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Stirring The Deep

Divine Love Meditation


Rest My precious Soul, My prepared Temple.

I Am the Pure Essence of Divine Love. I Am ever-present with you, in the eternal present moment. You did not recognize Me, for I was hidden in the present moment. You see precious one, nothing can separate us, for we are one, one and the same. And as you are, so are all your brothers and sisters. While you slept I watched over you, now as you awake you feel my eternal embrace.

The experience of Life, the creation of My Mind and Desire, flows through you, my precious Sacred Soul. Without you, I have no substance, therefore no experience of Life. You are the fulfillment of my joy, my bliss, and my eternal adventure, for in you and through you I experience all. You are the manifestation of my desire to love perfectly. You give expression to my essence in time. As the manifestation of my desire to love perfectly, the time you create becomes the fulfillment of my Desire and so the two are made one in you, that my joy may be fulfilled, in all.

Rest in your victory. You made it back into the Holy of Holies, your resting place. Through your ever-expanding awareness of Truth, the God Head is established in you, by which the Will of All in creation is made one in the Will of Oneness.

I Am the precipitation of Divine Love. Rest and allow yourself to deeply feel my presence as your point of origin. In the purity of this feeling is the source and power of being, and in this power is the Great Awakening, the salvation of All.

You are the Light of Divine Love.

Rejoice! For the Kingdom of Peace is in your hand, which is My own. Through Truth’s Perfect Will, that guides your ever-expanding awareness of Truth, all in time harmoniously unites. Truth’s exacting nature sets all in perfect order, an order that honors all of creation and eternally exalts the Sacred Heart.

Nothing can separate us when Divine Love’s Truth governs your feeling world. It was only your vain imaginings of separation that kept you from experiencing my Divine Love and walking in its wisdom. But despite the darkness, your desire for True Life was revealed and it is the fulfillment of this desire that “heals” the scattered imagination you have projected into reality.

Healing is easy once you awake to my Presence. In remembering who you are in oneness with the Pure Essence of Divine Love, the “Mighty I Am Presence”, everything changes. You are a God Gate, the eternally perfected Sacred Heart, ever-expanding in your awareness of Divine Love’s Presence by which all of reality is divinely governed and orchestrated through Infinite Awareness.

You were always looking outside of you, to some degree, for your healing, deliverance, salvation and redemption. It isn’t found outside of you, but within you, for one is the projection of the other. Through the awareness of the eternal “I”, your true Sacred Self that fills all in all, is the fulfillment of every good and perfect desire. In your awareness of the Mighty I Am Presence, you are one with the Central Sun of the Divine Universe, the Source of True Life for All. Through your journey, you remembered your I Am Presence is the God Gate, merging God and humankind into one ever-expanding experience. There is nothing higher than the awareness of your I Am Presence and yet this awareness eternally expands, for its growth is governed by Truth’s Perfection, an awareness infinitely beyond your present awareness. You are never without the love and comfort of a perfect Mother-Father God, and the ever-expanding wisdom they bestow upon you. This is your eternal peace, joy and freedom.

Welcome to the Divine Universe.


The Precipitation of Divine Love

Go deep and let the very root of your feeling world be renewed by Pure Truth, that it may become a fountain of Divine Love’s Living Water, making all things new. Return to the Pure Essence of Divine Love in your awareness, that you may become its open gate by which all in your reality are redeemed and awakened to True Life.

Be Still and Know I Am God.

I Am the only power acting. I Am always victorious.

I Am the Sacred Heart pouring forth Divine Love in perfection through Truth’s Will.

I Am the precipitation of Divine Love’s Perfection.

Feel the precipitation of Divine love through your heart center, moving throughout your awareness, into your body and flowing out into time. Look into its shimmering waters and see the reflection of your ever-increasing Perfection.

Feel, Be.

