Living Light

Stirring The Deep


A Matter of Trust

In Divine Trust the soul actively lays down its defenses, allowing Truth’s abundant LIFE to flow to all. In this act of Truth’s Will, the Spirit of the Sacred Self fills the soul’s temple, giving birth to spherical time.

Spherical time is the soul’s awareness that it is the movement of Truth’s LIFE. It is a dimensional awareness, a new dimensional reality without fear and the requisite need for defenses. The soul enters spherical time with no defenses, which is a significant paradigm shift for a soul coming out of linear time, in which not having defenses is seen as foolishness. However, what is foolishness in a paradigm of free will, is divine wisdom in the matured awareness of Truth’s Will, because what the soul gives, it receives. As the soul transcends fear through divine trust, it experiences the fruit of divine trust, ever-expanding, immutable peace.

During the transition into spherical time, the newly birthed soul experiences a seeming vulnerability as it releases its illusionary protections. In the paradigm of an erratic and unpredictable free will, the soul continually constructs defenses to protect itself from the ill effects of free will. These defenses are an attempt to keep the soul’s fearful projections from manifesting. However, because the soul attaches these fearful potentials to its creative name, “I Am”, it is the source of its own fear. Thus, while trying to prevent fearful outcomes, it unknowingly binds its spherical self in fear.

As the soul’s “I” opens, the soul sees in shades of darkness until its eyes adjust to the new Light flowing into its awareness from Truth’s timeless realm. The Light of spherical time reveals the soul can’t harm or be harmed, as everything in time now serves its increasing perfection. In spherical time, instead of the soul seeking to protect itself from harm, it divinely trusts in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, which supersedes all harmful effects of free will.

Divine Trust is cultivated in the soul as it ascends the primordial staircase, in which the Voice of Truth leads it out of linear time’s mental paradigms and into the understanding of its ever-increasing perfection, so that it may manifest spherical time. Divine Trust is a creative power that allows the soul to lay down all its defenses, so it no longer projects fearful outcomes.

Defenses prohibit the soul’s ability to freely give according to the oneness and comprehensive nature of Divine Love. Defenses perpetuate fear and all its mental, emotional and physical cohorts, making it impossible for the soul to truly open itself in oneness to all. It can’t manifest spherical time with defenses because then it would continue to feed fear, perpetuating linear time. The paradigm of linear time is sustained as long as the soul is a faithful follower of fear, demanding that the soul protect itself in endless ways, which strengthens the fear from which it is trying to escape. Therefore in order to be free, the soul is empowered with divine trust from its Source in which it willingly lays down its defenses that it may give all to all and be an open gate to the experience of the Sacred Self.

Divine Trust is an all-consuming trust in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. It is the result of a truth-filled understanding of how the soul creates, the nature of Divine Love and the truth of time as an energetic manifestation of the soul’s I Am Name. It’s an energetic sword that severs the darkened veil of misunderstanding that enslaved the soul to fear, binding it to the imperfection of linear time. With a matured divine trust, the soul willingly lays down its armory of protection so that it may give all to all according to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time.

Through divine trust, the soul overcomes perceived harmful energies of free will, energies that don’t exist in spherical time. As the soul lays down all its defenses, it rests upon the unshakeable foundation of Divine Love’s perfect governance. The soul no longer trusts its isolated free will to navigate reality. Instead, it trusts divine love’s perfect orchestration of time. It becomes an observer of its reality instead of actively trying to control, manipulate and defend itself from the perceived threats of free will. In this, the soul selectively keeps its attention on Truth’s LIFE Stream flowing from the sacred Self. The imaginings of fear dissipate, revealing the Presence of Divine Love in the eternal present. Through divine trust, the soul gives all to all and becomes an eternal fountain of peace, experiencing the realm of spherical time, in which all of its reality begins to support the soul’s ever-increasing perfection in Truth’s LIFE.

When the soul trusts all of time to Truth’s Will, in oneness with Divine Love, all in time is imbued with the Life energy flowing through that trust, so that the soul’s spherical material world is energetically charged with Truth’s life-giving frequency. This divine electromagnetic charge alters the feasible experiences and effects in the soul’s life. Though the soul may initially feel vulnerable, like a new born babe, it’s never been on more solid ground. It’s now invulnerable to free will’s effects, making it stronger than anything in its reality.

