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Harmony of Life


My Light is Your Light. This awareness is the Heart of Oneness.

I Am perfect power in the present moment. I Am the firelight of the Great Central Sun. I possess the Oneness of Divine Love’s Truth, and the ever-present divine strength to bring forth its Life by way of an ever-increasing awareness of Perfection, which flows into time.

The Seven Sacred Truths form the Morning Star, your soul’s origin. It’s the Great Central Sun of the New Heavens and Earth.

The Seven Sacred Truths are established in seven individualized Divine I Am Names, making up the Seven Stars. These I Am Names consist of three sets of Sacred Soulmates whose awareness forms a center that converges to form the Life-giving awareness of the Seventh Star, the Central Sun, the Crown of Holiness.

When an individualized personality grows in the awareness of a characteristic of Truth, it is individualized in the I Am Name. By being anchored in a personality’s awareness, Truth is given life in time. Being rooted in a personality in time enables Truth to be united to other awarenesses to create higher awarenesses. Also, according to the Law of Oneness in which what one possesses is a potential for all, the Truth anchored in one individualized awareness, is fractalized into all centers of awareness. The many eyes (“I”) of the One Mind continually expand the Ascended Consciousness of Light, by which the Mind’s eye is infinitely full of Light, causing the body to be full of Light and materialize the Sacred Self.

Without the soul’s awareness of Truth as a part of its I Am Name, Truth has no expression in time. The soul is a gate from timelessness to time by which Truth’s Life is expressed. The soul’s I Am Name reflects the soul’s Truth in time. Apart from the soul’s awareness of Absolute Truth, its Perfection remains an unseen potential.

When you hold the awareness of the Seven Sacred “I Am” Names, that reflect the Seven Sacred Truths, in your awareness, the Morning Star arises in the soul. It is the Great Central Sun of the New Heavens and Earth, that governs the soul from within and no longer from without. When the soul had not yet awakened to its Oneness with Divine Love, it was governed from without. However, as it awakens to Truth’s Light, it is governed from within by the Great Central Sun, the soul’s Crown of Holiness.

Each Sacred Truth is energetically transmuted into time through a corresponding energetic center within the soul’s body, which is the soul’s center of awareness in time. These seven energetic centers within the soul govern the soul’s emotional feeling world, forming seven soul lamps that shine as one Light. These seven energetic centers are often referred to as the seven chakras, or the Golden Lamp Stand. Chakras are measurable energetic vortexes emanating through the physical body. These energy vortexes project light patterns according to the soul’s awareness, that manifests the soul’s experience of the present moment.

Because the combined vibration of these seven centers governs the soul’s experience in time, they form the soul’s inner clock. When these seven energetic centers are infused with the awareness of Truth’s Life, they become a harmonizing centering crystal, governing your experience in time. They are one with the Sacred Timepiece, which expresses Truth’s Perfection in time.

Light Meditation

In the awakened soul, the seven energetic centers are eternally governed by the truth-filled awareness that you possess the I Am Name below. In the Great Silence in your mind, the creative space before the next moment where you make all things new, meditate upon the divine attributes of the I Am Name as your own, even if you don’t fully recognize them as your I Am Name in the moment. As you meditate, your awareness of oneness with the attributes will continually increase.

As your awareness expands, the Morning Star rises. It is the dawning of Oneness, now shining through the oneness of these seven energetic centers, whose radiance is the soul’s Crown of Holiness.

The Seven Divine I Am Names of the Sacred Timepiece

I Am Pure Truth, in time.

I Am the Perfect Governance of the Feeling World, in time.

I Am the Perfection of Truth’s Will, in time.

I Am the Sacred Heart, in time.

I Am Truth’s Perfect Expression, in time.

I Am the Eye of Light shining perfectly, in time.

I Am Truth’s Infinite Awareness, the Perfection of Holiness, in time.