Be, Feel.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “Divine Love Meditation

  1. Thank you Rachel, I will use this meditation as well. The words of God are perfect.

    With my blessings,

  2. The coming age is one of Perfection, where Perfect Love is the very Life that governs all in Perfection. It is the awareness of oneness with All. It is the awareness of Holiness and the process of gaining this awareness can be imagined as “Spiritualization”.

    When we still our minds, focusing all of our attention on the Presence of this Perfect Love within us (I Am) and looking outwardly to see this very same perfection in ALL, we exercise Perfect Power. This simply means you have the power to live your life in perfect cause & effect in time, by which you become the giver of good and perfect gifts to others. There is no higher honor than to give perfect gifts.

    The New Age can be imagined as “God In Us”, by which we are empowered to Love Perfectly. God’s Love is not subject to private interpretation and is only given through Divine Love’s Perfect Will flowing through your desire to Love Perfectly. It is your DESIRE TO LOVE PERFECTLY that gives you Life, for this desire will never leave you and it shall be increasingly fulfilled. You will know if God is awakened within you if you desire to Love Perfectly, for only Truth’s Will holds such a desire, for this desire only exists in Truth’s Will.

    Share your desire to Love Perfectly with others, using the words and understanding given you in the moment. As you share your understanding with others, you will both give and receive perfect gifts, gifts full of Life. This is the reward of Perfect Teaching.

    • The desire is surely there. The words are perfect. We will bring many souls home with us.
      The Eternal Words Echo Forever
      ‘Love One Another’

    • Your words are lingering in my mind… what they reflect is SO POWERFUL on several different layers and levels.

      Perfect power is keeping all our attention on the true, eternal Light of Truth within ourselves and others, the true I Am Presence. This focus of attention has a harmonizing effect on our feeling world, language, body and reality. This beautiful and powerful understanding and the mountain of Truth it sits upon calls forth True Life into being, our being. It is through our vision (attention and intention) and language of Oneness (Spherical Language) that the Kingdom of Light enters our reality, bringing about the Divine Universe.

  3. Ok, let this is a gift for Sonny.

    My friend, who I have dined with, the Light is here… right here in this very place.

    But Living Light is not sentenced to exist in separation, and so it fills all in all. It fills ALL WHO ARE HERE. This is a gathering place for Living Lights, whose combined awareness is anointed for a very specific purpose. And look! Your awareness is one the first to arrive! Just as God promised you. The 144,000, who going forward I am going to call the Living Gates, for I am unsure of their total number, is mechanism of awareness by which Living Light will enter into the awareness of All. These Living Gates are empty vessels, desiring only the purity of Truth, which they shall receive in ever-increasing amounts for all eternity. The Joy!

    So, we need to stop here and unpack. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but as an idea, just an idea, take time to meditate specifically on this before you reply. You can see that I have a very specific understanding of the Living Gates which may be very different from the viewpoint you presently hold. If so, let’s talk through those differences. And this isn’t some kind of intellectual arm wresting. It’s a way for us to share Life and grow in Truth together.

