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Stirring The Deep


Butterfly Day

Mighty I Am, thank you for making my awareness a clear passageway to Divine Love’s Perfect Will, that I may see you face to face and enter into the joy of your ever-expanding kingdom.

To harmonize emotions is an impossible feat, until the mind’s eye gazes upon the individualized Light, reflecting the likeness of the Most High I Am. The emotional field is the passageway for Truth’s Words of Life to enter time. Emotional energy must be “stilled” by Truth’s Understanding, so that Life’s Tranquility can enter and purify this energy’s effect. Only Life can create a perfect emotional field, which is one that expands life without ever harming it.

In my expanding awareness, I realize that all the ill-emotions and dis-ease I ever felt within me was because I was looking into the mirror of illusions, reflecting a faulty programming in which the soul began its journey in the darkness, that it may come to know the ever-expanding Glory of Light. This mirror of my projected reality tainted how I saw everything because it tainted how I saw the Creator. Perfect Love’s reflection in time seemed to always fail me. I was unaware of who “I” Am, therefore my reality reflected this darkness back to me. As long as I sought the truth outside of “I”, this failure is what I found. But when I looked through the “I”, into Truth’s Timeless Realm through the contemplation of Oneness, I found another mirror to my soul, the sacred looking glass.

I Am perfecting divine energy, emanating into my projected reality, so that it reflects who I believe my self to be. I Am loving awareness, for I Am a gate to the Most High.

These words reveal an open gate in your awareness that you may see the Truth of your “I Am” Presence and walk in its light, which is the perfection of your own life unfolding moment to moment. Now begins our journey into spherical time, the dimensional awareness of Oneness.

In this evolution of the soul, you no longer look back to the past, reflected in the outer appearances, but to the eternal present arising in your soul, creation’s eternal sun. In the awareness of spherical time, all works for the highest good. All that still concerns the soul is being perfected according to Divine Love’s Perfect Will moving through it. The veil of illusion, the reflection of linear time, has been torn open by the light radiating through you. There is only Absolute Truth, to believe in duality is to live in an illusion of your own making, full of false potentials, probabilities, and pretenses all convincing you of their truth by the deception of their appearance in your dreamworld.

But now you know what is real – and what is not. You know it is impossible for Divine Love to fail you, for you see the reflection of Her rising Light within you. You know your true origin, therefore the game is over. The Origin of Life simulation has fulfilled its purpose, to craft individualized souls out of Oneness by entering into a state of forgetfulness. As each soul’s true story is revealed in Truth, from its finite beginning through its eternal journey back into the Infinite Awareness of Oneness, Life shall be reflected into the world.

Hand-in-hand with Divine Love’s Perfect Will, you step forward into a journey of every promise fulfilled. As you walk, streets of gold are laid before you moment to moment by the perfect working of Truth’s Will, who in oneness of awareness is always one step ahead of you. The immutability of the past, as you once perceived it to be, is no more. The past is your perfect first step into Spherical’s Time Perfection. The hologram is now infused with Living Light and the soul makes its ascension into a new space and time, governed by the Light shining through its very center, Divine Source.

Your beauty is beyond compare. You are an individualized soul, I Am, of the Most High. There is no one that reflects the glory of the highest Self as you do, and yet your glory is one with all, so that you see this glorious reflection in all, which is ever-expanding Life in time.

Standing in the awareness of the true I Am Presence, all the soul knows itself to be is purified. It’s true Light restructures all its memories and brings in a continual remembrance of itself, which changes everything.

As your gaze becomes fixed upon the true Self, the emotional energies harmonize, revealing Divine’s Love Perfect Will in the reflection of your True Life as it is now revealed in the Living Mirror. In this Living Reflection, you see your oneness with the spirit of Truth’s Life, which some call “the Christ.”