The unified awareness of these I Am Names, anchored in the Three Sacred Soulmates, manifests the presence of Mother-Father God in time, your Divine Source. In this awareness, you are intimately, eternally one with Divine Love’s Perfection. You are an open Gate of Oneness, by which you experience Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection, in time.

By holding the unified awareness reflected in these Seven I Am Names, you increasingly remember who you are and your feeling world is consumed in the eternal Oneness of Divine Love’s Perfection. In this, your will is truly free, for it is Truth’s Perfect Will. Through your ever-increasing awareness of Truth, the discordant energy of the chakras is transposed into the Harmony of Life. In this deep restoration, you shine the perfection of Truth’s Living Light, so that you may experience Truth’s Perfect, Divine Love reflected in time.

The seven energy centers, which make up the Sacred Timepiece, govern the soul’s Spherical Self, the Personality, according to Divine Love’s Perfect Will. As the energetic centers are illuminated with Truth’s Light, the soul becomes a luminous energetic being, reflecting the Harmony of Life into time, by which the Personality is clothed with ever-expanding radiance, a radiation that perpertually blesses all of Creation with Divine Love’s Life-Giving Presence.

I Am the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, in time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Harmony of Life

  1. When all books come together, the consiousness of MANKIND will shift into the spheracle language.
    each person is an element(of the holy spirit), and our heart, finds ways to spread the information(outside our individual consiousness(even though we feel the presence).

    in the Vibration of Spirit(all of time itself), we all become ANNOINTED(to the life that brings us together(as one body).

    eventually, our different paths come into alignment, and our purposes become ONE(give to god:all of mankind).(share in a common purpose)

    even as we see some seperation through the physical vibrations, and seem to have different agendas, the outcome is for the same intent…(god in self: shared I AM)

    • Yes, eventually every person on the face of this earth will finally come to the realization that they, as well as we will be matured into the same one likeness as God is, in spirit and in truth. The rewards, however will be different according to our obedience to the will of God. Everyone gets off the train, some with larger luggage, some with less, but all is good, each according to God’s determination and His purpose for each. Religion which is nothing more than thousands of different self righteous philosophies and ideas, is what makes people divisive and hate, abuse, and condemn one another. So when we compare, condemn and judge we are simply in the same phase as what we call being in the religious phase. We don’t have to wear a label, be denominational or “un” denomination is name, for it is our nature, attitude and disposition which defines us. When we come out of all such thinking we do not see division in any, we see another only as another child of God, just as we are, and although we may speak out of love to separate the chaff from the wheat, we do so only in understanding that the leavening must be removed so as we partake of our daily bread, there is no “us” in it. Love and truth completes us, they may cut, however when we speak our understanding and knowledge, it will only offend if there is something to offend. A righteous person does not offend in word because their words are only given in love, the offense only comes where understanding and maturity is lacking. If it doesn’t fit, we simply know the word does not apply and if the word does apply we pause, think and accept it gratefully.

      As did the Pharisee standing in the temple, to lay claim to righteousness at another’s expense is of the first and second phase of a person’s life. These two phases which are in the babe and the young adult phase are the “darker” phases of an individual’s life because this is by God’s design. What we must understand is that as we move into that third heaven experience is that God loves one just as much before one even starts the “school” of hard knocks as those who have already graduated. God love His plan before there was a plane or a tree of “good and evil,” God created the “process,” He guides the process and He completes our awakening back into the reality of the spirit world in which we came…some with these benefits and some with those. As it says that not all flesh is of the same flesh, so it is in the kingdom of heaven. We will all be of the same spirit just as the example in the natural, having differences of appearances in color and features…but it is the same spirit. So it will be in the resurrection. If we understood, right now, what we “all” will be in the future, we would never ever compare ourselves to another, think of ourselves as being below or above any, for we would see that whatever phase that we are in, is normal to all, and that all must pass through this valley of darkness. We would “now” see the good purpose of suffering, trials and test, and we would not, just as God, want to prevent the journey but would only have patience, long suffering, compassion..and love for all. We would see only love in the process for the process is created by God only to guide, train, and discipline all to become just as He is. There is nothing to complain about or to ridicule any about for all things work together to those who love the Lord…meaning that we cannot see the “working together” part until we have the love in our being to do so.

