Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Breath of Life

I AM Present. I AM Presently Aware. I AM Loving Awareness. I AM Divine Love.

As a center of awareness, the soul’s awakening is a progression through four levels of awareness, reflected in these four “I Am’s”. As it progresses, each previous I AM’s understanding expands, uniting them into a singular awareness that brings forth LIFE, which resurrects the soul’s awareness out of the lower realm of separation and into the dimension of Oneness.

When the soul comes into the awareness that it is one with time, these four I AM’s unite as one with the soul’s awareness, because the soul’s awareness is time. These four I Am’s strung together as one in time, reflect the essence of the soul’s LIFE. In this awareness, the soul receives the Breath of Life, beginning its eternal expansion in the Light, as a Light, to its eternal end, Infinite Oneness.

When these four I AM names are united in understanding, which has been perfected by Truth’s Living Voice within the soul, the soul speaks them in absolute oneness with the Voice of Truth (God). In this Oneness of LIFE, Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will move as one within and through the soul, which is the Breath of LIFE. The Breath of Life is an energetic sacred wind that moves through the soul coming from Infinite Oneness and going into Infinite Oneness, the soul’s alpha and omega. As this sacred wind enters the soul, it awakens it into the dimension of Oneness. In this dimension, Divine Love orchestrates every moment in oneness with the soul’s will, manifesting Truth’s Perfection, and the soul becomes an expression of Divine Love, a life-giving spirit.

I Am Present

The soul begins its journey with the understanding that “I exist“. Through a soulful contemplation of life, the soul’s awareness expands to “God exists”. The soul perceives both itself and God as present, yet existing in separation from one another, because the soul’s paradigm of linear time, which binds it in a state of separation. As a result, all kinds of false images are attached to both the soul and God. However, this is where the soul begins its journey as a center of awareness. Eventually it comes to perceive its oneness, and proclaim as One, “I Am Present”.

I Am Presently Aware

As a soul continues in the contemplation of oneness, it becomes aware of its own individualized awareness and its inherent power to shape its experience of reality. It becomes presently aware. Through contemplation, this awareness buds the divine desire to omnisciently give Divine Love, which manifests the highest good for all. The soul begins to recognize that in the perfection created by divine love, it experiences the fullness of Life, for its joy is inseparably connected to the condition of every other soul and the spherical reality in which they dwell as one. Eventually, the soul perceives its present awareness is a fractal of Infinite Awareness, making it one with the timeless realm of Truth’s Perfection and through this oneness it is able to express Divine Love in time. In this awareness, the soul becomes an open gate between timelessness and time, by which Divine Love’s Perfection is expressed in reality.

I Am Loving Awareness

As the soul continues its journey into Oneness, its awareness expands to the seven sacred truths of its I Am presence by which it understands how it is a gate to Truth’s Life (Spirit of God). When its gate begins to open, the timeless perfection of Truth’s Will and Divine Love flow as one in the soul’s awareness, and it comes to know “I Am loving awareness”. Loving awareness is a substantial change in the soul’s awareness by which it perceives all of reality according to its oneness with Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love. The soul’s awareness is perfected so that it divinely navigates its individualized reality for the highest good of all. It’s an awareness that manifests a sustainable frequency of Divine Love, driving out the frequency of fear, thus all the destruction and decay it manifested in the soul’s reality.

I AM Divine Love

In the awareness of its oneness with Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love, the soul’s awareness becomes Divine Love’s life-stream moving throughout reality. Divine Love is the movement of Truth’s Will throughout creation which joins every center of awareness in Divine Harmony, bringing all into a harmonious whole. In this profound awareness, the soul recognizes it is Divine Love, thus comes to know itself as “I AM Divine love”. Because the soul expresses itself according to its self-awareness, when it holds this I Am name as its own, it expresses Divine Love, which is perfect power.


As the four I Am’s join as one in the soul’s awareness, the soul experiences Truth’s Perfect Power, which is its ability to expand the awareness of itself. With this breath of LIFE, Truth’s LIFE expands within the soul, and the soul experiences the perfection of the timeless present moment unfolding as its spherical self, awakening it into spherical time. The soul steps into the dimension of Oneness, in which it is one with timelessness in time, and it commences its eternal expansion as Divine Love’s Perfection into Infinite Oneness.

