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Thy Light Has Come


Thy Light Has Come

The Journey of a Soul of the Internal Light

(Part 12: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)

The cord is cut. Thy light has come.

No longer is the soul bound to the shadows of darkness, but has entered the light of day.

Possessing the divine consciousness as well as being a part of the collective human soul, Jesus Christ, brought the potential for us to be connected to the divine consciousness. And, as he taught, we must be “born again” to become a part of this consciousness (the Kingdom of God).

For our soul to be divine, we embark upon a soul journey to prepare our soul for a oneness with the divine consciousness. There are many analogies that speak to this transition that all reveal different aspects of our journey. The analogies, whether of a marriage, a metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, or a seed maturing into a tree, build our awareness of the journey our soul goes through, thus guiding us on the paths we are called to traverse. One illustration full of symbolism is the birth of a child, thus Jesus’ reference to it. It’s a deep and rich analogy intended to guide us on the path to immortality.

Spiritual Womb

Our reality and our Creator’s reality are co-existing in a simulated state of separation. As we experience a self-determined existence, His spirit of love hovers over us as a loving Father. Thus, the erratic self-will resides within perfect cause. Everything is working for our highest good, for our Father loves us all.

The preparatory process we go through to become a divine soul is much like an embryo growing in a womb. Our divine soul grows in a spiritual womb that resides in a hidden and holy place untouched by the self-directed consciousness. This place lays dormant within us until we are connected to (fertilized by) our Father’s divine love through a sincere longing for this love. This desire compels us to connect through our spirit to his spirit. It’s through the spirit because his dimension lies just beyond this one so it’s only through the spirit that we can connect to him.

Like an umbilical cord, through this spirit connection to the divine consciousness, we gain the nourishment required for our divine self to start to form. In this connection, the mishaps of our self-directed consciousness start serving our highest good through the lessons and experiences it presents us. Through our increasing awareness, absolute truth and divine love become known in this sacred place in our soul, and a likeness of a divine soul begins to grow within. It’s within this holy place that the divine consciousness will flow into and regenerate our reality.

As these understandings of divine truth and love flow from the spirit realm, they structure the narrow way that becomes the long and winding road to freedom.

Along this narrow path of purifying truth, a soul element, which is beyond our soul yet can be a part of our soul becomes knit into our soul; the soul element of divine desire. Desire is the one aspect of our being that can be purified while we are still separate in a self-made soul, because desire exists beyond us, as well as being a part of us.

The narrow path is an arduous and euphoric journey of the Spirit of Truth teaching, instructing, prompting, impressing, convicting, encouraging, and training our soul in the ways of truth and divine love as the soul element of divine desire takes form. This element enables us to connect to the divine consciousness; thus no more separation, no more “death”. As I’ve mentioned, desire is what our soul wants to create; reactively or intentionally. Divine desire is a desire for only what is divine, thus of God’s desires for us as his creation. All contrary desires fade away as this element of soul is created. (This phase is symbolized in the number 40; days, weeks, years, time of trial and preparation)

When we gain the fullness of the soul element of divine desire, we come to “full term”. We are ready to leave the watery darkness and enter into the reality of light because through the creative element of divine desire we receive the divine consciousness that transforms and governs the remaining soul elements.

As we come full term, we begin our journey through the birth canal, which is symbolic of pushing through this reality’s atmosphere of separation. It’s tumultuous, trying, tiring and painful, as our previous reality governed by our self-driven consciousness is seen without blinders and is stripped away; which feels like a slow death. We are pressed and squeezed, constricted and suffocating, as the elements of our soul entrapped by the self-made will begin to break away as we move into our divine self. As we pass through the atmosphere we witness the layers of depravity that we created, our soul swells and breaks, as we continue to let go of all that we have been, until only a shell of the false self remains. It’s an unsettled and uprooted place of being caught between two realities, where we aren’t a part of this reality or the next. (Symbolic of the number 5; 5 layers of atmosphere)

As we pass over the infinite chasm between the shadow and the real, our frailty and dependence upon the love of our Father reaches its climax. We come to a point where all our hope and faith resides upon the One who taught us throughout the journey, the beloved Spirit of Truth, and nothing of what we see, because all we see is falling away as the new comes forth. Only in this pure faith crafted in us by the Spirit of Truth do we have the wings to pass over this chasm.

