfection and Divine Love, a Child of Light, the beloved “Christ in the flesh”, one who is anointed with the Presence of Mother Father God, which alone governs the Divine Universe for the Highest Good of All.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

96 thoughts on “The Divine Frequency

  1. Heaven on earth is SEEN through the DIVINE that binds every moment in time together. (recognizing the spirit).

    again, each NAME is an eternal law(part of EVERY PERSON ON EARTH).(soul: living in the spirit)

    to LIVE IN THE SPIRIT, requires us to understand the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE(through the spheracle language), in which puts us in a position(as a race) to see Heaven on earth(requires ALL OF LIFE to awaken).

    The DIVINE is our heart(arc of the covenant: binds all people as creatures of time(hense we are prophets and angels)).

    I AM is a powerful force…

    but to see I AM in everyone(share in vibrations), is to LIVE IN THE SPIRIT(you are a lord, as i am a lord).(part of ALL LAWs)

    • I think social media sites: bring happiness to a lot of people. Some people even discover love there. It’s fantastic if you’re a sociable person; the communication lines are wide open. You can refashion anything, blot out memories and change history. But they can divide and separate us, as well.

  2. it is always the STRENGTHS OF OUR OWN HEART(outside of time), in which BINDS US TOGETHER(always).. there is NO SEPERATION(hense, living in the spirit))

    • I read the Scriptures a lot, meditate and pray, light candles in church. I believe in damnation and salvation, as well as predestination. The Five Books of Moses, Pauline Epistles, Invocation of the Saints, all of it. Outside of time it’s only Jesus. If you are touching anything outside of time, it’s Jesus who is touching you, visiting you. This is the realm of the spirit. Never try to be bound, together, but only bound to Jesus. This will be your new light. This will be your light house.

  3. each name is an eternal LAW, part of whom we all are, and what binds us to EACHOTHER(mind/body/spirit)..
    there is NO SEPERATION. christ is a LAW, in which is part of ALL OF US, but it takes each of us to see christ in eachother(spirit to MASS)..

    let go of the religion as it is deceptive.
    THE ETERNAL HEART(which requires ALL NAMES(as laws), to rise us out of the language of the flesh(hense the lower vibrations), and ALIGN(cross) with ELEMENTAL LAW(LIFE OF TIME through EVERY NAME), as that is what binds us to the LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT while ON EARTH(all of us as ONE BODY(all names))..

    the scriptures and what religons teach are deceptive. there is an ORIGINAL LANGUAGE which is for all of us(set all names aside)..

  4. No religion involved. Let the Lord lead you into truth. Religion can only circle one back into a loss of original language, Based on love you can be led without deception through any loss of faith, where eternal law is only a person called love.

  5. Joe…

    your so right, social media sites, blogs…a greeting at the store in passing is all well and good as we learn to adjust our thinking where we achieve and remain with the same disposition in our projections regardless of who we are projecting “toward.” When we learn to remain in our comfort zone “in Christ” and let the opinions of others not affect us…our communications are wide open because we “let it be.” When we love, we are to love others with their set in the way attitudes and beliefs. When we understand that love surpasses all “disagreements” we can come and go letting it be. Your right we can move the mountains which cannot be surpassed in any other way but by forbearance and if we can’t, we can remain divided… not by love for the other but by trying to frump another’s knowledge. Love surpasses all knowledge.

    It is our allotted time of living in this carnal world of darkness which separates our mind one from another…depending on where our mind “is.” The eternal part of us, our “spirit” is that perfected part of us that we were before this world was, is and will be. This perfect part of us was created outside of time, (before time) however we must understand as I believe you do, that the soul was created and separated from the spirit “in “Adam when he became a living soul…and that souls journey back to “her” beginning is our process of blindness. So as we learn to live completely in the spirit, we are then one. This “time” of darkness is our awakening from the sleeping soul to the awakened spirit which never slept.
    As Joe so eloquently put it, our communications can be whatever and as good as we want them to be, it just depends on whether we communicate with our perfected spirt or with our imperfect soul. When we see that it was a perfect Father which created a perfect school to learn our obedience by the perfect play on good and evil…we see a “way” of and to a perfection in all things. It is a perfect plan when we see God as perfect and that a Father that loves his children would never discipline them with an evil circumstance unless the outcome of that experience, test, trial and tribulation was for “our” good. God makes no mistakes. It is all good.

    • sonny, one can never have love without knowledge. One can love a dog but he would never understand why until he were in heaven. If I were to try and love lon, without knowledge, he might not ever make it to heaven. this is why christ said go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, and then shall the end come. hallelujah that we can be representative of the love of God to those who will never know Him or experience his presence, or have eternal life, unless we share what God has given us to tell. let us be powerful and untimid and unashamed, hallelujah to praise Him. What a priviledge, to make Him known and all about Him and the knowledge of Him

      • I study many hours on most days and as good as knowledge is, the end and understanding of all knowledge is love. I’m speaking as in 1 Corinthians 13 about not letting our differences and opinions of what something “might” mean get in the way of the true meaning of “all” knowledge and understanding. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding is the bridge to love. I think what I am trying to say when I speak of knowledge vs love is that love is knowledge, wisdom and understanding complete. To know the truth about something is very good…but to be..the truth…is the fulfillment of “all” things. Make sense?

      • The creator of all knowledge is love…or truth…or is God. Love which is God existed eternally, before He created a knowledge to lead us back to the light from which we came. Knowledge was created cor use in the realm of time, whereas love has always existed…before knowledge was. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was created by love…before the tree existed. A lot to ponder…and to meditate on.

      • Yes, when one is relying on opinions of men and not the Word of God there will never be any love associated with that. It is only when we are relying on the love in the knowledge of God that He will use us to communicate His message. When He is doing this the power of His anointing will uphold the listener and the speaker and the Holy Spirit will be the umpire of the essence of His greatness and gives the witness about Jesus true meaning. As there are many gifts and callings given by God it is up to each one to be given the witness from above. If we judge without the knowledge of all the Word of God we can quickly be deceived, and thus God sends for witnesses to His glory. When this glory comes it matches all elements of the word in which case love can just be a word with no meaning. It is the love of God IN the Word, or knowledge that will produce a crop of love.

  6. As the scriptures are written in a natural, symbolic and a spiritual level the natural appears to contradict the spiritual when in fact we do not understand the symbols which converts the meaning from the natural to the spiritual. There are many errors in the different translations from the originals, however the spirit within will guide us into all truth…so we needn’t worry. Many people and thus religions are literalist meaning they do not see beyond the natural letter of the word. Many believe the symbols are not to be understood but to move from the natural to the spiritual understanding we must move from the symbol, the outward to the inward. What prevents our understanding from being translated into the spiritual realm is that the natural is more carnal is more of darkness where the spiritual is more of the light. When a person’s heart is being led of the spirit it is being led of love, the natural nor the symbol is not i port at to them. Knowledge is good,,,but love is better. 1 Corinthians 13. The deception comes into play when love does not guide our mind through the scriptures to reveal their meaning beyond the natural or the symbol. The “revelation” of all the natural law is the law of the spirit, which is the love of God fulfilled in each 9ne of us…as He is.

    • In this instance we will never be concerned with the many or with the errors but only with the truth which the omnipotent has shared with the laborers who were sent for into the field to sow the word, and never would we at all be concerned with the tares which would grow unaturally amongst the wheat but always we will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit who’s delight is to share the word’s of Jesus with those who are hearing and those who have hearing and are able to hear are those whom the Father is choosing today to receive His love always abounding in His grace those He is counting faithful will be faithful for the love of seeing those to whom He is communicating learn the story of His precious Son, of the Trinity and so will they ever be born unto eternal life. In this instance love and knowledge become the same thing through the eternal Spirit they are united in the Prophetic Word that is born incarnate in the hearts of His Son’s always bearing about in their bodies, these clay vessels, the eminency of His presence and the story of His triune being, of which Christ Jesus is the firstborn of many disciples. Those who have been counted unworthy of the knowledge are cast out and separated by the Angels. This is the time to bring all good things to Him, for those who have been entrusted with the message of eternal life. It’s all about God loving each individual. It is the most literal knowledge that can ever be carried in the human soul, for HIm. Have Grace

      • Love…is the end game. Knowledge tells us “about” love but it is the spirit which establishes us in it. When our goal is to love one another as our Father would have us to…we see reality in the making.

  7. Knowledge means you are hearing from God through your native language to communicate the thoughts of God to other people. The spirit cannot communicate with us without knowledge. Knowledge means knowing, and knowing means knowing about something. We cannot experience God’s love without ultimately hearing about the knowledge of Jesus. The Holy Spirit brings only the knowledge of Jesus, birthed by the love of Jesus. You may love all day long, but it is meaningless without the knowledge of Jesus. It’s beautiful when we are able to judge all things by the Word of God. The Word of God and the Spiritual realm are more literal than the physical. Very cool, very powerful.

  8. word of god means GLOBAL EVENT(affects the many).

    jesus isnt one person, its a spirit that is shared in all(not just christ, but jahova, and mohomad, and allah, and mormon, and yeaway(still cant spell), and all names not mentioned.

    to endure one, is to endure all.

    to see JESUS(so to speak) in every person on earth, is to LIVE IN THE SPIRIT(there is no jesus, but there is a CHRIST(shared in all).

    LOVE is I AM(which lives beyond any one person)(we all share in that I AM(consisting of ALL NAMES).

    LOVE is what binds us to the ELEMENTS, as all names are LAWS of TIME(hense spheracle/spiritual).

    each of us must see the spirit in others, in order to bring it out from ourselves.

    to SHARE in these spheracle(spiritial) CONNECTIONS, allow us to INTERACT WITH ELEMENTAL LAW(arc of the covenant).

    the concepts of religons must be gone, so we can see the LAWS of LIFE(past/present/future as ONE MOMENT).

    love THY neibor as THYSELF(living in TIME)..
    SHARED(the world)…

    again, EVENTUALLY, we all come to the same source(yin(begining)/yan(end)… both end and begining being ONE AND THE SAME(time)..

    • I believe what you are saying Loni, is that when we become one with God, we become one with all, wherever another is along their path. If it makes no difference to God to where one is along their path as He brings them along…then it shouldn’t matter to us as well. Whatever religion a person is presently in as you list…is but a passing through experience for love has no religious label to it. Love just is…the “I Am.”

      • When you describe yourself as being one with God, are you proclaiming that you are God? Or are you saying that you want to be one, with his purposes?
        If you are saying you want to be one, with his purposes, you will need to understand the history of God’s dealings with man since the beginning, in which case God came through the Jewish faith to reveal Himself to mankind.
        Through this God shows that he is familiar in nature.
        This does not mean that we become Jewish, but it means that we understand that Jehovah the God of the Jews is where God is revealing himself.
        God made covenants with the Jews.
        This knowledge prevents one from suggesting that any family or religion represents God.
        God has an acceptable pathway in which He instructs us to stay away from “other gods”, or
        gods of men, and idols.
        God explicitly forgids worshipping other gods and idolatry
        God came through Jesus alone, and it is what He is telling us today to stay faithful to Him alone.
        This knowledge is what Jesus is proclaiming as the heart’s path to find God.
        This is the knowledge of the heart.
        God’s love follows this path straight to Jesus today for each person.

  9. Frogs and Rocks are in the Bible too, but that doesn’t mean He created you, to, worship them. You can lick frogs and trip out, and, allow your mind to circle, but Jesus will still be standing right in front of you, holding out His hands for you to come Home. Allow Him to fill your heart today. One Way stands out. God is always stable, and never circling. A beautiful God of love. This could be your day to find true life.

  10. The knowledge that leads one to love is a good knowledge to have.

    1Corinthians 13…
    If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love [for others growing out of God’s love for me], then I have become only a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal [just an annoying distraction]. And if I have the gift of prophecy [and speak a new message from God to the people], and understand all mysteries,

    and [possess] all knowledge;

    and if I have all [sufficient] faith so that I can remove mountains, but do not have love [reaching out to others], I am nothing. If I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it does me no good at all.
    1 Corinthians 13:1-3 –

    Love is the endgame of all other things.

    Knowledge is very good if we look for the “nature” (love) of God in it,….for the only purpose of having and acquiring knowledge is to know God perfectly. So many, as the Pharisees, in particular as the one standing in the temple was so completely satisfied with his “knowledge” that he never progressed from his doctrines, rituals, ceremonies and his pride of self importance in having knowledge without having the desire to love as it being his only goal. He was satisfied with the rote of his religious verbiage in how he might impress others, bragging before God and putting words into God’s own mouth…in praising himself. He was not using his knowledge in guiding others in how to love others as God loves us. As it is written how can a person learn without having the proper knowledge and the understanding of how to use it? “With all they getting, get understanding,” meaning do not learn as did the Pharisee, desiring and having only a knowledge from the intellectual carnal side of ourself, in only being found in the pride of only what we know…We are to follow on to know only the knowledge that leads one away from the pomp and the pride of only in the knowing of a thing (pride) instead of become the thing itself….which is the love and character of God. Knowledge has a good purpose if it is used to acquire the reality of God’s likeness, disposition and presence. All else develops the nature of the five foolish in substituting knowledge that only promoted self instead of the knowledge that only promoted God without the insertion of self. Knowledge is a dangerous thing when used unwisely.

    We should all love knowledge, but we should love the result of having knowledge even more. Knowledge like anything else can be used to promote self…or our Father. The five foolish were full of knowledge but had not the knowledge of love. When we study the word of God with all of it’s mysteries, parables and the like as is listed in 1 Corinthians 13, it is saying to not stop and to just be satisfied in the knowing of the intellect of a thing, but to go on to become all of what knowledge was created for…and that is to learn and to become what love is. Love is who God is, and we are not to become only a book of knowledge of facts and figures but a book of love. One is literal words written on a page while the other is God’s spirit Himself written on the tables of our heart. Again it is good to know, but to be is much, much better. We all learn how to be more loving as we go….so sharing our knowledge along the way with the end game of being the love in which we seek…is a good and an encouraging thing to do. We’re all along the same path, and all are somewhere on it, those who are ahead encourage us as we also encourage all those that we can. It’s all about being supportive of one another, whether we are just stepping onto the path or of one who is just completing our journey on it. Love is the path, no matter where we are on it.

