Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Perceiving Perfection

As the soul begins to ascend energetic dimensions by resting in the power and authority of Truth’s Universal Will, it perceives Perfection, which is the experience of Truth’s LIFE.

Inwardly perceiving Truth’s Perfection leads to experiencing its outer manifestation. What the mind is aware of it manifests and therefore the soul experiences. As the mind’s awareness of Truth’s Perfection increases, it is expressed as the ever-expanding spherical self.

The light to see Perfection in each moment, thus Truth’s LIFE, comes from the soul rightly seeing its beginning and end as Infinite Oneness and knowing all the moments in between are perfectly strung together by Truth’s Universal Will in spherical time. With this awareness, the soul awakens within the Fullness of Truth’s Infinite awareness. The soul no longer seeks to alter any moment as it did in the illusion of free will, but abides in divine emergence, knowing Perfection is being expressed according to Divine Love’s highest Good, which is the working of Truth’s Will.

As a seed of Truth’s LIFE, the individualized soul begins its journey in unawareness of its Oneness with Absolute Truth so that its individuality can be formed. In this forgetfulness, the soul’s mind lacks Truth-filled awareness of the Infinite Oneness in its beginning and end. Instead, in its neophyte individuality, it perceives its beginning as an isolated blank slate of emptiness from which its free will constructs a life expression through linear time. With many mis-creations along the way, the soul judges its self imperfect, therefore separated from Perfection. It doesn’t fully understand its prickly shell-like experience, which is the necessary beginning of eternal growth. As a result, it accepts the self is broken because it’s unable to experience what it deems “good” and avoid what it deems “bad”.

However, the soul’s apparent imperfection is actually LIFE’s Perfection coming forth. The imperfections stemming from free will are essential for the soul’s maturation into a soul gate for Truth’s Universal Will. The soul’s experience of free will’s limitations and its inability to manifest the highest good for its self, let alone for all, help evolve the soul’s awareness from an individual in separation to an individual in Oneness, so it eternally expands as a creator within the Creator.

Imperfection serves to manifest Perfection, therefore it is perfect in its purpose. It isn’t of Absolute Truth because it disappears in the Light of Truth, but while the soul sleeps in the darkness of its illusionary world, the imperfection it experiences plays an essential role to bring forth Perfection by leading the mind into the awareness of Truth’s Universal Will. The imperfections created by free will cause the soul continual suffering, causing the soul to desire a more perfect will, a will only found in Truth. Without the experience of imperfection, the soul’s individualized will wouldn’t seek for Truth beyond its current awareness, and would remain dormant from the potential of Truth’s LIFE, never expressing or experiencing LIFE, which is the soul’s purpose. Therefore, as a fractal of Truth’s LIFE, brokenness is inevitable in every seed coming into LIFE.

As the soul turns within to know this higher Will of Perfection, its awareness becomes rooted in its true self , becoming a gate to Truth’s Universal Will. Through this awareness, the mind no longer clings to free will. The mind’s conscious and subconscious realms awake into the realm of Truth’s Universal Will.

This awakened state of mind causes the soul to shed its seed-life, the hardened shell formed by the mind’s conscious and subconscious wiring formed in free will. Through Transformative Grace and Sacred Rest, the hardened shell begins to fall away. Through this turbulent transformation, the soul’s awareness of its brokenness intensifies, but as the Light of its true SELF continues to expand, the brokenness decreases and the Light increases, until there is no more shell blocking the expression of Truth’s LIFE. The soul witnesses the Power inherent in its LIFE to expand its awareness and recreate its spherical self.

The soul’s temporary seed state is needed until its awareness matures, enabling Truth’s LIFE to be reflected in the spherical self. Ironically, when the soul sees that the purpose of its imperfection is to bring forth LIFE, its judges imperfection differently now that the soul sees its self in the light of Truth. Instead of seeing imperfection it only perceives perfection, because it knows LIFE only brings forth Perfection. With this change in awareness from imperfection to Perfection, the soul begins to express Perfection.

The dynamic between imperfection and Perfection is another spiritual dichotomy, where seeming opposites are serving one purpose. The soul’s experience of being imperfect or broken in its ability to express divine love, which is the highest good for all, was perfect in maturing it into an individual in Oneness, by which it can bring forth the highest Good for all. In this, the imperfection once seen throughout the spherical self, like illness, decay, discord, or mis-creations, is replaced by the Perfection of Truth’s LIFE, which is the experience of Divine Harmony. As LIFE’s Perfection consumes the spherical Self, the soul becomes a Being of Light.


