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The “I AM” Prayer of Oneness


Through the “I AM” Prayer of Oneness the one Will of Truth is expressed into Creation.

This Prayer of Oneness is a deeper awareness and therefore more powerful expression of the Prayer of I AM. It’s the activity of God within our mind as God’s thoughts flow through us and into others to manifest divine potentials in Creation. It’s the recognition there is one Self of which we all belong, therefore it’s the end of the illusion of separate selves and the resurrection of the one true Self (Christ in us).

This Prayer is our conscious expression of the one Voice, one Will, one Desire and one Word, which we share with God. It’s the energetic movement of God’s living word into Creation. God’s word enters our conscious awareness, we continue its extension to others, and then it’s reflected back to us as an individualized expression in reality. Its movement is the eternal circle of life, so that God’s extension of his Self is completed through our extension of His word into creation, and in return He experiences the expressed joy of his Creation. In this, our function as a creator within a Creator, a living gate, is established.

An example of the circle of life created by the I AM Prayer of Oneness: (You can replace the words “divine love” with any divine attribute.) 

  • God’s word to us: “I AM divine love in you, manifesting its expression.” (God’s word enters our conscious awareness)
  • Our word to others: “I AM divine love in you, manifesting its expression.” (Extending God’s received word into creation)
  • Creation’s response: “I AM divine love in you, reflected back to you.” (The manifested word of God)

This Prayer of Oneness is the marrying or unifying of our consciousness to the Supra-consciousness of God, and in doing so creation becomes our “son”. All we experience, even in our own bodies, is a result (son) of this union. As we are God’s son, creation is our son (why we are referred to as the “bride” of God). Through this Prayer we recognize God’s word in us, we give the word we received to others, which creation then reflects back to God within us. In this, all is one, and God is all in all.

Once spoken with conviction in the inner chambers of our being, this Prayer outwardly manifests the word through divine emergence. In Emergence we trust that God is orchestrating the perfect and divine present moment through us, therefore we accept whatever occurs without complaining, knowing it’s for the highest good of all. Our true Self can only be expressed through emergence. In emergence, as we rest from striving, we express the divine potentials held for us in the mind of God through our Prayer of Oneness.

By consistently holding this Prayer’s circle of life in our awareness, our true Self (the Christ) takes its rightful place at the center of being, the Altar of Truth.

This Prayer isn’t a magical formula. It reflects our true sonship with God, that we are a creator within a Creator, where divine thoughts are shared by all. It’s an understanding of who we are, how we create and using our creative power as it was intended. The Prayer extends from a mature soul ready to be what it is created to be, Truth’s expression. It’s the means by which our God given nature, gifts and desires are expressed and fulfilled.

This Prayer extends the living word of God to all so that all move, live and have their being in the one Self. How this prayer is individually expressed is the effect of divine emergence. During this resurrection season, March 22-April12, this is a very powerful energetic Prayer to participate in.

“I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” ~ John 17:23

“for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.'” ~ Acts 17:28

The Prayer of Oneness


The Great Deceiver

Lavender Ocean

Our true Self is not a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of Power.

Truth is changeless. Fear is dependent on change. Thus, to fear is to deny the Truth of who we are. It’s to deny our power as a creator within the Creator.

The divine attributes of our true Self are changeless because they are the eternal Spirit of God expressed through us, as our I Am (his Son). Fear comes from the belief that these attributes can change at any moment due to outside circumstances. It denies the changeless nature of our divine attributes and assigns false attributes in their place. Therefore, fear lives in a sleeping mind whose source of truth is outside itself and not the Spirit of Truth. Because we imagined and believed we are something we are not, an illusionary reality is created reflecting these false attributes.

Fear deceives the sleeping mind into believing it aids in its protection by identifying perceived threats. Fear causes us to build and hoard up idols we believe will protect us. In believing they bring safety and protection (attributes of love), fear now associates itself with love. This false image deceives the mind into believing love contains fear, when in Truth divine love knows no fear. Idols of protection and defense perpetuate and uphold the very fear they try to mitigate. Fear demands we serve these idols and in so doing makes real all that we would defend against. This deception convinces us we are vulnerable to our external reality, therefore denying our true Self.

Fear, the great deceiver, sits like a thick dark cloud hiding the Light of our true Self and the power we possess. If we accept fear as a part of us, it will belittle our greatness, steal our joy, disrupt our peace, clothe us with vulnerability, dishonor our Creator, and dismiss divine love as weakness. It beckons us to serve it with idols and sacrifice our true Self’s expression. Our true Self (the Christ) remains unexpressed because we have denied its likeness as our own. As a result, we create a reality based on fear and not divine love.

To break through the illusion of fear, in faith we go straight through it without idols. Fear is only a deceptive voice until we make it real by serving it with our thoughts, words, actions, and idols. In the Light of Truth, we stand on the Truth of our true Self who is one with the changeless nature of God. In this faith, fear is cast out from our minds and we advance into the higher consciousness of our true Self, where divine love is manifested into our reality. As we exalt Truth with our mind, choices and actions, we experience its peace, radiance and abundance.