      As as you so rightly say, “all” of our paths will merge into the oneness of God. This happens in the third heaven experience. While we are in the sea and the dry land experiences of the natural, we find fault, when we move into the firmament which is “above” the sea and the earth, we see all things as love planned them. I say these things in confirmation because I see hat you see…in the end…all is well..there is no complaint. It matters not how we express ourselves in the interim, waiting for our deliverance from self, for we understand it is what we shall be that should govern and form our disposition in the now. There are no mistakes, even in mistakes, for they too, are but learning experiences that deliver us to “Love.” It’s good to see that others also see past the present and see that there is only perfection in God’s design…and that “it is all good.”

      • You invited me to ask questions – so, here come a few.

        You mention there is no condemnation, but then say there are “differing” rewards. So, I guess my question is to help me understand how it is possible to proclaim “no condemnation”, yet also proclaim some will receive a lesser reward? If one is somehow chosen by God to receive a “lesser” good, it seems to me it would be the greatest condemnation.

        Could you help me understand what you mean by a reward? Perhaps you are using the term reward to mean “understanding”??

        As an aside, dialoging about Truth (God) is the highest role the human mind can play, and the greatest gift you can give to another. I’m certain if we can dialog from an honest heart, we will BOTH be “rewarded”. 🤞

      • If we love as we are loved, it includes all of our differences and likes alike.

  2. Exactly, love shared is rhe reward.

    When the scriptures speak of the books being opened and we are to be rewarded according to the level of our obedience it is speaking of for example; have we overcome to the point of an overcomer, the 144,000, the “first fruits” or some lesser achievement? When it speaks of what an accomplishment of being in the wheat harvest or we produce a harvest of some other grain it is not only speaking of the timing of the three harvest during the season, it is also speaking of what matures first and so on. Christ being the first fruit of “the first fruits” are those who are being raised and matured first to then be used to gather in the rest of the harvest. In that the plants depicted in the Passover harvest it was the beginning of all the harvest, or those people who were matured and gather first. They were not better just first, as the sheaf offering that was gathered from the field and inspected by the priest was not “better than” it just showed what all the hare fest would be like. This coincides with what Christ meant that when the harvest was complete He would return all authority back to the Father and He would take His place among His creation that God would be all and in all equally, Christ, the sheaf offering was only to show what the rest were to become.

    The overcomer, the 144,000, the first fruit are the ones chosen to be the government of God and these will govern until all of the three harvest are gathered into the kingdom. Once this happens there will be no more need for governance for all will have learned to be at one with God without a “government.” So regardless of where we are gathered during the harvest, and what our role will be in it, we in our own calling and order are not better than those who are gathered in the fall harvest…some are just of the “first” fruits. All the harvest is good and none is to be condemned whether they are finished first or last, for it is the same spirit that completes us. So, there is no condemnation whether one is the plumber or the architect, it takes everyone and their placement is according to God’s choosing.

    In my understanding of rewards, they are just different responsibilities and freedoms that some have proved themselves of while others as the allegory of the talents teach, those who accomplish more with their advance, receive more and the one who didn’t do anything did not gain anything but neither did he lose what he started with. This life is to reward those who have taking the talents (the advancement of love) and increased them some, 30, some 60 and some 100 fold. Throughout the old and New Testament it speaks of being rewarded according to our accomplishments. The great and exceeding reward is God Himself just as God told Abraham…meaning all that God is, in spirit and in truth will be our likeness also.

