Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Our Awakening Power


Our awakening power is divine gratitude.

Gratitude is the power to change the forms in our reality. Divine gratitude changes finite forms into eternal forms.

The creative power inherent in the divine gratitude of our true Self is limitless. When this gratitude is given in unison with gratitude for emergence, we awaken the power of the resurrection within us. Emergence is the shining of God’s will, as our own, into the present moment.

Divine gratitude for emergence acknowledges we correctly perceive and therefore know God’s love, and fully embrace our will and His as one in the same. When we recognize the true nature and Light of his love flowing through emergence, we respond in gratitude, which returns this love back to him. This completes the perfect gift exchange with our true Source, enabling the Spirit of Truth to manifest in creation through us.

In our transition from the illusion to the Real, divine gratitude is our creative choice that engages the resurrection power. This is the power of the Spirit of Truth (Christ), whose Spirit dwells within our true Self. Through gratitude, this life-giving Spirit awakens our true Self through whom a reality of eternal peace emerges.

Emergence is the creative act through which we experience our Creator’s ever-present divine love. It is the one Will of divine love perfectly orchestrating our present moment to perfectly fulfill our desires and our purpose. It’s the only way to manifest our desires without sacrifice, compromise, conflict or loss and for the highest good of all. It engages the supra-conscious Mind of God which creates in a perfection far beyond our conscious awareness. As we give gratitude for our true Self and emergence, our present unfolds in divine harmony.

Emergence is how we create in unison with the Mind of God that we share. As we rest in the eternal present, the supra-conscious creates through our thoughts in a magnitude, detail and intricacy that infinitely exceeds our conscious capacity. Our conscious awareness is a very small part of our creative Mind, yet a highly significant one. Our conscious choices lead to the creation of Light or darkness, Truth or illusion. Depending upon our choice, we either create harmony from the supra-conscious, or disharmony from the sub-conscious, the storehouse of erroneous past learning. One choice manifests reflections of our true Self, and the other images of the false idea of our self. Both choices ripple out to create, either a reality of eternal peace or a dream of fear.

Emergence allows us both to receive and give divine love, which are gifts of infinite value. It’s the experience of receiving divine love through the perfect manifestation of our present moment, and the experience of eternal joy as divine love flows through us for the highest good of all. Gratitude for this emergence is gratitude and acceptance of the divine potentials inherent in God’s love. It’s the creative act from which our thoughts emerge from our true Source, altering the forms of reality. Where universal forgiveness opens our mind to the Mind of God, gratitude extends the divine potentials from this Mind creating a reality of eternal peace.

Yet, in the dream, we learned to fear emergence. When our source of truth is past learning, we believe fearful outcomes can happen unexpectantly in our present moment, causing us to fear and resist emergence. Fear cultivated from the past overlays the present moment like a thick fog, it obscures the divine nature of the present moment and makes it something to fear. Fear causes us to enter into conflict with our present moment, blinding us to God’s love inherent in it.

Resisting a divinely orchestrated present moment layers it with discordant energy (control, fear, conflict, resistance, anger, blame, attack, and complaining), which creates what we don’t want because we aren’t seeing rightly. In response, we hoard up all kinds of armor to protect ourselves from what we fear emergence might bring. This protective stance feeds fear and we continue to experience fearful outcomes. With a state of mind opposing emergence, the true nature of God’s love isn’t seen or known, therefore we can’t experience what emergence has to offer and our oneness with God remains only a concept. However, divine love never shies away from childish rants. It remains unwavering and every moment affords us an opportunity to make another choice, to give divine gratitude instead of giving into fear.

Transformative grace illuminates our vision to see through imagined fears and recognize the Light of divine love inherent in the present moment. In response to the Light, we give gratitude for emergence and all fear ends. High vibrations of divine love extending from our gratitude consume lower vibrations of fear and begin to change the forms of reality. Through gratitude we transition from a fear of emergence into its joyful acceptance, until eventually we no longer perceive fear, and peace is all we know.