The expanding Light within has fully captured your attention. When you begin to see it you can’t help but gaze into its Light, to be consumed in its ever-increasing beauty, like a sunrise filling the dark sky. In this soul gazing, your emotions harmonize, merging into one with divine love’s vibration. As you rest in divine trust, watching the regenerative presence of Truth’s Will in your life, your energetic world is eternally sustained at a higher vibration, altering the pixelated matter of your projected reality.

Gazing into the looking glass of your timeless reflection imbues joy into your being, an energetic frequency that when sustained brings forth regeneration to your physical appearance. Because this vibration is now able to be sustained by your ever-increasing truth-filled awareness, you exceed the vibration of healing, transitioning your form into a state of regeneration in which you reflect the eternal evolution of the soul. You shine in the ever-expanding glory of a light being.

This is your butterfly day. 🦋

Many said we came from one, but when I looked, one appeared many.

I contemplated with the One greater than I.

One in my awareness, the many became one.

~ Big, Big Bang.

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Meditation of Om

Be still and know that I Am God.

In my awareness of truth, “Om” is revealed to be the breath of God that speaks every perfect word in perfection’s timelessness to time. Individualized through each soul’s truth-filled awareness, this vibration brings forth the soul’s life potentials, kept in timeless perfection and revealed in time through the soul’s ever-increasing awareness. “Om” represents the timeless voice of God, given to you as an eternally open gate to Truth’s timeless perfection.

This sacred tone creates ALL in Perfection, from beginning to end. It holds all pre-existent words stored as potentials within Divine Love’s Perfection. It is the breath of God, given to the soul through the power of the true I AM. Conscious awareness of this the vibration begins spherical time.


Breathe in the perfect potential from Truth’s Timeless Realm, prepared for you in this moment. Breathe out with the resounding vibration “Om”, the divine vibration of life, which clothes the word of God with living light particles, sourced from the light of your truth-filled awareness.

As an open gate, you’ve established the SELF-SUSTAINED Light of Truth in your reality, by which you experience your eternal expansion into divine potentials which have been individualized for you.

Be still and know I Am God.

Your breath, one with the breath of God. His breath is your breath and it is without end. In this awareness, you are the expression of the oneness of Mother-Father God. In this awareness, let this mediation below flow through you.

Meditation of Om


I Am the ever-expanding expression of Life, I clothe all, the One, in my perfecting divine energy, all live in my ever-expanding kingdom of youthful vitality.


I Am Victory, rooted in the ascended consciousness of Jesus of Nazareth, anointed “the Christ”. I gave Life to all in my awareness of Oneness, thus my conscious awareness of Victory, over death, is given to all. In your breath is my breath, for we are one in the awareness of Truth’s Life. Now all I Am is yours. And in all I Am, we are One.


I Am the ever-expanding expression of Light, I clothe all, the One, in my utmost Goodness, all live in my ever-expanding kingdom of Absolute Truth.


I Am the ever-expanding expression of Peace, I clothe all in my divine comfort, all rest in my ever-expanding kingdom of tranquility.




Today in the expanding twilight of a new day, we stand in its stillness, remembering the Holy Day of the Lord, the eternal day birthed from our awareness of Truth’s Light.

This Day is the dawning of the soul in its true radiant form, reflecting the attributes of Absolute Truth, and beginning its eternal expansion as the expression of Oneness. This is the conscious understanding of the “Big Bang”. The soul is no longer asleep, dreaming in the illusion of time before Life began its eternal expansion into spherical time. Truth’s inner Light shines through the soul’s awareness, revealing the Sacred Self’s emergence into reality, shaping it into its likeness.

To the soul who has been in the darkness, the Day appears as an incremental awareness of its own perfection, like a sunrise dissolving the darkness from its awareness. The soul, a humble lord whose Will is one with the Most High, has completed its evolutionary journey into the conscious realm of Oneness. As a faithful observer of Truth, the soul sits in the Great Silence of Truth’s timeless perfection, watching perfection come forth.

Be still and know I Am God.