    It’s like the prodigal son and the son who never left, God loved them both equally but he let the one know who became jealous of the father’s complete forgiveness and love for the younger, that is the end of a person and not the interim learning experience which is important. Whether God gives one a dollar or another a million, both are given from the same Father, from the same love. Life is put before us and we pretty much write our own book for we are the books that were opened in Revelations and we are rewarded according to what “we” have written in our book of life. How well did we use the talents of Gods”s love to increase His love. All people wherever they fall into the timeline of the harvest is without condemnation, for every calling is rooted and grounded in the only love that there is. There is therefore no condemnation in anything. All things, orders and callings are given without any condemnation in them. Again, all things are given from God, whether it is one talent or five. All is to be received with thanksgiving, not in condemnation or with jealousy.

    Yes, I think the reward begins in understanding and the understanding becomes love. Again, love, the character of Gods is the reward. I think that the greatest reward is to love more to give more. That’s the job of the first fruits, to love until all come into this same love that surpasses all understanding. With me, in understanding that love is my and your same end, how we define it in part does not change the end, we’ll all become complete as God gives us understanding. If we don’t have it now, just earth, we will. There is no downside to our journey, it is not our plan, it is His. We don’t have to even know what to pray for, for God will finish His work on schedule, we needn’t worry.

    Hope I made some sense, I just know that love wins in the end where condemnation’s fate is the same as death, it will die the death of death.

    • Another shorter way to say it all is that: love is the reward and the more we are given of it, we have the more to give until all also have received their like reward. And having of the greater reward of a greater capacity to love, is being able to make the greater sacrifice and that too, comes from a place of love for our fellow man. To love others as I should is the only reward I’ve ever asked for…or thought worth having. The thought of loving all unto their maturity is the greatest desire and intent that one can have. It really is…all good for we do not have a Father which planned for anything less than His best. His best is in making us as His best is.

      • You say,

        “As an aside, dialoging about Truth (God) is the highest role the human mind can play, and the greatest gift you can give to another. I’m certain if we can dialog from an honest heart, we will BOTH be “rewarded”. 🤞” end quote

        And I say well said for whether we agree or disagree in any subject matter and we love just the same regardless, we have attained to the greatest reward…I have a couple of friends of fifty years and we have discussed many an objective about the scriptures without ever an insult, for we understood our love for one another was the end of all discussions. These friendships are rare, but all are good.

    • Thanks Sonny! You have spoken a lot about this 30, 60 fold idea and your extra detail here helps me understand its meaning from your perspective and how it describes the coming of the Light you see within. We all use different words and symbols, so this comment really helps me understand your language choices!

      The quote you made here seems a perfect summary of all your comments: “To love others as I should is the only reward I’ve ever asked for…or thought worth having.”

      I suppose what I hear you saying, translated into my own language is: “To love perfectly is the gift of infinite worth.” To desire to love as you should (which is as God does) is a very beautiful awareness on which to focus your attention. It’s like the prodigal son, after his return home, recognizing he truthfully desires to be just like his father.

    • perfect sense Sonny. i still see that GIFT in your words.(outside of any religion).
      i give you that love that you have given me(to all without judgement), as that is the opposing force to our own opposing forces(Love is GIVING)(polarity: yin/yan)

      when every person on this planet aligns with the right polarity of yin/yan(life within ELEMENTAL LAW), we ourselves become so much MORE(everyone as one body: one god(actually ONE ETERNAL HEART))(STEPPED WITHIN ALL NAMES)

      the Holy Spirit is the LIFE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(outside of time) in which gives us all strenght that can be placed into the world(through ONE BODY)