  11. Yes, the knowledge of the heart is exactly what Jesus preached. In order to prevent misunderstanding and illusion and idolatry, God has given revelations of Himself. Revelations may range from the knowledge of a simplistic faith in God, to the knowledge of the Apostle Paul, the disciples, and the deep knowledge from the teachings of Jesus, from whom all knowledge comes. He is the light of the World.
    God gave wonderful knowledge to Solomon, and grants knowledge to Kings.
    Knowledge always should magnify Jesus Christ and bring a leading to Him and about Him.
    The Pharisees were involved in self preservation whereas we see Jesus lifting up and building up the knowledge of the Father, the true God in Heaven.
    Jesus said, I bring knowledge among you as a servant and Paul laid down his pedigree to bring the knowledge
    of the Gospel of Salvation.
    Knowledge always crowns a King with Righteousness.

  12. There is only “ the” one true God. We can be one “in spirit” with God as we all become one in the same spirit with Him “as He is,” for this is our common “oneness” of God in which we all seek.

    The history and the story of the Jews being anything special as far as a nationality or a “race” is disproven by the scriptures themselves as Paul clarifying what a “Jew” is in reality. Paul explained that any person is a true “spiritual” Jew when they keep the commandments of God. When the “mixed multitude” came out of Egypt they were composed of all of the three sons of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth. The 12 sons had intermarried with the “pagan” women around them as was forbidden for them to do but disobediently did anyway. “Then” when this mixed people went into Egypt for four hundred years, they came out, not a race of people , but of a very mixed multitude. Where many err in seeing of what made them a chosen “people” (not a race) was that the covenant was by contract…”If” you will keep may commandments you can be my chosen people. If not…you can’t. Not all agreed to keeping the commandments of God as their continued disobedience, grumbling and complaining kept them out of the promised land for forty years, however, it was just a few days journey from Egypt. Not keeping the contract with God kept them in disfavor with God on and off until God took the covenant from them and made becoming a “Jew” common to all in the coming of Christ. Keeping the faith and the commandments of God was their only tie to being a chosen people. There was no color that distinguished them, no ethnicity nor any genealogy of a people as a whole.

    They intermarried almost totally outside of the covenant people. This is a very controversial subject in that people want to claim superiority by nothing more than their fictional belief of themselves. “I’m special because.” Nonsense. When Paul was describing what a true Israelite was it has absolutely nothing to do with the covenant people under the law for they broke the covenant in disobedience just as anyone can do the same today, bond or free, Jew or Gentile, male or female. The only thing that makes one a covenant people is obedience to the ways of God just as Paul explained that not all that called themselves Jews were Jews because they were in a mistaken identity mind set just as people are today. “If” you are in Christ Jesus and obey the commandments and the covenant of God, you “are” then of the covenant people. Race, what race? To be Jewish is only a belief that one adheres to that they are “ chosen” by some genealogy lineage that is unprovable. Again to be a true Israelite, one must keep the covenant of God, in spirit and in truth. Physically we carry no privilege in any way. It’s always been by obedience or the lack thereof, that make one a covenant people. The natural people that came out of Egypt was given a special place and a special blessing over all other people…if…they stayed obedient to the will of God. When they did not obey the covenant no longer applied.

    When they did not the covenant no longer applied to them. The promises as Paul pointed out was no longer to the natural Jew but to the spiritual Jew, one of being an “inward” covenant people. The coming of Christ and His resurrection made all things new…and spiritual. The rules apply in our day and time but only in the spiritual context of what a covenant is…and who a covenant people is. If we keep the commandments of God as a follower of Christ, we are then the covenant people and if we do not, as the Jews of old did not, we also are not. The law is fulfilled in Christ, there is no outward church, people or anything else. This is why we are all on the same footing personally and physically, no matter who you once thought your were, it means nothing if you are not in Christ, it is who you are now in spirit and in truth.

    I almost didn’t respond to this subject but after many, many years of people claiming to be special for nothing more and of no more effort than looking in the mirror and saying “I’m special” because of my color, or my genealogy or my doctrine, I set out to trace a few genealogies disproving the race theory as I have touched on above. The nation of Israel as it is today is used as a timeline as defining one age from another…but there is absolutely no benefit to your lineage or background. We are all one in Christ if we walk in Christ. If these so called natural Jews or any other religion became one in Christ then yes, they could still qualify as a true Israelite albeit now…they would have to quality as a spiritual Jew. A Christian today can only qualify as an Israelite because it has always been by staying obedient to the truth in the “covenant.” What is the truth today and what is the covenant today? It is in Christ, the flesh means and profits nothing. Moving from the old covenant to the new is like moving from the understanding what a natural rock is to the spiritual rock. We are now under the spiritual covenant where all things are spiritual. The temple “used” to be “out there,” now it is within, the promised land was a geographical allotment promised to the natural Israel, where as today the promised land is an spiritual “inward” place we will be blessed with once we conquer all the “ites” within us. These “ites” are the carnal enemy and nature of man.

    Because there were seven of them naturally that the natural Israelites had to destroy to live in peace in the promised land, we also must conquer all of our “ites” within us…the enemy of God, our carnal nature. For every allegory, parable, journey and mystery in the Old Testament is but a revealing of the spiritual realm of the Christ within us. We have moved on from thinking the outward world is more important than the inward world. When Christ came and sacrificed Himself on the cross “everything” went from an outward way to an inward way. From seeing with the natural eye to seeing with the spiritual eye. This means that what we see with the natural eye is but an explanation of something that already exist in the spirit world. What permits one to see this transition from the outward to the spiritual Is when we give up on trying to justify the spirit by the natural under the old law. It cannot be done. Everything that we do we must pray that love be our guide, an unconditional love that does not look at any as being above another because of their mind still being under the outward law of observances. Again, do not we now know that the kingdom of God does not come by “observation” with the natural eye but by the spiritual eye which is an understanding coming from the spirit of God to the spirit within?

    What one believes or disbelieves about this subject, I do not judge it, for to be spiritual minded does not judge by the things of the outward works but by the spirit of oneness where we see “all” eventually becoming one…”in spirit.” If our differences in doctrines, believes, etc., changes our love one for the other, we have not the matured Christ within us…for maturity and perfection sees all things complete in Christ Jesus as all “shall be.” Jesus was the man…and Christ was His anointing by His Father just as ours will also be….It is the “unconditional love” that we have for our fellow man which reveals these truths for an untruth reveals nothing and keeps us spiritually blind. When we love all unconditionally we will then progress to be all and in all. When in doubt about a subject, it is whatever puts God in the most favorable light that is usually the truth. We cannot love and hate in heaven, so we must become as “He is” to be as “He.” It’s all a positive journey when we understand that God makes no mistakes…and “ everything” that we experience is a blessing for all things bend us to God. It is a perfect plan.

    There is a realm which is above all realms and there are no doctrines, mysteries or parables there, for when we are fulfilled into the realm of God, the in part is done away with… for the purpose of evil has been fulfilled and is no more. Oneness means in being a part of God’s plan in making all people as one…in spirit.

    • Your just showed me your gift again(trained to see in spirit).
      you accepted the vibrations, and you let go of the old, and made way for the new(which your spirit is mine, and mine is yours).

      in short,theres that gift i see in you..

      i love how ELEMENTAL LAW(all names in our DNA) works(the LIFE in which all bibles are about(in us)..

      jews understood the god more than anyone… the I AM(spiritual jews)..
      rest is just judgments of our own beliefs(seperated and as ONE).

      • Thank You Loni for your kind words for they tell me that although that we may not see the present situation just alike we see the “end game” the same and that is Christ all and in all…when the last one is found and returned to the ninety n8ne make us all 100% complete. When we understand the mysteries and the hidden meanings behind the symbols they “all” reveal one thing and that is the love of God all and in all. So with this understanding that it is what we shall be we do not judge one another on who and what we are. We simply don’t care to judge and condemn those and that God will bring to a full redemption. I know what you mean when you say I am in you are in me. It simply means that the spirit of our Father is one and the same in each of us. We do not yet see ourselves in this fullness as we are in part but we have that vision and that desire to be “as He is” and we resign ourselves to continually make the changes and sacrifice that will of self within. We must give up and sacrifice all of the carnally religious mind with its rules for others to abide by in order to please us so that we can accept them. This is making ourselves God in participating in “rules” of knowledge and traditions instead of in the simple faith of loving others unconditionally until we all come into the faith of that we call oneness. We have to have a vision of the truth which is God and an understanding of His ways that cannot come by the law but by faith in Christ, which is faith is the love of God…”without” any conditions whatsoever. This love is forgiveness without boundaries, this is love for all divisions, factions and parties, this vision that God gives to us is all inclusive to every people, nation, and tongue regardless of the division one is found in. We are to be above all the conditions that man made religion would subject us to however we must also love these also as did the disciple Steven and bless those even while they are throwing the stones of self righteousness. Speaking our heart as best we can…is not throwing stones, it’s just our perspective of what love is until it true love comes. It is…all good.

  13. My commentary has to do with the historical narrative that God gave concerning His relationship with man. God made covenant with the Jews not because they were special, but because they believed in Him, through Abraham God made and gave the covenant promises.
    God offers Himself to us by faith to believe. Therefore to know God one must follow the Bible, and adhere to the record He gave.
    There are no other paths to God than that given to us through the Bible and to His Son Jesus.
    Yes you are correct the covenant today is through Jesus, and it is through faith in Him that Salvation is found.
    God however gave reference to “false gods” through the Jewish faith we learn the false from the real.
    This, in no way means Jewish people are better, in fact God did away with the original covenant but what it does imply is that God does not recognize every faith, but faith in Him alone because He is a jealous God.
    What we are referencing here is the knowledge that what God gave in the Old Testament to the Jews and is God’s record of His dealings with man, and it is not the Jews who are special, but God who is special.
    The God of the Jews, is what we are pointing out, that other gods are idols and are demonic and erroneous and that following them is actually worshiping of sticks and stones and statues and pagan entities of which God has nothing to do for He has set a table before those who believe in the God of the Jews.
    There is no commonality amongst other religions or religous figures with this God Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the testament of His Son.
    The link is with this God that appeared to Moses a Jew, on the Mount, and Elijah and Moses on the Mount of transfiguration.
    When one confuses the idea of One God with the many God’s of world religion, we know that God brings judgment, upon these counterfeit theologies.
    God is a jealous God and will not allow people to be confused and disoriented about His history and who He is. Jesus is the beautiful unfolding of the History that God gave to the Jews and it is through His History that we know who He is and with Jesus being the chief cornerstone.
    All through Isaiah, the Jewish Prophet, we have the testimony of the coming Messiah. Mary the Mother of Jesus was Jewish.
    Paul was Jewish. This is the revelation of the God of the Jews and the whole OLd Testament chronicles the Life of Jesus Christ in it’s mystical representation.
    Now God is saying turn away from the false God’s, false religions, Christ oneness and all other idol’s and find Him in the words of the Bible.
    All New Testament references are born out of the Old Testament and teach us to turn away from false religion to the One true God.
    This is not the God of Mystical Eastern mysticism, Buddism, Transcendentalism, Hinduism, these are the Pagan format and are condemned by the Lord, because they are not from Him.
    Hallelujah that We have the record of God to lead us and through Jesus we can never be deceived against the historical teachings that were delivered through the Jewish Prophets.
    All the Jewish Prophets were led by the Holy spirit and bring us to the true God, as God sent correction to them, so He does to us today.
    God corrects those whom He loves. What a benefit to the path of truth and love.
    Yes, we are in safe hands when we follow the path of the Bible.
    All of this entails what we believe and how it will lead us forward. Jesus said blessed are those who believe. The only condition to His love is this precious story of Jesus, and that is truly where unconditional love is found and was paid for by His blood.
    We veer from the truth whenever our beliefs carry us away from His Word.

  14. Thanks for the dialogue and comments guys….

    It is a good thing to gain understanding of “the way” until we are perfected into God’s likeness and character. What I have learned in my experience is that the spirit teaches the understanding of the Bible for it must be spiritually discerned. When the spirit teaches it is harmonious to all alike. When there is a thousand different opinions it is clearly not the spirit teaching, it is the intellect of man trying to “figure it out.” When we try to become spiritual the other way around, in thinking that the dead letter of the law has life, confusion and carnal debate takes precedence over the spirit for when the spirit teaches, it teaches in that it is grounded in the higher things of God…These groundings are a compassion for others of a different understanding, with a forgiving bent and a grace that is beyond all knowledge and understanding. There is a much greater walk of peace and contentment when we walk in the spirit than in the letter. However in this plan of God we must first wade through much darkness and in many facts and figures, and in scouring through much knowledgeable understanding… in order to only realize… that when the spirit is not guiding our hearts and minds…and the intellect is…we must humble look further into the spiritual guidance of our Father. It’s all good for both in learning from “what’s not” is important as well of learning “what is.” We learn about our positive path in the ways of the Lord by experiencing both the good and the evil by rejecting the one and embracing the other. When we eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil we learn what not to do… and then we go looking for the original fruit that we had of the tree of life. The outcome of experiencing both the good and the evil is the end game…perfection…In almost all schools of thought in this world of learning most everything is taught by a right way as opposed to the alternative, the wrong way, so it is in the spiritual school. When we “see” we see only a perfect plan with a perfect outcome because our perfect Father was and is both the author and the finisher of our faith…and our perfection. A good Father can only do good things…even in the corrective stripes that we receive from Him. So..we must not murmur and complain about the corrections, but instead thank God and diligently ask to be corrected until His will be done. When we understand what oneness is, we see it in everything that God allows to happen to us, for everything that is allowed corrects and mends until we are complete in His likeness. Job’s double portion came only after the horrendous evil that God allowed Job to be tested and tried with…and Job came to understand just as we also will that “all” things are under our Father’s sovereign control. There is only one will and one purpose in all of this good and evil..and it’s all good.

    • Acts 12: 23 Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

      Because of his riches and power, King Herod’s followers praised and flattered him.

      The king’s arrogance convinced himself that he had became a god.

      His sinful pride and vanity got the best of him and death was his only reward delivered by the Angel of the Lord.