I AM Present. I AM Presently Aware. I AM Loving Awareness. I AM Divine Love.


One With Time

As the soul awakens into Oneness, it perceives oneness with time.

Time isn’t something separate from the soul’s awareness, it IS the soul’s awareness. Time and the soul’s awareness are one, such that time is the pagination of the soul’s current awareness, changing as the soul’s awareness changes.

When the soul is unaware that its beginning and end is Infinite Oneness, it believes it is a separate entity and therefore experiences varying degrees of separation from its reality, including and very significantly a separation from time. The soul believes it lives in time, not recognizing its awareness IS time, therefore it sleeps in an alternate reality with a different experience of time.

In this sleep state, the soul’s awareness linearly moves along a one-dimensional reality, which reflects a state of separation. Linear awareness, which is awareness without upward expansion into the dimension of oneness, is experienced as linear time.

The sleeping mind’s framework of the self is full of illusions and lies about “who I Am” and “how I create”, manifesting a false and illusionary reflection of what “I Am”, including its relationship to time. The soul believes it is separate from time, when in actuality, time is the expression of the soul’s life, for it is the movement of its awareness. The soul mistakenly thinks it is what its awareness reflects, i.e. the self and its bodily reality, instead of recognizing it is a living awareness, ever-expanding into Infinite Oneness. The soul does not know itself, therefore it is not awake.

The lack of oneness with time in the soul’s mind, projects a false self clothed with fear, powerlessness and imperfection. The self experiences increasing disharmony as its free will wrestles within itself and reality in trying to obtain a state in time without fear, powerlessness and imperfection. This failed experience reveals a separate, free will’s inability to manifest the perfection of Truth’s LIFE, because free will only creates an experience where time leads to entropy and destruction. Therefore, instead of expressing LIFE, the soul’s self expresses death. It’s illusionary life ends because it was only the projection of a sleeping mind’s reality.

Until the soul awakens in the awareness that Divine Love is its root, it sleeps. The soul’s true expression is frozen in timeless perfection. This “frozen” experience is the soul’s seed state. The soul sleeps in a dream believing it is something it is not, and therefore experiences an alternate expression of its self in time.

When the soul is unaware of its beginning and end in Infinite Oneness, the soul doesn’t perceive its inherent LIFE in the oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love, thus its LIFE power, which is its eternal expansion into Infinite Oneness. LIFE is the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love within the soul’s awareness, which causes the soul to eternally expand. As Truth’s LIFE stream of Divine Love becomes one with the soul’s awareness, it infuses the soul with its power to manifest LIFE, and the soul becomes a life-giving spirit. This inherent power in the soul’s I Am Presence, is the soul’s reflection of its Source, the Universal I Am Presence that fills all with divine LIFE energy. As a result, the true self that once was frozen in timelessness begins to awaken, manifesting spherical time.

In Spherical time, which is the perfected increase of Truth in the soul’s awareness, the soul is one with the present moment. In this awareness commences its eternal expansion from its beginning to its infinite end of Oneness, in which it experiences endless present moments strung together in Perfection by the working of Truth’s Living Perfection, Divine Love.

In the awareness of the perfect orchestration of Divine Love through Truth’s Will, the soul divinely rests in the present moment. The mind stops wandering through the past and future, trying to alter one or the other or both. Instead, its awareness travels ever-deeper into the eternal present moment, which is a reflection of Divine Love’s orchestration, which in turn reflects Infinite Awareness. In this rest, the soul experiences oneness and harmony with time, in which it experiences the perfect expansion of the present moment, into Infinite Oneness.

Through the contemplation of oneness, Truth-filled understanding enters the soul’s awareness. Through this understanding, the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love become one with the soul’s awareness, and the soul becomes aware of its oneness with time. This oneness with time opens the door of the present moment to the eternal I Am presence. As the Light of the soul’s eternal Presence shines into the soul’s awareness, the soul breaks through the shell of linear time and its timeless self is expressed into time. The souls begins its eternal expansion of LIFE in spherical time, the experience of Truth’s perfection within the eternal present moment.