Fear has a very loud voice. It demands defense, protection and attack. If we heed its voice by defending ourselves against it raging rants, then we’ve made it real and forsaken our true power, therefore our ever-present peace. As a creator, we hold the power, not fear.

The true “I Am” is the Almighty Presence of Eternal Peace from which nothing can be added or taken away. Our true Self never changes from its eternal state of oneness with its Creator. When we are conscious of being this Great I AM, the one Self, then this is what we express.

In Truth, there is nothing to fear. In oneness, we are masters of our reality. To stand in Truth is to live by our true Power, which overcomes all fear’s deceptions.

Don’t deny Truth, for Truth is your freedom. Instead, let your Light shine through your inherent creative power for the encouragement and blessing of all. Reclaim your Identity as the Great I AM, eternally secured in the oneness you possess with your Creator.

“For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” ` Romans 8:15

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” ~ 1 John 5:4

“Now do your eyes belong to Christ, and He looks through them. Now your voice belongs to God and echoes His. And now your heart remains at peace forever. You have chosen Him in place of idols, and your attributes, given by your Creator, are restored to you at last.” ~ Course in Miracles


Truth is. Love is.


calla lily

Truth is. Love is.

Truth’s expression = divine love.

Divine love = the perfect and divine orchestration of the present moment for the highest good of all. 

Truth is ever-present, yet always beyond form. It’s expressed into reality through our conscious awareness of it. Its expressed state is divine love, which is the perfect unfoldment of the present moment for the highest good of all.

We are not simple recipients of divine love. We are an integral part of its expression, as we are a creator within the Creator.

Divine love is the living Thought of God that creates the highest good for all of Creation. It’s birthed into reality through our desire to create this perfect Will. This living Thought flows from God’s mind and through our desires to give form to the present moment. In our oneness with the Supra-conscious Mind of God, the highest good for all is manifested through the fulfillment of our divine desires expressed through the creative act of emergence.

Divine emergence is the creative power of our Supra-conscious flowing through us. Instead of our previous creative mode of striving within the limits of our conscious awareness, we sit as an open gate to the supreme wisdom of our Supra-conscious, which possesses the full awareness, far beyond our own, to manifest desires which bring about the highest good for all. This utmost good is the divine orchestration of the present moment, reflecting all the divine attributes in individualized experiences that create peace and joy. This means for you, and for all.

A slumbering mind doesn’t express divine love because it doesn’t know Itself. It assigns false attributes to itself and others that extend fear and guilt into creation, which keeps it endlessly striving to protect and defend itself from a reality of attack and suffering it unknowingly created through fear and guilt. Love is greatly misunderstood in this environment because it’s subjectively perceived through the darkened lens of false attributes. In Truth, where divine love is, there is no fear/guilt. They are two separate states of consciousness; two different states of being.

Forgiveness is transition between these two states of consciousness. It’s the unwavering choice to no longer assign false attributes to the creative name, I Am, and only assign attributes of Truth, whether to ourselves or others. This choice is a powerful creative act because what we are conscious of being is manifested into reality. As we awaken, for a time our mind habitually assigns false attributes to ourselves and others. However, as we persist through this transition by consciously replacing the lie with the Truth, the Truth begins to shine in our reality as the perfect unfoldment of our present moments leading to ever-present peace and joy.

In our oneness, all minds are held within each other. We can extend fear/guilt, or we can extend Immortal Love’s Living Light into our shared reality. The choice resides in what attributes we choose to assign to the creative name, I Am. The potential to experience divine love is always present. As we abide in the consciousness of Truth and no longer the illusion, we experience its perfection.

When we know our true Self, we know divine love and its immortal and changeless characteristics. We are its Ray of Light. As souls begin this awakening into who they are in Truth and the recognition of their creative power through divine emergence, all of creation is touched by the consuming Living Light, the very love of God, through them. Their Light spreads until all that is known and expressed is Truth and Love.




Kingdom Consciousness


Kingdom of Heaven = a state of consciousness that is one with God, which creates an expressed reality of God’s likeness and glory.

The Kingdom of Heaven is manifested into expression through the desires of an enlightened Mind.

Every perfect divine potential to be expressed through us is presently held within the Mind of God, a Mind we intimately share. These potentials enter our mind through our desires and are expressed in their fulfillment. This is how we receive the gifts of God and share them with others. This is how the Kingdom of Heaven is manifested from within into an outer reality.

Only a mind freed from the senses can perceive and receive divine potentials because they are not of the ways of “man.” Even if a mind governed by the senses could perceive these divine potentials, it would deem these utmost desires as “impossible” and would dismiss them from its mind, because it’s imaginative power is limited to the external reality it sees. A mind of the senses is bound to desires rooted in the senses, which deceptively misleads one into unworthy pursuits.