Transformative Sacred Rest

When the soul settles into its sacred rest, it awakens from the dream.

The soul’s most powerful and creative act is resting in divine emergence. In this sacred stillness, the mind gives all power and authority to Truth’s Universal Will so that the soul resides as a gate in which it is one with the Fullness of Truth, and therefore manifests Truth’s Light and Divine Love.

As a gate to Truth’s LIFE stream, the soul and its reflection, the spherical self, eternally expand according to Truth’s Universal Will. The mind doesn’t try to control, govern, perfect, and navigate the nuances of its spherical self in an attempt to obtain what it deems good or avoid what it deems bad. Only Truth’s Universal Will knows the highest Good for the moment. Because of the individualized awareness of a soul, in order for the highest Good to manifest through the soul, the soul resides as an open gate to Truth’s Universal Will. In this state of rest, the soul’s power is perfected as a creator within the creator, as Truth’s Universal Will manifests through the soul’s inner guidance, constructive desires and current awareness of Truth. As a result, the soul’s Life unfolds without friction, giving way to divine harmony. In accordance to divine harmony’s vibration, Truth’s LIFE flows in the fullness of its divine characteristics, producing Divine Love’s effects throughout creation. According to Truth’s Universal Will, the soul receives exactly what it needs to establish its increasing awareness of immutable harmony, peace and goodness so that these qualities are expressed as the spherical self.

Transformative Sacred Rest

Upon transitioning between energetic dimensions, the soul experiences a transformative sacred rest. This elevated rest is the soul’s highest state of consciousness because the soul’s awareness resides beyond its active awareness of its current spherical self.

This heightened rest is necessary for the soul to ascend dimensions because it is how it ascends. As it rests in a deep state of emergence, the soul enters a transitory realm of consciousness that is between its awareness reflected as the spherical self and its increased awareness of a higher Self. The soul’s rest enables Truth’s Universal Will to transition the soul’s spherical Self into the next energetic dimension of Oneness, altering the Self’s reflection.

In this state of rest, the soul releases its entire “life” expression of its current spherical Self as it prepares to express Life according to its higher self in the next dimension. As it lets go of this lower image of self, all its awareness and attention are gathered to the higher self it perceives within. As it lets go, the soul maintains the constant desire for EVERYTHING to change and transform, because nothing of the current spherical reality is held more dear than the increased awareness of Truth’s abundant LIFE it has come to know through the door of its I AM Presence.

In this consummate letting go, the mind is lifted above the current spherical self it physically sees and draws upon the energetic qualities and laws of the higher self in the next dimension. This elevated mental state lifts the soul’s frequency, causing the soul to rise out of one dimension to the next.

The mind sheds preconceived limitations, boundaries, and expectations based on the current spherical self, freeing it from lower laws of the current dimension. As it engages the higher laws of the next energetic dimension, the LIFE stream of the Mighty I AM Presence flows through the soul and gives new expressions to the spherical SELF, reflecting the soul’s increased awareness of its individuality in Oneness. As the spherical Self begins to show signs of a deeper state of oneness, nothing remains the same and all transforms to reflect the soul’s increasing awareness.

Because the soul is awareness, its mind is always actively engaged in expanding the awareness of its Self. Therefore a soul’s transformative sacred rest isn’t accomplished by its own individualized awareness. It is fulfilled in unison with a higher awareness. In this beautiful act of grace in which the soul receives the gift of ever-expanding life from an awareness beyond its own, it expands into the next dimension.

The greatest gift the soul can receive is to experience the Joy of its higher Self, which is awareness of Truth’s oneness. In the spirit of this Joy, the soul feels the depth of lovingkindness pouring from its higher Self-awareness and out to others.

In the awareness of oneness, the soul lays down its life for all so that all receive Truth’s LIFE Stream through it. In this, the soul reflects its “Father’s” Image as a life-giving spirit, and experiences an ever increasing joy, as its spherical self reflects the ever-increasing awareness of its higher self (Father). In this awareness, the soul experiences the joy of giving and receiving LIFE.


Ascending Dimensions

An energetic dimension is a soul’s current level of awareness, reflected by the spherical self, which is a manifestation of the energetic vibration of the soul’s awareness. As a soul’s awareness of Truth’s LIFE increases, it ascends into higher dimensions, transforming the spherical self.