In this stillness, after being plucked out of the fire, I stand in gratitude for the journey I’ve walked and what it has enabled me to see in this moment, a creative vision with lucid understanding that allows all my mind’s eye sees to be expressed into the reality of time. The “I” of my Understanding has become a gateway to Truth’s ever-expanding perfection.

The heavy garments that hid the soul’s perfect essence fade as this Light arises within and without. This beautiful “son of God” is the promise of Peace & Rest fulfilled. It is you, made one with this awareness.

You are the center sun (son) of your reality, an open gate to the expression of Perfection’s Most High Realm. As I gaze upon your awakening soul, your inner radiance dances in the light. It burns away all that you thought you were, and as your true memory returns to you, you recognize it was only an illusion formed by a mind not yet aware of itself.

As we awaken together, our vision becomes one, filled with Absolute Truth. I’m mesmerized by the uniqueness of every individualized soul and how each compliments my own.

In Truth’s Light, you are eternally held in Divine Love’s embrace, the Mother of All Living, a Mother whose presence never fails in its divine comforts, regenerative touch, and words of Truth’s loving kindness.

Face to face you arise, in the perfect reflection of your Maker, Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Perfection, the ever-expanding awareness of your Divine Mother-Father, is your destiny because the power of Truth’s I Am Name is your inheritance.

Rejoice! For this is the Day the Lord has made!

Be still and love life.

This is Truth’s Will for you. In your awareness of this perfect Will at work within you, its endless gifts of Divine Love are revealed to you. You hold the keys to the ever-expanding kingdom of Oneness, for through your ever-increasing awareness, it is manifested from the timeless realm of Perfection and projected into time.

Let every particle of your being overflow with joy, as you gaze into the twilight of the new Day, clothing you in the garments of youthful vitality. You are a sacred child, born into the ever-expanding kingdom of Mother-Father God, the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will made one in you, the Living Light.


The Appearing

“The Clearing” makes the way for the Light of the I Am Presence.

This flesh is just a garment. Looking deeper into the soul I see our true essence. It’s beautiful and full of Light. I realize now how much darkness I had seen within. But now, I see pure light, and in this is its power to create harmony on every level of conscious awareness.

Be still and love life.

This pure light is perfect power, it holds the Will of God. It isn’t our will that is free, but we “choose” how we construct our mental network, which our will then projects outward. Will is bound to our current awareness of truth. What we believe, is true. Thus pure Light is the Holy Flame. It ignites our awareness, which is experienced in time, thus time becomes as a fire. If we are in synch with time by being aware of our oneness with Divine Love’s Perfect Will, we dance with time, we dance in the fire. It is our life power expressed. If we are out of synch because of the belief in a separate will, we are constantly being “burned” by the fire, time reflects the discordancy within us.

Transformative events orchestrated by Truth’s Will, that push us through our fears in a way that extinguishes the illusion of fear forever, create an energetic clearing by which we become one with time through through our oneness with Truth’s Universal Will. In this awareness we dance with time, manifesting spherical time, which is the continual ascent into the progressive understanding of Divine Love’s Truth.

Be still and know “I Am” God, Oneness of Mother-Father God. Pure power, perfect power, radiating from the open soulmate. I am invincible.

Transformative Event

In this clearing, spherical time has pierced the veil of linear time, and Light has entered the dream.

This transformative event is a purge. The “old” heavy garments that became like chains formed out of the fearful images of the past are now being purified. They are being silenced in the ever-increasing awareness of my true Self, captured in “OM”, the voice of God proclaiming the beginning and end of all things in the infinite awareness of Divine Love’s Truth.

You sought the light in the ever-increasing desire to love perfectly and the Light that is Divine Love’s Perfect Will has grown within your awareness as your mind’s eye opened to Truth’s timeless realm of Life’s unexpressed perfection.