      God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

      • Yes, many thousands have died in like sins as that of Herod, people of Sodom and Gomorrah, and many of the children of Israel who’s sins even exceeded those of Sodom and Gomorrah. God said that even though Israel’s sins were greater than Sodom’s, that in the age to come God would forgive Israel for all of her backsliding and obstinate rebellion against God. As bad as Israel had fell into like sin, even sacrificing their own children on pagan alters like that of their evil neighbors, God’s mercy proved above and beyond the greater sins of Israel. Sodom was sinning without the law not knowing better as did Israel supposedly following the law. And Herod’s sins were as evil as Sodom and Israel’s before him so when the books are opened in the judgment day both he and they will be judged according to what is recorded and all will receive judgment according to their deeds. Nothing goes unnoticed and not corrected by God in the day of judgment.

        The story of Herod was recorded for all of us to read and to fear what may happen to any in mocking God. There are literally millions of King Herods today. Look at how the masses praise and worship individuals who put themselves in the place of God and the people love to have it so. We see many “foolish Herod’s” today (more than five) as they have taken the things of God and have built themselves houses and kingdoms filled with pride and arrogance. Many of these ungodly ones are even preaching a message to rejoin the great harlot mother church while wearing their “fine apparel” as many already have. These are also seeking a oneness but it is a oneness of an evil, false mother church which is responsible for more deaths than any other institution or country on the face of the earth….and all their evil done is done in the “name” of God. These present day ‘Herod’s” will all receive the same fate as the example before them. What’s in a name? It depends on the nature of the name…whether the nature is of Christ or it is of the carnal. A false Christ and church takes lives away life while the true only gives life. We are given many examples in the scriptures so as to help us choose our way. Let us not choose the way of Sodom, or Israel of old, or king Herod. Our king is Christ and His ways are not of the evil one. There are no arrogance in the ways of Christ as is recorded in Matthew 5…but mercy, compassion and forgiveness…eventually forgiving all of all sin. God says that He will even forgive Israel which exceeded the sins of Gomorrah. What sins are greater than those of Israel’s trespasses that God says that He will not forgive them…in “that day, in the age to come?” There is a time and place for all things, in retaining sins and in forgiving them. Ecclesiastes 3. Some sins are not forgiven until the “age that is to come.” This is what God pronounced upon Israel, that they would not be forgiven in the age in which they committed their atrocities but in the age that was to come…the age that we are now presently entering into. When we get our timing and our ages mixed up and out of order, we see judgement where forgiveness will instead rein supreme. Everything in its own time, in it’s own order. Then…cometh the end…of all suffering and the beginning of love without end.

      • Acts 12: 23 Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

        giving praise to god is to see the BEST in ALL OF MANKIND, when you see nothing but an ENEMY in others(opposite of praising), then you will be STRUCK DOWN YOURSELF, as OTHERS(man AND GOD), plays out the condemnation in which is YOUR OWN JUDGEMENTS. you cannot escape YOUR HEART(outside of time).

        to see christ, you must step out of time, and see from the pov of a SOUL(which will always contain EVERY SOUL through t he ETERNERAL LAWs)(which are LAWS OF TIME).

        WE PRAISE EACHOTHER(you are a LORD(prophet and an angel)).
        no religion allowed…

        and you are very welcome SONNY, your presance is VIBRANT(praise)..

  15. Where does it say that Israel will be forgiven in time to come?

    • Isreal is a SOUL that lives in EVERY PERSON(and any soul connects us all to EVERY SOUL)(laws of time)

      as isreal is forgiven, it means we have forgiven some aspect of OURSELVES(in everyone).
      isreal again is a SOUL(spiritual language)

      when a soul is forgiven, then MANKIND WILL RISE UP in amazing WAYS(living in a soul(giving life)(spirit/spheracle aka heaven)

      • So interesting, Loni … today I felt the Ray of Divine Forgiveness going out to ALL … beautiful confirmation.

      • when i speak, my words PIERCE through time and changes the world(in real time(which connects every moment together))… you will FEEL my words and your own words(divine being your own HEART OUTSIDE OF TIME), turning the WHOLE WORLD(hense energy) through every event(WORD OF GOD) on earth.

        Each WORD WE SPEAK, turns an infinity amount of CLAY/matter(how we direct the weather and eachother)).
        (father(spheracle)(misinterpered as good) to MOTHER(natural)(misinterpered as bad)
        the god(absolute), is the I AM that we ALL SHARE(through all SOULS(laws of time(trust))).

        when you give VALIDATION BACK(AS YOU HAVE), it makes me stronger which makes everyone stronger and as i keep seeing my own words PIERCE time(how prayers work), i can see EVERYONE’s HEARTthrough the WHOLE WORLD(forgiving(letting go of the OLD and making way for the NEW(physical EVENT as living in the SPIRIT(spirit means LAWS OF TIME)))).
        (this is how i know the ETERNAL LANGUAGE).

        the SPIRITUAL/spheracle part of OUR identity(in all names)

        again, when all is right, there will be nothing left to FORGIVE(as we are all PERFECT IN EVERY WAY).
        DAY OF THE LORD refers to the HIGHEST HONORS that we all SEE(give) to eachother as EVERY person on earth is a LORD(living in the spirit).

        again, a KING is not 1 person ruling all of mankind, instead a KING is the HIGHEST HONORS in which we all place onto eachother(day of the LORD(true giving shown on earth))

        in the END, when all is forgiven(IN EVERYONE), you will see EVERYONE ON EARTH SEEKING ONENESS(as
        they(we) are part of god(annointed)). you can see it in the news, in your own lives, and you will start to recognize your heart(IN ME as i see my heart in YOU(everyone))

        the only people that will reject what i say, will only be through religions(whom live and see through death(death not being died, but BLINDed))..

        AGAIN, the DIVINE is our own HEART(which is outide of time and TURNS THE WHOLE WORLD)
        DIVINE being HOLY SPIRIT(all of time through ALL LAWS)

        my only intentions are to give the ORIGINAL CONTEXT of every bible on earth(which NO RELGIONS TEACH).

        also, everything that i can do, so can everyone else on earth(as we are of the same spirit).

  16. Every bible was written within the SPHERACLE(we are all the same in god), but man(religons) interpered through linier thinking.

    you have to let go of all you know, so you can see things the way they are.

    each bible is a tool of DIVINATION. through any religion, you will not see what is being said.
    but through the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE(focus point), the words take on different meanings.

    we all experience the SPIRIT(which never left us).
    in todays world, we call it the DIVINE.

    to see GOD in all, is to bring out the SPIRIT(time) within self).
    each ELEMENT OF MASS(that makes up the WHOLE WORLD), has this same LANGUAGE WITHIN(needs eternal knowledge to see)

    the reason why the bibles have scriptures is because the SCHOLARS has a means of INTERPERTATIONS.
    each time they learned a new meaning, they had to go back throughout the WHOLE BIBLE and change the words. the numbers are just from the schollars.

    the ORIGINAL BIBLE was meant to be written in the exact ORDER IT WAS WRITTEN(top to bottom, left to right).

    there are no people in any bible, instead, its all SPHERACLE(we see the ONE GOD in eachother).
    the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN takes up the same space as the world(vibrations).

    christ is in the HIGHER VIBRATIONS which we all see christ in eachother(not a person, but an ETERNAL LAW).

    all religions teach DEATH(not a physical death(as the whole world is dead), but a spiritual DEATH, as we tell ourselves that we are just INDIVIDUALS on a planet(your just a man).

    we are all OF THE SPIRIT, but have forgotten, as ALL SINS that everyone does, is our own JUDGEMENTS in which we HOLD from our own RELIGIONS(which includes chrstianity).

    Eventually, we will learn that our BELIEFS are not in MIND, but what words cannot describe which is HEART(revealed through the WHOLE WORLD).

    • No, the reason you believe Bibles are interpretations is because you have not the Holy Spirit. When you believe in Jesus and repent of your sins, trusting Him for your Salvation, then you will be given the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One who gave the words to the writers of the Bible.
      Jesus, said, “Except ye be born again, you cannot, see the Kingdom of Heaven.
      Trust Him today, and you will be Born Again.
      All those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be Saved.

  17. I am speaking in the context of the chapter of Ezekiel 16 (as well as in many other places, literally the entire word) when Israel was compared to her older and younger sister, Samaria and Sodom and how Israel’s sins exceeded their sins. It is written in Ezekiel that all of these “sisters” sins would be forgiven in the day of the lord…which we know this day of the lord is the day we are presently entering into. This goes along with the New Testament admonition to Israel that they were not to be forgiven in this age nor in the the age to come signifying forgiveness would be given to them in the next age. Christ was speaking in the age before His resurrection which was still under the law and the spiritual age and it’s beginning signified by His resurrection was the age to come and the one that we are now entering into is the age of the day of the lord…This is when it is recorded that Israel would receive their change and forgiveness in Christ Jesus. Many others do not see the ages marked out as such but the phrase “ the day of the lord” establishes this is the age of their forgiveness. As sinful a life as these sisters had fallen into, and especially Israel’s for they had the law when the other two did not, God’s mercy is shown to even be far above any sin these sisters committed as stated in 16:60-63 “Nevertheless, I will remember [with compassion] My covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish an everlasting covenant with you. Then you will remember your ways and be ashamed when you receive your sisters, both your older and your younger; I will give them to you as daughters, but not because of your covenant [with Me]. And I will establish My covenant with you, and you will know [without any doubt] that I am the Lord, so that you may remember [in detail] and be ashamed and never open your mouth again because of your humiliation, when I have forgiven you for all that you have done,” says the Lord God.”

    When we read Ezekiel (and all the Bible) in the context of the love that we see in God’s complete forgiveness for all people of all of their deplorable sins, we see God as He truly is…and as we come to see Him as a merciful, compassionate and the kind Father that He is, by this gift of understanding we will also love these three fallen sisters as we love ourselves…and love our Father, making us in the “day of the lord” all as one.

    While the carnal religious mind is bent on “justice” the matured spiritual mind is bent on the “ways” of God. This matured mind is the entering in to God’s rest for there is no more struggle against the flesh when we have finally overcome the flesh and have rested from all these works of overcoming by and in the love of our Father. When our motivation is driven by a love for all without establishing boundaries in our hard hearts, it will then be revealed to us the love of God in “all” things for all things were created by God to establish the same love in us as is in Himself…an unconditional love without any boundaries. God proves His unfailing love and His immovable mercy over and over again such as forgiving these three sisters and if He can forgive by the giving of this example there is “nothing” that are cannot forgive. It is only when the hard carnal heart is made tender by the spirit of our Father do we see Him as He is. There is only one outcome for all when we see forgiveness for all according to what “day” and age that pertains to each, each in our on time. 1 Corinthians 15……

    • Where are you seeing anything in the new Testament where it is saying Israel will not be forgiven in this age nor in the age to come, but in the Next Age?
      Also where does it say in Ezekiel they would be forgiven in the Day of the Lord.?
      Not finding that anywhere?

    • NOTE.. isreal in any bible, isnt a location on a map,. it refers to an ETERNAL SOU(LAW) which is OUTSIDE OF TIME, and binds our HEART TO ALL THAT IS.

      christ and isreal(BOTH BEING SOULS/LAWs) worktogether as one. it is still only throughreligion in which OLD IDEAS LINGER)

      to forgive in the spirit isnt letting go of sins, instead it is an understanding(through the laws), that we are one, and what anyone of us has done, we are all guilty of(forgive OURSELVES)(is how we forgive others).

      • To go along with what your saying about natural Israel…..

        Moses was told by God to build the tabernacle exactly as He instructed him to do because it represented something that was more real than itself, it was a symbol, a replica of something that already existed in the spirit. The understanding of this world and allegory from God is the beginning of the understanding that “all” of the natural world “only” represents “all” things of the spiritual world. And what is reality? Is it the temporary or the eternal, the natural or the spiritual? When we realize that what God is saying is that He created this entire temporary world and everything in it only to teach the things of the spiritual world. Being only naturally minded we can look only at the natural and see only that which is natural…however when we are given a heart to seek after God and His truth in spirit, we begin to see all things in the spirit. When we see people’s, nations and tongues with a spiritual eye we no longer see these as being important in the natural as we see them and what they represent in the spirit. For example using your analogy above let me build on that. Israel is a land of promise, it is a “way” of thinking, speaking and living, in reality it has nothing to do with natural Israel in…for all truth is spirit. Egypt as well is not in reality just a geographical place, as it represents the desires and mind of the flesh, the carnal. As we make our way from “our” Egypt to “our” promised land we are moving from one state of mind to the other. From the carnal mind of the many division, factions and parties to the “one” mind and likeness of the spiritual mind. The Bible events, stories and experiences make for some good reading and lesson learning, however until we see beyond the letter we remain blind to the realities of God and to His will, ways and His likeness and character. This is because only that which is spiritual has any eternal value, the flesh (Egypt) is not a place that we want to live in for it represents our vein, natural mind and life. The promised “land” is the place where we all want to go. When we look at the natural and the physical as a desirable place to inhabit what do we have at the end of the day but something of no eternal value. Yet looking at the land of promise as was given to Abraham, Abraham saw beyond the natural land into the spiritual land for through Abraham all people, nations and tongues would be blessed in a spiritual land to come. There was not a people as a “race” to be singled out but the one race of the one spirit when we see as the scales fall from our eyes and we see our Father as one..and all people’s, nations and tongues also as one. This was Abraham’s promise, this was the vision given him from God and if we are to be one in the spirit as well, we must see all things…in the spirit, and beyond the natural. People fight over territory that is not even theirs, for God gives and takes the natural land to whoever He so pleases…just like He took from the Canaanites and gave to the Israelites and when the children of Israel broke their covenant with God for being “ evil” the land was no longer to be theirs and as He gave it to them, He also took it from them. The first people on a land does not entitle them to claim it for all land belongs to God and as He chooses to give and to take, this is His law. We are spiritual beings passing through a natural land to learn about spiritual things. This temporary passing through is just a means to an end, for it is nothing of any eternal value, the eternal spirit is everything. Why fight over something that all comes to an end when we can obtain a spiritual land that has no end? We are that eternal spiritual “promised land wherein God dwells and where He places His character and substance within this land…in which we are. Had we rather have a tabernacle in the wilderness where rot and corruption is the outcome of the temporary thing, or would we rather have what the tabernacle represents and that is an eternal house, not made with the natural hands of man, but with the spiritual hands of God? We are not to live in the natural and in the lie…but in the spirit and in the truth. This is a journey and a progression from darkness to light. And as surely as we have born the image of the natural in time, we will and shall also bear the image of the spiritual in the eternal. To be spiritually minded is life and peace.