Emergence, without the layering on of fear, enables us to partake and give of all the gifts, blessings and eternal treasures the present moment offers. When we give consistent gratitude for our true Self and the emergence of divine love, we experience the power of the resurrection, and the Kingdom of Peace is created through us.


“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3



Meditation of Gratitude


Be still and go deep beyond the illusion and be grateful for the Truth that dwells in the eternal present moment, the Truth of your true Self. Focus on all the attributes or choose a few to meditate on and let their Light fill your mind.

When these Truths are spoken for ourselves, they are simultaneously spoken for all, because all share the same Truth. When they are spoken with gratitude for the realization of their eternal presence in every present moment, then their energetic power and impact upon creation is limitless.

Meditation of Divine Gratitude

I am grateful for my true Self, which is the expressed Self of God. As I see my true Self, I see the true Self in every soul. As I hold the holy vision of my true Self in gratitude, my mind becomes an open gateway to give expression to my Self through emergence.

I am grateful: My mind is translucent Light, as it is shared with the Mind of God. My Spirit is a fount of living waters, as it is an extension of the Spirit of God. I am grateful for my true and only Source, God of absolute Truth and divine love. In oneness with my Source, I possess ever-present peace, tranquility and serenity. In this vision of my Self, I am a peacemaker. I am right-minded, holy, innocent, and pure. My true Source, God, guarantees my holiness as I am an extension of His Holiness.

I am grateful: My true Self is untouched by the illusions in my dream and held by divine love in eternal perfection. I am a fount of divine love, the life force that gives eternal life to creation from my Source. My divine love is unconditional, unwavering, and ever-present, therefore I am loved, lovable and loving kindness. I am eternal beauty as divine love’s vibrations flow through me.

I am grateful: I am present-minded, timeless, and immortal. I am strength in gentleness, invincible vitality, and invulnerable as all I create is of divine love, therefore all I experience is love. I am complete, perfect and whole. I am abundant, generous, and mindful.

I am grateful: I am emergence of the divine, therefore I experience the perfect unexpected wonders of my true Source, God. I am grateful for emergence that manifests my will perfectly for my Self and all without sacrifice, compromise, conflict or loss. I am ever-expanding, limitless, and free because my will is God’s will. I am perfect in my purpose and expression. I am of one Mind, one Vision, one Voice, one Divine Love, one Will, one present moment, and one harmonious emergence with my Source and with all my brothers and sisters, no exclusions.

I am grateful: I am undisturbed joy, happiness and bliss. I am greatness held in true humility that enables my divine thoughts and love to extend into eternity and touch all with life. My thoughts communicate and connect me to all others whether they are present, yet to come, or have passed as I am unlimited by space and time. All I am, I give. I am a life-giving spirit for others and they are to me. I am grateful for all as they are God’s expressed Self back to me. I am grateful for every step of my journey that brought me to this awareness of my true Self.

I hold all these attributes of my true Self in gratitude along with the God act of emergence by which they are extended into reality. In emergence, these thoughts expand and fill the present moment covering all in grace, love and freedom from all that is untrue. I overflow with gratitude for all who together reflect the expressed Self of God. Gratitude is my true praise. Gratitude is my love returned back to my true and ever-present Source, who is my Creator, the Supreme divine Spirit of all, and my beloved Father/Mother.


Miracle Makers



A grateful spirit of Truth is a powerful spirit, one who brings forth miracles.

Along our journey of enlightenment, we learn of the nature of our true Self, which is made in the image of God. Divine gratitude is inspired by this Truth and as this gratitude consumes our thoughts it creates beautiful and unexpected miracles. Divine gratitude is an enlightened creative act by an enlightened mind. It’s the transformative power of the Light Bearers, who by their shining are able to change reality from the unreal to the real.

Gratitude produces vibrational energy of incredible creative impact on the landscape of reality. For those awakening, it’s how the Truth of our divine nature we see with our mind’s eye gets expressed into reality, transforming it from darkness to Light.