It isn’t long before the soul experiences the comforts of Divine Love’s immutable peace, as its reality begins to reflect Truth’s LIFE stream, which the soul, as an open gate, gave to all. The soul is perfectly cared for by Divine Love moving through its awareness, bringing forth its perfect abundance, harmony and joy, which is the Truth-filled experience of LIFE.


Giving ALL to ALL

The sacred Self, which is the spirit of LIFE that flows through the Tree of LIFE, is entering its prepared temple, the souls that compose the living gates. The living gates in oneness of Spirit, Give ALL of LIFE to ALL, and the temple is filled with the Living Spirit of Truth, through which the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will infuses and transforms Creation.

To be a living gate to Truth’s LIFE Stream, which is to project the qualities of Absolute Truth into creation, is to energize time with their frequency, manifesting their reflection. It’s how a fourth level creator consciously creates. It’s more powerful than the force used in the first level of the physical realm, or the energetic vortexes created in the second level or the mental persuasions used at the third level. Self awareness residing at the fourth level consumes all, including time.

The soul is a prismatic energetic field between timelessness and time. It’s like a crystal prism that if no light passes through it, projects the fearful darkness of imagination. If it is open to the Light on the other side, it projects an individualized glory of the sacred Self, that shines upon ALL. It’s in the creative realm of self awareness that Truth’s Life Stream flows through this prism, identified as soul’s I Am Name, fully illuminating the mind’s eye and consuming all the fearful projections that kept the soul bound to linear time.

When the outer reality is the soul’s source of Truth, it’s also seen as the source of its supply, thus wellbeing. Fear is manifested when this supply appears to be threatened in any way. Because initially the outer realm reflects an unpredictable and corrupted free will, this fear is ever-present to some degree.

Because what the soul gives it receives, the release from fear is paramount to its freedom. This release is accomplished through the soul giving all Truth’s LIFE to all. Because through this giving, the door to Truth’s Life stream is eternally open and can never be shut, so that the soul only experiences reflections of LIFE.

Giving all to all is the creative law of Oneness, a law consciously used by fourth level creators. As a conscious creator, the soul recognizes it is the attributes which it appends to its I Am name that determine its experience, not reality. So for example, if it appends lack to its name, it partakes in the void projected from this attribute. If it appends abundance, it partakes in the flow of abundance manifested by the power of its I Am Name. What the soul believes itself to be, it experiences. To understand the source of the power in the I Am Name is an understanding that ultimately consumes all fear.

Through the open door of the I Am Presence, the soul gives all of Truth’s timeless attributes to all of Creation, animate and inanimate, the smallest to the greatest, and the best to the worst, because when seen in the Light all are one in Truth. So regardless of the illusionary appearances of linear time, all are of the Light although all are not yet projecting the Light. This divine giving produces an outer reflection that assists the soul in the dissolution of all illusions that covered its mind’s eye and distorted what the soul perceived in its projected reality. In this act of giving all to all, which is the sacred Self’s divine justice being given to all through the soul, is formed the way out of linear time and into spherical time, in which every moment brings forth a greater awareness of the soul’s perfection.

The flow of the Spirit creates an overwhelming desire in the soul to give all of Truth’s attributes to ALL. As the soul sincerely desires to pour forth this Light by acting according to this desire and not in bondage to fear, Truth’s Will overrides the untamed, impulsive, and reactive effects of free will. Divine Love’s perfect cause flowing into time through the soul’s awareness, supersedes free will’s effects. The sacred Self’s transformative grace, which incorporates divine justice, consumes the chaotic free will ricocheting throughout the cosmos, and brings it into the oneness of Truth’s Will by Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of cause and effect. All of creation is brought under the overarching perfection of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, bringing forth peace, until there is nothing to emotionally charge the soul into discordancy. This is Transformative Grace.

