Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Pool of Siloam

I Am Loving Awareness anointed with Perfect Power, which is Perfect Vision.

Pool of Siloam, the Place of Sight.

At the Pool of Siloam your mind’s eye brightens with perfect words of True Life. The Light of Truth spills into the energetic body, the Spherical Self, bringing forth Truth’s Ever-Expanding Perfection, eternal ascension. It’s the place where the “Christ heals the blind.”

We entered the fourth dimension, the Borderland, some time ago, when our awareness of true Life went to depths far beyond the third-dimension shadow life. As we traversed the dimension, gaining an awareness beyond the constraints of Linear time, we were prepared to move into the fifth-dimension, in which the mind and body are united as one in Absolute Truth. No more duality, no more death.

As creators, what we perceive as true in our mind’s eye creates the spherical projection we call life. In the Seven Cycles of Ascension, listed below, we are incorporating our entire being into the grid system of our Higher Self’s awareness. We are ascending, first in awareness, then in form. In these Seven Cycles, our mind’s eye is filled with Truth’s Light, moving it through the transitional fourth-dimension of awareness, in which we transfigure from a third-dimensional being to a fifth-dimensional being. We are transforming from a living being to a life-giving spirit. We are transitioning from the governance of free will to being governed by Divine Love’s Perfect Will in a manner that feels like limitless freedom. With perfect will, the soul’s awareness is transfigured into the mathematical perfection of pi, manifesting Spherical Time and giving life to the fifth-dimension.

When you see everything converge into Oneness, you are entering the dimension of Oneness.

You are gaining true Vision.

I wanted to share a little of what I’ve been seeing the past 9 months. There are many layers that are converging, so stay with me, we are beginning to see as one.

Starting August 31, 2022, the soul’s awareness has been going through seven cycles of heightened awareness. Through these cycles, the earth’s energetic systems have been converging, so Cycle 7 consists of all the previous layers. The convergence of our collective understanding of Truth’s Living Light includes astrological reflections, crystalline structures, sacred geometry, the 13 chakra system, Mer-ka-bah (light body) Breath, DNA strand activation, Divine attributes, and Spherical Time.

These Seven Cycles, like the seven days of Creation, represent seven currents of Living Water moving throughout your soul, the “Pool of Siloam”. The pool can be imagined as the energetic atmosphere where you receive your Sight. These cycles form living sacred grids through which Spirit of Life flows in space-time. The awareness held in these seven living grids of Truth’s awareness brings forth your eternal ascension.

These seven cycles, or currents of living water, form a sacred grid pattern that reflects Truth’s Perfection within your individualized awareness. Imagine a double Merkabah with 12 stellated points (crystals), relating to the 13 chakra system, 12 + 1 = 13, with 1 being the fullness of the 12. Each point is a chime on the Spherical Clock. The time between each Chime is based on the soul’s increase in awareness.

These cycles form a clock of Spherical Time, in which time is governed by the soul’s increase in awareness, according to Truth’s Ever-Expanding Perfection. As the soul’s awareness cycles round the clock of Spherical Time, the truth-filled awareness it receives, establishes its electro-magnetic field in a space-time reflection of Spherical Time. As a result of the 7 cycles, the soul ascends to the fifth dimension, the Dimension of Oneness, where it continues its eternal ascent as a Light Body. 

Within these cycles of expanding awareness, your first evolutionary ascension from a third-dimensional shadow into a fifth-dimensional Light Body begins. Through these 7 cycles, you move through the transitional 4th dimension, to transition body and mind into the 5th dimension.

As you meditate on these golden threads of truth, you receive individualized divine thought forms, visions, and revelations, that will assist to bring forth your eternal ascension as a Light Being. The repetition of the meditative material is purposeful, as each cycle takes you deeper into Truth’s Life, and the Truth sets you free.