Gratitude for the Truth is divine gratitude. When gratitude is given for Truth, it’s a living creative energy of tremendous power. It’s energetic vibrations change the forms of creation, so Truth is expressed in reality, initially appearing as miracles until a reality of Truth is formed. A miracle is a reflection of Truth where there once was an illusion, Light where there was darkness. Miracles are born from our thoughts of Truth extended into reality through divine gratitude and are manifested through the creative act of emergence.

Divine gratitude is the means and end to our awakening as we transition from the unreal to the real. It translates the Truth we received from the Spirit and can perceive with our mind’s eye, into outward expressions that reveal the Kingdom of Peace.

Being an embryonic Self, through whom the Kingdom of Peace is created, the first revelations of Truth we receive is our understanding of our true Self and its oneness with God. Because Truth is ever-present, the spiritual attributes of our true Self are also ever-present. Therefore, we can be sincerely grateful for the Truth we’ve been taught about ourself and everyone else, in every moment, all the time. In this understanding, we always have an abundance to be grateful for, regardless of what the illusion may be reflecting around us. When we extend Truth into creation through gratitude, despite the illusions, everything is touched with Truth’s life-giving energy, and the illusion begins to fade.

Even in the dream we can see the effects of gratitude upon our physical reality, as seen in Dr. Emoto’s water crystal studies. However, the dream’s foundation is fear, a state of mind that evokes minimal and inconsistent gratitude, and even so gratitude for an illusion is gratitude for nothingness. Therefore, gratitude doesn’t exhibit its true potential until we begin to understand our true nature.

During our awakening, where we are in a mental transition from the illusion of our false self to our true Self, there are times when the illusion feels like it’s closing in on us as we actively push through its darkness. At these times our mind can habitually retreat into perceiving the illusion as true. As a result we can tailspin into despair and complaining, two energetic vibrations that create disharmony. In these moments, we can instead choose to give gratitude for the understanding of our true Self. Even though gratitude may feel half-hearted, it remains sincere and therefore effective because Truth is ever-present regardless of how we feel in the moment. Our choice to give divine gratitude becomes a transformative power that brings our mind back to the Truth and fills our reality with Light.

Because our thoughts extend outward and create, this exchange from complaining about the illusion to gratitude for Truth is powerful beyond our imagination. We can’t hold a thought of gratitude and complain at the same time, and the one we choose, we project and create. Do we choose to see our false Self or our true self? Do we choose to see the illusion or the Truth? Do we choose to see darkness or the Light? These all are the same question with the same answer. Again, what we choose is what we create. Choosing to give divine gratitude lifts us above the illusions our physical eyes perceive, where we feel subservient to the illusion, and welcomes the Truth into our mind giving us sovereignty over the dream. In this sovereignty, divine gratitude reshapes the landscape of our reality into expressions of Truth.

As we practice divine gratitude and it grows more consistent, like a dawning light in the darkness, we bring Truth into the Illusion. In this dawning Light, the Kingdom of Peace emerges as our true Self extends its miracles.

If you can see the Truth of divine gratitude, you will want to consistently practice expressing it until the Kingdom of Peace is manifested. This is the high calling of the Light Bearers.





Bye Bye Fear


When our will fully embraces the God act of emergence, the living power flowing from the Altar of Truth is released.

Divine emergence gives expression to Truth and our Divine Self in the ever-expanding present moment. In emergence God’s thoughts flow through us as our thoughts. They extend into reality and create expressions of Truth; ever-present peace, joy, love, harmony, and abundance. Emergence is the power of God moving through us in magnificent and unexpected ways. However, as we approach the Altar of Truth, despite its promise of wonders beyond our imagination, we feel the gravitational pull from the fear of emergence holding us back from moving forward.

Our sleeping mind imagined a counterfeit to the altar of Truth, which four pillars are the source of all fears: past learning, time, false image of our self, and sacrifice. Because of the many potentials of fearful outcomes from this faulty source, we daily serve fear with many sacrifices.