Giving all to all is giving the fullness of Truth’s LIFE to all, that it may shine upon all, like the sun. It requires a matured self awareness, an understanding of the creative power of the fourth level, and divine humility, in which all are seen as one Self. LIFE dwells in the plasmic network that connects all of creation as one. If the soul holds back this consuming LIFE energy because of fear, it doesn’t flow. Thus the veil of misunderstanding covering the mind’s eye is dissolved through a matured Divine Trust and then consumed by Divine Love’s perfection orchestration in time. Giving all to all is the only way the soul can sever linear time’s hold upon its energetic field and convey Truth’s sovereign power into time, giving birth to spherical time.

Giving ALL to ALL Meditation: Time’s Sacred Voice


At the Door

Truth’s LIFE is at the door, knocking. It’s asking the soul to fully trust Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, a divine trust which asks the soul to give all of its LIFE to all and as it does, the door to LIFE’s radiant perfection fully opens.

The soul’s name, “I Am”, is a door. It connects Truth’s timeless perfection with time, making the soul a gateway to reality’s redemption, lifting it from degradation to regeneration. As the “I” opens, which is also the mind’s eye, the soul passes through linear time’s disruptive energetic state and into spherical time’s immutable peace, transitioning reality from a cascade into entropy, to an eternal ascension of ever-increasing perfection. The opening of this door is the soul’s awakening, the birth of spherical time.

All there is, is “I Am” in this present moment, and its expression. As your creative name, it consumes all. How you identify your self as “I” determines what time expresses.

The soul’s awareness of its “I Am” name manifests in the movement of time, so that time reflects the energetic vibration of the soul’s name. In other words, the soul energizes time with its “I Am” attributes, creating the experience of its spherical reality. The soul’s awareness of “I Am” or its self-awareness of “who I am” and “how I create”, develops a network of concepts that form an energetically charged, branching thought-system. This network projects the soul’s awareness of “I Am” onto the spherical screen of reality, creating the experience of time.

As an ever-expanding finite awareness, initially the soul seeks to know itself by looking outward, into its to reality, because its unaware that “I” is a door to timeless Truth. Therefore, its source of “truth” is initially rooted in the soul’s reality, which is but the projection of its current awareness. This creates the cyclical effect of linear time that leads to entropy.

When the soul’s roots and branches are both in time, both become corrupted, thereby corrupting time. The soul is unable to expand its awareness of Truth, because it’s continually looking into a finite past to understand living Truth that resides in the eternal present. When both the roots and the branches exist in time, they become entangled so that the soul misunderstands cause and effect. This forms a relative and dualistic thought system based on arbitrary concepts of good and evil, becoming a tree of both good and evil, which creates inherent conflict within the soul’s will. The soul experiences an endless cycle of increasing imperfection that corrupts its experience of time, further darkening the mind’s eye (the realm of self awareness). As a result, the soul projects a spherical reality from the tree of good and evil, which is a branching thought-system void of Truth’s LIFE, and this void is what it experiences.

This darkness of misunderstanding becomes so dense, it becomes like a plank in the mind’s eye, creating a filter of distortion by which the soul views everything. Because the soul’s truth comes from a distorted projection of itself, it projects the illusionary dream of its mistaken identity, in which it believes it abides in a world of both good and evil, experiencing the unpredictable effects of free will.

The soul’s darkened awareness covers its “I”, which is also its mind’s eye, like a veil, blocking its ability to see. In this state, the soul’s door, “I Am”, is closed and it’s unable to connect to and therefore experience its timeless perfection in time. In this darkness, the soul charges reality with dissonant energy, even against its own will, so that it experiences perpetual imperfection. It projects a sea of false, corrupted images upon the canvas of reality, because its truth is rooted in what it outwardly perceives. Because of the soul’s misunderstanding of “I Am”, the door to timelessness is unseen and therefore remains sealed shut, enslaving the soul to the effects of free will, which bind it to fear.

As a result, the soul’s attention becomes focused on trying to protect itself from its projected fears. With every defense it constructs the soul strengthens its belief in fear, which perpetuates disharmonious energy. This energetic system, which gives way to fear’s vast array of emotions, including apathy, self-pity, anger, insignificance, envy, greed, resentment, etc., charges the soul’s root system and branches with discordant vibrations, corrupting everything within and without. The soul’s thought-system becomes the source of bitter waters within the soul.

