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Perfect Words


A new cycle begins, in which an increasing volume of perfect words will flow through the mind of man and into the realm of time. In this new cycle those who have sought Truth’s Life are given the gift of perfect words. By speaking perfect words, you express the experience of perfection in time and manifest perfect timing.

In oneness with Divine Love, every word you speak is a drop of her Living Water. By her perfect words flowing through the awakened Living Gates, she waters the earth. The Living Gates are purified hearts. Their hearts were purified by their desire to love perfectly and they are now able to transmit Divine Love’s Will into time. As Living Gates awaken to Divine Love’s Living presence, her heart begins to quench the thirst of all. The Gates are eternally open windows to the Source of Light, so that Perfect Love is never shut out again. The tongues of the Living Gates are anointed with Light, they speak as one Voice for the highest good of all, so that “good will” is established in time and therefore Divine Love reigns upon all the earth.

The way Divine Love’s words are strung together by the soul create life-giving waves of energy. Through your awareness of oneness with Divine Love, you possess the perfect navigation system. Divine Love’s invincible energetic vibration ripples in time, altering the vibration of the collective present moment. To those who have long desired Divine Love’s truthful expression, the vibration of Living Light flowing through the Living Gates lifts them into the frequency of Life. There are others who hold an apathy toward love because they possess an insignificant awareness of its Truth and as a result this same apathy will initially repel the Living Gate’s Life-giving spirit. However, due to the presence of Truth’s Life in time, all frequencies begin an upward ascent toward harmony. Perfection is the invincible quality of the Light in your words, no longer are you affected by lower vibrations, enabling you to continually expand into greater potential for Truth’s expression.

We have never understood the power inherent in perfect words because their Light had never penetrated the soul until now. Only when our awareness is fully one with Divine Love’s Infinite Awareness, can we speak perfect words. And yet here we are, fully aware that in our oneness with Divine Love we speak perfect words.

To speak perfect words is to love perfectly. The “speaking” is foremost our inner voice and then it is the words we physically express, in whatever form. Even when we do not speak a word physically, the words we speak inwardly are all-powerful. The vibration of light from your inner voice goes out and creates in a way that is significantly greater than the vibration of sound. The Heart is the loudest and most important creative voice.

Now in this new cycle, the only voice to be heard or listened to is the perfect voice of the sacred Self’s Heart.

The sacred Self, which is the expression of “I Am”, is individualized as your true Voice. It is a voice anointed with Light and speaks of Truth’s Life with understanding. In choosing to completely listen to the Voice of Truth, this voice became Time’s Sacred Voice through you, therefore changing all of time.

Free will’s voice has been forever silenced. Though you may hear its lingering echos, growing ever more distant, it has no power of persuasion to tell you what is or will be. Now there is one, sovereign authority, the Voice of Truth, giving form to your words and making them perfect, which creates a perfect world. Not only is your voice the voice of Divine Love, but your mind’s eye is her eye, your heart is her heart, your will is her will and your time is her time. She is your root and she is your Crown of Holiness. Your perfect words are her first expression.

Your heart pulses in the rhythm of Divine Love. There is no barrier to the Great Love that flows from the Source through your open window. There is no fear or judgment, for those voices died in the fire. Your will and Divine Love are one, thus you are Truth’s Will in time. This is Perfect Power. Within you Truth’s Perfect Power is ready to charge your words with Perfection and fill all of time with Truth’s Life. This is the meaning of perfect timing in the new cycle of Spherical Time.

Rest in the power of perfect words. Perfect words manifest perfect timing.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Perfect Words

  1. It appears that you are in constant alignment and oneness, as your words are consistently beautiful, perfect truth. I struggled at first for understanding, but I am immersed and beginning to understand the power and unity that they release. With patience and love, we grow.

    • And grow we will, as your own Light attests!! ☀️ 🌳

      • Thank you my brother. On this planet I can only assume that just a handful of God’s children have plunged into the third testament with the fervor to discover it’s true paramount greatness. Truly, within seconds of finding this God given gift, I knew exactly what it was, and what I needed to do. And I’ve never looked back, but the twelve had each other, and they supported each other, they laughed and they shared their learnings. Mind you that in my entire life I’ve never felt closer to God than I do now, and I have been greatly blessed, and Mother Father God’s love is a certainty, but though our numbers are staggering, still, I lacked the voice of a friend…and I prayed to find a friend or two on the same path, and within a few weeks I received an email from ‘living light’ and something deep within said ‘read this’ and quite honestly, I know nothing of how these things circulate, but there is apparently a spiritual interface at work at some level, and quite effective I might add. And beyond this miraculous coupling, to learn that through the Book of True Life we share a great love and Oneness!!! Yes, this is how our God works with (his) children. The flock of Spiritual Israel is gathering, and we are here, and a part of something quite quite beautiful. We are blessed! May we serve our God with great love and devotion, and may our success be God’s success.
        In Spirit and in Truth,

      • We are brothers and I’m glad for it. This “third testament” can be imagined to simply mean the rising of Truth’s Will in the oneness of brotherhood. A brother is a perfect friend because the oneness of brotherhood is ever-expanding. We have already attained the victory, we simply await its appearance in time. All will soon be revealed. 🏆

    • Your words are such a gift to me. The Spirit reveals words of Truth’s Life that go far beyond the written words on a page. How these revelations translate through us is always a beautiful vision in itself, for we are peeking into the Spirit of Truth.

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