Therefore, many of our choices and most of our energy are spent mitigating, reducing, controlling, and avoiding fearful outcomes, and in protecting and defending ourselves from fearful outcomes. We build idols to protect us, unaware of their silent betrayal. Our man-made idols designed to protect us from fear keep our belief in fear real, which in turn strengthens our need for idols.

The fear of emergence multiplies when we look back on our own lives and the lives of others and believe anything undesirable that happened in the past can happen again, not understanding we are the creators of our dream. Past learning within the dream teaches unwanted events emerge randomly and unexpectedly; sickness, loss, suffering, pain, rejection, accidents, abandonment, loneliness, depression, reckless anger, etc. Although we’ve known some good experiences to emerge from our lives, the potential of fearful ones keep us striving to maintain our defenses against this creative stream of the unexpected. When we examine why we do what we do, it’s incredible how much our will is steered to avoid the fear inherent in the unpredictability of emergence.

Fear arises out of incorrect thinking. It comes from attributing an incorrect source to things and not seeing the true singular Source to everything. Because what we see with our mind’s eye we project and create, when we perceive the counterfeit altar’s four pillars and believe in their ability to manifest fearful outcomes, we create a fearful reality. This mis-creation requires all our energy in attempt to control it. As a result, our will becomes a servant to fear, preventing us from freely giving our will to divine emergence.

Without a willful choice for divine emergence we remain in fear, because our will is free even when it is misapplied. However, our true will is God’s will. A contrary will is the temporary illusion of our sleeping embryonic Self. As we awaken, our will begins to shift to our divine will that is one with God’s. The recognition of oneness with God’s will is a significant aspect of our awakening because it reveals our contrary will could only have been an illusion. Therefore, we go through a willful transition from resisting emergence to resting in it, pushing through the one thing we feared the most.

This mental gap between controlling our reality and resting in divine emergence seems impossible to cross. It feels like an infinite chasm because we are coming out of a dream where witnesses to fear surround us, even in our own bodies, strengthening the fear of emergence. Though we know the Truth, we still experience the dream’s fear inducing illusions. Yet, in this moment we are not alone.

At this life altering moment the Spirit of Divine Love enters with transformative grace. It’s our first experience of the power of our divine Self. Divine love consumes the part of our will which still resists emergence. It miraculously brings witnesses of divine emergence into our reality that enable our mind to systematically release fear’s grasp upon it. In its peace and comfort, we look at our fears head on and see their foolish, illusionary nature and we begin to let go. In this ever-brighting vision from within, we consistently counter the fear by consciously resting in emergence, where fear takes its last breath. This heightened luminosity, which shines from the Truth obtained during our journey to the Altar, lifts us above the illusion in a perception of divine love that drives out all fear. It brings us to the Altar of Truth, where we make the only sacrifice we will ever make: our illusionary fear.

We are constantly creating reflections of what we believe we are; whether a false self or a true Self. But in this transition from the illusion to the real, we experience a supernatural awakening, symbolized in the resurrection. Despite our lingering thoughts bound in fear, in divine grace we are awakened from the nightmare we created and into the Kingdom of Peace. As witnesses to the Truth increasingly surround us, our minds fully engage divine emergence. Once awakened, we recognize our thoughts create our reality as they flow from the Mind of God through the Altar of Truth.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. ~ 1 John 4:18

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28


A Stirring Thought


A thought of infinite worth and limitless creative power is: the living Altar of Truth, the gateway to the Divine Mind, is the Source to every thing – no exclusions. This one thought stirs in our mind until we fully arise to the New Day.

Our awakening is the final transition from believing thoughts of our imagination to being thoughts of Truth. Therefore during our awakening, this holy thought of the altar of Truth as our only Source challenges and overcomes every lingering false idea whose source is the past. Because imagination and Truth construct opposing thought systems, this transition can feel like a battle in our mind as the Light of Truth breaks into the darkness of illusion. But seen in Truth, it’s actually our miraculous birth.