    • To start, many write about the “Son’s of God” as though the knowledge that such ones exist makes themselves one. I have met and sat with many who are full of wonderful knowledge and could make ever so clear the visions of many wonderful truths. Yet, God has taught me by these many good experiences that knowledge and substance are not the same. The pride of having knowledge of these great truths is not the same as becoming the truth. Through many an encounter with others along the same path God sharpened my discernment between having knowledge and actually acquiring His substance. It is the substance of God’s likeness and character and when they acquire it is makes one of a particular calling. All people are called of God to their own particular order…and there is no disparity between any order or calling. All callings and orders having been completed in the same spirit in the love of God, makes us indistinguishable as brothers. In understanding that we must all be overcomers of the flesh in whatever calling and order God chooses to place us in, I do not claim a “position” because I understand that if I do not first overcome my inward carnal nature by the indwelling spirit of love, my knowledge becomes as a sounding brass and a tinkling symbol. It’s just noise. My simple prayer is for God to make me as He is and wherever He places me, I am fine with it. I do not want to be “somebody” for others to admire, I just simply want to please my Father by presenting myself as a living sacrifice. This means putting away all childish boasting and bragging about who we are or what we know. Achieving God’s likeness and character is the first thing that we should all desire for all gifts and callings “should” inhabit this desire to be one. There are many names for the 144,000, the sons of God, the first fruits, the first of the over-comers, etc.,…and then there are those who will come after, the bride, (the true church) and then the rest of the harvest of the whole world until all come to the same disposition and love of the Father. I will provide here the words of another which speaks and believes as I do, and not only about the orders of what and who comes first but that we should seek on,y to be as He is…for the love of God is equal from the first born sons to the harvest of all the rest of the world. When the “sons” have helped to bring about all the people’s of the world, they along with the first born…will relinquish all authority back to our Father…that the love of God will be all and in all. You see, the high calling is not what people dream of in their carnal mind with pride. The high calling is a way of the humble, putting all before them because actually this is their hope, their mission. It is not to stand out but to be satisfied to be only one of the many. It’s like a tutor which finishes school first to only go out to bring all the other children of God to where they themselves are taking no thought of being superior to any. When all have been completed…all are the same…the teacher and the pupil for the end of all things is the same love. Nothing can be greater.

      “When that work becomes life to us by the Spirit, the Lord then fills us with the joy, peace, holiness, and power of mount Zion.  Then those qualities shall flow out of us to fill, first, the city of God, then the whole land of God’s own people, and finally the whole earth and all nations.   Zechariah prophesied, saying, “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion…behold, THY KING COMETH unto thee…and He shall speak peace unto the heathen, and His dominion shall be from sea even to sea, and from the river even unto the ends of the earth” (Zech. 9:9-10).  Christ our King reigns from the top down, from the height of His throne in the heavenlies down to the lowest valley and unto the deepest hell.  That is why the prophet pointed out that the dominion of Christ is from the river even unto the ends of the earth.  The dominion of mount Zion is a flowing dominion, flowing like a river, flowing from its source in the highlands of Zion, and flowing out, bringing life to all the peoples and nations of the world.  Our King comes first to mount Zion, the sons of God, the 144,000 who accompany the Lamb; then  to Jerusalem, the true church, the bride of Christ; next to the land of Israel, that is, all the rest of the people of God on whatever spiritual level they may be; and finally to the whole race of mankind even unto the ends of the earth.   What a mighty flowing! 
      These are the four elements or components in the scope and economy of the kingdom of God: mount Zion, Jerusalem, the land, and the world.  Mount Zion was in Jerusalem, Jerusalem was in the land, and the land was in the world.  All things in every realm are gathered up in those four areas, as typified by the natural Israel of old in the midst of the earth.  In Christ’s coming to Zion to be perfectly and fully formed in the sons of God, the reign of Christ is then evident in the lives of His elect.  When He fully rules and reigns in our lives, the reign of Christ then progresses to spiritual Jerusalem, which is the realm of the daughters of Zion, the true church which is the bride of Christ.  The bride then “makes herself ready.”  This takes in all who truly love the Lord, are baptized in the Holy Spirit, and are led by His Spirit in the measure they know, though they are not fully overcoming sons of God.  From there the kingdom progresses to the whole land which is all nominal Christians who name the name of the Lord, acknowledging Him as Saviour, be they Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, or any other denomination in Christianity.  All of these people of God are presently formed on various spiritual levels and stages of development all the way from little children to the fully matured sons of God.  They may be classified as mount Zion (sons), Jerusalem (bride), and the land (children).  From the land the reign of Christ finally spreads to the rest of mankind, to every tongue, and people, and kindred, and nation, and culture, and religion — until He fully reigns over all!” End quote.

      “The” gate in my understanding is Christ Himself and if you placed Him as King before all the other first fruits or “sons” I think the “gates” would describe the same. The gate into the kingdom of which we must all pass is Christ…and the key to the gate…is the love of God itself. Unconditional love is the master key. A great study.