When our mind is illuminated with Truth, we recognize we share in the Mind of God, which is our source of opulent abundance. Reality is a reflection of this abundance, not the source of it. In possessing all the divine attributes, we manifest their expression in every experience. They are never fleeting, as with a mind of the senses, but ever-expanding.

A mind of lack, which is subservient to the senses, sacrifices its divine potentials because they are “inconceivable.” A mind of Truth knows no such limitations. It creates from the true Source and not from a limited reality perceived through the senses. The Light of Truth allows the mind to envision desires far beyond anything its known before and in this it becomes an open gate to express the glory of the Most High, the Kingdom of Heaven.

The desires of an enlightened mind are perfectly designed for each individualized mind’s utmost joy, and ultimately for the highest good for all. They are fashioned according to individuality, preferences, and purpose. Though they are the expressions of the perfectly orchestrated Will of God, the mind interprets obtainment of its desires as freedom of choice because it receives what it desires most; what it “chooses” above all else. It’s the way in which we create all we desire and nothing that we don’t, while resting in the perfection of God’s Will so the highest good for all is expressed.

Divine potentials received as desires, are only manifested through the creative power of oneness, which is divine emergence. In emergence, we create through our Supra-consciousness where anything is possible.

If a divine desire comes to us, whether for us or for another, it’s because our personal imaginative power is being used for its manifestation. By stepping into the desired divine potential and feeling the realness of that potential as if it is already manifested, we birth the potential into our conscious awareness. The Supra-consciousness orchestrates the sequential steps to its actual fulfillment through emergence. It’s a creative experience of rest, not striving, and of oneness with the power of God, not separate from it in which we are burdened with obstacles of lack and weakness. We faithfully reside in the experience and feeling of the fulfilled divine potential until it is created in reality. In this, we create in oneness with God where we experience our utmost joy and the highest good for all.

The Kingdom of Heaven expands from within us as we perceive the Living Light within and become the Light through the resurrecting of our minds from the illusion to the Truth. This all-powerful and gentle Light transforms all things into its likeness through our desires. As we rest in emergence, this Living Light moves through us and illuminates the world in divine harmony, perfection and love bringing forth the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

“For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” ~ Luke 17:21

“Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” ~ Psalm 37:4



The Turning


We’ve come to a pivotal choice along our spiritual journey, which our increasing awareness of Truth has afforded us.

“The turning” is an irrevocable choice to totally turn from the persuasions of physical senses as conveying anything of Truth to the eternal Light within as our only Truth. This turning uproots our thoughts from the illusion thus removing what sustained its existence. This choice is the undoing of the illusion of death and the emergence into the radiance of Life.

Our thoughts are rooted into this illusionary reality through our physical senses and our perception of time. Our senses are how we perceive and experience the dreamworld of our embryonic soul. They are an integral part of the dreamworld like our body in a night dream that allows us to intimately experience our dream. When we uphold our outer reality as the source of truth, the perception of time seemingly gives validity and realness to what we physically sense because either the past supports its occurrence or because of duration. Time supports what the senses tell us to believe about ourselves. Our senses collude with time to define who we are, our limits, our frailties, and everything we believe about ourself. In this self-deception, we assign false attributes to ourselves and remain unaware we are creators of all we perceive. It never occurs to us we’ve accepted we are someone we are not.

In the dreamworld, all we’ve sensed and experienced isn’t who we are in Truth, but a false image of our self.

We can’t embrace the false image and our true Self (revealed by the Spirit of Truth), as both true. They are totally unlike each other. We have to choose one, a choice that is intimately tied to what we believe is true. To choose our true Self as the only Real, requires we deny everything our physical senses have ever told us. It’s to deny all we thought was true, real and a part of us. In this choice, we give up the little illusion of ourself, and for a time seemingly become as nothing, to become everything.

When we fully perceive the significance of this turning, we experience a profound divine forgiveness because all we experienced never truly existed. The illusion of a sustained past continually encroaching upon the present ends and only the emerging present of perfection remains.

As we stand strong in Truth, overcoming the temptation to allow our senses to assign false attributes to our self, our mind resurrects from the governance of the senses into the ever-present Mind of Truth. We reclaim our creative power that we foolishly gave away, and through this power all is renewed.

If we’ve built up the sense realm as something desirable it may be hard to turn from it as true. However, if we perceive this pivotal choice, then our minds are illuminated with the Truth and there is no comparison to what we will experience and express in the higher consciousness of Truth. We gladly let go. With endurance, persistence and faith, our mind will transition and accept our transformed awareness. The ever-present perfection of emergence frees our mind from the illusionary construct of time, and the false image of ourself and its past dissolve into nothingness. Our true Self arises to its rightful place.

Our true Self resides beyond the illusion in the perfection and holiness it was created in as God’s living thought. In this turning, we enter into the realm of divine consciousness, where the Identity of our true self within the Great I AM is known and expressed.

When you know who You are, you will no longer be what you are not.

“From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent [Turn], for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” ~ Matthew 4:17

“Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” ~ 1 John 3:2