In the dream, we believed the source of our being and all our experiences was something in the past, which was determined by our “past learning.” But as we awaken, our source for everything is no longer the past, but the living altar of Truth, where God expresses himself as our Self. Our source will never be of the past again, because the past doesn’t exist, it isn’t real, and why belief in it as a source created a dream reality. Our true Source always has been, is, and will be in the eternal present moment at the altar of Truth.

This magnificent thought is the genesis of healing unto regeneration. This thought awakens us and liberates us from a past whose effects were perpetuated into the future because we believed the past held the sources of all we are today. It brings an end to the false image of ourself created through past learning and enables the emergence of our true Self, kept in holiness. This living thought, that reflects our will and God’s as one, manifests our perfection, completion and wholeness in every moment.

As the past is no longer carried forward, time ends as we know it. Time, which extended the past into the future, held us prisoner to a past that determined our lives and dictated who we were and what we could or couldn’t become. It laid heavy garments of past mistakes upon us, even going back for generations, from which we couldn’t escape because their source was held in an unreachable past. Time became a cruel father who bound our present to past errors, loss, separation, and brought us to an end in decay and death, yet it was only of our imagination.

With this living thought of our true Source our mind is set free and no longer creates according to the past. The past no longer determines who we are, but every moment we emerge out of the present perfection of God’s eternal thought of us and we are clothed with Light.

When we hold this thought for ourselves, we simultaneously hold it for all. If God is our source in everything, then it follows that he is in everything and everyone. He is all in all. In the vision made possible by this thought, everyone is seen in the incorruptible innocence of the present moment and free from the binding effects of past judgments. In this eternal holy present, we see all in their true reflection. This is the holy vision of the Christ.

Though the potential for this Day always existed in the present moment, it was unseen because the mind’s eye slept in a dream of time. Dreams of illusions and wild imaginings darkened the mind’s eye, which in turn projected a reality of perpetual judgment void of Truth and divine love. But when our mind’s eye is open, the altar of Truth is revealed as the open gateway to God’s thought and our true Source. Holding this living thought awakens us to the eternal Light of the present moment and the New Day dawns.


“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” ~ Psalm 118:24


Illuminating Our Power


Our mind is capable of creating worlds.

At the altar of Truth, which is the gateway to the Divine Mind, the living Word of God untouched (untranslated) by human hands infuses our thoughts as we awaken to our true Mind, which is God’s Mind shared with us. The remnants of our illusionary thoughts that clung to us throughout our seeking journey are methodically consumed by the magnificent living thoughts of Truth. One Truth that becomes undoubtedly clear is: we engage our true creative power with our thoughts.

Every soul is fashioned with equal power of mind. What makes us different is what we choose to put into our minds. What we choose to put into our minds is what we create. Thoughts are one of the most powerful modalities we possess. They are the mind’s translators from the uncreated to the created. Our will is the life force in a thought, and the intensity of our will determines a thought’s creative strength.

The realm of thoughts is infinitely more powerful than the reality of forms, because thoughts create the world of forms. However, the sleeping mind mistakenly attributes power to created forms, like money and external force, and gives a trifling power to thoughts. This dissociation blinds us to how we are truly creating. This is where the belief created through our past “learning” deluded us. It proclaimed a source other than our thoughts created our experience.

Past learning involves discovering what we believe to be the source of everything we perceive. To the sleeping mind, when something happens in the past, that past occurrence becomes the source for future creations of something similar. The identified source establishes our thoughts by infusing them with belief, and they in turn create our reality. If we believe a thought has no true source, we let it go and it has no effect. Because all a sleeping mind knows are illusions, the sources it “learns” from the past are illusions. No matter how real it appears, the past doesn’t exist. It’s reality is only sustained by belief in it. Thoughts based on illusionary sources create more illusion, causing the past to continually repeat itself into the future. This is how the dream is sustained. However, the only true source of an illusion is erroneous belief. Therefore, it can be dissolved.