As the soul’s awareness of Truth increases, the mind remembers who “I AM” and how “I” create. It remembers its Mighty I AM Presence (Father) that is its beginning and end. This awareness brings Light to the soul’s understanding of its origin, which it initially forgot in order to gain the awareness of individuality. As the soul remembers its “I AM” Presence of Oneness, the spherical self reveals the dimensional reality of one SELF, bringing forth immortality.

There are infinite dimensions within the timeless realm of Absolute Truth into which the soul eternally expands as an individual in Oneness. Yet as previously mentioned, the soul never reaches complete Oneness because its awareness would be infinite awareness and dissolve its individuality. Thus the purpose of the soul’s existence is to give expression to Truth’s LIFE. The timeless realm of Absolute Truth, which is infinite awareness, contains all the SELF’s potential expressions in one moment, which are sequentially realized by a soul’s ever-expanding dimensional awareness. As infinite awareness, the timeless realm is an infinite white space with no movement between moments because there is only one timeless moment in which all exists. Because there is no movement there is no expression of LIFE. The awareness of this LIFE only comes through the soul’s increasing awareness of perfection, which engages Truth’s Universal Will to manifest its current dimension in which the soul experiences its spherical self.

Think of three concentric circles. In the very center is the soul gate, a center of awareness of Truth’s LIFE. The next circle is the soul’s current awareness expressed as its spherical self. The third outer circle is the infinitely higher self or Mighty I Am Presence, which the soul advances into. Once it reaches this higher sphere from its current sphere via increasing awareness, this third sphere becomes its spherical self. Then the soul perceives yet a higher sphere, a fourth sphere in which it can advance, and so on for eternity. In summary, there is the center of awareness, the spherical self manifested by the soul’s current awareness, and the unrealized SELF in which the soul is ever-expanding into to as its awareness in Truth increases.

Each dimension is a grouping of present moments that expresses the soul’s LIFE stream through the continual movement created by the ceaseless flow of cause and effect. This flow is determined by Truth’s Universal Will in conjunction with the soul’s current awareness of Truth. As a soul’s awareness expands in Truth, the present moments guided by Divine Will lead to the next dimension.

As an ever-expanding center of awareness, the soul’s awareness is always expanding into its “I AM” Presence. To expand into the next dimension of the one SELF, the soul’s intention is set on becoming the higher self it perceives it inner self to be, which means its source of truth is beyond its current dimension. If the soul looked to its current spherical self for Truth, it wouldn’t gain the awareness needed to manifest the next dimension of its higher self that is reflective of deeper aspects of Truth’s Oneness, therefore it wouldn’t expand into the next dimension. It’s in the seed state or first dimension that the soul learns how to connect to the next dimension through the doorway of its I AM Presence, which enables it to express ever-increasing dimensions of the one SELF.

The transition from the first dimension to the next, from a seed state to an eternally growing entity, is the most difficult and traumatic for the budding soul. As an ever-increasing center of awareness and in order to manifest the awareness of individuality, LIFE had to begin as a journey out of forgetfulness and into the fullness of Truth. For infinite awareness, in which there is no movement, to express Life, which is the presence of movement, Truth’s LIFE makes a fractal of itself with a beginning of utter unawareness that continually expands into the infinite awareness from which it came.

As the soul remembers its origin, it perceives it came from the fullness of Truth. In this awareness, the soul transitions into the next dimension reflecting oneness, thus ever-expanding LIFE. This initial transition requires the soul to come out of an illusion created by its unawareness and into an awareness of Truth that is 180 degrees different than its illusionary beliefs. This extreme turning from one to the other makes this initial transition the soul’s most difficult, like a tree’s initial transition out of a dormant seed state and into an ever-growing, living entity.

When the soul’s beginning and end are rightly seen, it sees the perfection of its embryonic path. Each individualized path is one which LIFE takes from utter unawareness to awareness of its SELF in Truth. Because every soul originates as a “Thought of God”, each soul is a fractal of Truth’s LIFE which experiences the perfect journey into Truth’s divine love. In Truth’s timeless perfection, each soul’s LIFE eternally ascends into higher dimensions of oneness, manifesting greater and more expansive experiences of oneness with Truth’s LIFE, and its spherical self which is the expression of its love.

I AM Loving Awareness.