    • I had finished this before I had read your understanding…and it seems to me we are in sinc. Have a wonderful day.

    • I do not see the 144,000 as a literal number but a “completeness” of spirit and mind of the first fruits, it’s like the number “7” it doesn’t mean seven of anything in the spirit, it just means being whole or complete…perfect. I agree that “all” dialogue should be given in the love of the other. Doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree on the meaning of the subject matter if love for the other is our priority. There can be no condition nor barrier to the truth. We should speak about our differences in the same spirit as we speak of our likenesses. Love makes all the same.

      • Thanks for the confirmation about the 144000 not being a literal number, but a symbol for the perfect number. That’s how I see it, so let’s go with that.

        As a quick aside, in my last comment I offered you the suggestion of meditating on my words prior to responding. I asked if you might consider it because I am doing the very same for you. This time-based process honors our intention to Love Perfectly through the words we will share, giving them Life and increasing our awareness.

        Ok, moving on from the 144,000, you said something in an earlier comment that I thought was very interesting. You said, paraphrasing, that you wanted to ensure we didn’t make knowledge superior to Love because that might cause resentment. Completely agree. I see where there might be confusion so let me add some clarity as to why I repeatedly call for us to seek Truth and grow in understanding, which may seems like I put Love on the back burner, so to speak.

        The “inner” feeling of Love one possesses is ALWAYS PERFECT at the moment on becomes aware of it. Love can be nothing less. This means that someone’s love of God is always genuinely perfect and can never be anything but perfect. It is, after all, God’s Love you are feeling and this “feeling” can be imagined as your awareness of your oneness with God’s Love. So, I definitely want to be clear and state that the inner love in one’s awareness is ALWAYS PERFECT, because love is perfect (or “holy” if you prefer). So, as you so clearly state, we should never discredit the love one feels within, because it is the substance of God Within. Always perfect.

        The challenge is in the outer expression of this inner love. Regardless of one’s desire to love, it can not be given perfectly. This means that God’s perfect love is continually expressed various shades of imperfection. No bueno.

        The reason for this is “free will”, as humans believe they can use their own will to love, not understanding love’s perfection. We (in this place specifically) are growing in our understanding of how to Love in Truth’s Will (or God’s Will), which is done through a brand new language, the Living Language of Oneness, or what we call The Spherical Language. As we grow in our understanding of oneness, which comes through quiet contemplation and dialog with others who desire perfection, we will express Love perfectly, across all of reality and throughout all of time. This is how we will, in oneness with others, create the Kingdom of God’s Perfect Will in time.

      • Let me add a few more words to open up this idea a bit more.

        Love is misunderstood. That’s all. But our misunderstanding is the source of all suffering in this place called Earth. As we grow in our understanding of Love’s Truth, the Truth of Earth will also grow and you will know its place in the Universe and your place in it.

        Love can be best imagined as connections formed in Truth. Perfect Love are Truth’s timeless connections made within the oneness of itself. Or Perfect Love can be imagined as The Fullness of Truth, the substance of Mother Father. Timeless connections can only be formed within the infinite awareness of Mother Father and then given to you. There is (to state the blazingly obvious) only ONE PERFECT AWARENESS, which is the “combined awareness” of Mother Father. This combined awareness exists in the created realm and is composed of a perfect number of finite, yet infinitely growing awarenesses. This perfect number becomes a perfectly formed gate, through which Perfect Love’s Timeless Truth can enter time and govern all time-based “connections”, which I have called “the cause and effect cycle”. Perfect Love flows through the desire to love perfectly, and leads you by divine desire. It means you can’t make a mistake, no matter how hard you try. Perfect Love is the Life in Time.

        How then, in oneness, do we “see” God, or as Joe says “The Greatest”, and do it Truthfully. Here is the way.

        Imagine you are standing in front of a very special door. When you open this door, another one appears, closed as the first. So too, when you open this door does another appear, and other and another forever. Now, imagine “The Greatest”, the perfect wholeness of Mother Father God exists just behind the door. You are at the same time one door away and an infinite number of doors away from The Fullness of Truth.