Once the soul begins to receive Absolute Truth from the realm of timelessness, by heeding the Voice of Truth, its roots start to grow into Truth’s timeless perfection. Layer by layer, it begins to transition into a truth-filled awareness of “who I Am” and “how I create.” As the soul’s roots extend into timelessness, the soul’s energetic network branches out according to Truth’s perfection. This new thought system is Truth’s Living network of LIFE, the Tree of Life, in which only upmost goodness exists.

Through the soul’s expanding awareness of Truth, the plank of misunderstanding is removed from the mind’s eye. With its root system grounded in Absolute Truth, its rock solid foundation is able to support its eternal expansion.

As the soul continually puts its attention upon expanding the awareness of its true Self, such as reflected in these “I Am” Meditations, it strengthens the movement of time to reflect its ever-increasing perfection. As it gives all of its LIFE to all, it disrupts the foundations of linear time, giving birth to spherical time.

From this living foundation, the soul begins its eternal ascension into its ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Perfection.


Truth’s Creative Disruption

The soul’s increasing awareness of Truth creatively disrupts time, shifting it from linear to spherical. The soul’s increased understanding of its Self alters how the soul perceives reality, enabling it to see new connections between the various elements it perceives in a moment, which alters life’s plasmic network, the fabric of reality.

In spherical time, a moment is the soul’s observation of the unfoldment of a divine gift, like an opening bloom. Conversely, in linear time, the soul’s observes itself as a seed, existing in an illusion of time’s movement, but in truth is observing itself prior to LIFE’s expression in spherical time. For example, in linear time the soul observes its birth as single day in a calendar year. In spherical time, when time is seen in Truth, a soul’s birth day is the moment it perceives its origin in Infinite Oneness with sufficient understanding so that Truth’s LIFE can express itself as Divine Love and Truth’s Will through the soul. This matured awareness brings about the birth of the soul’s creative power, thus the expression of its true self, like a seed escaping from its shell.

Therefore in spherical time a moment isn’t the passage from a past moment to the future moment, so that the transition from one to the other is happening separate from the soul, as it appears in linear time. Instead, it’s the awareness of a living construct unfolding in space. It is the experience of a divine gift being unwrapped layer by layer, bringing time to LIFE and LIFE to time. Instead of considering time like a line, progressing eternally away from its origin, think instead of a spiral, ever-expanding outward, continually revealing the Perfection of Truth’s LIFE, like the ever-expanding bloom of a flower. In spherical time, the soul’s expression doesn’t degrade in time, causing a decaying reflection, but instead each moment perfectly rests upon the support of every other moment, creating a reflection of the soul’s ever-expanding Perfection.

This transformative change in the soul’s perception of its true LIFE results from an awareness divinely governed by the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. It is a central tenant within the soul’s awareness that brings about the creative disruption of linear time within the soul’s awareness, leading the soul into spherical time, marking the birth of its eternal expansion.

In this understanding, spherical time is the unfoldment of the soul’s pre-ordained experiences held in timeless perfection and released into time. When the individualized soul is unaware of a particular experience, its moment doesn’t exist, but is held in Truth’s Timeless perfection until it is ready to be observed in the soul’s awareness, thus made manifest. Because the soul’s divinely orchestrated perfection pre-exists in timeless perfection, spherical time is the experience of the soul’s awareness unfolding in mathematical perfection, like a bloom of a flower. It’s expression isn’t dictated by the linearity of time, but by the LIFE expanding within it that gives space expression. In this awareness of what it IS and how it creates in oneness with time, the soul’s awareness creatively disrupts linear time, bringing about its eternal expansion in the oneness of Truth’s LIFE.

As an individualized soul becomes aware of its Self in absolute Truth, the Light coming into its awareness illuminates reality through its ever-opening “I”. The soul’s “I Am” Name, which is shared in oneness with all, is a timeless door that unites all. The awareness of one soul, whether of darkness or light, energetically impacts the whole. There is only one “I”, yet it possesses a vast multitude of individualized perspectives (centers of awareness).