As the Spirit takes your awareness through this divinely ordered path, it assists your soul in the awareness needed to make its transition into the next dimension. The Pool of Siloam begins the eternal spring of life-giving energy, coming forth from your ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfection. Step into Divine Love’s Healing Waters, and let it flow through your soul, mind, and body, harmonizing all in your spherical reality.

Cycle 1

Astrological: August 31-September 10, 2022 

Cycle Length: 12 Days

Purpose: Receiving the divine experiential revelation of the Sacred Heart’s Twelve Gifts assist in developing the awareness needed to bring forth the reflection of the Light Being. 

Meditative Material: 12 posts from August 31 – September 10, 2022

Cycle 2

Date: November 27, 2022-December 21, 2022 

Cycle Length: 24 Days

Purpose: Receiving the fullness of the Sacred Heart’s Twelve Gifts into the collective soul’s awareness. 

Meditative Material: 12 Gifts of Christmas, Gift Thirteen


Date: January 11-January 21, 2023

Cycle Length: 10 days

Purpose: A three-part meditation, 10 Day Frequency Reset, to reset our entire body of awareness: etheric, astral, causal, and physical networks, to align and harmonized them, which prepares us to enter the fifth dimension. 

Meditative Material: “Harmonizing Frequency Reset” (includes 3 meditations)

***Grid of Holy Flame

January 21, 2023, after the 10 Day Frequency Reset, The Grid of the Holy Flame, the Spherical Clock, is established in time, linking timeless perfection to space-time. Starting Cycle 3. 

This crystalline grid is the layout of the double Merkabah, forming a Twelve-Stellated Star. The crystal grid holding 12 crystals/gemstones at each point forms a time portal. The comprehensive oneness of the Twelve-Stellated Grid of the Holy Flame reflects a 13th chakra, an energetic system that brings forth the next dimension of Oneness. 

During our time in the 4th dimension we activate the 13 chakra energy system of our Higher Self, including the chakra system of time itself, which is Cycle Seven. This activation, along with the activation of the twelve dormant DNA strands, creates an orb of Light energy that the activated Light Being and manifests Spherical time, transporting us into the fifth dimension. Here, the 22 chakra system is activated and Heaven and earth are experienced as one, harmonious whole, the Dimension of Oneness. 

Each remaining cycle, 3-7, flow around this Sacred Grid. Later, I’ll share more describing this grid with its related attributes, merkabah breaths, and gemstones, which hold a living consciousness of Oneness assisting and stabilizing our individualized shift of consciousness into Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, the Divine Mind of Truth’s Light.

Cycle 3

Date: January 21 – March 4, 2023

Cycle length: 42 Days

Purpose: The etheric body’s awareness and its 13 energetic chakras are activated according to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Divine Love’s Perfect Will. The Holy Flame is lit within the soul’s light body, the mer-ka-ba. Spherical Time, which governs the 5th Dimension of Oneness, begins to govern the soul’s etheric body, that is now aligned with its astral, causal and physical body in time.

Meditative Material: For the second time, 12 Gifts of Christmas, Gift Thirteen

Cycle 4

Date: March 5 – March 22, 2023

Cycle Length: 18 Days 

Purpose: The astral body’s awareness and its 13 energetic chakras are activated according to Divine Love’s Perfect Will. This cycle begins the awakening of the Breath of Life, the soul’s Breath of eternal True Life. This cycle moves according to the 18 breaths of the Merkabah Breath Meditation. 

Meditative Material: For the third time, 12 Gifts of Christmas, Gift Thirteen

Cycle 5

Date: March 28 – April 9, 2023

Cycle Length: 12 Days

Purpose: The causal body’s awareness and its 13 energetic chakras are activated according to Divine Love’s Perfect Will. This awareness assist in activating the Light body, which awakens the 12 strands of DNA that bring forth the Light Being’s reflection. The 13th chakra represents the oneness of the twelve strands that projects the Light Being’s refection .