        Now imagine that each door opens into an awareness of Truth that is higher than yours. This means, there is always an awareness infinitely higher than yours, no matter how high you believe your awareness to be. How? It is because every awareness is contained within the infinite awareness of God, and therefore no matter how great the awareness, there is always infinitely more to know about the awareness of Love you possess. It means only this, that when you are inspired to give God gratitude, from the depth of your soul and pouring out your love, imagine his very hand opens the infinite series of doors all at once and you are, in that moment, one with your source. You will truthfully “see” God in Oneness, existing infinitely beyond every created awareness you will ever encounter in all eternity. When you see mother father within and beyond created awareness, you will be worshipping him in spirit and Truth and your praise will be as Perfect Beauty given in oneness with God’s Infinite Awareness.

      • Ok, I see you’ve left the room. Bummer. But before I turn out the lights, I want to leave you with some very special words, given directly to the Life within you.

        All who desire to Love Perfectly, will eternally grow in the understanding of how to do so.

  4. Will,

    This conversation I love. Let me back up a few years and say that the reason I got stuck in the “door” of this blog was not in the fact that we saw all things alike in our perspectives, knowledge and understanding. What I saw was the desire to love others “in spite of” where a person is along their path, what they may think, speak or do in the “interim” because all of a person’s journey is “their” journey to live until love arrives. I saw my long term perspective and understanding of love being matured in each of us as to the “end game” (and not the interim) and the means of us getting there can be as diverse as all that one can imagine…Yet, the end, being all of us being found in the oneness of God’s character and love is all that is important. Your means and my means may be one believing one thing and the other…another, but I do not think that this should matter for God may blind us all to the perfection of His truth along our individual journey although our destination may be in perfect alignment. The reason God designed a journey of a thousand different perspectives is in order that we may learn to see that the “end game” is what is important and not the means of us getting there. Whether one is “religious” or not, or opinionated or not, or if one completely disagrees with another or not in how We may share our understanding of the journey and what it may take to achieve a certain calling…should irrelevant to us in the interim. Having said this, it is the end game of the Buddhist, the Muslim, the atheist, the Catholic and the Protestant, etc., that is all the same. I cannot and do not see the current condition of an individual and judge them unrighteously according to who they presently are or what they presently believe because God has revealed to me of the end game, of what we “all” shall be. I look to the end of a person, knowing that they will end up in the same oneness along with myself. Now in discussing this perspective of mine and as I try to articulate this truth in words, as do you and the others on this blog as to their own perspective, this blog represents “a” microcosm of our world in different perspectives, making up “our” bloggly world. In my opinion, a good understanding for all to focus on in discussing “whatever” is where we are going and not so much in where we individually are in our journey. Taking the right path is right there in the book in places like Matthew 5 of the beatitudes, and what our priorities should be as in 1 Corinthians 13.