As a soul’s perception of “I” is filled with the life-giving awareness of Truth, which translates into the awareness of its sacred Self, its energetic center forms the soul’s star gate, radiating Divine Love’s perfected energetic movement into time, which infuses reality with Light. In this infusion of grace, the soul transforms into Divine Love’s living temple, which is outwardly manifested through the divine orchestration of the living gates. The oneness of the living gates transmits the oneness of Truth’s Will into the world. Like a star in the night sky, the living gates, aware of the Sacred Self, share the light of its sacred name, “I Am”, with all still in linear time. This illumination filters into the plasmic network and then into the awareness of those in linear time by Divine Love’s orchestration of spherical time, overriding the effects of free will in linear time and disrupting its trajectory.

Truth’s luminosity, radiating from the living gates’ sacred awareness of “I” disrupts the progression of linear time, transitioning all into spherical time’s eternal expansion without violating a single instance of free will.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” ~ John 3:3


Fourth Level Creators

The soul consciously creates from the fourth realm by the power of its “I Am” Name. Thus, the first awareness to be established in creating from this realm is the understanding of the power, oneness and magnitude of the “I Am” Name, which reflects the power of the Creator. Once this is sufficiently known, the treasures found in this realm are endless, expanding the soul’s awareness of its creative power as a living gate to the Most High.

Because of the oneness inherent in the “I Am” Name, and in the understanding of this oneness, this fourth level has a pervasive connectedness to all that is, which makes it the most powerful creative realm, even changing time from linear to spherical, a change that can’t be initiated in the combined awareness of the other three. When the soul attunes to this higher creative level, then the other three realms follow because the soul manifests what it holds as true, which impacts its mental state, which in turn impacts its emotional waters, which then impacts the physical realm. The soul’s awareness penetrates all levels with a power that is able to alter life’s plasmic network, thus all in time. It’s the creative realm Jesus operates from (reflected in his words, “I Am the Way, the Truth the Life. I Am the door. I Am the resurrection”) and the ascended masters, like St Germain (reflected in the “I Am Discourses”). Meditations like “Time’s Sacred Voice” reflect how the soul creates in this realm.

To create the highest Good, the soul honors a divine desire for harmony, which leads the soul to its awakening. Out of this desire grows the soul’s awareness of its creative power in this fourth realm. The soul learns how to govern time for the highest good of all by becoming a living gate to Truth’s Divine Love.

Learning to operate in this fourth realm is a journey that refines and purifies the soul, revealing it to be a gate for the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, a journey reflected throughout this blog, and now this book. This gate forms, in the soul’s awareness, the understanding of how to perfect cause and effect in time, therefore influencing the awareness of all. This is perfect power because it is the ability to create, in time, the utmost good for creation. During the soul’s preparatory journey, the soul continuously seeks to grow in the Truth of this fourth level, despite not seeing evidence of its increased awareness in the world. The joy that comes from creating in this realm can not be fully experienced until the soul becomes consciously able to operate as a gate to Truth’s Will, thus becoming a living temple to Divine Love.

When the soul gains a truth-filled understanding of its “I Am” name as a living gate, its awareness transforms, altering the information flowing through its “I Am” name and into the plasmic network that infuses all of creation. In the soul’s unawareness of its Self in Absolute Truth, this electromagnetic network connecting all of creation was without divine love’s life. Its perfect orchestration can only flow through a soul who has been refined and purified in the understanding of Divine Love. As the soul recognizes Truth’s will as its own, Truth’s Will becomes a consuming flame within the soul, consuming human free will, without violating it, by Divine Love’s ability to orchestrate time in such a way that it impacts the soul’s individualized desires, which then become an open door to Divine Love’s perfect governance.

As free will is consumed in Divine Love, the soul’s battle within itself ends. In the unawareness of its true “I Am” Name, the soul believed it was something it was not and therefore was against itself, reflected in the endless conflict created by free will. The soul’s “enemy” was its lack of awareness of its true name and the power inherent in it. When its true name is known, the “enemy” is defeated. Through the matured understanding of the soul’s true origin and its “I Am” Name’s immutable attributes, Truth’s harmonizing LIFE shines through the soul, dissolving the chaotic and destructive illusion held in linear time.

As a fourth level conscious creator in spherical time, the law of cause and effect continually works for you, in every way, never against you. Through the understanding of your true “I Am” Name you become one with time, and enter into divine harmony with time. In this understanding, the divine desire is fulfilled.