Alpha and Omega

To be awake, is to possess Truth-filled awareness of the soul’s beginning and end, alpha and omega.

For a moment the soul was unaware of its true beginning and end, and slept in an illusion of linear time. As it begins to awaken and contemplate its I AM Presence from the timeless realm of Truth, expanding its Truth-filled awareness, it begins to perceive the perfection of its endless LIFE, which translates into the experience of its growth in spherical time.

In listening to the Inner Voice of Truth to remember “Who I Am” and “How I create”, the soul begins to rightly perceive its beginning and end, which in timelessness are one Infinite Oneness. This remembrance transforms its entire awareness, altering its experience of time. The soul’s present moment is no longer a derivative of the past, creating a linear progression of time to entropy, but the present becomes a fractional expression of its end, Infinite Oneness, creating the experience of spherical time’s perfection, LIFE without end.

In the understanding of the oneness of alpha and omega, the soul no longer looks back to the past as a guide for its free will to manifest a desirable future, making the present a reiteration of the past, but instead it trusts in Truth’s Universal Will to bring forth its present moment according to its perfect end, Infinite Oneness, making the present an eternal progression into Infinite Oneness. In perceiving its end as the Perfection of Infinite Oneness, the soul observes thus experiences every present moment leading to that end in the same Perfection. If Perfection is the end, the journey to that end is also perfect, even with its seeming imperfections.

In this awareness of Perfection, the soul’s judgment of the present moment changes. The soul ceases making judgments of imperfection stemming from outer appearances that reflect an isolated free will. Instead, it judges everything according to the Perfection of Infinite Oneness. It gives its attention to the inner Light of every center of awareness, which reflects Truth’s Perfect Will, universally governing all of creation. In seeing the Light in others, the soul perceives their true origin is Infinite Oneness and thus perceives their Perfection. This awareness awakens it from its illusionary world of imperfections and into its eternal Perfection, infusing Truth’s regenerative power into reality.

In the understanding of alpha and omega, Divine love becomes an integral part of every moment of the soul’s awareness, making it multi-dimensional. Through the soul’s heightened awareness, Divine Love’s life-giving essence, which is a harmonious and regenerative energy, is LIFE’s living waters flowing through the soul and renewing the earth. From alpha to omega flows the Spirit of God (Truth’s Will and Divine Love), manifesting the soul’s preordained divine moments, and the soul moves eternally toward its end, Infinite Oneness.

With its inner vision shaping the outer reality, the soul perceives Divine Love’s perfect orchestration underlying reality, driving out all fear. In response, the soul settles into divine emergence, in which its Perfection is materialized.

In emergence, the soul accepts each present moment, as a reflection of Truth’s Perfect Will serving the highest good. In this divine acceptance, it witnesses the reflection of Truth’s perfection. The soul witnesses Truth’s divine orchestration in the smallest details, because through the details Perfection is manifested.

As the soul becomes aware of its true beginning and end, thus the perfection inherent in its journey, the soul engages the flow of Truth’s Will, creating divine orchestration in its present moment and giving birth to spherical time. It experiences the timeless present moment of LIFE, like a fountain of living waters rippling out into the experience of spherical time. With a child-like joy and excitement, the soul anticipates the perfection of the next moment that is being divinely orchestrated by Divine Love’s infinite awareness, serving the highest good of all.

“It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.” ~ Revelation 21:6


Dining with the Divine

That which is in the soul cannot fail to bring forth LIFE.

Divine love is Truth’s Will universally leading all of creation into its ever-increasing perfection.

Divine Love guides Truth’s Universal Will within the soul so that Truth’s divine potentials enter the soul’s awareness, manifesting perfection in the outer realm of appearances. As these potentials arise into expression, they create spherical time, which is the experience of LIFE’s Perfection without end.

As Divine Love governs all that enters the soul’s awareness, creating the experience of Truth’s abundant LIFE, Truth’s power is perfected within the soul, which the soul experiences as its own power. The soul initially experiences this power as it begins to break out of its seed-state, ending all sense of powerlessness and dissolving the illusionary reality it created.