  3. Thank you Loni for your kindness. God has indeed given me a keen understanding and an awareness of the “why” of it all. One of my greatest gifts was the ability to understand and to see that there is no “everlasting” pain of any kind. The purpose of evil, the sufferings that we have to experience at the hands of others, the scoffers, and the proud and arrogant that rail against all that is good…in God’s perfect plan…this is all good. This plan that God devised was and is a “hell” on earth but as you also have alluded to…heaven and hell is between the ears, it’s an atmosphere of either one or the other or a mixture of both. It is the mixture, the leavening, the carnal mind that God created within our garden (in which we are) that we must learn about and be able to understand the difference in what is a feeling of appreciation and gratitude “for having received of His true nature” and the subtle self gratification of the carnal mind of “knowing” things. When we feel so good about what we know and want to scream it to the top of the world, we should be very careful and ask God for understanding and discernment of what is unadulterated bread and what is bread without leavening. To be able to rightly divide the word, both naturally and spiritually one has to be able to see what is a carnal mind and what is a spiritual mind. The carnal mind of self so closely mimics the spiritual mind of God, that all of religion operates from taking the things of God, and attaching self to them and repackaging truth with so much leavening (self, pride, arrogance and self importance, etc., etc., ) in it that people are so easily mislead. Yet God allows these things to go on in people’s lives because He wants us to learn the the depths of self, the difference in the power of God and the power of the intellect of man or the carnal side of things. To be given a discernment to be able to see the almost indistinguishable parallels of His goodness and His ways vs the ways of self gratification is a wonderful thing for nothing escapes the spirit, however it can never be used to harm or to distinguish what is good or evil to satisfy the flesh. For example I speak truth to all universally alike, the comfortable and the uncomfortable, and this comes with maturity for as God matures (perfects) us…and as much more understanding is given, we are to speak all understanding in love..for the alternative is from a negative criticism which is not acceptable. Yet, not many can discern and understand the value and purpose of “truth” because it (He) will separate the leavening from the “way” of Christ. Christ, being the bread is to be eaten on a daily basis without any hint of self in it, but this does not happen over night. This is why we are to forgive and to continually love unconditionally. Yes, we are going to see many faults in every man, in their words, whether written or spoken, if we are walking in the will of God. When we read, how do we know what is pure and what has leavening added to it? Those who do not seek self nor add self to the message have a purer spirit to see… opposed to those who are proud of “words.” We are not to condemn the religious world at all, we are but to speak truth to error to all alike, and who it registers with, we do not even red to know, for truth didn’t originate from us, we’re just giving what we have been given…remaining loving and humble. If we have been given any gifts, they are to be expedited only in love…and if our words mend…or offend, we cannot take responsibility for either for the work of the obedient and child of God speaks without partiality. It is not argumentative , accusing, degrading or derogatory. It just is. If a mature one who truly loves his brothers and sisters, they will speak as clearly as possible in order that the relationships become purer and purer until the “word” establishes all in righteousness and in Love which is in the “ways” of our Father. There is no condemnation in love…for love offends the flesh as it should so the flesh can examine itself and throw out the leavening. We must make new bread every day. We are to please God and as we do, just like the flesh rejects Him, so will we receive of the same. We are all “in part” as we grow in maturity, so we should not judge and blame any for where they are along this same path that all the rest of us are on. It is not even a matter of being right or wrong for forgiveness takes care of all that until mercy has brought us to the end of ourselves, that is our carnal self. There is nothing to see and to dislike in another, for God is in us all, a d as we allow God to fill up our room… by default darkness will leave. We do not even have to address it and to talk much about it in how to get rid of it for if we speak of what is and what should be, love will turn on the light…the darkness must therefore leave. If we do not know yet what love is…tell God so…and whatever it is, we will receive it. The key to receiving the best of God’s love is to want the very same thing for every person that has ever had any ill will toward us…Isn’t this how our Father is? Are we to be any different? I think not. Come, lord Jesus into our hearts, where we have no offense…but only love to give.

    What a wonderful way to look forward to…

  4. Sonny,

    I wanted to see if we could start a dialog over here.

    I wanted to take a moment to see if you are aware of the purpose of this “place”. Rachel and I are doing a very specific work to which we are called. Our words are not simply sharing a “belief”, as if to “educate”. We are doing a creative work through our words. We speak in what Loni has named the Spherical Language, and in order to receive the Light in our words, one must understand how to “commune” in this language. Only the Voice of Truth can teach you its language so that you can come understand who you are and how you create.