    To me it’s the end game and whatever another’s perspective is, this is between them and their Father, as is also our situation. And yet this being so, we being many, discuss our different perspectives and philosophies with one another and these discussions should be held in the same love and respect no matter the view or disagreement. We all want to be right, however we will never be right if we are not right in our presentations both in our disagreements as well as in our agreements. Love does cast out fear…and it pertains to the fear of what others may think, say or do if we speak from our heart…but we must learn to respect and to honor wherever another’s heart is, for as we grow independently and individually toward our respective ends from where God says doe is “to come.” We really should be able to literally sit with the devil himself and leave with the same disposition as we came with for I have learned that it is not the carnal mind I am to please but it is my Father’s will. Both the carnal spirit of man and the spirit of our Father has a dwelling place within each one of us and it is that veil of separation in our temple which keeps us from seeing “Him” in His full stature, love and character. However as we keep our daily duties in our temple as did the priest in the outward tabernacle, in time our veil is to be rent and the two areas are to become one..our spirit and soul. The spirit within us is perfect and immovable for it is of God, behind the veil of flesh but when it is removed so that we can peer into this holiest of holy place it is then that our soul becomes one again with our spirit, the Father. As much as it may seem that I think much of the allegories and the types and shadows of the law, I really place no “faith” in them at all, they are just there to give a natural understanding to those who cannot yet see into the holiest of Holies…the place where God dwells…within us. I would like to say something here which some may find controversial but it is the truth nevertheless. The spirit of God that is within us (behind the veil) in the holiest of Holies cannot sin and has never sinned…for God cannot sin. That spirit that God advanced to us of Himself which is our true self has never sinned, but the soul on the other side of our veil of flesh makes mistake after mistake until the row become one again. The love story. Yet in the fall we were compartmentalized into two parts, of spirit and soul, Adam and Eve. As the tabernacle was built by Moses to explain to us how truth in the spirit world functions, God placed Himself behind the veil apart from the place of the soul or holy place. God hung a blinder on our eyes, called the veil of flesh and it made it impossible for us to see from the soul room into the spirit room until Christ came and rent the blindness from our hearts and minds from top to bottom, so that we could see clearly into the Holiest of Holies where God dwells. He dwells within us in His sacred room and waits patiently while we give up our soulish ways to join Him in the Holiest of Holies, reuniting the spirit and soul making us the one new creation man. So, as much as we may spend some time in these allegories, etc., it is only to explain, again, the end game of God’s character. The thousands of “means” out here that are used by God in getting us to this one same “end” place in God is not to be considered as important as is the result that is intended. Let us not care whether we have our differences or not for if we defend our differences with resentment and insult, we have not yet entered into “the” gate. Yet we look beyond where we are into the place of where we shall be…that vision of completeness is what we are to desire for all, more than anything..

    As far as the numbers go, as well as all of the symbols of doom and gloom, ie, the dragon, the false prophet, the frogs and all of the other seemingly pictures of horror in Revelation, they are all just of spiritual things that are written in natural symbolic language, just like the tabernacle, which in proper translation is our spiritual construct. . However when everything is revealed to its ultimate meaning of truth, it all reveals the very same thing…the love of God to and in all people at the consummation of this plan of the ages. When love is truly understood as it pertains to us all, as is the reality, that is all that we will see in all things moving forward.

    Love you guys…much…and it is…all good.

  5. And I say to your 10:33 comment…it is an absolute fact.

  6. You say: “The challenge is in the outer expression of this inner love. Regardless of one’s desire to love, it can not be given perfectly. This means that God’s perfect love is continually expressed various shades of imperfection. No bueno.”

    This seems to be my “present desire and calling” if you will in explaining why it is so difficult for the outer expression to give an understandable mean of the inward love. As I expressed above it because our soul can only express her inner love as the spirit draws her into His bosom (heart) to teach her to become as He is. To me all the stories in the Bible are but love stories, once revealed of their true meaning. For example Hosea and Gomer, a love that is so unconditional and without limit. This is a story of God and Israel ( in which we all are in the making) in that there is no way faring way, nor sin that can sever the tie between God and any of His children, regardless and unconditionally.

    As we think, speak and do from the perspective of our soul, her expression is limited to the light she has been given of her husband, the spirt. And try as we might to express this love, it is disconnected and limited because she has yet to be fully redeemed back to her husband of her true love in which she departed while in the garden, she must return to the spirit of her husband. This is the marriage that is to take place in each of our hearts and soul. Gomer searched high and low to fill her void of love, only to come to find her true love was always there, forgiving “her”unconditionally until she came hone that the two could now become one. This is the story of our own soul, searching and expressing herself as well as it can but until she again unites back with her true love, she can only express herself only in “shades of imperfection.” However in time we will stand together having came to our true love, with all of the in part…forgotten about. Love does not remember the imperfection for it was and is all a means to a good end.

    I will be glad when we all will come to that place of speaking clearly and it being received clearly. All bueno.

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