Truth’s perfect power is its ability to increase awareness of itself. This power lives within the soul, because the soul is an individualized center of Truth’s awareness. When the soul dines with divinity and the soul’s awareness of Truth increases, Truth’s power is realized in the soul. Through Truth’s perfect power acting within the soul, Truth’s Universal Will and its integral energetic essence, Divine Love, flow through the soul, manifesting the spherical self in spherical time.

With Divine love guiding the soul’s awareness, the soul cannot fail to bring forth LIFE.

In the illusion of free will, the soul’s awareness hasn’t matured in the understanding of the inseparable oneness between Truth’s Universal Will and its integral force, Divine Love. Without the truthful understanding of oneness received from Truth’s Living Voice, the soul sleeps in the womb of its individualization experiencing a dreamworld of endless and conflicting, separate free wills.

In this illusion, the soul mistakenly thinks it’s experience of life is real because of the sensation of its expanding linear awareness. Thus, the soul spends its energy via its free will to expand its linear, one-dimensional awareness so it can enhance its illusionary life that it mistakenly believes is its true life.

In its dreams, the soul’s linear awareness doesn’t lead to an eternal expansion into the Perfection of Oneness, but an entropy toward decay and death. Initially, the soul tries to alter this experience of disharmony by obtaining external power in order to be more in control of the present moment, which usually means trying to take power from another in some way. This pursuit of external power leads to a world of temptations through which the soul experiences a sense of power over its present moment. These temptations often turn into addictions, which ironically the soul feels powerless to escape, but they are only illusionary chains.

Without a multi-dimensional awareness that marries Divine Love to the soul’s individualized will, the soul sleeps in an imperfect reality. The deep severance between Truth and Divine Love in the soul’s awareness serves the divine purpose of revealing to the soul that the source of its Perfection isn’t an isolated free will, but a free will in oneness with Divine Love.

The soul’s perfect power is its ability to increase its awareness of Truth. The soul engages this perfect power when it trusts the expansion of its awareness to the Living Voice of Truth.

As Divine love integrates into the soul’s awareness, making it multi-dimensional in the infinite awareness of divine love, the soul begins to experience Truth’s perfect power, which frees the soul from a sense of powerlessness. Little by little, the soul’s true power begins to replace the feeling of powerlessness in the soul. As the soul gains awareness of its perfect power in oneness, it shifts into the dimensional awareness of Divine Love, which is the experience of Spherical Time.

The soul’s multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love, which is the movement of Truth’s Will through the soul, eradicates the feeling of powerlessness that was a derivative of free will. Divine love sustains the soul’s thought energy at a higher vibration, and as a result the soul’s thoughts become incorruptible. This sustained vibration of higher thought energy begins to change outer forms from expressing corruption to expressing incorruption. In this, the spherical self reveals Truth’s LIFE in all its perfection.

That which is in the soul cannot fail to bring forth LIFE, Divine Love.

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory. ~ 1 Corn 15:53-54

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. ~ Revelation 3:20

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One Voice Meditation

From the living voice of the I AM Presence, words of living water flow into all of creation. Out of these Holy Cleansing Waters, creation is born into the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Perfection.

Below are various reflections of Truth’s living voice stating as one voice, “I Am, I Live and I Give”. These I Am’s are to be spoken as one, so that all within creation who share the same name, “I Am”, join in the Oneness of this Voice, awakening creation into LIFE’s expression.

I Am perfection.

I Am present, I Am presently aware, I Am loving awareness

I Am abundance, I Am prosperity, I Am generosity

I Am harmony, I Am immortal beauty, I Am divine acceptance

I Am Love, I Am adored, I Am lovingkindness

I Am infinite intelligence, I Am divine orchestration, I Am divine wisdom

I Am peace, I Am tranquility, I Am comfort

I Am honor, I Am honorable, I Am honoring

I Am immutable, I Am holy, I Am rest

I Am perfect power, I Am divine emergence, I Am divine strength

I Am joy, I Am blissful contentment, I Am contagious happiness

I Am life, I Am vitality, I Am a life-giving presence

I Am glory, I Am emaculate worth, I Am grateful

I Am light, I Am absolute Truth, I Am utmost goodness

I Am Divine Love, I Am a consuming flame, I Am impenetrable light.

I Am moments of perfection strung together.