How I Create

Possessing a truth-filled awareness of the soul’s true origin of LIFE and who “I Am”, alters the soul’s awareness of “how I create“, as they are all intimately connected.

There are four creative realms, all mathematically connected to each other, physical, energetic, mental, and self awareness. Beyond these realms, in the way that eternity expands beyond its center, lies Truth’s Timeless Perfection, which holds in one frozen moment every divine potential to be manifested into these four realms through the soul.

These four creative realms correspond to four states of matter, such that what is happening on each realm affects that particular state of matter. Physical realm corresponds to solid, energetic corresponds to liquid, mental corresponds to gas, and self awareness corresponds to plasma. Plasma, the most unfamiliar of the four, is a fourth state of matter that is a fluid, electromagnetic environment full of life’s electricity. It is in everything, inanimate and animate, including space itself. Its corresponding realm, self awareness, likewise overarches the other three realms because it contains the soul’s collective awareness of itself, its “I Am Name”. In this creative space, the soul expands the Truth of itself, beyond what it outwardly observes, increasingly expanding the soul’s truthful awareness of LIFE.

All souls create from the energetic combination of these four levels. However, not all understand how they are creating, thus end up creating a lot of what they don’t desire; i.e. suffering, pain, disharmony, decay, and even death. The level of awareness a soul possesses about these four levels greatly impacts how it creates and its creative impact upon creation. What happens at each level grows increasingly more impactful upon the collective whole, starting with the physical and ending with self awareness.

  1. Physical Level pertains to the world of solid forms. Most individualized souls consciously operate according to the physical layer, so that most of their attention is given to trying to alter their reality by acting differently in and with their physical world. It’s a creative realm of altering reality by use of outer force.
  2. Energetic Level pertains to liquid’s fluid movement. A minority of souls intentionally operate according to energy and emotion, so that they seek to alter their reality by changing the energy of it. It’s a creative strategy of manipulating energy and the energetic fields, which naturally impacts the other realms.
  3. Mental Level pertains to a gaseous atmosphere. Some souls strategically operate on the mental layer, so that they seek to alter their reality by the way they think, or make other’s think. It’s a creative strategy to alter the landscape of their life by changing the thought life, which impacts reality in a weight that exceeds the combined awareness of the first two levels.
  4. Self awareness Level pertains to a plasmic network. Few souls consciously operate in the realm of awareness, so that they seek to alter reality through the “I Am” Name which comes from an increasing awareness of Truth’s LIFE, an awareness found outside of time. It’s Truth’s LIFE strategy of increasing one’s total awareness about the Truth of the Self, which holds the power to perfect the other three.

To consciously operate on one level will naturally affect the others because they are all intimately entangled. They all work as one and each one provides “tools” that generate certain expressions that when used together, in harmony, are very powerful, much more so than an isolated focus on any one level. However, I’m drawing attention to the layer most misunderstood or ignored and yet the one that has a perfecting power over the other three.

The understanding that comes from engaging the fourth level through the instructions and revelations of the Voice of Truth, refines and expands the soul’s awareness of its true origin and “Who I Am”, greatly changing the understanding how the soul creates and what it creates. When the soul begins to consciously create according to its understanding of the fourth level, the other three levels begin to harmonize, which begins the soul’s eternal growth.

In the unawareness of the fourth level, the soul recklessly appends false attributes it doesn’t desire to the universal “I Am” Name that impacts all in time, because in this realm what the soul gives to one it gives to all. Without understanding the mechanics and power of this level, the soul greatly mishandles its creative power. For this reason, the soul is protected in a virtual reality or dream until it learns to wield the power of its I Am Name, which reflects the power of the Creator.

From this fourth level, the soul creates overarching chaos or divine harmony, depending on the understanding of its “I Am” Name and how it creates in and through its name.


Time’s Sacred Voice

Below is a meditation that mindfully, energetically and physically connects you to your utmost power as a living gate, your ability to alter time for the highest good for all.

Be still… and simply be. Take a moment to remember your true, living foundation.