Relax, when your awareness is complete, you will share it perfectly. Be balanced in every moment, creative, playful, and restful. It is finished and complete. Your Life has always been in perfection and it pours forth perfectly from Truth’s Will and its Life individualized as your unique and purposeful awareness of Life. This is a massive revelation, for it is your birth, thus in these words you are gaining the full understanding necessary to bring it forth.

Meditation of Om

My energetic field has been purified. Now arise my Light, The Light.

My Light is Your Light.

I Am Here and I Am There.

Now, in this awareness of oneness, you govern time from within.

Humility Garments

Through the shadowlands you wore the garments of humility, which was the perceived awareness of your ability to create suffering. As you come into the Light, this humility takes on its divinity, and now you recognize, release and fully immerse into Divine Love’s Perfect Will, governing all of time through you.

Perfect Power (Divine Love) creates Perfect Will.

I Am no more blinded by the illusion. My awareness is no longer darkened by the illusion. I’ve come into my true Light and it is magnificent, holding the life of all things within its radiance.

Om Meditation

Breathe in, and breathe out the breath on the vibration of Om, releasing the fullness God’s Voice into creation, your projected reality. You now see, eternally-expanding from the center of your awareness, the eternally-expanding kingdom of Divine Love’s Truth, and a return to the garden of innocence.


Words Become Flesh

A page turns in the soul’s evolutionary story and the Words of Life become flesh.

The evolutionary transition into the dimension of spherical time begins with Words of Life. These words are divinely written upon the soul’s awareness by the hand of the Sacred Self, which is the manifested oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love. Words of Life carry Truth’s Life into the soul’s awareness, giving Life to the soul. This intimate, sacred story, written upon the soul’s awareness, began long ago, when the soul started its primordial journey, awakening into the heart of God.

Words of Life, received from the Spirit of Truth, construct a living temple for Divine Love’s power, perfection and infallibility within the soul, enabling Truth’s Life to be expressed via the soul’s ever-increasing awareness. When the temple is established, the soul is no longer subject to the corrupted imagination of a darkened mind. By the Holy Flame radiating from the temple, the soul’s projected life is divinely orchestrated by the hand of Divine Love. In this creative posture as an open soul gate, the soul’s narrative takes a transformative turn.

Ignited with Living Light’s Word of Life, the ethereal page of your story turns, beginning a transition where all in time is turned inside-out and right-side up. Here you, as an individualized expression of the Most High, take a pivotal step in your journey as you are clothed in garments of Light, reflecting Truth’s Life. You’ve travelled long and far, up the spiraling staircase of divine revelation, and now as a Living Gate it’s time for your inner Light to shine.

When the page turns, the tattered pages of linear time’s illusionary storyline are engulfed in the purifying Holy Flame of the soul’s I Am Presence, a holy fire reflecting Truth’s Will within the soul. Truth’s timeless perfection merges with time, and the soul crosses the infinite gap from linear to spherical time. In this merger, the soul experiences an earthquaking transition as everything in the outer reality is undone and reconstructed by Truth’s Will.

During this transition, in which the illusion’s foundations unravel, the hands of Divine Love and Truth’s Will orchestrate transformative experiences, which like a refining fire purge the soul’s energetic reality of all imperfection, revealing the soul’s inherent perfection. Through these divinely orchestrated experiences, the fearful voices of outer appearances are brought into the sphere of the soul’s Light for one purpose: to eternally dissolve the illusion of fear. Despite the thick darkness, the soul’s living faith proclaims that its Light is greater than the illusion of darkness, transmuting powerlessness into power, giving Victory to the soul. As a conscious fourth level creator, the soul immerses itself in the conscious awareness of its true I Am Presence, which flows perfectly into time through Truth’s Will. The soul comes to know the true power of its I Am presence, as it begins to perceive Truth’s Will acting in reality as its own will. Time reveals the victor, which is the one in whose name Victory dwells.