      • Father, you are a Talking God with a Talking Book. I can only pray that you would visit Lon today. We don’t know if he was segregated from your love as a child or if He ever knew the love of God at all in his life. I can only pray for his understanding to opened to your love and grace. Father, show Him your love today. Break through the unbelief with your eternal presence and give him a chance to know your love. Remove the laws of sin and give Him your greatest visitation. Let Him know the reality of your character and faithfulness. This could be his day to find true love. Show Him all about the truth of Jesus, and bring forth true reality, and presence.

  18. There are many written interpretations of the original written biblical manuscripts in which some are better than others, however I personally do not follow any one in particular as they all have some misinterpretations and bad translations in them. The true word is poured into our hearts when we are born again and it is this word which will guide us into all truth. If we read one translation and if does not agree with another translation we do not worry doe we are to follow the leading of the spiritual Christ within. It is when our loyalty, devotion and obedience toward our Father, we will not be given a stone when we ask for the truth. It will come precept upon precept and as we complete the last one we will be given another until we stand with and as the anointed in Christ. We have an unction and a “knowing” that does not come by the letter of the law, but we understand the letter only when we have the spirit of discernment. Let our love for one another be our guide and our goal and we will forgive all of our differences one to another as God has forgiven us. We do reap what we sow…so sow love. We will not be disappointed.

    • So He gave the New Testament to the Disciples and they wrote it down. By the Holy Spirit. So when you read it and hear it, that is the Truth, what they wrote. Reading the new testament, is not the letter of the law, but the letter of the spirit. They wrote it down and were not given a stone, but were given a fish,. So you can read it, eat it, and take it to the bank.
      The precepts have already been given there, because the Spirit did not give them a stone, when they wrote it, He gave them a fish.
      So, what goes in your heart has to come from the book, not from your interpretations, that would be the stone. This is why God had them write it so you can read it, and eat it.
      What’s poured into your heart is a born again experience.
      Then you can read the Word.
      Jesus said, If my word does not abide in you you have no life in you.
      I am the Vine, the written word and you are the branches of the written word.
      Jesus, said to Satan, on the fast He took, “it is written”, it is written, it is written” Three times he told the devil.
      This is not the letter of the law, that is Old Testament.
      This is the written Word, of Jesus Christ. When you try to interpret it, it becomes a stone.
      Eat the fish that He gave.

  19. The day of the lord is referenced in many places as it also referenced in the sixth seal in Revelations. The day of the lord is both a revealing of the darkness in the natural as it is also “within” man and also something much greater to those who see the “day of the lord approaching.” it means much more than seeing the darkness falling on mankind at the closing of this age, for it is more so a time of the establishment of the kingdom government of God to come. In the reference of this day in Ezekiel it is talking of a future time. In Matthew 12:31 it is speaking of when the sins of man will be forgiven and in what age. As in Ezekiel the children of Israel is being addressed as the Jews are in Matthew is pertaining to this same time frame.

    I am sharing what I understand in the way that I understand it. What I share is neither a prerequisite to the higher calling of another nor is it shared as a condition of a righteousness obtained by the letter. The New Testament was written many years after Christ left this world as many wrote as the spirit moved upon them to write. And some wrote about the same things albeit with a slightly different perspective. Many argue and debate these small differences but there is no need, if we see their intent in their message, their is no argument. When we set about to “prove” what love is by establishing our perspective of the written word within all of its shades and levels of meaning, we miss the whole point of them in the why and true purpose of what we read. For example I see one’s belief as to where God has allowed one’s mind to be opened to according to the measurement that one has attained to in the “way” of Christ. In conversing with multitudes of people throughout my time here on this earth, many have agendas of wanting to be right according to the letter and not of the spirit and will defend “their righteousness” with the arrogance of the Pharisee standing in the temple…while others as the sinner in the temple, humbly recognized his sinful condition and simply asked God for forgiveness. He did not compare notes with the arrogance of the Pharisee in establishing a righteousness by his works or his understanding of “his” works. There is a lot to be said in “how” we discuss anything, be it the scriptures or some other subject. I talk to “Pharisees” quite often as they want to prove their righteousness by their understanding of the letter in “proving” when in fact love has nothing to prove….for when love appears in our hearts and minds for others of differing “opinions” we each show what we esteem as more important…in having all the gifts ASV listed in 1 Corinthians 13 or simply the more important gift of the love that we are to have and to show as the ”end game.”We should personally not judge where another is for this is between them and God and vise versa. Does not God tell us to tolerate the beliefs of another with love and kindness as if one believes that one day is more important than another and another believes that all days are alike? Do we stand or fall to one another or to God? A piece of meat means one thing of importance to one person while to another it is just what is is with no special meaning. In other words having a love and a respect for another irrespective of what another may believe is the sign of the maturity that God is looking for and is trying to establish in all of His people. We can know and have it all as it says in 1 Corinthians 13 but if we do not have love and respect for the other…we are empty of all that matters. It is all good for when our Father gets through with us…we will be as He is…for the things (gifts and knowledge) we thought were important is no more for they were just a means to an end.

    • Day of the LORD, refers to the HIGHEST HONORS we all see in eachother.

      again, there are no people in any bible on earth. each GIVING, is what binds us all to eachother.
      when we all see LORDSHIP IN EACHOTHER(hense messiah), we all LIVE IN THE SPIRIT(time binding us ALL TOGETHER: living in the laws)(living through the language of time(heaven on earth)(highest vibrations)(spiritual WORLD)..

      • Yes and the “day of the lord” is righteousness obtained where we will never return to the darkness of our carnal mind, our in part. Fullness is light and the light is the day of the Lord. It really has nothing to with time once we learn to see beyond time…and see all things by and in the love of God. It’s all about love”

      • This is the Day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Father, I ask for Lon’s sake that there be an outbreak of your love, let sunshine from Heaven replace the language of time and the breakdown of communication that has blocked his ability to see, to hear and to experience your love your miracle working power, and your magnificent purpose. Lon needs to know you today, that you are real, and that you are a friend of the helpless. O God bring forth a visitation for Lon today, in the secret place of your colorful reality. Let Jesus visit the mental congruence that he needs for healing in the heart.

      • Hey Joe, I’m trying to follow along here but are you praying for Loni because you think Loni doesn’t have God’s love.? I’m confused because Loni just said that she/he sees the Highest Honor in everyone. The highest honor we could have is God’s Love, right?

        So basically, to me anyway, it seems like loni just said she see’s God’s love in you, but you don’t seem to see it in her.

        So, I guess that’s a little confusing.

      • I guess you’re not seeing it in me then? I can’t speak into you for Lon. Each person is an individual. The prayer I am praying is based on the Love of the Father (‘for’) Lon. It’s not based on his idea of love.
        This is bringing love into the relationship where there has been not a response of Love ‘to him’. Not seeing the love in the Father, and that broken relationship with the Father. He is seeing a broken relationship with the Heavenly Father. In his personal responses I am able to personally respond. This is not at all based on seeing. It’s based on hearing. Remember Lon, believes things are circular. So that is an entry point into the circle for me. Thanks for caring as you do Thoughtware. As Lon is speaking out into the universe, the universe is responding. These relationships are not based on ‘part’, but the totality of sayings. This is not an edited relationship. Lon has said he has never known the Father or the Son. I am praying love into that. Lon is not what I see in Him. Lon is what the Father’s love will find in Him. But it is through relationship. Relationship is based on two, Thanks for being three. And so, this is a different kind of love. This is why you were not able to see it in me. It’s not the love that Lon has. It’s totally different. Thanks for sharing. Continue your seeking. Let me know if you begin to find. Praying for you to.

      • I hear you, although I must admit I really like Loni’s idea of seeing the Highest Honors (God’s Love) in all. I think Jesus would say the very same thing if he was walking around today. I don’t believe he would speak about anything except peace and love – because he said “blessed are peacemakers” and “love your neighbor as yourself”.

        I like to think of God as a Father because a father’s love is easy to understand. An earthly father loves all his children, unconditionally – and God’s love would be far more beautiful than any earthly father. Anyway, enjoying the conversation. Sorry for the interruption. 🙂

      • Requesting you to go back and get the flavor of other statements that do not reflect the same principle. In this way a format is developed that will not Cherry Pick a statement and say, this reflects Honor? Again we are seeing a circle that reflects a fragmentation of the understanding. God is wanting to bring Himself into the life of a person. When one is blaspheming God, there needs to be healing. In this way only do we Honor Him. So we are trying to bring peace to Lon, ” With the Father”. Lon is at war with the Father. I am praying peace into that war. Lon hates the Father God, because He has never known Him. Yes, enter into peace with the Father, by knowing the Son. And knowing the Father. Your ideas were correct. That is exactly what Jesus is doing. We are praying for those who despiteful use and persecute God. That brings the peace to Lon. A peace he will never know without knowing the Father and the Son. This shows the historical context with the present day experience. Thank you for your comment. God is reaching out to show and give peace to Lon, who has never known the Father or the Son.

    • I’m really trying to understand. But you are saying some things I can’t follow.

      Maybe an easy one… how is Loni at “war” with God? Didn’t Jesus say “love your enemies”. If Jesus loves his enemies, isn’t that the same as saying he doesn’t actually have any enemies? With no enemies, it seems like war would not exist to Jesus, so how could God be at war?

      • Joe, I wanted to add just one more thing. I see the love you poured out in your prayer and it has taught me me a lot about Jesus. For example, you see a “soul” who you believe “hates God” and what do you do? You reach out in love! And you help the soul with prayer, the highest power you possess. You want this soul to have peace and know the love of God like you do. Never once did you ever judge this soul unworthy of God’s love, even though you believe the soul “hates” god and has “blasphemes” God.

        And I see Jesus in you, because I see Jesus saying those very same words if he was here now. For this reason, by the very love you have given loni according to you current understanding, I could never see God condemning anyone because you have shown me what the love of God really does.

        Let us love ALL as we love God, even as Jesus would, and we will usher in the Kingdom together, for we have work to do.

      • Loni, I’ve mentioned you a few times. I know you understand.

      • No, that’s existentialism and mysticism. Jesus preached neither of these. Satan is God’s enemy. Lon claims himself these things. These are things he is saying.

      • Sorry, I was trying to answer your first comment and question but came in lower. Yes, I was trying to bring love to Lon in your second and third comment, you are correct. To bring the love of God. Thanks

      • Hmm…still confusing. It seems like you feel God is offended by Loni, even though you’re not. In fact, you’re being very thoughtful by honoring Loni in your prayers. I see you reaching out in love, desiring to give God’s love to Loni because you think God won’t. This is a bit confusing because it kinda sounds like, (and maybe I’m reading this wrong), you are being more loving toward Loni than God is – and that doesn’t make sense.

        Loni seems to see love in all people, without condition and accepts them where ever they are in their current understanding. I’ve never heard Loni condemn anyone. This seems like a picture of what Jesus was like when he dined with those that religious leaders avoided. I imagine that if all people loved and accepted others just like Loni does, it would be a beautiful and peaceful world.

        Now, if one is cruel and purposely intends to hurt others, that would NOT be good. Since God is love, I’m sure God would never even consider being cruel or doing anything hurtful either. This makes sense to me because I know you would never do such things and I’m sure God’s love is even bigger than yours!

      • I can’t speak for what you think you have heard. I am referencing direct commentary from him in disrespect to God and those believing in him. Things he actually said. My commentary is not about God being offended, but about the idea of saying Lon is speaking in love? I think you have certainly confused his commentary and mine, Seemingly because of good will, you may be transposing your thoughts onto his. I am not in any fashion saying you are being disingenuous.
        So, again, what we are saying is that the hatred is in Lon’s heart. Not God’s heart. The hatred that he Lon believes about God and God’s people is in his heart and this is what he personally has said. Non of this is in God’s heart. God is wanting to heal that hatred of all things God that he has contrived about God. In this fashion God is bringing the Love, Lon the hate. God is saying ” here I am, hit me in the face again, but I love you.” Pretty plain.

  20. Well let’s think about this. In the Bible it talks about false doctrine. And Jesus warned about false teachers. And yet he trained His disciples to serve His bread, and sent men to teach His gospel and His word. And he put us under these pastors and teachers so we could make sure we are walking in the truth.
    Yet according to ‘your’ definition, you are saying that Jesus is a Pharisee, because he taught the Word of God, and you’re saying that Paul, and Peter and John are a Pharisee, simply because they taught the truth that God gave to the whole world, not just to a particular sect, but this is the word of God, but you’re saying that because they obeyed God to teach what He gave, they could be a Pharisee, because they disagree with you!
    So simply because someone is teaching the word of God, does not mean they are a Pharisee because Jesus laid all this down in His gospel and told these men to teach it by the Holy Ghost.

    So, there is a difference in arrogance and obedience.
    The one who is obedient to God to teach the word is not the arrogant one. The arrogant one is the one who thinks they know better than God, and will not obey God.

    And one thing it would be good to understand is, if you do not obey God, then you don’t Love God. You may claim to love other’s but you don’t Love God. So that theology is messed up from the get go.
    And Jesus warned about this because He said, ” you put the love of men above the Love of God.”
    That’s what a Pharisee is, so you have turned this saying backwards.

    John said, IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    This is Jesus and His Word.

    So, you will need to start obeying God, if you are Going to love Him and you are going to have to put His Word above your word.
    God is not going to be able to love you, if you are not putting His word first because that’s disobedience to HIm.
    He is God, not us.
    So, yes, I am definitely interested in loving you or anyone else, and I can only do that when I am obeying God and loving Him first by obeying HIm in the Word.