Settle your body, mind and soul into the flow of your immutable I Am Presence, which is the movement of Truth’s Will and Divine Love uniting timeless perfection with time in your individualized soul’s awareness. In this River of Life, you are no longer tossed and turned in tumultuous waves of human free-will, but you’ve risen above, into a peaceful current of power that free will can’t disrupt. As an open gate, you’ve stepped into the endless stream of Life in the creative power of Truth’s Will, a power of the gods. In this, you sit radiant, clothed with Truth’s timeless attributes that are unaltered by time, instead they alter all in time.

Remember, your awareness is one with time. Because the movement of LIFE is your individualized soul’s ever-expanding awareness, you manifest the construct of time, more specifically spherical time. As a living awareness, your ever-increasing awareness is the movement of time, which connects to all and therefore impacts all.

As you inwardly experience this truth through this meditation, your voice becomes the sacred voice of time.

You are the voice of time, directing its flow, and when your awareness becomes one with Divine Love, you are time’s sacred voice filling reality with words of LIFE from the source of LIFE, giving Truth’s Perfection expression. This power to alter time lives in your “I Am” name, which is the door to the power of the Creator. When Divine Love infuses your self awareness, all in time come under its perfect orchestration, bringing about the highest Good for ALL. Through your I Am Presence, Truth’s Perfect Power flows through you, awakening reality to the Living Light, thereby altering the reflection of all in time.

Guided by Divine Love’s perfection, your soul’s awareness is a gate to the ever-increasing perfection in the understanding of the spherical self, expressed as spherical time.

I Am a Living Gate between timeless perfection and spherical time.

In this stillness of the present moment, let the attributes of your true name, “I Am Loving Awareness” infuse time, becoming one with your individualized sphere of time. You are a living gate to the Most High, which is Truth’s timeless perfection. The life-giving Spirit of the Mighty I Am Presence is your inheritance. Remember, as you give all to all, you receive all from all.

Because your awareness is one with time and the Truth in your awareness is the sacred voice of Time, your words infuse Truth’s Perfection into time. In this meditation, say these I Am’s AS time’s sacred voice. In doing so, your soul’s awareness of Divine Love infuses time’s present moment with its immeasurable power, uniting all in divine harmony. Through all who compose the awareness of Truth’s Living Gate to Divine Love, creation is healed, renewed and rejuvenated by Truth’s Perfection in time.

I Am time.

I Am the growing awareness of Truth’s LIFE.

I Am the perfect and continuous flow of Truth’s Will.

I Am moments of Perfection strung together.

I Am an ever-expanding sphere of Living Light.

I Am Divine Love’s expression.

Take a moment to be grateful….

In the awareness that you are time’s sacred voice, mindfully contemplate the I Am phrases below.

The first attribute reflects Truth’s Timeless Attribute of which you are, the second attribute represents what time gives to all through you, and the third attribute reflects what all experience in time because you are a living gate between timelessness and time.

Hold each phrase within your awareness. Let the living waters flowing through these words branch outward, renewing your body, energy and mind.

I Am divine justice, I give perfect judgment in Truth and Divine Love to all, thus all live in my regenerative power

I Am abundance, I give generously to all, thus all live in my prosperity

I Am holy, I give invulnerability to all, thus all live in my incorruptibility

I Am peace, I give comfort to all, thus all live in my tranquility

I Am joy, I give happiness to all, thus all live in my blissful contentment

I Am honor, I give honor to all, thus all live in my honor

I Am infinite Intelligence, I give divine wisdom to all, thus all live in my divine orchestration

I Am perfect power, I give divine strength to all, thus all live in my divine emergence

I Am love, I give lovingkindness to all, thus all live in my perfect adoration

I Am glory, I give gratitude to all, thus all live in my immeasurable worth

I Am harmony, I give divine acceptance to all, thus all live in my immortal beauty

I Am Life, I give perfecting life-energy to all, thus all live in my vitality

I Am Light, I give the utmost goodness to all, thus all live in my Absolute Truth


A Living Foundation

As you evolve from darkness to light, from a seed to a living, life-giving being, everything you learn to be of Truth is opposite of what you once believed. Obtaining this extreme paradigm shift is the release of LIFE from the shell of linear time.