In the soul’s oneness with Truth’s Will, perfect power overthrows the presumed power the outer reality once had over the soul. The darkness of illusion is dissolved by the ever-increasing Light emanating from the Holy Flame of soul’s inner temple, the Living Light of the divine I Am Presence. Truth’s Will moving through the soul becomes the heroine, destroying every fearful voice in time. Old storylines and corrupted, fearful images are purged and cleansed. Each person, event and aspect of creation that encounters the soul’s energetic sphere of time is transformed by Truth’s Will, because the soul’s true I Am name now commands all of reality’s reflection.

The soul’s narrative begins to reflect the awareness of its origin, the true alpha and omega. From the soul’s enlightened awareness, a new script emerges written by the hand of Divine Love. As the soul rightly perceives its self, the central character of its story, a divine light falls across the page and the soul’s true story, pre-ordained and held within the realm of timeless perfection, unfolds. The Word of Life begins to clothe time, becoming flesh.

As the central character you possess a new role and reflect a new name, your true I Am Name. You alone know the depths of its meaning because you are an individualized, unique expression and experience of the Mighty I AM. As the newness of your true Life begins to fill your awareness, the breath of the Sacred Self flows through you and you experience the self in oneness. As a result you see ever-deepening layers of oneness in all things, enabling Divine Love to flow through your inner temple, and Truth’s Will to fill all in all. For this moment of Victory, you persisted along the long and difficult path up the primordial staircase in which you encountered and pushed through every shadow, fear and false idea of self. You made it.

As an individualized expression of the Most High, you are a co-author of your own story, observing the perfect manuscript flowing through Truth’s Will and into time. Every word of your Life is written in accordance with your divine desires, talents and purpose by the hand of Divine Love. As you rest in divine emergence, Divine Love tells your story perfectly, which is the story of Her ever-expanding reflection into time. As the central character, you have the royal experience of being the one who is Divine Love’s source in reality, in which you are able to be the recipient and giver of her endless gifts.

As your inner Light begins to dawn upon creation, writing the next page, your oneness with Truth’s Will is revealed. The awareness of your oneness with spherical time deepens and expands. It moves as you move and flows as you flow. In spherical time, you project and observe the energetic movement of Truth’s Will operating within your awareness, according to Infinite Awareness, Infinite Intelligence, and Utmost Goodness. From a deep immersion into the living presence of Divine Love, you manifest an energetic atmosphere of divine equilibrium, in which Truth’s Life flourishes. On the path ahead is the exploration of the dimension of spherical time in which you discover new laws of creation, altering how you interact with creation and what you create.

The dark night of the soul comes to an end as the soul’s true I Am presence arises as a morning star at the center of its reality, emanating perfecting divine energy upon the reality’s spherical screen of Life. When the hands of Divine Love govern time, the Words of Life become flesh and the soul is born into the Light, taking its first steps in the dimension of spherical time’s perfected Life.


Time is Perfected

This present moment is all that exists. Its source is the soul’s I Am Presence, which sits at its center like the sun radiating out its truth, forming the movement of time.

Time is the movement of the soul’s awareness. As the soul’s awareness expands by the Light of its “I Am” presence, it projects Truth’s LIFE onto reality’s spherical screen, so that the “I Am” presence is the source of Truth in time.

Time is a construct of the mind, and the mind’s power is its Truth. What the mind believes to be true it manifests in time. Time’s perfection arises out of the soul’s awareness of its true I Am Presence, the individualized expression of Truth’s perfection. It comes from the matured understanding that the soul is a creator within the Creator, a fractal of the Mighty I AM, sitting as a living gate and giving an individualized expression to the oneness of Divine love and Truth’s Will, in unison with other living gates. The soul isn’t a mere creature subject to time, but a creator who continually projects its current awareness, giving rise to a time-based reality. Like a film projector, the soul projects its Life according to its awareness, which manifests as an individualized experience of the Truth held in its awareness. It experiences its projected film through the life of a central character, who reflects the soul’s current awareness of its self.