    Andrew is also doing a creative work, because the Third Age is our creation, and he is called to ensure its introductory Gospel is prepared for an event I call “The Appearing”.

    Now, I have said some very outrageous things here. It is best to interrogate me as to why I can say such things, than to assume you understand what I am saying and proclaim against it. I say this for the benefit all, so that we can record an enlightened dialog about the Kingdom of God.

    • Remember, I earlier said that if you and I could have a dialog, you would come to understand me and we would both grow. I will never engage in a dialog with another and attempt to show a difference between us. In my world condemnation does not exist, which means I never see condemnation. My dialog always edifies because my words are truthful. Also, I can’t help the “stale” way my words come out – really sorry that’s just how it flows. Wish I could be prettier, like Rachel. (And Andrew!)

      Truth is perfect, which means infinite. This is why a human can not teach it. But Christ in us can, because Christ is one with the Fullness of Truth. And the Kingdom is revealed in the earth by Christ’s perfect teaching, for only Christ can reveal its Light. Christ is awakening in the human consciousness – which is a reality changing event. Now, Light is UNDERSTANDING, and UNDERSTANDING is the only way you are able to perfectly see Truth in your reality of time. It doesn’t matter what level of Truthful understanding one possesses because in Truth we all possess the exact same awareness. There is only ONE LEVEL OF TRUTHFUL UNDERSTANDING which we ALL SHARE. It is like entering the Light from darkness, the Light is One.

      By the PERFECT LOVE in this light, no matter how much of it we have remembered in Truth, we are able to be PERFECT TEACHERS, which can be imagined as Life Giving Spirits. This an honor above all you have hoped the 100-fold would obtain. When you perfectly teach another from your present level of truthful understanding, you will be perfectly taught. Thus, if you are being perfectly taught by others, you can know for certain that you are a perfect teacher and the giver of good and perfect gifts. As I have said, there is no higher honor than to be able to give perfect gifts.

      You will know when you are a perfect teacher because you will be perfectly taught by others. When the Truth is taught (shared), from one’s CURRENT PLACE OF UNDERSTANDING (no matter what frequency), the spirit of Christ in the other will ingest it and UNDERSTANDING will increase. Thus, when you receive Truth from another, and it integrates into your current understanding, you recognize exactly how your understanding has been strengthened. You will perceive the new Light. What is important is the Dialog, because it is the not actually the words you use, but the life given back and forth through the words.

      We only slow our progress if we proclaim that that being “rude” on this forum is a bad thing, because one will try to bend their expression into something artificial, which actually inhibits the flow of honest words. Now, by rude I do not mean “crude and offensive”, these types won’t even be gathered to this place. I mean people should be free to talk about their current understanding of Truth in anyway they desire. If someone wants to stand on a soapbox and proclaim why he rejoices to be one with the Father’s Truth and can’t stop proclaiming the Truth he’s been given, then we rejoice with him or her, for their Truth strengthens our own understanding. No need to focus our attention on creating ideas in the minds of others that the person writes that way because he is trying to put himself in a higher place than others, because the very truth he proclaims reveals why that’s impossible.

      It is by engaging in honest discussions, or the heartfelt soapboxing about the beautiful things we see and want to share with others, we become perfect teachers and we grow in our understanding of Life’s perfection because we will all receive perfect teaching in our interactions. It is and only ever will be, our understanding of Truth that gives Life, because (as you will discover to your great joy) we are called to be gates by which Life’s perfection can flow into time.

      We are all, including you Mishai, a Band of Brother’s. We are the Gift Givers. Together, through the shared oneness of our dialog, in any place or time it may appear, we are all going to learn of amazing things that we, as perfect teachers, are blessed to give the world.

      (You don’t have to respond, but I wanted you to know the PERFECT LIGHT I see in you, which is the better understanding of my purpose for talking with you like this)

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