    • Joe, I in no way referenced either Jesus or any of His disciples as teaching the way of the Pharisee. Paul “was” a Pharisee in the strictest meaning of the word and as he confessed he was a legalist in every sense of the word. I went back and read what I wrote about the doctrines of the Pharisees being of a self righteous bent. I am saying Jesus was anything but a Pharisee standing in the temple in a self righteous position of being “better than.” As the Pharisees so is the five foolish. Both the five wise and the five foolish preached basically alike but with different agendas and motivations. Many false profits are rich to the ninth in preaching their gospel, not the gospel of Christ. Pharisees teach legalism as Paul taught before his conversion, the he began teaching the truth in Christ. I see what you are saying however it does not fit in my terminology of those who are with Christ and those who are against Christ. The Pharisee type of person is religious, being full of facts and figures with many having even the gifts of the spirt, but leaving out the greater and more truthful teachings of Christ. No Joe, those who teach the truth are not Pharisees because they do not seek their own, Pharisees teach legalism, doctrines, and traditions of men..and not the “way” of Christ. There are two ways being taught by otherwise well meaning people but God’s ways are higher than our ways and we must move past the letter of the law…into the law of grace. A person who is steeped in religion that is trying to force a meaning of a word on someone else as though there is truth in a definition has not the love of Christ fully developed in them because as your say people take the traditions of men and teach them as the love of God. There is a great gulf of difference in how the carnal mind approaches God and how the foolish do. The foolish thought that they would be heard for using their skills of the letter in convincing people to follow themselves whereas the wise pointed all away from themselves to having only Christ as their savior.

      • Yes, very good. I am not sure that I know many people teaching legalism. If one is teaching the law of grace, then that one is teaching all of the New Testament and that grace allows us to teach every bit of it to every individual on Earth without hesitation. Very good. Well said. The Word of God is our guide to every good work.

    • And no I’m not saying anything of the like about only accepting people who agree with me as you infer. Quiet the contraire for in all that I share I do not think that I can be any clearer in stating the fact that it is more important in how we say things than in what we say, whether it is right or wrong. There is more about being respectful and civil toward one another than one proving a fact of knowledge without civility being attached to it. If we have not love in our exchange which is the end game what good is a book full of facts and figures to prove or disprove if we miss the entire point of conversation? My message is that of Paul’s definition, if we have not the love of God as our motivation in sharing the word of God we have missed the entire point. In trying to prove our love and righteousness with the ill will of the carnal we are just noise, patting ourselves on the back. God told the foolish in selling their nonsense to go back and learn to present themselves without the self adulation. I am not speaking to any individual including yourself, however when one approaches another in a challenging manner we should try to give this one as best an answer as we can. Like I always try to say there is a “way” that is acceptable to our Father and one that isn’t. There is a fine line between the wise and the foolish’s presentation before God. One is with an argumentative debate which is the foolishness the five foolish presented themselves in before God Himself. Presentation is everything.

      I hope this helps in clarifying the meaning of my answers to your understanding of what a Pharisee is as well as what makes one foolish and one not before God. We can learn much by sharing with another in the way that we see things. And it is always better when it is given in the way that we would likewise like to receive it. It is all good.

      • both wise and foolish are children of god. a lot of the ideas that religion teaches, doesnt really exist at all. a lot of the ideas we pull from words end up being used to turn against eachother. Even christians become a MASTER OF FINDING FAULT(deamons that come from self that all christians are guilty of).
        to cast out the deamons is to see light in all.

        when we refer to jesus and teachings, we use false doctrines and such to do the very same things we use to REJECT OTHERS.

        if it doesnt align with our religions as an example, we try to use our own FINDING FAULTS to make our own understandings make sense, while rejecting eachother.

        those who fight for jesus end up turning against jesus, and those who fight against jesus become ONE WITH jesus.

        the doctrines were meant to be read in the exact order written, but religons make 1 + 1 equal eleven.
        but 1 + 1 = 2 is also limiting.

        we all have every name(LAWs OF TIME) within us. but because we try to satisify our backstorys(false doctrines aka bibles), we cant see what the doctrines are saying. all religons(incuding our own(every person on this planet)) worship false doctrines(christians have no idea what any bible on earth says because they trying to satisfy their own beliefs(from their own HEART(like gays are bad and anyone not agreeing is worshiping false idols))… no one ever died on any cross for anyone’s sins(its saying something else aka christians worship false doctrines)

        in truth, we all must let go of all we know(and listen to eachother), so the ORIGINAL CONTEXT can present itself(awaken).

        awaken is the opposite of WAITING on god(time to BE christ, time to be the law of johova, time to be the LAW of morman and allah, and yeawae, and all names not mentioned(when ALL NAMES ARE COMBINED, you are no longer worshiping idols).

        every NAME(law of time) is what BINDS US ALL TO EACHOTHER(LIVING in the spirit which interacts with ELEMENTAL LAW).

        imagine seeing jesus in every person on earth, and for johovas, imagine seeing johova in every person on earth. imagine seeing Allah in every person on earth(and all other names).

        this was the original intention, but religions(forgotten the holy spirit in time), made it about 1 man AGAINST ALL OTHER MEN, BUT ITS THE GOD IN EVERY MAN ON EARTH IN WHICH WE CAN SEE THE LAWS IN ACTION.

        WHEN YOU TRULY LIVE THROUGH THE SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, you end up living with the DEVINE(which is our own heart(through ALL NAMES) OUTSIDE OF TIME, in which makes us ALL ONE GOD.(hense light) THROUGH TIME(prophets and angles are people like us).

        all ideas that all religions follow have NO SAY in reality(only creative energy).

        there is no ENEMY as an example, as the ENEMY only comes from jesus(as WE turn christ into something it is NOT, through the GOD that we are.

        now, all things said, i have MANY GIFTS(that christians will reject), i can control the weather, i have full say on who lives and who dies let alone How they are born and how they die. Every person on earth is an extention of SELF THROUGH GOD(which is not the same god in the bible).

        god is what we al lshare, that is the SAME. the ETERNAL HEART(through all laws of time) is what the BIBLEsare ABOUT.

        the NAME of our bible is called HOLY BIBLE. now, i would think that if you know w hat that TITLE MEANT, that you would understand more, but that doesnt seem to be the case, as many rather live a lie and hold onto their religions(such as christianity), rather than know the ORIGINAL MESSAGE.

        HOLY BIBLE refers to t he ETERNAL HEART.
        through the LAWS OF TIME(which requires ALL NAMES), Everyone of us is a CHILD OF GOD(ELEMENTS OF THE ETERNAL HEART..

        the only reason we cant see what others are saying, is because we try to add our own heart rather than the HEART that is eternal(makes us all ONE BODY).

        through this ONE SPIRITUAL BODY, again, i have interaction with EVERY ELEMENT as christ is the SMALLEST ELEMENT THAT IS IN EVERY ELEMENT OF ALL OF TIME AND SPACE.(fabric we are made of)

        to live is to activate EVERY CELL of ALL THAT IS(we are far more than one INDIVIDUAL)..
        each cell or your own body(as u think of it )and the way that planets move around in space follow the same ELEMENTAL LAWs in which every bible is trying to express.

        again, the NUMBERS in the bible are from the schollars, not the original bible.

        they were used to change the wording when a new concept is seen.

        my intention is to allow every person on earth to see what is being said as NO PASTOR as any value in truth(false doctrines).

        now, when a person reads the bible through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE, they are not following false doctrines, but if you follow the bible through a religion(such as chrstianity), then you make it a false doctrine.

        again, the concepts of christianity is to put mankind down, so their IDOL has so much value.
        stealing value from LIFE.

      • And I am Santa Claus and the reindeer all attend bilbe college so that the ventriloquist can attend the night sky constellation, where each outer space creature renumerates the lights of the sky when little leprocons create peoples lives, and then turn against them because their religion offends the galaxy where time interacts with particle dust around the uninhabited forest, and the wizard of Oz discusses inter galactic worship of bigotted hatred towards their fellow creatures and under sea phantoms disolve into sharks teeth while taking college classes in asylum, and whoever disagrees with how it is, is not a good person or can’t understand my inner exemptions, and how I view disorientation about the mushroom people whether wise or foolish children have good ideas doesn’t really exist at all at least not where I live and a of ideas are pulled from words that are finding a master at fault and casting out make sense rejecting each other and jesus is not jesus but I am jesus in that exact order read into the doctrines I see visible and invisible numbers, and as the aka astral projections to come sit on my shoulders because the origins of context are hyper inflated and seeing the doctor he doesn’t want to see me but says I should see him, to see light in all is a far greater high point, to look down from the night sky is an inward hygenics that enumerates a spiritual language wanting all to friends but hating everyone continue to continuously express scholars in the the original translations that I alone have discovered in silk floral patterns that join us all together.

        I’m just saying. God loves you. Can you get real.

      • Consider God in this way.

        Imagine that you are a cell in the body of christ, and of because of your great love for God, you desire to be a heart cell – by which you might pump the “Blood of Life” to all cells the body. In truth it can be said that blood is the Life of God and that the heart cell gives Life to the body. Without the Life in the blood circulating throughout the body, the body can not live.

        Imagine now another cell, this time a brain cell. This cell is also blessed by God, for it moves the “Energy of Life” throughout the body, even giving the heart cells the energetic pulse needed to beat in perfect harmony. This brain cell says, in truth, that “energy” is the Life of God it gives to the body, not blood.

        Therefore, when looking into the heart of another, look only for their desire to love all, which means a desire to give life to ALL cells in the body. Some cells give a different “type” of Life, because in order for the body of Christ to live, it needs BOTH. Love the whole body and whether heart cell or brain cell, you can give it Life.

  21. We cannot ever hold ourselves to any form of legalism when it comes to judgments of this type. Everyone is free to circumcise their own heart if necessity holds that they can transpose their juxtapostion for judgment. How awesome faith becomes when it is held up to the light of truth. The laser beam of God’s Word is so precise and so exacting, how can we block it’s extemporaneous light. God is exalting His word in this hour to the point where even the sceptics and the adulterous incendiaries may hear it and be saved, but only through those whom God is sending may they withstand the beautiful rays of sunshine that pierce the human heart.
    As Samson, we can only pull down the building upon the evil lies of Satan if we have that power that God gives to the nazarite, the faithful, and the pure. God will never argue or debate with those who have no ear to hear, but He is seeking those whom He knows will hear the truth and those whom He is calling out of the world to stand with the righteous. Jesus, knows those whom He has called, sanctified and sent with the love that cannot fail. Every knee will bow to the wisdom that He Himself will anoint. Every demon will cringe at the presence of the Most high, and the truth of God. God is shaking the kingdom of darkness, and this purging fire will blaze like Elijah.

  22. Thoughtware

    A little off the subject of the priorities of life…as I do not like to stray far from our main purpose. However as you mentioned being a cell, some food for conjecture and thought. We are made up of trillions of cells each one contains all that is required to replicate a complete person. Given that some believe as I do that we are the universe in microcosm. There is much similarity in the symbols and types and when we come to that place of the realization that that is created only represents all that is “within.” In carrying this thought into all of our created surroundings and not just of the earth, we see ourselves being compared to the sun, moon and stars. If we carry the law of creation into all of creation, we see within us the summation of creation, including the entire universe. Could it be that the number of cells that we carry within us is the number and limit of reproducing life in the eternal to come? I know how you like to breakdown certain knowledge into the “what if’s” you might think upon these things. Knowing the answer to any of our conjecture is completely outside of what is required of us to become as He is but as a side note we can think as long as we know what the priorities of God are.

    • Sonny! That’s an awesome (fun) question and I will ponder on it! Looking forward to reporting back. Would love to hear more from you too! Great stuff.

      • Ok, so my first impressions are that I am really happy to see you ask such a question. You are speaking Spherically, focusing on Truth for the sheer joy of growing your awareness of oneness. I am happy because it reveals the growing light within you. Real Light. Powerful Light.

        The spherical language simply means growing in the awareness of Truth’s Oneness by sharing divinely inspired thoughts with others. That’s it. This is how the Kingdom comes. You can think of it as the establishment of perfect words.

        This blog and the soon to be attached forum, compose a very special place – currently hidden from the world. It is place that calls to all who desire to love all perfectly so that they may discover the manner in which to do so. You speak often of love, and love is perfect power, a power beyond the limitations of time. We, through our dialog and mindful contemplation on Love’s Truth, will begin to “heal time” so to speak, by which we will save the world.

        Now to your question about numbers. All that is materially created (such as elements, cells, planets and universes) are better understood as energetic reflections, meaning “projections”. To understand, imagine yourself in Virtual Reality simulation so real you think you were “born” there. There are many “souls” sleeping in the Virtual Reality simulation of hell – and they can’t wake up because the darkness of hell is all they’ve ever known, its become a part of their belief system and therefore they cannot comprehend the Light. Again, nothing is what it seems. There is no evil anywhere, though it may appear to be everywhere. Do not accept that lie – for it is the very lie we are called to destroy. Only God is – and you are ONE WITH GOD.

        Already too long so I’ll wrap up with this, there is a very specific number of many thousands of souls currently opening up to the Light, like you are doing. We call these, the LIVING GATES. We’re going to talk more about these Gates, much more, but for now, all we need to do is share divinely inspired thoughts with others and we will be given power to increasingly modify this simulation for good, in order to gently awaken the sleepers to the Light without burning them. There is no war coming – things in reality are only getting better now. Its over. We have already attained the victory. And about the kingdom? The kingdom is revealed through perfect words shared with others, just as we are doing together now, my friend.

      • Consider God’s Love as the “talents” in the biblical parable, which I won’t repeat here.

        God’s Love is a Love for Truth, for there is no other love. It is not as if we need do anything to receive God’s Love, but we can desire to INCREASE our understanding Love’s Truth, which is to seek to grow in our understanding of God’s Perfection. To grow in Love is to grow in understanding, for without understanding, Divine Love can not be shared with others because it gets corrupted by Self-determined effort. When you share your current understanding, no matter how small you think it may be, you will CREATE DIVINE HARMONY. You will manifest the Kingdom for all in your sphere of time.