Nearing the doorway of the veil of flesh, we see a glimmer of light. It’s in this doorway that we encounter Jesus’ outreaching divine love that gives us entry into the Father’s bosom.

Once we pass through the doorway, the spiritual cord is cut. It’s the cord that connects our soul to our self-determined consciousness, thus it’s the root of this consciousness. It’s what keeps us waking up day after day in this dream-state (womb-state); whether in this life or in the next. When it’s cut, the dream is over. It’s similar to the umbilical cord being cut at our physical birth. We no longer wake up in the womb, are fed in the womb, or attached to the womb. We no longer abide in darkness or grow in darkness. We are released into the world of light to continue our growth in its blissful radiance.

As the divine consciousness enters our soul, its fire-like nature severs the old root of our fabricated self and establishes itself as the new root bringing to life our divine self. This severance is a “death” or end to our false fabricated self, and it is life to our true divine self. After the severance during a transitory period, the false self fades away as an illusionary dream, and our true self awakens as a dawning day. (Symbolic of the number of 3; resurrection period) We shine ever brighter as the divine seven elements of the kaleidoscopic rainbow soul of divinity are manifested. It’s a resurrection of our divine soul coming forth from the holy place it’s been crafted in as it’s infused with the divine consciousness. Its divine energy regenerates our reality from the shadow to the real, from the dark to the light. In this, our reflective reality of the self-determined consciousness diminishes as a new reflection of a divine soul begins to shine. It’s our end and our beginning. It’s the awakening out of the dream-state and into the reality of our Father’s divine love.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Thy Light Has Come

  1. This is so different than what traditional religions teach, yet so true. There will be a few who understand what you have shared and it will confirm what they also see. What you have written is for every single person to experience as they come to their journey’s end, although in their own order and calling. Although many believe that we will be separated into places of a literal heaven and hell, there are those who see a much kinder gentler God who will have all to be saved…”yet though as by fire”, God’s consuming fire which is a good thing.

    Rachel, although I know you do not need any encouragement to say, write and do the right thing I see as you see and encourage your continued effort to share the true love of God as you are doing. One cannot see as you do, beyond the symbolism of the scriptures without having a “divine desire” to ask for the right things, and this desire to ask is given by God for as it says “we do not even know what to ask for.”

    It is this “divine desire” separate from a desire to be necessarily liked by the world so to speak but this kind of desire seeks a true oneness that only God can fill for we seek the kernel within to be removed from the husk of the outward covering which hides the inward man.

    Balancing the life we seek within with that life we must live through our journey’s experience is a most challenging one yet we know we must to have that cord cut, free from all that held us from God’s likeness. We speak and write about the hidden meanings and the symbolisms of the scriptures sometimes and although it may seem and appear to be legalistic, it is shared only to confirm the spirit we “see” and to let those who are more in the letter of the law, to reveal by the law, what the spirit is saying. If one could speak to others and not ever mention the law (for it is written to the unrighteous because of error in their life) it would be with such a simplicity of words of endearment, encouragement and truly wanting to see the other matured or maturing in the manner which we ourselves desire.

    We desire this because how can we truly enjoy the kingdom with others knowing there are some still trying to find their way. How can one find rest and love as they ought if they believe the kingdom is not complete? If we really want to “see” as God sees and do as God does, as we are commanded”, should we desire comfort in the kingdom while another remains in the grip of their soul conscious state? I think not, and any who say they love God and do not love “all” people regardless of who they are and what they have done serves another God.

    While we may understand our make up and how we are to relate to God and others and though we may understand all mysteries and have not this love, we are but clanging symbols for our words give no true direction. And yes our words may offend some, although there is a difference in purpose and intent, we should know and confirm, not by our purpose but knowing the purpose of God. The saying “without controversy great is mystery of Godliness” means far different from debate and arguement about subjects for it is our very soul which is in controversy within until the spirit has wrested her from the grip of sin.

    In summary of all I have said here and in the past it is for one goal and that one goal has nothing to do with self being recognized for it is the self in anyone which stands in the way. To differ for difference sake is sin, to differ with a desire to love should be the goal of all. While we may speak the words, and defend our position, we answer to and will be corrected by our Father which is in heaven, not by another. Yes we may share but to seek friendship for friendship sake is also sin. It is the degree of likeness we are in Christ which makes a friend a friend.