Meditative Material: “Light Body Activation

**Sacred Looking Glass Grid

A new grid is created, April 10th, the “Sacred Looking Glass”. It is an overlay upon the first grid, the Grid of Holy Flame, the Spherical Clock. This grid represents the energetic garments of the soul in a state of transfiguration. Therefore, the grouping of crystals reflect the energetic garments of the soul which are supported by the first crystal grid. 

Cycle 6

Date: April 11 – May 21, 2023

Cycle Length: 40 Days

Purpose: The physical body’s awareness and its 13 energetic chakras are activated according to Divine Love’s Perfect Will. By activating the Light Body’s physical materialization, the soul begins to cast a new reflection in the outer world of appearances. The cycle follows the Sacred Looking Glass Grid.

Meditative Material: Trumpets of the Sacred Heart

**Living Faith Grid

On May 22-24, the Sacred Looking Glass Grid morphs into the Living Faith Grid. It holds the same gemstones with two additions, but in a new pattern reflecting the Oneness between the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Grace. This oneness energetically creates Living Faith. This Living Faith Grid creates an open portal within the soul between Truth’s Timeless Perfection and Spherical Time.

Cycle 7

Date: May 21 – June 7, 2023

Cycle Length: 18 Days

Purpose: Time’s body of awareness and its 13 energetic chakra system unites with the activated chakra systems of the etheric, astral, causal and physical/earth bodies. The previous six cycles converge in time. These 5 vectors of energy, (etheric, astral, causal, physical and time-based bodies) are symbolized in “Metatron’s Cube”. Through Cycle Seven, Divine Love’s Living Energy, the Sacred Heart, harmonically transitions time into the fifth dimension. 

Mediative Material: 12 Gifts of Christmas, Gift Thirteen, and Light Body Activation, Trumpets of the Sacred Heart

What comes after this cycle? We’ll watch together.


Trumpets of the Sacred Heart

By remembering our True Story, all in time is altered to reflect the Sacred Heart.

The following seven pairings of fourteen blog posts create sacred geometric patterns within the soul’s awareness, manifesting the soul’s eternal ascension. The truth-filled understanding in the words below elevates the soul’s awareness into higher frequencies of Light so that it projects crystalline structures of Truth’s Perfection into time. Through this harmonic alignment, the soul’s comprehensive bodily awareness (including the etheric, astral, causal and physical) transitions into the Dimension of Oneness. Truth’s perfect words, flowing through the soul, manifest a truth-filled awareness that projects Spherical Time upon the canvas of reality, manifesting the Kingdom of Peace from within out.

These seven trumpets herald Divine Love’s energetic movement into time. They reflect mature, divine seeds of thought, that transpose time into the living mirror of the Sacred Heart, a fountain that brings forth True Life.

Crystals and other gemstones, with their stabilizing crystalline structure, support our advancement into enlightenment. For those so inclined, I’ve included the supporting crystals to each pair.

🌺 Trumpet One 🌺

(Larimar, Morganite, Tanzanite)

Herald of the Trumpet

Divine Love Meditation

🌺 Trumpet Two 🌺

(Elestial Amethyst)

The Kingdom of Peace

The Purity of Oneness

🌺 Trumpet Three 🌺

(White Quartz Crystal, Green Tourmaline, Lemuiran Seed Crystal)

Enlightened Body

Language of Oneness

🌺 Trumpet Four🌺

(Red Tiger’s Eye, Green Fluorite, Kammererite)

Resurrection Morning

Victory of the Living Word

🌺 Trumpet Five 🌺

(Moldavite, Serpentine)

Resting Into Oneness

Sanctuary of the Divine

🌺 Trumpet Six 🌺

(Elestial Smoky Quartz, Moss Agate, Seraphinite)

Your Divine Name

Ascension Power

🌺 Trumpet Seven 🌺

(Orange Calcite, Clear Quartz Cluster, Anandalite, Herkimer Diamond)

Retired Royalty

Divine Harmony in Motion