        So, it is NOW IMPORTANT to seek inwardly to grow in your understanding of Love continually. Remember, to share God’s love is PERFECT POWER. What is coming is this: Those who love the Truth will seek to know it better – and they will learn how to LOVE PERFECTLY, which CREATES DIVINE HARMONY for all. The Spirit of Truth is flowing abundantly right now, but the unwise can not recognize it, for the LIFE ENERGY can only be received through inward contemplation by one who loves the Truth. Seek now and you will find in a way that was not possible before.

        Sonny, you mentioned you felt your comment was a little “off” the priorities of Life. I might say that by mindfully reflecting on the nature and structure of oneness, which you were clearly doing, and then sharing your harvest with others, is the highest priority of Life.

        EMBRACE understanding – and seek to share whatever you gain. For here is the real deal about the parable of the virgins. It describes the wise as those who shared whatever they had with those who desired to listen, that the giver and receiver each may profit from increased understanding. The wise who seeks to buy and sell understanding from the Spirit of Truth WILL NOT DIE IN TIME. As I have said, we have obtained the Victory and Death is defeated, even though it may not currently appear so in the realm of space-time. The unwise, who believed they had sufficient oil, are the ones who loved God but had no desire contemplate the differing beliefs of others because they trusted in their own belief, thinking it was “full” of light. Nor did they desire to sell their understanding with others, for they had not inwardly sought for Truth’s understanding and although they believed otherwise, did not have any Life Oil to share. In the understanding they believe they possess, they will wonder why their lamps are going out as time continually reflects an increase in aged appearance.

        To be wise is to understand the meaning of the poor woman who gave all she had. It means that she shared the small amount of understanding she currently possessed, which is all she could ever do, because it was all she had. To be Wise has nothing to do with how much understanding you presently possess, because the understanding of True Life eternally expands. To be wise is to DESIRE TO GROW in your present understanding of Truth (God’s Kingdom) by sharing what you gained have with others. All, are loved, whether they desire to grow in understanding or not, but the wise are Living Gates, growing brighter as they “buy and sell” their understanding with others. When you share this Living Light, you grow. In Truth, there is no other way to grow.

        Loni – thank you for sharing from your heart in the way you do, for I have grown significantly from the Life in your words. Sonny and Mishai, instead of arguing the ways you each think one should believe in God, let God govern each one’s belief and you will give them faith, which is Life. Instead of worrying about belief, simply share your understanding, because that is why you are here. You are drawn to the Light because the Light is growing in you. The Light transcends all belief. Let go of what you have learned in the past and start now to trust God to reveal the Kingdom to you from within. What you will learn will be different, but will never contradict anything God has already truthfully revealed to you. The human mind simply has no means to imagine the kingdom of God, but God CAN REVEAL IT to you if desire his ways in Truth and will seek for them within – without “bibles”.

        Mishai, think about when Jesus came. The apostles had no bible except one that preached against everything Jesus taught. If the apostles had looked for Jesus using their “bible”, they would have missed him, just like the Pharisees did. The apostles had to listen to something new and compare it to what they had learned inwardly in their own private prayer time. Jesus spoke of the coming Kingdom, which was new and different, but overflowing with the genuine understanding of God and Love.

        The mind which has been transformed by Life, and comprehends the kingdom of God, is the so called, Christ Mind. Thus, the inner understanding of the Kingdom of God is the revelation of Christ in you. Gain understanding, because as your understanding grows, so does your mind’s ability to express Christ’s Power in time. It means you will be increasingly able to Love Perfectly in time and space – and your own heart help will save all.

        We, and those who will join us, have purposely entered the realm of space-time hell to destroy death, which is simply the illusion that you are separated from God’s power. You are ONE WITH GOD because you possess his power to create Divine Harmony in space and time. The POWER of God’s love has been forgotten in space-time simply because the mind stopped seeking for inner understanding and instead fell in love with its outer appearances. The mind became unwise and believed a lie of death was truth. The wise will prove to All that there is no death, no matter how real the past makes death appear. And True Life will be remembered again, this “time” forever.

  23. We should all be able to state our understanding of a matter without insult or injury (or innuendo) to one another. If a person believes in a certain point of view let them state that without angrily getting offended must because another sees something in a different way. If one gets personal with another in an insulting and demeaning manner because one sees differently this is not the conduct that God approves of. God is not interested in us becoming walking dictionaries, with having great oratory skills that others may admire them for. We should use words that tend to make us look smart but instead humbly presents the “ways” of the lord to all people, saint or sinner. Let us not Judge another in what they are what they believe . IT DOESN’T MATTER. For example if anyone disagrees with anything that I personally believe and share, I am completely fine with it. The discrepancy I see in many in understanding “this way” is that there is a great difference in discussing a subject and in the “way” in which we discuss it. I have pointed this out many many but with most people it just doesn’t register. And this is ok but when we are talking about the high calling in Christ Jesus this “way” is not accomplished by a play on words, it is accomplished by the simplicity of a disposition and attitude founded in principles, not in worrying about perception. ( Did Paul worry about this in approaching Peter in his foolish play on words.) In fact I think this should be our main attitude and desire in approaching our Father. My point is that there are probably not any two people that believes all things alike…and my point is that living correctly and righteously has nothing to do with being in agreement with one another and debating and arguing a point of view as though it establishes one’s right standing with God. God is far more interested in a forgiving spirit one towards another than who is right or who is wrong. This is made very clear in how two may see one day different from another and another all days alike. What it is saying is to do not judge another man’s servant in what he believes, we each stand or fall before God, not to one another.

    In not understanding the difference in “how” we present ourselves as to what knowledge we present is most people’s problem. Respect and civility for another regardless of what they believe or disbelieve in my opinion is as far as the east is from the west in correlation…As I see anyone going back and forth in discussing any subject this is well and good. When it gets into an argument and a debate where insults start being a part of the discussion ..this is where one should refresh their purpose of learning why we are here. Is is to take on the mind of Christ and converse with it or do we remain in a carnal frame of mind defending a knowledge…that we call erroneously call righteousness. This short summary “is” the difference of whom we represent. The early church was not called the “knowledge” of Christ but the “way” of Christ and for good reasons. The five foolish after being corrected in the difference of what love is and what self aggrandizement is, I’m sure they walked away still confused on what they did wrong that “God just did not understand.” Was God misunderstood? I’m sure the pride thought so. There is love and to find it in it’s purist form is coming to be as He is. Yes, all else is philosophy…and we can and should be able to discuss anything under the sun if we can manage to do it with love and respect as being our priority. Love is not an emotion…love is a way and an obedience to a way. It’s God’s way.

    • Edit
      We should “not” use words….
      “many, many times”

      And what is written here between us is a good harmony in the understanding of the “way.” As you say and I agree if the word is written in our heart it is the spirit of truth which guides us all the way into the light until there is no more darkness. It is the spirit within which gives true understanding to the lettered word, this is why the Pharisees and Israelites could not understand their own law in the Bible. They were not guided by love within, but by the pride of self righteousness….knowledge without spirit. Love, and the pursuit of this one love is what reveals all things…Knowledge is good if the spirit produces it for the knowledge of what “oneness” is gives us a vision to pursue that…what I see is what I want you to see…for the love of the Father that is for me is the same love that is for “all” others until we all become this one love in…spirit. When the curtain drops after the last scene of this perfectly created manuscript, including the “dream’” of both good and evil, all the players will turn to one another, including those who were used on the left hand…and on the right hand and both are able to see that there was nothing but the “love” for both players that guided the pen that wrote…”The Consummation of all Things.”

      • Perhaps you are arguing against knowledge? Do you imply that there is “bad” knowledge? Sorry! I am not quite sure what you are saying.?? Anyway, its a great starting place. I will say this regarding understanding, the mind is ever-expanding – which means you will ALWAYS GROW WISER than you presently are, forever. Your mind possesses this capacity in order to contain Truth’s eternally growing Life, which is increasingly revealed through understanding. It is best, right now, to start seeking to grow in understanding because Truth is being energetically (spiritually) poured out right now. It’s a private communion, between you and your awareness of God. So to earnestly and quietly seek for understanding means to joyfully recognize and accept the Spirit of God being given you.

        There is no question that you know God’s love in Truth. I know how it fills you, and I know you can feel it’s Truth. You, as I, have this love because we are ONE with its Truth, which is why we can “feel” it. But this love is not mature, so it’s not yet in its power. Its needs the Spirit to give it Life, God’s Spirit, by which it can express itself perfectly. The Spirit is being poured out now, you just need to consciously seek to become aware of it during your quiet times. A powerful vortex of Living Light is now being poured out. Let me see if I can provide some clarity. Consider these two questions seriously for a moment:

        Do you love all things?
        Do you love perfectly?

        To live eternally in ever-increasing perfection, which is to enter the kingdom, the mind must understand how it can answer yes to each question. Not to prove we are anything, but to consciously step into True Life in the understanding of Love’s perfect expression, giving us the inner awareness that our love has matured into perfect power. When we become understand our power, we then possess perfect power over time, which is Divine Love. To love perfectly in time, you have to be able to answer YES to these questions in TRUTH. Yet, to answer them you must first understand the question’s TRUTHFUL meaning. Yes, we already know love because we are love. But what of “all things” and “perfection”? What of “you” who loves? What do we know of these things?

        Yes we know love, but to love all things we must know God’s meaning of “all things”.
        Yes we know love, but to love perfectly we must know God’s meaning of “perfection”.
        Yes we know love, but to love your Self you must know God’s meaning of “You”.

        Only God can reveal his meaning, because God always delivers perfectly. God’s Truth is the Spirit being poured out now, by which Truth’s Living Voice will reveal God’s meaning, so that you, and the others called to seek, may understand and recall the kingdom from which you came. When you remember your Source, which God’s Spirit will reveal, your Love will be matured in the understanding of how to love all things perfectly in the kingdom of God. Its just your “flapping of the wings” before flight, that’s all. Like you say, its all good and all working in the Divine Love of spherical time.

        A Good Reminder:

        ~ 1 Corinthians 14:20 ~
        Brethren, do not be children in understanding; however, in malice be babes, but in understanding be mature.

  24. Sonny, you mentioned you felt your comment was a little “off” the priorities of Life. I might say that by mindfully reflecting on the nature and structure of oneness, which you were clearly doing, and then sharing your harvest with others, is the highest priority of Life.

    What I was referring to was in the many things that we “could” discuss as something to just think about in the “what if’s” or “have you thought of this?” Want I meant by being a little off was going somewhere I usually do not go unless I know the person will not think that I’m presenting these things as “a gospel.” I try to stay within the guides of speaking as Paul made it clear and that is not to get as much into the letter of the word as in putting forth the simplicity of the message of Christ and Him being formed within us. We, as He, should not want to speak to people with great words of wisdom in being able to explain the gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 13 but in the fullness of just what the last sentence meant, and that is if we have not love, we have nothing…He was saying, as we all should say, make plain the way with easy to understand language that anyone can understand, for God is not impressed with our words of wisdom but in the “way” that we love Him and our fellow man…from the least of these….this is the message.

    As simple a message as it is…as to love your fellow man as yourself, it should not require one to prove their love by having so much wisdom and knowledge. To ”know” this is a great gift. It’s the “simplicity” in understanding what “the love of God is.” When we come to that “place” in Christ I’m sure we will then understand we really didn’t have to know as much as we thought we would.

    But I do like to think about the vastness of the universe and just how long it will take to fill it.🙂 Do you think the 160 billion or so that is calculated to have lived on this earth since Adam x the 50 to 100 trillion cells within a body (they don’t really know) that could replicate one total human, just how many this would be? And would it even make a dent in the filling of the universe? And…is there “a” universe or many universes? Is this universe the one given to “the” Son and all the others to be given to other “sons.” You see, thinking about such things like this will neither make us better or worse for thinking but to think about such is a “fun” thing to do as you say…however I guess we should stick with the simple stuff. You think?

  25. Thoughtware:

    I am speaking of knowledge that is not understood by the spirit vs the knowledge that is understood by the spirit. We are spirit as God is spirit therefore “all” is to be understood by the spirit. Without the spirit we are the walking dead and when the spirit comes into our life in our moment of Pentecost, it is only then that we can walk in the spirit of understanding. The flesh and the carnal mind cannot understand the ways of the spirit because “the way” can only be discerned by the spirit. All of the knowledge that I have every understood was given me from within by the spirit of Our Father. Christ is all and in all…and even in those who do not yet recognize it, for a dormant seed is brought forth when the conditions of the spirit are right.

    Yes, 1 Corinthians 14:20 is a very good reminder in that if we have anger one toward another for our differences in what we believe and understanding (and even that little resentment) we are not yet mature for one who is fully matured in understanding is matured in love…once we see the end of another…we with respect wait upon the lord to bring “us” to completion.

    Not all understanding matures at the same time in different ones…so we are to be mindful of this. And some things spoken perfectly in a mature understanding will not be accepted as such by all in a conversation because some are babes, some are children and some are more mature. So the sooner that we “all” come to the maturity that is established in Godly understanding we can speak as one. I think a proper presentation is as the one spoken of in the scriptures…”If each has a message, let each one present it as they are led, in turn and let the others hold their peace.” Then without debate and argument let each ponder what they have heard and assimilate that into their own understanding. If we then want to ask one on one, it should not be to accuse, but to better understand. If we cannot fathom the understanding of another, let it be, put it on a shelf and consider it at a later time. It may fit and it may not but it is our Father who opens our mind at the “perfect” time…for us.

    However, as we have all learned it is difficult to answer one who is defending their understanding in malice. These think they are defending God and Christ, however how we treat even the “least of these” is how we treat God. Only the most mature with understanding can speak of differences of understanding…because they have love one to another. Paul had the greatest of love for Peter when Paul corrected his brother in Christ….Some would call Paul’s addressing Peter an act of malice but this would be only be from a babe in understanding. Both Paul and Peter both understood where it was coming from…if Paul’s words were given in malice and condemnation Paul would have been a babe himself…but the maturity in them both had understanding. Love was their foundation of which their conversation was all conversation should be. We are not children for we understand what is given and how it is given. I don’t think Peter got offended with Paul, especially after taking stock of the situation, he got offended with guilt himself that something had to be pointed out to him that he already knew. Love for the other has to the motivation that ever opens our mouth and the words that we speak, reveal our own fruit within…so with all of our getting, get this understanding. Very good. Let the little resentments go, for it’s the little foxes that spoils the vine. None of us are going to speak without offending someone at some time. When we know for certain, as did Paul, why we speak, we do not speak to offend..but to mend…all hearts into one.