To further diminish the power of thoughts, the sleeping mind believes bodily separation means thoughts are also separated until physically shared. The dreaming mind believes it can think without affecting its reality. Therefore, it has no problem giving its mind to all kinds of thoughts, images, etc. it would never want to create. However, thoughts transcend our physical body and our belief in a thought sends it out to create. Yet, more importantly, in this transcendence of time and space, our thoughts can touch the realm of the Spirit, beyond the physical senses, so we can consciously connect to our shared divine Mind, the Mind of God, and undo all we created in error.

The journey into Truth gains infinite worth when we realize how creation is constructed through the mind with thoughts. When we choose to learn from the Spirit of Truth, we choose to fill our mind with words of life, thoughts that create experiences of divine love: eternal peace, vitality, abundance, creativity, purpose, and joy. If we don’t choose this path and instead walk the path of judgment, then all we know are the effects of our erroneous past learning, where illusion is the source of illusion.

When we come to the altar of Truth, the consummation of universal forgiveness, ALL our thoughts gain a new Source, Truth received directly from the Mind of God. Truth frees us from our past learning and translates our present moment into peace and joy through emergence. It lifts us above all illusions into an awareness of our true Source so we take on its likeness, the divine Self of God.

Understanding the power of our thoughts isn’t “positive thinking”. As long as our thoughts are sourced by the illusion, we perpetuate the illusion no matter how positively we judge the outcome. Only the Spirit of Truth gives us living thoughts endowed with Truth that manifest ever-present peace and joy. As we are illuminated with Truth, our thoughts are freed from illusionary sources of imagination. The inflow of thoughts from our Divine Mind extends the living Words of Life into reality and manifests the Kingdom of Heaven, the only real reality, from the inside out.


“For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” ~ Luke 17:21

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~ John 8:32


Seeds of Greatness



” The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Divine love awakens us into our true greatness.

As our soul awakens, we shed the shell of littleness and our true greatness begins to shine. Greatness is an innate quality that infinitely expands our individualized Spirit enabling the power and unlimited nature of divine love to eternally flow through us. Our greatness is God’s glory expressed in magnitude and magnificence.

As an embryonic Self of God, we experienced a dreaming mind while enveloped in the womb of creation. Yet unaware of the Truth and that we were dreaming, our sleeping mind constructed a false likeness of ourself because we didn’t know our true divine Self. We thought we were tiny creations, like shells of a seed, believing ourselves to be our bodies and living in a reality bound by the body’s extensive limitations. We slept unaware of the life-giving greatness we held within that we were destined to express. Finiteness, limitation, weakness, and littleness defined our false self, creating fear which limited us further. We succumbed to our belittling imaginations of worthlessness, weakness, frailty, vulnerabilities, and insignificance. We felt little.

In our fearful imaginings, we sought to cover our littleness. However, as long as we held the belief in littleness, endless images of it filled our sleeping minds. At times, from deep within we felt the call to greatness, but often instead of seeking the Truth of that call, we sought for superficial grandeur in the limitations of the tiny self we believed ourselves to be. We pursued glory among a finite world where all ended in decay and death. We sacrificed as we endlessly strived to hide our littleness from ourselves and others, and at other times we collapsed into our seeming insignificance. We tried to diminish the littleness we felt with shiny trinkets, trophies, and accolades that we knew would eventually disappear when we went through the gate of death. Our deep sleep kept us unaware of our true Self and true nature, until it was time for our awakening.

At the altar of Truth, the Truth rises sovereign over all our imaginings. As we awaken, untainted in the essence of our true Self, the shell of littleness which brought us to our birth no longer has a purpose and falls away into nothingness. Though some habitual thoughts of littleness linger, they no longer have a source within our minds, therefore no power. Our true greatness begins to bud in our awareness for the first time.

Freed from a dream of littleness, we rest in the present moment in the emergence of our united will with God. Our will that is now one in the same as God’s magnifies our greatness into creation. The recognition of our infinite worth, limitlessness, invulnerability, and significance expands until this is all we perceive. Finite adornments are exchanged for infinite ones of incomparable worth. We begin to see we are far greater than we ever imagined or could imagine. Who can see the likeness of a majestic sequoia in its tiny seed?