    I enjoy doing what I can and adjusting the rudder to keep things on course when I am prompted to do so, however it is never my intent to offend. If the word of God offends then perhaps there is something there that the word addresses that has touched something that needs addressing. Perhaps.

    I have enjoyed the sharing here and believe it or not also with those so rude and full of ego. We will all come through the processes of correction and we must love those who can not yet love themselves or others for the fruit of our lips do reveal who we are and what substance we possess. Fruit is good, as the fruit of our lips should only be good. A word now and then of correction is also good although we would prefer not to do so. But…are we to be more than fair weather “disciples” or do we give what is needed at the time of need? We pray that every word that comes out of our mouth has one purpose, and that is the purposes of God. We most assuredly will make mistakes in misjudging the intent of another but let us all always seek the bond which makes us one with God.

    No matter the failure, mistakes, and faults we may have or see in another, we see all complete through it all one day. This is the “day” of the Lord. When we all see the same light.

    In Christ

    • Hi Sonny,

      I do appreciate your encouragement. So thank you for your words. When you are living in faith, you are living in a place not yet actualized … and though you may see the incredible synchronicity of truths underlining that faith, it’s a place where encouragement is appreciated. So thank you.

      True, most may not “recognize” this flow of thought. In religiosity, it seems people have gotten distracted in possessing a yes no relationship to Jesus instead of a discipleship relationship as he called us to. A relationship of embracing and seeking further instruction on what he taught from the Spirit of Truth. A huge part of his gift to us is his words, for his words of words of life. If we desire to learn from him, which is the same voice as the Spirit of Truth, for the spirit of Truth speaks through him, we will learn as he has called us to and as his words are spoken to our heart, we’ll find true life.

      But, regardless of where we are at in our soul development, our Father is the perfect Father to us all. He works with each one of us in the perfection of his sovereignty.

      In echoing your comments …

      In the maturing in the ways of God, our relationships gain integrity, honesty, trustworthiness .. because there is only one motive .. connecting and growing in an unconditional, divine love.

      In a maturing of divine desire, everything contrary falls away. Including conformity to human-generated thought any way, for divine desire while connecting us to all creation in a sincere love for their highest good and creating a heart that honestly wants to do what is only helpful whether in thought, word or action, heightens our individuality. Our thoughts (including beliefs) become not dictated by what is acceptable or approvable by others, but what flows from the Spirit of Truth … and all else that is contrary to “his” words we eventually let go of. In this, our affections toward others are true and real and not do to some other motive … thus true friendships can form and grow and be quite beautiful.


  2. Rachel,

    it is awesome divine truth. I consider this as the end of the lessons of darkness and counter truth.

    • Hi, Interesting observation … because this was the last post of this series. I had no idea as I wrote week to week what I would write or how many entries there would be. So your comment is quite astute.

      • Seeing your comment surprises me, because after seeing the evil language from anonymous… I swore you wouldn’t rely to that person anymore. Though I knew they would continue to message. I get a strange warmth in my heart knowing that you did though. It maybe because knowing my self… If I were in your position, I would never reply again, nor read their comments.
        Hmm… Seeing that, is astonishingly loving. I just don’t want people to be trespassed agaisnt. And this is why GOD justice of hell fire is some thing I smile about 🙂

        Peace and Honor

      • I desire the love of God to enter their soul instead; for that is what I desire of myself.

      • Defeat evil with good?
        Hmm… I was looking at block plug ins for WordPress, and I found this on the official WordPress site. There is a pro version for $5 at a discount price now.

        Hmm.. I hate evil and though I can forgive, I know those who do it, don’t tend to change, unless thier is a conversion by GOD. I feel unworthy to say that, knowing the gap between us in Spiritual maturity. And in seeing my sinful heart… Which the Spirit war against and my self. I hate seeing evil… especially towards those who are disciples of Jesus Christ.

        Isaiah 3:11
        Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done.🔥

    • I know your deeds are profitable towards perdition, for you speak of GOD yet you persecute Him through His servants. Surely your acts will give you the wrath of God. Cut out your foolish talk and manipulative language before it is to late for you, and your probation closes. I don’t look at your comments anymore, but this servant of GOD the author has moved my heart… to see her kindness and longsuffering because of GOD. I cry in my Spirit when I se evil and I hurt when I see her slandered, and the innocent. Since I feel such, how much does the Almighty? How longer will He be patient with you? I know ti is not forever.

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