    • Sonny, God does not intend for you to constantly live in a state of Guilt over your life’s performance. His intent is for you is to be free, and find freedom to be yourself. To act and speak naturally. This conception of being in a constant state of Guilt about how pleasing you are to Man is certainly not one that comes from His word or His teaching. We must be aware that God said, “casting your cares upon Him for He careth for you”. Let God today, this day, remove the strictures of this mindset. When one is truly seeking God, God will be a caretaker and shepherd, and you will find great freedom in His presence. Let God truly be God and certainly you will never be shadowed again by an idea of ” I am not perfect enough to speak with power, for this very idea is producing a “let me monitor myself at all times”, tension and anxiety. It’s time to break free, and find freedom that only He can give, and not one that comes from constant worry about a pristeen measurement from others about life’s etiquet book. It’s not at all what others think of you that matters to God, or the strictures of an etiquette book that God is looking for, or the applause of the multitudes about a perfect sweet presentation, but about the honesty that comes from a relationship that bolsters your confidence in His ablility to ‘hold you.” This is a day to shake loose any doctrine that says, let me never engage in conflict, But rathe one that says let me have the Light, that brings forth the truth of the knowledge of love. The greater insight one has into this knowledge the freer ousr lives become.

      • Let God truly be God and certainly you will never be shadowed again by an idea of ” I am not perfect enough to speak with power, for this very idea is producing a “let me monitor myself at all times”, tension and anxiety.

        Joe. Oh man…I am almost speechless reading these words from you. This is a God-given understanding and the key to the Kingdom. I am so happy for you.

      • His, HE, him, all refer to the READER…

        what we see in others represents ourselves through the GOD called I AM.

        the scriptures say nothing, because no words mean nothing without ALL WORDS(again, there are NO SCRIPTURES.

        what seems to be confusing, is our own heart vs interpertations of a BOOK.

        if you want to know what is REALLY SAID, then LISTEN TO YOUR HEART(god in self), but if you want to know what a book says, then trust each person as that TRUST is what brings about truth(trust in god means to trust in eachother as TRUST FOR EACHOTHER is LIVING IN THE SPIRIT).

        to show my trust in god, i trust all of you as i trust in everyone(divine).
        the way that god(self in EVERYONE) reveals itself is through the DIVINE(spirait of the HEART that lives outside of time and BINDs us all to eachother).

        god says nothing without our own consiousness, cause GOD is INSIDE, not OUTSIDE..

        it has nothing to to with anxietys or anything as it is about a PERFECT BALLANCE of all VIBRATIONS(feelings aka EVENTS IN TIME)..

        the purpose of all the words in EVERY BIBLE is to get that PERFECT VIBRATIONS so you can SEE YOUR HEART(divine) through the WHOLE WORLD.

        religions create conflict as they turn man against man through FALSE SCRIPTURES..
        again, interpertations of a book, vs WHOM WE TRULY ARE as a WHOLE..

        I AM GOD(we all are ONE BODY).(SPIRIT aka DIVINE).
        what we think about eachother reveals the GOD IN SELF.

        if you see love in all, then you live within the highver vibrations(no matter the feelings we have for eachother),

        if you use scriptures to turn THE I AM of anyone down, then you are against every bible, and against god.

        christians are against god as they look down against man so a false god has all the value of life.

        but LIFE is experiences through our feelings(all feelings are good) that we all SHARE.

        its the feelings that we have, that allow us to CONNECT to the WHOLE WORLD(hense I AM GOD)(LAWs of TIME).

        it is ok to be angry, to feel guilt, to be happy, to be said, to be deceptive, to be HONEST..
        but all the things really said in every bible is to ALIGN with that PERFECT VIBRATION(s) through EVERY NAME(hense I AM GOD).

        we all share in the world, and when we cut down trees, we all suffer,
        when we make war, we all suffer.
        there comes a time when we have to set EVERYTHING ASIDE, and just grow TOGETHER(everyone IS IMPORTANT), and you and everyone else is FLAWLESS…

        you are all prophets and angels(living in the SPIRIT)(ONE BODY WE SHARE

      • I understand that God will give the spirit without measure to those who have measured up to “His” measurement. These will He send out into the world to represent Him. Yes, there will be conflict because the carnal will always be at enmity with God and against those who speak His language. I understand that love is power and that there is no other power, for if God is love and He is sovereign this means that love is sovereign. Only love (God) can speak with absolute power and to those to whom this power is given. When we are in part we speak in part but when that which is fully come we will be as He is. Without controversy great is the mystery of God which means to me that we are to search and we are to share what we understand…and if it’s different from another we can discuss it to try to understand the better “way.” Like we often say, presentation is everything, and how one receives the truth from God is between them and God. For no truth is of any private interpretation, what God has for me, He has for you as well, for we have the same Father…and His love is no different for me than it is for you…or for any other. We all need to think long term of where we shall be instead of where we presently are. Let us have a vision of a better place as we move from the natural to the spiritual. It certainly is a journey through many valleys, hills and mountains with many harsh obstacles so it is important that we encourage, forgiving all and all things until we come to the fullness of the truth. Whether one sees truth through a glass darker than their neighbor’s, it is still the same truth we look to and seek. Love is not found in the difference but in the likeness of a thing. Let us all work together to uncover the meanings of all the symbols for all symbols are as the dark glass. Symbols are good to understand and to know but they are not the light of that of which they reveal and represent. Love can never be proven by debate, argument or by any knowledge. God just is, so love just is. No one can prove love until they become that love…and we each will as God completes in each one of us…as He is. One thing is certain, from wherever we are, we will end up wherever our Father is…with patience we wait for it.

    • Sonny,

      There was once a stranger who wandered into a small shop. The shopkeeper, seeing the stranger, joyfully approached to trade. “Kind sir!”, said the shop owner, “Welcome! This is a marketplace of understanding, and when we buy and sell with each other in this place, we both profit and grow in our understanding! It is a wonderful place and I am glad you have come! Now please, tell me, what do you have trade?”

      The stranger, indignant, replied, “This is not what you should do in this place, for I know that you will offend the poor who have nothing to trade. These will be dispirited and hurt if you reveal they lack understanding.”

      With a smile that reflected the great depth of his great of understanding, the shopkeeper said, “No my friend, you are mistaken. You see, I trade with those who have anything at all to give. To me there are no poor or rich, there is just the buying and selling in equal measure. When one who lacks understanding enters this shop, they are most blessed, for I tell them they may initially trade with nothing at all, they will still profit because I assure them that they leave with greater understanding. These then return to trade with their newly gained understanding – and gain still more. Therefore this place makes everyone rich, and the poor desire this place the most.

      With that the stranger realized the wisdom of the shopkeeper, and sat down to trade in good cheer.

      • For the record, when I think of the shopkeeper, I think of Loni!

        After all, the “creative power of spherical language” was a gift I first received from Loni and then gave to all of us! I consider Loni’s gift as the ever-increasing joy that comes from the Light of your understanding when it shines in loving honor of others. A gift of infinite worth, to be sure.

  26. Very good. My life’s experience is that we should all be shopkeepers and accept all who come in just as they are….without criticism and condemnation. This is the silver thread that runs through all that I say. When we speak of how we are to approach God, He is constantly asking us to separate ourselves from “our” carnal mind for it is at enmity with God. What many fail to see is what makes up the carnal and what makes up the spiritual mind. The two minds are so closely aligned as explained in the parable of the wise and the foolish virgins. The foolish actually thought they taught and preached the way of God. These were (are) both children of God at different maturities along their way…and each will come to the fullness of their calling as God calls, corrects and matures us. The scriptures teach the difference in being wise and being foolish in selling our wares and in “exchanging” our love (talents) to one another.

    In being able to explain the differences between that fine line of self and selflessness, babe and adult, wise and foolish, the proud and the humble, as does the written word, the truth must always be given as the shopkeeper in your analogy…and whether one is poor or rich in their understanding, it the same love that applies to all equally. The shopkeeper , being the keeper of “the goods” with ample talents to trade in must never judge the one who approaches him whether they have little or much. The shopkeeper must be able to explain the difference in teaching love from one who uses their understanding to criticize and to condemn. Many who come to trade and to sell their bag of knowledgeable riches, being children, do so in thinking they can fool the shopkeeper, yet they fail for the shopkeeper has been around for awhile and has heard it all, yet in his love for “all” both the just and the unjust explains to those who have but few talents (love) in their “heart” to trade and to exchange, to go back and increase their love for their fellow man and then come again and be prepared to trade in an honest “exchange” leaving the carnal argument of the foolish who believe in their own superiority by having much knowledge but little love. The shopkeeper (God) is fooled by no one and when we come before him He is not impressed with babes acting as wise men while in their hearts are feelings of malice toward any who may see or differ with them.

    I think everyone should bring their talents into the shop before God and let Him determine whether they speak in love or in the pride of self promotion. ( Wise or foolish presentations) A good analogy to go along with the “shopkeeper” comparison is the story of Paul and Peter gathering together amongst the Jews and the Gentiles. In this analogy I would call Paul the shopkeeper and Peter the one who came in to sell his wares. I would call these “wares” their talents or the degree of love that they had for their fellow man. Now Peter came in with fewer talents than did Paul in this setting for Peter wanted to trade in a love (talents) in a false and misleading way out of fear of what the Jews may think of him for speaking the truth. The truth that Peter knew was that there was no difference in Jew nor Gentile but he misled those in his presence by wanting to be like rather than speaking the truth.

    Then there was Paul, listening and watching as Peter shrunk back out of fear of not being liked for speaking truth and using the sword (word) to separate the words of the flesh from those of the spirit. It will cut and it will sting sometimes as Paul spoke to Peter in front of the Jew and gentile, making no distinction. Now, did Paul speak out of love for misguided Peter or did he speak to him in a better than thou attitude, ridiculing and condemning him. Some may call it a tough love and true love will always register with the carnal mind as it being an offense. In order to separate the food of children and the strong meat of the word, it takes a person of much “talent” to endure the insults of children playing in the market place. Paul gave Peter some good advice along with the Jews and the Gentiles that day, first out of obedience and a love for God, and then to any who would listen to the saving of their souls.

    You can believe there were members of the five foolish and the five wise among them that day as we today go about our day meeting all in different stages of maturity with varying talents of maturity. Yet the shopkeeper which is God, teaches that love is for the thing that is given without measure…John 3:34: “For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for he giveth not the Spirit by measure.” Paul did not measure his words as did Peter, worrying about whether he would be liked for making plane the way to God. Paul spoke spoke very plainly about living for “the way” to the kingdom with absolutely no ill will toward any and all who heard his message. Paul had one goal and one purpose in his calling and that was to separate the chaff from the wheat and serve only that which would develop a pure and unadulterated understanding to others who could not yet walk in the spirit. Paul was very considerate and kind to all and yet he spoke to his equal in Christ, which was Peter, as he spoke to all others…for truth is found in the oneness of the word and it does not apply to the one without the other…The foolish thought so, as did the Pharisee thanking God that they were superior to their fellow man evidenced by their greater opinions of themselves against others. Love is not against any one person, saint or sinner, and cannot be for love is unconditional. We can be a Paul or a Peter and it matters not which for our Father will bring us each to our destination as we learn to be bolder in the spirit as was Paul…but we must learn to be bold in love more than being bolder in our opinions and knowledge without love.

    To those who may think that I write and or speak to any particular individual, I don’t. I speak in a universal language that pertains to the nature within man, both of the carnal mind and the spiritual mind. When one asks me a question or makes a statement I try to answer it in a way that is not taken as being condescending because I’m not…and anyone who does not think the best of the other, friend or foe, is treading on unstable footing with God. We are to speak as clearly and as concisely as God has permitted and given us the vocabulary to do so. Not with words of wisdom but with a loving spirit and attitude that wants to see “all” complete “with us” in the likeness of our Father. As well as we would love for all to like us, we cannot trade this desired affection for the love of God. This would put us in the unwise category as seeking favor from men more than that of God. We may be a Peter or a Paul in how we speak and are perceived by others but for those who know and desire to be a first fruit or a gate, this desire comes with the responsibility to please God first as did Paul. It is the Peter in us that needs to change. And when “Peter” changes to be as bold in word as Paul…God accepts them both as equals into the sheepfold as one…

    We will all pass from the carnal mind to the spiritual mind and as we grow in Christ our maturity level will change as we move from babes, to children to fully matured adults in the Lord. My belief and attitude is that we should not judge the babe even while in their malice for that babe will grow up to eventually be in the likeness of Christ as He is in the likeness of “our” Father. My sharing is not in the form of an argument or a debate for I do not feel it necessary to be right in order to be loved by my Father for I know that He loves me unconditionally as He does any other and He will continue to do so until the Christ (anointing) is fully developed in me and in you. In understanding that this is the way and nature of God, how can we be any less in our love toward one another? The foolish among us have their knowledge which they think proves the measure of our love to God but God will have none of this argument and as He sent the foolish away for thinking and speaking this way, we must understand these were and are not rejected by God…but are simply sent and “set back” to learn that love cannot be obtained by the letter of the law but the letter of the law can be understood when God’s love is given to us which explains “all” things. To obtain this measure of love we must be willing to sell all, meaning in this parable, all of self, our natural and carnal understanding, the riches of carnal knowledge and traditions. We must sell all of the things within us of the carnal mind so that we can purchase that pearl of great price…of which that pearl is the unconditional love to all and for all.

    God has granted me the gift to see the subtleties of what is carnal and what is spiritual. He gives this gift to those who only want to see the best in people and their ultimate development into the fulness of Christ. It cannot be about oneself or attributing any glory to oneself. Everything that a hundred fold accomplishment requires is a sacrifice of not desiring any recognition whatsoever for oneself. One cannot obtain the high calling in Christ Jesus and become a gate if they would close the gate on anyone. The gate into the kingdom does not swing both ways, as Paul’s gate only swung in one way toward Christ. Peter’ gate was immature and swung in the direction of self preservation and having a desire to be liked by the Jews. We must come to have a love for friend and enemy alike to be a gate keeper. When we come to that place of maturity we may have to speak without the timidity found in Peter as was found in Paul. Who loved the more, Paul or Peter in that moment? Paul cared for Peter more than Peter cared for himself for it was the truth that Paul spoke without fear of what people thought that set Peter free. In later times Peter grew to where Paul was in maturity.

