Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Divine Grace


As you decree it, so it is.

All the discordant energy you perceive, inwardly and outwardly, is a reflection of your soul’s cumulative past memory. It is a projection of your old, faulty thought-system and its corresponding reality. The time has come to transmute this energy through the loving Hand of Mother-Father God, Divine Grace.

Letting Go and Taking Hold

Divine Desire, which is the desire to love perfectly by holding only loving thoughts, is the bridge between timelessness and time. Between heaven and earth. Divine Desire is the portal between being human and being divine.

The desire to offer up your past baggage, the thought-system of relative truth and even your own personality, into the Holy Flame, is the origin of your true I Am Presence. The Holy Flame rests at the heart center of your light body, which reflects Mother-Father God and their Oneness in Spherical Time.

As you desire to release all into the Light of Truth, Divine Grace responds:

I give you abundant joy, in the midst of the fire. I keep you focused on your Sacred Heart’s Light Body (the Christ) by continually bringing to remembrance Divine Love’s Presence expanding within you. I bring to mind the words Life, those needed to create the understanding of Light sufficient to dissolve your lingering clouds fear and doubt. I never leave your side.

Upon hearing Divine Grace, you respond:

I open my Eye to Truth’s Brilliant Light, never to be deceived by what I feel or what I see.

I open my Heart to your abundant joy in the midst of the fire, to know joy and to give it.

I open my Mind to the words of Life, that free me from shadows of my own creation.

I open my Soul, that your Lifestream may flow through me and abundantly to ALL.

I open my Body to your timeless perfection, a perfect power beyond all force, able to transform all of Reality.

I open my Eye, Heart, Mind, Soul and Body, that together they may become a Living Gate for your Living Water. In the opening created through oneness, Truth’s Lifestream, Divine Love’s perfecting energy, spherically ripples out to all.

I rejoice in the abundance of your gifts, that I may give abundantly to ALL.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

I Am the Awakening Soul.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Divine Grace

  1. Hi Rachel, I wasn’t asking you to vet any videos for me, I hope you understand that I was just merely asking what your thoughts were on the videos, I love to hear your perspective, by no means was I asking you to vet anything. In no way do you have to be concerned with giving me any “preconceived notions”. No need to worry about my subconscious internalization development lol💜.

    • I can totally appreciate that Brandi 💚 … but I was trying to say that we each hear what we, individually, need to hear from another, so I receive what I need and you receive what you need. You know what I mean? It’s often very specific, thus quite personal to where we are in our walk.

      • Hi Rachel, I didn’t really understand your videos about revelation but after watching this video I truly understand your beliefs about the book of revelation, this video really helped me understand what you believe about the book of revelation –

  2. Hi Rachel I didn’t understand your videos about the book of revelation but after watching this video I truly understand your beliefs about the book of revelation, this video really helped me know better what you believe about the book of revelation –

    • And we continue to go deeper, making all things clearer, as Divine Love makes her revelation known, from the inside out.

    • when we connect with the ETERNAL HEART(we get visions)(the LORD is your HIGHEST NAME(through all LAWS).
      LORD is I AM(we all share)

      i am watching the video now, and i consider myself a dreammaster as one of my gifts.

      her VISION(dream) makes perfect sense to me.

      she is DESCRIBING HERSELF(her highest vibrational self).
      every person on earth is BOUND TO ALL ENERGY.(we are all prophets and angels)


      when they come, it comes in a flash, and just like a dream, you COME BACK(from beyond your own senses).

      IMAGINE KUNDALINI as ALIGNING your physical world, and SPIRITUAL world as ONE BODY.

      you take the VIBRATIONS, and recognize them with your own senses(2 worlds BLENDING(trusting)).

      the CHRIST(in self) is your own MANIFEST as the MUSIC is comeing from the GOD within YOU(what you GIVE).

      you recognizing the VIBRATIONS(heaven ON earth).

      an ANGEL(being every person on earth) reads the DIVINE(through the world)..
      since each name is a LAW OF TIME, we see the LAWS OF TIME through the world.

      we know whats to come, by what we see(HOLY SPIRIT = DIVINE).

      a PROPHET can do all the things that an angel does. but what a prophet does differently than an angel is that a PROPHET WRITES GLOBAL EVENTS..

      we have to step out of the MAN MADE IDEAS, and TUNE IN to our HIGHER SENSES>

      LORD = EVERYONE(in spirit)< as we are all GIVERS).

      sometimes we just tend to get caught up in our own beliefs, that we cant see whats right in front of us(lower vibrations)).

      UNCONDITIONAL LOVE(for your neibors) is what allowed her to get this vision(ALIGNING VIBRATIONS hense aligning with HEAVEN

    • Brandi thank you … our interactions always trigger some outside thought that brings a particular understanding deeper into my awareness, which enhances my overall understanding … it is really an interesting dynamic for me So thank you, for being you. 💚

      Today my train of thought lead me to seeing a vision of the Breath of True Life as One Breath in All … it was an incredible experiential revelation that came as a capstone to my many recent revelations. The Christ Life is awakening in us, together as one, and fulfilling our divine desire to love perfectly, seeing all in the garments of joy.

      This is a very special “season” to take time to listen to what the Spirit of Absolute Truth is individually saying to us in the “living present moment”. As we listen to the Voice, our most inner voice that is found in stillness, the voices of chaos and confusion (duality) begin to fade until we no longer hear their mummers. These voices echoed our own soul that was lost in the darkness of unawareness.

      As we remember our true Story, the Light of Truth fills our awareness, and our mind and heart begin their eternal fountain of Living Waters, the expressions and experiences of true Life. Our voice becomes filled with Living Light, emanating the perfect thoughts of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, to create the perfect effect, which spreads peace from within out, revealing the Kingdom of Heaven within the earth.

      The Oneness of Absolute Truth and Absolute Love with our I Am Presence is the Breath of “Eternal” Life.

  3. Sorry Rachel I accidentally posted my comment twice, I thought the first time I messed up with posting it

  4. I have commented so many times and none of my messages get thru this is a test Love you Rachael

  5. I have commented so many times and i am unable to see it went It even said i sent a duplicate so strange I copied my comment on a text file i will send again if this works this is a test Love You Rachael

  6. ah its working sending finally its been 3 days now

  7. Nope wont send Par for the course Feels like Icarus to me everytime or anywhere this happens To close i guess The easter egg hunt is still on LOL oh well Ill try in a few days again maybe or better yet it just may be for good as usual i am witnessing

  8. Bottom line i had some detail and you are spot on i wish i could ellaborate more like i have tried Awesome no matter what level we all are on you seem to be there and thank you for the much needed insight into this topic Was not expecting this post Ill keep it short we shall see if this sends becuase what i really want to say just wont go thru for different reasons i believe than ones would expect Awesome Wild Big Love

    • Hi Travis … so good to hear from you … and that you’re finally getting through 🙂 … I’ve recently experienced delays with posting in this website … but no matter, it is perfect timing. All is synching up, so life happens as its suppose to. There is a lot of harmonizing happening as perfect rhythm flows from the inner awareness to the outer consciousness, something I’m sure you are feeling. It’s a powerful time, a time to be utterly focused on Truth’s Light and Divine Love’s Vibration, inside and out.

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