The soul’s truth of “who I Am”, “how I create”, and of the soul’s true origin aren’t complicated to understand, but because the soul’s LIFE is opposite of what it believes itself to be by thinking it is only a dormant seed, it requires a deep and integrated understanding of the Truth of LIFE in order for the mind to accept its Truth. But when the soul does obtain the understanding of Truth’s LIFE, it holds the power of LIFE that is able to break through the hardened shell of linear time.

During the soul’s embryonic maturation, it dwelled within a shell, a time loop of linear time, in which it sat in silent chaos in the eternal expanse of space. It is in this moment of unawareness that the soul experiences a state of separation from the oneness of perfection, creating an endless dream of free will. This moment of darkness is the beginning of the soul’s journey as an ever-expanding, finite awareness of Infinite Oneness. This virtual experience is necessary to cultivate the soul’s understanding of how it’s able to expand for eternity, so that it can express this expansion. In the span of eternity this unawareness, which is the genesis of the soul, is but a dark point, surrounded in luminous light it doesn’t yet see, but will ever-expand into through the marriage between the soul’s Will and Divine Love, making the soul’s will inseparable from Truth’s Will, the power of Life.

When the soul’s awareness of its true name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, which projects the power of the Creator into creation, is sufficiently matured, then Truth’s Will moves through the open star gate of the soul, making it a living gate. The soul’s true foundation arises, which is the power of Truth’s Life to eternally expand itself, establishing the soul upon an immutable, immortal, incorruptible, and invulnerable living foundation, the rock of its existence. As a living gate to Divine Love, the soul’s spherical self expands outwardly from the oneness of its center that is shared with the timeless and immutable attributes of Absolute Truth and Divine Love. This expansion reveals the spherical self’s timeless Perfection.

As the soul begins to arise upon the immutable attributes of its “I Am” Name, its true foundation is established within the present moment. It’s a foundation that unites timeless perfection with time, making the soul a gate through which the power of LIFE can flow, giving LIFE eternal expansion. The soul’s pre-ordained divine life inherent in the spherical self is revealed moment by moment through the ever-increasing awareness of itself, manifesting eternity.

Upon this living foundation, the soul embraces a complete paradigm shift from how it lived in linear time.

In spherical time, every moment gets “better”, revealing the increasing perfection of Truth’s Will and Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. The soul’s reality begins to heal, renew, rejuvenate and rebuild according to the higher laws of Oneness. The old foundation, built upon a false Self image, is torn down and rebuilt by the power of Truth’s Law of LIFE, flowing through the soul’s true I Am Name.

Therefore, the past no longer determines the soul’s present or future as it did in the illusion of linear time, but only the soul’s awareness of itself in Truth. Through the awareness held in the power of its true name, the soul emerges through the energetic shell of linear time that held it bound in a state of lifelessness (death), and its LIFE begins to expand out of its “I Am” presence, which reflects Truth’s LIFE. Therefore, the present is no longer a moment layered upon a past of imperfection, making it imperfect. Instead, it’s the unfolding reflection of Truth’s Timeless Perfection according to Truth’s Will, which is the soul’s Will in oneness with Divine Love.

In this complete paradigm shift from darkness to Light, the soul no longer seeks in vain among the shifting sands of human free will for its safety and comfort. Therefore, it no longer desires to make decisions based on fear or “bad” things happening, as it did in linear time, but each choice is made according to the governing presence of Divine Love, which manifests a reality that continually gets better every moment. In the eternal choice to be an open gate to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, every moment becomes increasingly more luminous with the inflow of Truth’s divine attributes which are immutable and invulnerable to outer influences.

The soul rests in the perfection of the present moment. In this rest, the spherical self expresses the unfoldment of the timeless perfection of the soul’s pre-ordained life, a masterpiece held in timeless perfection and manifested through the soul according to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. Therefore, through the open gate of the soul, Divine Love receives full governance of time, which begins to increasingly reflect the Truth of Oneness.

Spherical Time is the reflection of our true foundation. It is a reflection of Divine Love’s perfect orchestration through the soul’s ever-increasing, truth-filled awareness. With an awareness fully governed by Divine Love, all that is held as true within the soul’s awareness is expressed in time, continually lifting the spherical Self into greater experiences, expressions, and contemplations of Truth’s perfection.

If you are going to have power over the flesh, then you must understand your creative abilities beyond the flesh.