Unlike the finite dream where we see the continuum of life from beginning to end, as our eternal true Self unfolds we experience unexpected wonders. Like a magnificent sequoia, though far greater, we can’t tell from our present moment what we will express, for it isn’t recognized in our current state and its knowing is beyond our present awareness because it comes through the God act of emergence. Yet, we know we will increasingly magnify the glory of God.

Greatness is the state of our soul through which divine love flows, because this love is the expression of God who has no limits. Greatness is a quality all souls share in equanimity, therefore to see it in ourself is to see it in others.

All souls are God’s Self expressed in endless arrays of individuality that eternally exalt his glory. Because seeing is creating, one of the greatest gifts we give each other is to see each other’s true greatness, because it is the outlet for endless expressions of the glory of God.


“A little one shall become a thousand, And a small one a strong nation. I, the Lord, will hasten it in its time.” ~ Isaiah 60:22





Souls of Living Waters


Souls, like waterfalls, bring forth the living waters upon the earth.

Welcome to the River of Life

What I share is known through revelation because it’s the experience of our intimate connection to our heavenly Father, and his sacred gift to us, which is also our eternal life-giving gift to all creation.

From the altar of Truth where the eye of God becomes our own, living waters flow, which are energetic expressions of the Spirit of God through us, known as divine love. Our final and perfect judgment that states all are the holy Self of God unbinds our souls from fear to be Truth’s effect; divine love.

Because our faulty judgments contained fear, fear barred the door to our most inner chamber, the altar of Truth, thus to our true Self’s expression, divine love. The final judgment eradicates erroneous past learning so our souls freely know divine love that is unblemished by fear. All barriers, hesitations, reservations, walls, protections, defenses, and selectivity we once had around love end. Divine love’s expression is the witness to our final judgment. Because divine Love is all-inclusive, our final judgment precedes its expression through us because when we see the holy Self of God, who is forever loved and loving, divine love is birthed within us.

Although divine love enveloped us in our embryonic state, it’s only when we pass through the narrow gate at the altar of Truth in a new birth that we experience its life-giving power. Therefore, experiencing divine love’s effects (ever-increasing peace, harmony, creativity, perfect abundance, joy, etc) are also witnesses to our birth, for this love only comes through emergence. This holy power begins to flow through us gaining momentum and expansion as our true Self emerges into the eternal present.

Along the prodigal journey we come to learn of this love through revelation, for its knowing is beyond the finite sleeping mind. It’s an understanding that is born out of an intimate communion with our Creator. Through revelation, which is a direct conscious connection between us and the Spirit of Truth, we come to know of this love and in knowing about it, we desire to forsake all vain imaginings in exchange for this endless treasure because it manifests all our desires.

What we’ve known of love in the dream was only a faint glimmer that we may desire the divine love of our Creator with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. The love of the dreaming mind is tainted with weakness, powerlessness, vulnerability, separation, fear and lack. Fear and its counterpart, attack, were seen as all powerful in the dream, which made love seem weak in comparison. This isn’t the divine love of God, but only what a finite darkened mind conceived love to be.

Like light or the air we breathe, divine love is the power that gives and sustains life in eternal peace, harmony and joy. It causes all creation to eternally expand as it holds and keeps it in perfection and holiness. It allows no suffering, harm, loss, fear, or lack. Because it’s the life force of our being, if it hadn’t been for our prodigal journey through a dream that reflected its opposite, we wouldn’t understand the magnitude of its presence and effect in our lives to the extent we do now. It’s abundance never requires a drop of sacrifice, therefore to know and give this love is the experience of pure joy. Anything we imagine it to be, it is greater still.

Divine love is simultaneous with awakening or seeing rightly. Our first experience of this love is seeing all souls as the holy Self of God; in eternal beauty, holiness, perfection, timelessness, abundance, strength, complete and lacking nothing. Because seeing is creating, as our mind’s eye holds this illuminating vision of the Self of God, the Kingdom of Heaven emerges through us.