The Spherical Self

The self is a reflection of the soul’s current awareness of “I AM”. As the one timeless, infinite moment is divided into endless present moments, the one LIFE in Truth, the Universal “I”, is fractalized into a vast array of centers of awareness, the individualized “I AM” or soul. In Truth, every soul is one with Truth’s LIFE, and united with every other soul, so that together the individualized souls reflect the Oneness of Truth’s LIFE, and this LIFE is experienced as the spherical self.

Each soul’s mind observes the present moment according to its current level of awareness of truth, and experiences the truth it possesses as its self. Therefore, the self is the soul’s sensory experience of the Truth it is aware of. Because each soul is an observer of the current present moment, the variance among souls and their outer expression of self is created by the individualized awareness each possesses.

The self includes the soul’s sensory mechanism or energetic body, a center through which it perceives its spherical reality. But in addition, the center and its spherical reality are one and compose one self, because they emerge in unison from the mind’s present awareness of truth. The reality is the self. Thus, the self is better understood or perceived as a spherical self including both the sensory mechanism by which it perceives its individualized sphere and the sphere itself.

Because the spherical self reflects the soul’s awareness, the spherical self changes according to the soul’s current level of awareness of truth. In the embryonic state in which the soul’s awareness is limited to its individuality by which it assumes it’s an “individual in separation”, the spherical self is experienced as dense earthen matter, i.e. physical body, and the spherical reality is perceived as separate from the physical body. When every aspect of the soul’s awareness is defined by separation, the spherical self is clothed with finiteness. In this belief-system, time is perceived as linear, fulfilling the finality of all things.

As the soul’s awareness advances into the understanding of being an “individual in oneness”, everything is expressed from the mind of oneness. The spherical self is experienced as ethereal light energy, in which everything flows into everything else. The soul perceives time as spherical in which every moment perfectly supports the next stage of the advancement into Truth’s infinite awareness, manifesting the self’s eternal expansion. Because the soul’s awareness eternally expands, its spherical self is continually altered throughout eternity to reflect its increasing awareness.

Because the spherical self is a reflection of the soul’s current truth, it experiences a very intimate integration with Truth’s LIFE, because through it the soul interacts with Divine Will’s perfect cause and effect from an intimate and personalized perspective. The soul experiences Truth’s LIFE stream flowing through its center and out into reality, thus it observes the working of Divine Will as its Self. This deep integration with LIFE makes the spherical self holy and sacred, two qualities the soul perceives as it matures into the understanding that it is an “individual in Oneness.” The spherical self reflects these qualities and is clothed with glory and honor.

The spherical self isn’t to be confused with “I”, which happens in the embryonic state of awareness. The spherical self is an ever-evolving mechanism for experiencing the individualized “I AM” Presence. The “I AM” Presence is far more expansive than the spherical self’s current expression, no matter how glorious. The soul’s individualized “I AM” is a gateway by which it transitions into higher dimensions of being. By seeking Truth-filled enlightenment through this gateway, the soul’s awareness reaches beyond its current spherical dimension and into the next dimension. As it gains understanding of higher laws of Truth, the lower laws that defined its current dimensional sphere no longer limit the self’s expression. As a result, Truth’s Universal Will moves according to the soul’s new awareness, altering the spherical self and giving expression to the next dimensional reality.

The first dimensional transition is unlike any other to follow because it is the soul’s birth as a center of Truth’s awareness. The maturation of the soul’s awareness from an “individual in separation” to an “individual in oneness” initiates a metamorphic transformation as the soul becomes a gate to Truth’s Universal Will in which it eternally expands as Truth’s LIFE. The transition from mortality to immortality (a dormant seed to an ever-expanding entity), effects everything the soul once believed, and therefore experienced its self to be, which disrupts the soul’s entire reality. As the soul releases its finite sense of self and embraces its true spherical self, it no longer descends down the continuum of linear time reflecting chaos with a trajectory toward entropy, but instead it begins its eternal expansion through spherical time reflecting divine harmony as an expression of Truth’s Perfection.

Like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, the spherical self transitions according to the soul’s maturing awareness of Truth’s LIFE. As Truth’s LIFE Stream (Truth’s Universal Will) flows through the soul, altering the spherical self, other souls or centers of awareness witness this transformation, and together the souls arise and shine in the Oneness of Truth’s LIFE as one harmonious Spherical Self.