    In conversing and discussing life and how love Is the maturing medicine that will make us whole, we must understand that it is not easy to speak truth and be well accepted by the masses. Here is a commentary written by another on this subject in which the mature in Christ will whole heartedly agree with.

    “The immature become offended at the truth. Hence, they resist the influences of the Holy Spirit, whose office it is to bring the truth to the heart, and to reprove men for their sins. There is nothing more difficult than to regard with steady and unwavering affection the man who faithfully tells us the truth at all times, when that truth is painful. Yet he is our best friend. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful,” Proverbs 27:6. If I am in danger of falling down a precipice, he shows to me the purest friendship who tells me of it; if I am in danger of breathing the air of the pestilence, and it can be avoided, he shows to me pure kindness who tells me of it. So still more, if I am indulging in a course of conduct that may ruin me, or cherishing error that may endanger my salvation, he shows me the purest friendship who is most faithful in warning me, and apprising me of what must be the termination of my course.”

    When we converse with one another their should only be one purpose and one desire in it and that is to see the love of God matured in every person. Any other reason comes from an immature knowledge of who God is and what God expects. As we pass through this life we will learn all the ways of the carnal mind as we are exposed to it in our many encounters with others …both of the wise and the unwise. We must remember that none of us started out, born of woman, in a matured state. However from our natural birth to our spiritual birth and beyond it is a battle of the carnal and the spiritual mind to the end. As Peter meant well in not wanting to offend any, it was Paul who showed the greater love for he was willing to sacrifice himself in what others thought of him in speaking the message given him. No he was not very popular among many as he made the statement “Have I become your enemy by giving you the truth.”

    Revealing Gods love to people should be our only desire…and those of us who can share our words in understanding should understand that Gods love is not a debate or an argument. What something is to one is something else to another. It’s a Peter or a Paul perspective. But both eventually came to the same understanding and love . As we all shall do likewise, each in our own order and in our own time. When we see all as they shall be in being perfected…what is there to argue or to be angry about, but seeing everything as something to be joyous about? Come quickly lord Jesus and give us of your love and maturity as we expectantly desirously wait for it…where all differences are swallowed up into a universe of oneness.

    • That’s a whole lot of words there, my friend. It seems as if you are valiantly attempting to help me understand why understanding is not important. lol Kidding with you!

      Ok, when I say seek for understanding now…I am saying that there is a NEW ENERGY STREAM available from God’s infinite awareness that your mind CAN NOW receive in your quiet times, if you genuinely desire it. It is the spirit being poured out. The bible does say the spirit will be poured out at the end, right? This is the end, Sonny.

      Here’s what happens, the spirit will give you very, very significant and powerful understanding. Never worry about perceived intelligence, it has nothing to do with it. This understanding is ALIVE and WILL GROW in you, giving you perfect power – which is the ability to express love perfectly in time and space. This is the power that brings in the kingdom, for it is a very high frequency of Life that transcends time. It is the power by which Divine Will begins affecting ALL outer cause and effect so that time can govern for the highest good for all. This power is God flowing through your mind, so that Divine Will can perfectly govern your sphere of TIME for her/his purpose.

      Rachel and I are simply called to gather the “seekers” together – so that we may learn from each other about how our new power can help the world. Those gathered to this place are called to share the understanding given them, as iron sharpens iron making the entire edge sharp. That is the purpose of this place – and the upcoming forum. You see, the experience of power over time can not be taught – even by the spirit, because the power is individualized in time (meaning it appears differently). This just means – you, as an individual, must first experience your power to understand its effect in time. THEN AND ONLY THEN – can seek for understanding the cause of this effect directly from God. Then you are blessed to gift of sharing divinely received understanding with others, creating a short-cut for them in time and simultaneously helping them grow in their own time-awareness of Divine Love’s expression. You experience this gift as ever-increasing joy. Thankyou Loni!!

      Again, seek for the Kingdom RIGHT NOW, as if you know nothing as you ought to know it. Nothing is as it seems anymore, for I have told you we have already attained the victory. The world may “look” the same, but I assure you, all is NEW. Seek NOW with all your heart, to know the Truth of Love and to understand its ONENESS. Unless you seek Truth from God directly, you can not receive the frequency of energy needed to awaken and save the world. This energy must be received by one who thirsts for Divine Love’s True Life, turns inwardly and then makes their way to the source to drink. Remember, the kingdom is NOT IN WORD, but in POWER. This power comes through your OWN PRIVATE SEEKING OF TRUTH, which will FLOW THROUGH YOU as Divine Love. Divine Love is NEW UNDERSTANDING and there is nothing in the old that will help you. All in the world is WORLDY. Divine understanding is not of the world, for is God’s perfect gift to you. Divine Understanding is the eternally flowing River of Life. The growth in divine understanding is eternal, and you will always gently float along, as its harmonious current carries you PERFECTLY through Life. I believe, if one seeks, this understanding will come rapidly.

      Again, let me very clear, I know the power of my words. Just as Loni does. Joe, your last comment leads me to believe you are also beginning to recognize this power. Our perfect words can help increase your understanding by which you will recognize the importance of privately seeking. All who seek will find, that is a promise. And those who find will become the so called Christ. These, and only these, are the living gates. However, Christ in us, will find all, save all and fill all. This also is a promise. No one left behind.

  27. Loni,
    As you say, “what seems to be confusing, is our own heart vs interpertations of a BOOK.”

    And I say in agreement that the condition of our heart and what we desire in life is how we interpret the “ book.” The Bible is a multi level book of understanding as I can see that you know and as we look at it on the lowest level of the three realms, we can make it say anything that we want it to, be it good or evil. If we want war we can justify it, if we want to kill we can justify it, if we want to take what belongs to another, we can justify it but only by the letter…but we can only see the love of God in all things when we understand the letter by the spirit. For example, a natural earthquake or storm can paint a picture of fear and harm coming our way but when we move from the natural to the symbolic on to the spiritual meaning of an earthquake, we see the good in the highest level in the spirit in that the earth quaking and everything that can be shaken, will be shaken, is speaking of removing our natural carnal self where there is nothing left but the spirit of God…as an earthquake has no effect on the spirit of the “I Am.” There will always be contention among some while we journey through the realms of the natural and the symbolic. It is when we leave the sea and the earth realm of understanding do we see from the perspective of firmament above, the realm of the spirit where we can look down from above and see where we were and others are. When we enter “in” all that we will desire to do is to pull everyone that we can from the muck and mire of the carnal mind. Many will refuse as they will be happy with judging themselves “better than” and desire justice force sins instead of desiring to forgive all. In realty we are that book in which we write our life story in and when God looks within our book we will receive the level of our investments in our fellow man and what we have given we will also receive by the same measure. All gifts will be gifts of freedoms and privileges according to how well we have proved ourselves in our obedience to our Father. There is no lesser love in the giver of the gifts for all gifts are given of the same spirit.

    Let us study the book of life which is the tree of life…which is the anointing (Christ) within. It’s a good book, it has nothing but love from cover to cover. When you read my finished book and I in turn read yours, we will see no evil, for the book is written in a purity of purpose. This purpose is as Christ will we be. In the end…It’s all flowers.

  28. Every Natural Event follows the same spiritual LAWs(laws of time)…
    because our own consiousness(life within the elements) follows the same laws, Every EARTHQUAKE reveals the GOD within us.

    Each tornado is a COLLECTIVE energy(of every ETERNAL BROTHER) that represents ANGER in our own hearts(collectivy and affects TIME).

    we have to LISTEN to the GOD in the WHOLE WORLD, to CONNECT WITH OUR HEART(which we call the DIVINE(holy spirit).

    christ(high end of the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES) is the GIVING END in which is part of EVERYONE(law of time).

    when we awaken the christ within ourselves(and johova in ourselves, and allah in ourselves, (ALL LAWs)), EVERY OTHER PERSON AWAKENS, as we are all EXTENSIONS of the I AM within(through the ETERNAL HEART(we are elements of). i see everyone coming into alignment(PERFECT BALLANCE).

    when we step out of our own LANGUAGES, we can see more(we grow together).

    to truly connect to the DIVINE(the true god in I AM), then you know that that quake means something, you know that a tornado is a warning, and you know of future EVENTS TO COME(word of god)..(reveals your heart to you through the CARNEL)

    you know what is to come, cause you know the WORLD WITHIN(how divine is your own heart in the world(in which we are all part of(LISTEN TO THE DIVINE NOW))

    the carnal mind aka FLESH aka CLAY, holds the spirit(AKA ALL VIBRATIONS(worlds), taking up the same space).

    we have no idea the potentions of the carnel(yellow rings), because we lives so long withing the LOWER REALMS(what christians call HELL), but its MOTHER EARTH…

    • when we awaken the christ within ourselves(and johova in ourselves, and allah in ourselves, (ALL LAWs)), EVERY OTHER PERSON AWAKENS, as we are all EXTENSIONS of the I AM within(through the ETERNAL HEART(we are elements of). i see everyone coming into alignment(PERFECT BALLANCE).

      Incredible insight. I am seeing this more clearly in my outer world. Thanks!

    • In other words….it is the one spirit…in all…no matter what we call ourselves…or “Himself.”

      • In other words, It’s what He calls you. Your’re gonna have to Serve somebody, It may be the devil or it may the Lord, but your gonna have to serve somebody.

  29. This branches out into other ideas: like simulation theory, that Lon is just a brain in a jar (or perhaps even nothing more than pure code) being studied by alien scientists running a crazy computer that tricks his senses into believing in a false reality; that the God Lon worships is evil and has entrapped him in an illusionary material world to prevent him from ascending to divinity (and thus all his prayers serve only to keep him enslaved). So absorbed he’s became in contemplating this idea that, as a mortal, he truly understands nothing of the nature of his own existence; that for a brief period he will fall into an inconsolable depression, just going through the motions but completely lost to indescribable despair, unable to ever confirm or test if anything around him or anything he believes in is truly real. During this time he has conceived his spherical second child language, and this is what worries me, because he’s in the grip of an evil spirit.

  30. We are…here…to learn…simply put…that…

     Love is patient,
    love is kind.
    It does not envy,
    it does not boast,
    it is not proud.

    It does not dishonor others,

    it is not self-seeking,
    it is not easily angered,
    it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil
    but rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects,
    always trusts, always hopes,
    always perseveres.

    [“And most importantly………”]

    Love never fails.

    • It does not dishonor God. It does not dishonor Jesus the King.
      It does not dishonor, the kingdom of God, but it distroys the
      kingdom of the devil.

      • Of course…Love and fear cannot coexist, therefore love does eventually destroy the kingdom of the devil…where fear receives all its power. We are not of the kingdom where fear has a hold on us, if we have no fear…of come what may, for it is love that cast out all of our fear. It is then that we can walk in the full light of the kingdom of heaven. It’s all about making the transformation from the natural to the spiritual.

      • If we desire knowledge, it should be the knowledge of the truth and this truth is the nature and the way God. This passage pretty much sums up all that we are to hope and pray for. What the natural eye can see is temporal, while the spiritual eye has only one way to seeing. There is little to be said once we understand that we are secure in our Father’s promise to us of eternal life, but to have life and life more abundantly we must understand to have a more abundant life it will come as we come into His presence as the wise. The most abundant life is a life that gives, seeking no glory or recognition for itself, for this one considers all with only one accord. I suppose that if we meditated on these few verses and ones like it in Matthew 5…we would pretty much understand the simplicity in Christ for the entire book with all of its mysteries, parables and symbols brought to the light…they all reveal the same thing…God’s likeness. Those who seek self glory see themselves standing in a natural sense with God, defeating the enemy without…where those who seek the glory of God that others may have the same…worship in spirit and in truth defeating the enemy within. It is within in the spirit do we conquer all things. Nothing in the outer world will ever have an influence on us when our inner life is one with our Father. When we see our Father as He is, we will see that everything that He created, even evil itself, has a means to an end, a good end. It is love that created this world and everything in it was created to teach, to correct and to redeem all into the oneness of God. There is no downside to living this life, for we will be given our increase as we have increased our talents in giving. In order to be like our Father He must give His likeness to us. And then when we become as He is, being filled with the Holy Spirit, we become like givers. Every created life started with it being given from above and it is then when our receiving is complete in Christ…do we become a life giving spirit. Life is all good when we see absolutely no negative purpose in our Father. It is…all good.

  31. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Jesus said, ~Fear him who hath the power to cast into hell.

    • a KING is not one person ruling all of mankind, a KING is a SPIRITUAL KING in which EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(as eternal brothers), lives in(hense day of the LORD).

      every person(highest vibrations t through the LAWS OF TIME, represent the KING(spirtual) in which EVERY PERSON SHARES TOGETHER.

      the highest honors we have towards eachother is the JESUS IN ALL, the jahova in ALL, the YEAWAY in ALL, the MORMAN in all, the ALLAH, in all, and ALL NAMES IN ALL.

      again, no religion ideas have validity in truth..
      there are no people in any bible on earth, no one is gonna save you, and there is NO ENEMY..

  32. fear of the LORD means we reject eachother(LORD is the HIGHEST HONORS in which every person on earth SEEs eachother(hense day of the LORD aka SPIRITUAL(LAWS OF TIME). (FEAR THE LORD, and LOVE the LORD are the OPPOSING FORCES thats part of ALL OF US..)

    to fear him means you fear yourself through the WORLD….
    JESUS said nothing, cause jesus never existed. HELL is not a place, HELL is how you PERCIEVE THE WORLD(through your vibrations).(you eather LOVE ALL(natural), your you reject all for your IDOLS(FEAR))

    all christians live in fear. they are taught that the world is an ENEMY, your HEARTS are the ENEMY, your own being is the ENEMY, but TO LOVE yourself, and LOVE others, is how you CONNECT to god(in the world aka HEAVEN ON EARTH)


    no ideas that religions teach have VALIDITY in TRUTH.

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