Divine love is God’s eternal heart beat as our own. It’s the Source of our eternal life, as it’s an endless waterfall flowing from the Source through us in a continuous river that brings regeneration, healing, and renewing to all the earth.

A Star is Born


“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls.” ~ Psalm 42:6

“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. ~ Revelation 22:1


Clothed with Light


From the altar of Truth, we are clothed with Light as the final judgment is made and we are born anew.

The altar of Truth is the birth place of our divine Self, which is also our awakening into the remembrance of who we are and always have been in Truth. The altar is “the narrow gate” where we enter a world of wonder, lovingkindness, and impenetrable peace, the Kingdom of Heaven.

At this altar, our will is revealed as one with God’s will, therefore limitless and of the present moment. In the union of wills, the past no longer encroaches upon our present. Every moment becomes an expression of our true Source, making the past irrelevant. The past led us to this altar, so we are grateful for its gift, but as we pass through the narrow gate, the present moment is the only time we know. Layer by layer we emerge into the expression of the spirit being we’ve always been in Truth, who is complete, holy and perfect. The timeless Identity of our individualized souls is known and expressed. Now the present, which is created in divine love for us, is seen, known and experienced. As we are made new, all creation is made new with us, because creation extends from within us. 

When our Source changes from the counterfeit to the true, everything changes. Where we once saw darkness, we see Light. Where there was separation, we see unity. All souls have come into equanimity as the expressed Self of God, and in this, all our judgments, which were based on the past, are consumed by our final judgment of ourselves and reality.

Final Judgment

We give the final judgment, which has always been the unalterable judgment of God, that we are the true Divine Self, which is an extension of Himself.

In the dream, we possessed relative truth absent of Truth, therefore all our personal judgments conflicted and created suffering, pain, disharmony and harm. As we pass through the narrow gate at the altar of Truth, all our judgments are stripped from us because nothing but Truth passes through.

In our dreaming mind, ourselves and others appeared to us according to our judgments that were formed from past learning we gained from the world, and not the Spirit of Truth. Our judgments hung upon creation like filthy garments, defining who we believed ourselves and others to be. Over time our garments grew heavy and more tattered as our mind was layered with thought threads weaving a cloak of darkness. Because of our judgments, we responded to reality’s many faces of “attack” in order to defend and protect ourselves, creating endless destruction until we passed through the wide gate of death. Yet, we were only attacking ourselves because we were the source of our dream and the source of all the judgments we placed upon its reality that it in turn reflected back to us.

As we awaken, we give our final judgment, which is also God’s, that ends all other judgments, because it’s harmonious with Truth. It eternally proclaims we are all united as one in holiness, perfection and divine love as the expressed Self of God. In this, our faulty judgments no longer obscure our vision of who we are in Truth, therefore there is no more fear or attack. Our judgments have finally come into alignment with Truth and we are able to pass through the narrow gate at the altar of Truth, the place of our true birth.

With this final judgment, we are “born again” into a newness of life where only Truth emerges. From within, we are ushered into an ever-expanding reality of peace, lovingkindness, and joy beginning with a singular present moment of our will and God’s united as one at the altar of Truth. What we experience is no longer of time, which extended the past into the present, but we experience our true Source which dwells in the eternal present. Initially, our new dwelling place of the present moment seems very small as our mind slowly awakens out of the sleep of time. But every moment our Self expands through emergence into eternal limitlessness. We are no longer bound to time or any of the many laws it placed upon us. The holy eternal present of God’s presence is all there is of time, and his Love the only law.

Because what we see is what we are, we see all as holy as we perceive ourselves as holy. Because seeing is creating, our new vision of our true Self creates an ever emerging reality of peace, harmony and divine love. Those who have passed, are yet to come, and are present are released together from the judgments that hung upon them. In equanimity, we are clothed with Light, the expression of the Self of God. We are one, the selves of God, united by the Spirit of God and the expression of his Spirit.

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” ~ Matthew 7:13

“Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.'”~ John 3:3