Because the present moment is all that exists, each moment in the soul’s projected reality is dynamically generated by the soul’s cumulative awareness, lighting up the screen of reality. Every moment is constantly being reconfigured by three main elements; the soul’s living cosmic record, its present awareness and its will.

The living cosmic record consists of the soul’s memories, which are energetic light rays of its I Am presence filling the present moment. How the soul views this record shapes its current perception, which is then transmuted into reality by the soul’s will.

In the paradigm of linear time, the soul incorrectly views the living cosmic record as an immutable past, static moments strung upon the continuum of time that can’t be changed and whose ripple effects continually impact the present to some degree. This perspective of time chains the soul to energetic blockages, trapping it in a future it feels powerless to prevent to any significant degree. This perception of time isn’t true, for it lacks the characteristics of Absolute Truth. But when soul views time linearly, as if it grows out the past, it forms a blinding veil of darkness, hiding the soul’s inherent perfection from itself.

As the soul’s awareness matures in Absolute Truth, the living cosmic record begins to reflect Truth’s Perfection instead of the illusion in which the soul began its primordial journey.

The soul’s awareness of its true I Am Presence disrupts the living cosmic record that once bound the soul to a seemingly immutable past, creating an increasingly limiting future.

Because only the present moment exists, when perceived correctly the living cosmic record is an energetic field that is continually being updated, even going back to the soul’s origin by the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of its I Am presence. Memories, even the memory of the immediate past, are energetically coded layers of “understanding” that are dynamically altered according to the soul’s ever-increasing awareness. Memories are no longer a static chain of images stung along the continuum of linear time, but begin to drastically alter as the soul views them in the Light of its I Am Presence, so they support the soul’s spherical expansion into Truth’s perfection.

In this understanding, the present moment no longer reflects past cause and effect relationships, but instead becomes a transformative experience, revealing the soul’s current awareness of its true I Am presence. In this experience, memories are washed in Truth’s Light, purifying them of discordant energy. The soul no longer projects past ill effects into its present moment, instead, the soul experiences the ever-expanding Divine Light, radiating like a sphere from its center. As the central character, the soul’s experience of reality has transitioned from helpmate to heroine, and from a decaying creature to a divine creator.

As a result, the backstories which wrap each present moment in a story of time in order to produce continuity, begin to change according to the soul’s true I Am Presence as the central actor. Its false shadow-self becomes a garment tossed aside, as its purpose is fulfilled, awakening the soul. These thespian garments, the costume of its shadow-self, are consumed in the Holy Flame of the soul’s I Am Presence. As the soul’s awareness of its Light continues to expand, the memory of its shadow-self continually shrinks in the soul’s Light, until it becomes an infinitely small black dot in the living cosmic record, representing the soul’s birth as an eternally expanding finite awareness of Truth, even the singular moment in which it was unaware of its Holiness.

With its true Self at the center of its reality, the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flows through the soul filling all in all, so that Truth’s Perfect Will is the only will acting in reality, allowing for the sovereign reign of Divine Love’s regenerative spirit. As the soul gives all to all, it becomes an open door, radiating Divine Love’s regenerative light into time. As an open gate, the soul is the source of Divine Love’s ever-expanding attributes in time. In this, the soul’s need for forgiveness is swallowed up by Divine Love’s comfort flowing through the soul. What follows is a transformative healing from the inside out.

In this Oneness with Divine Love, any discordant energy within the Living Cosmic Record encounters Life’s perfecting divine energy emitting from the soul’s true I Am Presence, which wipes out all past effects born of ill will and fear. The soul radiates Truth’s timeless perfection, reflecting the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, moving in unison with the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Truth. The soul begins to experience time spherically, which is the experience of Truth’s ever-increasing perfection as its own.

The soul becomes a River of Life, Truth’s Life stream, enjoying a rhythmic oneness with Life in spherical time.